The Tri-Weekly Herald
Newberry, South Carolina

January 4, 1866
It is with painful emotions we chronicle the death of Rev. W. A. McSwain at Laurens C.H. Sunday last. His death is a calamity to the church of he was a distinguished minister. he was a man of intellect, piety and amiability—beloved by all who knew him.

January 10, 1866
Long obituary from the Laurens Herald re: death of Rev. W.A. McSwain.

We are gratified to learn that our friend Capt. James Cureton is recovering from the wounds inflicted by the brutal and hellish assault of number of freedmen during the holidays. We regret, however, that his son, who though out of danger, has lost the use of his limbs by a spinal affection.

Died in this town on 18th December, 1865, of inflammation of the stomach, Mary Catharine, youngest daughter of W.C. & M. Johnson, aged 2 years, 3 months, 23 days.

January 17, 1866; no marriages or deaths reported.

January 24, 1866
Married 18th January by the Rev. E.C. Logan, Mr. J.H. Latimer of Nashville, Tennessee, to Miss Adele C., second daughter of Mrs. Septima Kittleband, formerly of Charleston.

Married on 11th inst. at the residence of the bride’s father by the Rev. Mr. Mood, Mr. Wm. Arnold of Madison Co., Ky. and Miss L.A.P Fant of Laurens District.

January 31, 1866; no marriages or deaths reported.  

February 7, 1866
Died on 2nd February, Mrs. Elvira E. Glymph, wife of J.B. Glymph, aged 30 years, 2 months and 13 days. Mrs. Glymph was an affectionate mother, a devoted wife and exemplary Christian. She was a member of the Beth Eden Evangelical Lutheran Church.  

February 14, 1866
It is our duty to register the death of a venerable and venerated member of the community—Mrs. Abigail Caldwell, relict of Judge Caldwell. Mrs. C. was in her 70th year. She was the oldest surviving sister of the late Justice O’Neill.

February 21, 1866; no marriages or deaths reported.  

February 28, 1866
Married on the 22nd inst., by the Rev. H.T. Sloan, Mr. Thos. G. Sloan, son of James Sloan, to Miss Lavinia F. daughter of Maj. M. Harris.

Married on 22 Feb. by Rev. J. Hawkins, Dr. William M. Kinard to Miss Sallie Vance, all of Newberry.  

March 7, 1866
Married Feb. 27th, at the residence of Mrs. Helen O’Neall, Springfield, Newberry District, by the Rev. Thos. H. Pope, Sampson Pope, M.D. to Miss Helen P., eldest daughter of Dr. W.H. Harrrington, late Newberry.  

March 14, 1866
On Thursday morning, last some negroes in a field in Lexington Dist. hearing an unusual noise, together with a report of a pistol, went to the spot and identified by Mr. John Hair of Frog Level, then on his way to Columbia, as that of Capt. Chesley Herbert of this District, a most estimable Christian gentleman. The body was very much mutilated, apparently from blows inflicted by a club. It appears that on Sunday night, the 4th, Capt. H. had a horse stolen from him by a negro. He went in pursuit and overtook the thief on Tuesday. He was headed back on Thursday with the negro when foully murdered by him. The negro has been arrested and sent to Columbia for trial.

Married on the 7th inst., by Rev. J.H. Zimmerman, Mr. O.A. Rutherford of Georgia to Miss Cyrilla Brooks of this District.  

March 21, 1866
We regret to say that an incident occurred in Clinton on Wednesday of last week, in the drinking shop of Mr. W.F. Rose, between Rose and Mr. J.S. Rodgers, in which blows were inflicted on the head of Rodgers, with a decanter or pitcher, which caused the death of Rodgers. From Laurensville Herald.

Married on the 15th inst. by Rev. E.C.  Logan, Mr. S.D. Kittleband to Miss E.A. Beard.

March 28, 1866; no marriages or deaths reported. 

April 4, 1866
A Tribute of Respect from the Prosperity Lodge re: the death of Brother James Cureton.

Died on 27th March, Thomas Smith, son of Robert and Permelia Burton, aged 11 years, 11 months and 26 days. He was an obedient and affectionate child, a kind and loyal brother. His sickness was of short duration, he bore it with Spartan fortitude. He leaves an affectionate mother, kind brothers and loving sisters to mourn his loss.  

April 11, 1866
Married on April 4 at Anderson, C.H., by the Rev. Mr. Elliott, Mr. John L. Thornley of Newberry and Miss Eva S. Fast, of Anderson.

April 25, 1866; no marriages or deaths reported.

May 2, 1866; no marriages or deaths reported.

May 9, 1866; no marriages or deaths reported.

May 16, 1866; no marriages or deaths reported.  

May 23, 1866
Married on 8th inst., by Rev. J.J. Bramley, Mr. Thos. Brookes of Brookesville, Miss., to Miss Fannie M., daughter of R.B. Holman, Esq.

The Advertiser announces the death of Mr. Francis O’Coner, an old Haityen and successful planter. He was nearly 80 years of age; Mrs. Jane C. Simpson, wife of Dr. J.W. Simpson of Laurens, died Sunday morning 6th inst.; Mrs. Callahan of Webster, Mass., after having 750 pounds–ten barrels of water removed from her by twenty-four surgical operations; the Anderson Intelligencer announces the death of Mr. John Wakefield, an old and highly esteemed citizen of Anderson. The Columbia Phoenix records the death of Mr. Benj. Rawles, a respected citizen, aged 91. Mr. Rawles recently wrote a vigorous and interesting letter to Gen. Sherman on the destruction of Columbia—The Unionville Times announces the death of Col. James Jeffries, one of the most esteemed and intelligent members of the community. We regret to learn from the Charleston Courier, the death of Dr. Christopher Fitzsimmons, who was killed by the falling of a crossbeam during a storm on St. John’s Berkeley.  

May 30, 1866; no marriages or deaths reported.

June 4, 1866; no marriages or deaths reported.

June 13, 1866
A poem written in memorial to Anna Mortimer.. “an angel from another world”

June 22, 1866
Disastrous fire in Newberry with a long list of the businesses destroyed. The fire was a result of an incendiary’s work–one half of the businesses in town were in ruins.  

June 17, 1866; no marriages or deaths reported.

July 4, 1866; no marriages or deaths reported.

July 11, 1866; no marriages or deaths reported.

July 18, 1866; no marriages or deaths reported.

July 25, 1866
We regret to learn that a little white boy whose name we do not know, accidentally shot himself to death last week near Frog Level.

We regret to learn of the death of Col. A.G. Summer, formerly of Pomaria, in this district.  

Aug 1, 1866
Amos Wesley, a freedman was shot and almost instantly killed last Wednesday night, by some person or persons unknown.

Mr. Lemuel Law of this district was brutally murdered last Friday night by a number of freedmen together with one or two white men—the instrument was an axe or hatchet. He was asleep under the shade of a large tree ear the door of his dwelling with a little son by his side. The part stealthily approached and with one feel blow dispatched the unfortunate man. Mr. Land had in his possession between 8-9 thousand dollars in gold, which was the key to this atrocious design. His daughter, eldest son and Mr. Heller, a guest, escaped. The two latter were carried some distance and tied, but succeeded in liberating themselves. While being pursued from Columbia, one man was shot and the other captured. The man shot was recognized by a colored boy who formerly lived here as John Counts, alias John Dawkins, the other, who gave his named as Cook, was confined to the Columbia jail. We understand twelve or thirteen men are under arrest.

In memory of Cross, dog Cross, the property and friend of C. Chap Richman, who was assassinated on 23rd July. Cross was pupped in March 1859…]long discussion which may be tongue in cheek, but is difficult to tell.] 

August 8, 1866
The Georgetown Times announces the death of Dr. Andrew Hasell. Dr. H. resided in Newberry for some time during the war, a refugee from his once peaceful and prosperous home; and endeared himself to our people by his intelligence, courtesy and kindliness of manner….His beloved wife, a woman of exemplary virtues, with whom he had happily lived for more than a quarter of a century, died a little over a year ago, and sweetly sleeps in the Newberry cemetery.

The three men alluded to as being implicated in the murder of Mr. Lem Lane were arrested and brought to this city [Columbia] and were lodged in the military guard house. They gave their names as John Bullock, J.B. Little and R.P. Burton. They will be sent to Newberry for trial.  

August 15, 1866
Died on the 28th of July, at his residence in Pawley Island, Waccamaw, Dr. Andrew Hasell in the 63rd year of his age.

August 22, 1866
e learn that J.W. Coon, charged with the murder of Mr. Lemuel Lane entered bail of $5000.

Lun Jones and Belt Cline, freedman, formerly of this place, were arrested last week and have confessed to the murder of Mr. Walker and have been taken to Chester. The former had Mr. Walker’s watch in his possession.

Died in Newberry District on 16th of June in the thirty-fourth year of her age, Mrs. Rebecca Jane Reagin, wife of Ker B. Reagin, deceased, and only  daughter of Thomas and Rebecca Lake, deceased. Born and raised in our midst, the idol of her parents and family, the announcement of this death is all that is necessary to awaken wide-spread sympathy and heart-felt sorrow. She united with the Methodist church early in life, and ever preserved a consistent Christian character….A touching scene was the parting look of those five orphaned children (the oldest twelve and the youngest four) upon the face of their last parent and devoted Mother… 

August 29, 1866; no marriages or deaths reported.

September 6, 1866
Married on 23d inst. by the Rev. Mr. Smeltzer, R.H Wright to Miss Mary F. Bowers, all of Newberry.

September 12
Married on 9th inst., by Rev. J.M. Boyd, Mr. R.T.C. Hunter to Miss Rebecca Boozer, all of Newberry District.  

September 19, 1866
Died on 6th inst., of puerperal fever at the residence of her father, Mr. John F. Workman, Mrs. Elio Frances Tribble, consort of Mr. M.P. Tribble of Laurens District, age 29 years, 7 months and 8 days. She was a member of the Baptist Church. During the late war, she was a teacher in the Wadsworth school. Not one year ago, she was led blushingly to the altar of marriage. The bride of a few short months has passed away leaving the bereaved sorrow-stricken husband. Long eulogy.  

September 26, 1866
21 September 1866 from J. Marion Boyd re: conversions at a wedding. He opened the services the day before by marrying Mr. Jacob Crouch of Edgefield District and Miss Elvira Kelly of Newbery, both of whom had been happily converted at the meeting.

Died in the town of Newberry on 23rd inst., of congestion of the brain, Susan Ida, youngest daughter of N.B. and L.F. Knox, aged 6 years, 3 months and 6 days.  

October 3, 1866
Married on 27th ult., at the residence of Capt. Philip Sligh, by the Rev. T.S. Boinest, Mr. John D. Wedeman to Miss Eustatia A. Folk, all of this District.

October 10, 1866
The community sympathizes with our afflicted townsmen, N.B. Knox, who within a space of a month, has consigned to the silent chambers of the grave, three members of his household; an endeared female relative, a lovely daughter and his beloved, devoted wife. He is bowed by a grief to deep for utterance.

The trial of Messrs Starling and Pope, who were instrumental in the killing of John Counts, alias John Dawkins, the negro murderer of Mr. Lemuel Lane of Newberry, took place yesterday. After arguments, the case was given to the jury who in three hours returned a verdict of “not guilty.”

John Tollison and his two sons, young men who had been found guilty of cow stealing, were banished from the state for five years.

Samuel Byers for an assault and battery was fined $50.

Charles Parker, found guilty of horse stealing was sentenced to be hanged on the first Friday in February next.

Died in Helena on 25th of September of congestion of the brain, Cora Halloway Breazeale, aged 9 years and 3 months, youngest daughter of Halloway and Caroline Breazeale. Eulogy.  

October 17, 1866
A young lady, Sarah Owens, of Spring Grove in Laurens District was found dead, hanging by the neck on 9th inst. She took her own life in a fit of mental aberration, tho no indication had been given. We deeply sympathize with her family.

Married at Cross Hill on 11th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Willbanks, Mr. Alfred Ance, formerly of Ala., and Miss Sunie Henderson, daughter of the late Jesse Henderson of Laurens District.

Died in Newberry on 3rd of October of Apoplexy, Mrs. Lodoiska F. wife of Mr. N.B. Knox, aged 39 years and 8 months. It is seldom we are called to notice such deep affliction as the surviving members of this bereaved family now experience. But a few weeks ago, Mrs. Johns, the beloved mother of the deceased was called from earth to Heaven. Following quickly her grandmother and by but a few days, he mother, passed away the young, sweet life of Susan Ida, the youngest daughter. Mrs. Knox was a consistent member of the Methodist Episcopal church and her life was adorned by an upright walk. A husband and three children are left to weep.  

October 24, 1866
From the Anderson Intelligencer: We learn that on Thursday last, in the neighborhood of Salubrity in Pickens District, a young man named Joseph Williams, of this District was killed by a freedman. It seems the young man in company of the others, visited the house of the freeman, Cato Calhoun, for the purpose of recovering a pistol, belonging to the deceased, in the possession of Calhoun. Explaining the object of their mission, they demanded entrance, when the door was opened Calhoun fired upon the party, striking Williams in the breast from which he died a few hours late. The murderer made his escape.  

October 31, 1866
From the Unionville Times: Barney Barnett, a youth about 16 years, residing on the plantation of Dr. Hix in this district, was instantly killed on Tuesday last, whilst engaged in grinding sugar cane. He was caught by the machinery.  

November 7, 1866; no marriages or deaths reported.

November 14, 1866
Married on 8th inst., at the residence of Mr. George Blair, by the Rev. Mr. Grier, Mr. J.N. Martin to Miss S.A. Blair, all of Newberry.

Married on 5th inst., by Rev. M.M. Boyd, Mr. Thomas Neill to Mrs. Wm. Teague, all of Laurens District.

Married on 8th inst. by Rev. J. Marion Boyd, Mr. L.W. Long and Miss Lula Werts, all of Newberry District.  

November 21, 1866
During the fight and stampede of Wheeler’s cavalry at Shelbyville, Tennessee, about 22nd June 1863, my oldest son, J.W. Musgrove, a Lieutenant in the 1st Regt. of Alabama Cavalry—Confederate–was wounded and captured. I have never heard what became of him. Any information will be thankfully received P.M. Musgrove, Blountville, Alabama.  

November 28, 1866; no marriages or deaths reported.

December 5, 1866
Married on 28th ult, by Rev. W.D. Mayfield, Dr. John L. Sprake to Miss Hattie Fellers, of this District.

Married on Dec 2d inst. by the Rev. J.W. Zimmerman, Mr. Bates Frazier to Miss Ellen Chalmers, all of Newbery District.

Married on November 21 by Rev. C.H. Prichard, Rev. Thomas J. Clyde of the South Carolina Conference to Miss Mary Frances, eldest daughter of Mr. Augustus Massebeau of Camden, S.C.

Married on 15th of November by Rev. O.A. Darby, Mr. Geo. W. Hill of Union District to Miss Sallie J. Graham of Charlotte, N.C.

Married 15th November at the residence of Mr. J.H. Kinard of Columbia, by the Rev. W. Berley, Mr. John Eleazer of Spring Hill to Miss Lavinia M., youngest daughter of John G. Kinard, near Pomaria.

Married 29th inst. [sic] in Columbia by the Rev. W.T. Capers, Wm. Smith, Esq. of Newberry District to Mary Susan, daughter of Dr. P.G. McGregor.  

December 12, 1866
Mr. I. Nance was committed to jail charged with the killing of — Stokes, near Maybinton last week. No particulars.

The 19th and 26th of December 1866 issues are missing.