January 4. 1861

Married December 26th by Rev. John Scott at the residence of James H. Moore in Hale Twp., Mr. J.H. Abercrombie and Miss Sarah Moore.


Married January 1st by James Moore, Esq., William R. Little to Priscilla Ann Harrison, both of Tompkins Twp.


January 1861

Wm. P. Linen has confessed to the bank robbery at Oquawka.


February 1, 1861

Married in Lenox Twp. January 24th, by Rev. Ross, James Bigson and Anne Margaret Frew.


Died Tompkins January 18th, Margaret T-phrania, daughter of Irvin McCathey, aged 18y, 10m.


February 15

Married February 7th at the residence of the bride’s father, Mr. Stephen Dilly in Roseville by James Tucker, Esq., Mr. John A. Gordon and Miss Philena Dilly.


Died in this city February 10th Rolf Eugene, only child of J.H. And F J. Maley, aged one month.


Died in Warren Co. on 9th inst., Mr. James Smith, aged 56 years. Mr. Smith was born in Winstead, Connecticut, moved from there to Lake George, Ohio where he resided about twenty years and from there in 1853, he moved to Illinois. Winstead papers please copy.


February 22

Married 14th inst. by Rev. John Scott at the residence of James Allen in Hale Twp. Mr. McIntire and Miss Francis Dagget.


Died on 9th inst., Mrs. Martha Whisler, aged 47y, 2m, 9d.


Died in Tomkins[sic] on 16th inst. at the residence of his son, John A. Hogue, Mr. Samuel Hogue, at an advanced age.


Public Notice is hereby given that Elizabeth Smith, Admit. of estate of James Smith, deceased, late of Warren Co. will attend the County Court for the purposes of settling and adjusting all claims.


March 1

Died in this city on 22d of Hydrocephalus, Henry Blair son of Rev. R.C. & Isabella M. Matthews, aged five months.


Tribute of Respect by Monmouth Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons for William Leeper, deceased.


March 8, 1861

Married at residence of bride’s father, Mr. J. Bacon on 4th March by Rev. D.A. Wallace, D.D. assisted by Rev. L. Milton Whitman, Mr. William McCornace of Oneida, Ill. and Miss Angeline Bacon of Monmouth.


Married on 21st ult. by Rev. J.A. Edie, Mr. S.C. Donaldson of Mercer Co. Ill. and Miss Susan Ray of Warren Co.


Married on February 27th by Rev. J.A.P. McGaw, Mr. Andrew W. Martin to Miss M. Graham.


Married on March 5th by Rev. D.A. Wallace, James G. Madden, Esq. to Miss Gabrielle Saunders, all of Monmouth.


Married February 28th by Rev. Wm. Townley, Mr. John Struthers of Monmouth and Miss Eliza Ann Crosier of Aledo.


Died in Galesburg on Thursday, Miss Mary Smith, an old and respected inhabitant of Warren Co. Her funeral will be Friday.


Died in this city on Sun. morning last, George D. Luce of the firm of Holloway, Luce & Jamison, aged about 26 years. The Monmouth Bar attended the funeral as a body and wore mourning during the Circuit Court session.


March 15, 1861

Public Notice is hereby given that Susan Nicol, Administratrx of estate of James Nicol, deceased, late of Warren Co. will attend the County Court for the purposes of settling and adjusting all claims.


Married at the residence of S.T. Shelton in Floyd Twp. on 12th inst. by Elder Isaac Everett, Mr. D.M. Hallam and Miss Mary C. Murphy.


Married March 5th by Rev. Thomas Sproull, D.D. assisted by Rev. John T. Pressly, D.D., Rev. W.H. Buchanan of Fountain Green, Ill. and Miss Mary J. Stewart of Alleghany City, Pennsylvlania.


Married February 26th at the home of Mr. Samuel Hutchinson of Smith Creek by Rev. James McArthur, Mr. John McDougal of Biggsville and Miss Ella Hutchinson.


Married at the same time and place, Mr. John A. Ramsdell and Miss Elizabeth J. Hutchinson.


Married February 28th by same, Mr. James B. Pollong of Oquawka and Miss Priscilla A. Rankin of Ellison, Ill.


Married March 7th by D.S. Altman, Jonathan Mackey of Monmouth and Josephine Lemmon(?) of Knox Co.


March 22

Jurors- July term of County court:


Greenbush - Isaac Hanks

Berwick - Greensberry Meadows

Floyd - Wyrum Wiswell

Cold Brook - James Byner, John G. Haley

Kelly - H.N. Hogan and Alonso Berwick

Swan - Solomon Rayborn

Roseville - Joshua Coats

Lenox - C. Dickson

Spring Grove - Daniel J. Myers      

Point Pleasant - Thomas Cooper

Ellison Jacob Smith and Francis Hughes

Tompkins - Liberty Gilmore, T.C. Josslyn

Hale - Samuel H. Patterson, E.E. Harris

Sumner - W.J. McCoy, James Maley

Monmouth - Ryan G. Smith, William H. Shaw, John B. McGinnis, William Good


Married by James Moore, Esq., on 7th inst. in Tompkins Twp., Mr. James A. Frew to Miss Margaret Loudon, all of Warren Co.


Died in Davenport, Iowa on 2d inst. of scarlet fever, Frank, aged 6 years and Lillia, aged 3 years, children of F.A.W. and Helen Gilbert, formerly of Monmouth.


Died at this residence in Tompkins Twp. on 17th inst., John P. Giles in the 51st year. Mr. Giles was a good citizen, a kind neighbor, a friend to the poor, an honest man and a Christian.


Mrs. J.A. Hall, formerly Miss Madden, informs ladies that she has again commenced business as milliner and Mantuamaker.


March 25, 1861

The jury returned a verdict of not guilty. Murphy vs. Page, slander. Verdict for plaintiff. 1¢ awarded. In the case of slander on Taylor vs. Lupher, plaintiff awarded $25.00


At a meeting of the Philadelphia Society at Monmouth College March 22nd a resolution was passed regarding death of James A. Davis, beloved brother and fellow student.


The circuit court adjourned for the day in respect for the death of George D. Luce, Esq. The only important criminal trial was the People vs. John E. Knauer on an indictment of forgery.


April 5

Miss C.E. Tucker has opened a select school for children at the First Presbyterian Church.


Circuit Court Cases:

E.C. Babcock & Son vs. A.G. Kirkpatrick on charge of trespass. Verdict for defendant.


Married 26th ult. by Rev. Alexander Young, Mr. John Thompson and Miss Mary Stephenson.


Married by same on the 29th ult. Mr. Samuel S. Finley and Miss Melissa A. Massie.


Married March 28th by Rev. I.M. Whiteman, Mr. James M. Williams and Miss Martha J. Coiner, all of Monmouth.


Died near Monmouth on March 31st, William Struthers in the 71st year of his age.


Died near Little York, March 16 Lizzie A., daughter of James S. & Margaret Brownlee, age 3y, 1m, 12d.


Died in Monmouth, Carrie Bell, youngest daughter of James G. & Martha F. Madden, aged 2y, 7m, 9d.


April 19, 1861

Volunteer meeting called at the courthouse to organize a military company to aid in defense of the Union. A.C. Hardin, Capt. Warren County Company.


Notice is hereby given that James Findley, F.H. Herdman, Sam’l Stephenson have dissolved their partnership by mutual consent.


Public Notice is hereby given that James H. Martin, Andrew Meekemson, Sarah Giles, Administrator of estate of John P. Giles, deceased, late of Warren Co. will attend the County Court for the purposes of settling and adjusting all claims.


April 26

Monmouth Volunteers:


Capt: Josiah Moore

1st Lt.: J.R. Charter

2d Lt. Chas C. Williams

Ord. Sgt.

M.S. McClanahan

Ensign: R. Hobbs

2d Sgt: J.B. Steph­enson

3d Sgt.: T.W. Scott

4th Sgt. T. Mac. Russell

1st Corpl. D.C. Beady

2d Corpl. J.B. Clark

3d. Corpl. R.M. Campbell

4th Corpl. J.A. Smith



E.A. Paine

James B. Miller

John S. Herbert

John Walsh

R.L. Duncan

J.K. Ripley

Mark E. Hubbard

C.F. Gillett

D.M. Dungan

Silas B. Warren

John B. Langdon

Geo. McIntyre

Edw’d G. Moore

Geo. G. Metchet

G.H. Palmer

John L. Suggs

Wm. L Swezy

Edward L. Alexander

James Earp

L.M. Claycomb

Fred Thume

W.E(?). Campbell

A.S. Palmer

M.L. Ellenberger

C. Furr

J.M. Chubb

Kendric Clark

And J. Taylor

Joseph P. Fort

R.F. Tubbs

W.W. Rupp

Robt A. Harper

Wm. Nelson

Emer Ware

S.B. Fuller

Geo O. Smith

D.P. Bigger

B.M. Canada

Thos. Gibson

T.S. Buffington

N. Kamerer

Monroe McKelvy

John Shelley

Green Merrifield

W.O. Cunningham

Sam’l B. Walling

Robert Kunkill

Wm. Stone

Wm. H. Langdon

George Nelson

J.B. Strall

Alonzo Woodward

F.M. Davis

Emery Post

Henry K. Pressly

N.R. Weed

Joseph Davis

J.L. Shaw

John A. Wright

Thos Stephenson

Wm. A. Graham

T.W. Gibson

Royal Scott

E. Newton

S.M. Nelson

C.C. Brown

W.L. Scott

J.W. Dryden

D.M. Clark

John D. Kepler

Wm. Alexander

A.N. Ulmer

Joseph Black

Wm. Brown

Geo A. Myers

Daniel J. Myres

H.P. Harper

James R. Hall

C.S. Wilcox

Sam’l Cowan

James Gettey

W.D. Wolf

John A. Robinson

George Marin

Sam’l Smith

E. Cecil

G.W. Carpenter

R. Shindoltan

Wm. W. Graham

N.S. Wallace


May 3

Mr. Wm. M . Stewart, formerly of this city has connected himself with the fortunes of the Standard of DeWitt, Iowa. He is a good writer and a clever fellow.


Silver Gray Rifle Company:


Capt. M.D. Campbell

1st Lt. Elisha Nye

2nd Lt. Samuel Wood

Ord. Sgt. William Gowdy

2nd Sgt. Seth Smith

3d Sgt. David Turn-bull

4th Sgt. T.B. Weakely

1st Cpl. James Hill

2nd Cpl. Sam’l Stephenson

3rd Cap. William Cannon

4th Capt. Charles Henry

Musical Fifer:

George W. Henry


H.F. Henry


R.N. Thompson

J.C. Crawford

D. Alexander

V.H. Weaver

Benjamin Claycomb

Washington Lamphear

Wm. Flemming, Sen.

John Miller

N.J. Allead (?)

John Shehi

James Finley

G.W. Hunnicut

A.P. Carmichael

J.S. Duer

Asher Chapin

Hervey Curtis

Samuel Terpening

G.W. Anderson

Joseph McCoy

James McCoy

D.W. Scott

Thomas Struthers

Wm. F. Davis(?)

J.W. Scott

A. Page(?)

Edward Burns

J.M. Tracy

Delos Strickland

Wm. P. Sykes

Simon Diehl

Geo. P. Sloan

Thos Nelson

John A. Young

James S. Struthers, Sen

S.W. Dame

D.S. Holland

C. Corwin

John Brown

W.P. Rupp

J.C. Ward

James Johnson

A. Massey

Jirah Bacon

James Thompson

David Turnbull

Wm. F. Smith

T. Cornell

Hiram Baldwin

N.A Rankin

H.G. Hardin

D. Carter

John Black

Wm. McCallen

C.F. Bissell

A.H. Gillett

C. Sanders

Nathan Brown

D.T. Denman

J.C. Morgan

J.C. McLean

C. Hardin

John W. Collins, Sen.

Bar. Parker

J.S. Galloway

David McIntire

James Millad

J. McKown

Wm. Graham, Esq.

Kelly and Wm. H. Pierce, Secretary



List of Monmouth Reserve Drill:


E.B. Goodrich, Capt.

1st Lt: H.E. Paine, Jr.

2nd Lt: J.P. Thompson

1st Sgt. Geo P. Woods

2nd Sgt. W.A. Grant

3rd Sgt. J.M. Sterrit    

4th Sgt. D.S. Parry

1st Cpl. F.W. Bracket

2nd Cpl. J.Q. Kimball

3rd A.H. Cannon

4th J.S. Patterson



J.P. Thompson

John M. Sterit

F.H. Herdman

D.S. Parry

J.H. Maley

C. Coates

W.B. Greer

A.O. France

F.W. Brackett

J.S. Martin

L. Tourtellott

Jno. Martin

D.R. Stevens

Jas M. Crosier

Kack Parker

W.T. Dickson

Jas S. Collins

W.S. Struthers

Isaac Leeper

Geo Metzger

E.B. Goodrich

Wm. Barlow

Thomas Allen

Charles Stevens

J.W. Ezell

H.E. Paine, Jr.

A.H. Cannon

Wm. Armstrong

J.M. Wilson

Edward Jones

Andrew J. Eby

John Young

Draper Babcock

J.M. Sproull

Jos. Sloats

Geo D. Woods

S.J. Nutt

J.A. Walker

Wm. A. Grant

Harmon Straw

S.M. Hamilton

J.S. Patterson

A.M. Warwick

A.S. Carr

C.A. Dunn

B.J. Becker

C.T. Beaumont

J.Q. Kimball

Chas. Jameson

John Cameron

J.T. Morgan

Jas H. Herdman

J.B. Charlton

Hampton Mackey

John Hall, Jr.

O.W. Gable

Jonathan Mackey

Henry Wilson

F.A. Earp

James Bower

J.B. Walsh

O.D. Shoemaker

T.B. Somers

A. Hickman

G.H. Nye

Sidney Foot

J. Merrifield

L.C. Nott

J.L. Allen

Jas M. Fulton

P.E. Reed

S.M. Ickes

J.P. Irvine, Drummer


Mr. Kyles of Peoria had three of his children destroyed by a sudden and terrible blow. The parents being absent, the eldest took down a powder flask and amused himself by dropping a few grains at a time upon the stove. At last the whole pound ignited and blew children, furniture, windows etc. all to pieces.


Married May 1st at residence of bride’s uncle, John Turnbull, Esq. of Elmira, Ill. by Rev. D.A. Wallace, Mr. J.S. Patterson of Monmouth and Miss Jennie M. Rule, of the former.


Married on Oquawka 25th ult. by Rev. G. W. Havermale, Marsden M. Monteith and Miss Ada H. Williams, adopted daughter of George and Parmelia A. Williams of Seymour, Indiana.


May 17

Cedar Creek Rifle Company:


James R. McNeil, Capt.

1st Lt: John P. McGaw

2nd Lt. George N. Sansom

3rd T.M. Paxton

4th Lt. W.W. Turnbull



A.H. Rockwell

James Brown

Charles Martin

W.C. Gibson

W.M. Burton

S.R. Smith

A.J. Rockwell

Thos. G. Barton

J.C. Baily

E.W. Rockwell

S.E.C. Sterett

J.B. Sterett

John Parks

David Shunick

Dennis Doyle

J.B. Paine

Walter Harper

Samuel W. Rodgers

H.J. Donnell

Nicholas Rogers

J.H. McGregor

Ebenezer Fisher

Alexander Allen

J.W. Kitchen

James Patterson

French Brownlee

Andrew Pyles

Wilson McConnell

Isaac Carson

J.C. McCrery

S.M. McClanahan

Thos. Wickens

Jno. Turnball

W.A. Mitchell

John Parkinson

John G. Moore

Thos. A. McConnell

W.T. Arthurs

Geo. N. Mercer

Peter W. Wilson

F. McClanahan

James Jeffers

J.W. Arthurs

J.C. Donnell

J.G. McGregor

Robert McConnell

R.P. Morrison

Wm. Chalmers

Nathaniel Acheson

Thomas Clark

M. McConnell

T.C. Weeks

Nelson Kibby

Jno K. McMullen

A.R. Cannon

Hugh R. Moore

David A. Turnbull

William Fisher

J.F. Henderson


May 31

The Senior class of Monmouth College will be examined as follows:

Latin, Greek and Hebrew: Miss Beach and D.D. Johnston will read essays

Astronomy: A.G. Crawford and J.F. Morton will read essays; Christianity and Butler’s Analogy: George Norcross, W. Thompson and R.R. Wallace.


$25.00 Reward for arrest and detention of two men passing as Barrett who drove off the prairie 20 head of work oxen. We understand one lives near Berwick. A.F. & J. Davidson.


June 5, 1861

Married 3d June by Rev. C.D. Eltinge, Mr. D.M. Talliaferro, M.D. of Roseville to Miss S. Jennie Kelley of Monmouth at the residence of J.V. Kelly of Monmouth.


June 14

Died in this city June 6th, Jenny, daughter of Harry G. and Elvira Hardin, age 5y, 9m.


Died in this city June 9th, William Y. Henry in the 51st year of his age.


Died in this city Tues. last, James D. Mackey, aged (blank) years. Resolution of respect from the Hall of Warren Lodge.


June 21, 1861

The Philadelphia Society, having learned of the death of our beloved brother, A.O. Pinkerton, adopted a resolution.


Public Notice is given that Wm. Laferty, Administrator of estate of Wm. Y. Henry, deceased, late of Warren Co. will attend County Court for the purposes of settling and adjusting all claims.


July 5

Prof. M.M. Morrison, under a conviction of duty, has resigned his position as Professor of Mathematics.


Public Notice is hereby given that Mary Mackey, Admix and Willis B. Greer, Administrator of estate of James D. Mackey, deceased, late of Warren Co. will attend the County Court for the purposes of settling and adjusting all claims.


Died at Superior, Wisconsin June 15th, Dr. Samuel Webster of Monmouth, aged 56 years.


Died 3d June, William M. Brandon, M.D., son of the late James Brandon, at the residence of his brother-in-law, George Garlon in Lawrence Co. Pennsylvania. He removed west in 1854 where he continued a successful practice of his profession until February when his health failed and he was compelled to abandon business entirely. He returned to Pennsylvania to visit relatives in hopes of recovering, but his disease of the lungs made such rapid progress, that he was unable to reach the home of his childhood and died within a half days ride of his old homestead. His aged friend and spiritual advisor, Rev. John Munson, visited him a few days before his death.


Mahala Smith vs. William Smith. Divorce, Warren Co. Circuit Court.


July 12, 1861

Public Notice is hereby given that James Tucker, Administrator of estate of Dr. William M. Brandon, deceased, late of Warren Co. will attend the County Court for the purposes of settling and adjusting all claims.


Married 3d inst. by Rev. W.L. Lyons, Mr. Eldad Hall to Miss Josephine Balding all of vicinity of Young America.


July 19

Nancy Colyer vs. John Colyer. Divorce, Warren Co.


Died at Higganum {Hingham?}, Middlesex Co. Connecticut on 7th inst. Mrs. Rebecca Clark, mother of the proprietor of this paper, age 80 years.


The Board of Education paid the following teachers:

Mr. Daniel Negley, Miss M.S. Madden, Miss Fredonia Johnson, Miss Aurel Paine, Miss S.J. Palmer, Miss E.E. Gowdy, Mrs. L.M. Tucker, Mrs. F.L. Simpson, Mrs. Phebe Tracy, Mrs. A.M. Tracy, Mrs. Anna R. Fleming and Mr. A. Hallam.


July 26, 1861

Married 4th July by Rev. Charles H. Wornam, Mr. Elisha Godfrey and Miss Sarah E. Bailey, both of Warren Co.


Married 14th July inst. by same. Mr. J.W. Correll and Miss Mary Ann Fletcher, of this county.


August 9

Mr. Stewart has left DeWitt Iowa and gone to Pennsylvania. He will be replaced by Mr. J.S. Patterson, formerly with the publication of the United Presbyterian of the West in this city.

An inquest was held on the body of unknown male infant found in a pool of water at the mouth of the culvert east of Monmouth. Ruled death by drowning at the hands of Mrs. Anna Gibson. She has been committed to jail.


Died in Hale Twp. July 26th, Wilson J., son of Alimer Hoig, Jr. in the 13th year of his age.


Died at Cameron July 23 of typhoid flux, Helen Frances, daughter of C.& K. Kobb, aged 7y, 6m, 18d. Eulogy from her teacher.


Salinda Mounts vs. William Mounts. Divorce, Warren Co.


August 16, 1861

Mrs. Mary Mason was paid by the school board for the amount due her. Those hired for the next term were: Mrs. L.M. Tucker, Miss Fidelia Simpson, Miss A.M. Tracy, Miss Phebe Tracy, Miss Mary F. Clarke, Mr. Daniel Negly, (name can’t be read), Miss F. Johnson, Miss Rosa Sebb, Miss Sarah C. Rupp. Samuel A. Hunner was elected teacher of 2d School south of the Railroad.


Married in Monmouth August 14th at residence of Samuel Gibson by Rev. J.A.P. McGaw, Mr. John Brady of Mercer Co. and Miss Mattie C. daughter of Geo. Gibson of Warren Co.


August 23, 1861

While the citizens were erecting the Methodist Episcopal Church in Ellison, a beam gave way killing Seymour McWilliams and injuring others. Copy of resolution of respect to parents.


Sarah Ann Ludwig vs. Charles Ludwig, Divorce. Warren Co.

Rhoda M. Whitsett vs. Joseph Whitsett. Divorce, Warren Co.

Cynthia Ann Tedrow, vs. Jonas Tedrow, Divorce.


September 6

Call for People’s convention of all who are in favor of preserving the Union and who are willing to die when all is lost for which it is worthwhile to live:


John Porter

James Thompson

F.B. Bond

Wm. F. Smith

Thomas Johnston

John Iles

Solon Burroughs

James H. Martin

William Dilly

John McClanahan

Josiah Martin

A. McCrery

name obliterated

N.A. Eldridge

A.V.T. Gilbert

Savinnus Andrews

John Caldwell

James P. Irvine

A.H. Tracy

Jas W. Savage

W.B. Jenks

Wm. H. Pierce

John J. Glenn

Geo D. Woods

John H. Maley

William Flemming

E. Burns

William Gowdy

F.H. Herdman

N.L. Greer

J.M. Tracy

W.H.H. Claycomb

David Harvey

J.R. Webster

W.B. Greer

James Struthers

H.H. Boggers

Dan’l. T. Myers

D.C. Lord

F.A. Earp

George Williams

A.M. Brown

A. Piper

Philo E. Reed

S.E. Tubbs

A.G. Smith

J.B. Wray

Robert Everett

H. Bennett

W.H. Galbraith

Edward Ray

Elisha Nye

S.C. Smith

G.H. Kingsbury

S.B. Soffield

S. Johnson

A. Richardson

James N. Travis

Joshua Ryan

J. Gray

N.B. Hamilton

Joshua Talbott

J. Daugherty

J.L. Langworthy

John Burnett

T.I. McMahill

David Irvine

J.R. Coulton

J.W. Montgomery

J.A. Ramdell

Thomas Gray

Frank Carr

A.W. Noe

Charles B. Lawrence

B.F.G. Hubbard

L.O. Tourtelott

W.A. McQuiston

Maxmillian Haley

Rufus Ogden

C. Coates

Hiram Baldwin

Seth P. Stem

John Martin

Charles H. Wornam

F.H. Merrill

name obliterated

A. Mitchell

Z. Lewis

John J. Brown

Isaac Jenkins

C.W. Boydston

Andrew Claycomb

William Nash

George Miers

Joseph K. Ripley

T.S. McClanahan

G.W. Logan

D.B. Rice

Larned Kidder

A.B. Sisson

P. Clark

Draper Babcock

A.M. Warwick

William Hopper

Wm. M. Gregg

C.K. Smith

James H. Stewart

O.H. Gambol

John A. Young

J.S. Campbell

M.C. Munger

Jos. A. Bovington

J.C. Crawford

George Upwright

O.H. Queal

Orrin Lanphear

R.F. Tubbs

R.H. Gilmore

A. Dunne

A.P. Nelson

M. Paddocks

A.S. Johnson

John L. Balchelor

S.G. Wright

Alex Ogsbury

J.M. Irvine

D. Salker

E.R. Houlton

J.C. Bovee

Joseph Provest

George Tubbs

Cyrus Bute

Truman Hall

J.S. Glover

Chas Newell

N.L. Mitchell

J.H. Braselton

Ira Barnum

Mathias Welsh

Louis Kelsey

Daniel Wilds

A. Bell

Hugh Gambell

N.W. Carr

A.I. Yeomans



Tribute of Respect by the teachers of Mission Sabbath School in Monmouth at the death of our friend, Miss Mary E. Fuller, expressing sympathies to her parents. Committee: Wm. J. Thomson and Julia A. Brown.


Died in Monmouth August 22nd, Maggie Bell, youngest daughter of Wm. J. and Maggie Thomson, aged about 11 months.


Died at Oxford, Henry Co. August 24th, Eva, youngest daughter of Erskine and Melissa D. Wilber, aged nine years. Eulogy.


September 13, 1861

Married by James Moore, Esq., 5th September Mr. John McMillin to Miss Jane R. Hogue of Warren Co. Ill.


Married at the house of the clergyman near Young America August 25th by Rev. James Tubbs, Mr. J.S. Allard and Miss F.E. Wornum daughter of Rev. Chas. Wornum, both of Ellison.


Also by the same in the same place, 6th inst., Mr. George F. Atkins and Miss Lydia M. Langworthey, both of Young America.


Died in Monmouth on 29th August Mrs. Susan F. wife of A.O. France in the 31st year of her age. She leaves a husband and three small children to feel and mourn the loss of a kind and affectionate wife and mother.


September 20

Married at the residence of Mr. Andrews near Monmouth by Rev. Rev. R.C. Matthews, Mr. John Sprout to Miss Mary Bliss daughter of Marven Wellman, Esq., of Springfield, Massachusetts.


Died in the city of Troy, NY on 18th of April from congestion of the brain, Miss Hildah Norman, aged 19 years and 12 days, formerly a student at Monmouth College.


Mrs. Sarah Kerney, physician with special attention to obstetrical practice announces office and residence on Warren Street.


September 27

Geo. Palmer writes the Atlas regarding the attack on Col. Mulligan’s command at Lexington in which they were required to surrender. Peter Peters of Roseville was killed and Lt. Douglas, John Thomas, Thomas Paul and Philip Smith wounded, none seriously.


Died at Denny in this county on 20th inst., Charles W., son of Albert J. and Helen M. Rockwell, aged 4y, 7m, 29d.


A hearing on writ of habeas corpus before Judge Lawrence in the matter of Hall and Merrifield who were committed by the Coroner as accessories before the fact for the murder of Morris Shunick which resulted in the discharge of Hall and allowing Merrifield’s release on $2.00 bail.


October 4

Report on battle of Lexington. D. Tucker sick, Philip Smith and John Thomas wounded and Samuel Morris and Richard Houck remained to care for them.


Died in Tompkins Twp. 27th ult., Amanda Naomi daughter of James Moore Esq., aged 1y, 8m.


October 11, 1861

Married October 2 at the residence of Mr. George Cox by Rev. A. Morey, Dr. T.M. Luster of Berwick and Miss Mary Cox of Ellison.


Notice is given that Martin & Lucas have dissolved their partnership by mutual consent.


October 25

The company of George Palmer met at the Court House to make arrangements for the funeral of Daniel Tucker whose remains are expected Tuesday next. Expressed feelings of the company at the loss of fellow soldiers, Peter E. Peters and Daniel Tucker. Sam’l Douglas, Chairman.


J.A. Porter sent a letter from Camp Rolla, Phelps Co., Missouri, describing journey and surroundings.


Died in this city on Wed. last, James D. McLean, aged 47 years. His funeral will take place from the residence of Mr. D.T. Denman this morning. (Friday)


Died near Young America October 16th, Martha Jane Phillips daughter of Geo. L. and Lizzie M. Phillips, age 3 months.


Notice is hereby given that James G. Madden and J.D. Wolfe have dissolved their partnership by mutual consent.



November 1

Circuit Court: Judge Lawrence, presiding

Marshall vs. Pierce, dismissed

The People vs. John Bucket, dismissed

Board of Supervisors vs. J. S. Gilbert, dismissed

Holloway et al. vs. Weakley, ejectment; verdict for defendant

Damp vs. Trego; Damp vs. Richmond (Mercer Co.) Both cases found for defendants.


From Battle of Fredericktown we learn Capt. Moore’s Company sustained no injury. John Shelly had his trousers torn by a cannon ball which only grazed the skin and passed on.


Married at Monmouth at the residence of bride’s father by Rev. R.C. Matthews, assisted by Rev. W.T. Smithett of Galesburg, Thaddeus A. Kinsloe (Black Hawk Cavalry, USA) of Oquawka and Edith H. daughter of John Langdon, Esq. of Monmouth.


Married in Prairie City October 22 by Rev. W.T. Smithett of Galesburg, the Rev. Robert C. McKinney of Laporte, Ind. and Miss Louisa T. Hauser of Prairie City.


Married October 27th by Elder C.S. Luce, William A. Perry to Ann Eliza Vankirk, both of Warren County.


Died in this city September 23d, Jennie Emmie Josephine daughter of Maj. L.N. and C. Hollenburgh, aged 4y, 11m, 19d. Eulogy.


November 8, 1861

Circuit Court:

Wells vs. Claycomb——verdict for plaintiff

Weaver vs. Mills—default and negligence verdict for plaintiff

Johnson vs. Davidson—breach of contract - ordered new trial

Frymire vs. Claycomb—trial on right of property verdict for defendant.


Notice is hereby given that A. Dickson and W.T. Dickson have dissolved their partnership.


Died near Young America on the 6th inst. of consumption, Elizabeth Mayes Phillips, wife of Geo. L. Phillips, aged 22 years.



November 15

Report of battle of Fredericktown by Lt. Chas. C. Williams - wounding in shoulder of James Earp, but not seriously. Official report states he was wounded “severely.”


G.W. Thompson wrote from 36th Regt. stationed Camp Rolla regarding conditions. He reported that in Company C there has not been a single case of drunkenness.


Circuit Court:

Hays vs. Baker, appeal verdict for plaintiff

Graham vs. Holloway & Boggess. Verdict for plaintiff

Jane E. Lewis vs. John B. Dious. Breach of promise and seduction. Verdict for plaintiff with $12,000 damages. Defendant’s counsel asked for new trial.

Davidson vs. Turnbull - verdict for defendant.

People vs. Branick and Adcock, indictment for riot. Guilty

People vs. Pat’k Clark, indictment for assault with deadly weapon. Not guilty.

People vs. Davis - indictment for forgery. Guilty.


Married Wed. evening last at the residence of Mr. Augustus Dixon in Lenox Twp. by Rev. D.A. Wallace, James P. Irvine Esq., attorney of this city to Miss Hattie N. Magennis of New York.


November 22, 1861

Circuit Court:

Burgess vs. Perkins - Verdict for defendant

Stem vs. Turnbull - Replevin Verdict for plaintiff

Richardson vs. Griffith - Verdict for plaintiff.

People vs. Samuel Merrifield - indictment for manslaughter. Tragedy north of town in which an Irishman named Shunick lost his life. Not guilty.


Letter from W.G. MaGaw, Camp McClelland, Cairo, Ill., regarding war conditions in Battle of Belmont. Henry Bistline was killed bravely. “We mourn his loss, but know that he fell nobly and died in the glorious cause.” Wounded: Jerry Reaty, on the hand, John McCune, on the hand, T. Gross two places on the arm; will be amputated, John Heath in the neck. Several others slightly.


Henry W. Wagstaff of this city, and a member of Capt. Baldwin’s Company in 36th Regt., died of typhoid fever at Camp Rolla on 13th inst. He was brought to Monmouth and interred Monday. [Mercer Co. Pennsylvania papers, please copy.]

Married 7th inst. near Young America by Rev. John Scott, Mr. William Wood and Miss Adaline Lusk. Also by same at the same time and place, Mr. James L. Lusk and Miss Mary Wood, all of Warren Co.


Married at the Baldwin Hotel on 19th inst. by Elder J.W. Errett, Mr. Robert Atkinson and Miss Amy Cross, both of Cameron.


December 6

Letter from J.D Wolfe about the horse lost by Peter Peters when he was killed at Lexington by a man named Horace Taylor who is now under court martial.


Miss Sarah C. Rupp has opened a school in Room 4, West Ward School.


Married on 25th ult. by Rev. Charles H. Wornum, Mr. William S. Walker and Miss Matilda Godfrey, both of this county.


December 13

A Sanitary Society has organized to aid the wounded Union soldiers. Meeting was held at the home of Mr. Henry Curtis. Officers: Mrs. Ada Wheeler, Pres., Mrs. Mary Brown, V.P., Miss Nettie Freeman, Sec., Miss Jennie Pearson, Treas. Directors: Mrs. N.L. Atchison, Mrs. M.D. Curtis, Mrs. S. Graham, Mrs. O. Miles, Mrs. E. Wire, Miss F.I. Armstrong, Miss L.L. Freeman, Miss P. Baker, Miss M. Black, Miss A. Nelson, Miss F. Talbot, Miss O. Terpenning.


Sam’l Douglas, 1st Ill. Cavalry disputes that the horse taken from Horace Taylor belonged to Peter E. Peters. Peters’ horse was shot dead on the spot.


December 20, 1861

Married on 3d inst. by Rev. R.C. Matthews, Mr. J.S. Wray to Miss Rebecca J. daughter of Samuel Woods, all of Warren Co.


December 27

Died on 16th inst. of paralysis, Sally wife of S.S. Salisbury, in the 56th year of her age.


Public Notice is hereby given that H.F. Sexton, Administrator of estate of Tracy B. Sexton, deceased, late of Warren Co. will attend the County Court for the purposes of settling and adjusting all claims