The Newberry Herald
Newberry, South Carolina

January 1, 1868

No marriages or deaths reported.

January 8, 1868

No marriages or deaths reported.

January 15, 1868

Married on 19 December by Rev. Manning Brown at the Bride’s residence, Mr. Charles Egan (formerly of Columbia) to Miss Annie H. only daughter of Mr. Charles Dansby of Richland District.

Tribute of Respect by Butler Lodge No. 59, A.F.M. for deceased Brother M.T. Kinard.

January 22, 1868

Wm. Thomason, a Confederate soldier from Greenville District in our State is still at Elmira, New York, the close of the war found him prisoner. The unfortunate young man has lost an arm and a leg. For want to funds he is unable to return South. He is very anxious to hear from his father.

Married on 20th at the Parsonage by the Rev. W.S. Black, Mr. W. Hendrix to Mrs. Lucy Hatton.

Married on 15th inst. by the Rev. J.K. Mendenhall, Mr. John F. Spearman to Miss Kate Leavell, all of Newberry.

January 29

John Nance was hanged in Knoxville Friday. He was convicted for robbing an ex-Confederate solder named W. McBee and Governor Brownlow refused to pardon him. From Laurensville Herald.

We notice in the Bonham Texas News that Mr. Charles Bailey, one of the proprietors of that excellent paper and a brother of that no less excellent fellow, Bailey, of our town, familiarly know as “old Ned” of sweet memory has gone and married to the charming and beautiful Miss Ella.

District Court:

State vs. Dinah Boyd, larceny, not guilty.
State vs. Gilbert Chalmers and J. Reid, petit larceny, guilty $10 and costs.
tate vs. Spencer Davis, trespass after notice, $10 and costs.
State vs. Neus Koon, larceny, 12 months in the penitentiary.
State vs. Joice Rook, petit larceny; sentence sealed.
State vs. Mary Williams assault and battery; $20 and costs.
State vs. Robt Ruff, petit larceny, plead guilty, 12 months in the penitentiary.
State vs. Simeon Welch, petit larceny, $1 and costs.
State vs. Geo. Blocker, larceny, $1 and costs.
State vs. Eliza Wilson assault and battery; $20 and costs.
State vs. Irvin Kibler, larceny, $20 and costs.
State vs. Scott Copeland, cow stealing plead guilty, $25 and 1 month imprisonment.
State vs. Leonard Floyd and Chas. Floyd, larceny, 1 month imprisonment.
State vs. Emma Clary and Winnie Clary, larceny, $25 each and costs.
State vs. Griffith Floyd, larceny, sentence sealed.
State vs. Giffith Floyd, Mary Floyd and D. Floyd, cow stealing, sentence sealed and $10 and costs.
State vs. Dennis and Mary Floyd, hog stealing, sentence $10 and costs.
State vs. Nathan Wadlington, burglary, sentence sealed.
State vs. Wash. Gillies, larceny, sentence sealed.
State vs. Madison Chalmers, larceny, sentence $1 and costs.
State vs. Mary Kelly and Robert Simpkins, malicious trespass, $10 and costs.
State vs. John Fooshee, larceny, 12 months in penitentiary.
Abram Harris, assault and battery with hatchet. not guilty.

With the exception of this last, all other parties are colored.

February 5, 1868

Rev. J.P. Morris of the S.C. Conference and pastor of the Darlington Methodist E. Church South, died very suddenly last week. He was a young man of superior talents and earnest piety, a great loss to the church.

The Yorkville Enquirer announces the death of the wife of Mr. Henry Letson, which occurred on Sunday night under very painful circumstances. She fell out of a bed and being a large woman fractured her skull on the washboard which produced instant death.

Mr. Christian Rodolphe, while at work in his shop at Helena, last Saturday morning, apparently in good health, fell to the floor and almost instantly expired. Mr. R. was a German and resided at Helena but a short time. He leaves several children to mourn his loss.

Died at the residence of Mr. S.S. Seig, on 20th of January, Mr. Jacob Epting, aged 18 years, 3 months and 11 days. He was a worthy member of Beth Eden Lutheran Church and met death with a firm reliance upon the merits of his Savior.

February 12

No marriages or deaths reported.

February 19 1868

We regret to learn that Wallace Thomson, Esq. an older and eminent lawyer of Union District, departed this life on Tuesday last.

Married on February 12th at the residence of the bride's father by the Rev. J.P. Smelzer, Mr. Bluford F. Griffin and Miss Lilly E. Barr, all of Newberry.

February 26, 1868

Applications for Bankruptcies referred to Henry Summer, Esq. (attorneys are named in newspaper, but not named here):

Thaddeus S. Duncan, Marshall & Brother, Peter Hair, James Y. McFall, Richard V. Gist, Isaac Herbert, John W. Rhodes, Henry Summer, Andrew M. Wicker, Drayton T. Livingston, Warren H. Jones, Levi Livingston, J.C.S. Brown, Noah E. Rhodes, and Henry Stone. Thaddeus S. Duncan whose petition has been pending has received his final discharge from His Honor Judge Bryan, U.S. District Judge.

Dedicated to his Mother: Died at Centreville, October 1861 of Typhoid Fever, H. Manley Darlington, aged 18 years. Long flowery poem.

The Rev. James C. Vaughan, died of abscess of the lungs at his residence in Laurens District on 17th January in the sixty second year of his age. Mr. V. married Mary T., a daughter of  Edward Pitts, Esq. of Newberry District, she dying he married Ursula, the widow of W.R. Smith of Laurens District, in both connections he was eminently blest and made happy. He leaves one son by his first and his widow and one daughter by the last marriage to mourn their irreparable loss. The subject was extensively known and highly respected. [Long and detailed description of character.]
    He attached himself to the Baptist Church of Christ at Cross Road in Newberry District. In a few years he, together with his brother-in-law, Silas Hill, was licensed by that church to exorcise in public. He was called on to witness the death of his beloved brother and co-worker in Christ form Consumption, brought on as was generally supposed by preaching and he having a pre-disposition to an affection of the lungs, that he would go the same way. He had many former slaves and he was beloved and respected by them which was shown by the deep interesting they took in him during his illness and the attendance of all of them at his burial. Poem to his memory.

March 4, 1868

Major John McCleary, lately commanding a garrison at Newberry, died at Charlestown on 25th inst. of Hemorrhage. He was a native of Hamilton, Ohio and graduated at West Point in 1854.

Mr. Charles Strouss, of this District, was accidentally killed last week near what is know as little Savannah, about 8 miles this side of Columbia. He was with a party of friend and they were engaged in cutting a tree for lightwood when it feel and struck Strouss, from he died in about 15 minutes.

The individual who borrowed the “Diary” of Jas. C. Johnson, deceased, and who has not returned it, is respectfully warned to delay no longer. Beware.

Applications for Bankruptcy filed and referred to Henry Summer: Jacob Kibler, David Kibler, Dr. Jerome D. Bruce, A. Harris, Dr. P.B. Ruff, H.H. Folk, John R. Sondley, Dr. Thomas B. Kennerly, Charles B. Counts, Wade H. Setzler, Dr. Sampson Pope, Thomas W. Holloway, Wm. W. Houseal, Wm. J. Lake, Dr. Wm. K. Griffin, George A. Sligh, Thomas H Chappell, John W. Folk, Wm. Summer, Wm. A. Williams.

March 11, 1868

Applications for Bankruptcy filed and referred to Henry Summer: Solomon P. Kinard, Abraham Harris.

March 18, 1868

Rev. Jesse Morgan of Sumter District died on the 7th inst. He had set a gun trap to arrest the recurrence of robbery which had been frequent of late and owing to the darkness after setting the trap; he felt into himself and was shot. He was found dead the next morning.

March 25

Court of Common Pleas and General Sessions:

State vs. John L. Epps, murder, not guilty.
State vs.. Mary Ann Bridges, murder, not guilty.
State vs. Jefferson Buzzard, Petit Larceny, Cont’d
State vs. George Thomas, Petit larceny, Contingent Docket.
State vs. Wash Chick, Thompson Chick, Jack Chick, Isaac Ashford, Charley Chick, Viney Chick, Arson. Jack and Thomson Chick guilty and sentenced to be hanged.
State vs. Charles Chick, Viney Chick, not guilty.
State vs. Gabe Kinard, malicious trespass, Traversed.
State vs. Bill Stockman, alias Kinard, hog stealing, cont’d.
State vs. Willis Werts, hog stealing, guilty 12 months in Penitentiary.
State vs. Reubin Harrington Petit larceny. Guilty. sentence sealed.
State vs. Wash Chick, Jack Chick, Thompson Chick, Isaac Ashford. Arson; nolle pros’d.
State vs. Thos J. Lipscomb, Frank Lipscomb; unlawful arrest. Traversed.
State vs. John B. Simson assault and battery; traversed.
State vs. Wade Chappell, petit larceny, guilty, 9 months in penitentiary.
State vs. James Turley, petit larceny, guilty, 9 months in penitentiary.
State vs. Charles Birge, grand larceny, pleads guilty to petit larceny, 5 months in jail at Newberry.
State vs. Jack Keitt and Abe Lyles, grand larceny, cont’d.

April 1 1868

On the night of 18th inst. Mrs. Elkins, a married lady living in the Dark Corner section of our District was most barbarously murdered. Mrs. Elkins was still a young woman, the mother of three small children, the youngest just an infant of five months. The husband and father, Mr. Wm. Elkins, a maimed Confederate soldier was absent from the home on a visit to an uncle living in the neighborhood. When he returned home he found the body of his dead wife lying in the yard, the face and head most horribly crushed and shattered as if by blows from an ax or heavy iron shovel. No one remained with Mrs. Elkins save her children and the nurse of her infant, a young colored girl. From Edgefield Advertiser.

Kukluk Klan is the name of Conservative secret organization which is extending rapidly through the North and East, and is striking terror into the Loyal Leaguers.

April 8

Death of Col. John Ramage. The East Florida (Ocala) Banner brings us the sad intelligence of the death of this gentleman, the brother of Burr J. Ramage, Esq. of our town, which melancholy occurrence happened the 18th of March in the above town. He left a large family of orphans without a female relative nearby to take care of them. Their relatives are in South Carolina. Col. Ramage has been a great sufferer for more than a year past and his constitution much weakened by previous disease, gave way rapidly under the complicated maladies which afflicted him after his last attack. He was a prominent member of the Baptist Church and the Masonic fraternity, who are taking care of his domestic affairs until his relatives are heard from.

The Florida Banner records the death at Ocala on the 8th ult. of paralysis, Mr. Josiah Evans. He was a native of South Carolina, but had been a citizen of Ocala for a number of years. He was an old member of the Methodist church and will be much missed on the Sumter mission.

April 15, 1868

No marriages or deaths reported.

April 22, 1868

Married 12th inst. b y the Rev. Daniel Ellred, Capt. G.S. Swygert of Lexington, to Miss C.B. Chapman of Newberry.

April 29, 1868

Married on 23rd of April by the Rev. W.S. Black, Mr. Richard Wicker and Miss Mattie Pope, all of Newberry. Poem.

District Court:

State vs. Elvira Owens, Martha Ann Stokes and Caroline Stokes, larceny, latter not guilty. Elvira fined $25, Martha Ann who was in swampo had sentence sealed.
State vs. Emma Clary, Winny Clary, Bluford Clary, Spencer Clary and Margaret Clary, larceny, Winny not guilty; others sentence sealed.
State vs. Wash Giles, larceny, one month in jail.
State vs. Nathan Wadlington, larceny, 12 months penitentiary.
tate vs. Lewis Croft and Jefferson Bouknight, larceny, 12 months in penitentiary.
State vs. Claborn Gary, Nelson Gary and Young Gary, larceny, 12 months penitentiary.
State vs. Jefferson Booknight, hog stealing, plead guilty, two months in jail.
State vs. John Blair, bull stealing, 12 months in penitentiary.

May 6, 1868

From Laurensville Herald: Mr. Wm. E. Garrett was killed by his horse. His horse becoming unruly, Mr. G. dismounted to punish him when the animal seized his arm, mangling it and the hand. It required the assistance of several persons to rescue him and take charge of the animal, which continued to show fight even after severe punishment. Mr. Garrett died the following day.

Mrs. Ophelia Henderson, wife of Wade Henderson while on a visit to her father, Mr. John Davenport, was accidentally shot by her little brother with an old gun he was handling and thought to be unloaded. She lived about 24 hours. Mrs. HL. was quite young and much beloved and her death has cast a gloom over the community.

Mr. W.H. Anderson, who had long suffered with an affection of the lungs, came to Newberry recently hoping that a change of air and scene &c would restore his wasting energy, but all that affectionate relatives and kind finds could do proved unavailing and he gently fell on the sleep of death the 29th. An appropriate and impressive service was held at the Aveleigh Church and the remains were conveyed to Rosemount Cemetery and interred with Masonic honors. He was from the low county, an exemplary gentleman and member of the Medical profession.

Died on 27th of February of paralysis, Mrs. Annie E. Edwards, the wife of John Edwards of Winston Co., Miss. and daughter of Matthias and Elizabeth Kinard. She was born on Dec. 13th 1822 in Newberry and migration with her parents to Mississippi in 1847. She was a truly good woman and a consistent member of the Methodist Church. She leaves a devoted husband, an aged mother, a sister and brother and many friends in Newberry District.

Died at Florence, S.C. April 23rd after twelve days of painful illness, Mrs. Medora Ella McCall, relict of J. Dewit McCall and daughter of  Jacob P. and Mary E. Chase.

May 13, 1868

From Phoenix: A white man named Charles Hamilton, who is charged with various crimes, and tried before a military commission in this city, escaped from his colored guard yesterday near Kingsville, the guard having fallen asleep. Hamilton has been confined in Castle Pinckney for some time.

May 20, 1868

Capt. James Y. McFall received his final discharge from Bankruptcy and is no longer numbered among the unfortunate debtors.

Married on 13th May by the Rev. Jacob Hawkins, Mr. W.F. Waters and Miss Ella O. Swittenberg, both of Jalapa, Newberry, S.C.

May 27, 1868

Mr. Jas Swygert, a workman on the Greenville Railroad received a fatal injury near Alston last week.

In Equity: Ivy S. Hughes, trustee vs. Alfred E. Keller and others. In appears that Alfred E. Keller, Daniel Goyer and Julana, his wife, Sarah S. Gant, John D. Keller, Henrietta Keller, Martha J. Hughes and the four infant children of Joseph Keller, deceased and one minor child of Isaac Keller, deceased, defendants live beyond the confines of the state. They have 40 days to respond.

In Equity: John R. Sondley & Charles H. Sondley, surviving executors vs. Richard Sondley, Foster Sondley and others. It appears that Foster A. Sondley, Moses Lilienthall. defendants are beyond the limits of the state. They have 40 days to respond.

June 3, 1868

Died on 3 May in Texas, J. B. Hodges in the 29th year of his age. Eulogy.

June 10, 1868

No marriages or deaths reported.

June 17, 1868

No marriages or deaths reported.

June 24

Beloved editor of Sumter News, T. Waties Dinkin has died, leaving a widow and children.

July 1, 1868

The Fairfield Herald comes clad in black in mourning for the death of editor D.B. McCreight, who leaves a wife and several children.

Petition for adjudication of Bankruptcy filed for estate of Charles H. Sondley, J.W. McCants, Benjamin R. Scott, John P. Aull, J.T. Zealy, C.F. Waters and James B. Hair.

July 8

No marriages or deaths reported.

July 15, 1868

We regret to announce the death of Mr. Wm. Boag of Newberry on the 9th inst from the effects of sun stroke. Mr. Boag was formerly of Charleston and leaves a wife and infant sons to the sorrows of widowhood and orphanage.

July 22, 1868

Married by the Rev. W.S. Black July 8th, Mr. Wm. E. Higgins and Miss Melinda Langford, all of Newberry.

July 29, 1868

Died at her residence in Newberry District on 12th of July, 1868, Mrs. Rebecca Hawkins, aged 89 years, one month and 11 days. She was born in Newberry District June 1st 1779. She had eight children, of whom six are living; forty-five grandchildren of whom thirty-four are living, fifty-six great grandchildren of whom forty-three are living and one great, great grandchild.

August 5, 1868

No marriages or deaths reported.

August 12

No marriages or deaths reported.

August 19

Mr. Hubbard, a citizen of Anderson, but lately engaged in business at Charleston, committed suicide by shooting himself in the head at Greenville on Friday last, to which he had gone the day before while under the effects of insanity. He leaves a wife and five children in necessitous circumstances.

Our community has sustained a severe loss in the death of Miss Sallie O’Neale, who departed this transitory life on 11th inst in the 68th year of her age. Miss Sallie was the daughter of  Hugh and Nancy O’Neale, the youngest sister of our late distinguished Chief Justice and the last surviving member in this section of the O’Neale family. She was one who found it better to give than to receive.

Last Friday the grave closed upon all that was the mortal of the amiable lady, Mrs. Dr. Griffin. Eulogy.

The angel of death has also visited the household of our townsman B.D. Boyd. God desired one of the brood of six little ones and took unto Himself the least. And little Ernest has gone with the golden gate.

From Greenville Mountaineer: We regret to chronicle the unexpected death of Mrs. Harper, the young and beloved wife of Rev. Robert Harper, pastor of the Methodist Church of this place. She was taken seriously ill yesterday and died in the course of a few hours.

August 26

Married on Monday, the 26 inst. [sic] by Rev. W.S. Black, Mr. J.F. Hall of Crawfordville, Indiana, to Miss Laura Rutherford of Newberry.

September 2, 1868

From Anderson Intelligencer: Rev. Elias Kennedy, a well-known colored preacher of this place was brutally murdered on Saturday night near Ruckersville, Geo., where he had gone to attend a protracted meeting at a colored church. He was first ordered to leave the place and complied with the demand, but had scarcely returned a mile in this direction when he was decoyed from his buggy and shot by a person unknown. It is needless to say that this outrage is strongly condemned and must regretted by all good citizens.

Irene Hamilton, beloved wife of Mr. R.H. Greneker, junior Editor of this paper, died Thursday morning last, of convulsions and congestion of the stomach in the 34th year of her age. She was a member of the Episcopal Church. She leaves a devoted husband and seven small children and dear relatives. Long, flowery eulogy and poem.

September 9

We regret with profound sorrow the death of Mrs. Harriet E. Boyd, the wife of our esteemed friend, Rev. Marion Boyd. This sad event occurred on Friday last, the 4th inst. Mrs. Boyd was a most estimable lady, full of Christian excellence, a fond wife, a devoted mother, and beloved by all who came within her circle of friends. Eulogy.

Died. Mr. Jas. Tupper, late master in Equity for Charleston, died at Summerville on Friday, the 28th. Mr. Tupper was a strenuous advocate of the Temperance cause.

Died. A.G. Bastin, a well-known lawyer of Columbia, died at Hickory Tavern in North Carolina on the 20th ult.

Died. Chas. A. Bedell, a Dry Goods Merchant of Columbia on 27th ult. of apoplexy.

Died. Capt William Norris, an old and respected citizen of Spartanburg district on the 28th ult. at his residence near Limestone Springs in the 71st year of his age. .

Died. Dr. D.W. Ray, a prominent leader in politics, and who had served several terms in the Legislature died very suddenly from apoplexy at his residence in Richland district on Wednesday last.

Died. Rev. M.C. Davis, an eminently pious minister of the S. C. Conference on 27th ult.

September 16, 1868

Harriet Boyd, the wife of Rev. J.M. Boyd, a Local Preach of the Newberry Circuit, died September 5, 1868. She was born in Columbia, October 22, 1839 and was left without a mother at 2½ years of age. Was raised and educated by her Aunt, Mrs. S. Cromer, who is now a member of the family. Joined the M.E. Church South in 1851. Married in 1854 and was happily converted to Got in 1855 at the Rutherford Camp Ground. Her illness was short yet she was not confounded. Her faith was strong. “I go to join our two little ones gone before. Eulogy and poem.

Died at the residence of her father, Col. G.H. Chapman, Pomaria, on 11 September of congestion, Susan Caroline Chapman, who was born on the 31 October 1839. Eulogy. Member of the Lutheran Church.

Bankruptcy notices: Sampson Pope, John C.S. Brown, John Sondley, Noah E. Rhodes, S.P. Kinard, estate of Frederick S. Boozer, deceased, Thomas B. Kennerly, Warren H. Jones, J.D. Bruce, Abraham Harris and Jacob Kibler.

September 22

Members from Frog Level of the Central Democratic Club: H.C. Mosely, Secretary, George Brown, Abram Moore, Geo. Fellers,

George Green, a citizen of Pickens District was shot Friday last, dying in a short time from the effects of the wound.

Little Minnie was sent to gladden the home of Mr. and Mrs. David Ruff for nearly fourteen months when on September 12th, she was removed from this early garden…eulogy.

September 30, pages 1 & 2 are missing.

October 7

Married 1st October by Rev. J.N. Bouchelle at the residence of the bride’s mother, Miss Dora Goree of Newberry to Mr. J.F. Keller of Abbeville.

October 14, 1868

From Abbeville Banner: As James Martin, familiarly known as “sneak” was on his way home Monday afaternoon he was shot by some person unknown about four miles from the village.

From Abbeville Banner: On Monday last week, a little son of Mr. James Bailey, about 8 years old, was playing about the furnace when his foot slipped and he plunged into the seething cauldron, up to his waist. He lingered in great agony until the following day when death brought relief.

Confederate General J.C. Hindman has been assassinated at his residence in Helena, Ark. A man named Robbins of Springifled, Mos. who served under him was arrested, but was discharged.

In Equity: James S. Sloan vs. Archey Sloan and others. It appers that John Sloan and the children of Samuel Sloan, deceased, reside without the limits of the state. They have 40 days to respond.

October 21

B.F. Randolph, preacher and representative of Orangeburg District, while standing on the platform of cars at Hodge’s Depot, near Cokesbury, in Abbeville District was fired upon the three unknown men and instantly killed on Friday afternoon last. We are credibly informed that he used insulting language to a distinguished citizen on the cars. The body of this persistent advocate of social equality was taken to Columbia for shipment to Charleston.

Long article about the killing of Lee Nancy, colored, a prominent and violent leader of the league, by two men, non-residents of the town. Mr. Daniel Ward was seriously wounded.

October 28

Married on 22 October by Rev. Mr. Grier, Mr. James Larkin and Miss Harriet A. Mathis, all of Newberry.

November 4

Governor offers reward of $500 for apprehension of authors of “atrocious outrage” on the night of 20th ult. committed against the family and property of Gen. McGowan of Abbeville.

From Edgefield Advertiser: We regret to learn that Miss Lula Daniel, youngest daughter of Major William Daniel of this District came to her death under the following painful circumstances. On Sunday, the 18th inst. while the rest of her family was attending church, servants heard screaming and found the dress of the young lady in flames. She suffered in excrutiating agony until Wednesday following when death relieved her suffering. She was not able to give a direct account of how her dress caught fire.

Married on 1 November at the residence of the bride's father by the Rev. A.A. Morse, Mr. J.D. Pitts to Miss Phe L. daughter of  Dr. W.M. Dorroh.

November 11

Mr. A. Harris of Newberry has received his final discharge from bankruptcy.

November 18

Married on 22 October, by the Rev. D. Derrick, Mr. T.G. Smith of Edgefield and Miss Mary A. Leaphart of Lexington District.

In Equity: James R. Wilson vs. Thomas R. Wilson and others. It appears that Thos. R. Wilson, Wm. C . Wilson, Maria Cappleman, Henrhy Cappleman and the children of John Wilson, deceased, reside without the limits of the State. They have 40 days to respond.

November 25, 1868

Married by Josiah Stewart, Esq. on 15 November, Mr. Abner Reeder to Mrs. Elizabeth Pitts, all of Newberry.

Married on November 19th by the Rev. J.B. Hawkins, Mr. J.M. Glymph to Miss Sue Slight, all of Jalapa, Newberry District.

December 2

No marriages or deaths reported.

December 9

Died at his residence in Newberry of congestion on 11 November, Lt. W.S. Cannon in the 33rd year of his age. Lt. Cannon was a member of the Baptist Church in which faith he died after an illness of short duration. He served in the 20th Regt. S.C.V. during the late war and gained distinction by his strict devotion to the service of his country. He leaves a sorrowing widow, a tender infant, parents and friends to mourn his early death.

Death of General Waddy Thompson at Tallahassee, Florida November 23 at the advanced age of 70. He was born at Pickens court House on 8 September 1798.

December 16

On Wednesday morning last, the sad intelligence of the sudden death of the wife of our esteemed fellow citizen, Mr. Robert L. McCaughrin, was received in every household in our town with feelings of deepest emotion and regret. Without warning or previous illness, in full health and youth promise, the event touches every heart. To her stricken husband and family our deepest sympathy.

Died at Newberry C.H. December 9th, Mrs. Anna P., wife of Mr. Robert L. McCaughrin and eldest daughter of the Rev. J.L. Kirkpatrick, D.D. in the 31st year of her age. Long, long eulogy with no family information. 

December 23

Married on 16th inst., at the residence of her step-father, W.H. Knight, Ellen T. Goree and MP. Black, all of Edgefield.

December 30, pages 1 & 2 are missing.

Married on 24th inst. by the Rev. D.. Alfred at the residence of the bride's father, Mr. D. Luther Koon to Miss Adeline Long, all of Lexington.

Married on 25th inst. at the residence of the bride's father, Capt. John Watts of Laurens to Miss Josie Gary, second daughter of Dr. J.K. Gary of Newberry.