January 5, 1849

All persons with claims against the estate of James Stewart, deceased, of Warren Co., are hereby notified to present them to Ira F.M. Butler, Adm. by March next.

January 12

Married in Monmouth on 4th inst. by Rev. Ferguson, Mr. James Robertson to Miss Emeline Morgan.

Died in Tremont on 31 December, Col. Charles Oakley from inflammation of the lungs. S. Olmsted and H.J. Ward dissolve partnership by mutual consent.

January 19

Fuller Atchison vs. Maria Atchison (non-resident). Divorce. McDonough Co.

February 2

Married in Rock Island on the 23rd ult. by Rev. Larkin, Capt. Henry Powars to Miss Rhoda K. Smith, all of that place.

February 9

All persons with claims against the estate of John Murphy, deceased, of Warren Co., are hereby notified to present them to Ephraim Smith, Ext., by April next.

February 23, 1849

Following are a list of subscribers who are forming a company of emigrants to the Territory of California, to start in the Spring of 1849:

   Findley, William             Hamlin, Charles           Pool, Joshua

Blackburn, D.D.

Clark, Orren

Cook, M.A.

Churchill, L.B.



Blackburn, Jacob

Keannie, Gotliep



Westerfield, James

Ward, H.J.



Ewing, Alex.

Lorton, W.B.

Thompson, J.

Taylor, E.N.

Brocklebank, A.M.

Hurlbert, J.J.

Kimble, R.

Vanpelt, W.R.



Arms, Cephas

Hanna, Samuel



Morse, N.D.

Glass, Robert



Palmer, Alex.

Canon, A.M.

Fury, John

Price, R.L.

Blackburn, James H.



Hale, James

Darnell, Joseph

Lant, W.


Montgomery, J.H.

West, Leveritt



Bruce, William

Ewing, John

Ray, Jeremiah

Scott, J.W.

Haggerty, Samuel

Hanna, J.L

Linn, D.

Richard, A.M.

Hanna, Green








March 2, 1849

Saturday afternoon last, 2 horse sleighs containing five persons broke through the ice in Rock River; only two were saved. Lost were Samuel Tindall, his sister, Margaret, about 19 years, and Miss Sarah Brashar daughter of Wm. T. Brashar of this vicinity. Wm. Tindall and George Bowlin escaped. None of the bodies have been recovered. From The Rock Island Advertiser.

Died 18th inst. at the residence of Dr. A.A. Allen in Little York, George E. Rapson, age 15 years, a native of London, England.

C.W. Lucas lost $330,000 in bills in Monmouth. $35.00 Reward.

March 9

William Barrows of Warren Co. vs. Henry F. Williams. Attachment for debt.

Warren Co. Circuit Court: George Watson, Adm. of Ronan Watson, deceased, vs. Hiram Watson, Thomas Watson, Jr. Thomas Watson, Sr. Millicent W. Bissell and Augustus E. Bissell. Notice to interested persons of the heirs petition to sell real estate.

Married 15th inst., two miles north of Monmouth by Walter Earp, Esq., Mr. Jas. A. McCallon and Miss Rebecca Ellifrat.

Warren Co. Circuit Court: Samuel G. Morse, Adm. & Letitia Long, Admx. of estate of John Long, deceased, vs. Velney Long, John T. Long, Lydia C. Long, Elizabeth Tucker, Delilah Fields, Elizabeth Schasler and Jane Tunnicliff, heirs of John Long, deceased. Petition to sell real estate.

March 30

Married in Monmouth by Samuel Claycomb, Esq., Mr. Linzey Clinkenbeard to Miss Lavinia Catharine Ritchey.

April 6

All persons with claims against the estate of James Gibson, deceased, of Warren Co., are hereby notified to present them to Sarah Gibson, Admx. by June next.

All persons with claims against the estate of Jaret Griffee, deceased, of Warren Co., are hereby notified to present them to Wilson Bandy, Adm. by June next.

List of Letters Left at the Monmouth Post Office which must be removed before April 1 or they will be sent to the P.O. Dept. as dead letters.


Bryant, Miss Pemo

Gray, Geo. M.



Barrington, Sally Ann

Gregory, Allen


Wm. C.

Cochran, A.

Hanes, Mrs. Sarah


Ph. M.

Enoch, Jacob

Ingals, John D.

Short, Hansford

Fletcher, A.

Moon, Rees

Vertrees, Wm. A.


Married in Monmouth on 28th ult, by Walter Earp, Esq., Mr. Greenberry Meadows to Miss Mary Jane Meadows, all of Monmouth.

April 27, 1849

Married in Monmouth by Walter Earp, Esq., Mr. John W. Perdue to Miss Sarah Daniel, all of Monmouth.

May 4

From The Peoria Register: Mr. Robert Cline was killed by lightning last Sat. evening last. He was one of the first settlers in the county.

May 18

Ten cases of cholera in Oquawka; five deaths.

May 25

H.H. May and F.P. Sisson will dissolve partnership by mutual consent.

June 1, 1849

Died, Francis Nicold, a German, and member of family of John Phillips of Bloomington, Iowa; keeper of the ferry. An assault was made on his house on 23 May as a result of a long a feud. Long article.

June 15

Died in Oquawka on 7th inst, Enoch Conger, aged about 50 years.

Died in Nauvoo of cholera on Sunday, Joseph Eames, aged about 35 years. He was a resident of Oquawka.

Died in Henderson Co. on 3rd inst., Mrs. Elizabeth Crownover in her 63rd year.

June 22, 1849

Died of cholera on Tues. last, Samuel H. Davis, Esq. of Peoria, publisher of The Peoria Register.

Married in Monmouth on the 14th inst. by Walter Earp, Esq., Mr. Hiram Leach and Miss Nancy Mariah Hardisty.

Wm. Haney, guardian of George and Nancy Haney, petitions Circuit Court of Mercer Co. to sell real estate.

June 29

Died in Sugartree Grove on Tues. last, Andrew E. Rogers, aged 60 years, of inflammation of the bowels. He was a native of Virginia and emigrated from Missouri when about twelve years of age.

Died Tues. last in Monmouth, a child of Mr. D. Barekeman, aged 1 year.

July 6

Married in Mercer Co. on 26th ult, Mr. James A. Noble of Keithsburg to Miss Harriet W. daughter of Frederk Frick, Esq. of Bluff.

Married the same evening, Mr. Thomas B. Cabeen of Kentucky to Miss Lucy daughter of William Wilson, deceased.

Married same day in the same place, Dr. Adam Clendenin of Ohio to Miss Emily C. Hall of Louisa Co. Iowa.

Married Thurs. last at the residence of Joseph Watson, Thomas Alyea of New Boston to Sarah A. Signor.

Married in Rock Island on 19 June by Rev. Hall, Rev. Z.H. Goldsmith of Davenport and Mrs. Susan H. Lewis of the Island.

Died suddenly on 7 June at his residence at Honey Creek, Henderson Co., of apoplexy, Mr. Jonas Richards.

June 13

Died in Berwick, Tues. morning, Charles Showmaker, son of Peter Showmaker of congestion of the brain, in his 15th year.

July 27

Married June 5 by Rev. John E. Murphy, Mr. John Woodruff and Miss Elizabeth Dodge.

Married 14th of June in Monmouth by Walter Earp, Esq., Mr. Hiram Leach to Miss Nancy Maria Hardisty.

Married near Cold Brook on June 21 by Rev. L.S. Wallace, Mr. John H. Frythmire to Miss Mary L. Griffee.

Married June 21 by Rev. J.C. Bruce, Mr. Jeremiah Bivens to Mrs. Isabella Graham.

Married 19th in Monmouth by Rev. Ferguson, Mr. James F. Lowthar to Miss Minerva Robertson.

Married 4th inst. by James D. Smith, Mr. Israel Spuring and Elizabeth Marshall.

Married June 30 by Rev. Alexander Davidson, Mr. David F. Edwards to Miss Martha S. Reynolds.

Warren Co.: Lovett P. Rockwell vs. Joseph Greely (non-resident), John Brown, Wyatt B. Stapp and John B. Patterson. Bill in chancery. Notice to appear.

All persons with claims against the estate of Francis Smith, deceased, of Warren Co., are hereby notified to present them to John Reed, John Braun, Mary Smith, Exrs., by Sept next.

August 3

Married at Rockwell on 25th ult, by Rev. Talbot, Dr. W.W. Stillwagon to Miss Maria L. Rockwell, daughter of L.P. Rockwell, Esq.

Long letter from Wm. L. Adams formerly of Knox Co., now in Yune Hill Valley, Oregon Territory dated 12 February 1849 to his brother and kindred. Describes conditions.

Married 9th inst. by Mr. Samuel Claycomb Esq., Mr. Malen S. Watson to Miss Minerva Jane Maxwell.

August 24

Artemas Ward, of Quincy, died on Monday morning, the 13th. From The Quincy Whig of 24th.

Married in Berwick on 12th by Elder Joel Sweet, Mr. Geo. C. Cable to Miss Geraldine M. Mattison.

Warren Co. Circuit Court: Andrew J. Willey, Adm. de bonis non of John Van Cleve, deceased, vs. Electa Willey, late widow, and Elsa Van Cleve, heir of John Van Cleve. Petition to sell real estate.

Warren Co. Circuit Court: William J. 0glesbee, Adm. of Willis Ogelesbee, deceased, vs. Sally 0glesbee, Patsy Ann 0glesbee, Thomas 0glesbee, Joseph P. 0glesbee and Marietta 0glesbee, heirs of William 0glesbee, deceased. Petition to sell real estate.

September 7

B.W. Allen, Exr. of estate of Albert Allen, deceased, will sell real estate on 29 September in Berwick, Warren Co.

Died on 31st ult, Allen G. Andrews at his residence 4 miles north of Monmouth, age 56 years. He was born in Dayton, Mississippi, went Supercargo to Cuba and West Indies and resided there some years. In one voyage, he was a castaway for eight days. Married in Massachusetts, emigrated to Kentucky and from thence to Warren Co. in September 1828, being among the first families. He was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. He left a wife and six children [three having died before him.] His eldest son, Rollin G. Andrews died in Camden, Illinois on 4th ult. He was born 1823 in Kentucky; was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Left a wife of 11 months. He had recovered from cholera, but was taken off by fever.

September 14

Married 10th inst by Rev. Ferguson, Mr. Wm. B. Baxter of Griggsville, Pike Co. Mississippi, to Susan Angeline Parker, of this place.

Married (no date) by Rev. L.S. Wallace, Mr. Samuel Smith and Cornelia Buck.

Married 5th inst. by Samuel Claycomb, Esq., Mr. David H. Nichols to Miss Elizabeth Akinson.

September 28, 1849

Hancock Co. Circuit Court: Robert Clements indicted for passing counterfeit money. Sentenced to four years.      Hendricks, convicted of same offense.

D.H.W. Reide, dentist, died in 0quawaka Sunday night. He was a stranger and only been ill for a few days. No clue was obtained from papers regarding relatives.

Joseph Eshan left for California last spring and net with back luck. Indians stole his yoke of oxen. From Quincy Whig.

Married near Monmouth on 20th isnt, by Rev. Wm. K. Stewart of Macomb, Mr. Wilson M. Graham of 0quwaka to Miss E.J. Wilson of Rushville.

Married at Shokoken Thur. last, by Horatio A. Sprague, Esq., Mr. Emery S. Allen of Warren Co. to Miss Harriet M. Crenshaw of Henderson Co.

October 5

Warren Co. Circuit Court: A. McBride, J.M. Baldwin and N. Alley pled guilty to indictments of selling liquor without a license.

Died at his son's residence in Henderson Co. on 30th September, Abraham Marsden, age 68y, late of Manchester, England.

Mary Leybold, guardian of Sarah C., Nancy Ann and Mary Jane Leybold will sell 80 acres in the town of Berwick on September 27.

All persons with claims against the estate of Allen G. Andrews, deceased, of Warren Co., are hereby notified to present them to Nathaniel Hoffer and John Reed, Admrs. by January next.

October 11

Married 11th inst in Monmouth by Rev. R.S. Monroe, Hon. Azro Patterson of Oquawka and Miss Mary S. Babcock of Monmouth.

November 2

Andrew J. Wiley, Adm. de bonis non will sell on Oct 2, real estate belonging to John Van Cleve, deceased.

J.L. Hanna writes a letter to his father in Oquawka dated 14 August 1849 from Gold Diggins, California, describing conditions. Edward Ray writes to his friend, Simpson in Oquawka; letter dated 20 August 1849.

November 9

Died in Monmouth on 3rd inst. of typhus fever, Walter F. Webster, the eldest son of Dr. Samuel Webster, in his 20th year.

Died in Galesburg on 29th ult., Alexander Smith, age 25 years, son of Lemuel Smith of Warren Co.

November 16

Legal action to pay Paul Anderson amount due; legal action to pay J.S. Roberts amount due.

Died 14th in Monmouth, Mary Ellen, infant daughter of James G. and Martha E. Madden, age ly, 2m.

All persons with claims against the estate of Henry E. Haley, deceased, of Warren Co., are hereby notified to present them to Josiah Whitman, Adm. by January next.

November 23

Mr. James McCoy was seriously injured by a gun a few days since. He was on a deer hunt when the gun used by Mr. Logan Hopper went off. This is the 3rd or 4th accident which has taken place with firearms in the hands of Mr. Hopper, this one proving the most serious. No blame is intended but it is an unfortunate use of firearms.

House occupied by W.A. Jones, near Pierce's Grove burned with loss of all contents. The family was absent.

November 30

Fulton Co. Deaths from cholera: John Snyder, Benjamin Rawalt, Cpt. Rice, Jacob Fiddler. Knox Journal.

Died 9th inst, Rev. Peter Slipp, an old and esteemed citizen of Canton. He was killed by fall from a wagon.

Horse thieves struck two farms on Ellison Creek in Henderson Co. Jesse Harbison, George Lunt and Judge Steel of Warren Co. lost a wagon and Messers. Hopper a set of harness.

Married in Monmouth on 22nd by Walter Earp, Esq., Mr. John Mitchell to Mrs. Lydia Ann Grisam.

All persons with claims against the estate of Andrew Rodgers, deceased, of Warren Co., are hereby notified to present them to John R. Graham and William Nash, Adm. by January next.

December 7

Died in Tylerville on 24th ult, Elizabeth daughter of William and Betsey Langdon, aged about 3 years.

December 14

Married near Little York by James C. Bruce on the 6th inst., Mr. Levi Maley to Miss Margaret C. Paxton.

December 21

Married at Cambridge in Henry Co. on 9th inst, Dr. D.C. McNeil, formerly of this place and Miss Elizabeth Ann Graham of Cambridge.

John D. Hainelin and Benjamin F. Martin, Alms. of David F. Martin, deceased, will petition to sell real estate in McDonough Co.

McDonough Co.: Petition of Maucan Capien, Adm. of estate of Samuel Bland, deceased, to sell real estate.

All persons with claims against the estate of Anthony Richey, deceased, of Warren Co., are hereby notified to present than to John Armstrong and John Young, Adm. by February next.

December 28, 1849

Young man named Ellsworth arrested in Green Bush for passing counterfeit money.

Died in San Francisco, California, on 20 September, Col. Wm. L. May, age 60 years. Left Monmouth last spring for California with a view of bettering his fortune. Member of Congress from Springfield District. From The Peoria Champion.