In 1830 two men named Benjamin Cooper were listed on p. 139 of the Howard Co. census. One household consisted of 1 male under 5, 1 male 20-30, 1 female under 5, 1 female 20-30. The other consisted of 1 male under 5, 2 males 10-15, 1 male 15-20, 1 male 20-30, 1 male 30-40, 1 female 5-10, 1 female 30-40.

Robert Cooper was on the same page as a male 20-30 with his family. Ruth Cooper was also there between the two men named Benjamin. She had 1 male under 5, 3 males 20-30; 1 female 20-30 and 1 female 60-70. John Cooper, p. 140 was a male 30-40. Joseph Cooper was on p. 155 with the eldest male 30-40.

A man named Benjamin Sr. died in Howard Co. intestate before 22 November 1830 when Joseph Cooper was named administrator. The securities were Gray Bynum, Singleton Vaughn and Joseph Cooper. [This may actually be Benjamin Jr. if wife was Phebe]

1812 Soldiers

Benjamin Cooper, Jr. bd. Cooper's Chapel Cemetery, Howard Co. Missouri served as Ensign Capt. Sarshall Coopers Co. Missouri Militia

Sarshall Cooper b. 1763 d. 14 April 1814 or 1815 killed at Fort Cooper, bd. Cooper Chapel Cemetery Howard Co. Served Capt. 1st Co. 3rd Batt. 3rd Regt. Mo Militia.

History of Howard & Cooper Co.

p. 530  Joseph Cooper b. 30 October 1796 in Madison Co. KY, brother of Stephen and son of Sarschall.

Stephen the youngest of children of Hendley Cooper. His grandfather, Nester B. was pioneer. Hendley was b. 4 December 1790 in Madison Co. KY

Howard County Court Minutes 1816-1819

p. 23 Stephen Cooper, age 19 years, Frances Cooper aged about 18 years, Henley Cooper aged about 16 years chose Joseph Cooper, guardian. Court appointed Joseph Cooper guardian of Benjamin Cooper age 13½, Rachel Cooper about 12 years, Patrick, Cooper age 10 years and Susannah Cooper about 10 years.

p. 166 & 167 Robert Cooper, Adm. of estate of Braxton Cooper, deceased, filed a transcript of his administration from the office of the Circuit Court of St. Charles Co.

p. 168 Gray Bynum & Joseph Cooper, Adms. of estate of Sarschel Cooper, deceased. Ruth, widow, Braxton Cooper, Adam Murray, Gray Bynum, Stephen Cooper, Joseph Cooper guardian of Frances, Henley, Rachel, Benjamin, Patrick and Susan.

Jane Cooper was granted a divorce from Braxton Cooper on 10 Oct. 1821 charging him with desertion. Lillard (Lafayette Co.)

#19975 Pension of Joseph Cooper

Pvt. Co. of Capt. Cooper Mo Militia; Resident of the town of Boonsboro, Howard Co. m. Frances Marshall 18 September 1838 in Boonsboro. On 11 April 1855 Joseph Cooper age 63 made affidavit for service. Those who supported claimant were Samuel C. Hackley and J.G. Maupin certified by PM at Fayette MO. In 1851, he stated he was 59 years old and a resident of Cooper Co. He applied for bounty land at this time.

Letter sending further supported dated 11 November 1872 has the oldest date in the file. He was admitted December 14, 1872 at rate of $8.00 per month.

Sarshall Cooper served under Col. Russell and Gen Dodge. Volunteered at Coopers Fort near Arrow Rock Missouri on Aug 1814 for 90 days. Under the command of Gen. Henry Dodge of U.S. Army "were at the burning of the Miami village." Applied for pension 7 October 1872.

Benjamin Cooper died at “Cooper's Bottom” age 59. 19 May 1849. Brunswicker (Chariton, Saline and surrounding)

p. 552 Robert Cooper b. 5 February 1835. 

Benjamin Cooper m. 4 July 1816 in Howard Co. Missouri Fanny Hancock.

Robert Cooper m. ca. 1810 Elizabeth Carson, in Boonslick. She was the daughter of Lindsey and sister of Christopher (Kit).

Stephen Cooper Pension SO 25260  SC 15542  Stephen Cooper was a Pvt. in Capt. Sarashel's Coopers Mounted Missouri Militia from 27 August 25 October 1814 and was paid for 1 month and 30 days.

On 24 December 1855 in Colusa Co. California Stephen Cooper age 58 appeared and stated he was a spy in the Company against Indians in Missouri Territory and he volunteered at Boons Lick 1 August 1814. He also stated he served in the Black Hawk War and volunteered at Palmyra in Missouri in 1832 or 1833. He was honorably discharged. Wanted to obtain bounty land.

He applied for survivors pension 6 September 1881. He described himself as a beardless boy of 17 years, black hair, blue eyes about 5'10" perhaps. Applied for bounty land but never received it. He then resided Howard Co., Lewis Co. Missouri, Council Bluffs Iowa as Indian agent and since 1846 in the state of California. Attested by Jonas Spect, Patrick Cooper (age 75 years), who said he has known Stephen Cooper for 70 years.

Stephen Cooper wrote that he was 10 March 1797 in Kentucky, the son of Sarchall Cooper. His mother grew up in Boonesborough and his father in Bryant Station. There were eleven of us, all of whom are dead except myself. “In 1807, my father moved to Missouri and settled on the frontier. In the winter of 1810 we moved to Boonslick then 100 miles from a settlement.”[1]

Soldier stated he m. Malinda Tate in September of 1824 in Howard Co. He was dropped from the rolls became of death on 16 May 1890. age 93 years old. In 1851 he was living in Solano Co. CA and Sarshal Byrum, Clerk

Mary E. Calmes came across the plains from Missouri in 1846 with her father Major Stephen Cooper; m. Waller Calmes. d. 11 March 1892. Oakland, CA see Sacramento Bee Mary 12, 1898.

Mildred Brown, wife of Robert C. Brown, nee Cooper died at her home in Howard County on 10 October 1869, age 73. She was b. Madison Co. Kentucky on 25 January 1796; as a young girl she rode from her father's fort to Hempstead to carry news of the Indian attack. She was remembered for the line, “Only a spur, father!” when sending her out on what they all knew might be a fatal ride, her father asked her if she needed anything. Missouri Review 22 October 1869.

Amelia Cooper married in St Charles MO 4 December 1814 Robert Brown.

Cooper's Fort was located two miles southwest of Boonslick and was built in 1812. (Hx of Boone Co., p. 129)

Query in KY Ancestors Vol. 19 1983 Benjamin Cooper, with Townsend Fugitt signed an affidavit for losses suffered by John Peak at the Battle of Blue Licks. Benjamin Cooper assigned warrant for 100 acres on the Kentucky River in Fayette Co. to Jesse Peak on 13 January 1785. Sisters of Benjmain Cooper married Townsend Fugitt, Samuel Brown, Archibald Woods (killed at Blue Licks) and "a Peak who fought at Blue Licks."

Stephen Cooper's papers in Bancroft Library, "Sketches from the Life of Major Stephen Cooper, (Oakland, CA 1888)

Benjamin Cooper of Howard Co. m. 20 August 1826 Martha Galbreth of Saline Co. They were married by Eb. Rodgers (1300 Missing Marriages, p. 19)



     [1] "Boonslick's Incredible Cooper Family," Boonville Daily News, no date, Cooper vertical file, State Historical Society of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri.