Clay Families

Died in Woodford County, Mrs. Elizabeth Watkins, widow of Henry Watkins her second husband. 4 Dec. 1829, age 80 years. Henry Watkins died ten days before. She was the mother of Henry Clay (Kentucky Obits, p 5859) She was Elizabeth Hudson of Hanover county, Virginia, She married John Clay, father of Henry in 1765 when she was 15 years of age. She married Henry Watkins, 26 year old planter and militia captain in 1784, almost a year after the death of John Clay.

Died. Mrs. Susannah Hart, widow and relict of the late Col. Thomas Hart, in Lexington 26 Aug. 1832, age 86 years. She had 7 children, 2 only surviving her. One of the latter was Lucretia Hart, Mrs. Henry Clay (Kentucky Obits, 74)

Mrs. Julia Clay, consort of Henry Clay, jr. died in Louisville at the first of her mother, Mrs. Prather, Feb. 14, 1840. (Kentucky Obit, 129)

Rev. Porter Clay, a Baptist minister and brother of Hon. Henry Clay. He was formerly of Frankfort, Kentucky, Died near Camden, LA, Feb. 17 1850 (Kentucky Obits, 200)

Henry Clayborn 12 April 1777; d. 29 June 1852 in Washington, D.C.

CLAY FAMILY in Missouri

Sabrina (wife of Henry Russell) and Winny Clay (wife of Darling Smith) were sisters, daughters of James Clay. James Clay was said in testimony before the Land Claims Commission to have settled a tract of land that he then sold to David Kinkhead in 1806. It appears that the land was on the south side of the Missouri River and then James moved to the north.

James Clay was listed on the 1817 census of Femme Osage Township of St. Charles County His household consisted of 1 male 18-45, 2 male under 18, 2 females over 14, 4 females under 14, 3 slaves. He was next to William Handcock and Pelee Thomas. In 1819, he remained there listed with 1 male over 45, 2 males under 18, 2 females over 14, 4 females under 14, 6 slaves. He was next to Henry Russell with 1 male 18-45, 1 male under 18, 1 female over 14 (probably our Henry A.H. and Sabrina.

The History of St. Charles shows the grants of Femme Osage p. 103. James Clay is shown with grant #138 of 279 acres; Jeremiah grant #300 with 382 acres.

James and Jeremiah Clay are said to be the sons of James Clay who died in 1790. He was born in Hanover County, Virginia. in Very little is known of this branch of the family. Although they are related to Henry Clay, the Great Commoner, the relationship is distant. The Clay Family by Mrs. Mary Rogers Clay, member of the Filson Club.

Jeremiah Clay b. 1765;. s/o James and Margaret (Muse) Clay d. 1845 (where?) m. Washington County, Virginia m. 3 September 1795, Frances Johnson; d. 1801; m. (2) Nancy in 1804. Green Clay; son of Jeremiah and Nancy was bon in 1805 in St. Charles County m. at age of 28 Malva Musick.

A History of Moniteau County, Missouri by J.E. Ford California, Missouri: Marvin H. Crawford, 1936. : p.

4 Jeremiah Clay from St. Charles was an early settler in Moniteau when Missouri was still a territory. Jeremiah Clay bought in T47 R14.

p. 376 Jeremiah Clay was born in Virginia, a relative of Henry Clay, b. 1765. Enlisted in American army near close of Revolution.

Jeremiah Clay apparently moved to Moniteau County.

Cedar county Probate Book A: Aug. 1846 Moniteau County Term 1846

Cedar Court should turn over all papers related to the curatorship of James Miller, curator of infant heirs of Elizabeth Miller, formerly Elizabeth Clay. Nov. 1846. We appraisers duly appointed to appraise the personal estate of Jeremiah Clay do find one black girl valued at $300.00.

   i.         Betsy Clay m. [-?-] Nunnally

   ii.        Sabina Clay m. Zachariah Lea

   iii.       Green Clay b. 1805 m. Malva Musick

   iv.       Elizabeth Clay m. [-?-] Miller and moved to Cedar County?

James Clay m. 11 February 1821 Nancy Murdock in St. Charles, County, Missouri. (old man or his son?

   i.         Nancy Clay m. David Lea

   ii.        Sabrina Clay m. 31 March 1818 Henry A.H. Russell in St. Charles Co.

   iii.       Winny Clay m. 4 March 1824, St. Charles Co. Darling Smith

   iv.       ??Lucinda Clay m. William Smith McClenny 24 January 1822 in St. Charles Co.