Blanton Family

John D. Blanton of Maury County, Tennessee

by first unknown wife

i.      Wm. H. Blanton b. 1802 in South Carolina m. 20 January 1830, Williamson County, Tennessee Matilda Nicholson.

ii.      female born in South Carolina who m. Daniel Bird Miller and d. ca. 1840 in Greene County, Missouri, leaving children.

iii.    Lemuel Blanton b. 1810 in South Carolina m. (1) 1831 Maryann Rogers (2) Williamson County, Tennessee, Martha Nicholson.

iv.     Mary Blanton b. 1812 in South Carolina

v.      Julia Ann b. 1818 m. 4 March 1840 in Maury Co. Nelson Davis. (p. 25)

vi.     female who m. John Crawford; he was guardian of three Crawford children: James W., Cerenthia and Thomas S.

Children b. after 1819 and by Ann Byers

vii.    Wilson F. Blanton b. ca. 1820 in Tennessee m. Maury County 29 April 1840 Frances Lane (Maury Co.)

viii.    John H. Blanton m. 3 May 1847, Maury Co. Sarah J. Nicholson (p. 9)

ix.     Melinde Blanaton

x.      Susannah M. Blanton m. 22 April 1835 Wm. Davis (Maury Co. p. 170)

                                                 Blanton Chronology

“Chronology is the spine of history” attributed to Barbara Tuchman.

1802          William H. Blanton born in South Carolina

1810         John Blanton 1810 South Carolina Colleton District, p. 312, 1 male under 10, 1 male 26-45, 1 female under 10, 1 female 10-16, 2 females 16-26. John and George Stevenson on same page although not immediate neighbors.

1810         Lemuel Blanton b. South Carolina

1811         First record in Maury of Blanton was sale by Michael Campbell to John Blanton for 261 1/3 acres on June 18, 1811. Maury Co. Ct. Minutes

1819          John Blanton m. Ann J. Byers in Maury County 23 March 1819.

1820         John Blanton h of h 1820 p. 55 (Maury Co.) next to Daniel B. Miller and Philip Jenkins. His household consisted of 2 males under 10, 1 male 16-18, 1 male 16-26, 1 male over 45. 3 females under 10 and 1 female 26-45.

1827         Isaac Patton m. 29 November 1827 Ann H. Byers.

1830         William H. Blanton m. Williamson County, Tennessee; 20 January 1830 (bond) Matilda Nicholson. The bondsman was Harmon W. Smith.

1830         John Blanton head of household in Maury County, p. 395. 1 male 20-30, 1 male 50-60, 1 female 10-15, 2 females 15-20, 1 female 30-40. Neighbors: Philip H. Jenkins, Robert Lockridge, James Lockridge, James F. Byers.

1831         6 Aug. 1831 Maury County Deed Book O-1 506  William H. Blanton of Maury sold to Harris Dark of same on the north and south side of Duck River bounded by Ebenezer Kilpatrick and land formerly belonging to Joseph Killpatrick, containing 150 acres. Wit: Job B. Wallace and John Johnson.

1835         Maury County Deed Book T-1 325 1 July 1835 William H. Blanton of Maury to William M. McCrady of same for $772 conveyed tract on south side of Rutherford Creek containing 640 acres that William Byers and David Luske purchased of Will Polk. Wit: R.P. Lockridge and D.H. Moore.

                Maury County, Tennessee Probate Book X:294 Inventory of John D. Blanton taken on 4 December 1835. Wm. H. Blanton, Adm. Estate included negro man Ellick (36), John (25), Randel (19), Queen (27), Ephriam (12), Tom (7), Tamer (8) Momer? age 5 and Sam (4 years).

1836         1 January 1836 John D. Blanton died in Maury County. (Fannin County Folks & Facts)

1837         Maury County Chancery Minutes Vol. II. Mountain Press, Signal Mountain, TN, Historical Record Survey: p. 288 & 289 John Crawford appointed guardian for three Crawford children. Doesn’t give residence. 23 March 1837 this cause came to be tried. John D. Blanton died intestate leaving the complainants as heirs at law. He left real property which was described and bounded Philip Jenkins, Harmon Miller. It was the only tract he possessed. Land could not be divided and Isaac Patton was appointed commissioner to sell the tract to the highest bidder.

                p. 327 William H. Blanton purchased the property for $1560. He paid Moses D. Stephenson and his wife Mary $136 (their portion), Julia A. Blanton $136 (John Crawford was her guardian) and William H. Blanton was entitled to a share. One share was to be paid to Eldrige and Lucinda Miller minor heirs. (Published chancery ends. Case ends? ) There are known to be additional heirs. Should be Crawford children for whom John was appointed guardian.)

1838         Maury County, Tennessee Probate Book Y:183 Isaac Patton made account on 1 September 1838 as guardian for William F., John H., Susan J. and Malinda A. minor heirs of John D. Blanton, deceased’

1838         7 May Maury County, Tennessee Deed Book U:539 The heirs of John D. Blanton vs. Isaac Patton. It is therefore adjudged and directed by the court that all the right, title, and interest to the premises be devised out of Isaac Patton and vested in Wm. H. Blanton.

1844         Maury County Will Book A-2:1 William Byers left a will naming his brothers James F. Byers, John Byers, Isaac Buyers and sister Ann J. Blanton, Mary Duckie and Susannah Patten the sum of $1.00. He bequeathed to his brother-in-law Isaac Patton, sister A.H. Pattion [sic] during their natural life a tract that at their deaths is to be divided among brothers James F. Byers children viz. Martin W. Buyers, Nelson M. Buyers, William M. Byers, John J. Buyers, Martha J. Buyers and Isaac N. Buyers. (witnesses, date of will and probate torn from bottom. Recorded about January 2 1844.

1847          January: p. 101 Isaac Patton as guardian made account for Susan J. and Malinda A. minor heirs of John D. Blanton, deceased. Maury County Will Book B (1847-1850)

                6 March 1847 Will of Isaac Byers: to brothers and sisters: $1.00 John Buyers and James F. Byers, Susanna Patton, Anne J. Blanton, Mary Ludens heirs; she being deceased, and Ann H. Patton. Real property to heirs of James F. Byers naming M.W. Byers, Nelson M. Byers, Wm. M. Byers, John J. Byers and Isaac N. Byers and Martha Jane Byers to be equally divided between them. Appointed M.W. Byers executor. Wit: James F. Byers and Cassandra Byers. Maury County Will Book B (1847-1850): 129.

1848         Maury County Deed Book C-2 419 Sept. 23 1848 Moses D. Stephenson of Maury sold to Obadiah Fitzgerald and Charles W. Worman a parcel in District 23 Lot No. 5 in division by their heirs and distributees of Samuel Stephenson, deceased, and bounded by John W. Stephenson Wit: James King and Elihu Blair.

                Maury County Deed Book C-2 472 Moses D. Stephenson to John Haddox 31 October 1848 sold 10½ acres in District 23 of Maury Co. Wit: J.G. Stephenson and J.H. Mc Blair.

                Inventory taken on estate of Samuel Stephenson. Notes included one to Wm. A. Stephenson. Adm. Moses D. Stephenson. Sale held 26 May 1848.

1849         Maury County Deed Book D-2 198 William (Wilson?) F. Blanton on 8 October 1849 sold for $280 a negro girl Angeline, age about 5 years, to Joseph H. Derryberry.

                Maury County Deed Book D-2 145  21 Aug. 1849 William (Wilson?) F. Blanton of Maury transferred for $600 to Nancy Boyd a negro slave named George about 30 years of age. 

1850         1850 Maury County, Tennessee: p. 251 23rd District #105 William H. Blanton  age 49, $5120 b. S.C., Mahala age 43 b. NC, James age 18 b. Tenn (as all others) ? age 17, male, Mary age 14, Ophelia age 9, Josephine age 7, Victoria age 5, Elliss, age 2.

                #108 Jas F. Byers age 60 b. NC, Cassandra age 57 b. NC, Marshal, age 34, b. Tenn, Nelson, age 32, b. Tn, Wm. M. age 29, b. Tenn, Isaac age 26 and Susan age 20.

                Elizabeth Blanton in 22nd District p. 249 age 13 b. Tennessee living with Emily E. Cash, age 31 and her children Mary, Fanny, Thos and Emily. Martha Brown, age 12 also lived in the home.

                22nd District p. 249 #70 W.F. Blanton age 30 farmer b. Tennessee, Frances, age 25, b. Tennessee and Sally Wood, age 25, b. Tenn.

                Maury County Deed Book E-2:447 19 Dec 1850 Marshall W. Byers, William M. Byers and Isaac N. Byers of Maury Co. Tennessee District No. 23 to William H. Blanton of same for $2416 convey 120.8 acres. Wit: James Isbell and Samuel A. O’Dell.

                Maury County Deed Book E-2 298 17 December 1850 Elizabeth and Jemima J. Stephenson sold to William Chappel for $800 negro man Dave, age about 30 years of dark color. Wit: William B. Chappell and John J. Dobbin.

1850         Slave Schedule of Fannin County, Texas: Lemuel Blanton had one black male age 24. J.J. Rogers had 1 black male age 40.

1851          Maury County Deed Book E-2 474 17 Feb. 1851 John H. Blanton conveyed for $300 all right, title and interest in estate of Ann J. Blanton, deceased, late of Victoria Co. Texas consisting of 3 negroes and all money, accounts and species which said Ann J. owned at her death. “I being of the children; she having but four.” He conveyed his interest to William F. as lawful owner. {Note: deed definitely reads William F. in one case; William H. in the other. It is possible that William F. should read Wilson}.

1852          Maury County Deed Book G-2 307 Wm. F. Blanton to Redmund G. Edwards 6 December 1852 conveyed negro girl Priscilla aged about 23 years.

1856          Will Book F: (1848-1874): 228 Isaac Patton left a will dated 15 March 1856 pvd. 6 Oct. 1862 in which he named beloved wife Ann H. Patton who was to have 11 negroes. Children Eliza Barnett, Rebecca Lockridge, John W. Patton, Mary A. Atkinson and Margaret Adkinson. Three grandsons Isaac A. Patton, John A.H. Patton and David M.G. Patton $50. The balance to be dived amongst the children of my four daughters. As to the articles will to Major James F. Byers, children by William Byres Senr., deceased, to be delivered to them at the death of Isaac and A.H. Patton, all has been delivered to them, except the bed and furniture, cupboard and in settling with Clerk of County Court as Adm of estate of William Byers, Senr., deceased, the estate was found to be $28 in my debt. Signed Isaac Patton.

1860          Fannin County, Texas Slave Schedule: Lem Blanton 1 black male age 33, E.C. Rogers has 1 black male 13, W.B. Stephenson has 1 black age 29, M.D. Stephenson 2 slaves.

1873          Will Book F: (1848-1874): 4:11 Feb. 1873 Cassandra Buyers left a will naming son Isaac N. Buyers who was to have the majority of her property for caring for her in her old age. She mentioned her grandson Nelson M. Byers, son of Isaac not yet 21. Tract of land bequeathed was paid for with her own money but known as the tract of James F. Byers.

1874          Wm. H. Blanton d. 27 July 1874, age 72 years near Blanton’s Chapel. He gave one of the most beautiful spots to the Methodist Church. (Maury Co. TN Hx Sketches by Jill Garrett p. 113.)


Lockridge: (looking for connection to Blanton)

James Lockridge 226 Will: Ballard County, Kentucky beloved wife Rebecca Ann all real and personal estate. He expected to receive from his mother’s estate in Tennessee and bequeathed that to his wife. If wife remarried, estate was to be equally divided among children. James T. Lockridge, John B. Lockridge, Marshall Landsford Lockridge and Henry J. Lockridge, Harriet Ann Lockridge, Rachel M. Lockridge, Eliza M. Lockridge, and Susan M. Lockridge. Thomas James Esq. of Hickman County, Kentucky to be Executor. Wit: John W. Gerund?, Elijah Ramsey, A.J. Worden. Pvd. Ballard County November Term 1845.

William and Augustine B. Lockridge Guardian’s account: 355 2 Feb. 1849 Harriet Lockridge, guardian of minor heirs of Gideon B. Lockridge, deceased.

Will Book F: (1848-1874): 22 Henry W. Lockridge left a will dated 8 July 1852 recorded 1 Aug. 1852. Named wife Tabitha D. and children (unnamed). Mentioned negroes but not by name.

Maury County Cousins p. 711 Ephraim McLean m. 1788 Elizabeth Byers probably Rockbridge Co. Virginia.

Index to Probate (Fannin Co., Texas)

Lemuel Blanton was administrator of the estate of Thos Cozzens.

Lavinia Boyd estate, Eliza Boyd Box No. 10; Case No. 954

T.J. Blanton deceased A946 C.B. Bryant Exr. Box NO. 62

G.E. Blanton, minor Gend. J.M. and Viola Turner

Fannin County, Texas, Deeds

A:84 Lemuel Blanton to Isham Davis who was bound to Lemuel Blanton and John J. Stevenson for $2,000 on 13 March 1840. Mortgaged 400 acres of land grant he expected to receive. Wit: Joseph D. Rogers and Asa Hartield.

A:86 Lemuel Blanton to W.H. Pulliam who also mortgaged 750 acres on 7 July 1840. B:275 Sale by Isham Davis to Lemuel Blanton 11 Sept. 1845 part of Isham’s headright.

B:310 4 September 1845 William H. Pulliam for $100 sold to Cassandra J. Rogers all right and title to assigned land on the Bois ?D'Arc of Red River with one boundary being on Blanton's Creek. Wit: Mark R. Roberts.

C:26 Lemuel Blanton from W.H. Pulliam 29 March 1847 a tract on the Bois d'Arc River.

C:59 Lemuel Blanton for $320 sold to John J. Stephenson of Fannin Co. 320 acres on waters of the Pilot Grove on east fork of Trinity. 12 June 1847. No dower release. Wit: Samuel E. Doss.

C:350 John J. Stephenson sold to Lemuel Blanton for $160 326 acres on east of Pilot Grove Creek in Collin Co. being the head right survey of said Blanton Patent No. 21 Vol. 2 dated 3 December 1845. Wit: Thomas C. Bean and Joseph Hearn.

D:295 29 December 1850 Lemuel Blanton and his wife Martha for $160 sold to William B. Stephenson 160 acres being a patented granted to J.J. Stephenson and sold to Blanton. Bounded on north by Isham Davis.

D:308 Lemuel and wife Martha to Moses D. Stephenson. W.B. Stephenson witness. 

P:496 Thomas Blanton from W.D. Stephenson in 1868.

H:514 Campbell Seal and his wife Elizabeth of Fannin Co. for $26 sold to Lemuel Blanton 18 acres out of the headright survey of R. Bogart near town of Bonham. 6 January 1855.

H:565 William Porter and his wife Elizabeth of Fannin Co. for $200 sold to Lemuel Blanton 80 acres on head of Bois d Arc Creek. 11 Sept. 1854

P:496 William B. Stephenson of Fannin Co. for $75 paid by Thomas Blanton sold land on Blis Dearc in 1868.