Republican Valley Empire

H. Buckingham, Editor

Published at Concordia, Kansas


January 13, 1872

Died at Clyde, on Wednesday January 3d, Mr. Lewis Lussadder, age about 65 years.

January 20, 1872

Married by the Rev. E.R. Brown, near Lawrenceburg, Dec. 18th, 1871, Charles Beebe to Miss Jennette Names, all of Cloud county.

Married at Oak creek on Jan. 11th, by Rev. M.P. Jones, Mr. James Townsdin to Miss Remety Jane Weaver.

Mr. and Mrs. Truesdell have had their hearts made glad by the arrival of a new boarder—a beautiful little girl, the perfect image of her mother.

Married by the Rev. E.R. Brown near Clyde, Jan. 8th, Mr. U.J. Smith to Miss Jennie Sitton.

January 27, 1872

George W. Brown of Dodge county, Wisconsin, passed through town on Saturday, with his brother who had both legs frozen off on the buffalo ground, during out last cold spell. He is the only surviving one of a party of five to tell the story.

February 3, 1872

Married at the home of the bride, on Jan. 31st, by Rev. M.P. Jones, Mr. William Conner, of Concordia, to Miss Carrie Pinney of Shirley.

The wife of Hon. A.J. Shelhamer presented him with twin boys last week. This is the second pair the couple has had since their marriage. He proposes, we hear, to call them Grant and Colfax.

Married in this place on the 20th, by Wm. Collins, J.P., Mr. S.H. Sutherland and Miss Elva O. Woolverton, all of Concordia.

Married on Jan. 28th by Thos. Wheeler, J.P., Mr. James Kiggins of Cloud co. to Miss Mary Shouse of Clay co.

Little Sallie Allen, oldest daughter of R.E. Allen, Esq. gave a birthday party on Wednesday, it being her seventh.

On the 2nd of Jan. Beriah H. Truesdell of Dexter, Cowley co. Kansas left home on 6 December to look after stray cattle. His dead body was found about two miles from Dexter. He was aged about 63, and evidently died from exposure. Mr. T. was an uncle of our townsman, Mr. Jesse Truesdell.

February 10

Died on Tuesday, the 6th at Clyde, Mr. Cyrel Wilson, aged 71 years. He was highly esteemed by all who knew him.

On the 6th a young man named John Walsh lost his life at the hands of Stephen Glidley in Belleville, Republic county. Walsh was shot through the heart with a revolver. We understand jealousy was the cause, both men paying attention to the same lady.

Mary J. Littlejohn vs. Francis Littlejohn of Russia, Shelby county, Ohio is notified that plaintiff has filed her petition in Cloud county for divorce. He is charged with extreme cruelty.

February 17

John B. Rupe has been made executor of the last will and testament of Lewis Lussadder, late of Cloud county.

Married by A.B. Collins, J.P. at his office in Concordia on Feb. 12th, Mr. John Isaac West to Miss Lucinda Ellen Maddox, both of Arion, Cloud co.

February 24

James E. Henderson, plaintiff vs. Hannah Henderson, defendant. Divorce petition on account of abandonment.

Carrie Young has been appointed administratrix of the estate of Harrison Young of Cloud co. All persons indebted to the estate are requested to make immediate payment.

March 2, 1872

Married at the residence of the bride’s father in Washington, Feb. 11th 1872, by the Rev. A.S. Martin, J.L. Martin of Pleasant Plains, Republic Co., Kansas to Miss Mary Blalock o9f Plattsville, Wisconsin.

Adelia Wilson, plaintiff vs. James Wilson. Divorce petition based on abandonment for more than one year.

Elmer Maxwell, charged with the murder of Mr. Sellick, on the Solomon, escaped from jail at Salina last week.

Letters of administration have been issued on 10 February 1871 to W.C. Cochran on the estate of Richard M. Smith, late of Mitchell County.

March 9, 1872

Married at the residence of the bride’s father, March 3d by W.H. Cameron, Esq., MR. Charles L. Seely and Miss Rachel M. Rowine, all of Jewell County.

Peter Martell, plaintiff vs. Mary Martell, defendant, of places unknown. Divorce petition on grounds of abandonment for more than one year and gross neglect of duty.

Martin Brennaman, plaintiff vs. Henrietta Brennaman, defendant. Divorce petition on the grounds of abandonment for more than one year.

March 30, 1872

Married in the courthouse, Concordia, March 28th, by the Probate Judge, Mr. John W. Barton and Miss Rebecca J. Cluster, both of Jewell County.

A Mr. St. Clair was burned to death in a prairie fire near Arlington, Osborne county, recently. He leaves a wife and six children.

Married in the rooms of Luther J. Whitney in the Planter’s Hotel, Concordia, on the evening of March 27th, by the Probate Judge, Mr. John Halay of Concordia and Miss Lucy Palmer of Atchison.

April 13, 1872

H. Jennings, well-known to our citizens, was brought back to town in irons by Geo. Andrews and Matt. Wilcox on Monday last. He was found in “Southwestern” Missouri, after having stolen a buggy here from Andrews & Wilcox. Decoy letters were used to entice him to Wichita where he was arrested.

April 20, 1872

Letters of administration have been issued to D.J Fowler on the estate of Wm. McDow, deceased, late of Cloud county.

Mr. Carmichael, who was shot in the affray on the Solomon, died on the 12th. He was much respected by his friends.

Mrs. Frances R. Brown, wife of Rev. E.R. Brown, formerly of Clyde, died at Tecumseh in the State, March 31.

Married at the M.E. Church, Colusa, California, on the evening of March 11th by Rev. E.K. Miller, Dr. Lucas R. Howard to Miss Lizzie Herrick, formerly of Leavenworth, Kansas. Miss Herrick was formerly a teach in the public schools in Leavenworth.

On Thursday morning last, a Mr. Whitehead, living about six miles from town, on Oak creek, attempted suicide by shooting himself in the chest, near the region of the heart. It seems Whitehead and his wife have been having some bad disagreement in the past which heightened into a separation. He made the suicide attempt when efforts to conciliate with Mrs. Whitehead failed. Dr. Gilmer made an examination of the wound, but was not able to recover the ball. Whitehead is not expected to recover.

Married at Glasco, April 14 by Rev. J. Phillips, Mr. A.H. Spaulding to Miss C.E. Copeland, all of Glasco.

Married at the residence of D.H. Holstead, near Jewell City on April 11trh b Judge Jackson, Mr. H.P. Gandy of Kirwin, Phillips county to Miss Rosa Hatton Jewell county.

In last week’s hearing of the case of H. Jennings, Judge Carnahan discharged the prisoner on the grounds that the whole of the proceedings were illegal.

April 27, 1872

Mr. Whitehead, who shot himself last week is recovering under the care of Dr. Gilmer.

H.S. Wooden, Esq., from Minneapolis, who was injured in the recent fracus at Glasco is getting well.

Married April 20th at the residence of W.J. Dean, by Rev. M.P. Jones, Mr. H. Patrick to Miss S.M. Smith, both of Concordia.

Married by Rev. Lynus Blakesley on the evening of April 22nd, A.A. Carnahan and Miss Ollie Sheldon. So the Judge has really gone and done it. Well, here’s congratulations.

May 4, 1872

Married in Concordia, May 1st by the Probate Judge, in the courthouse, Stewart Sawin and Miss Almedia Hare, both of Glasco, Cloud county.

May 11, 1872

Alvin Brooks, the little son of G.D. Brooks, aged about six and a half years, was instantly killed at his father’s house, about 4 miles below Clyde, on Tuesday last. He was killed by a falling log which fractured his skull. Little Alvin was a favorite among all who knew him.

May 18, 1872

The trial of Stephen H. Gidley, for the killing of Joe Walch in Republic county on the 6th of last February, came off in District Court two weeks ago. We learn that Gidley was declared not guilty.

May 25, 1872

Married at the residence of the bride's father, on the 19th by Wm. Collins, Esq., J. Finley Hannaum and Adelia Shelhamer, both of County county.

June 8, 1872

Married at the residence of the bride's father, in Plainfield township, on June 2d, by E.L. Prince, Esq., Francis Greathouse to Miss Rose A. Rabbins, all of Cloud county.

Died in East Portland, Oregon, on March 27th, Dr. Perry Prettyman, aged 76 years. Dr. P., lived a long time in western Missouri, and was well known to many old residents of that locality, as well as by many in Kansas. He commanded respect and esteem of all of his acquaintances.

June 29, 1872

A little child two years and a half old, of Mr. Adolph Glass, of Ottawa county, died on Tuesday last from the effects of a rattlesnake bite. The head of the snake, with three or four inches of the body, had been severed with an ax and was supposed to be lifeless. The child happened to step near the severed head and was bitten and died in about four hours.

Married on Oak creek, June 9th by Rev. M.P. Jones, Mr. F.E. Jerome to Miss Almira A. Hitchcock, both of Cloud county.

July 6, 1872

Married at the residence of Daniel Wilson, Esq., July 3d, by William Collins, Esq., Mr. Columbus Hinman and Miss Mary Moneka, all of Cloud county.

Married at the residence of the bride's parents, June 30th, by William Collins, Esq., Mr. Phillip Bann and Miss Martha Schneider, all of Cloud county.

Married at the residence of the bride’s brother, near Fritchey City, Osborne county, June 27th, by Rev. Mr. Carson, Mr. Charles H. North, formerly of Franklin county, Pennsylvania to Miss Sarah L. Campbell.

July 13, 1872

The undersigned citizens of Concordia represented the metes and bounds of the town and asked for incorporation as a city of the third class.

F.W. Sturges

J.. Meyers, Jr.

H.A. Hunter

T.L. Sturges

J. Fulford

Wm. M. Wilcox

R.H. Sturges

E.P. Nutt

Wm. Conner

C.K. Wells

Julias Ward

B.E. Sheffield

G. Gilbert

D.W. Williams

C.H. Floyd

J.B. Wilson

N. Crill

H. Patrick


Ed M. Andrews

E.T. Floyd

Romaine Tyler

John Kinzey

Franklin Wieland

John Gilmer M.D

J.S. Burns

Wm. Jarvis

Wm. E. Reid

A.A. Carnahan

J.M. Woodward

Joseph A. Larocque

C.W. McDonald

D.H. Judy

M. McKinnon

R.E. Allen

H.A. Lockwood

R.H. Zimmerman

Orin Bennett

H. Lanoue

M. Lanoue

J.M. Webster

M. Wagner

Jno T. Wood

F. Barocene

A. Richer

C. Gilbert

Adolphus Ward

A. Guay

W.M. Donaldson

Wm. French

J.H. Kestler

O. Lamay

F.W. Neitzel

M.D. Sutherlin

H. Byrue

H. Buckingham

A.L. Buckingham

F.E. Jerome

J.S. Bowen

W.U. Farmer

J.C. Griffin

James Woodward

July 27, 1872

Mr. Frank H. Tinker of Plainfield township, in this county, was bitten on the foot by a rattlesnake last week, but by the free use of alcohol internally, it did not injure him much. Miss Reeves was bitten on the hand by a small rattlesnake. She drank of whiskey freely, which probably saved her life.

August 3, 1872

Last week a Frenchman named Mack Blonden was drowned in Buffalo Creek. He was seen going into the creek on a horse, and soon after the animal came out without him. On Tuesday the body was found about a mile and half below where he entered. He was a resident of this place for some time, being in the employ of Mr. Lanoue; his age was about 24. He was an active young man, had been a sailor, and thoroughly understood the water. The probability is that he was injured by the horse and so disabled he could not swim. He was to have been married to a young of this place on the 15th. He was a native of Canada, and had no relatives here.

Hon. A. J. Shelhamer, with his sister, Mrs. Henton, left early this week for a month’s visit to the old home in Cass county, Michigan.

August 17, 1872

Died in Solomon Township Aug 10th, Margaret, daughter of John and Honora Downey, aged 5 months.

A letter has been received from Mrs. Kinzey, wife of Frank Kinzey, dated at New York on the 5th, in which she states her husband has deserted her, and gone off with another woman; that he stole her clothes &c. She states that he left her on the cars at St. Joe, en route to New York, he promising to come as soon as he could settle up some business. Soon after arriving in New York, she received a letter from Kinzey stating that he had gone to the silver mines and a=did not know when he would return. Mrs. K. Says she shall apply for a divorce. She was considered a worthy lady here, and Kinzey not a bad man. This denouement will create some stir in the neighborhood in which they lived.

Died in Concordia, Aug. 13trh, James infant son of James and S.W. Woodward.

August 24, 1872

Died in Concordia, Aug. 16th, John, son of M.D. Sutherlin, aged about 9 months.

Died on last creek, Aug. 19th, Martin, infant son of Wm. and Christian Collins.

Married in Concordia at the Empire House on Aug. 22nd by Judge Carnahan, Mr. James N. Friend and Miss Lydia M. Jenkins. The bride is a cousin of “our” Will Jenkins, formerly of the Empire House.

Died: William Lester Taggart, son of Oscar and Emily Taggart, died at the home of James Taggart, nearly Lake Sibley on the 13th of August, aged 11 months and 22 days.

September 21, 1872

Died on Tuesday night of dropsy, Mr. Dennis Moriarty, in the 35th years of his age. He came here from West Virginia; he leaves a wife and four children in almost destitute circumstances. Our citizens have kindly attended to their wants.

Nat Baker, who for some weeks run [sic] the Clyde Herald, left that town between two days, leaving various sundry debts behind. Where he went, no one knows or cares.

Married in this city at the residence of Mr. Wm. E. Reid, Sept. 17th, by Rev. M.P. Jones, Mr. Jacob Sohlinger of Clyde to Miss Jennie Blair of Waterville.

September 28, 1872

Died at Lawrenceburg, September 19, of consumptive chill, Mr. Patrick O’Brien, aged 28 years. Coming to this country when it was new, he struggled amidst many privations to get numbers of relatives here to better their condition, and his life has been one of constant self-sacrifice for the good of others. In losing him we have lost a bright specimen of God’s greatest work.

From the Washington Republican we learn that the name of the young man who was killed by the kick of a mule in Clyde about two weeks ago was Orrin Green, of Jasper county, Iowa. The  mule was sick and while driving it around, the young man was kicked.

October 5, 1872

The happiest man in town is George Andrews. Reason—it’s a girl, and as cute as can be.

Died in this city Oct. 2nd of cholera infantum, Charles Lynch, son of Wm. and Margaret A. Wetherilt, aged 11 months.

Died. Charles Sinsabaugh, who was accidentally wounded by a shot from a gun in the hands of his brother last week, died Sunday. He appeared to be improving until within a few hours previous to death. Walter, a brother of the deceased, started after a flock of quail which lit in a hick clump of bushes. Charles unknown to Walter, happened to start in the opposite direction. Walter fired in the direction of the flock and was shocked to hear the scream of his brother.

October 12, 1872

Married at the residence of J.M. Hagaman, Esq. of Concordia, Oct. 9th by Rev. H.C. Graham, Mr. John Hoy and Miss Wealthy Webster, both of Concordia.

Died at Meredith on Monday last, October 7th, Clarence, son of Isaac M. and Mary Livingston, aged 14 months.

October 19, 1872

Rufus W. Porter, plaintiff vs. Louisa M. Porter, defendant. Divorce.

E. Linney has been appointed administrator of the estate of C.H. Reed, late of Concordia.

The infant child of Mr. F.W. Neitzel, died on Sunday night.

November 2, 1872

Married at Lawrenceburg, at the residence of Mr. Sleight, in this county, Oct. 26th by Rev. M.P. Jones, Jr. Max Alwens of Atchison to Miss Rebecca Decker of Lawrenceburg.

Married in Clyde on the 28th by Rev. M.P. Jones, Mr. John F. Randolph to Miss Emma Kirkpatrick all of the above place.

November 9, 1872

Married in this city, Nov. 4th, by Judge Carnahan, Mr. Levi Pruner to Miss Elizabeth Parrish, all of Cloud county.

We regret to learn of the death of Miss Lizzie Ward, daughter of Mr. S. Ward, which took place at her father’s residence in Nelson township on the 30th ult. of a disease of the throat. Miss Ward was well known to old citizens; she was one of the first young ladies that settled in Concordia. Her age was about 21.

We learn from A.W. Mann, Esq., of White Rock, Jewell county that a young man named Charles Huntington, who lived near Burr Oak in that county was killed by the accidental discharge of a gun on the 1st. It appears that Mr. H. while driving a loaded wagon down a gulch, thinking that his gun might go off and injure his team, attempted to take it from the wagon. No sooner had he raised the muzzle that it discharged, causing his death in 24 hours. He was the aged parents’ only son.

November 16, 1872

Married in Meredith, at the residence of Alva Coffin, Esq., Mr. J.P. Smith to Miss Lucretia A. Wright, all of Meredith.

November 23, 1872

We regret to learn of the death of Mr. P.D. Volney which occurred on Monday last. Mr. V. had been a conductor on the Central Branch and for many years was highly esteemed by the company.

Married at Concordia, at the office of the Probate Judge by Judge Carnahan, on Nov. 20th, William Cooper and Carrie Young, both of Clyde.

The Carmichael case was summarized and the circumstances repeated. On November 16, the jury found Dalrymple not guilty and the prisoner was released.

The community were [sic] surprised and saddened on Tuesday last when the body of the ferryman at this place —a Swede familiarly know as “Capt. Hohlenberg.” It seems that after midnight the boat crossed over the North shoe with Mr. C.M. Albinson as a passenger—the ferryman being aboard but too intoxicated to work the boat and obliged his passenger to work himself across. It seems that after the landing, Mr. H. must have gone to the edge of the boat, and fallen over the side. He found in the morning lying close the boat. The “Capt.” as we understand it was once a Swedish soldier and a member of the body guard of the Swedish King and had seen a great deal of service. He had four children, now in Sweden, to whom the news of his death in this far away land, will be a sad message.


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