Republican Valley Empire

H. Buckingham, Editor

Published at Concordia, Kansas

January 7 1871

Married on Jan. 1st at residence of Mrs. Reed by Esq. Taggart, Mr. William Collins to Miss C. Reed, all of Cloud Co.

Married at the residence of Mr. J.M. Hagaman on Jan. 2nd by Judge Doran, Mr. Frank M. Smith and Miss Louisa Hewett, all of Cloud Co. It will be recollected that the father of Mrs. Smith was killed by the Indians in 1868, at the time of the capture of Mrs. Morgan and Miss White.

Married at Junction City about Christmas, Mr. Walter Herman of Clyde to Miss Louise McIntosh, daughter of Mr. Laughlin McIntosh.

February 18

Married at the residence of J.S. Bowen by J.P. Dart, Esq. on 16th, Mr. James Hill, formerly of Annan, Duncfricksure, Scotland to Miss Salle Ann Tuppeny, formerly of Picton, Canada West.

February 25

Married at the residence of Capt. T.H. Snyder in Glasco, February 19th by Judge D.J. Fowler, Mr. John A. Mann and Miss Permelia Snyder, all of Cloud Co.

March 4

The wife of Mr. W.W. Bush presented him with twins—both girls—last week.

March 11, 1871

Died on Plum Creek in this county March 9th of consumption, Miss Anna B. Shaffer, aged 25 years.

Last Monday a sad accident occurred in this place by which a young man named Jos. B. Roberts lost his life. He was at the bottom of a well stoning it up, when his brother, who was lowering the rock slipped and it fell below upon the unfortunate man, crushing him. He was a native of Boone Co., Kentucky, and had been a resident of Kansas about one year. His age was about 28 years; he had no family. We believe that is the first death to have occurred in this town.

March 25, 1871

Died on the 17th, Agnes, only daughter of John and Annie Bethell, age 18 months.

Mr. George H. Edwards of Clyde died on Wednesday of inflammation of the bowels, after an illness of a few weeks.

April 1

Lewis Kiggins, arrested for assault on the Seegurs had an examination at Clyde and was discharged. John Kiggins escaped from the Sheriff and has fled the country.

April 8

The Board of Commissioners granted the petition of C.M. Albenson, J.D. Robertson and A.R. White, S.R. Miller, Will Hay to establish a ferry across the Republican River.

April 15, 1871

Mr. P. Bean returned from Ohio this week, bringing his family with him.

Married on Woolf Creek, at the residence of Wm. Collins, by Wm. Collins, J.P. on the 11th, Mr. Wm. Dority to Darkas A. Johnson, all of Woolf Creek.

April 22, 1871

We regret to learn that our friend Scarbrough is quite ill at Jewell City. Hope he will soon be around again.

One of the most exciting runaways that we have seen for a long time, cam off last Thursday. A team owned by Mr. West, who resides near Clyde, starting from Webster’s lumber yard ran about seven miles before they were caught. While running through town a party of men attempted to stop the runaways, and the result was two teams were racing very lively.

We had a call from Mr. G.D. Brooks, who resides a few miles below Clyde. Mr. B. is one of the oldest citizens of the Republican valley and one of the heaviest farmers. During the early Indian troubles he did excellent service. Long may he wave.

April 29, 1871

James Strain, Esq. has been appointed Deputy County Attorney. A good choice.

Rev. Mr. Jones has gone to Michigan for his family and there will no preaching for two weeks.

Scarborough has completely recovered from his illness and is locating claims as lively as ever.

Married in Leavenworth on the 19th by Rev. W.R. Brown, Mr. Abner Few to Miss Jennie Marshall, all of Leavenworth.

An attempt was made last night to murder Mr. James Sellick, a well-to-do farmer who lives on the Solomon about three miles west of Glascow. From the evidence presented to Justice Collins, a young man named Elmer Maxwell, who lives in a dug-out near Sellick’s came to the house of the latter, was invited to spend the night. During the night Mr. Sellick was awakened with a pistol shot near his head, which fortunately missed him. He immediately sprang up and another bullet hit him in the head. The assassin then struck Mr[s]. S. on the head with his revolver. Mr. S. became conscious and disarmed the assassin, pitched him under the bed and kept him until morning. The prisoner said a couple of men forced him to take them to Sellick’s house and threatened to kill him if he didn’t comply.

Died at Gomera, Republic county, after a long and painful illness, John, son of Wm. R. and L. Charles, aged 14 years and four months.

May 6, 1871

A.W. Greer vs. Clara Greer. Divorce. Case dismissed for irregularity in procedure.

We learn from A.J. Ingersoll, Esq. of Ottawa county that John A. Bachelder was convicted of murder in the second degree for killing Peter Krause, over a year ago in that county. Bachelder is 55 years old and sent up for ten years.

May 13, 1871

We are pleased that Mr. A. Richner, tailor, is about to locate in Concordia.

May 20, 1871

Mr. Alvin Brown, the stone mason, is dangerously ill with fever. His many friends wish him a speedy recovery.

Married on Sunday last, by Wm. Collins, J.P., Mr. J.W. Hall to Miss Mary A. Alderson, all of Cloud County.

May 27, 1871

A boy named Stevens and two men, whose names we could not learn were severely bitten in the face by a mad wolf on Sunday lat, at Oak creek, Mitchell county.

The Hancock (Ohio) Jeffersonian announces the marriage of Mr. W.R. Carnahan, brother of our A.A.C., to Miss Ella P. Galloway. Our “Carney” declares is brother’s head is level. He says he is now in the market.

Horace Eaves, Alonzo Roberts, S.B. Clark, John Power and Wm. Benedict were charged with robbery.

We regret to announce the death of Mr. Alvin Brown, which occurred on Thursday last. The disease was typho-malarial fever. He age was bout 36 years. Mr. B. was one of the first settlers in Concordia, and was looked upon as one of our most worth and reliable citizens. Dr. Patrick did everything he could. Mr. Brown was born in Norwich township, Huron county, Ohio, and leaves a wife and one child in Michigan. This is the first death that has occurred in Concordia from natural causes. (Norwalk, O., papers, please copy).

June 10, 1871

Little Bennie Bowen, youngest son of J.S. Bowen, aged about 2 and a half years met with a sad accident on Wednesday last. It appears that a man was moving heavy lumber and while he was absent, the little fellow ran behind the pile and sat down. The man in unloading threw down his stick which struck the little fellow’s right leg below the knee breaking both bones. Dr. Collins immediately set the leg and the little sufferer is getting along as well as can be expected.

Mr. Jesse Truesdell was on Monday night presented with a bouncing baby boy. It would be a difficult to find a happier man.

June 24, 1871

The Ladies Evangelical Alliance of the First Presbyterian Church was organized. The following officers were elected: Mrs. James Strain, President; Mrs. M.P. Jones, vice-President; Mrs. H. Buckingham, Treasurer; Miss Smith, Secretary.

July 1, 1871

Married at the residence of the bride’s father near Lake Sibley, June 25th by Rev. M.P. Jones, Mr. Stiles T. Platt, of Wichita, to Miss Julia Dutton, daughter of Chester Dutton, Esq.

We learn from Mr. Kelly of the Watchman, who came up from Clyde last evening that D.S. Lusadder shot C. Northrup, killing him instantly. The shooting took place on the claim three miles form Clyde. Mr. Northrup had jumped Mr. Lusadder’s claim, which caused the shooting.

July 15, 1871

The house of Mr. S. W. Quick was destroyed by fire on July 3. Loss was about $100.

On last Sabbath, a meeting was called at the First Presbyterian church at Concordia at which Mr. James Strain was elected Elder and the following persons Trustees: Messrs McKinnon, McCune, Herbert, Patrick, Reasoner, Scott, Brownhill, Carnahan and Gilmore.

Joshua Casteel was arrested by Deputy Sheriff Jennings for breaking open a house.

July 22, 1871

Two brothers of Frank Smith have been in town visiting.

Frank Kinzie was paid by the town for keeping a pauper. Commission meeting reported.

July 29, 1871

Letters of administration have been granted on the estate of Henry Hewitt, late of Cloud County to Sanford Coutney on 6 June 1871.

Letters of administration have been granted on the estate of James Sillick, late of Cloud County to Eliza Sillick on 6 June 1871.

August 5, 1871

From Mr. McNelly we learn of an accident that occurred about 12 miles west of town on the road to Beloit. William Stockton, with others, was digging a well. While young Stockton was being lowered, he called for the windlass to be raised and before he reached the top, fell from the bucket. One of his brothers was immediately to be lowered and his father s arrival kept him from the same fate as when he was raised he was nearly insensible. When the other young man was taken out several hours later, life was extinct. The well was filled with what is called “damps.” The young man was born in Indiana, an intelligent, industrious and worthy young man.

Mr. Joseph Peach of DeKalb County, Missouri, accidentally shot himself with fine shot when hunting on Granny Creek.

Detailed statement by Lusadder re: death of Northrup.

August 12, 1871

From Dr. Patrick we learn that a little daughter of Wm. Miley, aged 8 year, died o the 7th of a disease resembling blood poisoning, and inflammation of the brain, the latter probably caused by a fall. It is supposed the little girl drank from a spring in which there was a decayed animal.

August 19, 1871

A little son of Mr. Weeks, who lives on Woolf Creek 8 miles from town, was scalded to death by th3e upsetting of a coffee pot of boiling water one week ago last Wednesday. The little sufferer died on Friday.

Married at the home of bride’s father in Sibley Township Aug. 15th by Rev. Mr. Nicholson, Mr. Garrett M. Shaffer of Clay Co., to Miss Lucy E. Adkins of the former place.

August 26, 1871

Elias G. Osborne, whose mother lives in Ottawa county, about 5 miles from Glasco was sun-struck while driving cattle near home on Sunday, the 13th and died the same night.

Article re: double murder of Liebland and Vance who had lived near Beloit by Pete Johnson who acted in self-defense. Many rumors are detailed in this article and the one on August 19.

Married at the residence of William Collins on the 24th by William Collins, J.P., Mr. Jacob Stoner to Miss Naoma Evans, both of Concordia. This is the first couple married here who reside in this place.

September  2, 1871

Dr. W.J. Lodge will practice in Concordia. He is a graduate of Baltimore Medical College, and has a large experience in the army, and practiced four years in Missouri.

September 9, 1871

Married at the residence of the bride’s father on Elm creek Sunday Sept. 3d by P. McCrea, J.P. of Lawrenceburg, Mr. Crawford Shaffer of Plum creek, to Miss Victoria, eldest daughter of Wm. Robins, Esq.

Married July 29th at the residence of the bride’s parents at Annawan, Ill. by Rev. M.E. Waldo, Mr. L.B. Hay of Lake Sibley to Miss Jennie Foster. We were confident that when friend Hay left for Illinois, that he was as the boys say, on a “matrimonial speculation.”

Gov. Harvey offers a reward of $500 for the arrest of Johnson, who shot the two young men on the Solomon, and the sheriff of Mitchell Co. $1,000. About 35-40 years old, dark hair, born whiskers and moustache, a deep scar on the cheek under the right eye.

September 23, 1871

From a gentleman recently from Hanover, Washington county, we learn that on Sunday night the store of a Jew named Sarenesky was entered by burglars and the proprietor and a young man named
Fleming were shot. The former cannot recover. The latter was hit in the arm. The burglars carried off $800 and have not been captured.

September 30. 1871

A boy named Schooley living at Solomon Rapids, four miles west of Beloit, was bitten by a rattlesnake one day last week, and by the free use of old rye whiskey, was soon cured of the bite.

October 7, 1871

Married at Manhattan, September 25, at the residence of the bride’s father by Rev. R.D. Parker, Mr. John D. Robertson of Jewell City and Miss Ruth S. Barker, of Manhattan.

October 14, 1871

Mr. J.S. Grimes had his wrist broken last Saturday when his team ran away and he was thrown from the wagon. He lives on Woolf creek four miles west of town. Dr. McDonald set the broken bone.

Description of losses from a large prairie fire.

October 21, 1871

We regret to announce the death of John Murphy, Esq. a member of the board of county commissioners of this county, which occurred at his residence in the south portion of the county on the 18th at 8 p.m. from congestion of the lungs, after an illness of about ten days. His age was about 45 years. His health has not been good for the past year, but he appeared much better. He was a good citizen and faithful officer.

One week ago last Thursday evening, two children—a boy aged two and a girl aged four—belonging to a Swede named H.C. Holt, who lives on the west branch of Cheyenne creek, some 16 miles from here, went out with their father to attend to a prairie fire. It was getting toward dark [so] he placed them on the road towards home. Being busy with the fire he paid no more attention. When he arrived home he was astonished to learn they had not arrived. The neighborhood was aroused, and the country for miles was searched. They were not found until the evening of the next day as they were asleep behind a sod and furrow. They are doing well.

October 28, 1871

Miss Moresburg, aged about 18 years, died at her mother’s residence near the Empire House on Saturday night of typhoid fever, after an illness of about ten days.

November 4, 1871

A man whose name we did not learn, living near Sibley, was killed instantly yesterday, while taking a gun from a wagon.

November 11, 1871

The trial of Dr. Medlicott, for the murder of John Ruth, at Lawrence, by poisoning, which has been in progress at Garnett, at last had been brought to a close. The jury returned a verdict of murder in the first degree. Since the trial, Mrs. Ruth has been arrested as an accessory before the fact. Ruth was a clerk in the Lawrence Tribune office and appeared to live happily with his wife. Medlicott was their family physician and was a frequent visitor. Mrs. Ruth appeared to be sick a great deal of the time! More details published.

Married in Concordia, November 10th, by Wm. Collins, Esq., Mr. Charles Johnson to Miss Mary Cristenson, all of Cloud County.

Married at the residence of the bride’s father, in Washington county, by Rev. E.R. Brown, Mr. David Judy of Concordia to Miss Lucy Short, Washington county.

We regret to learn of the sudden death of Mrs. Geo. Hay, of Clyde, which took place last Saturday night. Mrs. H. was as well as usual during the day and visited town. The disease was a congestive chill. She was a daughter of Rufus Berry, Esq. of Clinton and worthy lady.

D.S. Lusaddar called on us last week. He looks hearty, though a little pale from confinement. He appears to be in good spirits and confident he will not be convicted.

John Doughtery of Lake Sibley accidentally shot himself with his own Sharp’s rifle and died instantly last week. Details of the shooting accident. He leaves of wife and a large circle of friends. He was born in Lyme Township, Huron County, Ohio, and was about 36 years old. He was a good citizen and neighbor–quiet, industrious and a prosperous man. He served through the war in the Union army, in Co. C 34th Indian regiment. He resided in Huntington county, Indiana, and we believe came from there.

A man named Harris, formerly from Iowa, was nearly burned to death by the recent prairie fire that swept over the northwest portion of the state. Mr. Harris was traveling between Jewell City and the Limestone, when the fire came on him. His Texas steers broke and ran. He attempted to back fire, but for some reason failed and the fire overtook him. He was badly burned about the race and arms, but managed to reach a house where he was properly cared for.

November 18, 1871

Married in Concordia, Nov. 16th, by William Collins, Esq., Mr. James Bodell to Miss Alice McMillen, all of Cloud Co.

November 25

J.D. Burns advertises that a light brown mare colt has strayed from him. Reward.

December 2, 1871

Married on the 23d of November at the residence of Judge Abraham Jackson in Jewell county by Judge Jackson, Mr. James A. Scarbrough to Mattie Slagle. Also at the same time and place, Mr. James Ellis to Miss Adaline Slagle. A double wedding! well, who would have thought of it!

 December 9, 1871

Married at the Empire House, Concordia, on the 6th by the Rev. M.P. Jones, assisted by Rev. Charles Parker, Mr. Mortimer L. Woodward to Miss Sarah L. Jordon, all of Glasco, Cloud county.

Married at Manhattan, Ks., on Dec. 4, Rev. N. Green officiating, Mr. George W. Andrews to Miss Hortense White, both of Concordia, County co.

Peter Martin, whose family resides near Nebraska City, Nebraska, met with a sad accident on Monday, near Cheyenne Creek, by the accidental discharge of his gun. The wound is a severe one, the right forearm, causing a compound fracture. Also we learn that a man named Myers, living near Clyde, died on Sunday last, from the effects of a gunshot wound received while hunting.

December 16, 1871

Col. James Montgomery died in Linn county on the 6th from pleuro-pneumonia. He was an active Jayhawker during the Civil War.

Information is wanted of the whereabouts of Benjamin Miller and family, formerly of Green county, Wisconsin. Any information should be addressed to Corydon, Iowa and will be liberally rewarded by a relative of the family.

December 23, 1871

Married on December 12 at the residence of the bride’s father, by the Rev. G.S. Dearborn, assisted by the Rev. J.H. Reid, Mr. O.L. McClung of Jewell City and Miss Susan Knipe of Manhattan.

December 30, 1871

S. Brownell reports stray cow and calf from near Concordia.