The Tri-Weekly Herald
Newberry, South Carolina

March 21, 1865
No local news. Fall of Charlestown reported.

March 23, 1865
We regret to learn that Mr. Oxlade, a detailed soldier, died at Mrs. Oscar Johnson’s on Monday night of pneumonia. Mr. Oxlade was a Charlestonian.

We learn that Lieut. E.H. Kingsmore, recently taken by the enemy, is among those recently recovered from Kilpatrick.

Col. Thomas. W. Lanham, one of the most honorable and upright citizens of Edgefield died on the 27th of February.  

March 25, 1865; no marriages or deaths reported.  

March 28, 1865
We learn that a soldier named Metts was recently hanged at Frog Level yesterday for desertion.

We regret to record the death of a noble youth, Cadet T.A. Johnson, who departed this life at Spartanburg on 28th inst. of brain fever. His remains reached home Sunday and were buried in the Newberry Cemetery yesterday afternoon.
      An hour before the corpse arrived, his father received a letter written by the deceased a few days before he was taken sick. The letter was cheerful in tone—describing the march of the boys and expressing the hope of soon again meeting kind, familiar faces….Tommie was near home…when alas! for frail mortality!

We learn that a paroled prisoner, from Elmira prison, New York, died at Newberry Depot last Saturday night. He was from Macon Co., Alabama: Private M. D. McQuee, Co. II 29th Ala. Reg. Infantry.

Married at Abbeville, on the 24th of February, Lt. W.M. Murray, C.S.A. and Anna L. Rutledge, second daughter of Phillip S. Rutledge, formerly of Greenville.

March 30, 1865
The man Mettes, hanged recently at Frog Level, hailed from Lexington, but was originally from Georgia.  

April 1, 1865
Died 27 March, Thomas E. Cromer, son of Thomas Cromer, Esq. of Liberty Hall, S.C., aged 16y, 3m, 25d. He volunteered in the Reserves in January and had just commenced a soldier’s life when Providence call him away.  

April 4, 1865
Letter from Capt. Wm. M. Kinard to his father Major John P. Kinard published. Mentioned three men wounded: Wright, left hand amputated, Z.P. Abrams, two fingers shot off and Cline Martin, wounded in the arm.

R. Moffatt will pay $100 Reward, dead or alive, for “boy” Toney. He is about 5 feet nine or ten inches, dark complexion, thick lips, with upper front teeth out.

April 6, 1865
The Anderson Intelligencer announces the death of Col. A.P. Calhoun at Fort Hill, near Pendleton, on Thursday morning last, after an illness of only two hours.

Squire John Cook, a prominent and respected citizen of Frog Level, died at his residence during the past week.

Lt. Brown, said to be from Greene Co., Alabama, died from pneumonia on the 4th inst. at the hotel in this place. He was interred with Masonic honors.

In Memoriam for Col. Robert Clayton Maffett, the only son of Col. James Maffett, was born in Newberry District South Carolina on the 16th of August 1832 and died in the hands of the enemy, as a prisoner of war, on 14th February 1865, aged 32 years, 5 months and 28 days. The announcement of the death of this gallant officer will fill the hearts of many with sadness….
       Col. Maffet was generous, true and just. At the age of nineteen, he married Miss Lavina Gallman of this district. In a few years, Death snatched her away, leaving a daughter. Not long after he reached his majority, he was elected Major of the Upper Battalion of the 39th Regt. of S.C. militia (long description of ranks held and battles in which he was engaged before his capture).
       On Christmas day, 1862, he married Miss Sallie Halfacre, daughter of Henry Halfacre, Esq. of this district.

April 8, 1862
We regret to note the death of W.H. Pope of Quitman Brigade killed in the Smithfield fight and W. Odell, slightly wounded. Henry Reagan, Co. C., 3rd Regt. killed.  

April 11, 1865

List of casualties in the 7th South Carolina Reg’t. from 16 to 21st of March:

Company A –Lieut. Cover, Commanding. Killed: Pvt. L. Blanding. Wounded: J. Deloach, leg slightly.

Company B Lieut. J.A.F. Townsend, Commanding. Killed: Pvt. J. R. Martin Wounded: Pvt. A.F. Cromer, leg, severe.

Company C Lieut. John Lyon, Commanding. Wounded: Sgt. Pennal, leg light. Pvt. Jas McClinton. Missing: W. W. Willis.

Company D. Lieut. Covar, Commanding. Wounded: Pvt. E.M.B. Taylor, leg, amputated.

Company F Capt. McKibbin, Commanding. Wounded: Pvt. James Key, slight.

Company H Lieut. Covar, Commanding. Killed: Corp. J.M. McClesky.

Company I Lieut. J.F. Townsend, Commanding. Wounded: Corp. W.W. Jennings, leg, severe; Pvt. T. Boyd, finger, slight.

Company K Lieut. Culbreath, Commanding Wounded: Pvt. A. Howard, leg amputated.

Company L Lieut. K.M. Newton, Commanding. Killed: Lieut. K.M. Newton. Wounded: Pvt. Hugh Grainger, hand, slight.

Company M Capt. Barknight, Commanding. Wounded: Lieut. M.A. Whittle, fibia fractured; Pvt. M.W. Shelby, leg, slight.  

April 13, 1865
The body of Dr. Brennan, who was accidentally drowned at Ashford’s Ferry, several weeks ago was found on the 3rd inst. washed up in a bottom of Mr. J. Hare’s plantation, about nine miles below Alston. The identification only made certain by papers found in his pockets. The body was interred on Mr. Hare’s plantation.  

April 15, 1865
We regret to learn than John Kinard, son of our worthy post master, was wounded on the 31st ult. at Petersburg. His wound is in the right arm.  

April 18, 1865
Since the 13th inst., three soldiers departed this life at Wayside Hospital: J. Compton, Company B, 5th Ala. on the 13th April; H.C. Pittman, Company C, 6th Ala. on the 15th and J.E. Byrd Company G. 22nd Missouri on the 16th.  

April 20, 1865
Married on 13th inst., by the Rev. Edwin H. Buist, W.J. Guy of Charlestown, S.C. to Miss Marie Margaret, eldest daughter of Professor N. Schmitt of Newberry, formerly of Cologne, Prussia.  

April 22, 1865
“Capitulation of Lee’s Army. Gen Lee a Prisoner of War. Sad Details.”  

Married April 18th by the Rev. Prof. J.P. Smeltzer, Mr. John Henry Houston to Miss Kate P. Purdell, all of Charlestown, now of Newberry.

Died at Anderson, C.H. S.C. March 31st, at the residence of Edward H. Moreland; Sarah Caroline, wife of Andrew M. Moreland of Charlestown, S.C., youngest daughter of S. Prioleau Chisolm of Beaufort, S.C. in the 22nd year of her age. A bride of just a few months, who came from her desolated home in Grahamville to Columbia, where she lingered midst the ruins until her anxious husband came and brought her to safety and repose. He had been gone but two days when she was seized with violent convulsions and never roused to consciousness. Long eulogy.

April 25, 1865: Death of President Abraham Lincoln

April 27, 1865; no marriages or deaths reported.  

April 29, 1865
Col. C. A. L. Lamar. We understand this gentleman was killed on the bridge over the Chattahoochee River, while engaged in the defense of Columbia.

May 2, 1865; no marriages or deaths reported.

May 3, 1865 will be a short suspension of newspaper

Reward offered for the apprehension of John, a mulatto boy, 18 years old, about 4 feet 10 inches high, small for his age. Also Jack, about the same age, but heavier build, and for Mose, about 45 years old, 5 feet 6 or 8 inches high. I will give $100 for each or $300 for all; or if proven they are harbored or fed by a white man, a reward of $500 will be given. Thomas Chatham, Ninety-six Depot, S.C.  

May 16, 1865
Fell asleep in Jesus on the morning of the 17th of April 1865, at her father’s residence, Mary Ann Moser, age 35 years, 3 months, 2 days. In early life she connected with the Lutheran Church and continued a steady and consistent member. She was a dutiful daughter, an affection sister and a kind and generous friend. She leaves an afflicted father, sister and brother. Her death is thought to have been brought on by the great national difficulties and her statement that she would rather die than live under the state of affairs existing at the time. Long eulogy and poem by her brother. 

May 23, 1865; no local news; difficulty in publishing paper and obtaining news reported.  

May 31, 1865
A soldier named Cochran or Cockrell, was brutally murdered last Thursday near Mrs. Worthy’s plantation, Lexington District, within a mile of the Edgefield line. He was 19 years old, the eldest of eight children. He was a member of Hood’s late army; had been sick for some time at the Chester hospital.

Died of dropsy Tuesday morning, May 23d, Charlie, infant son of R. Thorston and Mary E. Capers, aged 15 months and 17 days.

Married on the 18th inst., at the residence of the bride’s father, but Rev. Mr. Wilbanks, S.A. Davenport of Newberry to Miss Nannie E. Simpson of Cross Hill, Laurens District, S.C.

Change of name to The Weekly Herald

June 7, 1865; no marriages of deaths reported.  

June 14, 1865
Dr. Thomas Brooks Rutherford is dead! He was born in Newberry District 5th of November 1801 and suddenly fell down….in his native district. Some fifteen years of his life were spent as a practicing physician and in ’56 and ’57 he was a member of the State Legislature, but he seems to have preferred the humbler walks of life. In the year 1828, he married Miss Laura Adams, a lady of religious sentiments and Methodist predilections, who was survived by five children, one of whom fell at the head of his Regiment, in the valley of Virginia, 13 October ’64. Dr. Rutherford was a member of the M.E. Church. He left a wife and four children. Long eulogy.  

June 21, 1865
Died in Newberry on the 13th April last, Mrs. Bethany Blease, in the 68th year of her age. In February 1823, the deceased professed faith in Christ and was baptized by the Rev. Dr. Manley, Sr. at Edgefield. Eulogy. Left children (no number or names).  

June 28, 1865
Julia A. Aull writes angry letter from near Frog Level to make public the men who have visiting her house as “rogues, plundering and pillaging, cursing and abusing” her, her aged mother and her husband. One was named Dupre, another Spencer L. Beard. She mentioned a number of thefts attributed to Beard, goods of Abram Moore, Col. Fair and David Kibler. She also mentioned John Wilson, who she said had to be dragged into the line of battle by the collar in June 1864. Others who visited the house were Henry Beard, Lambert Moore and a man named Bob. She also accused Adam Kibler and Adam Sheely of falsely reporting that her husband and government stores.

Died. Mary Rebecca, wife of J.H. Blease, formerly of this place, died in Edgefield district, June 12th, aged 31 years, 4 months and 10 days. She left a husband and three children. Eulogy and tribute to her character. 

July 5, 1865
Poem to memory of Col. Rutherford.

Departed this transitory life on 25th ult., of cholera infantum, Richard Long, infant son of W.R. and A. St. J. Morris, aged 6 months and 16 days.

Changed to The Newberry Weekly Herald  

July 12, 1865
Letter from Julia A. Aull, near Frog Level withdrew the charge against Dr. R. Calvin Kibler for being head of the group that abused her and her mother-in-law. She also apologized to Adam Kibler and Adam Sheely saying that what she reported was false.

July 19, 1865; no marriages or deaths reported. 

July 26, 1865
A lamentable case of shooting took place on the farm of Mr. Jack Hair on Sunday morning. The man shot was a member of the 50th N.Y. Volunteers and is in critical condition. Mr. Hair and his overseer, the man who committed the deed are in confinement. Subsequent to this, Mr. Hair’s dwelling house was burned.  

August 2, 1865
Three military funerals were seen on our streets during the past week, bearing Federal soldiers to their long home. On one occasion, two were buried at the same time. Following are the names: Cpl. Henry Brooks, Co. F, private Michael Kernn, C. L. Stephen Hannah, Co. D and Wessell Dubois, Co. G., all of the 56th N.Y. Vet. Vol.

Married at the residence of the bride's father, on the 29th ult. by the Rev. James Mendenhall, Mr. F.G. Spearman to Miss Mary C. Holman, all of Newberry.

Married at Mrs. Parkers, Newberry, July 27th by Rev. Prof. J.P. Smeltzer, Mr. Harvey W. Lathrop of Savannah, Ga. to Miss Annie Kissley of Charleston, S.C.

August 9, 1865 no marriages or deaths reported. 

August 16, 1865
Corp’l James D. Sheeley, Co. G of 13th Rgt., S.C. was mortally wounded in the breast at the battle near Darbytown, Va. on the 16th August 1864 and carried to the infirmary where he died that night, far, far away from loved ones, a noble sacrifice for Southern independence.
     Corp’l Sheeley was a native of Newberry Dist., and was in the 28th year of his age. He leaves a fond and devoted wife and three small children to feel his loss, three sisters and a large circle of friends.
     He volunteered in Co. G 13th Rgt. at its formation and served his country’s cause faithfully (description of service and character with poem included).  

August 23, 1865
Died at Helena, S.C. on the 11 August, Amanda Victoria Moisson in the 14th year of her age, the youngest daughter of Jno J. and Amanda Moisson. Poem to her memory.

Change to The Newberry Herald. 

August 30, 1865 no marriages or deaths reported.  

September 6, 1865
Deaths in the Hospital: Pvt. J. Holpp, of Co. H. 56th Rgt. was conveyed to his long home last Friday.

J. Soules was interred at this place Sunday. He was a member of a Florida Rgt., late of the Confederate service.

Mr. W.T. McFeat of Columbia died in this place on Friday last after a few days illness of parlysis. He was attended by the Masonic Fraternity of which he was a worthy member. He was by profession a printer, but for many years has been engaged in other businesses. He leaves a wife and four children.

Married August 31st by Prof. Rev. J.P. Smeltzer, Mr. Peter Rodelsperger of Newberry to Miss Louisa Rayburn of Columbia, S.C.

Married on Aug. 10 by Rev. A.D.I Moser, Mr. Henry S. Perkins, to Mrs. Elizabeth Singley, all of Newberry District.

Married Aug. 22 by Rev. J. Hawkins, Mr. Luther Riser to Miss S. Moore, both of Newberry Dist.

Married 17 of Aug. by Rev. F. Auld, Mr. Appling Wells of Newberry Dist. and Miss Carrie A. Beard of Columbia.  

September 13, 1865
We regret to learn of the death of a distinguished citizen of our State, Maj. Wm. Leval. He expired on Tuesday last at Greenville, in the 78th year of his age. For meritorious service in the War of 1812, he was honored with rank of Brevet Major. In 1823 he was elected Secretary of State.

Last Friday morning there was a killing or murder of Mr. Calvin Crozer, late a member of the 3rd Kentucky Cavalry under Morgan’s command, by the 33rd colored troops, in command of Col. Trobridge. Mr. Crozer, long a prisoner, was returning to his home in Texas and arrived at this place sometime in the night on Thursday, and had two young ladies under his care. He left the train car because of a derailment and went he returned a negro soldier “was in such close proximity to the ladies, he ordered him out.” An altercation followed, with the negro soldier being cut on the neck. He left but several negro soldiers returned and took him Headquarters. He was taken before the Colonel and admitted what he had done. He was then executed by the negro soldiers. He was buried in Newberry.

September 20, 1865; no marriages or deaths reported.  

September 27, 1865
Information wanted of M. F. Wheeler of Co. B, 3rd Batt, McLaw’s Division, Longsteet’s Corps. who has not been heard from since the 19th Oct. 1864 at the fight of Fisher’s Mill. Any information appreciated. Martha C. E. Wheeler, Martin’s Depot.

October 4, 1865
Married 17th September by Rev. A.D.L. Moser, Mr. W.F. Suber to Miss Elizabeth P. Epping, both of Lexington District.

Emma J. Goggans, daughter of Daniel and Emily Goggans, Newberry District, died at the residence of her father on 18th inst. of congestive fever, in the 23rd year of her age. She was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Long eulogy.  

October 11, 1865
Married September 26th at the Presbyterian Church, Newberry C.H. by the Rev. Dr. Smeltzer, Mr. G. M. Girardeau of Charleston, to Mrs. Sue Goggan of Newberry C.H.

Married on 28th ult. by Rev. L. Vaughn, at the residence of the bride’s father, Rev. C. P. Mayfield to Miss Margaret A. daughter of Mr. S.G. and Mrs. E. Smith.  

October 18, 1865; no marriages or deaths reported.

October 25, 1865; no marriages or deaths reported.  

November 1, 1865
From the Abbeville Press: We regret to announce the atrocious murder of Major James J. Adams, one of our most respectable citizens on Thursday morning last. He left his home near Hodge’s Depot early Thursday morning with his gun in his hand for the purpose, as his mother supposed of hunting turkeys. On Friday morning his body was found, very much mutilated by an axe. Upon the trees around there was evidence of discharge of firearms. Two negroes have been arrested and jailed—evidence against one of them very strong. Major Adams leaves a large circle of friends.

A Tribute of Respect for J. Harvey Baker by the Pulaski Lodge No. 29 I.O.O.F.

Married at the Methodist Church on 26th ult. .by Rev. Sidi H. Browne, Presiding Elder, assisted by the Rev. W.A. Hodges, Rev. J.W. Humbert of the S.C. Conference and Mrs. Col. D’Oyley daughter of Gen H. H. Kinard of Newberry.

Married at the same time and place by same, the Rev. Frederick Auld of the S.C. Conference and Miss Emma F. daughter of Rev. J. H. Zimmerman.

Married on 25th inst., by the Rev. J. Marion Boyd, Mr. Paul G. Paris of the Barnwell District and Miss Cornelia Daniels of Newberry District, formerly St. Helena, S.C.

Died at Newberry C.H. on Oct. 26th, Mrs. A.G. Parker, formerly of Charlestown.

November 8, 1865; no marriages or deaths reported. 

November 15, 1865
Married on 5th inst., by Rev. Henry Herlong, Mr. J.H. Blease to Miss Emma, daughter of Simeon Crouch, Esq., all of Edgefield District.

 November 22, 1865
Col. R. W. Clary of Walhalla, died after a short illness in that place, recently, of typhoid fever. He was a native of Newberry district.

We regret to learn of a melancholy accident that occurred near Hope Station last Tuesday by which four persons were killed and others severely wounded. The hack conveying the passengers to Columbia, fell into a deep ravine, instantly killing Rev. Dr. Cohen of Greenville, Mr. Van Winkle and another lady. Mrs. Van Winkle was a refugee from Charleston and on her way home. A negro woman was also killed.

Departed this life on 28th of October, John Mark Wilson, in the 25th year of his age. He was stricken down on the night of 28th ult. by an unknown hand, while assisting to rescue the property of a neighbor from fire. He was beloved by all who knew him. He leaves a wife, mothers, sisters and a brother to mourn.  

November 29, 1865
We record the death of an old citizen, Mr. Thos. Chambers, which took place Sunday last.

Jesse M. Lawson, long unfavorably known to this and other communities met with a sudden, but none the less just death, on Wednesday last near Chappell’s Depot. His criminal courses had long made him notorious. It appears he was under arrest by federal guard when he sprang from the train platform to the cover of the woods nearby. When cornered Lawson said he would go peacefully, but then jumped his guard, Murray, and a desperate struggle ensued. Murray finally succeeded in regaining his gun and shot Lawson through the breast. The body was brought to Newberry. Lawson was a native of Georgia.

Died on the 7th of congestion, John Andrew son of Robert I. and Anna P. McCaughrin, aged 4 years, 8 months and 18 days.  

December 6, 1865
Departed this life at his residence in Frog Level on the 25th inst. Mr. Wiley Bridges in the 55th year of his age. Mr. Bridges was a modest and unassuming man, but a good citizen and kind and affectionate brother.

Departed this transitory life on 26th ult., Thomas D. Chambers in the 56th year of his life.  

December 13, 1865
A cold blooded and diabolical murder was perpetrated on Thursday night last near Stoney Battery in this District, the victim an old lady by the name of Mrs. White, harmless and inoffensive in disposition. Mrs. White lived alone in a cabin in the woods. She was found with her head broken in two or three places. The deed was supposed to have been done by a notorious renegade freeman, formerly the slave of Mr. H. Stuckman, who had previously broken into her cabin and stolen some articles. On Sunday morning the body of the murderer and thief was found dead, his head perforated by a pistol ball. Just retribution.

In Memoriam for Most Worthy Grand Master, J.H. Boatwright by the Amity Lodge, No. 57. He was a husband and father.

Tribute of Respect by the Amity Lodge, No. 57 for deceased brother, R.B. Boylston.

Married on 5th inst., by Rev. J. Marion Boyd, Mr. J.D. McReynolds, of Arkansas and Miss Fannie Cooper of Newberry District, S.C.

Married by same on 7th inst., Mr. Frank Gibson of Edgefield District and Miss Hattie Morgan of Newberry District.

Married at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. W.D. Mayfield, Wm. Milligan of Charleston to Miss Amanda A. MaGraw of Union.

Died in Newberry District on 4th December of congestion of the stomach and brain, Mrs.  Sallie Kinard, beloved wife of Middleton T. Kinard in the 30th year of her age. She was a lady of strong intellectual powers and cultivated those graces and virtues that so highly embellish the female character. She was a member of the Methodist Episcopal church. She committed the care of her two little girls to her mother. Eulogy.

December 20, 1865; no marriages or deaths reported.

December 27 issue is missing.