Absalom Perkins died in Morgan County, Missouri, by November 1837. Seth R. Moore was administration (Probate Book A:18) p. 19 shows accounts owed 1 January 1838. Letters of Administration to Tyre H. Berry with James Lamm and Jsoeph Sidebottom, sec. Debtors: Powel S. Ownby .75, Levi Blackwell, Isaac Smit, Orvil Beatty, Martha Gannaway $2.69 less what estate held against her (May 1838) John Gannaway same; Josiah S. Walton, Elverton Caldwell, Dorrell & Drake, Drake and Rose, Elemelech S. Drake, William Poer.

Nov 1838 ordered that John Dobbins be summoned witness on behalf of Joshua Berry, against James Dobbins Adm.

Credits due from "Mr. Dobbins," E.S. Drake, John Dobbins, Thos Dobbins, Zealy Wynn and Andrew Estes.

Feb. 1839 Joshua H. Berry executed note dated 3 March 1836 for $52.02. Accepted. Don't know if John Dobbins showed for court hearing.

By 1841, the debts were more than estate could pay and Nicholas Owenby, Solomon Poor and Talbird Bass excepted from further annual reports.