LACY Stephen Lacy m. 17 Aug. 1795 Polly B. Holland in Goochland Co. VA.

Goochland Co. VA 10:233 Stephen Lacy of Hanover Co. VA being weak in to eldest son Thomas Lacy one shilling, daughter Mary Anderson one shilling, three sons Charles Lacy, Benjamin Lacy and Jesse Lacy a tract of land in Goochland Co. joining the Louisa line. 100 acres to Matthew Lacy where he lives; son Charles Lacy one negro named Charles, son Matthew wench Judah, son Benjamin wench Ursely; to son Jesse a negro wench Lucy; grandson William Hughes Lacy negro girl Jane and to daughter Sarah Farrow negro woman Phebe. Son Elijah Lacy land that came by his mother lying in Hanover Co. in St. Paul Parish. to son Johnson Lacy 170 acres in St. Martin's Parish and a still. To dearly beloved wife Sarah Lacy two negroes Hannah (who is to later go to son Johnson Lacy and Mealla later to go to daughter Lucy Lacy. Sons Charles and Mathew Lacy to be Executors. Written 16 March 1770. Pvd. July 20, 1772.