Newnan, Coweta County, Georgia


September 9, 1865

J.M. Brown, who was a merchant of this place for the last eight years, died on Friday, the 1st inst. He was a man of pure and elevated character without enemies and his death was a source of grief to all who knew him. Tribute of Respect from Coweta Lodge No. 60.

Newnan lost another esteemed citizen on 2d inst. in the death of Mrs. Griswold. In life she possessed ample means and many rare traits of character.

Death of Mrs. Susan Edwards. She fell from a jersey wagon near Palmetto on 7th inst., but afterwards drove three miles to the residence of Mrs. Sam Arnold where she soon expired. Member of the Baptist church.

The Ordinary of this county informed us that up to the evening of 7th, he had administered the Amnesty Oath to 796 persons—of this number 644 voters of Coweta Co.

Mrs. Nellie Sweatman, a citizen of this place, was born in Saulsbury [sic] North Carolina, and removed to this State in her 16th year; she has resided in Georgia 79 years and in Newnan three years. She is in her 95th year and is now blind. The son with whom she last lived died n Confederate service. The place of residence of her two remaining children, if living, are not known to her.

Married 31 August by Thos Swint, J.L.C., Mr. John Delacy of Greenville, Ga. to Mrs. Martha McCombs of Coweta Co.

September 30, 1865

Miss Bettie Lowery was drowned in the Chattahoochee River near Hollingworth Ferry on 24th inst. by the sinking of the bateau in which she and two other persons were attempting to cross.

Mrs. H.A. Robinson, consort of N.M. Robinson, after a painful illness of great duration, departed this life on 15th of September leaving a husband and six children to deplore their irreparable loss. She was a faithful and consistent member of the Methodist church for more than 6 years before her death.

October 7, 1865

John W. Powell, Admr. and Ann E. Sims, Adm'x will sell personal property belonging to late John M. Sims.

J.C. Lumpkin has taken up a sorrel mare about 10 years old.

C.L. Redwine and J.S. Henry have dissolved partnership by mutual consent.

W.W. Addy, Administrator of Jacob Addy will apply to Coweta Co. Ordinary to sell lands to benefit heirs.

Mark Morgan, Administrator of property of Peter Windon, late of Meriwether County, will sell lands.

John Tillery has made application for Letters of Administration, with will annexed, on estate of Matilda Elmore, late of Coweta Co., deceased.

Henry A. North has made application for Letters of Administration on estate de bonis non of Benjamin W. North, late of Coweta County, deceased.

Osborn Linch has made application for Letters of Administration on estate of Alvin Chandler, late of Coweta County, deceased.

Mary E. Brown has made application for Letters of Administration on estate of Joseph M. Brown, late of Coweta County, deceased.

October 14, 1865

Wm. H. Kelley, Administrator of estate of Ezekiel L. Bailey, late of Coweta Co., deceased gives notice to debtors and creditors.

Geo. E. Smith gives notice to sell lands of estate of B.L.I. Smith, deceased.

Tolleson Kirby of Newnan GA offers $100 reward for horse stolen on 4 October

William Cadle and Green Freeman, who were in Coweta Jail awaiting the arrival of suitable guard from the Penitentiary, escaped here on the 6th. They had been sentenced to four years for simple larceny. Both have dark hair, dark complexion, age 30 years of age and weigh about 160 lbs. When they escaped, one wore Confederate gray and the other dark clothes. C. Robinson, Sheriff.

Miss Carrie E. Douglass, Miss Isadore E. Burch and Miss Joseph E. Pinson constituted the 12th graduating class at "College Temple." Miss H. Clay Ligon read the Alumnae Essay. The Annual Poem was read by Mrs. D.P. Woodruff.

Susan L. Bigby gives notice to persons having demands against the estate of John Bigby, late of said county.

Sarah R. Watkins has made application for Letters of Administration on estate of John E. Watkins, late of Coweta County, deceased.

October 21

Horse strayed or stolen from H.G. Waldrop.

Col. T.J. Berry died at his father's home in this city on 16th inst. He was a graduate of West Point Military Academy and a class mate of General Marmaduke. During two years he was Col. of 60th Ga. Regt.'s and was, with his command, in many severe engagements, in which he received five severe wounds. For a short period, he commanded a brigade of Cavalry under Gen. Early in Shenandoah Valley. Previous to the surrender of the Confederate armies, he had been retired.

Died at her residence in Newnan on 23d of August in 64th year of her age, Mrs. Sarah F. Thomas. The deceased was one of the original fifteen with which the Presbyterian Church was organized in 1828.

Died at the family residence in this place on 16th inst. Col. Thomas J. Berry in 30th year of his age, son of Hon. A.J. Berry and late of the 60th Regt. Ga. Vols., Army of Virginia. Details of military career.

October 28, 1865

Jane E. Pitts has made application for Letters of Administration on estate of Willis W. Pitts, late of Coweta County, deceased.

Catharine M. Gray has made application for Letters of Administration on estate of Benjamin Gray, late of Coweta County, deceased.

Thomas G. North has applied to be appointed Guardian of Viola, Columbus and Benjamin North, minors under fourteen years of age.

Iverson E. Waltom has made application for Letters of Administration on estate of John B.L. Waltom, late of Coweta County, deceased.

Mr. R.H. Carmichael, a highly esteemed citizen of this place, died at his residence on 23d inst. For many years he was proprietor of a Carriage and Wagon shop in Newnan. His upright and manly conduct had won the confidence, love and respect of his acquaintances.

September [Nov.] 4, 1865

Park E. Arnold and Dr. A.B. Calhoun of Coweta have been pardoned.

November 11

Died at the residence of her father on the 21st inst., little Mary Ida Hill, infant d/o Dr. R.Y. and Mrs. M.A. Long, aged 1y, 3 weeks and one day. Eulogy.

Wm. B. Smith, Administrator de bonis non will sell property of John Houston, deceased.

William H. Beavers has made application for Letters of Administration on estate of James J. Beavers, late of Coweta County, deceased.

John T. Kirby has made application for Letters of Administration on estate of Joseph Bohannon, late of Coweta County, deceased.

Sarah Carmichael has made application for Letters of Administration on estate of Richard H. Carmichael, late of Coweta County, deceased.

November 18, 1865

Death of Wm. J. Sassnett, D.D. took place near Sparta, Hancock Co. Georgia on 3d inst. He was a man of much prominence in the M.E. Church South. From Macon Telegraph.

From the Mobile Register: (Nov. 10) Judge Arthur F. Hopkins died at his residence yesterday. Judge Hopkins resided in Newnan for a few months previous to the surrender of the Confederate armies. he was highly esteemed by our citizens.

Dr. J.W. Wiley has returned to Newnan to resume the practice of Dentistry.

Drs. C.D. & I.E. Smith having associated in the practice of medicine respectfully tender their services to citizens of Newnan. Particular attention given to Surgery and Obstetrics.

Dr. J.C. Henderson, formerly of St. Louis, and late of the C.S. Army, offers his professional services. Editor's Note: The reader is referred to the Card of the gentleman. Dr. H., immediately after the fall of Sumter entered as private citizen the 1st Missouri Confederate Regiment and remained a member of that organization until disabled by wounds and promoted to Surgeon. He lost heavily during the war and cannot return home on account of his political sentiments.

Married in Carroll Co. at this residence of the bride's father on 14th inst. by Rev. James Stacey, the Rev. William A. Parks and Miss Ann D. Moore.

Married by the same at the same time and place, Mr. Robert J. Early and Miss Sarah J. Moore.

Died at the residence of his uncle, G.W. Cook, Esq., in Newnan on the 8th inst. Lieutenant Henry L. Jones, of Co. I 1st Ala. Vol., aged 23 years. The deceased was endeared to his relatives and friends by his many pleasing and amiable qualities. His innocent life and kind disposition elicited the esteem of those who knew him... Mary I. Smith.

Mrs. M.J. Nimmons will open a juvenile school.

November 25, 1865

Mr. J.V.D. Stephens lost a four inch Colt Pistol on Franklin Road between this place and residence of Mrs. Simms. Highly prized. $10.00 Reward.

James M. Jackson is announced as candidate for Tax Collector. He entered the Confederate service as a member of Co. A 1st Rgt. Georgia Vols. and from that time until he received the wound which permanently disabled him, he stood up manfully for the rights of the South. Additional info on Dec 2: He entered the service as a private on 18 March 1861 and discharged every duty until wounded at Russellville, East Tennessee Dec. 1863.

J.R. McCollum his announced for Deputy Sheriff. Mr. McCollum lost a leg in the late war in the service of his country and was also wounded in the right hand, thereby losing three of his fingers. He is nevertheless competent and well qualified.

The friends of Mr. J.A.Z. Shell announce him as a candidate for Tax Receiver. He was wounded severely in the arm at the battle Chancellorsville and is unable to labor and support himself and his family. He is competent to fill the office in which his friends desire to elect him.

We are authorized to announce J.P. Neely as candidate for office of tax collector. He lost his left arm in the war besides receiving other wounds which disqualify him from labor and support of his family. Dec. 9: Received six wounds at the Battle of Gettysburg. One made the amputation of his left arm necessary -- another so damaged his collar bone as to prevent his doing hard labor with his right hand and other rendered forever stiff his right ankle joint and the other three made ugly scars upon his body. He has returned, wounded and penniless. Can you forget his services when you select a Tax Collector in January next?

We announce I.N. Farmer as candidate for tax collection. He was a soldier in the Confederate army at the first battle of Manassas lost his right hand.

December 2, 1865

Taken up by Albert Edmondson, a sorrel horse.

Horse strayed or stolen from Thomas C. Sherber.

Married on 16th Nov. by Elder R.H. Jackson, Mr. J.R. Hubbard and Miss Laura Dial, all of Coweta Co.

Married in Newnan on 28th inst. by Rev. James Stacy, Mr. Elijah M. Ingles, of Montgomery Co., VA and Miss Ellen O. Brewster of the former place.

Major Brewster is a candidate for Clerk of the Superior Court. He entered the service the 1st of June 1861 and a private soldier and served one year. As soon as his regiment was mustered out of service, he came home and raised a company and immediately took the field again. He received two wounds before the one which involved the loss of one of his legs. He was shot through the left hand and a thigh bone.

Col. Carmichael, a candidate for High Sheriff, was in the service as an officer from 1st May 1861 to the surrender of Lee's Army. He is indeed a veteran. Seven ugly scars will tell where he has been. His competence is unquestioned.

December 9, 1865

Jeptha A. Davis has made application for Letters of Administration on estate of William A. Davis, late of Coweta County, deceased.

Horatio H. Williams has made application for Letters of Administration on estate of George D. Morgan, late of Coweta County, deceased.

Daniel Jacobs has made application for Letters of Administration on estate of John W. McCollum, late of Coweta County, deceased.

Thomas Entrikin has applied to be appointed Guardian to the Nancy A. Morgan, a minor under fourteen years of age.

Married on 3d inst. by Judge R.Y Brown, Asa M. Huggins and Miss Elizabeth F. Cates, all of this county.

Married in this place, Dec. 5th by the Rev. James Stacy, Capt. James S. Wilson of Bairdstown, Ga. to Miss Ella E., eldest daughter of Stephen D. Smith, Esq.

December 16, 1865

Harris Ball, a citizen of this county, met with a serious misfortune in Atlanta a few days ago. He went to find steadier employment and better wages and worked on the rail road, and as houses are scarce in that city, he, with other hands, had a car to lodge in. Having occasion to go out during the night, he was fired at by the guard, the ball striking him below the knee and shattered the bone in a shocking manner. In this condition he was brought home to his family, who were dependent on his daily labor for support. Upon examination of the wounded leg, Dr. J.T. Reese decided amputation was necessary. Mr. Ball is between 50-60 years of age.

December 23, 1865

Married in the Baptist Church in Newnan on 19th Dec. by Rev. F.M. Dauie, M.S. Thomas and Miss Lavina Robinson.

December 30, 1865

John J. Hood has made application for Letters of Administration on estate of Thomas J. Wilson, late of Coweta County, deceased.

William S. Beadles has made application for Letters of Administration on estate of Joseph Beadles, late of Coweta County, deceased.

Notice is given that on 10 August 1864 Nathan Simms, late of Coweta Co. departed this life intestate and no person has applied for administration on the estate.

Andrew B. Calhoun has applied to be appointed guardian of John Sims, a minor resident of said county.