McDANIEL of St. Clair County, Missouri

There were 11 shares to the estate, but I found only 8 deeds recorded.

St. Clair Deed Book B:418 Hiram McDaniel to Wm. McDaniel for $20 conveyed undivided 1/11 part on 13 June 1844: SE frac (South of the River) of S28, SE of NW of 28, SW NOR (north of the river) of section27, SE of NOR 27, all in Township 37 Range26.

B:487 22 August 1844, Mary Roberts to Wm. McDaniel her 1/11 part in the above land.

B:488 same date, Elizabeth and Jane McDaniel 1/11 each of their shares in the above land.  

C:140 4 February 1846, Alexander McDaniel of St. Clair 1/11 part 

D:16 19 October 1849, James McDaniel sold the 1/11 part of several tracts in St. Clair to Mitchell Gash.

D:181 17 March 1851, Daniel B. McDaniel sold to Mitchell Gash his 1/11 part in above tracts of land in St. Clair Co.