January 10, 1862

Frances Wier vs. William S. Wier. Divorce, Warren Co.

Cyrus L. Sanford vs. Fanny Sanford, Divorce, Warren Co.

Julia Ann Wileman vs. Thomas Wileman. Divorce, Warren Co.


January 16, 1862

Married at the residence of Mr. G.A. Clayton by Elder Samuel T. Shelton on December 25th, Mr. John H. Norris and Miss Sarah C. Shelton.


Taken Up by James H. McCreary of Lenox Twp., a stray horse, appraised by S.F. McCreary and James H. McGregor.


John A. Porter writes from Camp Rolla, Missouri “in the land of Dixie in the State of Misery.” Dispute in Co. I resulting in the death of one boy and jailing of another. Mentioned 5 deaths from disease; names not given. Mentions arrest of Col. Greusel.


Jane E. Hamilton vs. Amos W. Hamilton. Divorce, Warren Co.


January 23

Married on 10th inst. by Elder J.W. Errett, Mr. Matthew M’Garey of Mercer Co. and Miss Susan Avit, of Cameron, Warren Co.


February 7


David Ocker was killed at Mr. Chancey Hardin’s on Tuesday last. Men were engaged in sawing wood when a balance wheel broke into small fragments and nearly severed his head from his body. He resided on the Patton farm about two miles from Monmouth. He was about 35 years old and left a wife and three children.


Died at the residence of her father in Little York of typhoid fever, after a short illness on the 27th, Agnes S. Harper in the 22d year of her age. Xenia, Ohio papers, please copy.


Died January 21st of congestion of the lungs at the residence of his grand parents, Israel A. and Emma J. Smith near Viola, Amos Watson, only son of Orville H. and Amy Babcock, age 5 months, 6 days. Eulogy.


Died at Mount Vernon, Ohio on 19th of January of consumption, Willis B. Greer, of the law firm of W.B. & N.L. Greer of Monmouth, aged 27 years. Tribute of Respect from the Monmouth Lodge A.F. & A.M.


February 14, 1862

J.D. Wolfe writes of conditions from Smithland, Kentucky.


Married 30th January by Judge John Porter, Mr. H. Horn and Miss Ida A. Thompson.


Married February 1 by Justice David C. Biggs, Mr. Chas. H. Pierce and Miss Lizzie Long.


Married February 4th by Elder Peter Clippluger, Mr. W.B. Nelson and Miss Louisa Martin.


Died at Syracuse, Missouri, of Diarrhea, William H. St. George, U.S. Army. He belonged to Co. B, 9th Regt. Ill. Vol. He was about 19 years; son of Robert and Polly St. George of Kelly Twp.


Died in Kelly on 24th ult. of Measles, William John son of John and — McCluhan, aged 2y, 22m, 16d. Eulogy.


Died in Berwick on the -- (illegible), Mr. Robert Bay, aged 72y; also on the 10th inst., Mrs. Kipp, age 71 years, mother of W. H. Kipp and on the 7th inst., Capt. Peleg Matteson in the 84th year of his age. Above we record the deaths of three old and honored residents of our county. Capt. Matteson served his country in the War of 1812, lived to witness its growth into a powerful and prosperous nation.


February 21, 1862

Two regiments containing Warren County soldiers were engaged at Fort Donelson; Capt. Wolfe’s Company F and Capt. Moore’s Company I; Clark Kendall of Capt. Moore’s Co. was killed. He was the son of Robert Kendall of this town and was one of the college students [who joined] Capt. Moore’s Company. He was a very estimable young man and if his death is confirmed, it will fall heavily upon the hearts of his parents.


Married 15th inst. by Rev. Scott at the residence of the bride’s father in Sumner Twp., Mr. Robert Porter and Miss Margaret Gibson.


February 28

Geo. Gilmore of Millersburg, Co. E., 9th Regt. lost a finger on the left hand and John Gilmore was struck by a spent ball in the forehead without receiving any material injury.


Battle of Fort Donaldson: Co. I, 17th Reg. Geo. W. Elliott, Hamilton Thompson and Erastus Gruwell, all of Keithsburg, were killed. In Co. A, 30th Regt., the killed were Russell Crist, of this place, W.P. Kimel and N.R. Kirkpatrick of Ohio Grove, and James Cummings, John Valentine, Joseph Bay and A.L. Titus were wounded. Of Co. G, 30th Regt., H.K. Tyler and G.G. McFadden were reported wounded. In Co. G, 30th Regt., wounded were Thomas D. Moore in the side of the head, but not dangerous. Mark Cannum, slight wound in the hand. John Gilmore of Ohio Grove, slight scratch, Duncan Dihel received slight scratch. Wm. H. G-- missing.


Married on 25th inst. by Rev. John Scott at the residence of the bride’s father near Sugar Tree Grove, Mr. Robert Balmer and Miss Mary Jane Phillips.


Tribute of Respect from the Philadelphia Society for the member, C.A. Kendall who was killed at Fort Donelson


March 7, 1862

Killed at Fort Donelson: 30th Regt. Co. A: R.R. Christ, William P. Kemel, J.P. Mitchell, Henry J. Peters. Wounded: Sgt. A.L. Titus, mortally; J.A. Cummings, John Valentine, W.C. Rust, Samuel D. Paxton, James T. Durston, J.H. Branford, Chauncy S. Smith, John Cooper, John Gilmore, Edward Noonan, T.B. Moore, Martin Connum, John N. Bay, William D. Reynolds. Missing: W.G. McGaw, Moses K. Flory, John P. Rubert taken prisoner.


Co. G: Killed: Alvah Shumway. Wounded: Sgt. Geo. McFadden, Thos. Jones, Henry K. Tyler, John McCreight.


Notice is hereby given that John Coleman, has been appointed Administrator of the estate of Robert Bay, deceased, late of Warren Co. All persons having claims against the estate are requested to present them without delay.


Casualties of the Illinois 17th Regt.: Co. A Killed: Wm. Nichols. Wounded: Adj. A.R. Ryan, slightly; Corporal Woods, severely; J. Gasler, severely; George Jones, severely; Corp Gilbert, slightly; J.H. Stilwell, slightly; E. Smott, slightly. Missing: Corp. Gilbert and J. Brown.


Co. B: Killed: Sgt. Pendleton, Joshua Allen. Wounded: Lieut. A.W. Jones, severely; Corp. West, A. Hartman, McFarlan, McNeal, J. Galaras. Missing: J. Bower, J. Elliott, H. Leach, D. Kenney.


Company C: Wounded - Lt. C. Black, severely; D. Culver, severely; Capt. Wright, slightly.


Co. D: Killed - Snowdon, Samuel Risling, Charles Lee. Wounded - T. McKee, severely; P. Groves, severely; Corp. Matthews, slightly, L.T. White, slightly.


Co. E: Killed - Jonathan Colburn, M.E. Dunah. Wounded: E.G. Long, severely. Wounded slightly: Lt. Beswick, Corp. H.T. Burtch; Corp. J.H. Wells; Corp. W.T. Hughes; T.M. Baker; G.F. Parsons; J.C. Johnson; Wm. Kelley; E. Carroll.


Co. F: Killed - Clark A. Kendall; Wounded: W.H. Langdon, severely.


Co. G: Wounded - C. Hensler, severely; W.T. Jackard, severely, T.F. Livingston, severely; J. Stewart, severely; S.S. Hackins, slightly.


Co. H. Wounded: Geo. W. Shiner, severely; John Mason, severely; T.J. McDonald, severely; Chas. Swartwood, severely; J. Basor, severely; Sgt. Birch, slightly; Corp. J.V. Routson, slightly; J. Donnelly, slightly; O.B. Waddie, slightly; A.H. Lewis, slightly.


Co. I: Killed: Corp. G.W. Elliott, Corp. J.M. Phelps, E.M. Grousel and Christopher Middleton. Wounded: Corp H.H. Thompson, severely; J.F. White, do; G.W. Kingsen, do; H.E. Royin, do; J.N. Dunlap, do; G.W. Biggs, do; G. Hardy, slightly; S.J. Morrison, do; H.C. Hyatt, do; J. McCue, do. Missing: J.A. Scott.


Co. K: Wounded: Corp. Chatfield, severely, F.W. West, slightly; F.E. Wells, do. B. Enger(?) do; M. Morris, do.


March 14

Married on 6th inst. by Elder White, Mr. John J. Armstrong and Miss Rebecca McCluhan, of Kelly Twp., this county.


March 21, 1862

Killed and wounded of 36th Ill. Infantry and 1st Iowa Battery, including names of citizens of this county engaged in the fighting in Arkansas.


36th Regt. - Killed: Ira Fuller, Co. E; Paul Stephenson, Co. F; James H. Harrison, Co. C; John Ray, Co. E.

        Wounded: Ernst Ansorg, Co. B; William Gibson, Co. C; right arm amputated at shoulder; Andrew Scofield, Corp, Co. D., right arm broken; Thomas Olson, Co. G, left thigh broken; Edward Lyon, Co. G, left thigh broken; George Miller, Co. B, in left hip; C. Pratt, Co. G., left shoulder; James Eddy, Co. B., left hip, Frank Lett, Co. C in right temple, Thomas Boyd, Co. B thro’ right thigh; Thomas McComb, Co. G through left hand; William Van Oblen, Co. B, in abdomen; Oliver Brownlee, Corp Co. B, through right arm; C.M. Kemple, Co. H through neck; Henry Hoag, Co. C through left arm; W.E. Partridge, Co. F through left arm; David Bordwell, Co. G in left arm; Louis Jones, Co. G through right leg; Dyer Clark, Co. G. through left leg; W.M. Stitt, Co. G through right ankle; Wm. L. Campbell, Co. B. in right leg; Alex M. Stitt, Co. G. through left leg; Francis Simpson, Co. K. through the knee; S.H. McCartney, Co. -- in forehead; Charles Cox, Co. A, in right thigh; Orrin Pickett, Co. H in abdomen, mortally; Franklin Small, Co. G, in left arm; John Dix Bennett, Corp. in right thigh; Robert N. Thompson, Co. B, in left side; James McCreary, Co. K, in right side.


First Iowa Battery—Wm. Hall, R. Parkhust, G. Gustavison, killed; Capt. J.A. Jones, wounded; Lt. O.W. Grambell, wounded severely; K.W. Henry, slight; W.F. Connor, P.J. Duvall, Thos. Brown, R.B. Nelson, C. Woodmandake, Samuel Black, James Molesworth, John Easton, E. Skinnike, Wm. Sedan, wounded severely.


Report of County Treasurer of Claims paid:

State Hospital for the insame - Hannah Wallace

John Pollock for nursing services for T.B. Wells from November 10 to December 3.


Mr. Robert Ragland returned from Palmyra, Missouri where he been visiting his brother, Joel E. Ragland, now confined to the military prison on suspicion of disloyalty. Long letter by I. Quinby concerning matter.


Married February 20th by Rev. G.W. Lacy, Thomas J. Coulter and Elizabeth Emeline Foster.


Married March 2d by Rev. J.E. Trower, Isaac Perkins and Elizabeth Ann Holeman.


Married March 15th by Rev. J.A.P. McGaw, Cyrus W. Downey and Margaret E. McDouglas.


Married March 12t by Rev. Robert Lieurance, Samuel Magnas(?) and Miss Henrietta Meadows.


Married March 16th by Rev. J.L. Turner, James D. Rabourn and Margaret Bear.


Died in Monmouth March 13th of inflammation of the lungs, Willie son of T. and N. Cornell, aged 11m, 18d.


March 28, 1862

Intelligence was received here yesterday of the death of Fleming Stewart, son of the late Wm. M. Stewart of this city, member of the 15th Ill. Cavalry. While the regiment was on the march to Pilot Knob, he stopped to bathe in the Meramac River and was taken sick and returned to Jefferson Barracks where he died on 20th inst.

Sheriff Turnbull has given us a March 11th letter from his son, John M. Turnbull, an officer in the 20th Regt. Sugar Creek Hills, Benton Co. AR. Describes battle at Bentonville and Elk Horn Tavern. Mentions Thos. Darnell, Thos. Clark and Nat McCutcheon. Wm. Gibson lost an arm; J.H. Harris, from near Ellison, was within two feet when he fell, Wm. Mitchell was standing behind. Wm. Gibson is doing well and is brave and bears his loss well. Will Farrington visited camp.


Letter from Capt. Josiah Moore, Fort Donelson, TN. February 21: Letter to the parents of Clark A. Kendall. Details of his death.


Capt. Paine’s Company; 59th Reg’t, Battle of Pea Ridge: Co. B. killed: G.W. Evans, Mortally Wounded: Capt. Richard Ernest, died since; Robert Mitchell seriously wounded; Alex. Emerson, Joseph A. Lowe, slightly wounded.


April 4, 1862

Capt. J.D. Wolfe, Co. I 50th Ill. Infantry arrived home Monday. His health has been poor for several weeks, but is now improving.


Packages sent to Hon. John Porter for friends of members of Co. I, 50th Ill. Packages for John J. Greenlee, David Smith, Edwin M. Bently, J.C. Mahaffey, D.C. McGee, Richard Gordon, R.N. Thompson, Hugh Dodd, Eli B. Mills, T.Y. Stewart, T.C. McGee, Mrs. Julia Ruark, D.J. Underwood, P.C. Quinn, E.A. Bentley.

Resolution of Respect from Philadelphia Society, Monmouth College, for Fleming Stewart.


Died in Monmouth on 2d inst., Willie, only son of W.B. and Sally W. Kerney, in his 3rd year.


April 11, 1862

Fort Laramie, Missouri, March 20th from S.R. Adams, Chaplain to parents of John Stephens who died March 14th in the hospital of illness. He was buried by the side of other soldiers near the camp. He was the son of Robert Stephens of Roseville.


Died at Little York on 7th inst. of “Hooping Cough” and other diseases, Caroline Minerva daughter of P.B. and Nancy Harper, age 5y, 7m, 8d. Eulogy. Xenia papers, please copy.


M.L. Anderson writes about the Battle of Pea Ridge. George W. Evans was killed, Corp. Richard Ernest wounded mortally, (died within 36 hours) Robert B. Mitchell and Nelson Swanson, severely wounded, Joseph A. Law slightly, wounded. John A. Porter also wrote about the battle. In addition to those mentioned above he mentions those from Co. B: Thos. Donnell, from Cedar; R.N. McCutcheon, North Henderson, Thos. Clark, Denny, Jas. Campbell, Young America, taken prisoner. Thos. Boyd, Little York flesh wound in thigh; Oliver Brownlee, North Henderson, slight wound in elbow, R.N. Thompson, North Henderson, trampled by horse; Wm. Campbell, Young America, slight wound in leg. Co. K: Henry Hogue, Young America, slight wound in arm; S.H. McCartney, Young America, wound across the forehead; J. McCreary wounded in the side. Co. C.: Wm. M. Gibson, Denny, arm torn by shell; Wm. P. Criswell, Keithsburg, bruised by shell and James H. Harris, Young America, killed by shell.


April 18, 1862

Mr. Philo Reed and Mr. James Strain have formed a law partnership. Mr. Strain comes here recently from LaSalle.


J.D. Corwin writes from Pittsburg Landing [Shiloh] on 8th April giving wounded in Co. I, 50th Ill. Regt: Sgt. Thomas Y. Stewart, mortally; J.M. Sterret, do; F.M. Boggs, leg shattered completely; J.C. Mahaffey, badly, and missing; Thos. C. McGee, severely; John Hess, slightly; D.I. Underwood, flesh wound in right arm.


Dr. J.B. Stevenson writes his father, Samuel Stevenson, 11th April. Killed in his company were Ferdinand Oelert and Frederick Thume. [said to be the only German and old soldier in the company] Wounded: Sgt. T.W. Scott through the thigh; Sgt. R.L. Duncan though the hand; S. Fuller through the shoulder; W. Brown through both wrists, Harinton[sic], through leg.


Died in Monmouth on 13th inst., of affection of the heart in 8th year of his age, Reuben A. son of R.H. and Lucinda Grames.


April 25, 1862

Edwin G. Moore, son of Jas. Moore, Esq. of Tompkins Twp., and W.S. McClanahan wrote of battle at Shiloh. Newly wounded listed as J.B. Harburt, Sherman, W.W. Graham, Wm. Brown, and Robert Harrington.


Mrs. Samuel Black received a package from her husband sent by John Woods of the 50th Regt.


Wm. T. Swain of Bureau Co., Capt. of Co. H., 12th Ill. Regt. was wounded in the battle of Pittsburg Landing and has since died. He was brother of A.H. Swain, Esq. of the Review.


All persons with claims against the estate of Alanson Marks, deceased, of Warren Co., are hereby notified to present them to Hoska Davis, Administrator within one year.


Died at the Army hospital in Cassville, MO on 4th inst., Caleb V.B. Shoemaker of Monmouth member of the 1st Iowa Battery.


Died in Greenbush on 17th last, Fielding B. Bond about 22 years. Mr. Bond was School Commissioner for Warren Co.


Official List of Killed and Wounded of 17th Regt.:

Co. A: Killed: Richard L. Johnson, Elliott G. Bennett; Severely wounded: Sgt. Antcliffe, Corp. Bush; Slightly wounded, Sgt. Crane, Sgt. Ryan, Ben. Tamplin, E. Albright, Wm. Butt.


Co. B: Killed: Sgt. Fish and Theo Handel; Severely wounded: E. Babb, F. McNeil, H.D. Wilkinson, John Buizenhart. Slightly wounded: R. Rakowski, J. Durrenger, C. Reynolds, F. Reven, W. Willis.


Co. C: Killed: M. Negly, C. Prince; Severely wounded: William Colville, C. Calloway, G.W. Hunt, H. Post, Wm. Penny. Slightly: Sgt. Alton, Sgt. Moore, Corp. Giles, W. Wolfe, Geo. Steele.


Co. D: Severely wounded: Wm. Ohlson, Edward Wales, Corp. Matthews, Slightly: John Griffin, D. Teter, L.B. Teter, Charles Fogg. Missing: J.E. Hersey.


Co. E: Wounded severely; Geo. Burton, Geo. Griffen, A. Rose, M. Landon. Slightly: Sgt. Matteson, Sgt. Merrill, Corp. Dorman, S.J.M. Andrews, H.C. Brown, Moore Bryant, C. Franca, M. Goddard, R. Matheny, W. Wilson, R. Slosson, Ezra Ward.


Co. F: Killed: Fred Thume, Ferdinand Oelert. Wounded severely: Sgt. Duncan, Sgt. Scott, Corp. Herbert, R. Herrington, S.B. Fuller, W.W. Graham, Wm. Brown.


Go. G: Killed: Corp. Lightcap, Corp. Barker, J.S. Skelton, Wounded severely: Corp. Dickinson, Wm. Y. Benson, S.W. Evans, John Long, J. Stowder, D. Trunnell, S.D. Waughop, Slightly: Sgt. Lyon, Sgt. Hoyt, G. Brown, J. Brochsitter, C.H. Benson, J. Caspars, V.B. Peabody, R. Nance, J. Robinson, Fred Niergrath, Missing: W.H. McFarland, J.M. Lashley.


Co. H. Wounded severely: R.W. Harn, D. Kent, S. Norman. Slightly: Capt. Boyd, Lt. Wilson, Sgt. Yarnell, Sgt. Burch, Corp. Potts, Corp. White, J. Brick, P. Carey, A.H. Lewis, E. Moranaville, Wm. Woodruff, John Yarnell, Missing: John Keat, E.Y. Kent.


Co. I: Killed: John Melson, Mark Antony. Severely wounded, Lt. Sanders, Corp. Morrison, A.E. Ro--, J.M. Med--, W.H. Davis, C.W. Anderson, Riley Ewing; Slightly: S.C. Morrison, D.L. Bailey, A. Perry.


Co. K. Killed: Wm. Rapp. Wounded severely: Lt. Davis, Sgt. Montgomery, Sgt. Shives, Corp. Herwig, J.H. Chambers, Thos. Daft, D.O. Griffin, C.P. Judd, J.W. Neeley, Charles Sonnerman. Slightly: Sgt. Mitchell, Sgt. Hines, A. Henry, W. Hutchinson, W.S. Randolph, A.A. Shultz, J.W. Boggs, Missing: J. Ross. Lt. Avery, Co. I, A.Q.M. slightly wounded; Watson, wagon master, Co. A, severely wounded.


May 2

Day after day we appreciate more fully the diabolical nature of this rebellion and the fearful realities of that bloody strife it has forced upon us... of those who went forth glowing with the full throbbings of patriotism, many a brave hero now lies pulse less in the soldier’s grave and many more are lingering in agony from wounds...

        Sgt. Thos. Y. Stewart of Co. I, 5th Regt. was shot through the breast at Pittsburg Landing and was taken to the hospital at Savannah, Tenn. where he died April 14th. Sgt. Stewart was 23 years old, unmarried and leaves a widowed mother living in the north part of the county.

        F.M. Boggs, a member of the same company, was shot through both thighs in the same engagement and was sent to the hospital in St. Louis. After remaining there some time, he was taken in charge by his relative Judge Porter who started up the river with him for his home in North Henderson. Nature, however, gave way. He did not reach his father’s house alive, but died on the steamer between Burlington and Keithsburg last Monday. Mr. Boggs was the son of James Boggs of North Henderson, a neighbor of the preceding and who enlisted about the same time.


Died of consumption 18th of April at the residence of his father, Col. John C. Bond of Greenbush, Fielding B. Bond, late School Commissioner of Warren Co. aged 28 years. He was born upon the old homestead where he died. At an early age evidenced a desire for literary attainments, graduating from Lombard University with the highest honors. He subsequently read law in St. Louis, Mo, emigrated from there to Texas where he spent three years in the practice of law and teaching the high branches in a select school in the village where he resided. Upon the firing of the first gun at Fort Sumpter, his noble and patriotic soul burst forth in defense of the Union ... and he was forced to flee to the northern States. He arrived at his father’s house during the latter part of the summer. He leaves a large circle of friends.


May 9, 1862

Lt. Sam’l Douglas writes from Camp Houston, Texas Co., Missouri on 27th April. A.H. Holt and O. Quinby are on detached service; James Romans and Alex. McIntire are sick in the hospital in St. Louis; Isaac Liby and J.J. Jinks are at Rolla, sick.


Miss Amelia Simpson was elected teacher in West Ward School made vacant by Mrs. Kendall.


John M. Sterritt of Monmouth, Co. I, 5th Regt. has died. He was wounded at Pittsburg. (Shiloh)


Died at Young America on 4th inst., Clara, aged 15 months, daughter of Robert and Mary Ann Everett.


Died on the same day, Mrs. Elizabeth Richardson, wife of Asa Richardson, Jr. aged 22 years.


Also, on the 6th inst. after a short illness of congestion of the lungs, Mr. Jon Anderson, late of Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.


May 14

From the 17th Regt. postmarked “in the woods” 2 May 1862 “J.M.” lists those of Co. F who are “now with us”:


Ord. W.S. McClanahan

Sgt. R.M. Campbell

Corp. J.B. Clark

Corp. W.M. Voris

Corp. R.S. Osborn

W.L. Swezy, drum­mer

G. Martin

J.B. Martin

M. McKerry

G. McIntyre

W. McCampbell

Samuel Smith

W. H. Struthers

Joseph Stutcer

J.R. Turner

W. Waddle

John Walsh

J.C. Weed

J.C. Wister

Ed W. Cannon

John Shely

Freeman Herrington

R.J. Bartlett

Ed Johnston

J.D. Kelper

Oliver Latshaw

S. Liby

J.B. Strahl, wagoner

Samuel Cowan

J.W. Crawford

Carshville Burr

W.W. Graham

J.B. Miller

W. McMitchell

E.G. Moore

D.H. Morey

S.H. Nelson

H.K. Pressly

T.S. Robinson

J. Russell

H.A. Russell

J.B. Stephenson


Letter from French Brownlee, Forsyth, Missouri, dated 19 April.


May 23

F.A. Dallam, Esq., editor of the Oquawka Plaindealer is off to war again and is succeeded by Lewis Leslie.

Died at his residence in Ellison on May 16th, Rev. John Jones, age 71 years.


May 30

Died near Monmouth April 12th of disease of the head, Robert Greeley, son of John A. and Hannah Finley, aged 5y, 2m, 12d. Eulogy.


Small pox has appeared in the family of Mr. Grover residing about two miles from the city. It was introduced by a young man living with him who recently returned form the army.


June 6, 1862

Died in this city on 3d inst. of dropsy, Jane Mary Lusk, wife of Mr. William Lusk, age 40 years.


All persons with claims against the estate of Jasper M. Rubart, deceased, of Warren Co., are notified to present them to John Butler, Administrator within one year.


June 13

Gen. E.A. Paine is now at his home in this city, confined by sickness. A trophy brought home with him, in the shape of a “secesh” flag taken from an Alabama regiment was floated from a flag staff in front of his residence.


During a thunderstorm May 17, Mrs. Anna Reynolds, wife of John Reynolds residing near Sugar Tree Grove was struck by lightning and instantly killed. The lightning descended the chimney, near where she was sitting.


Died in Louisville, KY on May 31st, Robert Harper son of P.B. and N. Harper of Little York, aged 24y, 9m, 10d. He was a member of Co. F, 17th Regt. Ill. Volunteers.


James Moore of Tompkins writes a long letter about mad dogs and hydrophobia.


June 20, 1862

Married here on 17th inst., at the residence of the bride’s father by Rev. D.A. Wallace, D.D. assisted by Rev. R.C. Matthews, R.W. McClaughry, Esq., editor of the Carthage Republican and Miss Lizzie C. Madden, daughter of J.G. Madden, Esq.


Married in this city on 18th inst. at the residence of the bride’s mother by Rev. R.C. Matthews, Mr. Henry J. Ewing and Miss Mary E. Webster, all of this city.

June 27

Our fellow townsmen, J.S. Patterson announced in last weeks’ DeWitt (Iowa) Standard his retirement from the editorial profession and the end of that journal. Details.


Public notice is hereby given that Henry Beam, Jr., Executor of estate of Henry Beam, Sr., deceased, late of Co. will attend the County Court for the purposes of settling and adjusting all claims.


Public notice is hereby given that Benj. C. Davis, Administrator of estate of Alban C. Davis, deceased, late of Warren Co. will attend the County Court for the purposes of settling and adjusting all claims.


Abigail, my wife has left my bed and board without just cause or provocation. I will not pay debts of her contracting. George W. Tompkins.


July 4, 1862

Anna Jane Hissong vs. Jacob Hissong, Bill for Divorce, Warren Co.


Married in this city at the residence of the bride’s parents on 26th June by Rev. H.B. Northrop, Lt. Col. Alexander H. Holt, U.S. Army and Kate Victoria, daughter of Elijah C. Babcock, Esq. The Lt. is currently stationed at Cairo.


July 11, 1862

Joseph Helm ran a dram shop “retailing destruction and ruin to his neighbors.” The ladies of the town remonstrated the old man to no avail, so in his absence took the whiskey barrels and turned out the whiskey. They offered to pay, but the old man went to the Magistrate and asked to have the ladies apprehended for riot. The Magistrate refused to act.


French Brownlee writes from Tishmingo Co., Mississippi, on 28th June regarding travels from Salem, Missouri to Mississippi. He writes that George Nelson of Monmouth died last Tuesday of nervous typhoid fever.


Died on 5th inst. of consumption at the residence of her son-in-law, D. Craig, Esq., Mrs. Mary White, relict of James D. White, formerly of Newcastle, Pa. and the late wife of Wm. Dinsmore, in the 57th year of her age.


July 18

On the 3d the house of Mr. Andrew McCrary of Tompkins was burned down. His neighbors went with him to Young America to contract for lumber and within a week a house was ready to admit the family again to a home. James Moore, Tompkins.


Public notice is hereby given that M.W. Jones and John H. Jones, Executors, of estate of John Jones, deceased, late of Warren Co. will attend the County Court for the purposes of settling and adjusting all claims.


July 25

Died in this city 24th inst., Louis son of Azro and Mary S. Patterson, aged 1y, 2m.


August 8

Teachers elected for the coming year: T.C. Kirkwood, Mrs. L.M. Tucker, Miss Fidelia Simpson, Miss Phebe P. Tracy, Miss Mary Tracy, Miss Mary Clark, James Bradley, Mrs. C.S. Kendall, Miss M.B. Cowan, Mrs. M.D. Sterritt, Miss Sarah C. Rupp and Mrs. I.I. Robertson.


Died in Jacksonville, Ill. on 3d inst. Mr. Thomas G. Ewing, aged 59y, 9m. Mr. Ewing was a native of Philadelphia Co. Pennsylvania. He removed to Ohio in 1850 and to Monmouth in 1856. He was a useful Ruling Elder in the Presbyterian Church.


August 15

George Wax vs. Oliver Waters, John Waters, Samuel A. Jenkinson, Garrett Jenkinson, Mary Jenkinson, Charles Jenkinson, Eliza Jenkinson, Sarah Jenkinson and Delila Jenkinson. Petition Warren County Court for deed.


Married at the house of Washington Lanphear in Tompkins on 11th inst. by James Moore, Esq., Oliver Lanphear and Clara Duncan.


Married almost at the same time in the same place, by the same, George A. Barnum and Cecila Adkins. Both Lanphear and Barnum are members of Capt. Morgan’s Company.


Died in Rienza, Mississippi, June 23d, George Nelson of Co. C, 36th Ill. Vol. aged 21y, 6m, 6d.


August 29, 1862

Married in this city on 19th inst. by Rev. M. Morrison, Mr. John H. Mathew, of Co. F, 83rd Regt., Ill. Vols. to Miss Ellen Perrin of Monmouth.


Married by J.W. Butler, President of Abingdon College in Cameron at the residence of Mrs. Fanny E. Whiteman on August 21st, Mr. Judge Denham, of Vermont, Ill., to Miss Elvira J. Whitman.


Also at the same place at the same time by the same, Mr. G.H. Laughlin of Quincy, Ill. to Miss Dessie J. Ross of Princeton, Ill.

George Miers offers farm for sale north of Monmouth in Spring Grove Twp. as he wishes to change his situation.


September 5, 1862

Letters from J.W. Beard, Company C describing journey and conditions.


Married at the residence of W.B. Jenks, Esq. in this city on Friday last by Rev. R.C. Matthews, Mr. Wm. L. Phillips and Miss Elizabeth Jenks.


Died 21st ult., Mrs. Mary Skinner at the residence of John Wilson, Monmouth, aged 52 years.


September 12

George Meyers was a delegate for the Senatorial Convention. (Republican)


On the 26th ult., Miss Marthis Loftus, a very amiable young lady of 16 years living with G.G. Pierce of Young America was burned to death while getting tea. Her clothes literallly burned off before the fire could be extinguished. Mrs. Pierce had her hands burned trying to extinguish the burning clothes.


September 19, 1862

Public Notice is hereby given that Susan Sailing, Administrator of estate of Lorenzo D. Sailing, deceased, late of Warren Co. will attend the County Court to settle and adjust all claims.


September 26

Died in the city on 19th inst. Mary Ann wife of William P. Rupp, aged 52 years.


Robert Middleton Hazard, son of Wm. Hazard, Esq., was born in Ferrisburgh, Addison Co. Vermont on December 1, 1845. Coming to Monmouth in 1860, he entered Monmouth College and continued there until December when he entered Co. D of Col. Bell’s Cavalry and was appointed first bugler. He was in the Battle of Bloomfield, Missouri where the rebel, Col. Phelan, was captured. He was also in the battle of Red Bank, Arkansas. When he was taken sick, he was removed to Mound City Hospital. Here his uncle, Solon Burroughs of Monmouth, found him very much reduced. His uncle attempted to bring him to Monmouth, but was only able to reach Peoria. Here he died at the Fulton House on the 17th inst. His remains were brought to Monmouth and deposited in the City Cemetery. R.M. Hazard was an orphan. His father died while he was yet a small boy and his mother after he came to Monmouth. Only one brother survives him, and he is one of Birge’s sharpshooters under McClellan. Resolution of respect from Eccritean Literary Society.


October 3, 1862

Notice is hereby given that William M. Gettemy and James Findley have dissolved their partnership by mutual consent.


Public Notice is given that C.C. Dickson, Administrator of estate of Chambers Wick, deceased, late of Warren Co. will attend the County Court for the purposes of settling and adjusting all claims.


October 17, 1862

Among those killed at Corinth was J.D. Corwin son of Mr. C. Corwin of this place. He was a member of Co. I, 50th Regt.


Thos. Gibson, son of Sam’1 Gibson of this place, recently returned from the army at Helena, died on the 13th inst.


Married October 8th at the residence of E.I. Chapman, Esq., Monmouth by the Rev. Dr. Edward Brocker(?) of Galesburg, Lt. James E. Merriman, U.S.A. to Miss Kate A. Ross of this city. Newark, NJ and New Haven, Ct. papers, please copy.


Died in Monmouth October 11 with heart complaint, Mable, daughter of Wm. H. & Harriet Pierce, aged ly, 6m, 24d. Eulogy.


Died at Swan Creek on September 8th, Louis Agassiz, son of B.F. Worden, aged 9 years. A youth of unusual natural capacity, he was named after the great Naturalist.


Died at the same place on September 24th, Elizabeth Alma, aged 7 years, sister of the above Agassiz. Both died of diphtheria.


Died at Mound City Hospital of typhoid fever October 4th, Robert A. Gregg, Pvt. in Co. B, 83d Regt. Volunteers, age 18 years.


Tribute of Respect from Eccitean Society of Monmouth College for their brother, Lt. J.M. Jorton, Co. A, 111th Regt. Volunteers


All persons are notified that I have given my son, Andrew, his time and he is thereby a free agent to act for himself from this date. Andrew Ralston.


October 24

Letter from A.A. Rodgers of 63d Regiment, Ft. Donelson. Lost five by death in that place, one being Sgt. Milligan of Co. F.


Letter from R.D. Irvine of 59th Regt. to his brother, Jas. P. Irvine Esq., written at Louisville, KY. Stated he and 23 others were taken prisoner at Perryville. [Battle took place October 6, 1862, Perryville, KY] He is on his way home. The regiment went into the battle 400 strong and only 107 men were gathered when they came out. Lt. Andy Johnson shot through the breast.


Married October 9th by Rev. D.A. Wallace at the residence of the bride’s father, Hezekiah Simmons, Esq., to Miss Helen Anderson, both of Roseville.


October 31, 1862

Letter from J.W.B. of Heiman, Kentucky: F.M. Higginson was shot while on guard ten days ago. His hand had to be amputated. I.J. Francis died at the hospital while at Donelson; buried with full military honors. Two members of Co. H. have died: W. Thompson and — Gregg.


John C. Knowlton writes from Corinth, Miss. informing of the death of David Salter, Orderly Sgt., 11th Div. on October 5th. He was about 12 miles from Corinth when he was shot by a band of rebels on the road at night.


The 83rd was in a skirmish last week near Waverly, Tenn. George W. Cox of Ellison was killed. Tribute of Respect from Co. A at Fort Donelson.


Married on October 29th by Rev. John Scott at his residence Mr. Hugh A. Reynolds of Sugar Tree Grove and Miss Amelia Pollock of Little York.


Public Notice is hereby given that A. Milliken, Administrator of estate of Michael Owens, deceased, late of Warren Co. will attend the County Court for the purposes of settling and adjusting all claims.


Deserted from Co. B, 59th Regt. on 31 August: Franklin M. Haskins, William Jackaway, and on 10 September, Charles W. Wingo, Alexander M. Rock and Robinson Perrin.


Tribute of Respect for William B. Giles, who died while nobly fighting in defense of our country in the late engagement near Perryville, Kentucky.


Tribute by the Philadelphia Society for R.J. Wright, who died in service of his country.


November 14, 1863

Circuit Court in session: Sam Merrifield and Jno. Sullivan indicted for assault and robbery of Robt. McElroy; convicted and sentenced each to one year in the Penitentiary. Mrs. Gibson was tried for the murder of her child which was found some months since in the Railroad water tank. She was acquitted.


Public Notice is given that Lucy Ann Salter, Administrator of estate of David Salter, deceased, late of Warren Co. will attend the County Court for the purposes of settling and adjusting all claims.


November 21

Circuit Court: Brooks vs. Bruyn; verdict for plaintiff

People vs. Downer; not performing duties as school director; verdict for the People.

People vs. Lydia Ann Duke: Indictment for stealing; plead guilty. She was sentenced to one year in penitentiary.

People vs. Ann Gibson: Defense of insanity; Not guilty.

People vs. John Burns: Stealing, guilty; one year at Joliet.

Robert Stephenson: Sentenced to one year; James Eaton guilty of assault on Mr. Burnett; to county jail for 9 months. Delos Allen sentenced to three years.


Died in this city on 19th inst. of hemorrhage of the lungs, Mr. William M. Stewart, age about 28 years. Mr. Stewart has been enrolling officer for the county.


Died at the residence of Andrew Claycomb in this city on 10th inst, George F. Peal, Pvt. Co. C, 83rd Ill. Vol. of camp diarrhea. The family of the deceased thank the Claycomb’s for their kindness. [Soldier was returning home to die.]


November 28, 1862

A.C. Higgins, Chaplain of 83d Regt. writes from Fort Donelson, Tennessee. He reported death of James W. Milligan who died in the hospital October 4th. Twenty men from the company have died. George W. Cox, killed. Lewis Myers drowned before leaving Illinois, Geo. N. Marquis, John Allison, Erastus Kerney, James W. Milligan, Christopher Walkup, Francis M. Sleeth, Chester I. Atwood, George Wickham, Wm. H. Mohler, John A. Moore, Peter Peterson, and Elmore Reeves have died at Donelson. William Thompson and Joseph I. Francis at Heiman, George W. Frederick at Henry; John W. Scott and Samuel Lauchbaum at Paducah and Mound City. Many more sick.


John A. Moore died of congestion of the heart. He was a son of James Moore of Monmouth and age about 29 years. He was born and reared in Decatur, Adams Co. Ohio. He leaves a bereaved companion. Details. [see correction January 16, 1863.]


A dwelling house on Main, owned by the widow Root and occupied by a family named Burdick was destroyed by fire.


Public Notice is hereby given that William Hanna, Administrator of estate of John Hanna, deceased, late of Warren Co. will attend the County Court for the purposes of settling and adjusting all claims.

Public Notice is hereby given that Sarah M. Stewart, Administrator of estate of Wm. M. Stewart, deceased, late of Warren Co. will attend the County Court for the purposes of settling and adjusting all claims.


Died in Monmouth on November 21st, of membrane croup, Harley H. son of P.E. & M.D. Reed, aged 10m, 17d.


Died in this city November 22d of lung fever, Flora A. Pierce, youngest daughter of Wm. H. and Harriet Pierce, aged 4y, 7m, 13d.


Killed at the battle of Waverly in Humphries Co., Tennessee, on October 22d, George W. Cox of Ellison, Warren Co. He was born in St. Clair Co., Illinois in 1828. He leaves an aged mother, a wife, three children and a number of brothers and sisters. Long Memorial by the Chaplin. Body returned to Monmouth.


December 12, 1862

Tribute of Respect by the Eccitean Society for brother, W.B. Morton.


Died in the hospital at Fort Donelson, Tenn. on 23d November of pneumonia, S.T. McBride, in the 49th year of his age. He was a member of Co. B, 83d Regt. His remains were interred on the morning of the 24th with all the honors of war by the side of C.A. Kendall.


December 19

Died at the residence of Mr. J. Bacon, in Monmouth on December 4th, Mrs. Hannah Hall, wife of late Dr. S.S. Hall of Detroit, Michigan, aged 75 years.


Public Notice is given that James H. Logan, Administrator of estate of George W. Logan, deceased, late of Warren Co. will attend the County Court for the purposes of settling and adjusting all claims.


December 26, 1862

Public Notice is hereby given that Freeman Lape and Henrietta Waldron, Administrator of estate of Jackson Waldron, deceased, late of Warren Co. will attend the County Court for the purposes of settling and adjusting all claims.


Sarah C. Dowling vs. Jeptha Dowling. Divorce, Warren Co.

Public Notice is hereby given that Samuel W. Brazelton and Nealy A. Chapin, Executors, Administrator of estate of Jacob Brazleton, deceased, late of Warren Co. will attend the County Court for the purposes of settling and adjusting all claims