The Weekly Herald
Newberry, South Carolina

January 2, 1867

Married 13 December 1866 by Rev. S.H. Browne, Rev. T.H. Edwards of S.C. Conference, to Miss Carrie M. Kilgore of Newberry.

Died November 27 at Lake City, Florida, Mr. Albert Miot in the thirty sixth year of age; a native of Charleston, S.C. but for a number of past a citizen of this state.
        Raised under the religious instruction of a pious mother, Mr. Miot from his earliest years of unblemished moral character. It was not until the last five years that he was led to feel the importance of personal religion, but for several years he had enjoyed the comfortable hope that he had been born of the Spirit. Only about a two week previous to his death did he make a public profession of religion. He leaves a wife and many friends to mourn his death.

January 9

Died at the residence of her grandfather Derrick’s on the 14th of December 1866, Little Bell Shealy, eldest daughter of Sarah A. Shealy. Her age was eight years and two moths. Her disease was complicated. [Her teacher, J.T. Bedenbaugh left a complimentary and flowery assessment of her character.] Little Bell left a mother, brother and sister.

We are pained to learn that our esteemed young friend, W.C. Scott, late of the Carolinian, died suddenly at Hamburg last week. He was amiable, genial and generous. He leaves a widow and several small children.

January 16

Miss Pauline Ashmore, an amiable and accomplished young lady and daughter of  Col. J.D. Ashmore of Greenville was burned to death in Camden last week.

From Phoenix: The youngest daughter of  Mrs. Mary Rains, of this city, while playing in the back yard of her residence caught fire from a neighboring flame and was so severely burned she lived only a few hours.

From Phoenix: An only son of Mr. James B. LeGette went out squirrel hunting on 26th December and after hunting a while he laid down his shot gun pointing it at his body and it accidentally went off and killed him instantly.

Greenville Patriot and Mountaineer: We regret to learn that an elderly lady, Mrs. Elizabeth Payne, a resident of this place was badly choked last week while swallowing some article of food and died soon afterwards from the effects.

January 23

An affray occurred on last Friday at or near Chappell’s depot which resulted in the death of Stan Chappell and a freed boy. From what we have learned, a difficulty arose between Chappell and Paine, and that the former fired at Payne [sic] inflicting a dangerous if not mortal wound, whereupon Payne succeeded in taking Chappell’s pistol with which he shot him dead. How the freed boy was killed we have no reliable information.

Married on the 15th inst. by Rev. J. Marion Boyd, Rev. J.B. Traywick of the S.C. Conference and Miss Carrie E. Buzhardt of Newberry.

Married on 31 inst. by Rev. J.C. Boyd, Mr. Arthur Rogers to Miss M. Crawford, all of Newberry.

January 30

Many members of the community were sensibly affected last Thursday evening when the sad announcement was made that Mrs. Emilie Gouin, the beloved wife of Dr. T.F. Gouin had departed this transitory life. Mrs. G was a lady of most agreeable and engaging manners; kind, gentle, generous and considerate. Although a comparative stranger in a strange land and far away from the beautiful home of nativity, her happy nature kept the sure flame of charity alive.

Long memorial to Emilie Bouk, wife of Th. Gouin, She was born 10 October 1820 in Ile d’aix, France and died at Newberry C.H. on 24 of January 1867 after a painful illness of not quite one week…. And now there was the stricken husband on this, the anniversary of the day which gave him birth, about to commit to the grave the wife of his bosom. They enjoyed thirty-one years together. She worshiped at the Aveleigh Church. Story by the minister of her generosity to the needy.

We regret to learn that man named Walker, said to the son of the well-known and much esteemed citizen, John Walker, Esq. of Spartanburg District, was drowned in attempting to cross Reedy River at Fishdam Ford near Joe’s Bridge in Laurensburg District on Monday last. He must have lost his balance and fell of his horse who escaped.

February 6

From the Greenville Mountaineer: Mr. W.A. McConnell, a merchant of this place, put an end to his life while on the way home from Columbia. From the intelligence we have gathered it seems that he appeared very much depressed and easily excited while on the cars and requested of the conductor the privilege of retiring to his apartment where he might enjoy quiet and alone. When the conductor went to the apt. later he found the body. An inquest was held at Belton and the verdict was the deceased came to death from his own hand.
     Mr. McConnell was an energetic and enterprising citizen and was at the time of his death one of the Wardens of the town. There is every reason for supposing that he was induced to the commission of this sad act by business and financial embarrassment.

Information wanted on the whereabouts of John F Bunch of company “H” Hawthorn’s regiment, Arkansas infantry, who was captured at Helene, Arkansas, on 4 July 1863 and carried to Alton, Illinois, and thence to Fort Delaware, from which latter prison he was in October 1864 sent on special exchange to some point South, where is supposed to have died.

Married on the evening of 22d inst., at the residence of the bride’s Uncle, Hon. C.P. Sullivan by the Rev. J.R. Riley, Prof. N.F. Walker of the Institution for the Deaf and Dumb and the Blind Cedar Spring, S.C. to Miss Virginia E.D. Eppes of Laurensville, South Carolina.

February 13

From Anderson Intelligencer: We regret to learn of the death of Col. Benj. F. Sloan, which occurred at his residence in Pendleton on Saturday night last. The deceased was a prominent member of the District and for twenty years had charge of the Pendleton factory. He was in the seventy-second year of his age.

Married at Linden, Ala. on 17th January, 1867 at the residence of the bride’s father, the Hon. James A. Young, John T. Walker Esq. of Greensboro, Ala to Miss Henrietta J. Young of the former place.

Married on 23rd January by Rev. Marion Boyd, Capt Charles Virgil Hamilton of ‘Ala to Miss Mary C. Perry of Edgefield District.

February 20

Mr. Frank Payne, who recently had a rencontre with Mr. Stanmore Chappell, in which the latter was killed, died recently from wounds received on that occasion.

The five freemen under sentence of death in our Jail, effected their escape Sunday morning last, but breaking through three heavily fastened doors. Active pursuit in initiated but without success thus far.

February 27

Married on Thursday 21st February by the Rev. J.P. Smeltzer, Mr. Ezekiel P. Mathews of Edgefield and Miss Edith Langford of Newberry.

March 6

On a day which witnessed the final act of that series of tyrannies which has disgraced the closing session of the Thirty-Ninth Confess was announced to that body the death of Samuel Downing, the last of the soldiers of the American Revolution He died in this, just in time, for escape being witness of the overthrow of that liberty for which he had fought. Petersburg Index.

March 13, 1867

Married on 7 March by the Rev. J.H. Zimmerman, Mr. B. Franklin McGraw and Miss Mary U. Sligh, all of Newberry District.

March 20

From the Abbeville Banner: It is our painful duty to announce the death yesterday morning of our townsman, Judge D.F. Jones. In this district and throughout the circle of an extensive acquaintance elsewhere this intelligence will create a feeling of profound sorrow, For several months Judge Jones has been in such feeble health as to excite painful apprehensions he would not recover. On this account he had been compelled to resign the office of the Judge of the District Court. No man had more steadfast and devoted friends that Judge Jones.
      We record with sorrow the death of Judge Jones, formerly an esteemed citizen of Newberry and our intimate friend and companion of happy days long ago.

March 27

Married on 14th inst at the residence of the officiating minister by Rev. David Humphreys, Mr. Elbert F.S. Rowley of Greenville to Miss Ann Smith of Anderson District.

Married on 26 of February, Mr. Benj. Maybin of Newberry, to Miss Ettie M. Sadler of Hart County, Georgia.

Married on 7th inst. at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. W.E. Walters, Mr. Milton Richardson of Hart Co. Gas. and Miss Sallie L. Smith of Anderson District.

Married on 23rd February by Rev. J. Scott Murray, Serg’t. John Smith of Chicago, Ill. to Mrs. Martha J. Shanahan, of Anderson Village.

April 3, 1867

Married in the town of Newberry on 20th ult. by Y.J. Pope, Esq. Mr. Patrick Owens and Mrs. Elvira Snow.

April 10, 1867

No marriages or deaths reported.

April 17, 1867

Notice that Jemime Stewart, a mulatto girl 12 years old is regularly bound to me for seven years as an apprentice, She was stolen away by one freed woman, Julia Stewart in November last and hired out by said Stewart. The girl has been in the employment of W.H. Folk during her absence from me and he has been notified to discharge and send home the said girl,

April 24, 1867

No marriages or deaths reported.

May 1, 1867

Information wanted on anyone who knows the fate of Thos. S. Evleigh, Co. G, 26th S.C. Vol. will confer a lasting obligation by communicating the same to his sorrowing widow and helpless little ones. On 1 April 1865 at Five Forks, Va. he was wounded and taken prisoner, since which nothing has been heard. He was a Master mason. Mrs. Hannah Evleigh, Timmonsville, S.C.

May 8, 1867

No marriages or deaths reported.

May 15

No marriages or deaths reported.

May 22, 1867

Newberry District: Sarah Cureton vs. G.A. Broom and wife and others. Bill for partition.

G.A. Broom and Isabella, his wife, David L. Moore and Melissa, his wife, Frederick S. Cureton, Elisha C. Cureton, Jennie Cureton and Alice Cureton, parties defendant in this above stated case reside beyond the state. Have forty days to reply.

May 29

Stonewall Jackson’s colored nurse died lately in Madison County, Tennessee, at the advanced age of 188 years and 9 months. The General set her free 25 years ago.

Married on 2nd inst. residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. W.D. Mayfield, Mr. Wm. P. Garrett to Miss Sue P. Tribble, all of Laurens.

Married on the 9th inst. by the Rev. D.F> Haddon, Mr. John D. Woodruff of Spartanburg to Miss Harriet Bryson of Laurens.

Married on 9th inst. by Rev. David Humprheys, Mr. John McClinton and Miss M Richey, at the house of her brother-in-law, Mr. James Harkness.

Married on 16th inst. by the same at the residence of the bride's father, Mr. James S. Beatty and Miss Mary Williford, all of Anderson District.

Married on 14th of May 1867 by Rev. J.J. Workman, Lieut. P.A. McDavid and Miss Fannie M. daughter of Dr. J.M. Sullivan, all of Greenville District.

Married on 5th inst. by Rev. Dr. Broadus, Mr. Laundrum Padgett of North Carolina to Miss Matilda Jones of Laurens, S.C.

Married on 16th inst. by Rev. K Kendrick, Mr. John A.M. Estes of Union District and Miss Laura T. Smith of York District.

Equity: Max. G.M. Livingstsone vs. N.M. Livingston, Jacob Kinard et. al It appears that Jacob Kinard and wife Martha, Andrew Kinard, Sophia Kinard and Jimmy Kinard, five of the defendants reside beyond the limits of the State; have 40 days to respond.

June 5

We regret to learn of the death of Mr. C.J. Elford, a prominent and beloved citizen of Greenville C.H. He was a member of the Baptist Church and a zealous advocate of Sunday Schools.

We are sorry to learn that our respected conferee, T.B. Crews of Laurensburg Herald has lost his amiable and excellent wife. Mrs. Crews was a good woman. She died Monday night the 27th ult.. leaving five little children, the eldest of whom is under 10 years.

Equity: Henry Summer and William Summer, surviving administrators vs. Mary M. Summer, C.P. Summer and others. It appears that Margaret J. Summer and Mary Margaret Summer (infant) reside outside the bounds of the State. They have 40 days to respond. Creditors of the estate of John Summer should come forward.

Equity: Peer Moser and wife vs. Wm. Hatton and others. Wm Hatton lives outside the boundaries of the State and has 40 days to respond.

June 12, 1867

No marriages or deaths reported.

June 19

No marriages or deaths reported.

June 26, 1867

Married June 12th by Rev. W.H. Stratton at the residence of the bride’s mother, Mr. Thomas M. White and Miss Nannie T. Benton, all of Anderson.

Married on 5th inst by Rev. W.P. Grady at the residence of the bride's father in Pendleton, Miss Virginia E. Hunter to Mr. J.C. Stribling of Pickens District.

Married on 12th inst. by Rev. W.E. Boggs, Mr. W.H. McGowan to Mrs. A. Southall, both of Columbia.

Married b y W.H. Bagwell on 9th inst. Mr. Simpson Sanders to Miss Vianna George, both Spartanburg.

Married on 13th inst. by Rev. N.W. Edmunds, Mr. W.R. Johnston of Columbia, to Miss Julia Amelia, third daughter of Capt. John Cordero.

July 3, 1867

Belt Cline has been arrested in Vicksburg, Mississippi. He escaped from the Chester jail some time since where he was confined for the murder of Mr. Walker. We believe he was also implicated in the murder of Mr. Lemuel Lane.

July 10

On 4 July Sidney son of Mr. Charles Beckman, formerly of Charleston, but currently residing in Helena, drowned in O’Neill’s mill pond. His family had gone on a visit to Columbia and had left the deceased at home. He and another young man went to bathe. Details of accident.

July 17

Married on 30th ult. residence of the bride's father, Mr. J.L. Chaffin to Miss Sarah Ann Hammet. All of Spartanburg.

Married on 17th ult. by W.C. Bagwell, Mr. Wilson Abernathy to Miss Nancy E. Findley of Spartanburg.

July 24

Married at the residence of the bride's father on July 2 by Rev. T.P. Gwyn, William Birries of Anderson District to Miss Nannie L. youngest daughter of John Dickenson of Calhoun Co., Ala.

Married by Rev. W. Bowman at the residence of Mr. James Blyings, June 27th, Dr. A.J. Nesbitt of Spartanburg District to Miss E.A. Patton of Asheville, N.C.

Died from accidental drowning on 4th July, William Sidney Beckman, son of Charles H. and Sophia F.B. Beckmann, aged 16 years, 7 months and 5 days. William Sidney was a youth of excellent promise, kind, affectionate, obedient and many high hopes were centered in him for mature life, but the ways of Providence are past finding out….

District Court:

The State vs. Morgan McMorries, freedman, for hog stealing; guilty 1 year penitentiary.
tate vs. Catharine Christian, freedwoman, for larceny, guilty, sentence sealed.
State vs. Spencer Hagood, freedman, larceny, guilty, 1 year penitentiary.
tate vs. Ike Williams, freedman, assault and battery; not guilty.
State vs. Geo. Livingston, freedman, burglary, guilty, 5 years penitentiary.
State vs. Edmund Chalmers, freedman, assault and battery; guilty, 9 months.
State vs. Edmund Buzzard, freedman, assault and battery; guilty 9 months.
tate vs. Nohanna McMorries, freedwoman, assault and battery; guilty, 9 months.
State vs. Burr Burley, freedman, assault and  battery; not guilty.
State vs. Hannah Albritton, freedwoman, larceny, guilty $25 fine.
State vs. Hannah Albritton, freedwoman, assault and battery; $50 fine.
State vs. Lydia Mitchell, freedwoman, assault and battery; not guilty.
State vs. Jim Henderson, freedman, assault with pistol, not guilty. Ordered to pay costs.
State vs. Jacob Young, freedman, malicious trespass assault and battery; not guilty.
State vs. Jas. Waldrop (white) larceny, guilty, sentence sealed.
State vs. Chas. B. Buist, merchant, for nuisance, obstructing street, guilty, sentence sealed. Appeal for new trial.

July 31

No marriages or deaths reported.

August 7

We learn that Mr. Fowler living in the upper part of the district was murdered sometime last week. His body was found in a thicket not far from his house, with a gunshot and pistol wounds in several parts of the same.

August 14

We regret to learn of the death of Mrs. Coate, the wife of our estimable friend and fellow citizen, Mr. John Coates, which event took place Sunday morning last after a lingering and painful illness of over two months.

In Equity. George Brown, surviving Executor of D.T. Cureton vs. Sarah Cureton a party defendant resides beyond the boundaries of this state and has forty days to respond.

August 21

We regret to learn that our late townsmen Drs. Caldwell and Capers and Capt. Isaac Davis have each been recently bereft of a son. Dr. Capers is in Memphis; Dr. Caldwell in Spartanburg and Dr. Davis resides on Pauley Island. The two former have lost their youngest boys—Dr. Davis his son “Ikey,”

Died on 12 last at Pawley’s Island, Georgetown District, S.C. of congestion of the brain Isaac Dunbar Davis, aged 12  years, second son of Capt. Isaac and Mrs. Ann Eliza Davis. Eulogy.

Died 11th inst. at Newberry C.H., Mrs. Thompson Ann Coate, wife of John Coate, Esq. This melancholy announcement will carry sadness to many a reader for the subject of it was extensively and favorably known. Long eulogy about her religious beliefs and details of her illness. No family information.

August 28

Married at the residence of the bride's father in Sumner Co. Tennessee, on 2nd of July, Mr. Ebenezer Sweet to Miss Jane Lemon.

September 4

No marriages or deaths reported.

September 11

Death of Hon. John McQueen, for many years a member of Congress from the First Congressional District of South Carolina, died at Society Hill in this state, Friday last, in the sixty third year of his age.

Died of congestive fever at the residence of his sister, Mrs. Gilliam on the 22nd August, Maximillian Ruff, aged 54 years.

Middleton T. Kinard was born in Newberry District, S.C. and departed this life at W.W. Waldrop’s residence, September 6, 1867, aged 56 years. He was a quiet, unassuming man. He was called the “Good Samaritan” of the neighborhood. In 1865 he became a member of the Methodist E. church and professed saving grace through faith in Christ. As a son he was dutiful, remaining almost till middle age with his infirm parents; as a husband he was more, if possible, than affectionate, how kind to his two daughters. His illness was brief (congestion) and his suffering intense. His body now sleeps with his aged parents, wife and child in the family graveyard.

In Equity: Sally Werts vs. J. Belton Werts, Thos J. Maffet and wife and others . Bill for partition. Enoch Cook and his wife Elizabeth and Molly D. Hollyman, three of the defendants of this case lie beyond the limits of the State. Forty days to respond.

September 18

Sheriff Gill did not return with the escapee, freedman Belton Cline, who is wanted for the murder of the late Alexander D. Walker of York District, for want of funds. It is reported that Morris, the alleged leader in the plot to kill Walker is near Vicksburg. From Yorkville Enquirer.

September 25

Dr. James P. Knight of Laurensville died in Columbia on Tuesday last, while on his way home from Texas, where he had been for several months preparing a home for his family. It is presumed that he had contracted the disease in Texas, or while passing through the Southern seaboard cities where this terrible disease has been raging for some time [specific disease not mentioned].

Departed this transitory life on 7th inst. of congestion, Thos. Wanright Blease in the 22d year of his age. The subject was possessed of many excellent qualities. His love for his parents and kindred was pure and unalloyed—and for his mother was his first and last affection breathed.

October 2

It is with great pain and sympathy we announce the death on Monday last of Miss Mattie Oliphant daughter of Mr. N.C. Oliphant of this town. The unfortunate young lady was thrown violently from a buggy on Saturday last, inflicting such injuries as to cause her death.

Mr. James Garrison of Darlington who, some months ago was sentenced by military commission to two years imprisonment with hard labor for shooting a negro who had trespassed on his premises, has had his sentence commuted by General Canby to six months imprisonment and in two months will be released.

October 9

Married on 19th September in Lake City, by the Rev. M..W. Keep, Rev. L.W. Moore of Chesterfield Co. Va. and Asenah S. eldest daughter of Mr. W.H. Hunt of the former place.

The many friends of Rev. Joseph Cross, D.D. in this city will regret to learn that he fell victim to yellow fever in Texas. Dr. Cross was an Englishman by birth, but emigrated to the U.S. at an early age. He was widely known as a minister of the Methodist church. Immediately after the close of the war, he took orders in the Protestant Episcopal Church and at this time of his death was rector in Houston, Texas.

October 16

Died at her residence near Beth Eden Church, Newberry District on 9th of October, Mrs. Eugenia Ann Glenn, wife of Dr. G.W. Glenn in the 40th year of her age. The subject was born in Abbeville District in 1827. She was know as a lady of most excellent and beautiful qualities...a truly Christian woman, wife and mother. Description of many virtues. No family information.

October 23

Married on 17th inst. at the residence of the bride’s mother, Mrs. M.A. Glasgow, by the Rev. R.A> Micklin, Mr. Leland M. Speers to Miss Cleora Glasgow all of Newberry District.

October 30

Married on 17 October by the Rev. R.H. Reid, Dr. A.M. Snyder of Orangeburg to Miss Seedia C. Rush of Reidville.

Married on the 24th of October by the Rev. J. Marion Boyd, Mr. Enoch J. Lake and Miss E.C. Setzler, all of Newberry District.

Departed this life on 23 October 1867, at the residence of Mr. G.T. Scott of this town, Mrs. Elizabeth Ellen Cosnard, aged 58 years, 5 months and 29 days.

The Columbia Phoenix records the death of highly respected citizen, Col. Bauskett, who was born in Newberry District and was about 74 years of age. He was admitted to the bar contemporary with Waddy Thompson, Hon. A.P. Butler, Judge O’Neall and Chancellor Harper. In the midst of these noted South Carolina jurists he shone bright. He represented Edgefield District in the State Senate for one or two terms.

District Court

State vs. Thos. Adams, assault and battery; guilty.
State v. Mary Golden, assault with gun, not guilty.
State vs. Peter Williams, colored, larceny, not guilty.
tate vs. Ransom McClellan, colored, assault and battery; not guilty.
State vs. York Lowndes and John Moore, colored, burglary, not guilty.
State vs. Aaron Scury, colored, petit larceny, guilty.
State vs. Albert Williams, colored, bastardy, guilty.
State vs. Major Brooks, colored, petit larceny, not guilty.
State vs. Wade Mower, colored, larceny, guilty.
State vs. Richard Schumpert, colored, bastardy, not guilty .

Court of General Sessions:

State vs. Burr Sondley, robbery, guilty, sentenced to be hung 20th December. Also implicated in murder of Mr. Lane, on which occasion the robbery was committed.
State vs. Eliz. Koon and Harriet Koon, Riot and assault and battery; guilty of assault, $20 fine.
State vs. Walter Koon, assault and battery; plead guilty $35 fine.
State vs. J.B. Neel and others, Riot, assault and battery; Neel plead guilty in second charge 1 month and $50 fine. Others not guilty.

State vs. Georgian Suber, freedwoman, assault and battery with intent to kill, two years in the penitentiary. `Episcopal Church breathed his last on 28th of November at his residence near Fort Hill, York District.

Tribute of Respect at the Amity Lodge, No. 37, A.F.M. for deceased Brother Deidrich Horstmann.

December 18

Death of a former citizen: Roscius F. Attwood died at his residence near Mt. Elba, Bradley Co. Ark. 2nd November 1867 in his 52nd year after about 25 days of much suffering with typhoid fever. He left Newberry about two years ago. Left a sorely afflicted family and aged mother. Eulogy.

Married on 5th inst. by Rev. Mr. Mayfield, Mr. C. Summer and Miss Mary Scruggs, all of Helena, S.C.

Married on 5th December by Rev. J.T. Zealy at the residence of the bride’s mother, James W. Smith of Abbeville District to Miss Sue M. Higgins, youngest daughter of the late Hon. F.B. Higgins of Newberry.

December 25, 1867, pages 1 & 2 are missing.