Nicholas Coffman Family

No marriages are located for Nicholas' daughters in Missouri. His widow, Nancy, is on the 1850 Morgan County census. Her last child was b. in Tennessee in 1835. There were twelve parts to Nicholasís estate.

Nicholas Coffman family m. Nancy (Thomas?) in Jefferson County Tennessee? 1820

            i.          William T. Coffman b. ca. 1823 in Tennessee m. ca. 1847 Jane. Son Daniel B. in 1850.

            ii.         Elizabeth Ann Coffman b. 1826 in Tennessee m. 15 December 1842 in Morgan County Joshua Finley. He was the administrator of the Nicholas Coffman estate and was ordered to make a distribution on 5 February 1845.

            iii.        Harmon H. Coffman b. ca. 1828; he was over 14 in February of 1845 when Nancy Coffman was appointed his guardian. He purchased the estate rights of Joshua and Elizabeth Finley.

            iv.        Daniel Coffman b. 1830 in Tennessee

            v.         Jane C. Coffman m. Smith Girth

            vi.        Jacob Coffman b. ca. 1838 in Missouri

            vii.       Abraham Coffman b. 1840 in Missouri

            viii.        Susan Coffman b. ? m. by 1839 to James Caffee, Jr.

            ix.         Sarah (Alsey) Coffman b. ca. 1829 in Missouri m. 11 February 1847 in Morgan County, Missouri David Hart.

            x.         Nicholas Coffman m. Catharine [-?-].

            xi.         Rebecca Coffman m. (?) Hill.


#715 Nancy Coffman age 51 b. Tennessee, Daniel age 20 b. Tennessee, Jane age 15 b. Tennessee, Jacob age 12 b. MO, Abraham age 10 b. MO. Next door William Coffman age 27 b. Tennessee.

Morgan County, Missouri, Deed Book 10:453 10 March 1857 Nicholas Coffman and wife Catharine and David Hart and wife Sarah of Camden Co., William T. Coffman and wife Jane, of Camden, Daniel Coffman of Morgan to H.H. Coffman of Camden all right title and interest in their distributive share of a tract in Nicholasí Coffmanís estate. Each share being the 1/12 part. Amount was $25. The said Danielís part being part transferred to him by J.W. Finley and Elizabeth Ann as legatees. SE fractional part of 30-40-18.