The Newberry Herald
Newberry, South Carolina

January 4, 1871

Married on 22d of December at the residence of Mr. Pickens Stephens by the Rev. J.N. Bouchell, Mr. P.N. Livingston of Edgefield and Miss Mollie Pitts of Newberry.

Long and flowery eulogy with poem for Jabez G. Lake who died on 29th July 1870 in the 63d year of his age. No family information.

January 11

Married on 5th inst. by Rev. E.P. McClintock, Mr. Albert Gibson to Miss Bettie, daughter of Jos. Caldwell. All of Newberry. Associate Reformed Presbyterian please copy.

Died at his home in Laurens District, on 7th December last, after an illness of only 24 hours, John N. Floyd in the 33d year of his age. Mr. Floyd was reared in the lap of affluence and warmth, and could the solicitude of anxious friends and prayers of loving hand stayed the hand of death, we would not mourn his absence now.
            Though a mere boy, the subject of this notice, with eagerness and promptitude, responded to the call of his native State in the late sad war and continued a staunch and faithful defender of the Confederate flag, till the cause for which he fought was lost in the gloom of defeat. His surviving comrades will bear faithful evidence that his record in the many hard fought battles in Virginia and elsewhere, entitle him to the highest praise as a soldier.
           After the close of the war, Mr. Floyd resumed the peaceful avocations of a farmer at his quiet country home in Laurens District, near the Newberry line, and by the dint of industry had accumulated a large fortune.
            But upon his devoted wife the loss has fallen the heaviest. She alone feels the greatness and irreparableness of the loss. The remains of Mr. Floyd now silently rest in the family graveyard. (Long description of character.)

The Columbia Phoenix chronicles the killing of Mr. A.F. Dulard, an old and highly respected man of that district. He was shot and killed on the public highway Thurs. afternoon last. The incentive was money. No clue to the murderer except that marks of flat feet were found near the body.

Anthony Johnson, colored Trial Justice of Spartanburg County was shot and killed by unknown parties near his house on the 29th ult. It was a brutal murder.

James Hammell, a colored man, says the same paper, The Spartan, was shot with an Enfield rifle and killed by Henry Jackson, also colored on the same night.

The Greenville Enterprise says that Albert Cox received a death wound at the hand of Albert Hudgens, both colored. The weapon was a pistol. It occurred at a wedding at which there was whisky.

January 18, 1871

Married on 4th inst. at the residence of the bride’s father, by the Rev. J. Stout, Homer P. Tarrant and Margaret, daughter of col. Jno R. Leavell, all of Newberry.

Court of Common Pleas, Newberry Co.: Eliza R. Stewart, admx. of estate of Robert Stewart, deceased, plaintiff vs. Joseph Pearson and wife Nancy, James W. Stewart, James E. Stewart, Sophronia C. Stewart, Cally A. Stewart, Charles A. Stewart, Robert C. Stewart and Mary A. Augsath, James Y. Harris and John Coate, defendants, who are summoned and required to answer within twenty days.

January 25, 1871

Married by the Rev. Lewis Scruggs at the residence of the bride’s mother, Mr. J.D. Cash of Spartanburg and Miss Amanda J. Langford of Newberry.

Mr. David Vance, a venerable citizen of Laurens died at his residence on Little River in the lower part of this District last week—Laurensville Herald.

February 1, 1871

A shocking murder was committed on Friday last in Edgefield district about 4 miles from Booknight’s ferry. The victim was the Rev. R.M. Harrison and the deed was committed just after private prayers, and as he was in the act of preparing for bed. No clue has been found as to the murderer. Mr. H. was shot through the window with a double barreled shot gun in the face and side. The minister was a quiet and inoffensive man and most melancholy it is that his wife is again a widow through violence, her former husband having been shot in a difficulty some years ago.
            Mr. H. was formerly connected with the S.C. Conference and subsequently a local preacher within the bounds of the little Saluda Circuit.

Married at the residence of J.M. Baxter, Esq. on January 26 by the Rev. Mr. Stout, Mr. Robert L. McCaughrin to Miss Laura E. Nance, all of Newberry.

February 8, 1871

No marriages or deaths reported.

February 15, 1871

Married on 9th inst., at the residence of the bride’s father, Mr. John C. Lane and Miss Lizzie Buzzardt, youngest daughter of Michael Buzzardt, Esq. all of Newberry.

February 22, 1871

Mr. Wash Floyd, an old and well-known planter of this district, died on Saturday morning last at his residence. Mr. Floyd was in his 76th year and for some time had been a sufferer of cancer.

Died on 17th inst., at her home in this District, Mrs. Lura B. Pitts, aged 62 years, 10 months and 4 days.

March 1, 1871

Married at the Methodist Church on 28th of February by Rev. J.A. Mood, Dr. S.F. Fast and Miss Fannie Lyles, all of Newberry.

From the Laurensville Herald: The entire community will be pained to hear of the death of Mr. Oswell Richardson, one of the oldest citizens in our County. For several years he had suffered with paralysis of one side. He was stricken with a second attack on Sunday and was a corpse the next day and buried with Masonic honors. Mr. Richardson had long been a prominent member of the community and for one term filled the office of Sheriff. A kind father, a citizen without blemish and a strict and pious man of the Methodist church.

March 8

From Greenville Enterprise: On Saturday last the remains of Mr. Robert Hume were received from Charleston and were interred in the Episcopal grave yard beside those of his wife. During the war he spent one or two years here as a refuge and just before the close of hostilities, Mrs. Hume departed this life and was buried at this place.

On Saturday last, Capt. C.V. Hamilton took to Edgefield three negroes named Huston, Abney and Ellen his wife, and Thos. Perry, suspected of the murder of the Rev. Mr. Harrison.

Married on 2d of March at the residence of the bride’s father by the Rev. J.A. Mood, Mr. James Culbreath of Edgefield and Miss Annie Merchant of Newberry.

March 15, 1871

No marriages or deaths reported.

March 22, 1871

No marriages or deaths reported.

March 29

C.J. Bollin, Esq. of  Columbia, who for upwards of thirty years has been connected with the S.C.R.R. died in Columbia last Thursday. He was universally admired. He was in his 49th year and a native of France.

The fiftieth anniversary of the wedding of Capt. Philip Sligh and his good old wife aunt Betsey, as she is kindly and familiarly known occurred on 20th of March and was made the occasion of a pleasant gathering. The happy old couple have outlived a generation, have reared a number of orphan children and have made themselves loved and respected.

Married on 22nd inst. at the residence of the bride’s father, by Rev. Mr. Holmes, Mr. J.W. Anderson of Laurens, to Miss Agnes Ray of Newberry.

Married on 23d inst. by Rev. Mr. Stout, Mr. J.I. Houshall and Miss Gussie Addie, all of Newberry.

April 5, 1871

R.C. Grier, D.D. beloved President of Erskine College, died at Due West on 30th ult, in his 54th year. He had presided over Erskine College for nearly quarter of a century.

Dr. Winsmith died a few nights ago. Strong hopes had been entertained for his recovery. The wounds received by him were seven, one in the side and abdomen, two in one arm, the others in the legs. This was the result of the recent outrage in Spartanburg committed by a party of disguised and armed men. They told the doctor they meant him no harm and only wished to talk to him. They called him out of his house and immediately as he opend the door he commenced firing on them, killing it is supposed one of the party. The fire was returned with the above result.

April 12

It is our sad duty to chronicle three deaths in this town since our last issue: The an infant child of Mrs. Carter Pool, and the grandchild of Mr. Jordan Pool, for a severe attack of whooping cough on Friday. 

On Saturday the community was pained by the announcement the Mr. John Coate had succumbed to the fell destroyer. His illness was of brief duration. On Friday he was taken with a chill from which he never recovered.

On Sunday another shock was experienced n the death of the estimable wife of Mr. Thos. P. Slider. This lady had been suffering for a length of time with heart disease, and though her death was expected, the touching reality gives pain and sorrow.

Departed this life on 9 April, Ellen R. Slider, wife of Thomas P. Slider and eldest daughter of Rev. J.P. and Frances Ring. She left behind her three little children, with husband, mother, brothers and sisters to mourn her. Eulogy.

Died at her residence in Eutaw, on the 27th February, Mrs. Elizabeth Gilbert. She was born in Newberry, S.C. in the year 1811. In 1830 she intermarried with Abram Gilbert and shortly thereafter moved with her husband to Columbia. They emigrated thence to Texas in 1840 (?). In 1842 she moved to this county and resided here until her death. She was the mother of five children, al of whom she survived but on, who is now one of the proprietors of the West Alabamian at Carrolton. She joined the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1853. Mrs. Gilbert was most excellent woman (long description of character). 

April 19

Dr. Winship is not dead. He recovered from his wounds.

Married the 16th inst. by the Rev. A.P. Avant, Mr. John R. Campbell and Miss Dallie Dobbins, all of Newberry.

April 26, 1871

Married on 13th inst. at the residence of the bride’s mother, by the Rev. Mr. McDowell, Mr. John M. Gruber and Miss Fannie M. Rodgers, all of Williamsburg Co. S.C.

May 3

We have just received intelligence of the death of our former townsmen, Dr. Benjamin W. Waldo, which occurred on the 4th April last at his home in Ocala, Fla. He is the son of Dr. Joseph Waldo, the first physician who settled and practiced in Newberry. Dr. Ben W. Waldo began his education at the Newberry Academy and afterwards he went North. Upon his return home he commenced the study of medicine and after graduation at Charleston in 1838, began his practice in our town. He also served a term in the Legislature and after that term expired he moved to Florida, where he planted until his death with the exception of a few years at Edgefield C.H. to educate his children. He married Miss Sophia Lipscomb daughter of Capt. John Lipscomb of Edgefield who preceded him to the grave, leaving four children.

We regret to learn that on the 20th inst. a difficulty occurred at Frog Level, between Messrs S.J. Hiller and T.F. Black, which resulted in the death of the latter. The provocation we learn was caused by Mr. Black’s intrusive and injurious manner. Mr. Hiller is said to be a young man of a most quiet, civil and generous nature and we deeply sympathize with him.

On Thurs. last the remains of Dr. David E. Ewart were conveyed from the depot by the Masonic fraternity to their final rest, mid kindred dust, in the peaceful bottom of quiet Rosemont. The services were held when the body was first consigned to its temporary tomb at Charleston in October 1864. Dr. Ewart’s death was caused by congestion in his 34th year while in Confederate service. he as a noble-hearted, liberal minded and learned physician and gentleman.

May 10

A negro calling himself Aleck Herndon escaped from jail last Friday. He was charged with rape on the person of a negro girl about 13 years old, the daughter of Alf. Wilson living at Helena. He had threatened the girl with a knife and a pistol. It is said he had been found guilty of a similar offense in Union, the county from which he came and that his name was Sanchimo Brannon. He was at once pursued by the Marshall and constables and one shot him in the head and killed him.

May 17, 1871

Died in Newberry on 4th May 1871, John Brantley, infant son of W.T. and Mary R. Wright, aged 8 months and 24 days.

May 24

A brutal murder was committed on 14th near Belton, the victim a colored woman named Adeline Agnew. The deed was done by a negro named Shadrach Webster with a dirk knife.

Titus Cooper, a colored man in the neighborhood of Glen Springs has been shot, not by the Ku Klux, but by a colored man and brother named Geo. Williams. Titus was a negro of good character. Williams has been arrested.

Died at Springfield, near Newberry on 8th of May inst., of whooping cough and congestion of the lungs, Helen Pope, infant daughter of Sampson and Helen Pope, aged 11 months and 19 days.

And on the 11th day of Mary inst. of the same disease, William H. Pope, infant son of Samson and Helen Pope, aged 4 years, 4 months and 11 days.

May 31

Court— (details of some crimes given)

State vs. S.J. Hiller for killing of F.F. Black—acquittal.

State vs. Oscar Cannon, Geo. Starks, Burr Spence and Burr Presley (colored) for riot in town of Newberry—guilty.

State vs. Belton Jonikan, Geo. Penn, Geo. Starks, Wesley McClure, Geo. Renwick, Wade Hampton Coleman, James Eichelberger, Quillus Simpkins and Tobe Dawkins (all colored). Found guilty as to the first seven, remaining two acquitted. For riot in October last of a serious and most offensive character.

State vs. John Brooks (colored) larceny—plead guilty.

State vs. Jim, Ella, Omey and Hansom DeWalt (colored) for receiving stolen goods—guilty at to the latter three.

State vs. Sam Dogan for official misconduct—guilty and recommended to clemency of Court. 

June 7, 1871

Watt Faulkner has been killed. It occurred on the 21st ult. at the home of Mr. Williams of Edgefield. Coroner’s jury held. Details of the shooting.

Departed this life on 25th May, 1871 in the 17th year of her age, Hattie, the beloved wife of Willis H. Lathrop. She was a humble follower of her blessed Lord and a consistent member of the Baptist Church.

June 14

David Wise, sentenced to be hung in January next, has been transferred from the jail to the penitentiary.

Died in Newberry on the 31st of May ult. of Cholera Infantum, the infant son of Mr. D.R. and Sallie L. Phifer, aged 1 year, 11 months.

Death of Mr. T.S. Nickerson occurred in Wisconsin on 6th inst. Mr. Nickerson dwelt in Columbia both during and since the war and will be well remembered as the affable and generous host of the Nickerson House of this city, which house still bears his name. From the Phoenix.

June 21
No marriages or deaths reported.

June 28

Hon. C.L. Vanlandigham was cut down by death in the full flush of strong and earnest and honest manhood. His death is a serious loss. He accidentally shot himself (details).

July 5, 1871

Mr. Joseph Whitmmire, a citizen of Greenville, S.C. died in Charlotte on 25th ult. from congestion of the brain. He was in that city under treatment for cancer.

July 12, 1871

Long obituary for Elizabeth Boyd, wife of Rev. Mark M. Boyd, who died of paralysis in Newberry on 1 June 1871, aged 58 years and 3 months and for 34 years an exemplary member of the Methodist Church. Her first shock of paralysis was 18 month previous to her death and she was often seen to weep because she was deprived of the pleasure of ministering to the sick. She was the mother of 10 children, leaving 8 behind, all members of the Church and converted to God. Two of her sons and ministers are on trial in the South Carolina Conference. She has friends in heaven….

July 19
No marriages or deaths reported.

July 26

Hugh Toland departed this life at his home near Tylersville, S.C. on May 22nd 1871 in the 79th year of his age. he was well known throughout this and neighboring Districts. he was born in Ireland A.D. 1792. At the age of 8 years he left the shores of his native land and set out to seek a home in this inviting land. Having first set foot in Charleston he at once to up his abode in the upcountry. In 1812, he was united in marriage to Mary Langston of Laurens District, from which union were reared 12 children. For upwards of 30 years he has been a faithful member of the Upper Duncan’s Creek Baptist Church. Eulogy.

August 2
No marriages or deaths reported.

August 9

Noah D. Metts, charged with the murder of George Foster White was arrested last week and confessed. He stated the act was committed because Mr. White prevented Mett’s marriage with a young lady who resided with the family of the deceased. The unfortunate man was killed last Saturday as he took a seat on the porch after super. E. Pitts has been arrested as an accessory to the murder after the fact.

Annie Magdaline, the beloved daughter of Julius and Harriet Ann Zobel, aged 2 years and 4 months fell asleep in Jesus on 18 July 1871. Long Eulogy.

Departed this life on 23 ult. after a brief illness in child-bed, Mrs. Martha Elizabeth Chapell, wife of J.B. Chappell and daughter of Moses and Evaline Anderson, dec’d. aged 35 years, 9 months and 11 days. She was, for many years, a member of the Baptist church at bush River. Mrs. Chappell, for several days after her confinement did not seem to be doing as well as desired, but no alarming symptoms developed until Sunday, the 17th. She rallied again, but on the 29th it was evident that she could no longer survive. She leaves a husband and four little children, one only two weeks old, and one sister, now the only representative of a family which but a few years ago was unbroken. Eulogy.

August 16

Frederick Stickley, a member of Major Stewart’s company here, died last Friday night and was very decently buried by the command the next day. Deceased was a native of Stuttgardt, Germany and had served two enlistments.

Died on the 10th inst. at his residence in Newberry County, Dr. John McCants in the 52nd year of his age. He was born in Fairfield District and after being thoroughly schooled by pious and Christian parents, he graduated from Medical College at Charlestown and settled in Newbery District, where for a quarter of a century he devoted all of his time and energies to the practice of his profession. As a husband he was devoted and true; as a father kind and generous and as a friend warm and steadfast. Years ago he united with the Methodist Episcopal Church. He was buried by the side of his wife.

From the Phoenix: A timber train of the Greenville and Columbia Railroad ran into a passenger train of the Blue Ridge Railroad near Perryville on Thursday evening, killing Mr. John Calhoun Clemens, a grandson of the Hon. John C. Calhoun.

August 23
No marriages or deaths reported.

August 30

From Laurensville Herald on the 25th. Mrs. Clarisa Vance died on last Monday and Mrs. Louisa Holland on last Saturday.

September 6

The Rev. T.S. Boinest, estimable gentleman and minister died at his home in Pomaria on Monday last after a painful and very protracted illness of about 6 weeks duration. He was about 45 years of age, 20 of which was spent in the Master’s services in and around Pomaria. At the time of his death he was President of the Newberry Agricultural Society.

We record with sorrow the death of our colored press-man Jake Young, which occurred suddenly last Friday. he was part of the press institution having served in the capacity of press-man here for 15 or 20 years. He was always at his post, except when sick, and was faithful and efficient in the discharge of his duties.

September 13

Married on 23d ult. at St. Joseph’s Church, Charleston, S.C. by Rev. C.J. Croghan, Jno. A. Moroso of the Daily Courier and Sallie, youngest daughter of Stephen Owen, Esq., all of Charleston.

September 20

The community was called upon to mourn the sad death on Friday morning last of Miss Sele Lane, daughter of William and Harriet Lane of this town. She was just growing into charming woman hood beloved by her young school companions and friends.

Died in Newberry of apoplexy at the residence of Capt. John Williams on the 16th September, Mr. John R. Sheppard, aged 33.

September 27

In Newberry a trunk was opened and revealed the legless body of a man, apparently young and well dressed. Three weeks ago, Mr. E. Coppock, Clothier, went North to purchase goods and about a week since returned and among the boxes and trunks received was the one that contained the body. The body has been placed on view to be seen by all men and the public.

October 4, 1871

Died in Oconee Co., S.C., Mrs. Catharine Sligh, daughter of G. Neel, dec’d. on 18 September, of Dysentery, aged 37 years, 10 months, and 7 days. She left a husband and 8 children. She was a member of the Lutheran Church, after moving to Oconee Co. and there being no Lutheran Church there, she joined the Methodist E. Church. She also leaves a brother and a sister.

October 11

Long, flowery death notice, with poem, to Miss Cenie Pool who died last Wednesday morning in her 21st year. She had buried a sister some years ago at the same age.

Died at her father’s residence after an illness of a few short days, Miss Asenath Pool, in the 21st year of her age, daughter of “our esteemed fellow-citizen,” J. P. Pool, Esq. Left mother, fathers, sisters and brothers. Long obituary, but no additional family information.

October 18, 1871

Departed this life on 7th inst., Irene Barkley, youngest child of Jas. O and Amanda Meredith, aged 2 years and 16 days.

October 25

Married at Trinity Church, Columbia, on 12th October, by the Rev. W. H. Campbell, Dr. Thos. T. Moore to Miss Mary L., eldest daughter of J. H. Sawyer, Esq., formerly of Richmond, Va.

November 1, 1871

Married at the residence of the bride’s father, on 25th inst. by the Rev. A. R. Rude, D.D., Rev. Geo. A. Hough of Newberry and Miss Sallie M. Mullke of Columbia, S.C.

November 8

Married on 25th October, by the Rev. John Stout, Mr. Joseph H. Hunter and Miss Lizzie D. Fant, all of Newberry.

Married on 26th ult. by the Rev. Mr. Lamar at the residence of the bride’s father, Dr. J.W. Tribble and Miss L.E. Chapell, all of Newberry.

Married on 21st inst. [sic] by Rev. Lamar, at the residence of the bride’s father, Mr. Bennett Perry of Edgefield and Miss Lucretia Williams, of Newberry.

November 15

On Friday last this community sustained the loss by death of Mrs. Helen O’Neall, relict of the late lamented Chief Justice Belton O’Neall. Mrs. O’Neall has been in delicate health from early life, yet survived all the friends of her youth and has gone to her grave  beloved by all in her 74th year.

Married at the residence of James M. Baxter, Esq. on 2nd inst. by the Rev. John Stout, Captain William Y. Fair and Miss Mary W. Nance, both of Newberry.

Married at Liberty Hall Nov. 9th 1871 by Rev. J.D. Shirey, Mr. John W. Scott and Miss Cornelia V. Risee, all of Newberry Co.

November 22
No marriages or deaths reported.

November 29

Married on 16th  by the Bride’s father, Rev. W.T. Farrow, Mr. A.G. Spearman and Miss Lida Farrow, all of this County.

Married near Martin’s Depot at the residence of the bride’s father on the 21st inst. by the Rev. Thos. H. Pope, Mr. Samuel W. Vance and Miss Carrie Young, all of Laurens Co.

December 6, 1871
No marriages or deaths reported.

December 13, 1871
No marriages or deaths reported.

December 20

Married on 7th inst at the Baptist (colored) Church by Rev. ira Lewis, Robert Robertson and Harriet Martin, all of Newberry.

December 27

Married on 20th inst. by the Rev. J.K. Mendenhall, W.S. Brown, Esq. of Anderson and Miss Maggie Longshore, daughter of A.J. Longshore of Newberry.

Married on 21st inst. at the residence of Mr. Jas. Clary of Newberry by the Rev. J.K. Mendenhall, Mr. Robert Oswald and Miss Carrie Vernon, both of Charleston.

Death of Mr. Joseph Walker, who for many years was a prominent merchant in Charleston. During the war he served as commissary general of S.C.