Pennsylvania Archives–Ninth Series—1794

These abstracts are from the published ninth series of the Pennsylvania Archives, which is not indexed. This is not an index of that material, but rather gleanings from the data which appear to be of interest to the genealogist. It includes fines remitted, pardons, guardianships, private acts, licenses for peddlers, etc.

Pardons issued and fines remitted by Governor Thomas Mifflin under the Constitution of 1790. Pensions paid widows and children by the Commonwealth of Pa. during the administration of Governor Thomas Mifflin. Published in the Ninth Series of The Pennsylvania Archives, edited by Gertrude MacKinney, 1931.

January 4, 1794: Remitted fine imposed upon James Embree jr convicted of fornication and bastardy in Chester Co. and William Grayham convicted of same in Allegheny Co.

January 8: Pardoned Christian Rawerzahn convicted in Berks Co. in Manslaughter and sentence to be burnt in the hand upon respectable recommendation.

January 21: Referred to the Attorney General the case of James Meredith's will dated 3 February 1774, proved 16 February 1775 in Bucks Co with letters of administration issued to Thomas Meredith, the Sole Executor. Testator's son John Meredith was attainted by Proclamation 7 July 1780 and his estate in New Britain Twp., Bucks Co. sold to Adam Melchor. The will mentioned that land as well as land to son Simon Meredith, son Thomas Meredith and son Hugh Meredith. The estate in question was never sold according to the directions of the Will and Adam Melchor the purchaser applies for a deed.

January 28: Remitted fine imposed upon Archibald Guthrie convicted of Assault and Battery in Washington Co. and fine imposed upon Negro Jack convicted of Larceny in Westmoreland Co.

     Transcript of the record of conviction of John Bell, a convict under sentence of death, for the murder of James Chalfant in Washington County, were this day transmitted to the Attorney General for his opinion.

February 5: Approved an Act in favor of Peter Dehaven.

February 13: The Attorney General declined an opinion in the case against John Bell under sentence of death for murder of James Chalfant in Washington Co.

February 24: Attorney General's opinion in the case of James Meredith mentions issue of John Meredith and states "there does not appear ever to have been an indefeasible estate in John and therefore none such can be derived under him the State."

March 5: Remitted fine imposed upon James Sweeney for Assault and Battery for which he was convicted in Philadelphia.

     Approved an Act for the relief of Blackall William Ball.

     Approved an Act for the relief of Thomas Butler and Henry Brown.

March 15: Remitted fines of George Stetler, William Stetler and George Stetler, Jr. convicted of riot in Bucks Co.

March 18: Pardoned Eleanor Higgins convicted of Larceny in Philadelphia Co.

March 22: Pardoned Anthony Pieretell convicted of riot and an assault and battery Dec: in Philadelphia Co.

March 26: Pardoned Savara Bass and Matthew Traill convicted of Larceny upon request and recommendation of the French Consul.

March 27: Pardoned John Bell convicted of Murder in Washington Co. December 1793 on condition of his giving good and sufficient security.

April 2: Pardoned Michael Dunn convicted of Burglary in Philadelphia Co.

April 3: Remitted fine of John Hastings imposed for Assault and Battery in Mifflin Co.

     Pardoned Hugh Jones, alias Hugh McGivran convicted of Larceny in Lancaster Co.

     Approved an act for the relief of Adam Melchor.

April 4: Remitted fine of Elizabeth Wayne imposed in Philadelphia Co.

April 8: Remitted fine of Robert Mannary imposed for keeping a tipling house. Approved an act for the relief of Christian Mary.

April 14: Approved an act for the relief of Patrick Robert and Charles West, Jr.

April 18: Remitted fine of David Parke imposed for keeping a Tippling house in Philadelphia City.

April 19: Approved an act for the relief of Grizel Robinson.

April 21: Remitted fine of Daniel Killock convicted of fornication in Lancaster Co.

April 22: Remitted fine of John Jameson imposed for fornication and bastardy by the Mayor's Court.

     Remitted fine imposed upon Robert Fletcher, Joseph Evans and Robert McCadden imposed in Chester Co. for riot and An Assault and Battery upon Mr. Jacob Humphrey, Excise officer in compliance with a respectable recommendation.

     Approved an act to empower Elijah Phillips administrator of Catharine Phillips to sell Plantation; an act to enable Richard Thomas surviving executor of the Last will and Testament of William Linsay, deceased, to convey real estate

     Approved an act for the relief of John Laird.

April 24: Remitted fine of Christian Shenk imposed for an assault and Battery upon Bernard Hubley in Lancaster Co.

April 28: Requested the Attorney General to enter a plea of Nol Pros. in the case of Duncan McLawren charged with stealing property belonging to Messieurs Wignel and Reinagle.

May 2: Granted passports to John Dickinson and Robert Baine through the U.S. they being in persuit [sic] of persons suspected of forgery.

May 3: Remitted fine imposed upon John Bisbing for keeping a tippling house.

May 21: Pardoned Sarah Fitzgerald lately convicted of Larceny in Berks Co.

May 23: Pardoned Charles Lewis convicted of Larceny in last Mayor's Court in compliance with request of Capt. William Kersey in whose corps of Continental Troops the said Lewis is an enlisted Soldier.

May 27: Pardoned James Wilson convicted of felony in Dauphin Co., Richard Proctor convicted of Larceny in Delaware Co., Ruth Curtis convicted of Horse Stealing in Chester Co., John Briggs convicted of Larceny in Philadelphia Co., John Jackson convicted of Larceny in Delaware Co., James Bell, senior convicted of Assault and Battery in Cumberland Co.

May 29: Remitted fine of Thomas Christine imposed by the Mayor's Court for keeping a tippling house.

June 2: Remitted fine imposed upon Rennon Bacchus convicted of fornication by the Mayor Court.

June 3: Pardoned Margaret Bartle convicted of passing counterfeit money, Jane Acorn convicted of felony and Elizabeth Page, alias Lon, convicted in Berks Co. for Larceny, all confined in jail in Philadelphia.

June 4: Pardoned Elizabeth Hazard convicted in Philadelphia in December 1793 of Larceny and sentenced to one year imprisonment.

June 7: Remitted fine of Frederick Smith, alias Godfrey Lurch, imposed in Philadelphia Co. for fornication and bastardy.

June 9: Application heard in Supreme Court of 14 April 1792 regarding Morris Dickinson, Rachel Dickinson, Sarah Dickinson and Jonathan Dickinson, children of Cadwallader Dickinson, deceased and William Dickinson, nephew and devisee of William Dickinson, deceased, who wished to be compensated for a Lot in Philadelphia. Petition granted.

     Remitted fine of Mary Wilson imposed for Larceny in Philadelphia upon recommendation and expiration of her time of servitude.

June 10: Letter received from Governor of NY that Elijah Sabin is now confined in the Jail of Dutchess Co. and ready to be delivered up to take his trial in this State; Mr. Frederick Stoever of Lebanon was informed thereof.

June 11: Remitted fine of John Culbertson imposed by the County of Franklin for keeping a Tippling House.

June 14: Requested Governor of Delaware to render up Francis Hickman who stand charged in Delaware Co., PA of fornication.

June 16: Pardoned James Noble, convicted of Highway Robbery in Philadelphia Co. on condition he depart the State.

June 17: Letter received from the Attorney General relative to the cause of the Lessee of Brubacker vs. Brua involving title of tract of land in Lancaster Co., late the property of John Rine, an attainted Traitor.

June 20: Accepted resignation of Valentine Eckhart as Brigate Inspection of Berks Co. Militia and appointed his son, George Eckert to succeed him. Nicholas Lutz and Collinson Read, sureties.

July 9: Issued license to follow the Employment of a Pedlar on foot to Alexander Wethered.

July 11: Several applications have been made to pardon Jacob Moode, who, with Daniel Griddle, was convicted in Washington Co. of murder of Daniel Murray.

July 15: Pardoned Thomas Ball, convicted in City of Philadelphia of Larceny in Mayor's Court on December 10: and sentenced to hard labor and fine of £14.18.

July 17: Pardoned Francis McHenry convicted in City of Philadelphia of Larceny.

July 22: Pardoned Josiah Hazzard on condition he depart this State, not to return; he having been convicted in Luzurne Co. in August 1793 of Burglary and sentenced to seven years imprisonment.

July 31: Remitted fine imposed by Lancaster Court of Quarter Sessions upon George McCaken for Fornication and Bastardy. Remitted several fines imposed upon Henry Magner, Robert Black, David Drennan, Joseph Hall, Michael Case, John Douglass, Peter Fleming, Thomas Craig, Samuel Anerum, Joshua Williams, Benjamin Wright, Andrew Mundle, and William Clemmens who were returned as Jurors to Washington County Court, and having made default were fined by the said court.

August 2: Remitted fine imposed upon John Bisbing in the City of Philadelphia for keeping a Tippling house.

August 4: Pardoned Isaiah[sic] Worell who was attainted of High Treason.

August 6: Pardoned the following persons now confined in the Jail of the County of Philadelphia on condition of their departing the State not to return: Mary Brown, alias Callahan convicted in Berks County of Larceny, Joseph Bentley convicted in Washington in June 1792 of Burglary, Nelly Higgins convicted in Philadelphia Co. of Larceny.

August 19: Remitted fine imposed upon Moses Delong imposed by County of Berks on conviction of Fornication and Bastardy.

August 22: Pardoned the following persons now in the Jail in Philadelphia on condition they depart this State, not to return: John Whealon, alias John Griffith, alias Ezekiel Garrison convicted of Horse Stealing; Robert Hannah convicted of Robbery; John Baker convicted of felony in Bucks Co; James Rice convicted of Horse Stealing.

August 28: A pardon was granted to John Butler, convicted of Larceny, in Chester County.

September 8: Gave introductory letter to Mr. James Boland, a Citizen of this State in order to obtain a passport to conduct business abroad.

September 15: Heard petition of Peter Paris given to Supreme Court April Term last regarding purchase that Peter Paris, the elder made at public sale of forfeited estates (described) sold to the said Peter Paris, the Elder as the Estate of John Parrock who had been and was then attainted of High Treason which said Pater Paris, the elder by his last Will devised the same to the said Peter Paris, the Petitioner who had been duly evicted at the suit of the Lessee of Rowland Evans by Title Paramount to that of the said John Parrock. An inquest was held to appraise and value the land and the Certificate directed to the Governor.

     William Brown and Abia Brown preferred a petition stating that Captain David Zeigler purchased at public sale forfeited estates (described) of John Parrock attainted of High Treason which said Captain David Zeigler then conveyed to William Henderson who sold and conveyed the same to John Salisbury who conveyed the same to William and Abie [sic] Brown. Inquisition appraised property and referred to the Governor.

     Same issue as above on the petition of Abraham Wilt who had purchased the land of John Parrock attainted of High Treason.

     Same issue as above on petition of Lieutenant John Weidman on parcel of land purchased by Captain David Zeigler and sold to Lt. Wideman as to the Estate of John Parrock who they attained to High Treason.

     Same issue as above on petition of Jacob Lawertswyler and Samuel Jackson stating that Christian Wertz, John Schaffer and Jacob Geiger had purchased at public sale forfeited estate of John Parrock. John Shaffer had conveyed his part of the premises to Jacob Geiger, who with Catharine, his wife, sold the other undivided part to Christian Wertz who sold the whole to Jacob Lowertsyler and Samuel Jackson.

September 22: An Act for the relief of Peter Shafafner, an insolvent debtor confined in the goal of the Lancaster County.

September 23: Pardoned William Moore convicted of Horse Stealing in York Co.

October 24: Granted a license to follow the employment of a pedler on foot to Gabriel Ament upon the recommendation the Court of the Quarter Sessions of the County of Philadelphia.

October 30: Granted a license to follow the employment of Hawker of Pedler within this Commonwealth with a Horse or other Beast of burden to Andrew Diehl upon recommendation of Court of Quarter Sessions of the County of Philadelphia.

December 13: Remitted fine imposed upon Joseph Starkey in Bucks County for fornication and Bastardy.

December 19: Pardoned the following persons now confined at the jail of the City and County of Philadelphia: Caleb Hill, convicted of Horse Stealing; Abraham Bentour convicted of Felony; John Shultz convicted in County of Felony; John Dominick, convicted of Forgery in Philadelphia City; Adam Hecker convicted of forgery in Northampton Co and Josiah Humprheys convicted of forgery in City of Philadelphia.

December 22: Pardoned Nancy alias Jane Lawres, convicted of Fornication and Bastardy in Franklin.

December 27: Received a letter from the Attorney General stating the case of Stephen Girard who charges Joseph Larelle with taking by force of fraudulently seducing away a Mulatto Boy (a servant for years) to the State of Virginia, with a view to sell him as a slave or retain him as a Servant.

December 31: Pardoned Christian Frederick convicted of Larceny in the City of Philadelphia.