A Genealogy Research column for Pulaski County, Missouri and her neighbors.

by the late Don Vincent of Tacoma, Washington

The Richland Mirror Jan 2, 1986, No. 202


We have been researching the Young and Rippee lines for the last five years: William Rippee, b. 1800 m. Huldah Young and had son Garnett 1830; James Rippee, b. 1814, m. Milly Young and had Sarilda, b. 1834. First cousins Sarilda and Garnett married in. Wright Co about 1853 and had Truston who had Bertha Rippee, b. 1888. Bertha m. Bill Wade in Manes, Mo.

Arthur Rippee, b. 1812, was a bro of the above Wm. and James. Arthur m. Malinda Young, a sister to Alfred Young who m. Ruth Rippee. Ruth was a sister of. Arthur, Wm and James. To the union of Arthur and Malinda Rippee was born Harrison Rippee in 1837 & he had son Wm Arthur in 1880. Children of old James Rippee: Mary Cornett, b. 1794-5; Elizabeth Whitaker, b. 1796; Joshua Rippee, b. 1797-98; William, b. 1800; Hiram, b. 1802; John. b. 1809; Ruth, b. 1806; Arthur, b. 1812; James, b. 1814, and Sampson Rippee, b.. in 1816. The last three were born in Clay Co, Ky.; others born in Ashe Co., N.C. as far as we can tell.

Would be ever so happy to hear from other searchers.

Mrs. Barbara Rippee Claxton, 1208. Desert Eve Dr., Alamogordo, NM 88310.


REPLY: So glad to hear from you, and obtain some previous residencies of our large Rippee group at last. In 1840, Pulaski census are EIGHT Rippee households: Eli, William P., Samuel. Hiram, John, Arthur. James. and Sampson.

Eli/Ely was listed on 211 Pulaski '40 (0100001.021001), and 240 Laclede '50 wherein he states he was b. N.C. c1810. From Sumner Co Tn, 1828-34? William P. was listed on 213 Pulaski 1 '40 (100001-0001). My only other ref. for him is an 1843 land entry in Laclede: T35, R14, from Goodspeed. Samuel. also on p. 213 (100011-10001), was located subsequently on 1841 Laclede '50 (b. N.C. c1807) and 179 Laclede '60 (b. Tn c1807). He furnished security in the 1846 Pulaski estate settlement of John Honssinger. (Woodruff).

Hiram, listed on 225 Pulaski '40 (121101-411001) was not found in 1850 but in 1860 appears on 915 Wright. John, following Hiram on p. 225 (110101001-211001) was listed on 493 Wright '50, reporting he was b. N.C. c1809; births of ch. place him in Indiana c1831-36. Note presence of an older male in this listing; father of John? or John's wife?

Arthur was listed on 226 Pulaski '40 (30001-01001). Not located in 1850. Stated he was b. c1812 Ky. in 891 Wright '60 census.

James. Jr. was also on p. 226 (00101-30001), b. Ky. 1813 or 1814; found on 493 Wright '5O and 893 Wright '60.

Sampson was listed on p. 226. (20001-00101) but I have no other news of him.

There is an Orange Co. N.C. branch of this family. apparently; see 1790 N.C. Federal Census, pp 94,95. This group may have gone to Sumner Co, , Tn.

Eight Young fams were included in 1840 Pulaski: Nevils. John, Alexander, James, William, David, Alfred, and William. First four were on p. 225. Nevils (111101-002001) was b. N.C. c1802 & visited Ind. c1837 says census on 483 Wright '50.

John, following, just after Nevils (0001-0000) was b. Ky c1821, says 480 Wright '50. I note the Coday family was also from Clay Co Ky. and visited Indiana. They are also on p. 225- Alexander Young (10001-12001) was not found in 1850. Born Va c1809, says census on 919 Wright, '60. One Alexander Young m. Nancy Brown 1833 Crawford Co Mo (Woodruff). James (100001-02001) was b. Ky. 1807/1809; listed on 476 Wright '50. and 919 Wright '60. Goodspeed, p. 404, says he owned a log cabin in Hartville in 1840's or 1850's.

William F. Young, on 226 Pulaski '40 (also a Wright Co page, as was 225) had family stats 211001-101001. He was b. N.C. c1801 says entry on 482 Wright '50; also found on 890 Wright '60. His father was b. N.C.; related to Tn Gorman family.

David, also on p. 226, (020001-10001) was on 480 Wright '50, reporting he had been b. Va c1807 and was in Ind c1833-35.

ALFRED, on 227 Pulaski '40 (103001-201001) was b. Va. c1806 says census on 480 Wright '50 and 931 Wright '60.

William. on 232 Pulaski '40 (0210001. 200101) Slaves (40000-001) was found in the 1850 census of Camden Co., Mo., p. 661 and he said he'd been born in c1800 and was in Mo, by 1830.

Ashe Co., N.C. was created in 1799 from Wilkes County, and so I scanned the 1790 census of Wilkes to see if I might find a misspelled Rippee/ Rippey name that the indexer missed. Daniel Bench is there — he came to Pulaski Co via Indiana and was listed next to my Vincents in 1850 census. Nine Sanders families are in Wilkes, pp, 120.125 but no Rippees found. (Doesn't mean they weren't there.)


January 9, 1986 Page No. 203


Mrs. Pat Kroeger of St. Louis, Mo. , referred me to you...I seek info on the , Dill family. I believe the father was James Dill, b. 1807 Va., who m. Mary/Maria (-), b. 1818 Ky. Issue: John Y., b c1839 Ind; George W., b c1840 who poss. m. Mary Melvina Spencer; James, b c1842 Ill; Cynthia J., b c1844 Ill, who poss m John W. Walker; Rachiel, b c1846 Mo, m. poss William Lepper; and William B., b. c1849 Mo (see below.) This fam was listed in 1840 census of White Co Ill, then 1850 Dallas Co., Mo census (James, Sr. may have died 1850-60), then in 1860 Wright Co Mo census.

William B. Dill m. Mary Elizabeth Kauffman 7 May 1871 at Rolla, Mo.; issue: Wm. B., Jr., b. c1873; Mary Jane, b. c1875; Daisy, b c1877; Flora T., b c1880; David Homer, b c1884; Mattie, b-date unknown; Julia Frances, b c1887. All ch. b. Missouri. This fam was listed in Piney Twp, 9880 Texas Co Mo census. After the death of his wife, Wm. B. Dill, Sr. removed to Texas: he was listed in 1900 census of Taylor County.

Mary Elizabeth Kauffman Dill is believed to be the dau of John D. Coffman, listed in the 1870 census of Phelps Co Mo. He was reported b. c1824 Pa; no wife shown. Ch: (all b. Pa.) Samuel, Peter, Mary, Benjamin, Martha, -Louis, David, Amanda, Amos. The Stinchcomb name may be connected to this line. Mrs. Tish Orman, 6992 Ashaway Cove, Memphis, TN 38119.



I lived in Newburg, Phelps Co Mo, half my life; my father and grandfather were born in Phelps. near Pilot Knob or Lecoma area. Have been working for some time on my family alone: Samuel G. Tankersley, said to be born in McMinn Tenn; Wm. Marion Tankersley and Roy Samuel Tankersley, b. 1891.Mrs. Zoe T. McKessy

REPLY: I assume you mean McMinn County, Tennessee. The line you are tracing may well have paused there for a time as I see two Tankersley fams listed in the county's 1830 Federal census: Wm. W., p. 156, and Richard on p. 161. See Sistler's Early Tenn. Tax Lists for TWELVE Tankersley (& variations) entries, from as early as 1805.


I wrote last year to the Hilborn Family Newsletter, c/o Mr. Robin Hilborn, 42 Sources Blvd.. #44, Pointe Claire, Quebec H9S 2H9 Canada. I described what I knew of the two Vincent girls who m. Hilborn bros in Rhea Co Tn in the 1820s and later were listed in the 1840 census of Paulding Co, Georgia. His reply tells me that 1782-87 Virginia Tax Rolls list one family of Hilburns. The 1790 Federal Census lists Hilbourne/Hilburn/Hillburn/Hillborn/Hilborm fams in Pennsylvania, S.C.. and N.C.; he is unable to help directly but will print my query in the newsletter. More later.


Robert L. Willson, b. 3 Dec-1804 Jefferson Co. Tn, m. Isabella. Was her maiden name McFarland? He d. 8 July 1860; she d. 27 Mar 1874. Both buried Collier Cem, Camden Co Mo. Robert was a bro of my great-great grandmother. Need complete list of his children, which included: Francis A., 1826-1841; George, b. 1828; Albion M., 1833-1852, Abraham Huston. b 1835; Robert B., b.1842; d. 1872; Margaret, 1845-1912; Mary M., 1849-1868. Were there other ch.? Abraham Huston Willson m. 1867 Sarah Jane Earnest; was she a dau of Samuel Earnest? What was her relationship to Amos W. Earnest of Morgan Co Mo?

Any help with this family would be appreciated. Dorcas M. Hobbs, Box 752, Pikeville, KY 41501.


BILDERBACK - LISTER - BEATTIE -I have much information on the Bilderbacks, except for Thomas Bilderback, listed on p 221 of Pulaski Co Mo 1840 Census. (0020001-010001) I figure this as Thomas, age 40-50; wife, age 30-40; two sons 10-15 years old, and a small daughter, 5 to 10 years of age.

I believe Thomas could be a bro of Daniel Bilderback, listed in the 1850 census of Laclede Co Mo on p. 264, and Charles Bilderback, listed in 1840 Pulaski Co Mo census on p. 235. All were sons of Thomas and Margaret Lister Bilderback of Washington Co, Pa; see Goodspeed sketch, pp 693­694.

Where did Thomas go after 1840? I would like to prove a theory that he is the father of Charles Bilderback of Cass Co, Mo., who in the 1850 Cass census had living with him 45-yr-old Sarah Beattie. Cass records show that one Sarah Bilderback m. a Robert Beatty on 22 Nov 1849; I believe this older woman residing with Charles is his mother, widow of Thomas Bilderback.

I would greatly appreciate any help and welcome correspondence. Harry Liggett, 544 N. Firestone Blvd., Akron, Ohio 44301.


From Mr. Liggett's enclosed group sheet:

The will of Thomas Bilderback is filed in Wash. Co Pa, Wills 4:640; his death took place there 30 Dec, 1831. He was the son of Ephraim and Lydia (-) Bilderback; his wife was Margaret Lister. Their issue:

Charles, b. 1789 Brooke Co, W. Va; in Pulaski Co Mo 1840. then Dallas Co Iowa in 1850. Wife was Mary Cooper; he d. Dallas Co 1873.

Thomas. b. 1790. Family moved to Cass Co Mo, as above?

Daniel, b. 17 Mar 1797 Brooke Co. W. Va; m. Dec 1817 Wash Co Pa Sarah Castleman; was in Licking Co Ohio in 1824 then Fountain Co. Indiana. Daniel d. Laclede Co Mo 16 Oct 1863.

Ephraim, b. 1802 Brooke; m. 1825 Wash Co Pa Susan Sarah Jackson; d. Holmes Co Ohio 1882.

Gabriel, b. 1805 Brooke, d. 1874 Wash Co Pa; m. 1826 Agnes (Nancy) Bruce.

Masson. b. 1810. d. 1851 Dallas Co Iowa; res Holmes Co Ohio.

Susannah, of whom nothing further.

Rachel, b. 1812 Wash Co Pa; m. 1829 Wash Co Pa George Campbell: (he b. Ireland 1800); she d. near Potosi, Grant Co. Wisconsin.

Margaret, wife of Daniel Campbell.


REPLY: Many thanks to Mr. Liggett for information about his Bilderback line. Charles. Thomas and Daniel Bilderback three more 1840 families. Path of migration: Pennsylvania, due west to Ohio, westward again through Indiana and Illinois in the 1830's, arriving in mid-Missouri by 1840. Then northerly into Iowa. residing there by the time of the 1850 census.


Richland Mirror January 16, 1986 No. 204


The old Dean family Bible was lost in 1940 from Coos Bay. Oregon, with data back to 1700's. A relative took or borrowed Bible from owners and possibly went to Portland, where he died fifteen years later. No one has been able to locate the Bible since. Some of the first names in the Bible records were Aaron, Moses, William, Robert, Henry, Provit, Joseph; other names were Eliphalet, Alexander. John, Woolsey, Binkley, Vick, Fulsom, Gower (or is it Garver? dv.), and Matlock. If someone has this Bible I would be glad to pay for xeroxed data or for postage to mail to me if it still has the family data in it; some may be loose pages. This Bible belonged to Aaron Dean, Sr., b. c1781 N.C. or Virginia. He died after the 1860 census of Phelps Co Mo. His son, Provit Dean, took the book to Coos Bay, Oregon, about 1873.

Mrs. William Wood, Box 1818, Chesterfield, Ill 62630.

REPLY: Good luck in your search for the old Bible. I believe I recall running a more complete Dean query for you, several years ago.

Can anyone identify John M. Dean of 232 Pulaski '40? (1210010001-11101) Where from? Death date? Wife's family?



Trying to find any leads or information about my husband's grandfather, WILLIAM ALFRED WILSON. He was b. Oct 8, 1878 around Richland, Mo. At a young age, he went to live with the Ruben Evans family. Why? What happened to his parents? Was Ruben any relationship? Subject may have had a sister (or half sis) named Lila or Nancy. He was never able to find her in later years. Ruben Evans was married and had a dau Elizabeth who m. Dean Fisher. Elizabeth and Dean had a dau, Delila. Was W.A. Wilson  part Indian? He was in Choctaw Nation, Indian Terr. (Oklahoma) about 1904. He often mentioned Monett, Missouri.

Would Ruben have any desc left in the area that might have answers to our questions? Any info that anyone has would be very much appreciated as we have so little to go on. Will gladly reimburse for any expenses incurred...

Thank you...sincerely, Carol Fincher Wilson, Rt. 4, Box 59, Tecumseh, OK 74873.

REPLY: "The State of Missouri, (Columbia, 1904) by Walter Williams, offers a helpful set of 1900's county maps of Mo, if you can locate a copy. Only Monett I could find (after some hunting) was down south in Barry County. It was the county's biggest town of that time, with a population of . 3,115. Perhaps a hundred miles southwest of Richland, as the crow fiies...not far.

One Ruben Evans was listed on 202 Pulaski '40, an area which later became Wright County. Wright's 1850 census, lists his apparent widow Rebecca. Born V a. c1806, her apparent ch. were b. Tn c1833-37. Your Rubin could be kin to them.



1925 - 1985

Mr. Vincent wishes to inform the readers of the death of his beloved sister-in-law, Mrs. Gerald Ray Vincent, on December 28th. She was the author of a recent pair of columns in these pages on the advantages of computers in genealogical record-keeping.

Born in Cumberland, Maryland, in 1925, Miss Pearl Dineen, was a Navy secretary in war time Norfolk, Virginia, when Jerry Vincent's aircraft carrier came to port. They were married in 1946, and lived in Seattle, Sumner, and Elma, Washington.

Mrs. Vincent is survived by her husband Jerry of Elma; son Glenn Scott of Olympia; daughter Connie (Mrs. Tom Walsh) of Seattle; daughter Gail (Mrs. Wayne Brewster) of McCleary; and daughter Barbara of Olympia.

One son preceded his mother in death: Larry Ray Vincent died in 1967.

Interment took place at Woodlawn Pioneer Cemetery, in Lacey, Washington.

The eulogy was prepared and spoken. by Nuclear Physicist Byron Youtz, vice-president of the Evergreen State College. Pearl was Professor Youtz's secretary for three years.

Mother, companion, advisor, poet, friend. And keen genealogist. We mourn the passing from this life of Mrs. Jerry Vincent.


The Richland Mirror January 30, 1986 No. 205

No family information

The Richland Mirror February 6, 1986 No. 206


No family information


Richland Mirror February 13, 1986 No. 207


Jonathan Benton Potter was b. 1838 in Jackson Co, Alabama. He resided in Benton Co Mo in 1860, Jasper Co Mo in 1880, and was probably in Pulaski Co Mo in 1840 and Buchanan Co Mo in 1850. Subject enlisted in a Missouri Union Cavalry unit in 1862 and served three years as a private bugler and in escorting trains. He joined from Camden Co Mo. Subject m. 1st Martha Guinn and 2nd Martha's sister, Susan. They were daus of Daniel Guinn, who was b. c1818 Tn and d.'1897 in Benton Co Mo. Daniel's wife was Hannah ( ), b. c1818 Ky and d. 1870-80 Benton Co Mo.

Jonathan Benton Potter was probably a son of Solomon Potter. b. Tn c1805. who resided in Jackson Co. Ala in 1830, Pulaski Co Mo in "1840, and Buchanan Co Mo in 1850. Can anyone confirm? Who were Solomon Potter's ch? His pars? Need pars of Daniel Guinn, other siblings; was Hannah Guinn's maiden name Awbrey? Kirby? Rogers? Burton? Russell? Potter? Was Solomon Potter's wife's name Lucy Benton? Awbrey? Talent? Russell? Were these people related to Rowland Awbrey. resident of Osage Co Mo 1840-1850?

Aubrey R. Ward. 336 E. Cairo Drive, Tempe. Arizona 85282.

REPLY: THANK YOU, Aubrey, for sending us the previous residency of 1840 Pulaskian Solomon Potter -- this is sure to help others, as a clue to "where to look." The estimable Mr. Potter is listed on 215 Pulaski '40. a Texas-Pulaski page with  (2000001-111201) and we note that your Jonathan indeed could have been one of the two small boys born 1835-1840.

Jackson Co Ala is on the Alabama-Tennessee border, and would have been an easy float down the Tennessee River from Rhea, McMinn, Roane Cos of Tenn. where the Solomon Potter name is present, though the name on 136 McMinn '30 census seems a doubtful match with your man. One Solomon Potter m. in Roane in 1816 one Esther Melton.

James Potter, b. Tn c1794, is listed on 791 Webster '60; MIGHT BE the same fellow shown in 1830 census of Rhea Co Tn, p. 354.

Joel Potter of 214 Pulaski '40 (also a Texas Co Mo area, by 1850) has yet to be located in later years. 1840 stats were (2111001-110101). Did he also leave the area? Could be kin to Solomon, as both were in Texas County vicinity.

Solomon Preston Potter is of record in Greene Co Mo Marriages: m. Emily C. Biggs July 20, 1851 (p. 19).


Southern Genealogists's Exchange Magazine in 1960's printed many of these. If I ever received Jackson Co., it is not where it should be. I believe James G. Gunter of 235 Pulaski '40 was of record in Marion Co Tn deeds. from whence he moved to Jackson Co., Ala. See Goodspeed p. 21; his census entry on 656.Camden 50 reports he was b. N.C. c1794; b-places ch were Alabama from .1828-1834; then Mo c1837. Settled early in Camden but d. in Moniteau Co Mo in 1872. His wife was Mary R. King (b Tn); Gunter was administrator of estate of Julian King in Pulaski in 1835 (Woodruff). Mary d. Moniteau in 1855. James' dau Alvira P. (b Ala c1826) m. Benjamin Hooper (258 Laclede '50) in 1848.



Burl H. Fugate, 5521 N. 41st Dr., Phoenix, AZ 85019

Would appreciate it if you would run these queries:

FUGATE, JOHN HAMMON and wife Elizabeth (Herron) came to Pulaski Co Mo from Decatur Co., Ind. about 1837 and settled on land in a bend of the Gasconade R. close to Hazelgreen. They were in the Pulaski, (now Laclede) census for 1840 with seven children. A land entry in 1844 was the last trace of him. Any news of him would help.

HARRELL, MARIAH JANE - was the wife of Sterling Nunn, She died c1869, as her husband and ch. were shown in the 1870 Webster Co Mo census. Have checked the four vols of Webster Co cemeteries. Would appreciate any help on her burial or death.

BENNETT, HANNAH was wife of Thomas Breeze. She d. c1834 in Phelps Co, Mo (was Crawford Co then). They . lived about 3 miles southeast of Rolla. Have been unable to find her burial site if it exists. Sure welcome any help on this. Text Box:  

Hiram G. and Zephaniah Nunn made 1837 entries in Brush Ck Twp, of Wright Co Mo, reports Goodspeed, p 364. Both fams were listed on 226

Pulaski '40 census, and I believe Zephaniah -probably came from Maury Co Tn. where he was listed in the 1830 census on p. 387. By 1850, Zephaniah seems to have departed but the fam is grouped on 525 Wright '50, which see. Three more households are- on 487 Wright '50.


Searching for the 1st husband of Netta Westfall, born W. Va. 7 July 1867, the dau of Wm. F. and Sarah Linger Westfall of Hawkeye. Pulaski Co Mo. Prob married in 1885 in either Camden or Pulaski County. Daughter Viola Mae was b. 20 April 1886 in Linn Creek, Camden Co Mo. In 1889, Netta m. 2nd husband. James Hopkins, in Camden Co; Netta also was mother of twins and a son Claude. Any help appreciated.

Barbara Jo Reniker, 36 Swayne Dr., RD 4, Box 276 B. Paris, TN 38242 MANES - VAUGHT


Most of my data on 1840 Pulaskians Seth and Callaway Manes came from .the late Mabel Manes Mottaz of Waynesville. and her friends, who proved DAR membership on the line. See the 1830 census of Hawkins Co Tn. p. 82.


The Richland Mirror March 13, 1986 No. 209

Preview of coming material


Richland Mirror March 20, 1986 No. 210


Last April, Lt, Col. Philip C.  Musgrave, 400 Alameda Circle, San Antonio, Texas, 78212, wrote "...enjoyed talking to you very much...been a long time since we corresponded...You intrigued me with the story of Davy Crockett... had ancestors in the Alamo but I never heard Davy Crockett mentioned... Can't remember if I ever sent you the enclosed notes and chart so at the risk of repeating I am again sending them. Thomas Musgrave had more sons than Burrel, Bennet H. and Calvin. Levi was another and he went to Oklahoma. I have enclosed copies of the chart I received from the Oklahoma relatives -- imagine, fourteen KIDS. Evidently I descend from Burrell and you descend from Bennett H. (probably H for Hiram) and when the sons of Burrel (namely Burrell Q. Calvin S., and James Harvey, my great grandfather,) and Dan Lynch, old Calvin's son, and Pleas Williams their cousin, son of Mariah Musgrave and Thomas Williams-ill. came to Texas, Old Calvin joined them a little' later from Pulaski. Co Mo. Do you notice. how, often the names Burrel, Bennet, Calvin and James Harvey are mentioned in all lines? If you ever get down this way be sure to come and see us...Your cousin. Phil."


From family group sheet of probably Ramona Musgrave Anthony, Box 433, Mustang, OK 73064:

Levi Musgrave was born in Mo 4 Aug 1836; his wife was Margaret Ann ( ) ("Peggy") and she was b. Mo. 3 Dec 1840. Levi and his wife d. and are buried at Wapanuka, Oklahoma. Issue: (From old handwritten paper owned by Cleo Musgrave Faught, dau of 8th child)

1. Silas H., b. 20 Sept 1857 Mo. Married- Carolyn Elizabeth Perry ("Carrie").

2. Meleenia Jane, b. Mo 3 Dec 1859. Died 30 Jan 1879.

3. Burle Thomas, b. 4 Nov. 1862 Mo.

4. Annie Zona, b. Mo 26 Dec 1864.

5. Alexander, b. Mo 19 May.1866.

6. William Riley, b. 9 Feb 1869 Mo (grandfather of compiler of data). Died 11 Oct 1939. Married Lillie Lecretty Mills.

7. David Carlock, b. Mo !8 Feb 1871.

8. Robert Benjiman Lee, b. 6 Sept 1875 Mo,

9. Jasper Newton, b. Mo 28 Feb 1876 in Arkansas; m. Dena Alice Ivie. Died 20 Nov 1848 (sic).

10. James Harvey, b. Ark 24 Aug 1878 (compiler note: "Not in 1880 census; must have died.")

11. Mandy, b. (3 Sept 1882.

12. Bennett Lacy, b. 19 May 1883.

13. Claudy (f.), b. 10 July 1884.

14. Maddie Ametta, b. 22 Nov 1885. (Note: "Retarded ch; d. early 1900 Wapanuka.")

Also within this list was evidence of a Grishom/Gresham marriage: Margrett E. Grishom, born 19 Jan 1879; d. 19 Aug 1879. Compiler. says, "possibly daughter of Meleania Jane,"


The Richland Mirror March 27, 1986 No. 211

Col. Musgrave also kindly sent highly-detailed family chart that contains  data not previously seen here. Let's put it in the record:


Father of Bennett, Burrell and Calvin was Thomas Musgrave, born 1775 census of 1790 and 1810 Wayne Co NC show a Thomas; lived in Wayne Co NC and Lawrence Co Tn. Lawrence census of 1820 shows him, a wife, 6 males and 2 females. Could he have come from 1790 census of Philadelphia, Pa.?

BURRELL MUSGRAVE SR. was born 1800 in Jackson Co Tn and d. Pulaski Co Mo (?). He m. Ollif Robertson (should be Olive Robinson) in Tenn about 1829; was in. Macoupin Co Ill in 1834; came to Pulaski Co Mo about 1837.

Children: (order incorrect)

1. Elihu, b. 1830 Ill; removed to Muscogee, Oklahoma.

2. Alexander, b. 1833 111; m. Polly Sullins (Mary E.)

3. Jasper N., b. 1834 Ill ('stepfather of Melinda)

4. Levi, b. 1837 Mo, moved to Okla had 14 children.

5. 0llif (Olive), b. 1839 Mo, m. William Williams, born 1830.

6. Burrel Q., b. 1841 Mo; removed to Texas from Mo; m. Jane Walden.

7. Calvin S., b. Feb 27, 1844 Mo; d. Dec 16, 1896 in Pleasanton, Texas. Married Melinda ( ), b. Mar 6, 1846 , and d. Jan 24, 1928. Buried in Shiloh Cem in Poteet, Texas. Removed to Tx from Mo.

8. James Harvey, b. Oct 6, 1848 Pulaski Co Mo; d. 1890 San Antonio, Tx; buried Shiloh Cem, Poteet, Tx. Married California Walker 2 March 1872. She was a sister of Josephine Walker ("Precious"); they were daus. of Joseph and Mary Walker.

9. Nancy M., b. 1845 in Mo.

10. Mariah, b. May 2, 1828 in Ill; m. 1st ( ) Moore, with ch. George W. b. 1849 and John Moore b. 1850,, both b. Ill. Married 2nd Tom Williams. Child, Pleasant W. b. 1849 Pulaski Co Mo; removed to Texas. (A true copy. dv.)

ALEXANDER MUSGRAVE, son of Burrel, had issue:

1. Richard S., b. 1856 Mo; m. Frankie Cox

2. Andrew J., b. 1863 Mo; Wm. Sylvester, b. 1866 Mo, m. 1st Belle ( ); m. 2nd Maggie Musgrave

3. Julius, b. Mo 1868, m. Emma Daniels

4. Edward, who m. Anna Baker

5, Maggie Melvina, who m. 1) Frank Vaughn and 2) John Laughlin. (Col. Musgrave notes: 'Most of these ch. buried in Family Plot Ardmore, Okla.)


CALVIN MUSGRAVE, son of Thomas, was b. 1805 Giles Co Tenn and d. 1888 Pleasanton, Texas; buried there. Married Mary M. Waldon. He removed to Texas 1838 from Pulaski Co Mo. Children:

Dan Lynch Musgrave, b. Dec 4, 1840 Mo; Removed to Texas from Mo. with cousins Burrel, Calvin S. and 'James Harvey Musgrave. Died 4/2/ 1910. Married Josephine Walker.

Sadie, m. Jack Franklin

James, m. ( )

Waldon, m. Sally ( )

Bennet, m. Prudence Walker, sister of Josephine.,

Jonas, m. Mary Martin.

Maria, died young.

Edna, m. McCar (blank).

Musgrave family chart data from Philip Cebern Musgrave, Sr., son of Thomas Cebern Musgrave, who was a son of James Harvey Musgrave.)

COMMENTS: Levi Musgrave would, on second examination, appear to be a son of Burrell, not Thomas. Musgrave as stated in Phil's third paragraph.

Burrell Q. Musgrave: bet you a new 50c piece the Q stands for Quimby,  from James Quimby of 1790 Wayne Co NC census listings.

David Carlock rang a bell in- my head; an 1840 Pulaskian on p. 210 was David Carlock Lowe, four lines above my g-g-gfather Vincent. Born in Ky 1813/1815. he was in 1840, 1850 & 1860 local censuses, the latter two in Texas Co, on p. 51 (near Musgraves) and in 1860 in household #728. He was an 1834 Pulaski voter; his apparent dau Elizabeth Lowe married Lorenzo D. Wall (210 Pulaski '40) April 4, 1831 in Crawford Co Mo (Woodruff, Crawford Marriages. p. 6). Lowe and others furnished security in the estate settlement of Edwin Swink. 1840 family of some property, listed on 199 Pulaski '40. Swink was dead by 1846; one heir Lewellen.


The Richland Mirror, April 3, 1986 No. 212

No family information.


The Richland Mirror April 10, 1986 No. 213

LEBANON'S QUERY COLUMN Haven't mentioned recently that the Lebanon, Mo. newspaper has a gene column for Laclede County. Editor is Kirk Pearce, Lebanon Publishing Co:, Lebanon, MO 65536. Attn: Genealogy Column.


HONSSINGER: John Honssinger is listed on 213 Pulaski '40; the family is one of the Ozarks' earliest here, as they are seen on the 1823-24-25 Franklin Co Mo Tax List (John, and John Sr.). Goodspeed p 22 reports they settled on the Gasconade or Osage Fork "early." John Sr. appears in the 1828 Tax List of Gasconade.Co Mo (the portion of which settlers later were in Pulaski Co, as printed in Goodspeed,) and in 1830 Census of Crawford Co Mo; p 170.

Pulaskian John Honssinger was also in 1828 group, and on 176 Crawford '30. His 1840 stats were (100101-121001). One John Honssinger married Matilda Gillespy Oct. 17(?) 1827 (Gasc. Marriages) and the widow appears on 242 Laclede '50, b. N.C. c1810, with ch. b. Mo c1829. Hodges & Woodruff's "Mo. Pioneers" vol 16, 1p. 6 gives estate settlement, heirs, of John; bond dtd 1845.

Pulaskian Peter Honssinger was listed on 234 Pulaski '40 (00001-00001) but no further word of him after census. Where did the family reside before' Mo.? What happened to Peter Honssinger?

CHAMBERS: Jacob Chambers, alone, b. 1810-1820, appears on 209 Pulaski '40; no further info, though a prob. son Jacob B., is listed on 481 Wright '50 and 895 Wright '60, b. Tenn c1837. James Chambers of 215 Pulaski '40 was reported b. Tn c1820, on 40 Texas '50. The nearby Fox family, same census, house #280, visited Haywood Co Tn in 1838 (Goodspeed Hist of Dent Co Mo, p 1109.) Susan Fox, nee Campbell (dau of Lewis Campbell), was widowed by 1850, relict of Wm. Fox. One man of this name is shown on p. 109 Sevier Co Tn 1830 census...Susan was b. in S.C. c1810; Lewis, in preceding household, was b. N.C. c1778.

STEEN: James, Christopher, and William Steen were listed in 1840 Pulaski census...see previous columns.

RUSSELL: Jeremiah (111101-011001) was listed on 220 Pulaski '40, and see Goodspeed p. 749, Laclede section Born Ky c1804, says census on 516 Wright '50; he m. Celia Wade, b. Warren Co Ky 1809. Jeremiah d. 1880.

William Russell (0010211-1203001) Slaves (20000-11000), was listed on 230 Pulaski '40, a page which (at least partially) had residents of Camden Co Mo by 1850 census. Born N.C. c1795.-reports census on 640 Camden '50. Wm Sr & Jr & Sarah Russell attended 1846 Baptist Church on Little Niangua ("Nye ANG gwah") reports Goodspeed, p 350. See Central Mo. Leader, Camdenton, Mo. July 11, 1972 for family sketch (sent by kind reader.) Wm Russell' came to Mo in the fall of 1836 with "Billy" Green.


Seeking ancestors of John W. Kelley, resident of Camden. Co Mo from 1860 until his death in 1887; m. , Rosanah Witt, Miller Co Mo 1861. Children: James; Mary Elizabeth, who m. Wm Nalley; Malachi; Isaac; Corbin. resident of Yakima. Wa. & d. in the State; John, m. Alice Nations; Robert, m. Delania Alice Waterman, Laclede Co; Malinda Bell, m. Phillip Burlingame; Icy m. 1) Henry Nations 2) Lee Ranks. Rosanah (Witt) m. secondly John King, and a dau. Sadie, m. Arthur Guthrie. Rosanah's third spouse was George Morgan.

After the death of John Kelley, mother and family moved to Benton Co. , Hickory Co, Jasper Co, then Treece Co Ks, Ottawa Co, Ok then some went to Yakima, - Wa. Any Information deeply appreciated and all corr. answered.

Mary E. Brown, 3541 Gavota Ave., San Jose, CA 95124


The Richland Mirror, April 24, 1986 No. 214

Trip to Missouri


The Richland Mirror, May 1, 1986 No. 215

Trip to Missouri 


The Richland Mirror May 15, 1986 No. 216


Seeking ancestors and info on Edmund M. Craddock, b. Va c1796, and wife Elizabeth b. Va c1801. Family left Va for Tenn about 1835-36, staying in Tenn until about 1844, or perhaps later. Arrived in Laclede Co Mo some time before the 1850 census was taken. Ch., in order of birth include Silas, James, Richard R., Ann M., Lucy B., and Elizabeth, all born in Va. Remaining ch. born in Tn, and include Rolaugh C., Nancy Jane, Mary Jane, Caswell C., and George W. Craddock. My great-great-grand­father was Caswell C. Craddock, b. Tn c1842.

When did Edmond and Elizabeth die, and where are they buried? Would like to correspond with persons interested in researching these early Laclede Co and Va Craddock families. Would like to photograph any existing pictures, painting or drawings of early Mo Craddocks. Will are data, and will refund postage and copying. Will accept collect calls evenings at 314-364-3916, or write to Kerry Honey Jolly, Rt. 1, Box 113, Rolla, MO 65401.

REPLY: Edmond Craddock should be listed in the 1830 census of Virginia, and the 1840 census of Tennessee. Be sure to try all variations of spelling.

Wiley Craddock, 1840 Pulaskian, is seen on 201 Pulaski '40 and then 223 Pulaski '50, b. K y. c1814. By 1860, he was in Phelps Co census, p. 13. Who can tell me where Wiley was born in Ky.? Wife's name? Death date?


Searching for pars of John Long, b. Maury Co Tn 1817. Married 1837 Letticia Sprinkle. Issue: Sidney Alves, George Newton, John Franklin, Elisabeth Ann, Wm. Henry, Anderson D., Mary Jane and, James John. Moved to Laclede Co Mo about 1853. Thank you. Betty L. Russell (Mrs. Wm. H.), SR 69, Box 2000, Fronton, MO 63650.

REPLY: I've always kept a close watch on the 'Long' name, as FIVE Long fams are on the same page of 1830 census as my great-great-granddaddy Vincent, in Rhea Co Tennessee, p 364.

Tantalizingly, several Long families came to live a single census page away from my V's in 1850 Pulaski. But -- I have never been able to link the Rhea Co family names with the Pulaski or Laclede names, biggest problem being that the entire group came out of Kentucky (where?) not East. Tennessee.

Emanuel Keltner was bondsman for the 1821 marriage of Bennett Musgrave; he married Nellie Pernicia Musgrave. They lived and died in Giles Co Tn, a neighbor of MAURY County...what a big ball of string to sort out! Emanuel/Annul was a bro of our 1840 Pulaskian Abselem Keltner; consult previous articles.)

In any event, let me share my thoughts and notes on the Longs: Jackson Long, b. Ky c1817, was in lnd. c1841 and made Pulaski entry T34. R12 in 1849 (Johnson Recs). Listed on 211 Pulaski 'SO, near Vincents and Musgraves, with land near them (you see my interest?) Elizabeth Long, also on p. 21 , was born in Virginia in c1788, and is residing with a Manley family from Kentucky (where?) Was Elizabeth a sister of one of my Virginia kin, I wonder? That Va birthplace, plus having the same approximate age as my 1840 Pulaskian John H. Vincent -­that makes Elizabeth a personage I want to learn more about, you can be sure.

Two Long families are listed on p. 219 as heads of household in the 1840 census of Pulaski (basis of a "Source Book" in preparation):

James Long (00001-1001), was located ten years later on 273 Laclede '50, with birthplace listed as Ky. (where?) in c1815. Census listings make it look as though he is tied to the Lanton/ Laxton/Langston family -- was apparent wife Hannah a Lanton?

Our second 1840 Long was William, listed just after James (his bro?) with stats (00001-20001). The 1850 Pulaski Mortality Schedule lists him on line 6, I believe: d. April, 1850. Born Ky c1811. His probable widow was a younger Elizabeth than above, this one born Ind. c1813. Family seems to have stayed in Indiana until c1839, and was listed nearby. Other Ky. fams on 219 Pulaski '40 were Samuel McElroy and Alfred Brownfield... Why I wonder was my great-grandmother's brother's name Lafayette BROWNFIELD Musgrave? Can't fathom it. The B's have no apparent Illinois or Tenn. connection in which they would have had occasion to link with a Musgrave! Lafayette B. ("Fite") was born in Illinois in c1837 in possibly Morgan County (Keltners went there too, and still live there.)

Did the querist's Long family come to settle near the established Mo family of the same name? They would then obviously be connected, in some fashion.

Archibald McElroy, parallel ancestor of our Laclede-Pulaski family, was killed at the Battle of King's Mountain. The family resided (ref: Mrs. Merlyn Houck) in Cape Fear River area of North Carolina and Warren and Allen Cos, Kentucky. Mrs. Houck defines the wife of James McElroy, son of James, as Fanny LANGSTON. In 1850 Laclede census, houses 302 to 306, are these surnames: Lanton, Long, and McElroy. It is not a long trip between Langston and Lanton. Children of "Jack" McElroy -- a cousin and contemporary of my grandfather's -­live here in Tacoma.

It might be noted that the Moses Campbell family came from Maury Co Tn; Moses' brother was John Campbell. Ruth Campbell, James' widow, is listed in 1840 Pulaski; her maiden name was Anderson (Ref: Annals of Methodism in Mo, Woodard, 1893, pp 121-124.) Moses and Ruth Campbell were listed on 211 Pulaski '40, a page which became mostly Laclede by the time of the 1850 census. Moses, b. S.C. c1794, was found on 671 Camden '50. Ruth, b. N.C. c1804, was listed on 506 Wright '50. Note: (mhr) James and Moses Campbell came from Buncombe Co. NC (see Opening the Ozarks by Rising).

Zephaniah Nunn (11201001-0001001) is listed on 387 Maury '30; he turned up ten years later on 226 Pulaski '40. Mr. Nunn's ch. are seen on 525 Wright '50, though both Mr. and Mrs. Nunn appear to be gone by 1850. He would have been 70-80 years old by that time. (Note mhr: Zephaniah died in Wright Co. Mo in 1849; see Opening the Ozarks).  Goodspeed reports Nunn lived on Woods' fork of the Gasconade in 1840 (p. 360). I do not see a linkage between the Long family and these other names from Maury, but mention them only in passing. You never know when a scrap of data might help someone, someday.


The Richland Mirror, May 22, 1986 No. 217

Names of family organizations and newsletters; sadly out of date.


The Richland Mirror, May 29, 1986, No. 218

Col. Miles Vernon Sr. of 1830 Rhea Co. TN (portion that became Meigs Co.) 1840 Pulaski Co. Mo. and 1850 Laclede Co. He was at the Battle of New Orleans and descends from James Vernon, Revolutionary War soldier, who spent his last days in East Tennessee. May come from Rockingham Co. NC.


The Richland Mirror, June 12, 1986, No. 219

Recommended reading; no family information


The Richland Mirror June 19, 1986, No. 220

Missouri to Oregon, 1845: -

The Tetherow Wagon Train

A small 16-page record of a party heading west, published by Willamette Valley Gen Society Box 2083, Salem, OR is a typical example of Missouri records located in Oregon. The account book tells of Capt. Solomon Tetherow 's wagon train which formed at Wolf Creek, Missouri. Mansfield replaced Wolf Creek; thus, the members of this party probably include residents of the area encompassed by the 1840 census of Pulaski County. Some names of interest: William and Alfred Marcum, William Kitchen. William Helm, Joseph Watt, William Vaughn, Nathaniel Bowman, and Christopher Zumwalt. In the caravan were 293 people, 170 guns and pistols, 66 wagons,  624 loose cattle, 398 oxen, and 74 horses. "The Savanah Oregon Emigrating Society" departed in May, 1845.


Genealogical excerpts from "1853 CALIFORNIA JOURNAL & NOTES" by Edward Patterson Cook. Following is part of my 1966 transcription of Mr. Cook's small book. loaned by Agnes Underwood of Richland. The full transcription is somewhere in my files but has not surfaced in several years; below is an earlier abstract of all family data; glad to share this with you, courtesy of Mrs. Underwood.

Pulaski County's town of Cookville, now gone, was named after Joel Burton Cook. He appears in the 1850 census of Pulaski on 208 Pulaski '50, and in 1860 listings on p. 260. First entry says he was b. N.Y. c1800; the other one reports New Jersey birth in c1801. See Goodspeed, pp 702, 780. For Edward Patterson Cook, see Laclede section of  Goodspeed, p. 702. A new "Cook Book" recently published no doubt traces John Cook, Sr. (1761–1845).


COOK, LORENZO D. drowned May 23, 1853

HELMS, JOHN of Mo. mentioned as an ill passenger on board ship traveling from Panama to N.Y. Date: June, 1853

DODDS, D.L. Res. on the Maries, 1854

MUNHOLLEN, THOS. borrowed fifty cents from Cook

LAMKIN, WM Res. Linn 1854

Children of Edward P. Cook and Mary J. Honsinger:

COOK. MARGARET M. b. Nov 15, 1854

COOK, WILLIAM T. b. Nov 17, 1854 (time between the twins: 48 hours)

COOK, W.T. d. Nov 19, 1854

COOK. MARGARET M. d. Dec 2, 1854

HONSINGER, MATILDA d. Apr 10, 1855

DYE ( ) Res. prob. near Cook, 1855

RODEN, WM. borrowed $10, 1856


JOHN SR.    Sept 6, 1761

JOEL B. & SALLY   Apr 23, 1800

(Not a marriage date) (these are twins)

EDWARD P.  Mar 1, 1823

JOHN T.      Oct 25, 1825

CAROLINE    Feb 25, 1829

JAMES P.     Jan 12, 1831

SALLY Mar 8, 1833

GEORGE      Aug 3, 1835

NATHANIEL G.      Sep 9, 1837

WELTON      Nov 5. 1839

WILLIAM J.  Oct 9. 840

MARGARET   Mar 10, 1806 (nee MOWSER)

LYDIA ANN  Sep 9, 1844

MARTHA JANE       Sep 4, 1846


JAMES        Oct 10, 1833

JOHN, JR.    Feb 12, 1847

IVY D.        Apr 4, 1845

(nee WELTON; John jr.'s wife)
JOHN, SR.   Apr 26, 1845
LORENZO D. May 23, 1853 (in Calif.)
STOOKEY, SALLY   d. Feb 22, 1845
(she was formerly: COOK, SALLY

BARNES, CAROLINE d. Jan 28, 1860


//written in a different hand HONSINGER, MARY J. b. Jan 16, 1829 Married Edward P. Cook Mar 21, 1854 d. Nov 19, 1857

MAXEY, SARAH M. b. Dec 5, 1829 Married Edward P. Cook Mar 3. 1859 d. Nov 12, 1884

COOK, EDWARD P. b. Mar 1 1823 d. May 10. 1913

ANDERSON. CELIA married Edward P. Cook Nov 20, 1892


COOK DEATH DATES: (of three successive wives of Edw. P. Cook)

MARY J. d. Nov 19, I859

SARAH M. d. Nov 12, I884

CELIA d. May 5, I904

MOWSER. MARGARET b. Mar 10 1806

BARNES, NORMAN b. Sep 15, 185-

RIPPY, ELI d: 28 Feb. 1907

HONSSINGER, T.F. d. 14 Mar, 190- b. 10 Feb, 1823

HICKS, D.W. d. I0 Apr. 1907

THOMPSON, DICK d. 7 May, 1907

DEAN, W.O. d. 16 July, 1907 Pulaski. Bonds: (dv notes):

John Cook, died intestate, Adm. Edward P. Cook, 23 Feb I847. Heir: Mary Francis Cook-and Henry C Cook, both of Pulaski Co (Woodruff)


The Richland Mirror June 26, 1986 No. 221

"MISSOURI COUSINS" by M Coppage III, 1978., 145 mimeographed

O'DELL FAMILY, p 78 (Samuel, 1750 prob Va, married the wid McKisic; Enoch, b 1779, m. Sat. Ramsey; Samuel O'Dell, b 1800 Tn, 1st Cynthia Walker and 2nd M: Olona Devasure. From Bible recs late Mrs. George Robert Ormst (Claudia O'Dell) of Rolla, Mo.)

COPPAGE FAMILY, p 100 (Lin: L., son of 'Old William', b 1805 Ky and wife Amanda, were pars of Bert Francey et al...In 1850 he appears Pulaski Co Mo census, as does his (brother?) Henson, b. 1808...) Another ref on 106, whereon author states that William, Lindsey, and Henson Coppedge came from Nelson Co Ky. and were part of the Moses and Mary J; (Catlett) Coppage group of Culpeper Co, Va. See author's other works



Martin E. Tyre was the son of my gggreat grandfather, Nathan Tyre,. and the bro of my great, great grandfather William Tyre, who m. Mary/Holly Atwood.

Also interested in Strickland line, as mentioned in column 157; helping a friend search for Analizia Strickland. Her dau Ellen Jane Tyre m. Squire Henderson Beshears (sp. varies). He deserted her in 1900,. leaving her with 8 young ch. in Oregon Co Mo. Happy to share information.

Thank you very much. Mrs. Lavern Stodden, 405 So. Autrey Ave., Lafayette, CO 80026.

REPLY: Haven't heard from anyone about the Strickland-Musgrave coincidence of the given name 'Burrell' and the appearance of both family names in 1790 census of Wayne Co NC. Strickland Family Organization might have data. Glad to hear from you.


Working on the Sanders fam but can't seem to go back past the Civil War. My G-G-Grandfather was Alfred Sanders, who d. in C-War; buried Rock Island, 'Illinois. His wife m. secondly (—) Pickington. (or Pilkington? dv.) Alfred, b. Indiana, may have moved to Franklin Co, Maries Co then to Pulaski Co Mo. Need to find pars, bros and sisters.

Also tracing John Wesley/Weslie Wilson. b. Miller Co Mo I860. May be kin to Rowden fam, as I found a John Wilson living with one James Rowden in 1880 census -- would have been just before he married, as he wed Lena Kohensky in Sept 1880 in Miller Co Mo.

Others I'm working on. Gan -- came from Tn to Pulaski Co Mo; Lane, of Phelps and Pulaski Cos -- came from Ill; Chambers came through Tn from NC to Texas and Pulaski Cos, Mo; Davis, Dan Merrill came from Surry Co NC to Phelps, Texas and Pulaski Cos; Charles Ridens: Texas and Pulaski Cos; Winters from Pa to Miller Co Mo; and Woods, Francis Harim came from Tn to Pulaski, Phelps and Texas Cos Mo.

Phyllis Wilson, Rt 2, Box 7, Edgar Springs, MO 65462.

REPLY: Be sure to search previous 'Sharing the Past' columns, on file in several libraries, including Jeff City and Springfield. We've talked about several of these names, esp. Sanders, and you may find some help. Some members of the fam came from Bedford and Lawrence Cos. Tn.


RIDEN[S] Family: Joseph, Westley and Jesse H. Riden/Ridens are listed in the 1840 Pulaski census:

Joseph: 217 Pulaski '40 (0011101-0001); witness to 1839 Pulaski will (with Samuel Poteet) of Archibald McDonald (Woodruff, p I07). See Melton query, G-Helper, Sept 69, M240. Joseph was listed on 9 Texas '50, which states \he was b. in SC in c1798. His apparent wife was Elizabeth (-), b. SC c1797. One Joseph 'Redin' is listed at the end of I850 Texas Co census, which says born in SC in c1797; apparent wife Elizabeth (here, too) was b. SC cI801. In 1860 census of Texas, p I02I, b. SC c I798, and also in the Texas 1880 census (Lynch Twp 41-41) which reports he was b. SC c1797: His father was born in MARYLAND; his mother was b. NO. CAROLINA.

Westley Riden: two names after Joseph on 217- Pulaski '40; between them is Elebeth (Elizabeth, prob) Gunter (112001-100001), poss wife of John Gunter. Neither found after 1840; John was 1834 Pulaski voter. See previous cols.

Family stats for Westley Riden in 1840 were (00001-0001). On 36 Texas `50, he was reported b. NC c1820; on 282 Pulaski '60, reported as SC c1818. Apparent spouse in 1850 was Ellen (—), b. Tn c 1824. Ellen may have Huff connections; two Huff ch. reside in household. Next to Westley/Wesley is Wm. C. Riden, b. Mo. c1823.

Jesse H. Riden, third 1840 head of household, was on, 222 Pulaski '40 (1010001-121001). On 523 Wright ‘5O, he was listed b. NC c1795; on 884 Texas '60, entry claims he was b NC c1802. In 1850, apparent wife was 'Susannah (     ), b. Ky cI808. Fam seems to have been in Tn from c1833 to 1837. Goodspeed p. 363 lists a land entry for Jesse in Wright Co, Hart Twp, T29, R14, in 1846.

Where did these families reside before coming to Missouri? What were maiden names of Elizabeth, Ellen, and Susannah, please. Can someone fill in the blanks? Also desire a list of ch. from each union, and their spouses, for 1840 Source Book. (Keep in mind this name COULD be a shortened version of Ridenhour.)



Many thanks to Judy Germann, 4705 Vincent Ave., Granite City, Il 62040 for sending data on these pioneer families. (My question on the Isaac Helton who was buried at the Palace Cem. in Pulaski brought handsome returns!) Isaac Crismon Helton, b. 2 Apr 1837, Osage Co Mo, d. 18 Mar I930. He m. 1st Julia Ann Breeding and 2nd Cynthia (Lee) Smith; his pars were Isaac Helton and Elizabeth Hughes.

It has been a regret that, despite three attempts to meet Ches Helton, I have failed to do so -- he is well-versed on Palace. Missed him at Palace Cem., even went to his house with Don & Dale Hicks in 1982.

One Chesley Helton is listed in the 1850 census of Osage Co Mo, #1076, in the household of Isaac Helton, b. Tn c1810. But Judy Germann explains that seven ch. shown here were the issue of Isaac's bro James. Their mother, Bursetta Vaughn was dead, by that time...the census Chesley couldn't be the same, of course!



My great-grandfather was James Jackson Prock (1853-1939), son of Silas Prock: I saw a Wright Co Mo scrapbook at the Seattle Gen Society recently with a 'Sharing the Past' article that asked about the Prock 1 family. According to our records, James Jackson Prock was b. Wright Co Mo on 14 Mar 1853 and d. in Plato, Mo 29 Nov I939; bur at Montgomery Cem.; Justice of Peace in Wright Co; farmer, carpenter. He was the son of Silas Prock and Cindy Townsend. J. J. Prock m. c1879 Manes, Wright Co, Eliza Jane Evans, dau of Samuel Evans and Mary Ann Bullard. Family resided in Manes; Hartville; Baker, Ore.; and again Manes.

Linda Scott Lilies, NW I045 Clifford, Pullman, WA 99163.

REPLY: Very glad to hear from you. Three Prock fams are listed on 209 Pulaski '40: Silas, Paul J. and Elijah. See prev. col.s Seattle Library should soon be receiving copies of the earliest articles, columns. In the 1850 census of Wright. Silas appears on p. 476, and entry states he was b. NC c1808 but res. in Tn from c1830-1836. I believe-him to be listed in the 1830 census of Monroe Co Tn, p. 96, last line, near other 1840 Pulaskians John Roper Sr and Jr; Elijah Prock, Turner Climer/Climate, Isaac and Abraham Whittenberg, and Albert G. Wiseman.. Three fams who travelled from 98 Monroe '30 to 541-542 Wright ‘5O were Robert, & James Moore, and Ruben Evans, Paul J. Prock b. NC c1814 according to 525 Wright '50, was bur. at New Grove Cem., Wright Co Mo. Tombstone dates: 1814-1877. His wife was Elenor  V. 1812-1886.

Elijah Prock, (Ellsberry) whose 1840-stats were (00000001-01131101) was b. NC. c1783, but was in Tenn. c1832 says census 477 Wright '50, Robert Moore, also on Monroe Co., Tn is two names away in 1840. Moore b c1825-1836.

The1790 Census of NC lists one Christian Prough Oil p.184, Salisbury Dist:, Surry County. The 1830 census of Campbell ,Co. Tn, p. 240 lists one Christian Prock (0000000001‑ 000000001) as the last name in the census.: See-Ansearchin' query 59-6.



I see some names mentioned in your column in the Maries Co. Gazetteer. I have two of these people buried here on my farm, ten miles west of Vienna, Mo., off Highway 42 and one miles north on Maries Creek.

First one: .W.K. Krone on head stone was born 1830 and died 1891 in Maries Co and buried here.; One son that I know of, Louis Krone, is buried Crismon Cem., not too far from here. One daughter I know of is Eva Krone  Connor; wife of Miles Connor, buried in Argyle, Mo., Parish Foley, "Tombstone Inscriptions." The next person is Satterwaite Tyree on head stone, born 1803, died 1862. Also located at the same place here on my farm.


The next person is Isaac Helton, born 1811 and died 1886 in Maries Co.; buried in Stokes Cem. off, Highway 133 about five miles south of Meta, Mo.: and one mile east of highway 133 close by a Maries county road.

Most all of our cemeteries in Maries County have been documented and recorded in the Court House in Circuit Clerk's officer for further information that anyone might want to know. Bernard Jerome Jurgens, Dixon, Mo.


The Richland Mirror, July 10, 1986, No. 222

Return to Seattle.


The Richland Mirror Jul 24 1986 Page 8 No. 223


Copied from the originals in the Recorder's Office at Hartville Court house and offered by Gloria Bogart Carterr.

Time after time here; we tell you "Watch the neighbors, as you search your family lines. Folks living nearby are frequently not always relatives or other segments of the group you seek."

Okay, how do you get the best picture of adjacencies? Study land purchases, whenever available, plat books offer a clear view indeed. I am pleased to offer unqualified for the present work, 87 pp plus index.  These are FACSIMILE renderings of the original county records—'the old handwriting is carefully preserved for your bright eyes to scan. .The index to land records include patents. before the creation of the county in 1841 and I was delighted to see some 1840 mystery names again spelled out with a LOCATION! I found in just a few minutes scanning Wm Pulaski '40 T29, R14 were Leonard Crider, Jesse H. Ridens, John Hy. Tyler and Nevils Young, most of whom were on 226 Pulaski  ‘40. Wm F. Young. in same area was 225 Pulaski '40 was in same as were Robert P. Pool and George Newton. David Butcher of 225 Pulaski ’40 was in same T29 R15.


In T29 R16 some of the names were Preson, Rm. R and Paul J. Prock, John Starr, and James Newton; Levi Johnson and John Crider/Krider; Asa Ellis (1837) was in T30 R12; Alfred M. Robinett, Samuel Thompson (1837). and Isham P. Pool (1839) in T30 R12 as were Benjamin & Jesse Robinett, Constantine Foster, Edwin Swink, and Nathan Mott. Swink, who appeared on 199 Pulaski '40, died before 1846. (Johnson recs: administrator sells land in 1846 in Pulaski T35, R12).

What happened to Nathan Mott? Did not locate anyone of this name whatever, following 1840, yet Nathan bought land in 1858 and 1859, and other Mott fam names appear in this plat book. Are there two Nathans? Was the fam from Georgia? The 1805 Georgia; Land Lottery, (Wood  & Wood. 1964) p. 249 lists Nathan Mott, in, Washington County, drawing two blanks. Our Pulaskian was born 1810-1820.


Talked about the Nunn family in a -recent column, and here are their entries  in the Carter facsimile on p. 46. Hiram G. Nunn was next to Zephamiah/Zephainah in the 1840 census, and in land purchases too. James Weaver, it seems, just missed being in the 1840 census; his entries in a few places are dated 21 Dec 1840. Here is a Robinett with whom I am not familiar: 'Reefres' Robinent, who made entry. in Wright on 29 Apr 1840. Others present in  T30 R14near him Dillard Ward (1837), Mark  Richardson (1840), Green Bowers ;(1839); James M. Tunnell (1840; 1842) and Alexander Thompson (1840). Of all theses, only Bowers was included in the 1840 Pulaski census. Jacob and Jesse Whittenberg made entries in mid '50s Pulaskians Abraham and Isaac don't appear.


Skipping ahead to T31, R12 (in our sampling of names) we encounter the area where resided some of the folks listed in the Dale Hicks Bible recs published  here not long ago: Robert Montgomery 1839; Elizabeth A. Sprague, 1855; W.S.P. Pool 1857; Thomas Sprague, 1858.  entry Wilson Hillhouses's earliest entry was 1837, near him was Pulaskian Elijah Brock (sic; it's Prock) and a man who probably should have been in the 1840 census; John Prock, 1839; Squire Crisp came from Lawrence Co Tn to settle in same area. Alfred' A. Robinett made 1830's entries. hereabouts but is not in 1840 census. Robert Moore (T31 R13) made entry; first in Jan. 1838.

As a book review, this is turning into a second book! Not fair to the author. Here are names only of other 1840 families who appear. Thomas W. Stark, Jesse Scott; Hiram Young, Ambrose V. Paul, Samuel  O'Dell, Fielding Young, William Franklin. McKamey Hughes, Jefferson Montgomery: Jonathan S. Franklin (1842), Elijah Bohanon, Enoch O'Dell, and Abraham O'Dell/Odle.



Jonathan Hickman & His Descendants 103 pages, softbound, fully indexed, with pictures, some sketches. Allied fams include Box, Young, McClanahan. Long, Summers, Crisp, ;Jones, Jung, and Rippee. From Sibyl McClanahan. Baker (Mrs. DeWitt B. ) She writes, "I've started a Young compilation Mary Young Hickman (1st wife of Jonathan) was the dau of Alfred Young. I have that old boy well documented into Ky and. Virginia, though Johnathan origins are still unknown." Jonathan, b. Tn 1820-21, was listed on 225 Pulaski '40, 487 Wright '50 & 879 Wright '60.


Richland Mirror. July 31 1986 No 224


Seek parentage of Pleasant Yewell Roper, Sr., b. Tn 1814 and wife Mary ( ) b. Ga. 1823; Appear 1840 census of Pulaski Co Mo., then in 1850 Carroll Co Ark; fam. later moved to Monroe Co., Miss: (Amory and Aberdeen); Lamar Co. Ala; Montague Cass Cos. Texas. Family tradition is they were part Cherokee; that one m. a French girl, and that another was killed in a streetcar wreck

REPLY: Three Roper fams appear Pulaski census: Yewell, on p 225; John, Sr. on 227, and Elizabeth Roper following John. A lengthy 1965 letter from Mrs. McCullen of Amory, Miss. is the source of nearly all my Roper  data.  She was the sister of the late Mrs. Ruth Schofield of Lebanon, Mo. and I am sure would have been pleased to see her work passed on to you:

Roper Family

(Recs collected from Irene Hubbard Walker of Mtn Grove, Mo.)

John Roper, Miller and, Methodist 1 Preacher, was born in North Carolina Jan 8, 1788; and died October, 1863; at place unknown. "Did not find him in 1860 census." His wife Nancy ( ), was born October 18, 1792, died Apr 5, 1845, Their children were:

12. Mary, b. Mar 11, 1810 Tn; m. St. Clair Co., Ill. Nov. 21, 1830. to Nicholas Stephenson. He was b. Tn 1794; d Dec 7, -1852 Wright CO- MO. Mary d. Dade Co Mo Feb 5, 1872.

2. Rebecca, b. Tn Feb 6, 1812; d. Apr. 19, 1851. Married John Cummins, a  Methodist preacher, Nov 19, 1831; Had ch.  Drucilla, William, Nancy, 'Mary,' and Margaret.

3. Francis Yewell, b. Tn Sept 16,' 1813. Died Mar 25, 1895; Buried in Aberdeen, Miss.; married Mary Pool b. Ga., Apr 6 1822. Date of marriage Oct 19. 1837. Mary Roper d. in Amory, Miss, Oct.-10, 1899:: Buried Aberdeen, Miss. Had twelve Ch. including grandmother, Mary Jane, of  Mrs. McCullen Mary Jane. b. Mo Mar 1, 1845; d. Amory Nov. 10, 1918. Buried Aberdeen

4. William Meade b. Tn Nov 16, 1816: d. Nov 18, 1895 Texas Co., Mo. Buried in Mountain Grove (Wright) Co. Mo). Married Nov. 23, 1854 Mary Katharine Childers b. Apr. 22, 1835. Had ten children.

5. John Henry b. Tn Jan 27, 1819; Feb 16;1881 Mtn Grove, Mo. Married Oct 22, 1848 in Nancy Irene Long, who was b. Sept. 17,  1825; d. June 11; 1888. They had two children; their dau Mary  Elizabeth was b. July 21,1849 and d. 21 Nov. 1869. Married T.J. Green. Their dau. Ella Green Hubbard married Dr. James M. Hubbard and it from their dau Irene Hubbard Walker that these Bible records came.

6. Elizabeth b. Tn Dec. 30,. 1820 d. May ( ) 1849; married ( ) Rippee Nov. 2, 1845. A child Eli Rippee age 3 is listed in household of his grandfather John Roper in the 1850 census of Wright.

7. Sarah b. Tn m. Mar. 22, 1823; d. Oct. 15, 1882 at Mtn. Grove, Mo. Married Dec. 25, 1845 to Samuel C. Hardin, who was b. Jan. 25, 1818; d. Oct. 13, 1859. (the fenced-in graves) of the above couple are on land near Irene Walker's home; they had four or five children.

8. Nancy Jane b. Tn Mar 8, 1825; d. Navarro, Texas in 1888. Married Dr. W.A. Long in Missouri Sept. 5, 1848. This family resided Milford, Tx. at one time. They had two daus Lou and Ella. Lou m. Dr. Benson Knox and lived in Hillsboro, Tx.

9. Margaret A. b. Tn Jan. 17, 1827. Married (  ) Jan. 23, 1849

10. Marthy G. b. Tn Dec 4, 1828

11. Telete E. b. Ill. October 17, 1830

12. Louisa C. b. Mo. Nov 17, 1833; married (  ) Feb. 8, 1857.


Notes by Mrs. McCullen drawn from the same 1965 letter: Last in the family group settlement was Elizabeth Roper, age 80-90 (on the 1840 census). She would have been old John’s mother…found graves of Sarah Roper and her husband Sam Hardin on the farm they then owned (in Mo.)…I think the Ropers lived in neighborhood of old Hazlewood. John Roper was listed as a miller in 1950 census (so) believe he might have lived near Gasconade River… Some of the Ropers (David, etc. of Rhea Co. Tn.) whose records you have belong to Mr. W.L. Roper of Chino, California. I have not been able to identify the James Roper listed in the house #1061 of the 1860 Texas Co. Mo. census.

        Robert A.P. Pool in the 1880 census, states his pars were born in Va; that would be Margaret (Roper) and her husband. I have not found Margaret’s married record, but I believe it would have been in N.C.

        Additional Roper notes from letter dated Jan. 21, 1966 from Ruth Schofield of Lebanon, Mo., “Welcome and Milton Roper, found in 1850 Laclede Co. Mo. census are the sons of my gr. gr. grandfather, John C. Roper born in Virginia in 1796. Milly Roper in 1860 Wright census is Milton’s widow with her children.

        John C. Roper married his 2nd wife in 1869; in 1887 she applied for a widow’s pension for the War of 1812. Here papers were signed by a Mrs. V.E. Vincent, (whose res. was given as Conway, Mo. who said she was present at her wedding and had known her for twenty years. John C. Roper should be in this Pulaski 1840 census because he settled in 1840 in Dallas Co., Mo., near the boundaries of present Laclede and Webster counties.


The Richland Mirror, August 7, 1986, No. 225

CORBIN – HART – ELLIS – STEPHENSON (Schofield, cont.)

…you mentioned Johnson Corban (in letter to Mrs. McCullen): I think he was the father of Wm. J. and John Corban who entered land in Wright Co. in 1850. Wm. J. Corban married Druzia Ann Ellis whose pars were from Tn.

        Leonard Hart from your Moore Bible recs. had a bro. Isaac Hart who m. Tryphena Pool in 1863…Nicholas Stephenson, fifth name past John Roper in 1840 on p. 227 was John’s son-in-law. He was from Tn. and married Mary Roper in Alton, Ill…he owned land in sec 22, T29, R17 near Hazlewood, a Webster Co. village. He sold this in 1851 and went to Finley Crk., south of present Rogersville, where he built and operated a mill. He is listed in 1850 Greene Co. Mo. census and d. in 1852.


ADDENDA (d.v.) See previous columns. As mentioned recently, I submit that John Roper was listed in the 1830 census of White Co. Tn, p. 35, b. Ga. c.1794 says census on 539 Wright ’50. Nathan Mott, in 1840 just below Mr. Corban is a name in Ga. land lotteries…full name may have been William Johnson Gott.

        Silas Prock was six names from this John Roaper [sic] in 1830; he married Cindy Townsend as we have recently learned. Three names after Roaper [sic] is one John Townson [sic] father of Cindy? All the pieces seem to fit.

        Two Hickman families are listed in 1830 Monroe: Benjamin (220001-0220101) on p. 93, twelve names from Elijah Prock. James Hickman (00001-10001) was on p. 104, eleven names above Solomon Copeland who removed to Maries Co. Mo. Wonder if John Hickman might be some relation to the Monroe Co. group? Jonathan was on 225 Pulaski ’40. So were the Ropers. Haven’t a clue as to the identity of Mrs. V.E. Vincent, as above. May be kin to the Vincent families who preceded us to the area, as listed in the 1830 census.

        Striking to see the number of Georgia families that settled in Wright: Seneca Dedman (where?) Prettypoll/Pool, Corban, Tyler, Hopkins, Briscey/Brixey, Kindrick/Kendrick, Steen and Brown. Wright seems a regular Georgia attraction in early times. Mott as noted is also from there apparently.



Searching for Robert Casebolt of Mo. and his wife Jemima Sims. Also Jacob Casebolt of Crawford and Gasconade Cos. Mo. I have bits and pieces on the family.

        In the 1850 census of Kaufman Co., Texas, is the household of James Cummins and Elizabeth are James, Andrew and Elizabeth. These are Jacob Casebolt’s children. Robert and John L. Casebolt may have been brothers.


        Jacob B. Casebolt d. Pulaski Co. Mo. intestate; bond dtd 1846 (Woodruff, p. 223). Heirs: widow Elizabeth M. and three ch. James F. Andrew I. and Elizabeth C. Casebolt, all of Pulaski. Jacob AND Thomas M. Casebolt were on the 1828 Pulaski Tax list. In 1880 census of Laclede son James F. states both mother and father were b. Tn. Jacob m. Elizabeth Wisdom Oct. 27, 1831, Crawford Co. Mo. one Rachel Casebolt m. John Stark in Gasconade Co. Mo. I 1828. Michael S. Wisdom is listed just above Jacob in 1840, p. 229 Wisdom moved on to Barry Co. Mo. by 1850.

        Look for the ‘Bolt” name too, as you look for this family; at least once I saw it written Adam C. Bolt in the 18320 census of Rhea Co. Tn., p. 369.  Family stats (001000001-00100001). I won’t say again that Rhea was the stopping place for families Vernon, Carns, Atchley, Vincent, Case, Pharis, Edlington, Silvey, Thrailkill, Rowden, Gaddy, Weatherly and many others (maybe Casebolt, too.)


The Richland Mirror, August 28, 1986, No. 226

Myra Vanderpool Gormley’s column to feature 1840 sourcebook.



        As to Ann Musgrave – Marymaud Carter of Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, thinks Ann in David Crockett’s deed and Benet Musgrave’s deed to Benet’s sisters. Montgomery and Crockett fams. were both in Southwest Virginia very early. In November 1753 John Montgomery was married to Ann Agnes Crockett 1736-1812, dau. of Samuel Crockett and Esther Thompson Crockett. Esther Thompson was dau. of the famous Colonial Presbyterian minister, John Thompson (Thomson)…John Montgomery’s plantation (during the rapid formation of Virginia counties) was during his life successively a part of Augusta, Botetourt, Fincastle, Montgomery and finally Wythe…to the union of John Montgomery and Agnes Crockett were born eight sons: James, John, Samuel, Joseph, Silas, Stephen, William and Robert and six daughters Esther, Catherine, Rachel, Nancy, Elizabeth and Anne (French & Armstrong, Crockett and Connecting Lines, 10-12, 40-41, 169-171). Thanks to Fred Nelson.


The Richland Mirror, August 28, 1986, No. 227


My grandfather Isiah Clifton was born in Casey Co. Ky about 1844. He m. Drucilla Northrup. Both fams. farmed in the area north of Lebanon, Mo. along Bear Creek and in the Sleeper-Stoutland area. My grandfather and grandmother are buried in a small family cemetery on the old farm. Isiah Clifton had a brother near him in Missouri named Liberty Clifton. One Isiah Huff (or Hough) hung around the family for years both on the farm and later in Lebanon. Reputedly he was a cousin. Clif Rowden, Grand Rapids, MI.

REPLY: Found two Clifton fams. in 1850 census: Sidney b. Tn c1826 on 470 Wright ’50 and Seiberty (Leslie/Liberty?) b. Ky. 1824 on 234 Laclede ’50. (Note: MHR It is Liberty; the name has been written over) Two younger males, both named Isaiah are in latter listing. One five years old, the other 13. The Northrip family is six houses away.



        William Elkanah Rowden “Bill” who was b. 1871 in Camden Co. Mo. and d. 1850, was the son of James Rowden b. 1847 m. 1868 Mary Elizabeth Fuller b. 1851. George Clayton Fuller b. 1827 and Hannah C. Cook Fuller b. 1835 were her parents. Bill Rowden m. Ardella Clifton b. 1875.

Memories by W.E. Rowden, edited by d.v.

        I was reading the other day about a man who was 80 years old, and lonesome because all the ones who were young with him had passed on, and he had no one to talk with. I don’t see any reason for that. Although I’m almost as old, I feel like I have as many friends now as years ago…Fred Moulder, recovering from an operation, is 80 years old. I remember when I used to teach school in Camden and Laclede Counties, Dr. E.C. Traw, Ed Foster, Colonel Hammer and lot of teachers used to stay at the Moulder Hotel at 25 cents a meal and help yourself….for twenty years I taught school in Stoutland and every surrounding district. The Stoutland school building in 1890 when I taught there consisted of an old dwelling…and the first boy there each morning built the fire in the old box stove. My salary was $100 for five months and I paid $40 of that to Charlie Warren, of Richland, for the first tailor made suit I ever wore. Charlie is still selling gods at the same mold stand—sixty years and then some.

        My parents came from East Tennessee and I asked my father how they came to settle in the Ozarks and he said they rode the train to the end of the tracks and got off. The railroad track ended in Richland then. A short time after, I was born (Jan. 25, 1871) in a cabin between Stoutland and Richland. Sam Burke now owns near a thousand acres in that neighborhood some of it covering the ruins of my birthplace. He says he thinks of me when he passes by.

        It was just luck that I was born and rasied among the finest people in the world. The Burkes, Evans, Olivers, Hillhouses all fine people—my friend Fred Moulder married on the Hillhouse girls and Bill Garrison Linn Creek another one, both of them old pupils of min, and grandmothers now. And then there were the Traws, Claiborns, Mondays, Winfrey and others…

        I attended school in Lebanon in 1887 and 1888. Tom Ruby, later Congressman was principal and school commissioner…I think there were 18 in high school in 1888. There are a few left of that bunch: the Barrow girls, the Booton girls, Elmer McComb and Don Vernon. Don was the baby of the class although head and shoulders above most of us and just as homely then as now. There was Orar Detweiler too, for more than fifty years know as Mrs. Tom Casey.

        (Poem to his fifth grandson, the only one to carry on the family name).



L.M. Bench was listed in the 1840 Po. Co. Mo. census. Since Dallas Co. was taken from Polk in 1841, he could have lived near Camden Co. Lines, where he listed in 1850 as Lawrence Bench (if this is the same man).

        Lewis Bench married Jane Comer in Bartholomew Co. Indiana in 1841 and family is listed in Camden 1850 census with three ch:

1. Lawrence b. 1844 m. Alice Cantrell and lived in Marion Co. Ark.

2. John Bench b. 1849 married Ruth Brooks, lived Ark.

3. Sarah – no data


The Richland Mirror, September 4, 1986, No. 228


The best we can find is that Linsey or Lindsey Calton you found in the 1840 Pulaski census is a brother to our Joel, and since Linsey Calton family lived and married near here we included them in the Calton History we put together in 1981.

        We find these Caltons were in Surry Co. N.C. in early 1800 and moved to Tennessee. They came to Mo. just in time for the 1840 census. Joel Calton and family came to Barry Co. Mo. with Linsey in Pulaski and then Laclede. Joel later came to Laclede with at least three children and wife Julia. He had been found in Giles Co. Tn in 1820 and 1830.

        Linsey Calton in Lincoln Co. Linsey m. Polly Rutledge in 1822 in Surry Co. N.C.; we have a record of their eight. Lost track of him after 1850 but he showed up in Barry Co. in 1870 with a young wife and more children. He was in C. War or was hiding out, who know. Nevertheless we are sure in the same Linsey because of family contacts we have made. Linsey’s 2nd wife was Elizabeth Newton of Wright co. Mo. I think she might have been a Lowery and married a Newton because she had a dau. in household, Remella Newton.

        The union of Linsey and Polly Rutledge Calton gve them these children: 1. Elizabeth b. 1821 m. Sampson Moore. 2. Asa b. 1827 m. Sarah Decker. 3. Sarah Jane b. 1828 m. Jonathan O’Dell. 4. Rebecca (m. Enoch Richardson?) 5. George D. 6. William F. 7. Nancy C. 8. Elizabeth 0 never m., but had a son Asa who raised his family near Phillipsburg, Mo.

        Linsey Carlton ch by Elizabeth were Marion Levi b. 1856 and Mary, Herny F. and Joe/Joel.

REPLY: To add a few references: Linsey Calton appears on p. 220 of 1840 Pulaski with fam stats 020101-202101 and then in Laclede p. 278 in 1850 which claims him to be born 1800. Birthplacaes was left blank. Birthplaces of ch. occurred in Tn from 1828 to 1833 and in Ill. in 1837. Ages match with family in 1830 in Lincoln Co. Tn., p. 211. Early members of Calton family were Baptist. The Primitive Baptist Church at Pisgah, one of the oldest in this part of Mo. was located one mile south of Wright Co. line between Pease Mill and Grovesprings on old Highway 5. The six charter members were Harvey and Sarah Doty, John and Rachel Dosiwer, William R. and Jane Weaver, elders John Jones and Nathional Willard. Joel Calton’s wife Julia Bailey bright letters from church in Giles Co. Early members were Noah Calton and family, Jake Long family, Amos and Henry Massey, Eph. Bra----, Acie Goodson, Betty Turner and early past was Lum Agee.


The Richland Mirror, September 11, 1986 No. 229


Part of the family of Samuel Musgrave, a Revolutionary War solder, have been traced by Norma Musgrave in her book. Note that this is not Bennett and Burrell Musgrave’s family though both branches of the family started in Lancaster/Chester Cos Pennsylvania. And there were TWO SAMUELS –the second one went early from Pa. to Bedford Co. Tn through Parke Co. Indiana reports Norma. On Bedford 1812 Tax list are Samuel Musgrave (Murgrave), Elijah, Lacy and one Thomas Musgrave. 1840 Bedford census still shows Musgrave, Lacy & Bennett fams. DAR membership on Samuel Musgrave has been obtained.



From Florence E. Brownfield: Brownfield descendants have edited the family newsletter for the past seven years, Brownfield Gleanings. Unfortunately, the descendants of Alford or Alfred Brownfield and Elizabeth Mangrum have not yet done an issue for the newsletter. See History of Laclede Co. Elizabeth was dau of John W. and Ellender (Bright) McElroy. Her paternal grandparents were James McElroy, Rev. War solder from S.C. and his wife Frances “Fannie” Langston. Frances was the dau. of John Langston who also served in the Rev. War. (see previous cols.)….In Penn. from which four of the Brownfield came to Kentucky (the family had grown up near Apple Pie Ridge in Virginia) the name William Brownfield, a preacher form the line of one of the seven or eight sons of Old Charles Brownfield, was used by other families, presumably out of respect for the Reverend.

        I would guess that Alford Brownfield was born and grew up around Hardin Co. Ky. or one of the nearby counties as that is the area Old Charles and his four sons, Empson, William, Edward and Richard settled just before 1800. Alford was allegedly involved in a feud of some ort in which lives may have been lost so he left the area in a hurry. Alfred (descended) through Empson’s son William. My husband Geralds’ second Brownfield line is through Empson’s son Charles.

REPLY: Alford/Alfred Brownfield appears on 219 Pulaski ’40 (200001-10011); 212 Pulaski ’50 which says he was b. Ky. c1805 and 258 Pulaski ’60, ditto. He was made entry in Pulaski n 1854 in T34 S12 (Johnson Recs.) With Green McElroy in Pulaski in 1844, furnished security in estate settlement of Archibald McDonald (Woodruff). It is possible that Green’s full name was Greenberry.

        Township 34, Ranges 11 & 12 was the location of many fams on Alford’s page in 1840: James Robinson b. NC 1773, John Robinson b. SC 1802; in Ill ’33 Schuyler Co.?) Burrell Musgrave bro of Bennett b. Tn x1800 in Greene Co. Ill. 1830; Isabella (or Drucilla?) Robinson 01-0110001), not found after 1840; Alfred McElroy b. SC c1795; Charles N. Finley b. NC c1814, Samuel L. McElroy Jr. b. KY 1815/1817/1822; Andrew Baker (land sold by apparent wife Mary in 1846 to James Marcum) Roley/Rowley Williams Jr. (wife Elizabeth sold land in 1847). Not found after 1840 but undoubtedly the son of Roley Williams Sr. of 479 Crawford ’50 who said he was born in New Jersey in 1780.

        Next on page is Alford Brownfield. Following was Wilson Marcum. (102001-130011). Sold land in 1845 to William Marcum. (James and John Marcum made entries in this area in 1846 & 1848); William Maxey who d. in 1840s m. Sarah Nelson in Lawrence Co. Tn in 1826. Her 2nd husband was Bennett Musgrave.


The Richland Mirror, September 18, 1986, No. 230



Efforts to track Great Grandfather Andy Wolfe of Texas Co. Texas Co. tract book, p. 373, shows Andrew J. Wolfe purchased 40 acres on 30 Aug. 1884, apparently from R.B. Lynch of Plato in Sec. 12, Township. 33, R 12 W, just northeast of Plato. Contacted Cecil Benton of Plato. His great grandmother was Isabell Vincent, sister of James Vincent, Sr. She first married ( ) Bench, then Hiram W. King. Their children were Solomon, Frank, Jim, Elizabeth and Belle. Isabell Jane b. Tn c. 1830 was dau. of 1840 Pulaskian John H. Vincent.

        Cecil Benson’s father said Andy Wolfe’s hardware store burned in the late nineties. A big building replaced it, but it has been torn down. Andrew J. Wolfe and his wife Ruth Ann Hampleman are both reported buried on this acreage near Plato. Ruth Ann descended from Rev. War soldier George Hampleman Sr. (1732-1842) of Clarke Co. Ohio. (See previous cols)


The Richland Mirror, September 25, 1986, No. 231

Conversation with Joe Garonzik of Genealogical Publishing Company



Duncan searchers should be aware of the Duncan Bible record contained in the Phelps Co Mo Quarterly (Editor, Jerry Berry) of July, 1986, contributed by Mrs. Isadora (Duncan) Spurlock, 1612 Waverly Dr., Modesto, CA 95351. As this family fell within the scope of my 1840 research, permit me to quote the Family Record, then add results of my findings. (See Quarterly for complete record.)

Summary: Rev'y soldier Robert Duncan (1762-1845) and Hannah Carr (1765- ) were the pars of:

1. John, b. 1783, d. 1850 Phelps Co Mo.

William L., b. 1785.

James, 1787-1814.

Louisa Voss, 1789-1863. Married James Berry Harrison.

Charles, b. 1791.

Deborah, b. 1794.

Permelia Carr, 1795-1861. Married William Eaton Hawkins.

Robert Berry, b. 1798. Married Jane Hill.

Perry Emory, b. 1800. Married Solomon Hawkins, bro of Wm. E. Hawkins.

Sophronia Isasbel, 1804-1900.

Hannah Millicent, b. 1806.

Melissa Fairfield, b. 1810. Source: From the Bible of Louisa Voss Duncan and James B. Harrison, supplied to. Nat'l Archives by Mrs. Gertrude R. Duncan Groff.


Six Duncan Families In 1840 Pulaski census: John Burrell; John, SR.; Hamilton; William l.; John, and William.

The History of Maries Co Mo, by Everett King, sketches the fam on pp 393-395; also see Goodspeed pp 20, 626.

John Burrell Duncan (02002-300010001) was listed on p. 204 of 1840 Pulaski, just above his father, John Sr. (31100001-001001). The 1850 census of Pulaski p. 148 and 1860 Phelps census p. 42 report that J.B. was b. in SC in c1810. One John B. Duncan m. Polly Bates 1829 in Crawford, Co Mo (Woodruff). King reports he m, a Wiseman; 1850 census lists his apparent wife as 'Polly, b. Ky c1817.

One Hury 0. (sic) Duncan, b. 1806 Greenville Dist. S.C., arrived in Oregon in 1852; m. Polly Blevens 26 Dec 1833 in Pulaski Co. Mo [Oregon Donation Land Claims, vol 3 #1343, Portland, 1966.)

John Duncan, Sr., eldest ch. of Rev'y soldier Robert Duncan, appeared on the 1830 census of Crawford Co. MO., p. 170 as did J.B. ; both were on the 1828 tax list.

You have a choice of clues about Robert: King says his son John Sr. was "of Virginia," but the Bible record says Robert was born in Randolph Co NC and died in South Carolina. Also that Robert was with the illustrious Francis Marion at the Battles of Guilford Court House and Eutaw Springs. Goodspeed reports John's bro-in-law was James Harrison "who came from South Carolina to settle at the mouth of the Little Piney in Phelps Co in 1817."


Hamilton Duncan (1001-02001) of 211 Pulaski '40 was not found after 1840; just above him in study group was Andrew J. Dodd, b. 1810-1820 who, with Josiah Dodd, furnished security in the estate settlement in 1838 of Robert B. Duncan (Woodruff). James P. Southerland, two names above Duncan, was b. SC c1792; Moses Campbell, eleven names above, was b. SC c1794 but had come from Maury Co Tn. On same page were Allen Rowden, b. SC c1790; and Cintha/ Cyntha Manley, wife of Robert Manley, b. SC c1806...quite a South Carolina enclave, and one of several among 1840 residents. Could Hamilton have been recorded in Oregon as 'Hury O.?' Was he enroute in 1850?


William L. Duncan was listed on p. 217 of 1840 Pulaski (210101-10001) and again on- 169 Pulaski '50 which reported a SC birth in c1809. In the will of James Harrison, Wm. L Duncan is stated to be a brother of John Duncan, and Robert Duncan, who d. by 1842. One Wm. L. Duncan m. Emaly Duncan in 1832 in Crawford Co Mo (Woodruff: Crawford Marriages.) Recently, we outlined the Riden fam of SC and NC; they're on same page as William L. Duncan.

Our third 1840 Head of Household named John Duncan was on 218 Pulaski '40 (110001-111001). The 1850 census of Pulaski, p..169, states he was b. SC c1807. One John Duncan in. Nancy Bradford 1828 in Gasconade Co Mo (Gasc. Marriages). Query in G-Helper, March '67, 21-1-110, of Mary Jane Wilson of St. Louis, asserts that same early ancestor, Rev War soldier Robert, lived in Greenville, S.C. Same list of children. Nancy Bradford Duncan (if the same as 1828  marriage) was b. Ky c1810, says Pulaski census.


My great-grandmother, Ann Musgrave; lived next door to this John Duncan in 1850, with 'Capt. James' Musgrave who may have been her older brother. In 1840 in Pike Co Mo one SOPHRONIA MUSGRAVE m. one Jefferson Brumley. Man of this same name appears next door to Burrell Musgrave in 1840 Pulaski, but I have found no trace of either Sophronia or Jefferson after 1840. Note that the Duncan folks used the unusual 'Sophronia' as a name, too.

Or was this SOPHRONIA DUNCAN, who had m. a Musgrave who then expired?


The Duncans and Musgraves use two other names in common, if you noticed: Burrell, and Harvey. WHO is James Harvey?'

On a hunch, just checked Boatner's Ency of Am Revolution, 1966, to see if I might find a 'Harvey' in accounts of either Guilford or luck. Discovered that Marion did participate in E-Springs under Gen. Nathaniel Greene but not Guilford, apparently... Only member of Harvey family Boatner described was Edward Harvey, who was for a time Acting C. in C. of the British Army. oops! Wrong side!

Pike County, Missouri, is on the Mississippi -- take a look on the map. It is directly between Morgan Co Ill and our research area, a logical stopping-place during migration. (Watts states that Eliza Ann Musgrave was b. Morgan Co Ill 1834.)

Nothing very conclusive. Can some one add to this?

Rachel Hance, widow of John  Hance, was b. SC c1785; she is on 170 Pulaski '50, next to Greenberry Hance, b. Tn c1819, who came to Mo from Jefferson Co Tn. Pulaski bond dtd 1846; one of John's daus was Elizabeth Bunch, of McMinn Co Tn. Thirteen residences distant was South Carolina-born Elbert Strawhorn, b. there c1825; one ‘no-source' ref says S. fam may have come through Amelia Co, Virginia.



Richland Mirror October 2, 1986, No. 232

Continuing our Duncan families:

Last 1840 Pulaskian of this name was another William, on 227 Pulaski '40;

Family stats were (00010001-22001). Note presence of two men. I believe the younger Wm. was listed on 148 Pulaski '50, which says he was b. Mo. c1821. The older Wm. Duncan was,-- if I'm right – listed on 509 Wright '50 and 828/Webster '60, alleging N.C. birth in c1785. Is this Robert Duncan's second son? William, unlike the others, visited Indiana c1833-1836 but then was in Mo by c1839, judging from b-places of children. Living in the house with. Wm on 509 Wright '50 was Mary Meradeth, b. NC c1777. Allow me to place myself at the very far end of a .fragile premise long enough to point out that Surry Co NC's 1790 census contains these interesting surnames: Meredith, Riden, Silvery, Colton/Calton, Brock/Prough/Prock, and Bench.



Listed in 1840 Pulaski Co Mo census.  Lois Brown, our good friend in Rolla, has been requesting a list of those families which appear in first Pulaski and then Phelps and Maries censuses. Mention of the Duncan family brought this request to mind; Lois says she has some eager PCGS searchers ready to be turned loose on the hunt, for material on the old Phelps settlers. Enough said. For starters, here are 1840 families mentioned in PCGS, Quarterly, in addition to the Duncans from the Phelps Co. Gen. Society Newsletter:

Vol 2, No 1 (Jan 86) p 23: ROBERT HUDGENS (1816-1864) on the chart of Barbara Pugh, Rt 3, Box 154, Rolla, Mo 65401. (Mrs. Pugh and I became acquainted in Mo last April; discussed Robert, and we'll have more on this line later.) Kentucky family; Robert m. Mahala C. Dodds (1822-1883). Barbara's husband's Pugh line came from Grayson Co Va. to Callaway Co Mo by 1861.

Vol 2, No 1, p 29: GEORGE SALLY (1808-1888) on 201 Pulaski '40; 219 Pulaski '50, and 31 Phelps '60 census. Born Ky (where?) c1808. Settled Phelps 1825-26, says Goodspeed, p 627. May have been listed on 171 Crawford '30.

GEORGE SALLY, SR. was on 216 Pulaski '40, b. 1810-1820. No further info.

While we are looking at page 216, permit me to mention yet another pair of names that seem to tie my Vincent family to Rhea-Roane-McMinn Co- Tn. area: Joshua Morgan (0021001-1010201) and Samuel Morgan (21001-02001). Between them are Jesse McCloud/ McLeod (020001410001) who may have been listed previously on the 1830 census of Roane Co Tn, 'p 55, ages match, and Robert Hudgens. The two Morgans seem surely to be listed in 1830 McMinn census on p. 188; one Samuel Morgan m. one Margaret Vinzant in McMinn Co Tn in 1829 (McMinn Marriages). Did Joshua and Samuel move on, or return to Tennessee? Neither fam found after 1840. Samuel made entry in Phelps in 1839, says Goodspeed p 629. See Lena Wills' 'Ozark Genealogy column of Aug 17, 1975 in Springfield, Mo Sunday newspaper.

Back to PCGS refs, in Vol 2, No 1, p 29, same chart (of Vivian F. Bradford, 711 Salem Ave., Rolla, MO 65401). HENSON COPPEDGE of 201 Pulaski '40 is next; see previous columns. Born Ky c1808; he m. Nancy Kitchen(s); listed on 224 Pulaski '50: William Hudgens (12100001-01101) is on same page; Barbara Pugh defines him as the father of the other three H. Pulaski families: Robert, Dabney and James Hudgens. Prominent family—Lenox—does not appear in 1840 Pulaski group. Pity -- lots of material. available.

Ibid, p. 30 (Bradford, cont.), ISAAC NEELY BRADFORD of 217 Pulaski '40 (211001-01001001) Born Ky 1804-5, son of Adam Bradford, who m. Frances Neely.

To be continued


The Richland Mirror. October 16, 1986 No. 233


Here are more references to families listed in Pulaski to Me census of 1840 who later were located as-residents of Maries or Phelps Cos; during my April '86 visit, to Rolla, I joined the Phelps Co Gen Society and acquired three numbers of the, PCGS Quarterly as part of the deal. Searchers can look to Vol:2, No 2 of the dapper publication. for mention of these lines:

Page 16 Maramec Iron Works started in 18261;y Thomas Janes and Samuel Massey.. "...In pioneer days the; river and• the boat provided universal transport. Would-be settlers from Virginia,  the Carolinas, Ten­nessee and Kentucky managed to get to Missouri. in the first' place by boating down rivers like 'the Tennessee, Cumberland, and. Ohio, and  raving up Mississippi and Missouri. Once here, rivers such as the ' Maramec, Gasconade, Bourbeuse, Big and Little Piney' enabled their to reach the interior' of what is now Phelps County, to examine the lands and make their choices of home sites. And so the families of DUNCAN, HARRISON, BRADFORD, RAMSEY,. JOHNSON, TURPIN, HAWKINS, WYNN, COPPEDGE, Lenox, MILLER, LOVE, Feeler, Carney, Dyer. Bryant, Lane, Shockley, .SKAGGS; SKYLES, and others rowed up the Gasconade. The Duncans, Ramseys, Johnson, Bryants and others settled along the west bank of the Gasconade in what is now the extreme northwest or "Mungy" section of the county. William Coppedge, with the YORKS, HENSONS, HUDGENS, BROWNS, BATES, Larkins and others came up Little Piney as far as Newburg. The BRADFORDS, WAYMANS, Larkins, Duncans, Pillmans and others went on to South Spring Creek and Relfe Spring. All this from 1818 to 1840.The Iron Works had need for skilled iron workers...sent from many points east—from New England, Pennsyl­vania, Ohio, along with the larger throng from Tennessee and Kentucky...Thus came to our area hundreds of families.. We can name only a few, and these do scant justice to the rest: Wishon, Dillon, HAWKINS, Martin, LIGHT, Matlock, Breuer, James, Bowen, COPPEDGE Nelson, Brinker, Houston, Luster (and). others...Two of our first Phelps County pioneers, William and John Lenox, had been hunting companions of Daniel Boone himself. When Morgan Boone, as one of the commissioners appointed to select the site of Jefferson City, became concerned with the survey of Jefferson City, he or his subordinates chose William and John Lenox (Page 17) to assist in the job.


Whether or not the BRADFORDS, Adam and son Issac Neely, had any contact with Morgan Boone we do not know. At any rate not long after Boone had invaded the Phelps-Texas Bounty pine forests the Bradfords (1818) arrived at South Spring Creek, built a home at Relfe, and began cutting and sawing lumbers...Trees likewise played, an all-important part in county history, beginning the winter of 1825, when Samuel Massey, sent to Missouri by his Ohio employer, Thomas James, was• led to Maramec Spring by Micaijah Morris, guide, there to find the necessary iron mine, water, limestone sandstone, and trees required to build and operate Meramec Iron Works...(Quotes from "Yesterday Lives Again," a Thumb-Nail Sketch 'of Phelps Co Mo by Clair V. Mann, of the Phelps Co Historical Society.)



We'll conclude this opus with a reference from the PCGS Quarterly to the Harrisons, listed in 1840 Pulaski census on p 199 (John B.); p 209 (Benjamin); and James Harrison on p.. 218. See PCGS Quarterly, Vol 2, Number 3 for full data. Briefly:


Family originated in England, where three brothers (John, Benjamin, Thomas) with their father lived in Yorkshire and were people of quality.

Benjamin's grandson came to America, signed the Declaration of Indepen-dence, became Governor of Virginia. His son was William Henry Harrison, ninth President of the United States, and his great grandson, Benjamin Harrison, was the twenty-third...

The six sons of Thomas, brother of Benjamin, were Benjamin, Thomas, Samuel, Daniel, James and John Peyton Harrison. All fought in the Revolutionary War, all but Thomas and John Peyton died. John Peyton Harrison ("Of the Revolutionary War," as the family called him) and his wife, Mary Malone, lived for a time in Botetourt .County, north of Roanoke, Virginia. Their children included Thomas, Rachel, John, Susannah, Deborah, Samuel, Daniel, and James Berry Harrison. This last was our earliest Phelps County pioneer.

The Harrisons moved from Virginia to the northwest tip of South Carolina, where Daniel Boone had lived. There they met and intermarried with the families of DUNCAN and HAWKINS. All lived in the vicinity of "Duncan," a village of Spartanburg County, 'midway between cities of Greenville (my emphasis - dv.) and Spartanburg, South Carolina.

James. Berry Harrison (1788-1842)married Lovisa Voss Duncan (1789-1863). The children who came with them to Phelps County (1818) included John Brazil- Harrison—active as a Gasconade county official; Robert B., who was a foremost organizer of Pulaski county, then died; James Pryor, the future doctor, who with John Brazil donated the Tuscumbia site for county seat of Miller county; Pamela Maria, who married Hamilton Lenox; Andrew Jackson, who died in youth; and William Perry, who moved to Audrain county and married daughter of Thomas Harrison who, with his son James became prominent in Audrain county politics. The next child, Benjamin Berry Harrison (1819-1880) was the very first white child ever born inside present county bounds. He became the founder of Lebanon, and donated the site for the first .county seat of Laclede county. Mary M. Harrison(1820-1900) was a Civil War bride. Thomas Carroll Harrison was one of the first residents of Rolla; was practically the owner of the paternal home at "Little Piney," where for years he had a store...Other children included Marshall, Eliza Louisa, Malinda C., and two others we have not-satisfactorily identified. (Source, Mann, ibid.

ADDENDA: (d.v.) A very fine piece of work! Not meaning to gild the lily,' permit me to add some few items of . interest on the family. Most striking is the indication that the Harrisons may well have led the migration of families from from the Greenville, SC area -- and I must get more source material on that vicinity to check up on 1840 families. See recent cols for other Greenville connections. Some early records of Spartanburg Co SC -- notably probates -- still exist. The village of Duncan is still on the map.

Patriarch James Harrison's family, stats- on 218 Pulaski '40 were (00012011-00110001) Slaves (121000- 101). Louisa/Lovisa Duncan Harrison is found on 141 Pulaski '50, where her b-place is listed as. S.C. in c1790. James was listed in 1830 on p. 170 of Crawford Co Mo census. Everett King, in Hist of Marks Co Mo, reports extensively on the family but mostly of later generations. See Goodspeed pp 20, 115, 626, 995 (says. James was merchant, farmer & postmaster of Arlington; a bro was Thomas Harrison, who settled in Callaway Co Mo in , 1817. James' Pulaski will dtd Aug 28, 1836, recorded Aug 23, 1842. Wife Louisa and eight children (see- 141 Pulaski '50 - dv):


John B.; James P.; Pamela M. Lenox (see Mo Pioneers, vol 4, p 68); William P.; Benjamin B., Mary M., Thomas C., and Eliza L. (Mo Pioneers, vol 16, p 5). Polly (Mary) is reported to have married. John Robertson (Goodspeed p 626).

The 1850 Pulaski census begins with the Hawkins-Harrison-Duncan enclave, on p 141. Other S.C. families in vicinity include Tally (in Monroe Co Tn 1840); Strawhorn, Finney (Mrs. Josiah Dodd), and Hance.


John Brazil Harrison (000021-00101) Slaves (01-31000) may have been listed in the household of Daniel Cummings in 1850 Miller Co Mo census, house no. 519. Entry states he was born in Va c1808. Goodspeed says he came to Laclede Co in 1847, having been born in S.C. in 1804; opened Lebanon store, 1853. Died 1860. Married at Rolla Martha L. Flyer, b. Pa 1812. Listed in Franklin Co Mo 1823-24-25 Land Roll.


Benjamin Harrison (03001001-00121) was listed in the 1850 census of Wright Co Mo on p. 541, reporting a Tn birth in c1788. Birthplaces of ch. indicate he Was living in Tn from about 1814 to 1839. He could possibly have been listed on p. 53 of the 1830 census of Roane Co Tenn. His apparent wife in 1850, Mary ( ); was reported as being born in Va also c1788.


The Richland Mirror, October 23, 1986, No. 234 – departure from usual column to insert items of [then] current interest.


Richland Mirror November 6, 1986 Page 4 No. 235

We wandered afield, in following the Harrisons. Readers capable of supplying further data for the 1840 Source Book send it to Tacoma.

Other 1840 Pulaski fams who fell, or probably fell, within the Phelps-Maries area:

Page 200::

Jacob Lawson (01010001-1110001) Slaves (1100-01100). Widow Mary b. Ky on 153 Pulaski '50; d. Pulaski intestate. Bonds 1845. Heirs listed: Woodruff. Did he come from 1830 census of McMinn Co Tn, p 138? Where born?

Pleasant Wayman (101021-121001) was located on 153 Pulaski '50, reporting Va. birth in c1803. Was in Ky c1826; operated Relfe sawmill, 1850s. Baptist family in 1831 or 1832 (Goodspeed p 158); listed on 171 Crawford 1830 census.

Thomas Wayman (100001-10001) was located on 231 Pulaski '50, reporting Va. nativity in c1806. One Thomas Wayman m. Rachel Throckmorton Jan 20, 1833 in Crawford Co Mo (Woodruff, p 11).

Page 201:

William Leek/Leeke/Leak (10110001-0111001) was b. Va c1787; from Wilson Co Tn, in 1830 census p. 155. Many Dodd fams near him in Wilson, including Josiah. Born Albemarle Co Va; wife Sarah A. Dodd (1796-1850) was b. Amherst Co Va (Query, 1962 Va. Gazette of Williams­burg, Va). His bro-in-law was John Rhea, who came with him from Tenn, poss in 1830. John Leek was an 1842 Pulaski assessor; next to William in 1840 was James Leek, who settled in later Texas Co area. Found on 28 Texas '50, reporting he'd been b. Va c1790. Your writer believes that both James and John Leek were listed on p 336 of 1830 Knox Co Tn census.

Elizabeth Stephens (10000-00011) Slaves (01) One Elizabeth Stephens is named as wife of Thomas Stephens in Pulaski will dtd 12 Dec 1839. (More: see Mo. Pioneers, vol 16, p 10). Ilene Sims Yarnell believes fam may have been from Christian Co Ky, says one notation. Will names Jane Leek, wife of James Leek, and her children, but no relationship given. Kanawha Co, Va (now West Virginia) land mentioned, on Little Cole River. Poss relative on 171 Crawford '30?

Larkin Bates (111211-001001) Slaves (0100-0100) was found on 170 Crawford '30, and 201 Pulaski '50 (moved to Pulaski 1841, says Goody, p. 769). Born Ky. c1803 (Where?); d. Pulaski 1850. Married Elizabeth Thrailkill (b. Ky 1800; d Mo 1858).

William Crook (10001-02001). No trace after 1840.

Philip Copple (or is it Cobble?) (00001-30001). Probably listed in 1850 Pike Co Mo census, p. 42.

Jesse J. Lee (1810/1820-20001). His prob wife was Polly Lee, on 143 Pulaski '50, b. Ky c1806. What news of Jesse?

William Bowls (100101-0020101) was found on the 1828 Pulaski Tax List, and on 177 Crawford '30; no data after 1840.

Lindsey L. Coppedge (100001-00001) Born Ky; settled in 1823 where Newburg now stands, and m. Amanda Dodd, says Goodspeed p. 991. Census on 151 Pulaski '50 says he was born in Indiana (?). Many refs in previous cols.

Isaac Love, Sr. (01110001-0012001) Slaves (00-100). See previous cols. Born Tn c1782, says King's Hist of Marie., p 570. Born Va. c1785, says census on 833 Osage '50. But, b. Va c1782 says 625 Maries '60. With Lee Love, early pioneer of Phelps. Wife Phoebe Connelly was b. Knox Co Tn 1792; d. 1868, states Goodspeed p. 1119. Married in Tenn; all ch but one b. there; moved to Floyd Co. Indiana 1830

(Hist of Maries, pp 570-578) which see for more. NOT listed in 1830 Sevier Co Tn census, says 1982 statement of Judy Germann

Amons Deer (00001-20011) on 229 Pulaski 50) says he was b. Ky c1810. Settled, says Goodspee, on the Big Piney. Birthplace? Name of wife?

Felix Deer (00001-00001) was located on 224 Pulaski '50, stating he'd been b. Ky c1817. No other data.

William Coppedge, b. Va c1769, was living with his son Lindsay in 1850. Goodspeed p. 626f reports he was "Of Kentucky -- came with his fam of four sons and two daus and located near the site .of Newburg" (Arriving prob 1823.) See previous cols. This is 'Old William.'

Andrew A. Norton (00001-20001) On 151 Pulaski '50, says he was b. Ill. c1816. One Andrew Norton m. Lucy L. Coppedge 5 July 1836 in Crawford Co Mo (Woodruff).

Henson Coppedge (100001-010001) was found ten years later on 224 Pulaski '50, reporting b-place as Ky in c1808. Married Nancy Kitchen(s) 23 Aug 1832 in Crawford Co Mo (Woodruff: Crawford Marriages, p 10). Son of Old William.

William W. Prewitt, b. 1810-20; wife also b. 1810-20. No other info. Related to our other Prewitts?

Humphrey Yowell (121101-011101) On 173 Pulaski '50 reported he was b. Ky c1801. Listed previously on 177 Crawford '30. Where born? Children's names? Wife's name? Phelps settler of 1825-26 (Goodspeed, p 627).

James T. McDonald (101001-002001) On 1110 Texas '60, said b. Mo c1799; land entry in Phelps, 1839. James A. McDonald' was merchant and post­master in Roubidoux, Texas Co Mo, in 1850's [Montague's Directory].

Jarvis Cordle (0011001-100001) Not found in 1850. In 1860 Phelps enumerations was found on p. 11, saying he'd been born in SC in c1800. See 1830 census of Macoupin Co Ill, p 219 for Jarvis CODDLE, prob same man. My great-great grandfather Bennett Musgrave was in Macoupin in 1830, two pages away on p. 217 with Old James Robinson possibly nearby. David Mabry (0001000001-00010001) of whom nothing further.

Samuel Light (10001-12001) On 171 Pulaski '50 reported b. Tn c1813. See pp 196-197 of Greene Co Tn census of 1830.

Jonathan Woolsey. (10001-100001) On 147 Pulaski was reported b. Ky c1811. Considerable W. data in previous cols.

John A. 'Williams [110001-11001) One John Williams d. intestate Pulaski. Bond dtd 1843. Admr: Isaac Riddle. Security: John Cook and Robert Woods. (Mo Pioneers, vol 16, p 12). No other data.

William Hudgens, as above.

Wiley Craddock (10001-0001) Born Ky, c1814, say census reports on 223 Pulaski ;50 and 13 Phelps ’60. Previous residence? Where born? Wife’s name?

Joel Melton (1112001-0110001) Located on 220 Pulaski '50, b. Va (unreadable); in Ky 1826-30, Mo 1839. Mr. Melton's namesake. Joel Melton of Belleville, Ill. wrote in 1973 that "the Joel Melton listed in, the 1830 census of Cole Co Mo is not "my" Joel. "My" Joel was in Hart Co Ky in 1830. I assume that Joel was born in Bedford Co. Va because his father was listed in the 1785 tax List of that county. Also his will (1805) listed him in Bedford Co Virginia. His wife was Marabah Ramsey. Joel d. 22 Oct 1863 in Lecoma, Dent Co Mo; he is buried in Smith Cem near Edgar Springs, in Phelps County. I obtained this information from the 1830 census of Hart Co Ky (p 227, line 11), and from Rev. Watts' records." /s/ Joel M. Melton, 6005 No. Belt West, Belleville, Illinois 6222.3. Also see previous columns. On 75 Phelps '60 census, b-date was readable: Joel was b. Va c1798. The Cole Co Mo Joel Melton may have d. there; name appears in Will Book I, dtd 1851.

Hessakiah Sneed (210001-01001) On 432 Crawford '50, reported b. Va c1810; in Mo c1831. One Hesekiah Sneed m. Elizabeth Mercer 15 Sept 1831 Crawford Co Mo (Woodruff: Marriages, p 8). Death date? Children's names, and their spouses? Can someone help us, for the 1840 Source Book? Birthplace?

George Sally (012001-2100101) Reported b. Ky c1808 on 219 Pulaski '50 and 31 Phelps '60. Married Ally Brown 12 Oct 1828 (Gasc Marriages).. Settled in Phelps, says Goodspeed, in 1825-26. May have been listed on 171 Crawford '30.

Moses Freeman (1 male, 1 female. Both b. 1800-1810) On 425 Crawford '50 says he was b. NC c1801. Goodspeed p. 628 reports Freeman settled on Beaver Ck., Phelps Co, in 1829. Where from?


Other pages of the 1840 Pulaski census which later included Phelps-Maries territory were, as far as can be determined:

Page 203: Hindley, Fouts, Merrill, Sparkman, Brown, Dodd, Rhea, Smith, Pamplin, Rhea, Newberry, Clark. Sims, Joice, Campbell, Norman, Taber, Teas, Love, Miller, Green, Sullivan(t), Gresham, Light, Peter.

Page 204: Sullivan(t), Rober(t)son, Stone, Capehart, Butler, Pointer, Sherrill, Davenport, Crismon, Rodgers, Branson, McGown. Duncan, Jones, Hawkins, Dewson/Duson, Goldsberry, Bell, Childers/Childress, Prewitt, Wynn, Lindley/Lindsley, Strawhom, Johnson.

Page 206: Nelson, Light, Gresham, Stone, Johnson, Bailey, Paulsel, Teni­son, Newberry, Doyle, West, Snod­grass, McGee, Miller, Huffman, Fol­lowill/Followay, Smith, Love, Webster, Ramsey, Roberson, Mason.

Page 208: Loften, Dodd, Phillips.

Page 209: Hughes, Harrison.

Page 211: Southerland, Dodd, Duncan, Davenport, Hastin/Hasting, Merrill, Hayes, Mears, Mulholland/ McColland/Munholland (?).

Page 215: Bryant.

Page 216: Brown, Wilson, Southerland, Hudgens, Morgan, McCloud, Hudgens, Morgan, Malone, Smith, Strawhorn, Sally, Arthur, ,McCloud, Case, Kitchens, Renerson/(Reynoldson?), Bradley, Wright, Edger/Edgar, Miller, Bryant.

Page 217:, Duncan, Dooley/ Dulon , King, Bradford, Everett, Helm, Ste­wart, Kirkland, Rhea, Wayman, Shookman, Throckmorton, Stark, Johnson, Bates, Hughes, Grogan, Hatley, King, Ketchusides.

Page 218: Tilly, Bryant, Harrison. Gibson, Weathers/Withers.

Page 223: Scott, Miller, Palmer, Nail, Sprowel.

Page 224: Wright, Woolsey, Vaughn, Baker, Case.

Page 235: Parker.


November 13, 1986, No. 236

Vincent Family news of cousin Clarence Vincentl Vincent Family Reunion for 1987


The Richland Mirror November 20, 1986 No. 237

(Continued from last week)

Phelps County Early Residents

Encountered one more reference in Vol 2, No 3 of Phelps Co Mo. Gen Society Quarterly of July, 1986, on pp 22, 23. As several names mentioned are 1840 families, wish to cite them to searchers. (From "Circuit Court at Harrison house, 1831-33," by Clair V. Mann) As usual in these excerpts, the purpose is to indicate to searchers useable and dependable sources. ALWAYS follow up with the actual source material, if we point you in what-we-hope is the right direction. To find out who plaintiffs and  following excerpt.

James Campbell -- Crawford Co

Grand Jury: David Lenox, foreman; John Duncan, Sr., Curg Duncan, William Coppedge, Wilson Lenox, Absolom Cornelius, James Gillespy (sometimes pron. gillaspy'), George Henson, Isaac Brown, John Hillhouse, Thomas Johnson, James Lester, James Benton, William Britton, John Lamb, Asa Pinnell, John Honsinger, Humphrey Yowell, and John Carter. Several failed to appear. Samuel King, Archrey Hart, Thomas Stark, Leonard Eastwood, John Skaggs, James Wilson, William Beatty, and Stephen Dickson. Court notes include following names: James Wilson, James Newberry, Anthony Kitchen, area's top-notch farmer-tailor. Other names of jurors: John B. Harrison, Larkin Bates, John Vest, Joseph Carter Hawkins; James and Josiah Dodd, William Leek, George P. Kitchen, Edward Clayton, Noah Strong, and William Knox. Court notes mention George Carrico, John Baldridge, Micaijah Morris, Levi Snelson, Aristides Harrison, George W. Brown, James Newberry, Sr., Mary, the slave, and finally, John Brinker.


November 27, 1986, No. 238

List of upcoming queries and source data



The Richland Mirror December 11, 1986 No. 239


Family Histories Section

Page 117 Adkins family, originally from England, settled early in Virginia.

Abner Adkins left Tn In 1839 in a wagon; trip lasted six weeks. Came from Dixon Co Tn. (Abner, b. Tn c1809, is listed on 253 Laclede '50 & 232 Laclede '60. Owen Adkins - see previous cols.)

Page 121 William and Sophia Atchley Agee came to Mo from Tn in 1838 with their family. He was son of James Agee and Nancy Moon of Pa. James, who came from France in 1799, served under Commodore Perry in War in 1812, and later moved to Tennessee. (I have a William Agee on 212 Pulaski '40 (00001-00000) but as you see no wife is listed...he PERHAPS was on 901 Osage '50, saying he was b. Tn c1816. Seems wrong area. In 1840, he was next door to Col. Miles Vernon, Sr.; both men are 'reported to be husbands of Atchley girls; so the pieces seem to fit.) Sophia, Mrs. Agee, was dau of Martin 0. Atchley. Page 129 James M. Appling and wife Elizabeth Barnes Appling were natives of Ky...immigrated to Mo ,in 1835...Elizabeth d. 1856. (Goodspeed supplies Joel Appling as the father of James. Born Ky 18114812, James, with Benjamin B. Harrison, donated the site of Lebanon in 1849. See census on 226 Pulaski '40, 283 Laclede '50 & 226 Laclede '60.)

Page 131 John Atchley was son of Martin and Mary Ann Catlett Atchley. Born Sept 26, 1806 in what is now Meigs Co Tn (Goodspeed says 1804, census says 1805 in 1850, then 1807 in 1860). John Atchley married Elizabeth Eubanks in 1823; she was b. 1804. In 1838 he came to Missouri with about a dozen families including a sister Ann and her husband, Colonel Miles Vernon. Trip highlighted by birth of son Seth enroute; left Tenn in September and arrived in December. Res. Goodwin Hollow. Eleven ch: James, m. Nancy Hufft; Mary Ann, m. Joseph W. McElroy; Francis Marion, m. Minerva Jane Brown; Martin m. Phoebe Mizer; Morgan m. 1st Sophronia Marsh & 2nd Virginia Lindsay; Seth m. Luticia Agee; Noah m. Harriet Ryder; Sarah m. James Wheeler; Elizabeth m. Robert Elder; Miles m. Mary Layman; and Delilah m. John Elder. John Atchley d. Sept 10, 1879. Page 133 Rev'y soldier Martin Atchley b. Middlesex, NJ, a son of Joshua. Res Loudon Co. Va; in 1785 in Botetourt Co Va m. Zephery Tyler; removed to Sevier Ca Tn. Second wife Annie Catlett, in Sevier. "When Col. Miles Vernon was in the military service in 1812, he escorted Indians ("Trail of Tears"), coining through what is now Laclede County. He thought it an ideal place to locate. In 1839 he organized a dozen families from Sevier Co Tn and they came to (Missouri.)"

135 Ballew Family, with Anderson, Montgomery, Morgan, Stark lines, by Mrs. S. E. Jorgensen, Rt. 2, Box 614-B, Pearland, TX 77581. (Also see previous cols for extensive data on these fams.)

Page 136 Ruth Ballew m. 1828 Green B. Williams. They went to California. Charity Ballew m. Thomas Wisdom 1832, the son of Pollard Wisdom and Elizabeth McCarty. Thomas d. Dallas Co Mo 1875 though he lived in Texas. Page 141 Samuel Wilson Barnes was b. Warren Co Ky 1818 and came to Laclede with fam in 1837. (Listed on 226 Pulaski '40, 232 Laclede '50 & 285 Laclede '60.)

Page 150 Lewis Benson was b. 1805 Onondaga Co, NY, moving to Clark Co Ind. as a boy. Married Malinda Blanchard 1824 Montgomery Co Ind. Later removed to. Putman Co, Illinois. where they res. 1834-35. Moved to Laclede 1837. Children who survived were Mary (Polly) and Harriett. Others were Lucinda, b. 1838; Jasper, b. 1840; and Thomas, born in 1843. Benson and Bilderback fams left Mo for Iowa in 1852.

Page 149 Elijah Bohannon b. Tn 1812; m. Rachel Odle 1829. She was b. Tn in 1810. They moved from White Co Tn to Missouri before 1837. Moved from Wright to southern Laclede Co in 1850. Elijah and Rachel Bohannon are buried at the Moore Cem., Wright Co Mo. Children are Almiry Jane, b. 1830; William David, b. 1832; Arlamaeda Ann, b. 1834, wife of Luke Mitchell; Malinda Caroline, b. 1837, wife of Albert J. Webb; Francis Marion, b. 1839, m. thrice; Marinda Evaline, b. 1842; Geo. Washington, b. 1844, husband of Jane ( ); Arinda Adaline, b. 1847, wife of Jeramiah Massey; James Allen Monroe, b. 1846, husband of Nancy Ann Casey; Rachel Samantha, b. 1850, wife of James N. Davis. (Elijah is listed on 207 Pulaski '40, and 538 Wright '50. Does not seem to appear in 1830 White Co Tn census, pages 45 or 50. Contributor of data: Charlotte Austin, Stafford, Mo.

Page 160 William Bohannon, Sr. (Charlotte Austin's great-great grand­father) was Elijah Bohannon's brother, born 1806 in Eastern Tennessee. Married Margaret R. O'Dell in 1825 or 26. Born c1806, she was dau of Enoch and Sarah (Ramsey) O'Dell. Enoch. b. 1776, m. Sarah in White Co Tn. Fourth ch. b. 1834 in Macoupin Co III; Margaret's brother Samuel was in same county. Children were Catherine, Lewis, Enoch, Elijah, Wm. Jr., James D., Nelson Monroe and Margaret. Second marriage was to Mary Ann Ballinger; William Sr. d. 1887 and is buried in the Bohannon Cem.

Subject may have been listed on p. 183 of 1830 census of Overton Co Tn; ages match.) Page 164 Adam Bradford b. 1775 Snow Hill, Maryland. Left Md. as young man and went to Va then Tn where m. Nancy Cole; after death of wife and three ch. he m. 2nd Frances Neely in Ky. Came to Mo from Louisville, Ky. (See previous cols.)

(To be continued)


The Richland Mirror December 18, 1986, No. 240

Page 174 Broyles Family: Rev'y soldier Daniel (1762-1847) was in 10th Va. Reg't. Son Thomas, b. 1748 Madison Co Va went to White Co Tn c1810 and thence to Laclede in c1849. (Daniel: see 1830 census McMinn Co Tn, p 152. Thomas: 247 Laclede '50. Note path of migration.)

Page 176 Thomas Broyles and his wife Susannah Yeager Broyles were desc of German colonists from Bavaria and Seigen, Germany. They came to the colonies in 1717, and settled in Orange and Madison Cos, Va.

Page 186 Caffey family: NC to Meigs Co Tn to Laclede, in 1850s.

Page 189 Joel Calton - Wife Julia Bailey b. Pa c1783; older ch. b. NC, later ch. in Tennessee. (See previous cols.) Page 190 Children of Joel and Julia: Linsey, b. 1800; Morgan, b. 1816; (Betsey Elizabeth 1823); Samuel 1824; Peggy; ( ), girl who m. ( ) Browning; Noah 1824, Eunice 1825, and Sarah Calton.

Page 215 Crismon family originally came from Campbell Co Tn about 1798.

Page 217 Simon Dalton, b. 1825 Hawkins Co Tn, was son of Thomas and Dollie (Light) Dalton. Came to Mo in 1849, res in Crawford then Laclede Co. (See Hawkins' 1830 census, pp 32-33, for big Dalton/Light grouping.) Page 222 Grigsby bros joined the gold rush.

Page 224 Isaac Newton Davis b. Madison Co Va was son of James Monroe and Pauline ( ) Davis, a descendant of John and Anna Davis of Pencader Hundred in the county of Newcastle—Welsh family. Family moved to Bowling Green, Ky. from Va and removed to Mo c1829. Isaac m. Martha Overton, who had come from Tn with her father. Issue: eight boys and four girls. (Listed on 175 Crawford '30, and 224 Pulaski '40. Will dtd 1850 Pulaski, recorded 1854. Names wife Elizabeth and ch. Oliver N., Matilda A., W.G., Daniel E1 Andrew G., Henry, and George W. Davis (Woodruff). Bowling Green is county seat of Warren County.)

Isaac's three brothers were Robert, George Washington, and .James Mon­roe Davis. Jr., who also settled the Bear Ck and Gasconade River area.

Page 224 William Allen Simpson, b. Va 1778, and Elizabeth Rachel (Lam­bert) Simpson (1765-1857) were the pars of George Allen Simpson. George m. Sarah Jane Chambers. George, b. Ky 1823, m. Sarah 1843 Warren Co Ky. Family moved to Hazel Green area. (One James Simpson, b. NC c1781, is on 241 Laclede '50.)

(Robert Davis is listed on 233 Pulaski '40, and 236 Laclede '50 which reports him b. Va c1809 and in Ky c1830-37. Following him in 1840 was George W. Davis, also located on p. 236 of 1850 Laclede census. Entry states he was b. Va c1811; a ch. in house was b. Ky c1839. James M., Jr. not listed in 1840 Pulaski; too many James Davises to pick from, in later enumerations.)

Page 225 Morgan Davis m. Nancy Jane Welch in NC, prob c1816. She was b. NC in 1817. Fam moved to Knox, then Bedford Co Tn. In 1830 joined Ill-bound wagon train. Eliza­beth Davis. m. in Ill. Anderson Everett. Morgan Thomas Davis d. 1845, thrown from his wagon by a runaway team. Buried Brush Ck Cem. Issue: Elizabeth, Pauline, Sally, John, twins Ephriam Welch & William Morgan, and Nancy Jane Davis. (See 230 Laclede '50 for Ephriam Davis and Anderson Everett; Ephriam reported b. Tn c1829; Elizabeth c1817 NC. Everett was listed on 207 Pulaski '40, by Ky c1818.)

Page 231 Jasper Dennis, b. 1845 McMinn Co Tn; came c1853 to Mo from Tn, though stalled by cold weather in Illinois; mother and one ch. died there. Father was Charley Dennis. (Samuel & Charles Dennis made Laclede entries 1857. Goodspeed, p 26.)

Page 239 James M. Dotson and wife Mary (Polly) Simms came to Laclede 1852 from Maury Co Tn.

Page 252 John Adam Esther, son of Joseph and Mary (Smith) EASTER, was b. Roane Co Tn 1827. Name changed from Easter in Tn to Esther in Mo. Joseph 1812 soldier. (See 1830 Roane census, pp 10-11, for Joseph, Peter and Hellen Easther.)

Page 253 Issue of Anderson Everett listed.

Page 298 Benjamin Berry Harrison moved to Laclede from Little Piney when a young man...sometimes referred to as founder of Lebanon because of his donation of forty acres for town and county seat. Started first store in merchandise store...fam moved to Red River, Texas at start of Civil War. Benjamin d. in Fulbright neighborhood of Laclede in 1886. He m. 1st Penelope Dodson of Camden Co Mo in 1846; ch. were Lucy, Lycurgus and James Berry. Married 2nd Frances Thomas in 1854; ch. were Robert, Penelope, John, Joseph, Edmund Lee, Francis, Ellen and Hugh.

Page 299 John Brazil Harrison took as his third wife Martha Lewellyn Hyer, dau of owner of Dent Co's Meramac Iron Works, Samuel Hyer. Came to Lebanon 1853; d. 1860. His brother, James Pryor Harrison, came with the fam to Mo in 1818. Decided in 1850 to train as a doctor in 1853 a medical school in St. Louis awarded him a M.D. His practice included mostly Phelps & Pulaski Counties. (Mr. Harrison recorded the 1850 Pulaski census. See previous cols for extensive Harrison reportage, esp. from Phelps County.)

Page 311 Hillhouse Family - (contributor not given. ‘...according to best evidence ' (family) originated in Ayr, or Ayshire...on the southwest coast of Scotland below Glasgow...earliest of the name...(founders of the New England branch, 1718; and the SC branch about 1744), were Scotch-Irish ' from County Derry, Northern Ireland. Fam left Ayrshire for Derry some time after 1638 during the disputes of the , Presbyterian Covenanters with Charles the First... (Four paragraphs of early H. background in Scotland.)

'William Hillhouse, progenitor of the ' southern branch of the family, is believed by most genealogists of the

family, to be the son of Charles Hillhouse or probably of Samuel Hillhouse, younger sons of John and . Rachel of Free Hall..' William's ch. were John, James, William, Eli and Margaret Hillhouse.

'At the opening of the Revolutionary War, William Hillhouse, Sr: was too old for military service...(but) his sons John and William were both in the army as captains. When Lord Corn­wallis campaigned in this area of upper South Carolina against Marion and Sumter, the house of Win. Hillhouse was used at least for a time as the headquarters (of the British leader.) The family were refugees... from the British...

[To be continued.]


The Richland Mirror December 25, 1986 No. 241

James Hillhouse, son of William, b c1746 Virginia, d. 1835 Livingston, Kentucky. Wife was Mary Dickey b. 1753 Virginia; she d. 1835. Eleven children: John, William, George, Robert, Text Box:  
James, David, Margaret, Martha Sarah, Mary and Eleanor. John prob the oldest; he m. Bethia Sharp. They settled in Giles Co Tn and their ch. were Mary, Wilson, Josiah Minter, Martha, Nancy, Starkey Sharp, John, and Sinah.

Josiah Minter Hillhouse, b. 1805, d. 1871 Missouri, m. Margaret Watts in 1824 in Tn; they came to Mo from Giles Co Tn by ox-cart in 1828 and settled a few miles northwest of Stoutland. Had eleven children. (See past cols for more. No Hillhouse fams listed in 1830 census of Tennessee; there is both a town and a county 'Livingston' in Ky.)

Page 318 John and Matilda (Gillespey; Honssinger were the pars of John Franklin Honssinger, b. 1840 on Osage Fork originally came from Canada, but lived in Franklin Co Mo before coming to Laclede area...Pars of Mrs. Honssinger were William and Mary Gillespey, who came to Mo from NC in 1817. Other ch were Thomas F.; Matilda E.; Mary, wife of Ed Cook; Nancy, wife of James Rippee; Matilda, wife of W.W. Thomas; Rebecca, wife of Eli Rippy; William, and James A. Honssinger. John, Sr. d. 1845; buried on family farm, first to be buried in Honssinger Cem. Matilda d. 1855; buried beside John. (Matilda, widow of John, is listed on 242 Laclede '50, b. NC c1810. Married 1827, Gasconade Co Mo; see census on 176 Crawford '30, 213 Pulaski '40. John, and John, Sr. listed on Franklin Co's 1823-24-25 Land & Property List.-

(Admr of estate was Thomas F. Honsinger. Security: Matilda Honsinger, Robert Farris, Isaac N. Davis, and Samuel Rippy. 13 Sept 1845. Heirs: wife Matilda &. 8 ch: Mary Jane; Margaret; Matilda Elvira; William Gillispy; Matilda Angeline; Rebecca Ann; John Franklin, and James Oliver Honsinger, all of Pulaski Co. See Hodges & Woodruff, 1972: MISSOURI PIONEERS vol 16, p. 5 for early Pulaski estates. Both Robert Farris, b. NC c1798, and Samuel. Rippy, b. NC c1807, were on same 1840 Pulaski page as Honssinger.--PETER Honssinger of 234. Pulaski '40 is without trace after 1840 -- can someone account for him, please? Kirk Pearce of Lebanon, who has this line, can't so far identify this other family. Settled in area that was mostly Camden Co by 1850. One Jacob Hornsinger is listed on 117 Boone Co Mo '30 census.

Margaret Honsinger is listed on 1850 Laclede Co Mo Mortality Sked.)

Page 320 Matthew H. Hooker (of 231 Pulaski '40) and Benjamin Hooker III were brothers. Listed on 259 & 254 Laclede ’50 respectively. Matthew was born in Tn in 1809. His brother, Benjamin, was born in NC in 1801. They were the sons of Benjamin Hooker, Jr., and Ann Frizelle Hooker, and grandsons of Benjamin Hooker, Sr., a native of Bertie Co, NC, where he died in 1774.

In 1808 Benjamin Hooker Jr., his wife and eight children, moved from NC to Wilson Co, Tennessee...near Lebanon...established home and remained in Wilson Co until his death in 1834, age 70. Ann Frizelle Hooker died in 1862 in her 93rd year. Matthew Hooker, known as Matt (census agrees) came to Mo ahead of Benjamin. Matt arrived in the latter part of 1841 (sic). Benjamin arrived in early 1842. Their, temporary location was at or near an Indian village called Wyota. Matthew m. Nancy Cloyd in 1829; she d. 1830. One dau, Mary Jane, came to Laclede Co and in. Alfred Case. (See Hist of Laclede for very complete list of Matt Hooker's children. Listed, with his father Benj. Hooker, Jr., in 1830 census of Wilson Co Tn, p. 114. Benjamin Hooker III, b. prob. Bertie Co NC, is listed on 115 Wilson '30. Baswell Persey of 122 Wilson '30 went to 236 Laclede '50; Wm. H. Smith, just below him, went to 205 Pulaski '40. See previous cols. The Leek-Dodd group is on 155 Wilson '30, some apparent distance away.)

Page 325 Paton Hough and wife Sophia with family of four sons came from Highland Co, Ohio. Hough, 1812 veteran, was b. 1790 Virginia.

Page 327 Matthew Neely Houston ('Huston' in '50 & '60 censuses.) was b. 1799 in Ky., the son of Robert and Mary Jane (Neely) Houston. Matthew's grandpars were John and Sarah (Todd) Houston. John b. Ireland  c1726; to US c1730-35 with pars John and Margaret (Cunningham) Houston...settled in Lancaster Co Pa several years, then removed to Va. where purchased land in Rockbridge County, which they called "Timber Ridge." Matthew's father, Robert, b. Rockbridge 1768, took family to Tennessee...his second wife was Mary Jane Neely, and they had one son and three daus, all but one girl born in Kentucky. Jennie was b. Indiana. Robert and fam became members of the So Union Shaker Village in Logan Co, Ky.; in 1827 Matthew became a minister for the Shaker 1832 left Shaker colony and went to Tn where 1833 m. Martha M. Tate in Wilson County...Martha, b. Tn 1810, was dau of Zachariah and Rebecca (Williamson) Tate. She d. Laclede Co 1850. Matthew returned to Kentucky, to South Union, where he d. 29 June 1868. He is buried in the Shaker Cem.

Children: Sarah Jane, wife of John Adam Esther; Nancy m. Isaac Woolf; Robert Z; John Lyle; Adolphus H.; and Matthew N. Houston, Jr., b. 1850. Contributed by: Mrs. Lloyd Knoch, Box 423, Lawson, MO. (Again we refer to Wilson's 1830 census! Zachariah Tate is on p. 102, and just below him is one John W. Tate (00001-0001). John H. Tate of 220 Pulaski '40 and 513 Wright '50 is not. an obvious relative. Williamson and Cloyd fams on 103 Wilson '30...two 1840 Pulaskians were Chas. W. and John Williamson; can't locate Chas., but found a John Williamson on 277 Laclede '50 who was b. Ky. (1823?) wonder if these W folks are from LOGAN Co, Ky.?

Unable to locate George Houston/ Huston (0001001-0000) of 210 Pulaski '40, line 14, in later records. Name is very hard to read...I think it's Huston. Hist. of Laclede does not indicate that Matthew had a bro George.)

Page 335 Aulsey Ivey (1811-1878) was b. NC and d. Missouri; m. in Tn Emily Angeline Newman (1819-1890), b. Tn & d. Mo. Hartwell Ivey, third child, was b. McMinn Co Tn 1841. (Aulsey listed on 260 Laclede '50; one Hartwell Ivey is listed on 133 McMinn '30 census. Labin/Laban Ivey of 232 Pulaski '40 was found subsequently on 675 Camden '5O; reporting NC birth in c1797; may been in Tenn (where?) c1819-33. Other Ivey fams in Camden were Henry & Henderson, both b. Tn. b. Ky c1831, .d. June '49 (Camden Mortality Schedule). Henry may have been listed-in .1830 census of Grainger Co Tn, p. 391; Ivey fams number twenty-five in 1790 NC census.

To be continued next year.