Opening the Ozarks

                                                 1835-1839                             BUY NOW!!

                               First Families of Southwest Missouri 

                                              Marsha Hoffman Rising, CG, FASG

                                                                     Indexed by Patricia Law Hatcher, FASG

                                                               Published by the American Society of Genealogists


List of 1OOO Families covered in the book.   Names are alphabetical with year of birth, death and spouse.

Origins of the first 1OOO purchasers.

Additions and Corrections.


For over 16 years, I have researched the origins of the first 1000 pioneers who bought land from the Springfield Land Office. The land office opened in June 1835 and the list goes through March 1839. Although many people had already settled in the area, not all purchased land.


The goal of the study was to find the geographical origins of these men and women before the moved to Missouri. Origins were 853 were found.


The published work contains 2962 pages and is 4 volumes.


The index of over 10,000 entries includes every name, location, and subject, including cemeteries, churches, military organizations, causes of death, divorce, migration trails, pensions and many others.


Primary records from over 700 counties were used. These counties were from not only Missouri, but Kansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Illinois, Georgia, South Carolina, Oregon, California, Texas and other locales.