Pennsylvania Archives–Ninth Series—1793

These abstracts are from the published ninth series of the Pennsylvania Archives, which is not indexed. This is not an index of that material, but rather gleanings from the data which appear to be of interest to the genealogist. It includes fines remitted, pardons, guardianships, private acts, licenses for peddlers, etc.

Pardons issued and fines remitted by Governor Thomas Mifflin under the Constitution of 1790. Pensions paid widows and children by the Commonwealth of Pa. during the administration of Governor Thomas Mifflin. Published in the Ninth Series of The Pennsylvania Archives, edited by Gertrude MacKinney, 1931.

January 2, 1793: Pardoned Daniel Furman and Nicholas Miller, convicted of a nuisance in obstructing the highway in Northumberland Co.


January 11: Remitted forfeiture of £50 incurred by John Henderson who was bound for appearance of James Patterson in a charge against him for felony in Mifflin Co.


January 16: Remitted fines of Michael Moll and Frederick Mourir imposed for not repairing Highway in Berks Co. Remitted forfeiture of £25 incurred by Richard Thorne who became bound for appearance of Jemima Warwick at the Mayors Court for a charge against her for a fraud in selling lumps of lard in which were inclosed filthy grease.


January 18: Remitted fine of William Hurd imposed in Allegheny Co. for fornication and bastardy. Pardoned Charlotte Barrington, convicted of Larceny in Philadelphia Co.


January 19: Granted license to follow the occupation of Hawker and pedler to Patrick Eagan upon recommendation of Philadelphia County.


January 24: Pardoned William Maddock, late of Chester Co. now of Delaware Co. attainted of High Treason; the said Maddock having been well recommended.


January 29: Remitted fine of Thomas McMurray imposed at Carlisle, Cumberland Co. for fornication and bastardy.


January 30: Remitted fine of John Minnick imposed in York Co. for fornication and bastardy.


January 31: Remitted fine of Patrick Glynn imposed in Newtown, Bucks Co.


February 6: Remitted fine of Sarah Flowers of Marcus Hook imposed in Delaware Co. last January for keeping a Tipling house.


February 9: Remitted fine of Negro Virgil Williams imposed for in Bucks Co. for fornication.


February 21: Referred to the Attorney General a petition of John Wray for remission of forfeiture entered for appearance of Charles Steen to answer a charge of Robbery and a statement of the Circumstances of the case by Mr. Duncan of Carlisle.


February 23: Conveyed a deed to Joseph Terrance of 156 acres on Brown Run in German Township, Fayette County, late the Estate of Anthony Yeldall, forfeited to the Use of the Commonwealth.


February 26: Pardoned John Maran, alias Murphey, convicted at a Mayor's Court of Larceny.

     Pardoned Thomas Hemphill, convicted of an assault on Lydia Bird.

     Pardoned Sarah Wise, convicted at a Mayor's Court of Larceny.


March 6: Approved an act for the relief of the representative of John Hersh. For the relief of John Alexander so far as relates to the imprisonment of his person.


March 8: Pardoned Joseph Gehr of Lancaster Co., convicted of Forgery.


March 9: Remitted fine of George Gallagher imposed in Chester Co. on 20 Feb: for fornication and bastardy.


March 14: Application has been made by James Maxwell and Robert Delap, Executors of the Testament and last will of Ann Wilson, deceased, and James Maxwell, Administrator of John Wilson, deceased, by their attorney James Smith of York Co. to authorize sale of tract of land in Tyrone and Huntingdon Twp. in York Co. which was the property of John Wilson, Junior late of York Co. who forfeited the same to the use of the Commonwealth by his attainder of high treason.


March 18: Remitted fine of the following persons: Andrew Gelwix and Daniel Gelwix, convicted of Assault and Battery in York Co., Jacob Herback, convicted in York Co. of Fornication and Bastardy, John Eckert, convicted in York Co. for Assault and Battery.


March 21: Approved an act for the relief of Elijah Bostwick and Simon Thayer.


March 22: Pardoned Jacob Duche, the Younger who was attainted of High Treason in compliance with a respectable recommendation.


March 25: Letter received relative to the remission of fines imposed upon George Wilson, William Wilson, William Beale, and David Walker for Riot of which they were convicted in the spring of 1792 in Mifflin County.


March 27: Remitted fines of Marmaduke Lackey, convicted of Larceny and Isaac Hunter, convicted of fornication and bastardy in Philadelphia Co., being well recommended for remission.


April 5: the Attorney General reported the cause of the Commonwealth against Conrad Ihrie in the Supreme Court is now ended and he is found to be indebted to the Commonwealth for the sum of £209.09.


April 6: Granted license to follow the occupation of Hawker and pedler to John George Repplier upon recommendation of Philadelphia County.


April 11: Remitted fines of George Wilson, William Wilson, William Beale and David Walker, convicted in the Spring of a Riot in Dauphin Co.

     Approved an act for the relief of Fleming Wilson.

     Approved an Act to vest in Abraham Rankin and Ann Nebinger, the Wife of George Nebinger, two of the children of James Rankin such parts of his forfeited estate, as have not been sold for the benefit of the Commonwealth.


April 12: Granted license to follow the occupation of Hawker and pedler to Henry Hoffman upon recommendation of Franklin County.


April 26: Pardoned Hugh Cone, convicted of Larceny in Lancaster Co. in February 1792.


April 30: Transmitted application of Mary Price respecting the estate of the late Thomas Taylor who it is alleged died intestate and without Heirs to Escheator General.


May 2: John Thompson of Bucks Co. was informed that Peter Downin, the person who robbed him of certain Certificates in October 1789 has been apprehended in New York.


May 4: A affidavit was made by John Thompson of Bucks Co. charging Peter Downing, a prisoner in the Jail of City and County of New York, having committed robbery in the house of the said John Thompson on 20 October 1789 was transmitted to the Governor of New York pleading the said Peter Downing be delivered to Elijah Weed, the keeper of the Jail in Philadelphia.


May 6: Pardoned and Remitted fine of John Temple, convicted of fornication and bastardy in Chester Co.


May 8: Pardoned the following persons on the condition they leave the State not to return: Samuel Boon, convicted of Larceny, Thomas McGowan, convicted of Horse Stealing, Matthew McCoy, convicted of Larceny, John Moore, convicted of larceny, Patrick McGlaughlin, convicted of Forgery, Andrew Allen, convicted of Larceny, James G.S. Sutherland, convicted of Larceny and John Campbell, convicted of Forgery.

     Remitted fines of John Hocker, convicted in Philadelphia Co. for keeping a tipling house and William Tarrell for fornication and bastardy.


May 14: Pardoned John Moulder of Lower Chichester Twp. in Delaware Co. who was attainted of High Treason by a Proclamation dated 15 June 1778.


May 22: Remitted fine of Samuel James imposed in Delaware Co. for fornication and bastardy.


May 23: Pardoned William Austin attainted of High Treason under proclamation dated 21 May 1778 he having produced a respectable recommendation.


May 24: Remitted forfeiture of Andrew Nelson incurred for appearance of John Kash for a misdemeanor in ill treating Mr. William Phul of Philadelphia, the said Kash having neglected to appear. Granted application of Matthew Irwin, Esq. in behalf of his son Mr. John Irwin for a passport he being about to sail on a trading Voyage to the West Indies.


May 25: Pardoned Jacob Livergood, convicted of Forgery at Reading in Berks Co. on 9 May 1791.


June 7: Pardoned John Dolterer, convicted in November 1792 of fornication and bastardy in Montgomery Co., Samuel Meeks and John Patterson, convicted in Washington Co. in 1793 of Burglary.


June 8: Remitted fine of Jacob Ford, convicted in Delaware Co. for keeping a tippling house.


June 13: Wrote a letter to George Clinton, Governor of the state of New York requesting that upon the application of Frederick Stover of Lebanon, Dauphin Co. a certain George Green or Sabin who stands charged in this state with being a common cheat and conspiring with others to deceive and defraud be delivered up and removed to this state.


June 14: Remitted fine of David Beatty imposed in Franklin Co. for keeping a tipling house.


June 15: Remitted fine of George Wilson, convicted in December 1791 in Montgomery Co. for keeping a tippling house.


June 22: Pardoned Elizabeth Truxell, convicted of receiving stolen goods in Franklin Co. in September 1792.


June 24: Remitted fine of John Barnholdt imposed in June 1793 by the mayor's Court for assault and battery upon Peter Johnston upon a respectable recommendation.

     Received a letter from William Mitchell, Agent for the sale of confiscated Esate in York Co stating he had sold the land of John Wilson, Jr., an attainted Traitor to William Delap for 1791. The Comptroller General was asked to collect the purchase money. Granted permission to John McNair, junior to sell land in Northampton Co. of Christian Huck, attainted of High Treason.


June 28: Remitted fine of Jonathan Adams imposed for keeping a tipling house in Philadelphia.


July 22: Pardoned the following persons now confined in the Philadelphia Jail on condition of their leaving the Sate not to return; they having been recommended by the Inspectors of the Jail: Aminidab Gibbs, convicted of Larceny, Arthur Orr alias Abraham Ogden, convicted of Deceit, John Reily, convicted of Larceny, Mary Berry, convicted of receiving stolen goods, Isaac Nicholson, convicted of Felony, Margaret Robertson, convicted of Larceny and James Fisher convicted of felony.


August 3: Remitted fine of Christian Immell imposed at Berks Co. for fornication and bastardy.


August 5: Pardoned William Cunningham convicted of passing counterfeit money in Philadelphia Co. on condition he leave the State forthwith not to return.


August 7: Pardoned William Paterson convicted of Horse Stealing on condition he leave the State not to return. Informed Mr. Jefferson that Peter Williams, a native and Citizen of the Commonwealth of Pa is desirous of receiving an official passport as his affairs call him to Europe.


August 10: Received an affidavit from Ann Brance in which she states some grounds to suspect that her husband, Joseph Brance, has enlisted on board one of the French Frigates now lying in this Port.


August 12: Granted a passport to George Stoome's who is about to depart to Europe on business.


August 19: Remitted fine of James Whiteall of Philadelphia, Cordwainer, imposed for breaking off from Jury before being discharged.


August 22: Pardoned Samuel Brown convicted of Felony at Chambersburgh in Franklin Co. in November 1792; Michael Brown convicted of Horse Stealing in Philadelphia in June 1792, and Eleanor Murray convicted of keeping a tipling house in Philadelphia.


September 3: Pardoned Amasa Tripp convicted of Burglary in Luzerne Co. upon recommendation of respectable citizens.


September 9: Pardoned Jacob Long convicted of Manslaughter in Berks Co. being well recommended.


November 22: Commanded the Sheriff of Franklin Co. to execute sentence of death on 18 January 1794 upon Negro George convicted at Chambersburg, Franklin Co. of Rape.


November 25: Remitted fine of Clement Terry convicted of Assault and Battery and of keeping a Tipling house in Bucks Co.


December 10: the case of John Gordon who was accidentally wounded in the leg while on public duty at Fort Mifflin was referred to Colonel Clement Biddle, that if the charges for medicines and attendance are found reasonable they may be paid out of the fun for incidental expenses,


December 16: Remitted fine of Michael Trion convicted in Berks Co. of keeping a tipling house.


December 18: Pardoned John Oneill and James Hagarty both convicted of Burglary and held in the jail at Lancaster Co.


December 20: Submitted case of James Honeyman convicted in Allegheny Co. of te Murder of Benjamin Askin to the Attorney General.


December 23: Pardoned Barney Hughes convicted of Larceny in December 1791, Daniel Oneal convicted of Larceny in Dec:, Joseph Scott convicted of Larceny at Chambersburgh in Franklin Co. in Nov all held in jail in Philadelphia.


December 27: Pardoned Henry Sampson convicted of Larceny in Philadelphia on 21 Dec:, Samuel Shoemaker attainted of High Treason upon recommendation of respectable citizens.


December 30: Pardoned George Holleback convicted of fornication and bastardy in Berks Co., George Faries convicted of Larceny in Philadelphia Co., Daniel Griffiths convicted of misdemeanor in Chester Co.