by Marsha Hoffman Rising, CG, FASG


MARTIN ALLEY GASH may have been the man of the name who arrived on the ship “Crown” on 30 August 1749. This ship embarked from Rotterdam, Holland and came to America via Cowes, England. He may also be the man who married 27 December 1766 in Burlington, New Jersey Ann Johnson of that place. Ann was b. 6 March 1732 and d. in 1812, age 80 years. The couple are said to have had only three sons who survived to adulthood. Anna Dennis b. 6 March 1732 Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co. NJ; d. St. Louis Co. Missouri. d/o John Dennis who d. 1756 Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co. NJ Ancestor Chart of Tamara Bishop P.O. Box 8813, Portersville, CA 93258. NC.  

He was enumerated in Rutherford County, North Carolina in 1790 in Morgan District with 3 males over 16, 1 female over 16. On 27 November 1792 he received from the State of North Carolina a tract of land in Burke County, on both sides of the Swannanoa River. A number of family traditions have descended regarding Martin's origins and Bates outlines each in her publication.[1] 

Martin was dead by 1810 when his widow was listed as head of household. She is probably not the mother of the small children in this household and this may be the family of her already deceased son, Joseph Dennis Gash. Her other two sons are already heads of their own households.   


Ann Gash Beaufort Buncombe Twp, p. 94 1 male under 10 (Eb), 2 males 10-16 (Joseph, William), 1 male 16-26; 1 female under 10 (Rachel), 1 female 16-26 (Dema), 1 female over 45 (Ann) and 2 slaves. 

John Gash Beaufort Buncombe Twp, p. 94 3 males under 10, 1 male 10-16, 1 male 16-26, 1 male 26-45; 2 females under 10, 1 female 10-16 (unidentified), 1 female 26-45. (These match John's known family) 

Martin Gash Beaufort Buncombe Twp, p. 83, 1 male under 10, 2 males 10-16, 1 male 26-45; 3 females under 10, 1 female 26-45. (These match Martin Jr.'s known family exactly.  

      Children of Martin Alley and Ann (?Johnson) Gash:

      2.      i.   JOSEPH DENNIS GASH b. 19 August 1767; d. October 1802  

      3.      ii. JOHN GASH b. 17 October 1769 d. 21 October 1857 in North Carolina m. 1 January 1795 Nancy Gudger, daughter of William Gudger.  

      4.      iii.        MARTIN ALLEY GASH b. 16 June 1773 d. 6 May 1836 Palmyra, Marion County, Missouri. bd. Old Gash Cemetery. m. 1795 Mary Gudger. She was b. 3 March 1779 in Washington County, North Carolina, the daughter of William Gudger. She d. 29 Septmeber 1828 in Marion County, Missouri. He is said to have built the first brick house in Marion Co. near the South River.


2. JOSEPH DENNIS GASH b. 19 August 1767 d. October 1802 leaving a wife and four children. m. before 1790 Deme Woodfin who had died before 1823 when her children sold her dower right.  

      Joseph D. Gash received a state grant on 6 January 1794 for 30 shillings for every hundred acres, the state granted 200 acres lying in Buncombe Co. on both sides of a small creek running on the north side of Sandy Marsh.[2] He also was granted 200 hundred more acres on north side of Sandy Marsh below his former entry including an old Indian Camp to Joseph Denis Gash. Same date.


Bates quotes the History of Buncombe County, North Carolina by stating the first dower assigned in Buncombe County was in April of 1805 to Demy Gash, the widow of Joseph Gash. 

      After Joseph's death, his heirs bought property from Sheriff Benjamin Brittain on 4 Jan. 1819 Book 11, p. 521: 4 January 1819 between Benjamin Brittain, Sheriff of Buncombe Co. and John Gash, William Gash, Joseph Gash and Greenlee Sams and his wife, Rachal who was formerly Rachal Gash, all heirs at-law of Joseph Dennis Gash of the county. Over property Joseph Denis Gash bought at a sale of goods of William Davidson who had judgment against him and the Sheriff sold his estate. Deed is now being confirmed to the heirs.


Power of Attorney Book 14, p. 263  Greenlee Sams, John Gash and William Gash, all of Ralls County Missouri gave Joseph D. Gash of same power of Attorney 4 July 1823. 

Book 13, p. 413 Heirs 1 March 1819 John Gash, Greenlee Sams and Rachel his wife, William Gash and Joseph Gash, all heirs of Joseph Denis Gash, deceased, of Buncombe sold for $500 to John Patton, a tract on the French Broad River known as Gash's tract. Registered 14 January 1827.


Book 13, p. 28 Joseph D. Gash, Jr. of Ralls County, Missouri, $150 paid by John Jarrett of Buncombe for myself and my brothers John Gash and William Gash and their heirs do sell a tract being dower laid off to our mother Dime Gash, widow of Joseph Gash, deceased, for use during her natural life on the east bank of the French Broad River formerly known as Henderson's tract which we came by the death of said widow Dame Gash. 13 Sept. 1823.


      5.      i.   Joseph D. Gash b. ca. 1795; m. -- December 1820 in Pike County, Missouri Sarah Longmire d/o Joseph Longmire. On 30 April 1827 Joseph D. and Sally Gash of Marion county, Missouri sold to Benjamin Thomas and William Carson in trust for the Baptist Church a parcel of land. The witness was John Longmire. (Marion A, p. 14), In 1829 Joseph D. Gash and John B. White were administrators of the estate of William Mitchell.

                  In 1830, he was living in Marion Co. and listed on p. 44. He had 2 males 5-10, 1 male 15-20, 1 male 30-40; 3 females under 5, 1 female 5-10, 1 female 15-20, 1 female 30-40.  

                Joseph D. Gash left a will in Henry County, Missouri before 9 December 1837. The witnesses were Daniel Waldo and Daniel Brant. Executors were William Gash and Ebenezer Gash. Uley was b. ca. 1805 (1850 Census) in North Carolina. 

                In August of 1839 it was reported to the Henry County, Court that Emily (Uley) Gash, Admx of Joseph D. Gash forfeited her administration by marrying William McDaniel. Nathaniel Bell, Daniel Waldo and Thomas Piper were ordered to appraise estate. Henry County, Court Minute Book A p. 37  William and Ebenezer Gash, Executors of estate of Joseph D. Gash were authorized to provide $200 for Mary Elizabeth Gash, the posthumous heir of Joseph D. Gash. (p. 37 Henry Co. Probate Book A) 

                William McDaniel and his wife Uley and Oliver P. Gash of the county of Cedar; Mitchell E. and wife Delany Gash of St. Clair for $60 sold to Reuben J. Gash all right, title and interest in estate of John H. Gash who died without children. Uley was the mother and the other two grantors were full brothers. {D:500} 

                After partition in 1856, the Sheriff did finally convey to Mitchell Gash the SE 9-37-35 containing 160 acres. The plaintiffs were William and Euly McDonald [sic], Mary E. Gash by her guardian, William McDaniel, and Mitchell Gash vs. William McDaniel Jr, Euley C. McDaniel, William P. Stow, Martha E. Stow and Mary Gash.  

      Children of Joseph D. and Emily {Uley} (Culbertson) Gash:

      a.      Mitchell E. Gash b. ca. 1828 in Missouri. d. bef. 23 May 1867 intestate in St. Clair County, when J. Wade Gardner became administrator.[3] m. Mary A. [-?-] who sold land with him in Cedar County, in in December of 1850.[4] Mitchell sold the land purchased from his mother and stepfather “as heir of Joseph D. and Uley Gash”[5] m. before 1860 (2) Delany [-?-] who survived him.

      b.      Reuben J. Gash called himself an heir when he sold land the two parcels (NE¼ of S25-T37-R26 & W½ of SE¼ S24-T37-R26 to Greenbury H. Culbertson in 1852.[6]

      c.       Oliver Perry Gash b. 1831 in Marion County, Missouri; d. 13 February 1855 in Washington County, Oregon; m. 20 April 1852 in St. Clair County, Missouri Mary Jane [-?-] d. by the time the Oregon Donation certificate was issued.[7]

      d.      John H. Gash b. 1828 in Missouri d. unmarried before March 1853 when his estate was distributed to his mother and brothers.[8]

      e.       Mary Elizabeth Gash b. ca. 1838; she was living with her mother and step-father in Cedar County, in 1850. She did not participate in her brother's property sale in 1853. Mary Elizabeth Gash named as posthumous heir of Joseph D. Gash in Feb. 1840 in Henry County.

      f.       Emily (Euley) Gash m. 11 February 1841 in Henry County, Richard Stow.[9] She had died by the time he conveyed her father's legacy to her brother. She left heirs William P. and Martha E. Stow who were the defendants in the 1856 law suit that conveyed another parcel of land. (see partition above)                    

6.   ii.       John Gash b. ca. 1801 in North Carolina-living Ralls County 1823 may have (1) Virginia Culbertson. (2) by 1827 Leah Culbertson. John Gash of Marion County sold land with wife Leah to John Parner in 1827. In 1830, he was enumerated in Marion County, Missouri next to James Gardner, p. 28. John Gash had a household of 2 males under 5, 1 male 5-10, 1 male 10-15, 1 male 30-40; 1 female 20-30. He owned one female slave.

                            On 3 November 1830 John and wife Leah of Marion sold to Elijah Baxter 40 acres in Marion Co. Wit: Ebenezer Gash (D:362)

                            He left a will dated 3 March 1847 in Marion Co. Missouri in which he named wife Leah and children Samuel, Eliza Bird, Anvira Quinn, Joseph, John, William, Mary, Benjamin and Martin. Executors were Leah Gash and Benjamin Quinn. Wit: John Rice and Henry S. Lispcomb. pvd. 8 May 1847.

                            a. Eliza Gash m. (at the home of Mr. Sams) 9 Jan 1834, in Marion Co., William H. Bird. 

      7.      iii. William Gash b. ca. 1799 m. Stacy Elizabeth Longmire. She was b. 1797 and d. 1858 in St. Clair County, Missouri. They were m. 28 December 1820.


      8.      iv.       Rachel b. 1797 m. Greenlee Sams - living Ralls County 1823 

Children placed with Joseph Dennis by Bates:

                v. Myra Gash m. 7 January 1827 in Ralls County Joseph Culbertson, son of Abraham and sister of Leah.  

                vi.       Joseph D. Gash, Jr. b. ca. 1802  m. 28 October 1824 in Ralls County, Missouri Ula daughter of Abraham Culbertson. In 1830, Joseph Gash, Jr. was listed on p. 34 of the Marion County census with 2 males under 5, 1 male 20-30; 1 female under 5, 1 female 20-30.

                 vii.      Ebenezer Gash b. 1805 m. (1) 26 October 1833 in Lewis County, Maria (Elmira) McReynolds b. 3 November 1812; d. 4 May 1844 in St. Clair Co. Missouri. She was a daughter of Wm. & Ruth McReynolds) m. (2) Nancy [-?-] (3) 1859 Martha Allen; does not appear to be heir of Joseph D. Gash, Sr. When he sold land in Marion County in 1828, there was no release of dower. Ebr Gash was probably one of hte 20-30 year old males listed with Wm Gash in Marion Co. p. 29.

                viii.     Rector P. Gash early in Marion Co.

                ix.       Boone Gash early in Marion Co.


3.   JOHN GASH b. 17 October 1769 d. 21 October 1857 age 88y, 4 days in Buncombe County, North Carolina m. 1 January 1795 Nancy Gudger b. 3 April 1777, daughter of William and Martha (née Young) Gudger.[10] She d. 2 October 1851; (d. 2 October 1851, age 74y, 6m.) bur. Newton Academy Cemetery, Asheville.[11]

       The children of this couple moved to northern Missouri and founded the town of Gashland in Clay County. For a discussion of this family group, see Gash of Gashland, Clay County, Missouri 1769-1930, contributed by Miss Helen F. Smither, Kansas City chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, 1971. This genealogy is on microfilm at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.

      9.      i.           William Gudger Gash b. 28 July 1796 d. 29 November 1797.

      10.    ii.         Joseph Dennis Gash b. 4 November 1797. He was in Clay County, Missouri by 1832. d. 18 October 1852

      11.    iii.        Naomi Young Gash b. 2 December 1799 m. John P. Hardin; resided in Tennessee.

      12.    iv.       Martin Alley Gash b. 1 March 1802 d. 18 February 1850

      13.    v. Martha Ann Gash b. 21 September 1804 d. 6 July 1883 m. Strawberry Young.

      14.    vi.       William Riley Gash b. 1 March 1807 d. 29 February 1859

      15.    vii.      Alfred Raney Gash b. 13 January 1809 d. 13 February 1888

      16.    viii.     Sarah Eliza Gash b. 9 Sept. 1810 d. 24 February 1814

      17.    ix.       Leander Sams Gash b. 26 July 1813 d. 21 July 1872

      18.    x.        Burdit Stewart Gash b. 15 January 1816 d. 2 January 1891

      19.    xi.       Louisa Elizabeth Gash b. 19 November 1818

      20.    xii.      Rachel Catharine Gash b. 14 September 1821 d. 23 May 1872

4. MARTIN ALLEY GASH b. 16 June 1773 d. 6 May 1836 Palmyra, Marion County, Missouri. bd. Old Gash Cemetery. m. 1795 Mary Gudger. She was b. 3 March 1779 in Washington County, Virginia, the daughter of William Gudger. She d. 29 September 1828. bd. Gash Cemetery.

      He came to Marion County Missouri 1818 and is said to have broght the first wagons to Marion County.  He built the first brick house on Marion County near the South River. The house was still standing in 1971.[12] Martin was listed in Marion Co. in 1830, p. 45 with 1 male 5-10, 2 males 15-20, 1 male 20-30, 1 male 50-60; 2 females 10-15, 1 female 15-20, 1 female 20-30.  

      Children of Martin and Mary (Gudger) Gash:[13]

21.          i.   Joseph Dennis Gash b. 6 November 1796 in Buncombe County, North Carolina d. 22 June 1849 in Marion County, Missouri m. 28 December 1820 in Marion Co. his first cousin, Sarah Longmire daughter of Joseph and Stacy Ellen (née Gudger) Longmire. Major Joseph Gash who died “Friday week, an old citizen.” Stanly, Death Records of Missouri Men. Quote Palmyra Whig 5 July 1849.

22.          ii. James B. Gash b. 22 July 1798 drowned in 1800.

23.          iii.  Martin Gash, Jr. b. 26 August 1801 in Buncombe County, North Carolina d. 21 April 1850 in California. He purchased 80 acres in 6-57-5 from John Hicklin on 6 March 1828 (Marion County Deed Book A, p. 252). He left as his only son Moses D. Gash.[14]

24.          iv.  Sarah (Sally) Gash b. 14 January 1803 Buncombe County, North Carolina. She married 25 December 1837, Marion County, Missouri, Daniel Brant. He was the widower of her first cousin, Narcissa Longmire, who he married 19 August 1830.

25.          v. Martha Gash (Marion Co. History calls her Elizabeth) b. 16 February 1805 Buncombe County, North Carolina d. 28 July 1890 in Marion County, Missouri m. Moses D. Bates on 22 Feb. 1821 in Marion Co.[15]  Moses was b. 1791 in Louisa County, Virginia and d. 19 August 1857. Both are buried in the Gash Cemetery.

26.          vi.       Nancy Margaret Gash b. 20 July 1807 Buncombe County, North Carolina d. 9 July 1849 in Marion County, Missouri; m. 16 March 1834, Marion Co., John Newton Boulware. He was b. 20 March 1806 in Franklin County, Kentucky the son of an early pioneer preacher Mordecae Boulware.

27.          vii.      William Jefferson Gash b. 25 December 1809 in Buncombe County, North Carolina. d. 18 August 1875 in Marion County, Missouri. bd. Gash Cemetery. m. 30 September 1841 Mary Eleanor McWilliams. She was b. 19 February 1825, the daughter of James and Mary Elizabeth (née Griffin) McWilliams. She d. 10 October 1917 in Marion County. They had no children.

28.          viii.     Montraville Gash b. 1 April 1811 in Buncombe County, North Carolina d. 4 January 1835 in Marion County, Missouri.

29.          ix.       John B. Gash b. 30 March 1814 in Buncombe County, North Carolina d. 11 September 1821 in Marion County, Missouri.

30.          x. Rebecca C. Gash b. 22 February 1817 d. 10 August 1847 bd. Gash Cemetery. She died intestate in Marion Co. Adm. was John N. Boulware.

31.          xi.       Mary Elizabeth Gash b. 2 February 1820 Marion County, Missouri d. 26 July 1872 in Saline County, Missouri m. 13 August 1840 Mordecae Quinn, nephew of her brother-in-law John Boulware. m. (2) in Marion Co. Wm. S. Bates, nephew of brother-in-law Moses D. Bates. William was the son of William Sargeant and Huldah (née Parrish) Bates.

31.          xii.      Moses Bates Gash b. 28 May 1823 in Marion County, Missouri d. 28 June 1898 m. 6 December 1849 in Marion County Lucinda Catherine Nichols. She was b. 30 July 1832 and d. 28 June 1900.


7. WILLIAM GASH b. ca. 1797 in North Carolina m. Stacy Elizabeth Longmire. She was b. 1797 and d. 1858 in St. Clair County, Missouri. They were m. 28 December 1820. He was living Ralls County, Missouri in 1823 and in Rives County 1839 when as heir of William Gudger he gave Power of Attorney. On 2 December 1831 Nancy Becket of Marion Co. sold William Gash for $71.66 40 acres in 2-58-6. Three days later William and Elizabeth Gash sold it to Hezekiah Roby for $100.00. (Marion Co. Deed Book B:93-94)


      On Dec. 16 1839  William Gash of County of Rives in Missouri appointed Joseph Rice of Buncombe Co. NC lawful attorney to sell interest and title in land which I am entitled as heir at law of estate of William Gudger, deceased in the state of North Carolina. Wit: by Joseph W. Cox and Charles P. Bullock in Benton Co. before Judge Foster P. Wright.[16] 

      Children of William and Stacy Elizabeth (née Longmire) Gash:

      i.        Salina Gash b. ca. 1823 m. ca. 1841 Washington Whitlow. [see his entry]

      ii.       Alfred Longmire Gash b. 28 Sept. 1825 Marion County, Missouri d. 27 June 1887 St. Clair County, Missouri. m. 13 January 1848 Lucinda Phillips

      iii.      Martha L. Gash b. 12 Sept. 1825 in Buncombe County, North Carolina d. 23 April 1892 m. 22 May 1845 King Allen.

      iv.     John Gash b. 1826 m. 13 January 1848 Mary Preston.              

      v.      Mary E. Gash b. 4 November 1828 d. 23 April 1857 St. Clair County, Missouri; m. 22 May 1845 Charles Marion Allen.

      vi.     William T. Gash b. 31 July 1831 Marion County, Missouri d. 30 June 1916 in Fresno, California. m. 19 August 1850 Margaret Allison Preston.

      vii.    James Gash b. 23 June 1834 d. 5 June 1857

      viii.   Elizabeth Gash b. 1836.  

Buncombe County, North Carolina

Book 3, p. 68 1795  Martin Gash, Sen on 5 Dec. 1795 sold to Joseph Gash for £100.  Not Joseph JOSEPH LONGMIRE - died in Marion County Missouri in 1836.

John Longmire m. Stacy Gudger d/o William. In June of 1831 John and Stacy Longmire sold to Joseph Longmire for $5.00 ten acres in Marion Co. Stacy signed with X.  

Joseph's will named:

      Sarah Longmire b. 16 October 1795 m. Joseph Gash  She died 1 September 1836.

      Stacy Elizabeth Longmire b. 1797 d. 1858 in St. Clair Co. m. William Gash; lived St. Clair County.

      Joseph Longmire b. 29 October 1804 d. 10 June 1876 m. 22 March 1832 Harriett Culbertson. She d. 28 June 1848 in Marion County [PWH 6 July 1848]

      William Longmire

      Lucy Longmire Thomas

      Martha Rice, w/o William Rice of Buncombe Co. N.C.

      Narcissa Brant, deceased, formerly wife of Daniel Brant of St. Clair County. [Narcissa m. 19 August 1830 Daniel Brant. After her death, he married 25 Decmember 1837 Sally Gash.

      James G. Longmire was a minor 

p. 274 William Longmire, Joseph Longmire, James G. Longmire and Lucy Thomas all of Marion Co. Missouri appointed Joseph M. Rice of Buncombe POA as heirs at law of estate of William Gudger, deceased. 20 May 1840.  

Marion Co. Missouri Probate Book A

Begins May  Term 1828 

p. 226 John Longmire of Marion Co. MO declared that a parcel of land in Shelby Co. Missouri should be sold to son, Joseph Longmire in addition to what he already received 20 acres out of SW frac 30-57-6; son William was to have 20 acres out of SW frac 30-57-6, son James Longmire the residue of the farm on which he resides; to son John and the heirs of the body of my daughter Lucy Thomas. Sarah Gash deceased formerly wife of Joseph Gash, Elizabeth, wife of William Gash of St. Clair County, Missouri, Martha Rice w/o William Rice of Buncombe Co. NC, Narcissa Brant, deceased, formerly wife of Daniel Brant of St. Clair Co. to be divided equally. Stated he had five daughters. Sons Joseph and William be Exrs. 30 Nov. 1836 Pvd. 6 April 1837.  [Buncombe Co. Deed Book 21 p. 56]  On 8 July 1837 William Rice of Buncombe Co. appointed William and Joseph Longmire of Marion  Co. Missouri lawful attorney to collect from estate of John Longmire deceased. Wit: Joseph M. Rice.  

Book 19 p. 191

3 March 1832 Stacy Webb of Buncombe Co. NC gave to her niece Stacy Longmire a negro woman named Jane about 28 years old and her children Anna and Clarisa which Webb would retain all use and control during her life and at her death the said Stacy Longmire is to have all right and title forever. Wit: Wm. Gudger and Samuel B. Gudger.  

18 October 1831 William Gudger, Sr. for love and affection for his daughter Stacy Longmire w/o John Longmire of Missouri gave negro boy Ruffin about 16 years old.  On the same day Wm Gudger for good will and affection gave negro boy Nelson to grand son Joseph Gash, s/o Martin Gash. *Recorded 2 Aug. 1834.  

William Gudger, Sr. left a will dated 4 August 1833 in which he named wife, Martha and children: oldest son James Gudger, heirs of daughter Mary Gash, deceased; daughter Stacy Longmire wife of John; Nancy Gash, wife of John; Sally Whitson wife of Joseph; Elizabeth Whitson wife of Thomas and son William. He named grandson Joseph Gash, son of Mary deceased.  He also mentioned slaves but gave no names. Executors were to be eldest son James and second son William. Wit: Thomas Love and Joseph Henry. Pvd. Aug. 1833.[17] 

Book 17 p. 111 3 March 1832 For affection and good will Stacy Webb (her mark) that she bore niece Nancy Culbertson w/o Samuel Culbertson of Missouri, also daughter of Nancy Sams, do give and grant unto said Nancy Culbertson one negro woman and her child Rozetta reserving use for herself during her lifetime. Wit: Wm. Gudger. 

Martin Gash July Court 1809 when John Gash chose him as guardian and he was appointed for Rachel, William and Joseph p. 454. Although he was not specified as “sr.”  

p. 458 The last will and testament of Martin Gash, Senr. was proved by Burdit Sams a witness with Nancy Gash, Extrix, John and Martin Gash, Exrs. July 1809. Superior Court Minutes.  

April 1810 Rachel Gash, daughter of Joseph Gash, dec’d came into court and chose Nicholas Woodfin as her guardian p. 472.  

1800 Buncombe Co. NC  No Culbertson

p. 169 Martin Gash 2011-001

Joseph D. Gash 30110-1001

John Gash 1001-10100

Martin Gash Sr. 10001-10001 

St. Clair County, Marriages: John Gash m. 27 October 1858 Emily Scott.



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