Brown Co., Ohio

Microfilm #21714

November 22, 1824

Edward Thompson, A.D. Leming, R. Fite and R. Allen wish to rent 170 acres within one mile of Georgetown with merchant mill known as Hughes Mills.

Court of Common Pleas: Anna Bonner, Sarah Bonner, Mary Bonner, Rachel Bonner, Betsey Bonner and James Bonner, heirs and legal representatives of James Bonner, deceased, vs. Jeremiah Ellis, Samuel Ellis, Jesse Ellis, Nathan Ellis, Abram Evans and his wife, late Polly Ellis, William Grimes and Nancy, his wife, late Nancy Ellis, Lewis Scisily (non-resident) and Margaret, his wife, late Margaret Ellis, James Higgins (non-resident) and his wife, Nelly, late Nelly Ellis, John Campbell, Claurn Ellis, Mary Ann Ellis, Brook Ellis, John Ellis, Sarah Ellis, Jeremiah Ellis, Jr. and Wilson C. Ellis, heirs and legal representatives of Nathan Ellis, deceased.

Court of Common Pleas: Phebe Ann Dever vs. John Homan, John Burns, Edward Thompson and John Weaver, defendants and residents of Rockingham Co. VA. October Term.

John Wells and Polly, his wife, late Polly Clark, James Wells and Sarah, his wife, late Sarah Clark; John Logan and Margaret, his wife, late Margaret Clark; Andrew Linn and Jane, his wife, late Jane Clark; John Clark, Wm. W. Clark vs. James Taylor, Jr. (non-resident of Ohio and resident of Norfolk, Virginia) and Executor the of last will and testament of James Herron, deceased.

Abel Rees, Adm. and Deliverance Hamilton, Admx. will sell real estate of Joseph Hamilton, deceased, on 9 January.