Georgetown, Ohio

January 8, 1833

Taken up by James Morrow, Sr. of Byrd Twp., Brown Co. on 17 November 1832, a red brindle bull. Appraised by James Works and John McClelland. Samuel Cooper, J.P.

List of Letters Remaining at the P.O. Georgetown on 1 Jan. 1833 which if not taken out in three months, will be sent to the General Post Office as dead letters.

Abbot, L. Aron Cotterill, Samuel Keethler, Lewis
Amon, M & D Craig, S. Richard Leach, Wm.

Aid, Jacob

Callahan, S. John Leach, Walter
Breckenridge, Robert Clark, Thomas

Liming, C. John

Barns, Thomas or Dale, John Lindsy, Hezekiah
Fletcher, William Duke, William Liming, Jonathan
Baird, John Dean, Isaac    Moore, Miss Mary
Bamber, William Dennison, William Maley, W. Geo.
Branan, George Elder, W. Robert Merryfield, Joseph 

Bale, Nancy

Edwards, Geo., Col.

McKinney, William
Barney, M.M. Ellis, James McConnell, Joseph
Boothby, James Ellis, Parlemon Myers, Jacob
Baylor, Syrus Fight, William Moore, Andrew
Calvin, Perry Ferrell, Andrew McKinney, Eliza
Crosley, Wm. Finney, Samuel

McClure, Rebecca

Case, James Fugate, Stephen Norris, Abram

Hill, Samuel

Hamer. L. Thomas

Norris, Gibson

Heatherly, Thomas

Hamilton, James

Purdom, Benjamin

Hawk, Charles Irwin, C. Wm. Pilson, W. Miss Mary
Hutson, Rosetta Kendal, John    Roney, John
Reed, Susannah

Ralstin, Joseph

Richey, Thomas

Richards, L.

Sullenbarger, Mr. Woodruff, Hiram
Robinson, H.N. Salsbury, Thomas

Wells, Benjamin

Shelliday, G. William

Tout, Bazil  Wall, Christian
Snider, K. George Tout, S. John Watson, Wm.
White, Edward

Wiles, Christian

P.L. Wilson, Postmaster

List of Lots in Georgetown, Brown Co. on which the Corporation taxes remained unpaid on 1 Jan. 1833.

Abbott, John                                                    Butt, William                                       Boals, John

Baker, John                                                     Baker, James                                       Baker, Gibson

Campbell, Robert                                             Newkirk, Henry, heirs                         Pennwell, John

Rawson, Daniel                                               Riley & Clark                                      Rich, John

Slade, John                                                    Sellers, Peter                                        Spinney, Richard

Smith, William T.                                           White, Wm., heirs                                Wall, Nicolas

Donaldson’s plot


List of Letters Remaining the Post Office of Ripley, Ohio, which if not taken out in three months will be sent to General Post Office as dead letters.

Allen, Harmon Evans, Benjamin

Moore, William

Adair, George Ellis, Nathan, Col. Moore, John
Blades, Shelby Ellis, Elias McCague, Thomas

Butt, William

Evans, John Merwin, Margaret
Bridges, John Fishback, Manorah Matthews, M.E.
Collins, James & Eli

Fleming, John

McDaniel, David
Collins, James

Gardner, Matthew

Murray, John

Campbell, Alex

Gardner, Benjamin

McIlhany, M.S.

Clymer, John Huff, Elizabeth McConnell, Joseph
Celinis, Richard (German) Hook, Zadock Mills, William
Culter, Thomas Hopkins, T. & J.

McPherson, Samuel

Cropper, Mackenna

Hopkins, Thomas Murphy, Michael

Collins, Eli

Hathaway, H.D.

McKinley, Ebenezer

Convers, G.O. Hart, Levi

McKnown, Nancy

Collins, D. Jos. Hill, Alexander Purdin, William
Chapman, Isaac Hyler, V.A. Pogue, John C.
Campbell, Mary Hogdon, Wm. Jr. Porter, Isaac

Dragoo, Daniel

Johnson, S. John

Porter, Samuel, &

Drake, S.N. Jeffries, C. John Collins, Theodore
Devore, Nicholas King, Violet Ross, Alexander

Dixon, David

Johnston, A. Mary (Miss) Rogers, Wm.
Dixon, William Jolly, Jolly[sic] Read, Jackson
Driskel, Eliza Smith, Thomas Richard, Jacob

Ellison, Isabella

Knight, Archibald

Rice, John

Evans, B. Henry

Kellus, Elizabeth

Sloan, James
Shinn, H.H. Shephard, N. Isaac

Sentney, Thomas

Scott, Joseph

Stephenson, John & Jos. Porter Stewart, John
Sellers, W. Preston Scott, Mr. Turney, Alson
Torrence, Wm. Todd, W.C. Taylor, Jonathan
Thompson, John Towner, Abe Wright, James, Sen.
Waters, William Wintersmith, Sarah White, Ada
Walker, Wm. Wiles, John Wylie, N.

Wall, Christian

Winttemore, Mrs.    C.A. Campbell, Post Master

Jan. 15

Married 27th ult. by Rev. George Palmer, Mr. William Huron to Miss Emily Senteney.

Married 25 November by Rev. James Reid, Mr. Harrison Miller to Miss Mary Beavens.

Married 23 December by Rev. James Reid, Mrs. George Hagan to Miss Jane Barrere.

Married 27 ult. by Rev. Robert J. Hall, Mr. Mathias Keir to Miss Jane Bell.

Married 29 ult. by Wm. Neal, Esq., Mr. James Whiting to Miss Mary Ann Peters.

Married 5th ult. by Michah Woods, Esq., Mr. Joshua Grimes of Adams Co., age 60, to Miss Rachel Fowler of this county, age 50.

Married 4th ult. by Rev. Alexander T. Rankin, James L. Crosswell to Miss Isabella C. Watson.

Married 12th ult. by Rev. Jesse H. Lockhart, Mr. Robert J. Huggins to Miss Sally Moore.

Married 20 ult., By Mr. Wm. Neal, Esq., Mr. Levi H. Bradbury to Miss Mary Ann Turner.

Married 31 ult. by Uriah Springer, Esq., Mr. Stephen Parker to Miss Katharine Herrick.

Married 27th ult. by Rev. George W. Maley, Mr. William DeWitt to Miss Susan Black.

Public is cautioned against purchasing note from James Beard for $100 dated 21 August 1832; due 1 Sept. 1833. Franklin Shepherd and Mary Hamten determined not to pay.

Writ of attachment against goods and chattels and rights of Ignatius Mitchell, absentee debtor, Union Twp., Brown Co. C.F. Campbell, J.P.

June 1, 1835

George F. Snider has lost, between Ripley and Georgetown, a morocco pocket book containing a $20.00 bill.

Taken up by Anna Bassett of Byrd Twp., Brown Co., a sorrel mare. Appraised by Caleb Shreve and R.T. Fowler. Thomas Mifford, J.P.

Married 14th ult. by Nathan Bishop, Mr. Robert Cox to Miss Mary Curless, all of Perry Twp.

Married 19th ult. by Rev. James Dennis, Mr. Hezekiah Babcock to Miss Agnes Montgomery, both of Pleasant Twp.

Married 28th ult. by Henry Martin, Esq. Mr. Samuel Ellis to Miss Sarah Wright, both of Pleasant Twp.

Adminstrator’s Sale 1 June 1835: land belonging to estate of Josiah Boothby, deceased, late of Clark Twp. bounded by Christian Smith on Joseph Ralston’s line; subject to widow’s dower. James Boothby and Robert Hamilton, Adm.

T.L. Alexander will sell 582 acre lot entered in name of Henry Lee of Va. bounded by Curtis Kendall’s entry. Person wishing to purchase certificate, see George Baird of Ripley, OH.

Wm. Liggett, deceased, late of Pleasant Twp. Brown Co. All those indebted to estate are requested to pay within one year; all those with legitimate claims should present them. Benjamin Guthridge, Exr. 27 April 1835.

Aquilia Hauck, deceased, late of Lewis Twp., Brown Co. All those indebted to estate are requested to pay within one year; all those with legitimate claims should present them. Anna Hauck, Adm. 20 April 1835.

George M. Martin will sell 108 acres in Lewis Twp., Brown Co.

John Joliffe Franklin will sell 180 acres in Byrd Twp., Brown Co.

July 20, 1835

Died at his residence in West Union, of cholera, 13th inst. Col. John M’Daied, one of the most worthy and respected citizen of Adams Co. Sheriff for eight years.

Died 13th inst., Magdalena, consort of Frederick Faul of Franklin Twp, age 34; mother of eleven living children.

Died at residence of his mother in Pike Twp. on 8th inst, Mr. James Harris, age 27 years, after long and lingering disease.

$25.00 Reward. Escaped from jail at Georgetown on 29th June, Thomas Adams, 60 years old, accused of horse stealing. John H. Blair, Sheriff.

Brown Co. Court of Common Pleas, March 1835, Following accounts were filed on estates by Exrs, Adms. and Guardians.

Oliver Crawford’s Adm.                                        Alexander Jolly’s Adm.          

Andrew Craighead’s Admix.                                  George Fisher’s Adm.

Jonathan Atwood’s Adm.                                      John Evans’ Adm.

Robert Deniston’s Exr. including receipts of heirs.

Charles Campbell, guardian of Henry Newkirk’s heirs.

John C. Poague and John Culter, Adms. of estate of Samuel McPherson, deceased, vs. Edward Easton filed 19 March 1835 in Brown Co. Court of Common Pleas. Attachment for debt.

Brown Co. Court of Common Pleas: Notice to Jane Steward, Eliza Steward, William Steward, George Steward and Levi Steward, widow and heirs, and legal representatives of John Steward, deceased Suit to fulfill contract to John Walker. John D. White, Adm.

Isaac Stansbury vs. Walter Molden and Susanna, his wife, late Susanna Harris; John Smith and Sally, his wife, late Sally Harris; Daniel Harris, Curtis Harris, James Lucas and his children: Henry Lucas, Sarah Lucas and Mary Gray, late Mary Harris,

William Lindsay ((non-resident), and Elizabeth, his wife, late Elizabeth Harris and Elizabeth Harris. Bill in Chancery filed 17 April 1835 to execute deed of Thomas Harris, deceased who left the above persons; his children, heirs and widow.

Sorrel Mare Strayed from Christian Light of Georgetown.

Lawrence Irvin, deceased All those indebted to the estate are requested to pay within one year; all those with legitimate claims should present them. Mary Irvin, Adm. Pike Twp. 9 April 1835.

March Term, Brown Co. Court of Common Pleas:

John Martin vs. Rachel A. Denniston and Stanley Dickason. Certain Robert Denniston, late of Brown Co. in his lifetime sold 2 tracts of land to Stanley Dickason who assigned title to plaintiff. Since 24 October 1824, said Robert Denniston has departed this life leaving Rachel Amanda Denniston his heir and legal representative. Petition to clear title.

Frederick Grandgirard will sell 230 acres half mile south of Mourertown.

List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office at Georgetown on last day of June 1835. If not take out within three months, will be returned to the General Post Office as dead letters. 

Applegate, James Estel, Trinin Martin, John
Baudendistel, Stephan Fight, William McKenney, Jesse G.

Boothby, James

Gotheman, Anderson C. Minering, Joseph
Bonner, John Grice & Bargots

Marshall, Martin

Bieri, Samuel

Goodin, John

McKee, James

Busby, William Gibson, Dr. T.H Moorcraft, William

Blair, Lucinda

Gordy, Marthy Marshall, William
Bently, Mr. Galup, Rev’d J.Q. Martin, Samuel
Craighead, Elizabeth Hays, Rhoda Mullin, James

Carr, John

Hesler, Gibson M’Clure, Rebecca
Crist, Frederick Hickman, Hiram

McKee, Daniel

Clark, Thomas Hines, James

McKinley, Aeshal

Campbell, James Hesler, George Nickerson, Jeremiah
Campbell, Charles

Hanna, Hanson R.

Philips, Thomas
Caball, Thos. Jones, Allen Philips, Voluntine
Cox, William Jones, Samuel Pulsipher, John F.

Dawson, Daniel

Kinnet, Volentine Ross, John
Donaldson, John

King, George W.

Ritter, C.G.
Davis, Margaret Kirker, Thomas Sisco, S.G.
Dunham, Stephen Low, Eligy Sheaphard[sic], Jos.
Dixon, Thomas Lacock, Levi Shepherd, Charles L.
Egbert, Job Liming, Jonathan Shearer, Kezia

Elliott, William

Lawyard, William Sellers, Peter or Gardner, Curtis
Edmunson, John Locus, Joseph Thomas, Townsend, Jr.
Ellis, Sylvester Lamb, Christian Wood, James
White, Adam Whiteman, Henry Whall, Christian
Willis, Elijah   David Ammen, Post Master

List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office at Russellville on last day of June 1835. If not take out within three months, will be returned to the General Post Office as dead letters.

Butt, Samuel A. Devore, Emily Parker, Stephen
Baylor, Cyrus A. Fisher, Xander Shields, Isabel
Brown, Wm (Jackson Twp.)

Kretzer, Eli

Smith, Patience
Cumberland, Jacob

Linn, Wm. or John

Wells, Jackson P.

Dunham, Josiah, Esq.

Mabarry, James

  R.D. Tomb, P.M.

List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office at Hamesville on last day of June 1835. If not take out within three months, will be returned to the General Post Office as dead letters.

Brooks, Mary (Mrs.) McKiney, Thomas or Catteral, Andrew  
Fite, Massy Lewis, Penny  
Gould, Samuel Spriggs, David  
Kaylander, Sarah (Mrs)

Whiteman, Henry

Wm. H. Kennedy, Postmaster