Holder Family


Holder Chickasaw Application (rejected)   R-43 Roll 1493029 

Al Holder; father James Lewis Holder who married Sally “Looner” He lived in Marietta, Indian Territory. Claimed to be 1/8. He made application June 18, 1900.

Had four minor children. He was 36 years old, both of his parents were deceased.

R-45 James W. Holder also lived Marietta, IT. 47 years old on 18 June 1900. Also applied under father James Lewis Holder and mother Sallie Looney. He married his wife, Lou, now deceased, in Sherman, Texas.  

Uncle testified on his behalf, D.A. Holder, age 54. Stated applicants grandmother was half-breed Chickasaw.  

R-50 Benjamin Franklin Holder age 39-40 made clam through “James A. Holder and wife Sally Looney. Said he lived in I.T. and never had gone to Texas with the idea of making it his home. 18 June 1900.  

R-54 Lewis L. Holder, age 54 on 18 June 1900. Lived in Marietta, I.T. (six miles east)

Father was James L. Holder; mother was Sally Holder. Panola County; lived in I.T. 14 years this summer. M. Margaret Marinda Holder, daughter of John Looney and Samantha Looney. He and his wife were first cousins and had three children, all over 21. Both applicants (Lewis and Marinda) claimed 1/8 share.

Amanda Holder married William Bray (R-71 of Chickasaw Applications. K1493030. Amanda claimed to be ¼ Chickasaw. He was not living in 1900.  

R-84 FHL 1493030.

18 June 1900 Lewis F. Looney born 1846; resided in Hennepin in the Chickasaw Nation; moved there in 1886. Before that lived in Grayson Co. Texas. He went to Texas in 1861 from Greene County, Missouri. His deceased father was John Looney; his mother still living was Samantha Looney. She was ¼ Chickasaw. Mother moved to I.T. in 1886. They lived at Holdenville. Wife was Sarah Looney and living. (white woman ). Had minor child Oscar.  

Nothing on 1880 in Texas for Looney family.