Chronology of Counties of land entries made by family;

1812 Ste. Genevieve

1813 St. Louis

1819 Franklin

1821 Unorganized

1829 Crawford Co.

Benton Family

ELIJAH BENTON m. sister of Francis Wideman.

American State Papers Volume 2 Public Lands

Elijah Benton claimed 640 acres situated on west side of the Big river district of St. Genevieve. Presented a plat dated 12 Feb. 1806 and certified by Antoine Soulard.

Testimony taken 23 Feb. 1808. John Jones says that claimant built a cabin on tract in fall of 1804, raised a crop in 1805 and cultivated the same to this date. Claimant had wife and eleven children in fall of 1804.

Elijah Benton acknowledges that he did not have permission to settle.

Testimony taken 25 November 1808 Francis Wideman, says that in 1799 Francis Valle gave him with his family and connexions[sic] as many as he could induce to come, permission to settle provided they would settle on the frontier.... Claimant came to the country in consequence of the letter he wrote and that he is a brother-in-law to witness. (The Board recommended that claim ought not to be granted.

Volume VII:827-828 Hearings of October 16, 1834. Elijah still making claim. 640 acres. No. 187. (another place called Negro fork of Meramec river.

4 June 1833. John Stewart of Jefferson county says he was well acquainted with Elijah Benton and knows tract claimed Aug. or Sept. of 1803. Mason Frissell says this is not the man who testified earlier! John Stewart came before commission on 30 November 1833 and stated that on 12 Feb. 1808 he surveyed settlement rights of Elijah Benton for 640 acres. That from the appearance of the crops and houses, it looked as though they had been there for two or three years. Benjamin Horine also deposed that he was well acquainted with Elijah Benton and that he was on the property before the land passed to the United States. This time the commission recommended that Elijah be granted the 640 acre tract.

An 1810 petition to Congress was signed by Wren Benton, Marke Benton, Lazarus Benton, Jes Benton, Thomas Benton, Abel Benton, Alige (Elijah?) Benton. From the other names on the list, they were living in St. Louis District. Many of their neighbors were later in Crawford County.

As Elijah Benton had eleven children in 1804, the for the purposes of organization, we will assume all the early Missouri pioneers belong to him:


2.       i.        Jesse Benton; had wife and three children by 1804, therefore b. 1778?

3.       ii.       Mark Benton b. 1780 in South Carolina

4.       iii.      Abel Benton b. 1789 in South Carolina

5.       iv.      Wren Benton; Joachim Twp., St. Louis Co. took up stray 13 Aug. 1814[1]

6.       v.       Lazarus Benton

7.       vi.      James Benton

8.       vii.     Barbara Benton b. ca. 1799 in  South Carolina; m. McCurtry.

?        Abraham? b. 1795 in South Carolina.



2.       Jesse Benton claimed 747+ arpents on west branch of Big river; district of Ste. Genevieve, produced a plat dated 12 Feb. 1806. 11 Nov. 1808 John Jones says that claimant settled on the tract claimed in 1804, built a cabin that year and raised a crop; has continued to inhabit it since. When he settled he had a wife and three children.

                   St. Louis Land Office in about 1829, he made a land entry in E of SW 8-45-1W which is in Warren Co. just north of Marthasville near St. Charles.

3.       Mark Benton b. 1780 in South Carolina; died in Laclede County, Missouri after 1860. In 1836, he made a land entry at the Jackson Land Office (p. 543) for the SE of SW 26-35-5 and the NE of NW 35-35-5. This is on the Meramec River now in Dent County north part on Crawford Co. Line.

                   On 4 February 1837 Mark Benton and wife Sary of Crawford sold Thomas Higginbotham of Tadkins Twp. NE of NW 35-35-5 and SE of NW 26-35-5 patented by US Govt. James Sullivant was the J.P.

          9. i.              Elijah Benton b. 1806 in Georgia

          10. ii.           Berry T. Benton b. 1808 in Missouri

          11. iv.          William Benton b. 1812 in Missouri (doesn't appear with Mark in 1830).

          12. v.           Abel Benton b. 1813 in Missouri; m. Rhoda Goodwin.

          13. iii.          James b. 22 June 1816 in Missouri

          14. vi.          Mark Benton b. 1818 in Missouri

          15. vii.         Ren B. Benton b. 1821 in Missouri;

          16. viii.         Susan Benton b. 1825 in Missouri

          17. ix.          Eliza Benton b. 1827 in Missouri m. 1847 Wm. McMurtry.

          18. x.           ?Mary Benton b. 1828 in Missouri; m. ca. 1848 Henry Evans, Jr.; had son Mark B.

4.       Abel Benton b. ca. 1789 in South Carolina; d. 1861 in Laclede County, Missouri: Union Township, Laclede 1860: #528 Abel Benton, age 74, farmer, $1200, $1500 b. S.C. Caroline age 44 housework, b. KY, Wm. A. age 27 b. MO; John N., age 21 b. MO; Nicholas W., age 18 b. MO; Aurena C. age 14 b. MO; Alfred C. age 10; Mary C., age 8, Vesta Blankenship, age 13 b. MO; Geo W. Blankenship age 10 b. MO; Jane Blankenship, age 48 b. VA, housework.

7.       James Benton; The Missouri Gazette: James Benton took up stray in Big River Twp., St. Louis before James McCullock 18 Dec. 1813.

          James made several land entries: St. Louis Office 14 May 1827 W of SE 7-37-5 (Crawford on Phelps border p. 72), E of SW 29-37-5W (p. 172), Jackson Land Office N of SW and SW of 20-37-5W and SW of SE 29-35-5 p. 177. Meremac River now in Dent, north on Crawford line.

                   On 2 February 1837, he and wife Mary sold to John B. Bunker, also of Craword SE of SW 5-37-5 and W of SE 7-37-5.[2]

8.       Barbara Benton? b. 1799 in South Carolina; m. [?Price] McMurtry; living in 1860 in Barry County: #995 Barbary McMurtry age 61 b. SC, Newton age 21 b. MO, William McMurtry, age 38, b. Alabama and Eliza, age 36, b. MO.

         Price McMurtry, was living in Barry County in 1840, p. 40. His household consisted of 3 males under 5, 1 male 5-10, 2 males 10-15, 1 male 15-20, 1 male 40-50; 1 female under 5, 1 female 15-20, 1 female 20-30 and 1 female 40-50.

                   Sarah A. McMurtry m. 17 April 1843, Barry Co., William A. Hagen. He stood as security for Ren B. Benton (his nephew?) in 1847 in Greene Co.

9.       Elijah Benton b. 1806 in Georgia; m. 1827 Gasconade County, Missouri, Artamus Midlock.

                   In 1830, he was listed in Crawford Co. with 1 male under 5, 1 male 20–30; 1 female under 5, 1 female 15–20. In 1840, he was listed in Pulaski, two doors from Martin Fulbright. Elijah's household consisted of 2 males under 5, 1 male 5-10, 1 male 30-40; 1 female under 5, 1 female 30-40. Elijah settled in Brush Creek of Laclede 1835–1840. In 1850, he was in Dallas #280, b. 1806 in Georgia. His wife was Artimese age 41, b. KY. All of his children were born in Missouri: George W., age 16, Frank, age 14, Caroline, age 12, Berry T., age 10, Harmon, age 8, John L., age 6, Martha age 4 and Elijah age 2.


10.     Berry T. Benton (son of Mark?) b. ca. 1808 in Missouri; In 1850, Barry County: p. 202 #158 Bery T. Benton age 42 b. MO, Sarah age 32, b. Tennessee, William Benton age 19 b. MO, James H. age 17 b. MO, Andrew J. age 15 b. MO, John R. age 13 b. MO Hester A. age 12 Amanda, age 10, Eliza, age 8, Lucetta, age 1, Peter Probe age 9, b. Tennessee and Mary J. age 4 b. MO.

11.     William Benton (son of Mark?) b. 1812 in Missouri; In 1850, he was living in the household of Ren B. Benton: William Benton, age 38, b. MO and Mary Thomas, age 20, b. MO. In 1860, living in Barry County, he was living next to Abel #13. #994 Wm. Benton age 48 farmer $500\$600 b. MO, Jas Prewit age 24, Nancy A. Prewit age 26 b. MO.

12.     Abel Benton (son of Mark?) b. ca. 1814 in Missouri; m. Rhoda Goodwin, daughter of Peter and Christine (Fulbright) Goodwin.

                   On 19 October 1839 Abel Benton entered W½ of NEΌ 21-27-26; more in the same section in 1847. In February 1840 W½ of SWΌ 4-27-26. [Lawrence County south of Mt. Vernon] He was not there in 1850.

                   He was living in Barry County as early as 1838 when, as justice of the peace, he married Jonathan and John W. Danforth to their brides. In 1840, as Abel "Burton" he was listed in Spring River Township: 1 male under 5, 1 male 20-30, 1 female 5-10, 1 female 10-15,[3] 1 female 20-30 (Goodwin and Hillhouse nearby).

                   Abel Benton appeared in Greene County about 1846 when Abel and John P. Campbell endorsed a $500 note made by Ren B. Benton of Greene to Elnathan D. McKinney. To hold the securities harmless, Ren B. Benton sold McKinney a lot in Cassville, Barry County, which he bought from Samuel Pharris, as well as livestock and other chattel. No release is shown.[4]

                        On 7 September 1849, Ren B. Benton, of Taney and John Allen and Abel Benton, of same, and Price McMurtry of Barry County, the latter three serving as securities of Ren B. Benton and land that was secured with note was N½ of Lot 2 of 31–26–24. No release.[5]   He was listed on the 1850 census #321 in Washington Township. He was 37 years old, born in Missouri. The others in the household were R., age 30 b. NC, and all others born in Missouri: J. (m) age 18, N.A., (f) age 16, P.( m) 14, M.( m) age 12, J., (f) age 10, W., (m) 8, F., (m) age 5 and D.( m) age 2.

                   Abel was living in Barry County in 1860: #993 Abel Benton, age 46, farmer, $800\$750, b. MO, Rhody, age 43, b. NC, Peter G., age 22, b. MO, Mark age 20 b. MO, Luisa J. age 18, Wm. W., age 16, Jas F., age 14, David F., age 12, Jacinth C., age 9, Campbell L. age 2 b. MO.

                   On 22 March 1859 Abel Benton and his wife Rhoda, of Barry Co., for $20? paid by Peter Worlley of Laclede sold our undivided interest in the following the E½ of W½ of NEΌ 14-36-16 past the old house intersecting the bed of the creek and running down the creek to the north side containing 50 acres. This property had belonged to her parents.[6]

                   1870 Census of Red River Co. Texas p. 107 #1350 Rhoda Benton, age 54 b. NC, Louiza, age 28, b. Missouri, William age 26 b. Missouri, David age 21 b. MO, Jackson age 19 b. Missouri, Campbell, age 12.

13.     James Benton (son of Mark?) b. 22 June 1816 in Missouri; d. 30 June 1863; bur Lonesome Hill Cemetery, Laclede County, Missouri. He was living in Dallas County in 1850: #363 in 1850, age 33, b. MO with Elizabeth age 35 b. NC. His children were William J., age 12, Thomas H. age 10, Nathaniel, age 7, John M., age 7 and Roda E., age 4.

                   He was living next door to Mark in 1860 in Flat Creek, Barry County: #957 (next door) James Benton age 44 b. MO -- $275, Elizabeth age 46 b. N.C., Thomas H. age 21 b. MO, Nathaniel G. age 19, John M. age 17, Rhoda age 14, Elizabeth age 7, Elizer A. age 6, Emaline Benton age 33 b. Mo, domestic, Amanda Cornielson age 2 b. MO. Albert E. Benton age 4 b. Ark. 1860 Barry Co: #958 William J. Benton age 22 b. MO, Amanda M. age 20. Lonesome Hill Cemetery: Amanda Benton w/o W.J. Benton 15 March 1815 d. 2 Aug. 1882. Thomas H. Benton b. 1 Aug. 1839 d. March 1863; Malindy wife of Thos H. b. 1 Sept. 1841; d. 15 Feb. 1863; bur. Lonesome Hill.                                                          

14.     Mark Benton b. ca. 1817 in Missouri; m. in Crawford County Hannah Mize 30 April 1829. They were married by Jonathan Burlison, M.G.

                   In 1850, he was in Barry County: #190 Mark Benton, age 32, b. MO, Harriet, age 22, b. MO, Christenor E., age 10, b. MO, George age 8 b. MO, Lurenda age 6, Martha A age 4, William age 2. In 1860, he was living in Barry Co. 1860 Flat Creek Twp. p. 951: Mark Benton, age 43, farmer $500\$300, b. MO, Isabell, age 18, domestic, b. MO, George P., age 17, farm laborer, Luvrinda, age 16, Patsy A. age 14, William A. age 12, Rhoda E. age 10, Franklin B. age 8 Hariet, age 3.

15.     Ren B. Benton b. ca. 1821 in Missouri; m. 27 September 1843, Greene County, Missouri Eliza Jamison. In 1850, he was living in Barry County: #189 Ren B. Benton, age 29, farmer, b. MO, Eliza, age 22, b. KY, Elizbeth, age 5, b. MO and William A. age 1 b. MO.

                   In 1853, R.B. Benton and Enis Dixon were securities to the estate of John G. Lock and Tennessee Lock, minor heirs of Jonas G. Lock. in Barry County.

                   R.B. Benton and Andrew J. McMurtry were administrators of Price McMurtrey in Barry County in 1854. His son, William McMurtrey, was living in Madison County, Arkansas.

                   On 29 March 1853 Geo W. Younger of Barry to R.B. Benton of same for $800 sold SE of SE 23 and NE of NE of 26 T 24 R 27 containing acres.[7]

16.     Susan Benton b. ca. 1825 in Missouri; m. possibly John Mathes son of David and Elizabeth (Allen) Mathes. They were living next door to Mark Benton in Barry in 1850. #191 John Mathes age 29 b. Tenn, Susan age 25 b. MO, Elizabeth age 6, James P. age 2, Eliza age 1 and Mark age 3 months.

17.     Eliza Benton b. 1827 in Missouri; m. 12 Sept. 1847 in Barry County, William McMurty. They were living in Barry County in 1860, probably with his mother. Eliza and William may have been first cousins.

Misc: Laclede County, 1860 Union Twp.?

#539 Bethon Benton, age 36 b. MO, Parlina J. age 30 b. Tenn and three children.

#540 Adam Benton age 60, farmer --- $200 b. SC, Abby age 53 b. SC, Mathew age 17 b. MO and Lucinda Franklin age 22 b. MO.

Lonesome Hill Cemetery, Laclede County

Mary A. Benton b. 7 May 1838 d. 17 Feb. 1897 next to field stone. May have been a Benton wife.  

(1) p. 172 Benton, Mark Sr. 2 males 5–10 (Ren B.?), 2 males 10–15 (Mark, James)  1 male 40–50; 1 female under 5 (Eliza?), 1 female 5–10 (Susan?), 2 females 10–15, 1 female 30–40.

(2) Benton, James 1 male under 5, 2 males 10–15, 2 males 30–40; 1 female under 5, 1 female 20–30.

(3) p. 173 Benton, Mark Jr. 1 male under 5, 1 male 20–30, 1 male 60–70; 1 female under 5, 1 female 20–30, 1 female 60–70.

Mary Benton b. 1821 in Missouri; married 8 November 1835 Mark Sullivant in Crawford County Mark Sullivant was listed in Crawford County in 1830 next to Mark Benton, Jr. He had 3 males 5–10, 1 male 10–15, 1 male 30–40; 1 female under 5, 1 female 10–15, 1 female 30–40. He died in 1848 in Pulaski County. She was listed in Pulaski in 1850 #145 no occupation $600, age 20 b. Missouri; Mark M., age 14 b. MO, Martha, age 12 b. MO, Lutitia age 10 b. MO, Thoams B., age 9 b. MO, Richard C.W. age 5 b. MO and Thomas H. Benton, age 85, born in South Carolina.

(4) Benton, Abram 1 male under 5, 2 males 5–10, 1 male 30–40; 1 female 15–20. (p. 173) (He was listed in Dallas County in 1850 #58, b. ca. 1795 SC)

(5) p. 176 Benton, Frances 1 male 20–30

 p. 178 Benton, Berry 1 male 20–30; 1 female 15–20. 

Jennettie Benton (Fulbright m. 16 Oct. 1866) w/o P.[eter?] G.[oodwin?] Benton b. 20 May 1812 d. 12 Nov. 1877.

M.L. Benton b. 23 April 1842 d. 18 July 1881.

Greene Co. MO

James McKenney m. 23 Feb. 1834 Rhoda (Benton?) Berdon by James Dollison. Gone by 1840.

Barry Co. Marriages

Amanda A. Benton m. 11 March 1847 D.L. Montgomery. m. by J.N. Fly.

Caroline "Burton" m. 28 January 1849 Richard Lock by Evan Mckinson.

Luticia Burton m. 23 Dec. 1849 J.T. Means by S.B. Abernathy. M.G.

Sarah Burton m. 12 July 1849 Carson H. Smith.

Caroline Lock m. 13 March 1853 W.S. McConnell by G.K. Porter, M.G.


Crawford County, Missouri, Marriages

Eliga Benton m. 1836 Rebecca Davis.


[1] Early Missouri Ancestors (newspaper abstracts).

[2] Crawford County, Missouri Deed Book A:83.

[3] She Could be the Mary A. "Burton" who m. 30 September 1841, Barry Co., James Hamerton (Hambleton).

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