Cedar County, Missouri, Circuit Court Book A:679 November 1859

Thomas N. Cook and William E. Cook and Barbara E. Cook minors by their guardian, Thomas N. Cook, vs. William A. Powell, Alfred C. Powell, Martha Hayward and Polly Hayward, Green L. Powell, Jonathan L. Powell, Eliza J. Powell, Elias M. Powell and Barbara Powell, William Stukesberry and Minerva Stukesberry, defendants. Partition of real estate. Defendants notified by publication in Bolivar Weekly Courier.

Jonathan L., Eliza J. and Elias M. minors under age 21. William A. McClain appointed their guardian. Others defaulted. William C. Powell, late of the County of Cedar, departed this life intestate and left property. He left a widow Barbara Powell who was entitled to one-third and the following children: William R. Powell, Alfred C. Powell, Polly Hayward intermarried with Martin Hayward, Green L. Powell, Jonathan L. Powell, Eliza Cook intermarried with Thomas N. Cook and Cornelius L. Powell each of whom were entitled one undivided part. Since the death of William, Elizabeth Cook has departed this life leaving two children: William C. Cook and Barbara E. Cook who were jointly entitled to a share. Cornelius L. Powell has also died leaving no widow and no children. His mother, brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews were entitled to 1/10 part of the estate