Unsuccessful search for Thomas Ashford Peebles of St. Clair County, Missouri.


Thomas Peebles served with Capt. Joseph Clarke’s Company of Kentucky Militia commanded by Lt. Col. William Dudley. 

1800 Kentucky  Clark Co.

John Peebles and Robert Peebles there.  

1790  Thomas Peasley in Fayette; Robert Peoples in Fayette 

1810 Kentucky

Thomas Peoples in Fayette, p. 817 (last name very difficult to read, but index by AIS as Peoples P---ls is all I can read. 3 males under 10, 1 male 26-45; 1 female under 10, 2 female s16-26, 1 female 26–45.


Tax records of Fayette County, Kentucky, lists

Thomas Peeples with 200 acres on Cane run granted to Sam Meredith (this is the parcel being advertised in 1815. This is north of Lexington, while Clark County is south east of Fayette.  

600 acres on Mill Creek in Hardin County entered by John Linch.

He was living in Fayette paying 1 white poll, 3 blacks over 16 and 13 horses. (1806) 

In 1811, not listed; not on subsequent lists. Clark and Bourbon bound Fayette and he could be there; obviously he still owned property in Fayette as he advertised it in 1815. The deeds were reconstructed after the fire, but there is no index. 


War of 1812

882, 680 Thomas Peebles in 13th Rgt. of Dudley’s Kentucky Militia (private)

Two Thomas A. Peebles in Virginia. No Peebly or Peebley


Clark County, Kentucky, Probate Records

3:369 Inventory of the estates of Jas. and Thomas Peebly, deceased, 27 February 1815. Sale was held 10 January 1811 purchases by Robert Peebly, Wm. Peebly, George Peebly, Rachel Peebly, etc.  

3:415 Division of land for Rachel Peebles, widow and relict of Robert. set off dower 22 May 1815.  

3:87 11 November 1811 Inventory of slaves and personal estate of Robert Peebels, deceased. Those that purchased at the sale include James, John Peebles, Sr. Robert, Thomas, 23 November 1810. 

4:264 Division of 269 acres belonging to the Robert Peebles estate.

Lot No. 1 Robert Peebles

Lot No. 2 Polly Peebles

Lot No. 3 Rachel Peebles

Lot No. 4 John Peebles

Lot No. 5 George Peebles

Lot No. 6 Jane Peebles

Lot No. 7 William Peebles

Lot no. 8 Peggy Peebles

Lot no. 9 Nancy Peebles

Lot No. 10 Carlisle Peebles


War of 1812 Kentucky Index.

Thomas Peebly; Thomas Peebles 199 Capt. Joseph Clarke’s Company of Infant, Lt. Col. William Dudley. Thomas Peebles, private, James Peebles, private (killed in battle 5 May 1813) 

Barton Jewell, James Holiday, Ezekiel McCarty, Henry Schooler, John Doyer, Lewis Pritchett, Stephen Dooley, Nelson Bush, Clarke Patterson. (This group is from Clark Co.) 

Kentucky Gazette 13 November 1815. Thomas Peebles, living on Henry’s mill road 6˝ miles from Lexington, has a plantation for sale. Part of Maj. Meredith’s military survey. (This should be Fayette County)



Mrs. Hannah and Thomas Peebly appeared on the 1822 tax list of Clay County, Missouri.  

One Thomas Peebly b. 21 May 1797 d. Saline County Missouri 27 Nov. 1856. Family record in file. His wife Anna Cameron d. 1856 in Clay County Missouri.  

Elizabeth Hunter 

1830 Howard County, p. 179

James Pebles 1-1-0-2-0-0-1; 01-1-1-0-0-1


Howard County Will Record 1:

19 Mary Peebels entered a bond for administration of estate of Thomas Peebels, deceased. 13 August 1819.  

Mary Peebles made her final accounting and settlement in May 1827. At no time were the heirs or minors named. The final account left was $278.20. No guardians were assigned; no apprenticeships.  

Howard County Newspaper Abstracts 

Died 1822 in Franklin Jno S. Peebels, son of Mrs. Mary Peebels.

Died 1 October 1826 in Franklin, Miss Jane Peebles.

Married in Franklin, December 1828 Edwin M. Ryland and Miss Eliza Peebles

Married 3 Feb. 1831 in Franklin by Rev. Justinian Willis, Sinclair Kirtley, attorney at law of Boone co. and Miss Mary Ann Peebles.  

St. Clair Co. Deeds

Alce Peebly et al to Thomas A. Peebly F:352 We Alce Peebly and Reubin Peebly and wife, Amanda Peebly of Howard County for $5 paid b y Thomas A. Peebly of St. Clair quit claim all right and title to certain piece of land in Twp. 38, Range 25, being the land we have interest in. (no further description). 18 March 1858. The deed was acknowledged in Cooper County. Delivered to A. Peebly.  

Thomas D. Gorin to George W. Ponds Administrators Deed D:395 Date was April term of Circuit Court 1851 when George bought the land from administrator of the estate of Thomas D. Greene. Elisha Bridges was the Adm. Land was SE of SW 33-38-24. Didn’t find sale of the land in index to 1869.


All the deeds say “Thomas A. when referring to Ashford Peebly. 

St. Clair County, Missouri, Deed Book G:397. Three people signing over to Thomas A. Peebly.

William Gettys, George Sheppard and wife Sarah, Lewis Gettys and wife, Susan and Elizabeth Allard of St. Louis for ____ dollars to us paid by Thomas A. Peebly of St. Clair quit claim our right, title claim and demand to land situated in Twp. 38, Range 25  all the land we have interest in and to. 20 May 1859.


Jane Peebles d. 1 October 1820 in Franklin, Missouri.

John S. Peebles d. Aug 1822 at St. Francisville. both from Missouri Intelligencer.