Richard Lock Probate, Barry Co., Missouri


Richard Lock Box 57 Executrix Eleanor Lock: Will dated 9 July 1841 to beloved wife Eleanor all livestock and horse cattle sheep and household furniture and pleasure carriage and other goods not particularly disposed of in this will. Gave to grand daughter Eleanor Cooner one sorrel filly and black mare, four head of sheep and a feather bed. Eleanor and Jonas G. Lock, Exrs. Wit: Andrew S. Smith and Henry Roach.  

Papers of John G. Lock combined in this file. Sarah was the Admx and Jonas G. Lock, Jr. Adm of Jno Lock deceased by 13 Aug. 1842.  

Jonas G. Lock was Adm. of the estate of Nancy Lock deceased 21 April 1859 (same packet). Physician's last visit to Nancy April 12, 1857. Looks like payment for grave dug on 12 April as well.  

John G. Lock October of 1841 to Peter Apperson to treat a company $6.00. In March of 1842 he paid .50 for a bottle of whiskey, $2.00 for two gallons of whiskey, .75 for twelve drinks, .50 for 8 drinks and .25 for four drinks.  

Frances Lock signed a receipt on 21 April 1859 for her share of estate of Nancy Lock. Paid to Jonas G. Lock. Tombstones were purchased for Nancy.  

Richard Lock’s estate "opened" 7 Sept. 1846.  

Affidavit from Conway County, Arkansas

(1) Benjamin H. Thompson deposed that in spring of 1841 in Vanburen, Crawford County he saw John Lock there and that he told him he owed his brother B.H. Thompson $212. Signed Benjamin H. Thompson.  

Blake H. Thompson did hold a demand against John Lock who died intestate (Conway Co. Arkansas) 

James A. Thompson deposed that in October of 1841 the said Thompson took account from B.H. Thompson to the said John Lock deceased. 11 July 1843.  

Jonas G. Lock, principal, A.S. Hardin and J.G. Lock securities bound for $500 8 Sept. 1846.  

Appraisers appointed for the John G. Lock estate on 9 July 1842.  

Copied list of heirs of Richard Lock from Box 57 (see file at the Ozarks Genealogical Society, Springfield, MO)  

In Nancy Lock’s file was a bill for William Lock, (Barry County 1835) Bot of James M. White 60 bushes of corn for $20. Judgement for plaintiff 

J.R. Stubblefield, curator for minors John G. Lock and Richard Lock, minor heirs of Nancy.

Public Adm. took over estate of Jonas G. Lock. Henry Fare. Inventory filed 6 June 1866. Necessary for public administrator to sell real estate to pay debts. Damages were recovered against Jonas G. Lock on and property was sold. 2 Aug. 1865. William C. Johnson, coroner made report. No list of heirs.