Georgetown, Brown Co.

RESIDENT AND NON-                      ORIGINAL                          WATER COURSE     

RESIDENT PROPRIETORS              PROPRIETOR                                  

No. 1, Union Township

Forsyth, Robert                                   Walker Baylor                             Red Oak         

Hodgkins, Martha                                Stephen Southall                          Ohio   

Lane, Elias heirs                                  Jordan Harris                              Eagle creek

Poage, Andrew                                    James Poage                              Ohio   

Sutherland, Ebenezer, heirs                   Josiah Parker                              Red Oak         

Shepherd, Abraham                            Walker Baylor                              same   

No. 2, Huntington

Baldwin, James                                 Lawrence Ward                             Eagle Creek    

Richmond, John Jr.                           Daniel Morgan                               E fk E c      

Shelton, Thomas                              James Monroe                                3 mile 

No. 3, Byrd

Bartholmew, Jacob heirs                    Josiah Parker                                Eagle Creek            

Collins, Eli                                       Thomas Fox                                  W fk E. Creek 

Jolly, Lucy                                       Josiah Parker                                 Red Oak         

Lane, John                                       Thomas Kerlin                              Eagle Creek    

Spires, William                                 John Crawford                              Eagle Creek    

No. 4, Jackson

Bennett, James                               Joseph Pugh                                   Straight Creek

Ellison, John                                   William Tompkins                          W fk E. Creek 

Fortover, Beltheshezzar                   Andrew Gatewood                                            

Moore, Jos. & Jas.                          Nathan Lamame                           

Pugh, Joseph heirs                           Joseph Pugh                                 Straight Creek 

Spears Mary                                    Daniel Ball                                  same   

No. 5, Eagle

Edgington, Honor                             William Vance                               W fk Br Creek

Edgington, Isaac                               Henry Asbury                                same   

same                                                Jacob Coleman                              same   

Mills, James                                      Nathan Lamme                             same   

No. 6 Washington

McKnight, Robert                              George Slaughter                         White Oak      

unk.                                                  John Hook                                  same   

Wardlaw, John                                   Thomas Warring                         same   

Wallace, Cadwallader                                                                           same     

Woodbridge & Bond                                                                    same

No. 7, Franklin

October 14, 1839

John Allen, Adm. of estate of James Ellis, deceased, of Green Twp., Brown Co. requests payment of debts.

Edward McDaniel, Adm. of estate of Elisha James, deceased, will sell real estate belonging to deceased, on Deceased 7.

Married 17th ult. by Rev. John T. Hibner, Mr. Windall Guinner to Miss Margaret Miller, both of Arnheim, Brown Co.

Adams Co: Jacob Zile vs. Enoch Ogleís unknown children and heirs, Thomas Ogleís unknown children and heirs, David Ogle, William Ogle, James Ogle,  Cressup and Hannah, his wife, Stephen Clark, and Rebecca, his wife; James Samalt and Polly, his wife, the unknown heirs of Julia Crawford and Joseph Ogle. Petition to parcel 100 acres owned equally by Wm. and David Ogle and by Benjamin Van Ogle, both since deceased, intestate without children. Said William Ogle, after Benjamin Ogleís death, conveyed Williamís interest to the plaintiff. Benjaminís and Williamís brothers and sisters are those named above Notice October 31, 1839.

Adams Co: James D. Caldwell, Adm. of estate of Jesse McKay, deceased, vs. Jesse McKayís heirs. Ready to execute real estate to Ephraim McCreight and to John Campbell. Notice October 14, 1839.

Samuel McConaugh lost a pocketbook on the 18th inst. containing notes on John Lilly payable to David Ferrier, due Sept. 1, 1839; on Marshal Whitcomb; on More MíConnel and several notes due Victor Latimore.

Dissolution of partnership of John McGrew and Jesse Dugin by mutual consent.

Wm. McColgin and E. Francis, Adm. of estate of John Glendenning, late of Jackson Twp. request payment of debts. Notice made August 1, 1839.

Joseph Hirons will sell farm on Whiteoak Creek, Highland Co. consisting of 100 acres.