Newsom Notes  

Harvey Newsom was administrator of the estate of William Grant in Morgan County, Missouri in 1852.  

Morgan County, Missouri, Deed Book 10:120 16 November 1855 Henry Newsom and wife Maranda of Calloway Missouri to Littlebury E. Williamson for $20 lots in Versailles that he obtained from deeds recorded in various books (reported). 

NEWSOM - Robert - Callaway County p. 197 in 1850 Robert Newsom #33 in Callaway County in 1850 age 60 b. Virginia; no wife; Harry age 37 b. Virginia, Mary age 14 b. Missouri, Virginia Waynescot age 31 b. Virginia (and her 3 children) John Newsom age 5 b. Missouri Sarah Boggs age 18 b. Missouri and David Newsom age 17 b. Missouri Family by this name in Callaway County Robert Newsom was murdered by his young slave, Celia (Gateway Heritage Fall 1992, p. 57)


Robert and John Newsom were on the 1823 tax list of Callaway County Bryan and Rose (p 362) state these two men were sons of William and Margaret (Peece) Newsom. John married Sally McClung of Greenbriar County, Virginia and had several children, but none were named William. Robert married Elizabeth Guinn of Virginia by whom he had Harvey, (Judge of Callaway County for 2 years) William, David, Rebecca, Julia, Virginia, Ruth, Susan, Sally and Polly.  

(1) Rebecca Newsom m. Callaway County, Missouri, 17 April 1838 Thomas Rupert.

(2) Ruth A. Newton m. Callaway County, Missouri, 9 Aug. 1838 James Langley.

no male marriages in Callaway before 1840. 

One David Newsom s/o William and Margaret b. 28 December 1805 in Greenbrier VA m. 12 July 1827 in Monroe County Virginia Mary Houston. They left Springfield Illinois for Oregon. He had a son Virgil V. Newsom b. 1836 in Springfield, Illinois. 

Nathan Newsom bought his first property in Pike County in 1817 and proceeded to buy a number of tracts over the following decade.  

C:90 26 November 1827 Nathan Newsom and wife, Mary, of Meigs County Ohio sold to David Ware of Pike County a lot in the town of Piketon.  

C:234 Nathan and Mary were still in Meigs County when they purchased in 1829 part of the land they had sold to Hallam Hempstead earlier. 

1860 Marshall County, Alabama, p. 959

#326 Virgil Newsom age 43, a turner, $1000, $1450, b. Ohio,

Mahala, age 29, Alabama

Mary A., age 10 b. Alabama

Sarah L. age 8 b. Alabama

William V. age 3 b. Alabama. m. 13 March 1878 in Blount County, Alabama, Kittie Ann Moore.  

1850 Marshall County, Alabama, p. 243

#102 Nathan Newsom age 58, tanner, born in Virginia

Mary age 54, b. Kentucky

Junius L. age 28, tanner, b. Ohio

Mary M., age 26 b. Ohio

Hannah E., age 19 b. Ohio m. 7 July 1851 in Marshall County, Alabama Nathan Newsom.

Rasina E. age 17 b. Missouri

Susan C. age 15 b. Missouri

Robert L., age 10 b. Alabama

Andrew Gilham age 21, tanner, b. AL

Robert Newsom, age 18, schoolteacher b. IL

Reuben Craig, age 16, tanner, b. South Carolina 

p. 259

dwelling #326 Louisa Irvin, age 25, b. Ohio with husband John H. Irvin, a lawyer b. Alabama.

She has a two year old son, Nathan.


#328 Wm. V. Newsom age 33, Tanner $1500, b. Ohio

Mahala, age 20, Alabama

Mary A., age 2 months

Bolden Merritt, age 18, tanner, b. North Carolina 

1870 Blount County, Alabama

p. 376, dwelling #104, W.V. Newsom, age 53, tanner, b. Ohio, cannot read or write.

Mahala age 40 b. Alabama, $4000/300, William V., age 13, Elizabeth, age 5 months, born in August, Josephine, age 15 b. Alabama.  

Marshall County, Alabama Marriages

John F. Irvin m. Louisa M. Newsom 26 December 1844.

Caroline M. Newsom m. 29 December 1843 William F. Cox with the consent of her father Nathan Newsom. Caroline was age 21 b. Ohio on the 1850 census.

No administrators bond for William V. Newsom in Blount County 1870-1919.