1842: Jacob Dawson principal with William Kays and Daniel Morris, securities for $600 on 3 February for Allen Gee, deceased in Benton County, Missouri.[1]

Henry Dawson was on the Benton County mortality schedule as age 41, died May 1850 born Ohio.

1850 Benton County, Missouri, census, Union twp.

Elizabeth Dawson  p. 286 #185 age 41, 160 born SC; William C. Dawson, age 21 farmer born GA; Oly? Dawson age 19 born GA; Newton Dawson age 17 born MO; Sarah age 13 born MO; Lucinda age 10; James age 8, Mary age 5 and Mary J. Malcolm age 21 born Indiana.

Elizabeth p. 310 $520 age 44, born KY, Peter, age 10, born MO, Williams twp.

Isaac Dawson p. 282 Fristo township #134 age 32 born OH; E.J. age 33 born KY; Thos age 6 born IL; S. (female) age 2 born IL.

Fristo Twp: household of Henry, deceased: p. 282 #127 Mary A. Dawson age 30 born NC; James, age 13 born IL; Jacob age 12 born IL; Franklin age 8 born MO, George age 6 born MO; Palina age 4 born MO and Elizabeth age 1 born MO. [1858: Mary Ann Dawson, James J. Dawson, Henry F. Dawson and Jacob Dawson by their guardian Mary Ann Dawson, plntf vs. George Dawson, Paulina Dawson, Mary Dawson and Sarah Ann Dawson, def. (minors) Henry Dawson died intestate in Benton County in April 1850 being seized of real property and that he left a widow Mary Ann Dawson entitled to 1/3 and he also left eight children as his only heirs to wit: (see above) and Thomas Dawson who sold his interest to his mother, Mary Ann.

Saline County, Missouri, Arrow Rock Ledger Book from Tavern at Arrow Rock. [undated but ca. 1835] listed Jacob Dawson.

Jacob Dawson p. 282 #133 42, farmer $160 born OH; Susan age 34 born KY; N.J. age 11 born MO; Mary age 9; Albert, age 8, Seth age 5; George age 4 and William J. Gee age 17, farmer, born KY [Susanís sister, Sarah Kays left Susanís children money in her will of 1858 saying that Susan was dead.] Jacob died in 1854 leaving widow Susan who received most of estate. No children named. The executor was friend Alexander H. Russell.

Marriages in Benton County:

Elizabeth Ann Dawson m. 31 March 1839 John Jarrell

John H. Roberson m. Morelo Dawson. Married at the home of Seth Howard 16 September 1840. Hiram K. Turk, J.P.

Jasper N. Dawson m. 11 April 1852 Matilda Sharp.

Benton County Estates

Jacob Dauson 9 January 1855  Exr. A.H.Russell

Susan Dawson 1 September 1855 G & C A.H. Russell

Thomas McCall  no date Adm. James Dauson


Jacob Dawson was one of the first settlers on Turkey Creek: Jonas on Deer Creek in the eastern portion of Benton County; Turkey Creek five miles west.

Rabun Co. GA 1830

Jonas Dawson, p. 223 1 male 60-70; 1 female 60-70.

Jonas Dawson p. 228 2 males under 5, 1 male 10-15, 1 male 20-30; 1 female 20-30.

p. 228 Wm. A. Dawson 2 males 5-10, 1 male 30-40, 2 females under 5, 1 female 5-10, 1 female 20-30.

p. 231 Berry (or Benj.) Dawson 2 males under 5, 1 male 20-30-; 1 female 5-10, 1 female 20-30.

p. 232 Enoch Dawson 2 males 5-10, 1 male 15-20, 1 male 30-40; 2 females under 5, 1 female 5-10, 2 females 10-15, 1 female 30-40.

Enoch, Berry and Jonas were all gone from Rabun by 1840.

Rabun Co. GA.

No marriage, not on 1836 tax list although does not appear complete.

Grantor Index

Berry Dawson to Jacob Capehart 19 Aug. 1830 150 acres Lot 17 & 18 in 2nd District A:228. Recorded 24 Feb. 1831. $125

Berry Dawson to Jonas Dawson 9 Jan. 1830 150 acres Lot 56 5th Dist A:427.$100  Recorded 18 March 1831. Wit: John J. Cox and Tilman D. Gorch.

Jonas Dawson to Jesse Burrell of Buncombe Co. North Carolina, 27 Feb. 1830 100 acres in Lot 54, 5th Dist. A:375. $120. Wit: Allen R. Gaines recorded 15 Nov. 1832.

James B. Henson to Berry Dawson 9 March 1829 150 acres in Lot 56 of 5th Dist. A:215.$30. Recorded 18 Sept. 1829

Lazrus Tilly to Berry Dawson 10 Feb. 1830 150 acres in Lot 17 & 18 2nd District A:210 $100 Wit: Robert N. White and John Derret. No recording date

Reuben Gower to Enoch Dawson 20 Jan. 1830 140 acres Lot 22 5th Dist A:214 $200. Wit: Robert M Gower. Recorded 18 Sept. 1830  


The Peterís Colony of Texas by Seymour V. Connor. Austin: The Texas State Historical Association, 1959.

p. 236 Jonas Dawson came to the colony as a family man prior to 1 July 1844. Patented 640 acres in Collin Co. Living on east fork of Trinity River in old Fannin County. Census of 1850 in Collin Co. #65. Age 36, b. NC

Jonas Dawson, Will A-1 348. Jonas Dawson made his will on 27 Jan. 1864 bequeathed to wife Charity the homestead containing 287 acres and after her death of expiration of her widowhood estate should be divided between his four children Daniel D. Dawson, James D. Dawson, Nancy Huff, Sallie A. Dawson or their surviving heirs. Wit: A.T. Robertson and E. Robertson. Pvd. 28 Feb. 1865.

Partition and Distribution 13 Jan. 1866 Will Book A:. 401 Commissioners made partition of Jonas Dawson's personal and real estate: (1) Nancy Huff; (2) D.D. Dawson Tract No. 2 of headright survey of Jonas Dawson. (3) James Dawson land on Honey Creek in Collin Co.

170  Jonas Dawson was the administrator of estate of Mary A. Dawson. Inventory done on 15 June 1860. The estate consisted of a house and lot in Weston, a mare, a pony, kitchen furniture, a wagon, a clock and side saddle and a shot fun totaling $506.50.

Jonas Dawson Adm. of estate Thomas Helms 1855. James and Moses in County.

1860 Collin Co. Texas

#769 Jesse Dawson age 35, farmer, b. Geo., Sarah M., age 33 b. Geo, Jasper age 8 b. Texas, Nancy age 3 b. Texas and James age 1 b. Texas.

#765 Jonah Dawson age 45 b. NC, $7600, $6000, Sarah A age 44 b. Tenn, Nancy age 18 b. MO, Mary E. age 12 b. MO, Sarah A. Age 9 b. MO, Letty Burris, age 35 b. Geo., Ellen King age 12 b. IL. James Burris, age 8 b. Texas, Daniel D. Dawson, 24 grocer, b. MO, Margarett A. age 19 b. MO, Mary E., age 4 months b. Texas, Nathan Allman age 18 farmer b. Missouri, Enoch Dawson, age 26, teamster b. Missouri.



[1] Benton County, Missouri, Probate Administrators, Guardians, Bonds Book A:10, 39.