January 4, 1850

Married in Tylerville on 25th ult. by Rev. Mr. Bruner, Mr. A.R. Chilson to Miss Harriet M. Bran.

January 11

Maj. Henry L. Prentiss was killed in Quincy on Christmas Eve. Difference occurred in saloon about a game of cards and he and Austin West came to blows. West is in jail. From the Knoxville Journal.

All persons with claims against the estate of Albert Allen, deceased of Warren Co., are hereby notified to present them to Benjamin W. Allen, Adm. by March next.

January 18

Married 17th inst. by Rev. R.S. Monroe, Mr. Gustavus Wilcox of Genessee, Mississippi, to Margaret Gilbert of this place.

Married 10th inst. in Monmouth by Geo. W. Palmer, Esq., Mr. Joseph McCoy to Mrs. Eliza Wright, all of Monmouth.

Died in Rock Island on 31 December, Sarah, daughter of Wm. and Mary Jane Bailey, aged 19m.

All persons with claims against the estate of Cosby Bauman, deceased, of McDonough Co., are notified to present then to James H. Bacon, Exr., by March next.

January 25

Wm. L. Armstrong, an indentured boy, left without consent. James Martin.

All persons with claims against the estate of Andrew Robinson, deceased, of Warren Co., are hereby notified to present then to James G. Madden, Adm. by March next.

Prusia J. Hatch, Admx. of Jonathan Hatch, deceased, vs. Chester Hatch, Michael Hatch, Benjamin Hatch, Louisa Lathrop, Almira Phillips, Chancy Hatch, Caroline Rockwell, Adeline Kipp, Lucy Smith, Abigail Hatch and Emeline Bristoe. Petition for partition of real estate.

February 1, 1850

Died 21st inst., two daughters of Henry Seeley, one 18 years, one 15, a son 11 or 12 years, and a son of Moore, when they drowned on the east branch of Spoon River. The man driving the wagon and another son of Wm. Moore escaped.

Job Rhodes writes to friend, Morgan, from Sacramento, California, in a letter dated 20 October describing conditions. D.C. Smalley writes sister from Upper California in a letter dated 26 November mentioned partner Job Rhodes, Mr. Allen, William Hardenbrook and Henry Paine from Monmouth. John Mitchell was working 12 miles away.

Fire broke out in Peoria at Wm. A. Herron's drug store on last Sat. evening located on Main Street. Killed was Wm. Pickett, clerk of the establishment and brother of Thomas J. Pickett, Esq. one of the editors of the Register and Champion, and Jas. Kirkpatrick editor of Peoria American. Mr. Decker lost most of his property and his son-in-law narrowly escaped by jumping from a third story window.

James Thompson will head for California.

February 8

Belfield Lloyd, Adm. of estate of Ezra Jennings, dec'd, vs. Daniel Holeman, and Huldah, his wife; Lucy Johnson, George James and --- James, his wife, Horace Jeenings[sic], Hiram Jennings, Thomas J. Kinney and William W. Kinney. Petition to sell land.

Man named Thompson came to Monmouth on Monday last with wife and put up at the tavern. He took her to the house of an acquaintance and said he would be back at 4:00, but he did not return. Thompson, as he calls himself, came to Carthage in Hancock Co., professing to be a minister of the ARP Church. After a few weeks, he married, procured two horses and a buggy and set out for this place. Said to be headed for Iowa. Scotchman by birth, well educated and fluent speech. Any information about him will be thankfully received. Contact Rev. Benjamin Applebee of Monmouth or T.L. Barnes of Carthage.

February 15

Thompson (see above) went as far as Burlington, Iowa, and sent buggy and horses to Oquawka and continued his journey. Quite too many of these “pious knaves” abroad.

Married 1st inst. by Samuel Claycomb, Esq., Mr. T.B. Elder and Miss Electa Lucinda McNeil.

William Flemming vs. Elisha Skaggs. Warren Co. Attachment for debt.

February 22

Man by the name of Lewis committed suicide in the latter part of the week. Cane into town from Oquawka where he reportedly had been robbed of considerable money. He was drinking freely there. On Wed., he purchased a quantity of arsenic for the purpose, he said, of killing rats at his brothers who lived 5 or 6 miles from town. He was found by Mr. Earp lying by the side of the road. He was an Irishman by birth.

March 1, 1850

Married 23rd by Walter Earp, Esq., Mr. Samuel Spencer and Miss Elizabeth Douglas.

Married 21st by Rev. Mr. McDowel, Mr. J.K. Gibson of Center Grove and Miss Elizabeth Hogue of Henderson Co.

Died 19th inst., four miles north of Monmouth, Henry B. Strode, only son of Washington and Rhuama Strode, age llm, 10d.

March 8, 1850

Married 28th ult. by Rev. Benjamin Applebee Jr., Mr. Jonoshom Mulnex and Mary Grisham.

Married in Henderson Co. Wed. last by Rev. Robert Ross, Mr. Robert Hopkins and Miss Harriet McQuown.

Married 28th ult. by Robert Patterson, Esq., Mr. Joseph Essex and Miss Julia Ann Curtis.

Married same day, Mr. Ebenezer Scull and Miss Cynthia M. McCullough.

Warren Co.: Elizabeth Ritchey, guardian of Elizabeth Ritchey, Martha Ritchey, Susan Ritchey, Maria Ritchey vs. Matthew D. Ritchie and Mary, his wife; Solomon McCully and Sarah, his wife; Mary Ritchey, Jemima Ritchey, James Ritchey, Abigail Ritchey, and Jane Ritchey. Petition to sell land.

James A. McCallon, Adm. of the estate of James McCallon, dec'd, petitions to sell real estate, subject to life estate of Margaret McCallon, widow. Warren Co.

Bernard B. Hendel offers $5.00 reward for return of gold watch.

March 15

We learn from the Knoxville Journal, Mr. Tharq son, alias Miller, acknowledged how wrongly he acted. He is subject to derangement and was in that state. He has returned to Carthage where his wife resides.

Died at Rockwell's Mill on the 8th inst., Mr. Cornelius V. Hopper, age 62y, 8m.

Died Sat. night last a few miles south of Oquawka, Mr. Ebenezer Russell. Wm. Nash, Ext. of the estate of R.M. Black, deceased, will sell real estate.

March 22

Charles Vandever, Adm. estate of James Kelsey, deceased vs. Elizabeth (late E. Kelsey, widow of James Kelsey) now intermarried with John Blue, Mary Jane, Margaret Ann, John, William H. and Samuel Kelsey, children and heirs of James Kelsey, deed, petition to sell real estate.

All persons with claims against the estate of Edward Perdue, deceased, of Warren Co., are hereby notified to present them to Henry Meadows, Exr. by May next.

March 29

Letter from J.H. Mitchell, Esq., late of Monmouth, from Sacramento City, dated January 21, describing conditions and travels. Mentions M.G. Smith of Monmouth, Geo Smith of Little York, McLean of Monmouth, new of Sacramento; Job Rhodes, C. Smalley and David Allen of Monmouth are now at Weavertown. David Findley who moved fran Henderson Co. to Oregon is now in Sacramento and looks like “the same old coon.” Col. M.D. Richey, Starkes and most of Little York emigrants now at “Mapper Valley.”

Mrs. Ireland and her daughter of Quincy, IL came to an awful death by freezing and starvation on the mountains during the winter on their way to California. They insisted the father and husband seek his own safety. From the Burlington Herald Examiner.

Messrs. Hutchinson, Delashmutt, L.P. Reed and Stephens of Monmouth vicinity returned from California. Also Messrs. Saunders and Black of Mt. Pleasant. Most brought $50-600. L.P. Reed was robbed of $1500 at Havana. From the Burlington Herald Examiner.

G. Turnbull, guardian, of William Turnball Black, a minor over 14 years, notified John Black, Harvey Black, Henry Black of his intent to resign guardianship. Warren Co.

April 5, 1850

On Friday last, ten teams taking with them 39 persons left for Oregon. Elijah Davidson, 67 years and an early settler of this county was with them. He was a pioneer here from Kentucky and now takes family, including numerous grandchildren and is bound for the Pacific.

April 12

George P. Hogue, an old and respected citizen, committed suicide Friday morning last. He was formerly from Tennessee and long a resident of the city. He was about 65 years of age. He complained of severe pain in his head and dizziness; suffered a fit of mental derangement. Member of the Presbyterian Church. He was found in the barn of Wm. Gibson with a razor in his hand and wound inflicted to the throat. Son-in-law, Mr. Hill mentioned.

Died 31 March at the residence of his son, Cornelius Deweese Jr., Elder Cornelius Deweese, age 77y, 20d. Preacher of the Gospel for 50 years; 25 years a in the Baptist Church and since to the Christian Church.

Died in Monmouth of inflammation of the lungs on Tues. morning last, Miss Lydia Oaks, aged 40 years from Windham Co. Vermont.

April 19, 1850

Circuit Court: Indicted George Ellsworth who is in jail for passing forged bills; Abisha McBride for running a disorderly house, assault and for selling liquor. Francis W. Tate was convicted for assault; Thadeus Thomas convicted of riot.

A daughter of Mr. Thomas Kitchen of Burlington burned to death Sunday last. From the Burlington Herald Express.

Died near Berwick on 5th inst, Mr. John Taylor, aged about 20 years, son of Mr. Hiram Taylor.

Died near Monmouth on 18th inst., eldest son of A.M. Canstock, aged about 14 years.

April 26

Circuit Court: Woody Alexander pled guilty to selling liquor without a license. Joel Hedgpeth, Justus Parker and Nelson Alley were indicted for selling liquor.

Letter received in Rock Island from California announcing the death of Henry Conway and two sons of Joel Wells of Moline.

Letter from J.D. Thompson, Santa Barbara, to father, James Thompson, of Monmouth, dated 1 February describing conditions. Mentioned Haynes and West of Knox Co.

Wm. H. Oglesby, Adm. will sell real estate of Willis Oglesby on 20 June.

May 10

Died near Berwick on 3rd inst, Mrs. Sarah Shelton, aged about 40 years, consort of John Shelton.

Died in Milton Twp. on 5th inst, Mr. J.H. Black, aged about 28 years.

$20 Reward for William English who escaped jail at Monmouth. He is 26 years old, 5'8” and was sent from Fulton Co. charged with stealing. R. Maukey, Jailor.

All persons with claims against the estate of Ezekiel J. Tift, deceased, of Warren Co., are notified to present them to Jacob B. Bliss, Adm. by July next.

May 17, 1850

Died in Monmouth April 27th of typhoid fever, Sophia daughter of Rev. W.F. Ferguson, aged 9 years.

Notice to legal heirs at law of Richard H. Ragland, deceased, late of Warren Co. to wit: Mary Ann wife of Stephen R. Smith, Isaac R. Hamilton, husband of Lucinda, his wife, dec'd; George W. Ragland, Sarah Bruner, John L. Ragland, Joel E. Ragland, Robert F. Ragland, Daniel W. Ragland. Peter Butler & Elijah Davidson, Exrs., will make final settlement of estate.

Petition in Mercer Co. to sell real estate of Hugh Montgomery, deceased. Levi Shaw & Nancy Jane Merryman, Adms.

All persons with claims against the estate of Robert H. McGlothlan, deceased of Warren Co., are notified to present them to Thomas Bruington, Adm. by July next.

May 24

Letter from H.J. Ward of Park's Bar, Yuba River, California, dated 20 March to Silas Olmstead of Monmouth, describing conditions. Mentioned Edward and William Kellogg, Daniel Huff and C.P. Hamlin.

Married in Monmouth on 23rd inst. by G.W. Palmer, Esq., Mr. William Look and Mrs. Mary Ann Haley, all of Monmouth.

Died on 14th inst, Silas Willard Jr. aged ly, 10d. Died suddenly in Oquawka on 16th inst, Mr. Jacob Mains.

May 31

Rev. Joel Sweet of Berwick moved to Trivele, Peoria Co.

Married 23rd by Rev. W.F. Ferguson of this place, Mr. John A. Rockwood of LaSalle Co. to Miss Sarah Jane Lewis, near Berwick.

Died in Oquawka Sunday last, Mrs. Henry wife of S. B. Henry. After washing dishes, she was in the act of hanging up the pan when it slipped out of her hands and in attempting to catch it, she kicked three bottles containing alcohol, camphor and castor oil onto the hot cook stove. The bottles broke and spilled over her clothes catching them on fire.

June 7

Board of Supervisors of Warren County submitted by Daniel McNeil, with their native state:








John C. Bond

Green Bush


Eliphalet C. Lewis


New Jersey

H.J. McCool


New York

Peter Butler

Cold Brook


Wm. Graham



Hazekiah Simmons



David C. Rigg

Hat Grove


Porter Phelps


New York

Daniel. McNeil


New Hampshire

Robert Gilman

Spring Grove


Warren Parke

Point Pleasant


Eliphalet Mitchell

New Lancaster


Joseph Tinkhan

Center. Grove


T.F. Lowther



Wm. C. Mabry




Died at the residence of her father, Mr. Charles Jack of Shabana, Henry Co. IL on 5th June, Mary Margaret wife of C.M. Harris of Oquawka.

All persons with claims against the estate of David Jr., deceased, of Warren Co., are hereby notified to present then to David Jun, Adm. by August next.

George Watson, Adm. of Roman Watson, deceased, will sell real estate in Warren Co.

June 21, 1850

Letter from Sarah Ann Talbot of Portland, Oregon, dated 4 February 1850, describing trip and conditions. Mentions death of Berry, sister-in-law to “Kelsoe” of Camden, Maj. McCoy, the first man in the valley was well; Dr. Maley was dead; the Finleys had gone to California; mentions Mrs. Finley was a Ritchie; Matthew Ritchie and wife were alive and well in California—all news that Indians killed him was false. McCarver family were in California and immensely wealthy. He has married again. White and family in Oregon City, also wealthy. No tidings of Holcomb or Wm. Adams. Mentioned “Widow Henderson Humphrey's brother” were there from Iowa but took ship for California. Alek Rodgers is up the valley and doing well. “Tell Joseph you heard frail me.”

Mr. Knox who left Mercer Co. for California and has arrived back in Keithsburg and is one of the lucky ones.

Married in Monmouth on 17th inst. by Rev. Benjamin Applebee, Jr., Mr. Thomas Ridgely to Miss Harriet Watson, all of this place.

Died on 16th inst. in Monmouth, Mrs. Sarah A.P. Earp, consort of Walter C. Carp, age 29 years.

Warren Co.: Samuel Graham, James Graham, Mary McGuffin, Hannah McMillan, Ebenezer Graham, Thomas Graham, Martha Graham, adults and John Graham, William M. Graham, Robert S. Graham, George W. Graham, Themes P. Graham, minors by next friend, Samuel Graham, pints. vs. Joseph McCoy, Mary McCoy, John McCoy, William McCoy, Washington Maley, Margaret Maley, Thomas Cannon, Jane Cannon, Elizabeth Findley, Lydia McFarland, John Barton, William Barton, Thomas G. Barton, Mary Barton, defendants. Joseph McCoy, Adm. estate of Wm. McCoy, deceased, has filed petition to sell real estate.

June 28

All persons with claims against the estate of John Andrews, deceased, of Warren Co., are hereby notified to present them to James Andrews, Adm. by September next.

Warren Co. The following are notified of attachment of property for debt: Wm. Hopper vs. Samuel Buck; C.S. Colton vs. William Beswick; George Peckenpaugh vs. George Smeltzer.

July 5, 1850

Trial of Austin West for the murder of Maj. H.L. Prentiss in December last took place in Oquawka. He was found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to three years in the penitentiary. Thomas Amer was said to have struck the fatal blow and had been arrested but evidence was insufficient.

Died near Sugartree Grove of typhoid fever on 29th ult, Mr. Wm. P. Edwards, aged 21 years. Eulogy.

July 12

Letter from David B. Findley in Nevada City, California, to father in Monmouth dated 19 April. Mentions loving brother, William, in Santa Cruz recovering from illness. Mentions David Findley and son, Geo. Smith, Anthony Jenkins, Lewis Coon, Alex Rodgers of Napa Valley. He found Haskins well in Sacramento. At the mines, met Wm. Findley and his sister Nancy and Milton Findley, James L. Findley, and friends in Oregon. Mentions Joseph McClanahan, Wm. Hanna, Robert, James and Wm. Glass.

July 19

Deaths in Burlington, Iowa, last Sat, and Sun. from cholera: Mr. David Harrison, Mrs. Frances Wise, sister of Messrs. J.W. & E. Isett of Wapello on a visit at Gov. Clarke's, Mrs. Christina H. Clarke, wife of Gov. Clarke and daughter of Hon. Henry Dodge, U.S. Senator from Wisconsin, Miss Jane Stull daughter of Gen. H.W. Stull, former secretary of Territory of Iowa, Mrs. Julia Ann Whitehead wife of David Whitehead, Merchant and their 4 children: Mary, Amelia, Rachel and Matthew Whitehead, and Mrs. Deitcher wife of Mr. Deitcher, grocer. Mr. Whitehead and older child escaped attack.

Married in Monmouth by Walter Earp, Esq., Mr. Silas Tracy of Henderson Co. and Miss Mary Jane Anderson.

Died in Green Bush on 29 June, Cyrus Sisson, Esq., aged 35 years of pulmonary consumption. Left a wife and one child.

July 26, 1850

List of deaths of persons from Illinois from the plains: Thomas Morrell, Kane Co.; James Walker, Rock Island; John Anderson, Henderson Co.; Peter Waggoner, Cass Co.; A. Wood, Boone Co.; Charles Stonigal, Adams Co.; Amos L. Hardin, Warren Co.; George Stanley, Pike Co.

Sarah Shoemaker, Admx. of estate of Samuel Shoemaker of Will Co. will sell real estate on 4 September

Mercer Co.: Notice to heirs of Christian Muhlenburg, deceased. Nuncupative will bequesting all property to sister, Jetta Teerman. Notice of hearing to record will on 11 July.

Warren Co.: John M. Dodge and Margaret, his wife; Robert Deaton and Kesiah, his wife, plntf. vs. Rosanna Murphy, Rachel Reynolds and unk. heirs; Maxmillian Jamison and Sarah, his wife, Wm. Murphy, John B. Murphy, Zachariah Ray and Octavia, his wife; Erastus R. Means, and Lucy Ellen, his wife, heirs of James Means; Paul C. Murphy and William H. Murphy, Luann Murphy, Allisid A. Murphy, and Solomon Murphy, heirs of Seth C. Murphy; Miron Smith, Byron Smith, Paradine Smith, Perry Smith, heirs of Ephriam Smith; George Cross and Juliet E., his wife and Wm. Reynolds (non-resident), John Reynolds and David Reynolds. Notice to appear October term.

Died near Tylerville on 12th inst. of inflammation of pelvic viscera, Miss Julia Carnes, aged about 16 years.

August 2

From the Galesburg Northwestern Gazette: Letter from J.B. Colton of Stanislaus Diggins, California, dated 27 April describing sufferings of trip. Four men died out of Colorado, one was Wm. Robinson of “Maquon”; others “strangers.”

Article regarding William Callendine who was arrested for horse stealing and passing counterfiet money in Henderson Co.; brought to Monmouth.

Married at the American Hotel yesterday by Rev. R.S. Monroe, John Axtell and Miss Lydia S. Long.

August 9

Married in Monmouth on 5th inst. by Geo. W. Palmer, Esq., Mr. James K. Ellison, and Miss Harriet Angeline G. Burr.

Warren Co.: Martha Jane Kings vs. Charles B. Stewart, Alexander Stewart, Errena Stewart and Martha Jane Stewart, Justus Taylor and Samuel Boggs, defendant. Petition for dower.

Hiram Watson vs. George Watson, Adm. of Roman Watson, deceased,. George Watson, Thomas Watson(non-resident), Augustus W. Bissell(non-resident) and Millicent E. Bissell (non-resident), defendants. Notice to appear in Warren Co.

Wm. Nash, guardian of Elizabeth Ritchey, jr. and Martha Ritchey vs. Elizabeth Ritchey, Matthew D. Ritchey and Mary, his wife; Solomon McCully and Sarah, his wife; Mary Ritchey, Janina Ritchey, Abagail Ritchey, Jane Ritchey, Susan Ritchey, Maria Ritchey, James Ritchey. Petition to sell real estate in Warren Co.

Juliette Byron vs. Edward S. Byron. Divorce. Grounds: Desertion for more than two years. Warren Co.

Auqust 23

Mercer Co.: Zebulon P. Willett and Rachel Willett vs. John M.H. Wilson, Frederick Frick and Nancy, his wife; John Nevins (non-resident) and Hannah, his wife; Thomas B. Cabeen, and Lucy, his wife; Emily Wilson, Orville Beesen, unknown heirs of Charles Wilson (non-resident), deceased; children of Mary Ann Bright (non-resident), Benjamin F. Wilson, James Wilson (non-resident), Frazier Wilson, Alice Beaubien (non-resident), Oscar Beaubien (non-resident) and Paul Sheriff. Petition to partition land.

August 30

Letter from Samuel Foster of Sacramento City, California, dated June 23 giving account of journey.

September 6

Married in Monmouth on 2nd inst. by Rev. Ferguson, Mr. Faliam Brydolf of Burlington, Iowa, and Miss Fannie Jane West.

Died at the residence of Mr. Sickman of consumption, Miss Elizabeth Green, age 19 years.

Died on 2nd after illness of three weeks, Miss Sickman, age 19 years.

Died near Berwick on 19th ult., Elm Blain, surviving son of Rufus and Narcissa Ogden, aged ly, 2m, when he accidentally swallowed gun caps.

September 13

Married near Berwick on 8th inst. by Judge Quinby, Mr. Frederick N. Allen and Miss Elizabeth Osborn.

Married in Oguawka on 4th inst., Mr. Levi B. Willinson and Mrs. Mary Cousland both of Henderson Co.

Died near Monmouth on 6th inst., Aseneth Amanda, daughter of Daniel M. and Elizabeth Smiley, aged ly, 8m, 19d.

Died near Monmouth on 2nd, Hannah Black wife of John Black, aged 55 years.

Died in Keithsburg on 26th ult., Adelia Hubbell, youngest daughter of Mrs. H.G. Calhoun, aged 3y, 10m.

September 20

Letter from David D. Colton from Sacramento, dated 10 July to father, Isaac W. Colton in Galesburg. Mentions James Noteware and B. Carpenter, Horn, King, C.N. Noteware, G.W. Waters, G.W. Gale, S. Adams, William Skinner. James Bergen and the rest of the company were far behind, Olmsted and George Ferris were with them.

Letter from C.W. Lucas of Weavertown dated 28 July to father, M. Lucas describing conditions.

Died in this place on 14th, Violetta L. Cornish, youngest daughter of Henry and Eunice Cornish, aged 2y, 9m.

September 27

Mary A. Smith, guardian of Francis Smith, minor heir of Francis Smith, deceased, petitions to sell real estate.

William D. Look, guardian. of John B. Haley and Nancy Ann Haley, minor heirs of Maxmillian Haley, deceased, petitions to sell real estate.

October 4, 1850

All persons with claims against the estate of William R. Pearce, deceased, of Warren Co., are notified to present them to Thomas Pearce, Adm. by November next.

All persons with claims against the estate of Dennis Finn, deceased, of Mercer Co., are hereby notified to present them to Eliza Bentler, Extrix. by December next.

All persons with claims against the estate of Thomas Morgan, deceased, of Mercer Co., are hereby notified to present them to Martin Bear, Adm. by November next.

Thomas Pearce gives notice that he will settle accounts of his ward, Sarah Ann Pearce.

October 11

All persons with claims against the estate of James Grigsby, deceased, of McDonough Co., are to present them to Redman Grigsby, Adm. by December next.

All persons with claims against the estate of John M. Black, deceased, of Warren Co., are hereby notified to present them to Mary Ann Black, Adm. by November next.

Joseph P. Tenney, Adm. of estate of Lyman Tenney, deceased, late of Mercer Co., will sell real estate.

Walter and John Burnsides were arrested for passing counterfeit in Henderson Co.

Mr. Stewart Butt of this county, was found murdered in corn field in Dry Run Hollow on Peoria Road. Robbery appears to be the motive. From the Knoxville Journal.

October 18

Circuit Court: Abisha McBride pled guilty of six indictments of selling liquor without a license. Joel S. Hedgepeth guilty of two counts, Justus Parker and Nelson Alley pled guilty to same offense.

Wm. Brent and Thaddeus Thomas found guilty of riot and fined $50.00.

George W. Ellsworth guilty of passing counterfeit money.

Abisha McBride found guilty of assault on A. Abbott.

Wm. Callendine's case of larceny was continued.

Harvey J. Hewett of Green Bush, Warren Co., was robbed near same spot as Mr. Butt (see above). Physicians say case is hopeless. Suspects have been arrested. There are fears that robbers will be taken from jail and dealt with.

Letter from John Swigart, Wm. Price and Ebenezer Price in Upper California, dated 25 July mentioning that they left Abingdon, Knox Co. on March 13, traveling with old acquaintence from Ohio; Gen. Row and Wm. Fisher from Marion, Ohio; mentioned Ebenezer Hendrix.

Married 16th in Monmouth by Rev. R.S. Monroe, Mr. Alonzo Grover and Miss Amanda B. Root, all of this place.

October 25

Married in Oquawka on 20th inst. by Rev. Wm. R. Talbot, Mr. L.J. Partenter and Miss Hannah Savage, all of this county.

November 1

Died on 25th ult, George W., only son of George W.M. and Mary Jane Atwood, age ly, 9m, 18d.

Died on 18 October, Harvey Hewitt, age 54 years, who was robbed on the 11th. He was buried the Monday following. He was a native of Maine where he married 13 years ago. H then removed to Warren Co. Illinois. Member Free Will Baptist Church. Father and husband.

November 8, 1850

Letter from Rev. Ezra Fisher from Oregon City dated March 1, who went to Oregon five years ago, to Mr. Horace Anthony. Mentioned family was in good health; also named John McLosky.

Died 23rd September near Green Bush, Julia Parthenia daughter of Wm. H. and Harriet Pierce, aged 2y, 2d.

November 15

Died 22 Oct, of cholera on board steamer “Martha” #2 on Ohio River, Mr. William Nelson, Sen., of this city, aged 62 years.

November 22

All persons with claims against the estate of A.W. Sisson, deceased, of Warren Co., are hereby notified to present then to Joseph Sisson, Adm. by January next.

All persons with claims against the estate of David M. Shippey, deceased, of Mercer Co., are notified to present than to Thomas Shippey, Adm. by February next.

All persons with claims against the estate of Cyrus F. Sisson, deceased, of Warren Co., are hereby notified to present them to Rebecca Ann Sisson, Extrix., Joseph Sisson and Ezekiel Chambers, Exrs., by January next.

November 29, 1850

Married in Swan Twp. on 24th inst, E. Linurance, Esq. and Mrs. Nancy Bear all of this county.

December 6

Died near Tylerville on 25th inst. from effect of burns, Matilda, eldest daughter of Bradner and Eliza Wilson, aged about 4 years.

December 13

Died in Rushville on December 8, Dr. David Smith, formerly of this place, of consumption.

James Tourtellott warns public not to take notes executed by J.T. and D.S. Ames to L.P. Rockwell.

December 27

Married 12th inst. by Rev. Wm. Oburn, Mr. John Turnbull of Warren Co. to Miss Jane Findley of Muskingum, Ohio.

Henry Hoagland and Alexander McGaugh, Adm de bonis non of Wm. C. Brownlee, deceased, will sell real estate in Mercer Co. on 8 February 1851