January 6. 1860

Married December 29th by Rev. Samuel Miller, Mr. Thos. S. Lowther to Miss Mary J. Elliott, all of Warren Co.


Notice is hereby given that Wm. Graham and G. Stewart Graham have dissolved their partnership by mutual consent.


Public Notice is hereby given that Philo E. Reed, Administrator of estate of Alvin H. Reed, deceased, late of Warren Co. will attend the County Court for the purposes of settling and adjusting all claims.


January 13

Married by Rev. Mr. White, George Megers to Catharine A. Swiler, all of this city.


Miss E J. Wallace offers her services as teacher of music on the Piano Forte.


January 20

Married 17th inst. by Rev. D.A. Wallace, Mr. James H. Herdman to Miss Emma J. only daughter of William Mitchell, M.D., all of this city.


January 27

Died in this city on Thursday, Martha, wife of Jas. G. Madden, Esq.


February 3, 1860

Died January 30th, Charles Alvin, son of John R. & Sarah Black, aged 6y, 4m.


February 10

Married 8th inst.,. at the residence of James Finley, Esq., in this city by Rev. R.C. Matthews, Mr. A.P. Thompson of Henderson Co. Ill. to Mrs. Hattie E. Moore of Utica, Ohio.


Notice is hereby given that E.A. Paine and Solon Borroughs have dissolved their partnership by mutual consent.


February 17

Died in this city on 4th inst. Esther Jane son of A. Massey, aged 40y, 9m, 18d. Eulogy.


February 24, 1860

Married 18th inst. by Rev. Rowley, Mr. David S. Hayden of this place to Miss Mattie Michael of Henderson Co.


Married 22d inst. by Elder R. White, Mr. Milton C.L. Robinson to Miss Drusilla P. Hermits of this county.


Married same day by same, Mr. Harper Rickets to Miss Mary Penny of this county.


Married in Ellison on 29th January by John Coleman, Esq., Mr. Andrew B. Livermore and Miss Mary A. Cornell.


Married in this city on 22d at the house of John Leeper, Esq. by Rev. R.C. Matthews, Jacob Hough to Miss Susan A., daughter of Samuel Leeper, late of this place.


Married in this city on 21st inst. at the office of H.H. Boggess, Esq., by the Rev. R.C. Rowley, Mr. John Lee to Miss Margaret Shutts, all of Warren Co.


March 2

The personal property of Lewis Bradley, deceased, will be sold.


We notice the arrival in Monmouth of John J. Glenn, Esq. recently of Fort Wayne, Ind. Mr. Glenn and Mr. W.B. Greer, Esq. have associated themselves in the practice of law.


Married 5th January by Rev. C.W. Boydstone, Mr. LaRoy E. Kelly and Miss Mary Wilson.


Married 2d February by Maximilian Hidey(?) Esq., Mr. William W. Herring and Miss Margaret F. Parker.

Married 14th February by Rev. C.E. Bailey, Mr. Benjamin F. Wiggins and Miss Louisa Porter.


Married 22d February by Rev. C.W. Boydston, Mr. Elisha P. Crosby and Miss Mary M. Mutter.


Married 28th February by Rev. L.S. Wallace, Mr. William H. Rausken(?) and Miss Mary J. Davidson.


Died February 25th in Warren Co. of dropsy on the brain, Justin son of Martin and A.J. Kibby, aged 16m, 16d. Oquawka papers please copy.


March 9, 1860

Two horses belonging to M. Walsh were stolen Tues. night. Another horse belonging to A. Cannon was stolen but found the next morning. It appears he broke away from the thief.


Public Notice is given that Seymore Andrews, Executor, of estate of Sarah A. Hogue, deceased, late of Warren Co. will attend the County Court for the purposes of settling and adjusting all claims.


March 16

Died at the residence of his father-in-law, Dr. T.H. Trice, near Cameron on Tues. last of lung fever, Henry Colton, aged about 30 years.

Died in Monmouth on March 13th of consumption, Mr. Peter Engwall, aged 31y, 9m, 21d.


March 23, 1860

Died March 14th near Berwick, Mary Gertrude daughter of E. & J.F. Jenks. Eulogy by Ann E. Phelps.


March 30

Yesterday C.H. Bell was attacked and most inhumanly treated near the northwest corner of the public square. A rope having been attached to him, he was dragged to and fro and meanwhile a number of severe blows were administered. During the treatment, he made many appeals which soon collected a crowd and his abusers were made to relent. Bell was in attendance at our Circuit court. He is an old and well known citizen of Monmouth. We hope the villains who made such an unprovoked assault will be severely dealt with.


The house of Levi Maley near Little York was reduced to ashes on 22d inst. Also the smoke house of Mr. John Brown residing in the same vicinity, with its contents, was burned on the morning of the same day.

Mr. W.H. Dunn, formerly of this city, joins Lloyd’s Company on the way to Pike’s Peak.


July Term County Court Jurors: James Lockwood, W.W. Whitenack, John W. Giddings, Jacob S. Parker, John H. Brown, A. Stigall, W. Parsons, W.B. Bond, Marion Eldred, William Sprout, Jas. Stephenson, W.H. Young, Geo. E. Armsby, Jacob Krollman, Joseph McQuiston, Thomas Cooper, R.B. McWilliams, Dan’l Leacock, S.D. Perkins, Washington Lamphere, Otis Martindale, James Goody, A.J. Rockwell, J.W. Caldwell.


Married 22nd inst. by Rev. John Scott, Mr. James Parks, to Miss Jane McIntyre, all of this county.


Married 23d inst. by R.C. Stewart, Esq., Mr. William Chambers to Miss Ruth Jeneldnson, both of Warren Co.


April 13, 1860

James Dollahiat, aged 108 years, died in Burlington, Iowa on 27th ult. He was born in Guilford Co., North Carolina.


Married on March 22d by Rev W.L. Lyons, Mr. Joshua W. Rankin to Miss Margaret Lowther, all of this county.


Notice is hereby given that J.H. Blackburn and J. Bacon have dissolved their partnership by mutual consent.


April 20

Married in Monmouth April 19th by Rev. H.C. Greenleaf, Mr. Forgustus Morehead and Mrs. Phebe Munson, all of Monmouth.


Died 4th April, Melinda A. Millikin, aged 57 years.


Died on the 10th inst. in this city of congestion of the lungs, Effie, twin child of Willitt B. & Emma C. Jenks, aged ly, 4m, 27d.


Died 19th February after an illness of 58 days of typhoid fever at his residence in Dallas, Polk Co. Oregon, Capt. Thomas H. Hutchinson in the 56th year of his age. Capt. Hutchinson was born in Harrison Co. Ohio and emigrated with his father to Illinois at an early day. He received a classical education at Galesburg, taught school in Henderson and Warren Co. He emigrated to Oregon with his father-in-law Major Butler in 1853. In 1855 he was elected County Surveyor of Polk Co. He leaves a wife and four children to mourn his loss. His brother, James, was with him in the last weeks. Details.


April 27

Married at First Baptist Church in this city on Sunday by Rev. L.M. Whitman, Thomas Jones, Esq., editor of the National Vidette Jersey Shore, Pa. to A. Emma Cowan of this city.


May 4, 1860

Died in Roseville April 17 of typhoid fever, Marshal C. son of David & Henrietta Smith, aged 15y, 11m, 14d. Member of the Union (Baptist) Church.


Wm. Walker of Warren Co., one of the most respected and worthy citizens of Spring Grove has been the victim of outrages to the full measure of barbarism. On 5th April his hay stacks were fired. On the 22nd, the school house next to his property was burned to the ground. His woods have been fired six times. Walker is a quiet unoffending citizen; no motive can be ascertained.


May 11

Died in Hale Twp., May 2d, Mary C. wife of Robert K. Mitchell, aged about 47 years.


May 18

Married 9th inst. by Rev. W.L. Lyons, Mr. Merchant Randall to Miss Caroline Arbey, all of Young America.


Died in Hale Twp. May 13th, Harvey B. son of John R. & Sarah A. Black, aged 2y, 6m.


May 25

Wm. Muncy of Little York, Illinois, wrote a letter regarding the nomination at Chicago of Abraham Lincoln for President.


Married 15th inst. at the residence of David Turnbull, Esq. by Rev. Jno. Scott, Mr. John E. Paine to Miss Ann E. Turnbull.


June 1, 1860

An Irishman named Michael Caleon died Thursday morning in cones­quence of injuries received at the Railroad station on Wednesday afternoon. He and two other were engaged in pushing some cars along the side-track when three loaded cars were put into motion and Caleon was caught between. He was employed by C.B.& Q. Railroad and said to be an industrious and worthy man.


Died at his residence in Sumner Twp. on 17th inst., Lovettt P. Rockwell, aged 62 years. He came to this country in 1830 and moved here in 1832 during the Black Hawk War. A stockade fort and Block House was standing where A.H. Rockwell now resides into which Mr. Rockwell moved his family. He built a mill, opened a farm and became a leading man in the community.


June 15, 1860

The Board of Education hired Miss Stella Smith as Assistant Teacher. John Martin was allowed $35.00 for teaching one month.


June 22

In Chancery: Jonathan Paddocks, complainant vs. Anne Loughry, William Allison Loughry (non-resident), Joseph Nelson Loughry (non-resident), Martha Knox (non-resident) and John Stewart. Notice to appear.


July 2, 1860

A fatal affray took place in Peoria on 20th inst. which resulted in the death of Smith Frye when he was shot by Chas. R. Carroll. Details.


A.H. Rockwell and A.J. Rockwell, Executors of the estate of Lovett P. Rockwell, deceased, will sell personal estate.


July 13

A horrible murder was committed near Batavia, Jefferson Co., Iowa, the last of June. Mrs. Willis and her children, two boys and a girl were traveling with John Kephart, who murdered Mrs. Willis and two of her children. He hauled them thirty miles attempting to conceal them in a stream. They were found in day or two and he was overtaken in Scotland Co., Missouri, with the oldest boy, about 12 years old. He was taken to the Fairfield jail where on the 5th, some 250 men took him from the jail and lynched him. The Willis family had lived at Columbus City and Kephart in Washington Co. Iowa. About a year ago, he had been engaged by Willis to move his family to Mo. and remained with them there. Mr. Willis died, as is supposed from poison, and the family, wishing to return to Iowa, engaged Kephart. The murders were doubtless to obtain $400 in gold which Mrs. W. had concealed and to discover which the eldest boy was spared.


July 20, 1860

Died on 15th inst., Mary Alice, only daughter of Charles & F.H. Davis, in the 8th year of her life.


August 2

The following have been appointed Marshals of the townships.

Wm. Y. Henry


Murray Frew


B.F. Morey


Geo. Miers

Spring Grove

F. Ogden


D.C. Lord


Dr. T.M. Luster


David Turnbull


H.H. Hewitt


Dr. A.P. Nelson


A.B. Simon


C.H. Wornam


Wm. Dilley


Elmore Harris

Point Pleasant


A son of Samuel Johnson, aged 12 or 14 years, accidentally shot himself at Young America on Tuesday. It was supposed he was fitting the cap with the point at his breast when it fired.


Nancy Hutchins vs. George W. Hutchins (non-resident). Divorce. Warren Co.


Harmon Straw vs. Heiman Fuller (non-resident) and John P. Turnpenning. In Chancery.


Alfred Lewey, Janiza Lewey, vs. Ruth Brown, Wilson Brown, George W. Brown, Wilson Martin (non-resident), Alfred Warren (non-resident), Mary Warren (non-resident), Daniel Burgitt (non-resident), Elizabeth Burgitt (non-resident) and Harmon G. Brown. Petition for partition of real estate.


Martha Jane Lansdale vs. Lewis M. Lansdale (non-resident). Divorce. Warren Co.


August 17

Board of Education elected several teachers for the fall term: C.V. Brooks, Sup., Miss P. Simpson, Mrs. L.M. Tucker, Miss A.M. Simpson, Miss E.P. Whitman, Miss P. Tracy, Miss A.M. Tracy, Miss Huldah Whitman, Miss Susan Madden, Miss Fredonia Johnson, Miss M.B. Wellman, Mrs. Mason, Miss E J. Brownlee, Miss Mary E. Tracy.


Died here on 12th inst. of consumption, Henry, son of Hon. Ivory Quinby, aged 20y, 5m, 11d.


Public Notice is hereby given that S.H. Maley, Executor of estate of Thomas Maley, deceased, late of Warren Co. will attend the County Court for the purposes of settling and adjusting all claims.


Wednesday, a lad named Polley was injured by premature discharge of a mortar while firing here. Died in Monmouth 22d inst., Robert Brice, son of A.M. & Eliza J. Warwick, aged nearly two years.


The faculty of Monmouth College currently consists of David A. Wallace, D.D., Alexander Young, D.D., Marion Morrison, AM., J. Calvin Hutchinson, A.M.


August 29, 1860

Died in Young America on August 22d, May Hortense, only daughter of S.P. & W.M. Godley, aged 9m, 22d. Eulogy.


John Lunney vs. Jane Lunney (non-resident). Divorce. Warren Co.


Mary E. Fleming, Administratrix of estate of John C. Fleming, deceased, will sell real estate.


September 7

Died in Monmouth August 31st., Andrew J. son of F. Hobensdel, aged 16 months.


James Duncan, a young man of Young America, accidentally shot himself on Friday. We learn his life is despaired of.


September 14, 1860

Married in this city on 12th inst. by Rev. R.C. Matthews, Mr. Frank H. Herdman to Miss Amelia M. Hill, all of this city.


Died in Sumner on September 10th of putrid sore throat, Tindal son of Martin & Abigail J. Kibby, aged 5y, 6m.


Died in Floyd on September 9th, Blanche S. youngest child of D.B. & M J. Lee, aged 2y, 1m, 14d.


Died in this city August 26th, John L. Smith, aged 33 years. Springfield, Ohio papers copy.


Died in Lenox Twp. 6th inst. George Wilber son of James M. & Myra W. Dickson, aged ly, 6m, 11d.


Died in Oxford, Henry Co. on 4th September after a lingering illness, Rev. R.M. Wilber, in the 67th year of his age.



September 21

The county treasurer made the following payments:

James C. Crawford for holding inquest on body of George Tinker of Young America. Authorized payment for clothing for Mrs. Churchell and family, a poor woman in Kelly, not to exceed ten dollars. F. Hobensdel paid for coffin for J. Adams. A.A. Bunker paid for care and attention to James Adams and digging his grave. Application made in behalf of M. Erenah Tucker, a resident of Monmouth, for admission as a student to Illinois State Normal School. Paid Catharine Killian $42.50 for care of Charles Hughs, a sick pauper who was unable to be removed to the Poor House. Payment to overseer of poor in Monmouth for Mrs. Adams and family. Same for overseer of poor in Floyd for Mrs. Noris and children. The board declined to pay druggists Grant and Brown for medicine for Hughs.


Died in Young America on 10th inst., George Merril A., son of Geo. S. & Phebe A. Newell, aged 2y, 7m, 19d.


September 28, 1860

Married 20th inst. by Rev. W. Bain at Van Brunt House in Burlington, Oakley Johnson, Esq. of Young America, Warren Co. and Miss Lissa Wilson of Cleveland, Ohio.


Married on 18th inst. by Rev. D.A. Wallace, Mr. A.P. Jamison of Oquawka to Miss Arzella Hardin of Monmouth.


Died in Monmouth September 23d after an illness of five days, Margarett Ramsey infant daughter of William and Esther Annie Graham, aged 9m.


Died at Berwick on Tues. last of typhoid fever, Mrs. Parthena, wife of Dr. T.M. Luster.


Notice is hereby given that O. Johnson and John H. Johnson have dissolved their partnership by mutual consent.


October 5

Notice is hereby given that Misses S.A. Collins and A.E. Fleming have dissolved their partnership by mutual consent.


October 12

Died in Monmouth on October 11 of typhoid fever, Miss Henrietta J. daughter of Robert B. and Electa Fuller, aged 27y, 11m, 11d.


October 19, 1860

Died on 14th October David Pollock, youngest son of M.D. & M.A. Campbell of Monmouth, aged 4y, 2m, 17d.


Notice is hereby given that NA Rankin and Azro Patterson have dissolved their partnership by mutual consent.


October 26

Notice is hereby given that Robert Holloway and Henry M. Boggess have dissolved their partnership by mutual consent.


Married in Galesburg on October 11th by Rev. Dr. Candee, Rev. J.D. Steel of Manhattan, K.T. to Miss Lucy A. Martin, youngest daughter of Joel Martin of Galesburg.


Died September 30th at the residence of his father at Liberty, Guernsey Co. Ohio, D.W. Wagstaff, in the 25th year of his age.


November 3

Married Brimfield, Massachusetts, on October 17th by Rev. Jason Morse, Geo. H. Fay of Monmouth, 111. and Mary J. Griggs of Brimfield.


Married at residence of Mr. David B. Findley in Hale Twp. on October 17th by Rev. John Scott, Mr. Daniel N. Bunker and Mrs. Martha Hogan.


Public Notice is hereby given that Julia A. Hall, Administrator of estate of Robert S. Hall, deceased, late of Warren Co. will attend the County Court for the purposes of settling and adjusting all claims.


Miss Carrie McMillan will open Juvenile Class for instruction in Music.


November 9, 1860

Married November 1st at the residence of the bride’s father in Ogle Co. Ill. by Rev. A. Sanford, Mr. Almiron G. Pierce of Warren Co. to Miss Carrie C. Sanford of Ogle.


November 16

Died in this city October 22, G. Nellie Dewey Hubbard wife of Mark C. Hubbard and daughter of A. Dewey of Palmer, Mass., aged 23 years.


November 23

Mrs. L.G. Carlton is prepared to give lessons on the Piano forte at her residence on College St.


Charles Henry gives notice that he has given his son, Kirk W. Henry the remainder of his minority and shall claim none of his earnings nor pay any of his debts.


December 7

Married on 29th November by Rev. John Scott at residence of the bride’s mother in Hale Twp., Mr. Obadiah C. Findley and Miss Martha Allen.


Public Notice is hereby given that John McClanahan, Administrator of estate of Samuel N. Askron, deceased, late of Warren Co. will attend the County Court for the purposes of settling and adjusting all claims.


December 14

Died in Lenox Twp. December 7, Mrs. Rebecca wife of Rev. James R. Brown and daughter of Judge Thompson of this city, aged 27 years.