Belcher Family

Chronology in Kentucky

Green Co. Kentucky Tax List

1796 Berry Belcher 1 male above 16, 1 male above 21

1799 Berry Belcher 1 wp, 3 horses

1800 Berry Belcher 100 acres on Green River entered by David White;

    50 acres on Green River entered by Wm. May 1 poll 4 horses.

Peter Bass

John Belcher 100 acres on Brush Creek ent. by Wm. May

    1 poll, 1 black, 8 horses.

1801 John Belcher 150 acres on Brush Creek ent. by Wm. May 1 wp 1 bl 5 horses

    Berry Belcher 60 acres on Brush Creek ent. by Wm. May; living there

    100 acres on Pitman Creek

1802 no John

    Berry there with 60 acres.

1803 John Belcher 150 acres Brush Creek

    Berry Belcher 60 acres.

    Zephaniah Bell


    John Belcher 150 acres 1 male over 21, 1 male over 16 8 horses

    Isham Belcher 1 white poll over 16, 2 horses


    Berry Belcher (another list) 60 acres

    Peter Bass


    Berry Belcher; no John

    Lots of Barnetts there.

1807 Berry Belcher

1808 Berry Belcher

1809 Berry Belcher

Andrew Barnett

No Berry Belcher in 1810 index of census.

1790-1800 or 1780-1790 Isham Belcher born.

Tax Records

1802         George Marchbank 200 acres on dry fork of Eddy Creek

1805         John Belcher entered 200 acres on Eddy Creek; no Isham on tax roll.

1807         John Belcher has 400 acres on dry fork entered by J. Griers.

1808         John Belcher has 100 acres on dry fork 1 poll and 11 horses.

1809         John Belcher 200 acres on Eddy Creek 1 poll 6 horses

                Isom Belcher 1 poll 2 horses

1810         not there

1811         not there

Green County, Kentucky marriage

Isham Belcher m. 14 September 1808 Betsy McDaniel. The Green River would take Isham from Green Co. to Livingston/Caldwell.


1809-1811  John Belcher has 200 acres of 3rd rate land on Eddy Creek. 1 poll, 6 horses.

                Isham Belcher next to him with 1 poll, 2 horses.

1810         John Belcher living Livingston Co. Kentucky, p. 155 John Belcher 1 male 16-26; alone.

1810         Isham Belcher living in adjoining Caldwell, p. 16 1 male 16-26, 1 female under 10, p. 16 1 male 16-26, 1 female under 10, 1 female 26-45.

1811         John Belcher of Taney born

1812         John Belcher served in War of 1812 (b. before 1790)

1813-1814  Isham now has 100 acres on the dry fork of the Eddy Creek entered by T. Academy.

1815         Isham is listed with 200 acres on the Dry fork entered by F. Academy and 50 acres on same entered by J. Barrett.

                John has added another 100 acres on Eddy Creek entered by J. Barrett.

1815         Caldwell Co. B:84 On 7 February 1815 Isham Belcher of Caldwell sold to John Gray of same 100 acres being part of a three hundred and forty six acre tract granted to Franklin Academy. Wit: John Alton and John Cotlet. Isham signed, but there was no dower release. He had purchased the land 7 December 1814 from the agent of the academy (B:93)

1817         11 January 1817 John Belcher for $100 conveyed to Jeremiah Rucker 200 acres granted to John Belcher, assignee of Samuel Jackson, assignee of Johnson Marchbanks granted by excellency Charles Scott 26 April 1805. Bounds George Marchbanks, Wm. Birdsong. Wit: Isham Belcher. John H. Bush. Dower was released by Polly Belcher. B:443

1817         11 October 1817 Isham Belcher of Caldwell for $750 sold to Joseph Ratliff part of a tract granted to Franklin Academy by patent on the dry fork of Eddy Creek. Wit: John Mercer and Wm. Stone. (amount never given) C:18.

1818         John and Isham drop from Caldwell Co. KY tax list.

1818         Isham Belcher made a land entry in Callaway County, Missouri

1822         Isham Belcher involved in bordering Boone County business.

1825         Caldwell County, Kentucky: D:389. Sheriff sold land to Rucker based on a circuit court case heard                 March term 1825 in which John Belsher was one of the defendants, but he did not answer. The other                 defendants included David Osborn and Sally, late Sally Barnett, Samuel Barnett, John Barnett, James                 Barnet and the other unknown heirs of James Barnett, deceased, John Davis and Harriet his wife, late                Harriet Cook, Ethelbert Cook, Lilborn L. Cook, Jesse R. Cook and the other unknown heirs of John                Cook, deceased and John Belsher, defendants. (Does this mean that John’s wife was a Barnett?)                 Conveying the land of James Barnett, deceased. John and several other defendants did not answer.


1810 Kentucky index: Isom Caldwell, p. 16; and John Livingston p. 155. None were there in 1820.

CALDWELL formed from Livingston in 1809; adjoining Indian lands and just south of Illinois Territory.

LIVINGSTON County: Elizabeth Belcher m. 10 June 1815 Edward Givens;

The family configuration may be

Isham Belcher Sr. b. ca. 1780; d. 1948 (wife Elizabeth (Betsy);  John b. 1810 in Kentucky d. after 1860; Alexander b. 1808

Greene County, Kentucky Marriages:

Isham Belcher m. 14 Sept. 1808 Betsy McDaniel

Patsy Belcher m. same 12 Jan. 1799 Will Holland.

Margaret Belcher m. 4 March 1796 Wm McCarty.

Betsy Belcher m. 15 October 1808 John Walker.

Only Kentucky land grants listed were:

John Belcher for 200 acres south of Green River 4-26-1805 (Livingston Co.) on dry fork of Eddy Creek. Deed Book 8:375.

John G. Belcher 320 acres west of Tennessee River being NE & NW 35-6-2W. (Deed Book 10:372) 1822-1858.

Caldwell Co. Deed: 389 Fixed under Belcher. John was not dead; just didn't respond.

Circuit Court Records were lost to fire in 1863.

Caldwell County Court Order Book D No March term; starts April. No record of the case referred to in the deed.

Connections between Kentucky and Missouri

1828         Isham Belcher married to an Elizabeth who released dower in Boone County, Missouri

1830         John Belcher married to an Elizabeth who released dower in Boone County, Missouri

1832         Isham, Alexander and Sally had moved over to Monroe County, Missouri.

1834         John Belcher married in Greene Co., Missouri

1835         Isham and John on Greene Co. tax list; Isham did not pay a poll. (Isham b. before                                       1780)

1837         Isham Belcher married in Greene Co., Missouri

 Missouri Belcher families

1821 John and John M. Belcher, residents of then Howard County, signed a Territorial petition to congress. The same men were on the tax list there. A John Belcher was in Chariton in 1830.

Four men by the name of Belcher appeared on the 1821 tax list of Boone County:

Isam G. was unmarried, John Jr. was unmarried, John Sr. had 92 acres, Isham had 92 acres.

A John Belcher was granted a War of 1812 bounty land warrant for the NW of S10-T55-R19 on 8 February 1819. Book 2:442. Warrant #12592. (probably Chariton Co., but first part of Howard.

1818 Original land entry of Callaway County: Isham Belcher made an original land entry in Callaway in SE 2-45-11 of 5PM on 3 December 1818. It was a credit entry with first installment made in 1820, the second in 1821 and the patent #591 granted 20 August 1824 through the Fayette Land Office.

In 1830, the southern edge of Ralls County bordered the northeast part of Boone. Isham Belcher was a witness to the estate of John McDonald in 1822 in Boone County and a security for the estate of Francis Bohannon who had died prior to 16 August 1824 in Boone County. Isham was on a jury in 1824; John Belcher was defendant in a suit in 1824. On 10 January 1828, Isham Belcher and his wife, Elizabeth, of Boone County sold for $200 sold to Robert Schooling of same the E½ of NW¼ of 2-50-13 containing 89½ acres. Isham signed; Elizabeth made X.[Boone Co. B:414]

Boone County Deed Book D:364 1 October 1830 John Belcher and wife Elizabeth of Boone sold to Roland Frost and John D. Frost of same for $300 E½ of SE¼ of 30-50-13 in District of land sold at Franklin. No wit. John Corlew, J.P.

Alexander Belcher m. in Ralls County Mo 1 July 1826 Nancy Winn.

In October 1829, however Nancy Belcher was granted a divorce from Alexander in Boone County.

Boone Co., Missouri

John N. Belcher m. August 1836, Mary Emerine

William H. Belcher m. 18 Nov. 1839 Frances Emerine

Jane Belcher m. 2 January 1823 James Matthews

On 26 February 1827 Alexander Belcher was charged, in Boone County, with adultery with Sally Brooks. Nicholas and Bartlett Gentry served as security as did John Belcher. Phebe Gentry was called as a witness. That same month, both J. & Isham served on the jury in Boone. In June, they were found not guilty, but the couple were married in Boone County on 3 Sept. 1827. In August of 1828 she acknowledged receipt from the estate of her father Bartlett Gentry, Sr. as Sally Brooks. From the estate papers, one can assume her husband, in 1826, was Samuel Brooks. Sometime in 1828 (abstract doesn’t give exact date) Sally Brooks had “now intermarried” with Alexander Belcher.

Isham Belcher was listed in 1830 in Ralls County Missouri on p. 373 with 1 male under 5, 1 male 20–30, 1 male 30–40, 1 male 40–50, 1 female 10–15, 1 female 15–20, 1 female 40–50. He was next to Alexander Belcher who had 1 male under 5, 1 male 20–30, 1 female under 5, 2 females 5–10, 1 female 10–15, 1 female 20–30.

By 1834, they were in Monroe County where Isham and Alex. both bought lots in Paris (Bartleson 4:45.) Isham also served as security with A.A. King.

Sarah Belcher m., Monroe Co. MO 11 Feb. 1832 Thomas Hall.

Hannah Belcher m. Barry County MO 3 May 1837 George Nettle. They were not on the Barry County 1840.

Boone Co. Circuit Court begins 1821

October term 1824 State of Missouri vs. Amos Barnes, John Belcher and Joshua Gillam for debt. Attorney discontinued suit.

Boone County Circuit June term 1825 p. 132 Deed from John Smith and Alsey his wife of Woodford County, Kentucky and Nelson Pullin and Fanny his wife of this county to Hiram Wilhoit of Woodford Co. for the sale of 21 1/4 acres in Boone.

Boone County, Missouri, Feb. 1827 State vs. Sally Brooks with Belcher. Bond $200 paid by Sally and $200 by Nicholas, Gentry and Bartlett Gentry her securities. Indictment for adultery. Alexander Belcher and Sally Brooks indicted. Next cased was Isham G. Sexton indicted for obstructing process. The jury found him guilty. At the next term, the sheriff reported that witness Phebe Gentry was not to be found and case was continued. They were acquitted in June 1827 (P. 233) George Sexton was Isham’s security.

In October 1827 Sally Brooks and Alexander Belcher were indicted again for adultery and fornication. This time Amos Barnes and Bartlett Gentry provided Sally's security. Bartlett Gentry also gave security for Phebe Gentry, witness. In June 1828 Alexander did not appear.

Sally Brooks was tried alone and acquitted.

Feb. 1829 prosecuting attorney decided nolle prosse against Alexander.

October 1829 Nancy Belcher vs. Alexander Belcher, divorce.

Alexander did not appear.

Monroe  Co. Missouri formed 1830 from Ralls. no Belcher in 1850

Sarah Belcher m. 11 February 1832, Monroe Co. Missouri, Thomas Hall. Only Belcher marriage

No mention of Belcher in first probate book

Monroe Co. Deed Index

Isham Belcher to H.T. Hackney A:54 and wife Elizabeth to Hightower T. Hackney seven acres and eight polls bounding Hackney's entry. 26 Dec. 1831. Description in metes and bounds.

Isham Belcher to Thomas Hall A:80 20 March 1832 Isham and Elizabeth to Hall beg. SE corner of Section 10 T 54, Range 10 containing forty acres (described in metes and bounds) for $100.

Isham Belcher to Jno. Belcher A:82 20 March 1832 Isham and Elizabeth to John  beg SW corner of section 11 T 54 Range 10 forty acres for $100.

A:108 1 September 1832 Isham Belcher to John Belcher (both of Monroe) $300 N of W of SW S11-T54-R10 in the district of the lands for sale at Palmyra, the northeast corner of said tract already being sold for the benefit of the Baptist Church. Elizabeth also signed.

Isham Belcher to C.C. Acuff et al. A:166 8 June 1832 between Isham Belcher and wife Elizabeth to Christopher C. Acuff, John Curry and Isaac Coppedge for $24 2 acres.

A:283 Isham Belcher was firmly bound to Thomas Barbee for $200 and on 12 March 1832 mortgaged N of E of SE 10-54-10. bordered H.T. Hackney. No release. Wit: Robert Caldwell.

John Belcher to Jno Hall A:488 Dec 16, 1834 These two pages are missing from the deed book!

Isham Belcher to Moses U. Payne B:128 27 July 1833 Sheriff of Monroe and Moses U. Payne of Boone Co. Jacob U. Payne did on 18 October 1832 sue Isham Belcher, formerly of Monroe Co., for debt for $568.75 Property levied was W of SW of 11 and E of SE 10 in T54, Range 10, one house lot in Paris the same that Littleton Bradley formerly lived in.

No others before 1850. Land was sold to Moses U. Payne.

Allen Gentry could be connected to the Boone Co. Group tho not immediately apparent how. Gentry family in America sketchy, but Allen is a common name in the family.

Alexander Belcher was living in Platte Co. in 1850 and enumerated on p. 350. He was age 40, farmer, b. Kentucky, Jane age 32, b. Indiana, Nicholas, age 20, born in Missouri, Beverly, age 17 b. MO (male), Margaret age 12 b. MO and Mary age 10.

In 1840, Alexander was in Pike County, Missouri, p. 133. His household consisted of 2 males 5-10, 1 male 30-40; 2 females under 5, 1 female 5-10, 1 female 30-40.

Alexander Belcher m. 29 March 1847 in Platte Co. Missouri Jane Lewis.

Alexander Belcher m. 6 December 1827 Sally Brooks in Boone Co. (Original marriage book A:41.

Bates County, Missouri, 1850, p. 242

#164 Thomas Belcher age 24 farmer $150, born in Kentucky; Amelia age 22 b. Ohio, Mary, age 2 b. MO, Robert age 6 months b. MO.

#172 John N. Belcher, age 35 b. VA, Sarah age 20 b. KY, all children b. MO, beginning in 1838. No Isham or John.

1850 Buchanan Co. where John Belcher was in 1840

p. 133 #528 John Belcher age 51, b. Kentucky $1400, "Elijah" female age 47 b. KY, all children born in Missouri: Thomas, age 26, Alvira age 23, Jehial age 20, Nancy age 17, James Age 11, Emily A. age 9, John age 8 and Robert W., age 7.

#529 Alexander Belcher age 28 b. MO, John W. age 5 b. MO, Thomas J. age 3 b. MO.

Butler County p. 153 

#45 Alexander Belcher age 27 b Tenn., Dicy age 27 b. Tennessee, Nancy age 6 b. Tennessee, Richard age 3 b. MO.

1830 Boone Co. Missouri no Belcher

John & Berry Belcher in 1800 tax index.

Alexander Belcher m. 4 December 1827 in Boone Co., Sally Brooks.

John N. Belcher m. 1 August 1836 Boone Co. Mary Emerine.

John Belcher m. 13 Sept. 1821 in Howard County, Elizabeth Nobles.

Bates County: p. 250 #284 Elizabeth Belcher, age 55, b. Virginia, Alexander age 14, b. Missouri. She is living eleven households away from a Carter Noble who was 56, born in New York and who then went to Arkansas.

Isham G. Belcher m. Mrs. B. Clarke in Washington Co. Texas 13 Nov. 1837.

He was a witness to a deed between John W. Cole and Shubart Marsh on 30 Dec. 1834. Book A:245.

He stated to the Board of Land Commissioners he immigrated in 1835.

If Alexander Belcher’s marriage to Sally Brooks was in 1829 rather than 1827, everything would fit together. With this chronology it appears there are two Alexander’s, but why would the Ralls County Alexander’s wife go to Boone Co. for her divorce if that wasn’t where Alexander had been indicted.

Isham G. Belcher made two land sales in Aug. of 1837 in Austin County Texas. This was land granted by Coahuila and Texas. [Could this be the man on the Boone County MO tax list?]  Isham G. Belcher of Washington County, Texas, sold 181 acres on Miller Creek that was sold to Belcher as colonist by Mexican Government 6 Feb. 1838 [C:260] He married a widow there in 1837.