by Marsha Hoffman Rising, CG FASG



Tired of beginner's books? This problem-solver is for the experienced researcher who has already done the easy part.

Deeds of gift, land partitions, powers of attorney, out-of-state sales and other deeds of genealogical interest for a work
in a difficult time period.

All items of genealogical interest for western Vermont from the first newspapers in the area.


Opening the Ozarks


First Families of Southwest Missouri

Descendants of Nathan Brown (c1731–1779) of Newberry County, South Carolina, Preble County, Ohio, Coweta County, Georgia, and Warren County, Illinois: A Presbyterian Family,
by Marsha Hoffman Rising.
In this, her last book, Rising traces the descendants of Nathan Brown through five generations. The introductory text shows the author’s characteristic ability to set the genealogical information in context: “The Nathan Brown family was part of the great wave that rolled from Ulster to America during the second and third quarters of the eighteenth century. By the time the family reached its decision to emigrate, one-third or so of the entire Protestant population of Ireland had left. By the outbreak of the American Revolution (four years after their arrival), the estimated half-million Ulster Scots in America comprised one-sixth of the colonial population. There can be no question that these people of similar ethnicity, customs, religion, and political principles made an extensive impact on the communities in which they settled.” 6 x 9, hardcover, 516 pages, illustrations, index. $49.95.



Death Notices from Bolivar, Polk County, Missouri, 1870-1893(2002)

Deaths from Cedar County Missouri Newspapers 1888-1900 (1988)

Genealogical Abstracts from the Monmouth [IL] Atlas 1846-1855

Genealogical Abstracts from the Monmouth [IL] Atlas 1856-1865

Genealogical Gleanings from the Springfield Advertiser 1844‑1850 (1984)

Greene County, Missouri Probate 1833-1871 (1994)

Newspaper Notices from Southwest Missouri 1850‑1860 (1985)

Newspaper Notices from Southwest Missouri 1860-1870 (1994)

Ten Year Index to Ozar'Kin, Ozarks Genealogical Society (1989)

The Molzen Family ‑ First One Hundred Years in America (out of print)



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