A Genealogy Research column for Pulaski County, Missouri and her neighbors.

by the late Don Vincent of Tacoma, Washington


The Richland Mirror Jan. 10, 1985 No. 161

Other Hughes families listed in 1840 Pulaski group were: JOSEPH - 217 Pulaski '40 (male b. 1770-1780, alone). Listed also on 178 Crawford '30 and 188 Pulaski '50. Census reports he was b. c1790 in North Carolina. King (p 515) defines him as a bro. of old William. He d. single. Thomas Johnson also was listed on p. 217. Moved to Maries in 1818.

WILLIAM HUGHES? (HAUGHS?) (10001-10001). Listed on 219 Pulaski 10 in the Robinson-Musgrave-McElroy neighborhood. No further record, tho one William Hughes m. Bathiar Newberry in Crawford Co. Mo. in 1835. (Woodruff: Crawford Marriages, p. 13. ) correction No. 170


WISEMAN - On the Wiseman family: Brothers Albert G. Wiseman your line (I imagine) were listed in 1840 Pulaski Census study group.

Albert G. Wiseman was listed on 223 Pulaski '40 (000011-203001) and again on 180 Pulaski '50, in which entry he was reported b. N.C. c1804. Birthplace of ch. indicates residency in Tn. in c1831. Poss. dau. Mary America Wiseman b. Knox Co. Tenn. 1823, says Goodspeed, p. 1109. In the 1840 Surname Index many of you bought from me, I see Albert was given the wrong family number. Change "950”to read "754," please. Albert made entry in Maries in 1834. says Goody p. 590.

According to Mr. King, the Wiseman, Copeland, and Taff fams moved to Mo. from East Tennessee. I can add the 1830 census information to the picture viz: 

On my census listings, read 'page number,' 'county,' and 'year.') Albert G. Wiseman: 89 Monroe, '30 (001010001-31001), near Isaac Whitinburg, Turner Climate, and Abraham Whitinburg, who also came to 1840 Pulaski.

Oliver Davenport Wiseman ("Porty”); 147 McMinn '30 (001011-120001). I have not located him in census of 1840 or later. Same with James Wiseman of 232 Pulaski '40 - no info of whereabouts in 1850 tho a poss. son James was listed in Mo. on 673 Camden '50, b. Tn. c1829. Porty's neighbors in 1830 McMinn were:

William Copeland (212001-011001), Joseph Copeland (00001-20001001), Peter Taff (000110001-01211), all on p. 147, and familiar family names Rowden, Lawson, Elder, Vinzant/Vincent. Carnes, Rodgers, Fitzgerald (to Laclede 1852); Moreland, Gresham, Forester, Coffey, Cansler, Boone, and Moss. See McMinn's 1830 census pp 136 to 159.

Nancy Wiseman, b. N.C. c1797, lived with Wm. Rowden fam. on 186 Pulaski '50.

In the 1790 N.C. Census, this family name appears in only three counties: 1) p. 109, Burke Co.; nearby is Martin Devenport; 2) p. 167, Rockingham Co.; 3) p. 177, Rowan County, wherein is listed one James Wiseman. I can't guess which of these fams might have been connected to our Missourians.

We found only three apparent Wiseman listings in 1790 N.C. Census. But, let it be remembered that this particular census is notoriously incomplete. Through the years lotta folks have had an idea that the Government actually might be more interested in men of military age than pure numbers, or planned a new tax—the result was that many families, though definitely residing in N.C. during 1790, do not appear in its Federal Census! As I recall, Pres. Washington himself complained of its inadequacies.

Mrs. Alvaretta K. Register's State Census of N.C., 1784-1787' DOES NOT include the entire State, I was to learn only after purchase. Wayne County, in which listings the Musgrave families should have been found, was omitted without explanation. Ditto Rowan, where the Stockstills were. Others not included are Anson, Beaufort, Brunswick, Craven, Cumberland, Guilford, Hertford, Lincoln, Mecklenburg, Moore, Orange, Randolph, Rockingham, Rutherford, and Wake Counties.

Point is. be aware that even if you come up empty, your family could still have been there, and perhaps further checking in area courthouses is called for. (Yes, ending a sentence with a preposition is a practice up with which I should not put). 

The Richland Mirror Jan. 17,1985 #162


(Ref. S. the Past, Feb. 15, '84 in Maries Co. Gazette-Adviser)

My ancestors were William Copeland, who m. Martha Taff; and their son, Davis Copeland, who m. Sybilla Moss; and their son, Henderson Copeland, who m. Martha Lucinda Roberson, whose daughter was my mother, Eunie Copeland. My father was Lewis Henry Bade. Searching for further info.

Recently I located about one-half dozen Taff graves at the Crismon Cem. near Junction of Highway 42-133 in Maries Co., Mo., my home county. There are Copelands buried in sites in Maries, Phelps and Osage Co's. but I have not yet located the burial place of William Copeland and his son Davis.

Davis Copeland m. Sybilla Moss: Maries Co: census lists Sybilla as the wife of William Moss. He d. about Jan. 1, 1851. Moss had come to Mo. after his first wife and one dau. died. He came here in 1830's with dau. Salina. b. Tn. c1833.

We assume that after Moss died, Sybilla married Davis Copeland, my great-grandfather. We can't locate her maiden name. My grandmother Copeland spoke of her as "Sibie'' and I have a small sampler that she made with S.C. initials, so we believe that Sybilla or Sybil Moss was Davis Copeland's wife. Henderson, son of Davis, was b. July 24, 1862; Davis Copeland and Sybilla Moss could have m. between 1851 and that time.

I assume you have King's Maries County History. I use it a lot, but, of course, it doesn't always have the correct information...

Leonard L. Bade, Rt. 2, Box 506. Rolla, Mo. 65401.

REPLY: So happy to hear from you. as our ancestors ran the same ridges down in Tennessee, it appears. See my reply to Mrs. Lois Malone's letter in previous column. Do you agree with me that your William Copeland is listed on p. 147 of McMinn's 1830 census (212001-011000?

No lack of Moss fams in either McMinn Co. or East Tenn. in general, says 1830 census. In McMinn are Edward. p. 159; Eli,. p. 193; John, p. 175; and William W., p. 148— the latter you note, quite near the Copeland fams. on p. 147. It's likely the fams. Were acquainted, then, before coming to Missouri.

An exhaustive search of records of McMinn, Monroe, Blount, Rhea and Roane Counties is indicated; there are, however, Moss fams. scattered up and down through all these valleys; Sullivan Co. (2); Blount Co. (1); Hamilton Co. (3); Roane Co. (1); Claibone (3); and Bledsoe (1). There MAY BE Moss families still living in that area - try checking telephone hooks and City Directories, available at larger libraries. Same for Copeland, of course.

William Copeland, Sr. was listed on p. 856 of Osage Co., Mo. 1850 census, which reports him born in Tenn. in c1796. King reports his d. as 1862 at Stony Point. His bros., according to King. p. 329f and 351f, were John, b. Tn. c1795, who m. Sewell sisters; Joseph Copeland (of 1830 McMinn, prob.); and Solomon Copeland, Sr., b. JEFFERSON Co., Tenn. in 1804, who m. twice. First wife d. Tenn.; 2nd wife was Malinda Sample. Solomon is on 856 Osage '5O and 542 Maries '60.

Sarah Copeland, sister of Wm. Copeland, Sr., was the wife of 1st ( ) Taff. then Ezekiel Blanton. Ezekiel, b. Ky. c1807, was listed on 855 Osage '50. Sarah, his wife, is reported born in Tn. in c1805. Mr. Blanton poss. came from East Tenn. also -- might be listed on 102 Monroe '30. There's a Vincent Blanton in same county, but I can't identify him.

In John Copeland's household (617 Maries '60) resided one Catherine Sewell. b. Va. c1777, poss. Anna's mother.

Eliz. Yarnell Copeland m. Chas. W. Vinson in 1850, according to Goodspeed's Hist. of Hamilton Co., Tenn., p. 209.


Wish to learn pars. of Harriet Wisdom, b. Mo. c1840. Ann. her sister, m. ( ) Eaton. Her bros. were Miller, Jeff, and Bert. Miller Wisdom, or H. M. Wisdom, was b. c1829 in Mo., while his pars. were from Virginia (this from 1880 Kansas census where he lived by then). In the same census, Harriet lists her parents as from Kentucky.

Mrs. Louise Hawthorne, 2122 Kolmyia. West Bloomfield, MI 48033.

REPLY: Best source of Wisdom wisdom (I couldn't resist, sorry) is Mrs. Jack Powell, Box 657, Quanah, Texas 79252. Her lines were in Cumberland and Barren Cos., Ky. and Lawrence Co. Tn. as well as Camden Co., Mo. Your family should be listed in Index of 1830 Census of Mo. available in many gene libraries. My cardex shows a John and a Pollard Wisdom in 1830 Crawford Co., Mo., p. 171 and 181. Over in 1830 Boone census are listed these same two—John and Pollard Wisdom—but the ages seem different. Search entire 1830 Mo. census. then narrow the evidence through county records.

Two Wisdom fams. were in 1840 Pulaski: William P., b. Ky. c1807, was listed on 1830 Lawrence Co., Tn. census, p. 309, 229 Pulaski '40, then 273 Laclede '5O. Michael S. Wisdom was on 229 Pulaski '40 but moved to Barry Co., Mo. by 1850, p. 384. Michael was b. Ky. c1814. Pollard Wisdom, Sr. was b. N.C. c1780. 

The Richland Mirror Jan. 24, 1985 No 163


I am the great-granddaughter of Matilda Carnes Berry b. 1829, and John Jehu Berry. Matilda's father, Jehu Carnes. and her grandfather. Josiah Carnes. are mentioned in your article published in the Maries Co. Gazette-Adviser of Feb. 15, 1984.

King's Hist. of Maries says the Carnes family came to Mo. from Tenn.; I'm very grateful to know the counties they came from and hope one day to visit there. King reports that Josiah was b. in Virginia, where, exactly?

Searching for country of origin for the Boyse or Boyce family. John Arthur Boyse, b. 1784, m. an Osage Indian girl. He was my mother's great-grandfather.

William and Harriet Davis moved to Maries Co. from North Carolina and settled on Spring Creek. not far from Rolla, in the early 1850's. Need pars, N. C. county of origin. Thank you for your interest, and I hope to see more of your articles in the Gazette.

Eliza Bieber. 3049 E. Lombard, Springfield, MO 65802.

REPLY: One John Berry (on 914 Osage '50) was b. Ky. c1804, of an age to be the father of John Jehu Berry.

With the Berry/Barry surname, remember the possibility that the' name may originally have been "Greenberry" or "Littleberry."


REUBEN BERRY was an 1840 Pulaskian, listed on 232 Pulaski '40 (0001001-0000101) Slaves (100000- 010000). Goodspeed p. 290 reports that he was one of Camden Co's. first settlers, in 1827, on the Dry Auglaize (pron. "AW glaze"). He furnished security in estate settlement of George Dell, who d. intestate (without leaving a will) in Pulaski in 1834.


Reuben Berry was b. Ky. c1795 and, was there as late as 1822, says census on 661 Camden '50. His early listing was on 180 Crawford '30; a JOHN Berry was on adjoining page 179 Crawford '30, b. 1810-1820.

Need some details on him, though. Where born in Kentucky? Wife's maiden name? List of ch. and their marriages? Can anyone help? Appreciate it. 


Josiah Carnes has a special place in "my affections, because he is listed on the SAME PAGE of 1830 Rhea Co. Tn. census as my great-great grandfather, John Vincent. Unfortunately, just as right now I can only guess where in Virginia the Vincents sprang from, so also am I lacking solid Carnes data... Jehu Carnes was b. Va. c1801, says census entry on 891 Osage '50. I have not located Josiah in 1840 or 1850, but his 1830 Rhea Co. Tn. listing defines his birth as 1790-1800. Hold the phone. Something fishy here - how could this Josiah, b. during the decade preceding the birth of Jehu, have been the father?

This Josiah is more probably Jehu's brother, upon closer needs some detective work. Certainly your search should start in McMinn County. One Nicholas Carnes is on 162 McMinn '30, while one Frederick Carnes is not far away on p. 83 of Monroe Co. Tn. 1830 census. There are only two Carnes/Karns families listed in U.S. Govt "First Census" of Virginia (1782-1785) and both are in FREDERICK County...hmmmm.

Glad you saw the Gazette's article; I had hoped for several more letters from the Maries Co. area, but the Vienna, Mo. newspaper somehow doesn't usually print my address, nor the column's title, despite phone calls...unable to fathom this, I have sent few columns lately. The Spring­field Library has a large back-file of these cols.

Also maintaining column files are the Missouri State Archives, Jeff. City; the Mo. State Historical Society (on the U. of Mo. campus. Columbia); the LDS Genealogical Library, Salt Lake City; and the Seattle Main Library. 

The Richland Mirror Jan., 31, 1985 No. 164

List of surnames which will appear.  

Our Man in Chattanooga Reports Tenn. county name guide

Clarence Vincent's ancestors lived in East Tennessee as early as the 1820's. Here is his approved pronun­ciation for nine counties whose names are dangerous to guess. Most Tenn. counties' names are obvious; these are the tricky ones: 

BLOUNT..." Blunt"


LOUDON..."Lowden" (Ow! sound)


MAURY..." Murry"



ROANE..."Roan" (one syllable) SEVIER..."Severe" WEAKELY..."Weekly"

Thanks for the help, Mr. Vincent. An effort should always be made to say local names exactly as do the residents of an area; a searcher gambles on alienating himself in an insular locale, without preparation. Some years ago, a nice lady in Portland told me her grandfather was I from "LAKE-teed" County! (Say it "Luh-CLEED," please.) 

The Richland Mirror Feb. 14, 1985  No. 165

No family information

The Richland Mirror Feb. 21, 1985  No. 166

No family information

The Richland Mirror March 7, 1985 No: 167

Charlotte Austin, Rt. 3, Box 116, Strafford, MO 65757 keeps up with "Sharing the Past" at the Springfield Library, where the cols are being put in a scrapbook. She saw Mary Jane Moore's Bible Records, which included several other families, and it set her to writing a fine, long letter which is one of the best received so far. Due to length, we'll print it in three parts.

(Many of my families were in the same places at the same time as Charlotte's; I bet a quarter we're related in some distant fashion.) The Hillhouses came out of South Carolina to Livingstone Co. Ky. to Lawrence Co Tn, thence to Missouri, reported Charlotte. She gives data on 1840 Pulaskians, too, as you'll see. I'll reserve my comments until we get her whole letter printed. dv. 


Dear Mr. Vincent

Wilson Hillhouse was my great-great-grandfather. He was born in Kentucky on March 22, 1803 and died December 27, 1855. He was on his way home after driving hogs to St. Louis to sell. He must have been close to his home when he died. Because he is buried close to the Gasconade River in Wright County, Missouri —just south of the Laclede County line. This land is known as the Ruben Nobles Farm, it is in Section 24 Township 32 Range 14 Elk Creek Township. Wilson's home was in Section 6 Township 31 Range 13 Montgomery Township. My brother owns this land now.

Wilson Hillhouse married Nancy Montgomery. Nancy was born January 13, 1806 in North Carolina (Probably Buncombe County).She died March 10, 1845 and is buried in the same cemetery as Wilson. I have not been to this cemetery, but I have been told that there are four graves there. After Nancy's death, Wilson married Mary Ann Moore. She was a daughter of James Moore, Sr. (#523 1850 Wright County, Mo.) Mary Ann Moore was married to a Bohannan before she married Wilson Hillhouse. But I cannot find any other information about her first husband; After Wilson died Mary Ann (Moore-Bohan­non) married Sam Rose. He was a widower with four children. Mary Ann Moore was born c1825 and died December 7, 1907. She was buried in the Veasman family plot in the Williams Cemetery not far from Brinktown, Maries County, Missouri. Sam Rose was killed March 11, 1864 by bushwhackers. After Sam's death Mary Ann took his children and her daughter by Wilson Hillhouse, and moved to Maries County. I do not know why she moved there.

Children of Wilson and Nancy (Montgomery) Hillhouse: Sarah, b. 10 Mar 1832, d. 5 Jan 1904, m. Hiram Young; John, b. 29 Jan 1835, d. 18 Aug 1861, Never Married; Newton, b. 9 Oct 1838, d. 2 Feb 1917, m. Charlotte Young; Andrew, b. 27 Feb 1841, d. ?, m. ?; Frances Jane, b. 11 Dec 1843, d. 6 Aug 1925, m. William Bohannan, 'Jr.

Child of Wilson and Mary Ann (Moore-Bohannan) Hillhouse: Martha Ann, b. 13 Feb 1851, d. 1925, m. Frederick Veasman.

Nancy Montgomery was a daughter of John and Sarah (Moore) Montgomery. And a sister of Jefferson, Robert, John, William, Jesse and Easter Ann. Giles County, Tennessee 1850 Census:897-939; Jesse Montgomery, 27, TN: Ann Blackard. 59, NC; Sarah Montgomery, 87, Cyntha A. Montgomery, 18, Elizabeth M. Blackard, 16, A.F. Blackard, 14.

1860 Lawrence County, -Tennessee: 304-227; Bailey, Bookus, 49 M, ALA; Jane, 30 F, TN; Mary J., 12, F, TN; Benj. F., 9, M, TN; Cornelia, 6, F, TN; John A., 3, M, TN; Thomas J., 5/12, M, TN. Montgomery, Sarah, 102, F, NC; Nelson, Jane, 87, F, NC; -252; Nelson, Robert, 36, M, TN; lsabell, 33, F, TN; Mary J., 6, F, TN. Johnson, Ann, 4, F, TN; Robert H., 2, M, TN. 1850 Lawrence County, Tennessee: 260; Bailey, Booker, 37, M, TN; Jane, 22, F, TN; Mary J., 1, F, TN; 261; Nelson, Robert, 26, M, TN; Jane, 62, F, NC; GREEN, Miles, 26, M, TN.

Booker Bailey married Jane Nelson 17 Dec 1845 by Jacob Springer, J.P. Robert Nelson married Izabella White 26 Feb 1853.

Milus M. Green married Julia Harland 31 Dec 1850.

Jane Nelson is Marietta Jane (Mont­gomery) Nelson. This information came from THE GENEALOGICAL HELPER Vol 30, #5, Sept. 1976, page 482 Add #N 11.

I believe Sarah Montgomery is the Miss Moore that was the wife of John. Montgomery referred to in Goodspeed's History Of Wright County, Missouri page 1188:

Prof. Thomas J. Montgomerie. Son of Jefferson and Nancy E. (Anderson) Montgomerie.

"The paternal grandfather of our subject, John Montgomerie, was a native of Ireland, and after immigration to America located in North Carolina. The paternal grandmother was a Moore, and died in Tennessee at the age of one hundred and four years."

Nancy (Montgomery) Hillhouse named her first daughter Sarah. Jefferson and Robert Montgomery named their second daughters Sarah. I think this Sarah Montgomery, age 102, Lawrence County, Tennessee 1860 Census is the wife of John Montgomery and the mother of Nancy (Montgomery) Hillhouse.

Now to the WILLIAM MOORE -ELIZABETH ANN [ ] MOORE BIBLE. Who was Elizabeth Ann ( ) Moore-Sprague-Hart? What relation was she or William to Jefferson Montgomery? (You just don't usually put someone's family record in your Bible unless they are related.

Now for the Youngs: Fielding Young born August 23, 1828 was a son of William Fielding Young and Mary (Young) Young. Fielding married Margaret Evoline Montgomery a daughter of Jefferson and Nancy Evoline (Anderson) Montgomery. Fielding Young is listed in his father's family in the 1850 Wright County, Missouri #121. He died about 1858 and Margaret  Evoline is listed in the William Fielding Young family in the 1860 Wright County, Mo. census.

#69. Edward. Benton Young is also listed with his mother. Evidently sometime after 1860 Margaret Evoline (Montgomery) Young married a Hawkins.

Back to the Hillhouse Family. Wilson Hillhouse was a son of John and Bethia (Sharp) Hillhouse. In the book A GENEALOGY OF THE HILLHOUSE-DICKEY FAMILIES 1639‑1972 by Bessie Hillhouse Young and Ruth Mackey Young, the family of John and Bethia (Sharp) Hillhouse is listed. The daughter Nancy is listed as having married M. A. Wilcox and lived in Wright County, Missouri. I have looked for them in Wright County and other counties in southwest Missouri and cannot find them. However I have found this marriage in Crawford County, Missouri: Moses Campbell and Nancy Bethiah Hillhouse married July 5, 1830. (Recorded August 25, 1832)

1850 Camden County, Missouri: 304; Campbell, Moses, 56, M, SC; Nancy*, 30, F, TN; Robert, 13, M, MO; James, 8, M, MO; John, 6, M, MO; Andrew, 4, M, MO; Margaret, 3, F, MO; Elvira, 1, F. MO.

*If this is Nancy Bethia (Hillhouse) the age is incorrect. Probably should be 50.

John Hillhouse, son of John and Bethia (Sharp) Hillhouse, is said to have gone to Washington and settled hear Soap Lake. I have not been able to find him near Soap Lake. I have been told that he made three trips by wagon train to Washington from Missouri.

I think John and Bethia (Sharp) Hillhouse came to Missouri.

1830 Crawford County, Missouri Census: Hillhouse, John, 0110001-00001001; Hillhouse, Josiah 00001-30001; Hillhouse, Wilson, 00001-1000.

(to be continued) 

The Richland Mirror March 14 1985 No. 168


Richland Mirror 6-23-83: Bohannon----Davis. Is the Timothy Davis mentioned here the same as the one on page 392 GOODSPEEDS HISTORY OF WRIGHT COUNTY, MISSOURI.

1850 Wright Ca., Mo.: 496; Davis, Timothy, 43, M, NC; Kissee, 47, F, VA; Murphy, Betsy, 15, F, TN.

1860 Wright Co., Mo.: 161; Davis, Gabriel H., 33, M, TN; Medaline, 33, F, TN; Kisziah, 49, F, VA.

Wright County, Missouri MO PIONEERS Vol. XXV [Hodges & Woodruff] Timothy Davis' will dated 1 April 1858 (?) Wife Kisiah Davis, all of my property and after her death to my nephew, Gabriel H. Davis...with provision that he is to care for my wife during her lifetime. Exr. Gabriel H. Davis. Wit: Adolphus Wittsey and Peter Shaddy. Rec 23 Mar 1859. L/T granted to Gabriel H. Davis on 23 Mar 1865. Exr. resigned and admr. was granted to William Prock at May term 1865. William Prock being now decd, the court appointed Gabriel H. Davis admr. de bonis non. 13 Aug 1865 (47-50)

Davis Cemetery -- Northwest of Grovespring, Missouri: Davis, G.H., b. 4 Apr 1827, d. 16 Nov 1901; Davis, Mary Jane, b. 9 Mar 1839, d. 13 Dec 1891; one grave, Davis, Timothy, b. 1805, d. 8 Mar 1859.

Mary Jane Davis was the second wife of Gabriel H. Davis. She was a daughter of Isaiah T. and Mary (Moore) Webb.' Mary Jane's' first husband was Nelson Monroe Bohannon. Nelson Monroe Bohannon was a son of William Bohannon, Sr. and Margaret (Odle) Bohannon. I do not think the William Bohannon that is listed on the 1830 Overton Co., TN Census is the William Bohannon that lived in Laclede County, MO.

The reasons I do not think that is the same William Bohannon is:

1.              William and Margarets first child was as a girl. 1 0000 1-000 1

2.              Enoch Odle is not listed in White County. TN in 1830.

3.                   GOODSPEED HISTORY OF LACLEDE CO., MO. page 741. I.M. O'DELL "His father, Samuel O'Dell who was of Scotch-Irish descent, and a native of Tennessee, born in the year 1800, was twice married. He immigrated with his first wife (Cynthia Walker) to Illinois in 1830, and after residing in Macoupin County for six years his wife died. Being discouraged by sickness Mr. O'Dell immigrated to Laclede County, Mo., in 1836. ----"

Now I may have talked myself out of that. I have been looking at my Family Group Sheets on the Bohannons. William and Margaret had a daughter and a son born before 1830. Catherine 1827 and Lewis 1829. The third Child Enoch was born in 1831 in TN. Elijah and William, Jr. were born in Macoupin Co., ILL in 1834, and 1836. The last three children were born in MO. James D. 1839, Nelson Monroe c1844 and Margaret R. c1847.

The O'Dell's (Odle) may have moved to Macoupin County, Ill. before the Bohannons came.

In Ruth O'Dell Webb's OVER THE MISTY BLUE HILLS, she states that Enoch O'Dell (Odle) married Catherine Pryor in Greene County, TN. and removed to Ray County, Mo. by 1820.

A. Maxim Coppage, Concord, CA states that Enoch married Sarah Ramsey in White County, TN.

1850 Wright Co., Me. Census; 507 Johnson, David, 20 M KY; Rebecca (Odle) 26 F TN; Sidney G. 2/12 M MO; 508, Odle, Enoch 75 M NC; Mary 67 F KY.

Was Enoch Odle married three times? He was on the 1820 Census of White County, TN: Odle. Enoch 110110-32110

Laclede County Marriage Records -Book A

29 Apr 1848 David Johnson married Rebecca Odle

Sidney G. Johnson was in the household with William and Margaret (Odle) Bohannon in 1860 Laclede Co., Mo. #341-768.

Can anyone give me a complete list of Enoch Odle's family and wives? Wright County, Missouri Probate Court, Book A., Page 237, August term 1858. Robert F. Cantwell Vs William Bohannan, Admin. of the estate of Enoch Odle, dec.

Abraham Odle Vs- William Bohannan, Admin. of the Estate of Enoch Odle.

Page 245, August 11, 1858 William Bohannan makes Annual settlement of Estate of Enoch Odle. $912.09.

Robert F. Cantwell was a son-in-law of Elijah and Rachel (Odle) Bohannon. William Bohannon and Elijah Bohannon were brothers. Margaret (Odle) Bohannon and Rachel (Odle) Bohannon were sisters.

A deed dated 22, Nov 1855 in Deed Book T. Page 436 White County, TN Register's Office: William Bohannon, Elijah Bohannon, Lewis Bohannon. William McBride of Laclede County, Missouri sell certain interest in estate of Lewis Bohannon to James J. Bohannon.

The children of Lewis Bohannon were probably:

Sons: James J. Bohannon, Elijah Bohannon. Lewis Bohannon, Jr. and William Bohannon.

Daughters: Lucy, Rebecca McBride, Frankey Hargis, Mary Ann Barnes, Sally Stamps, Betsy Fox, one daughter that may have married a Horn and became the mother of Thomas and Dicey Horn, and another daughter may have been the mother of Pat Williams Henry.

William Bohannon. Sr. 1806-1887 m. (1) Margaret R. Odle (O'Dell) c1825 or 1826

Elijah Bohannon 1812-1878 m Rachel Odle (O'Dell) 3 Dec 1829 Lewis Bohannon, Jr. c1822-c1862 m. (1) Sarah Williams 5 Sep. 1841 in White County, TN.

Rebecca Bohannon 1820-1900 m. (1) William McBride 2 Mar 1837 in White County, TN.

William Bohannon Sr. 1806-1887 m. (2) Mrs. Mary Ann (?) Ballinger 27 May 1874 in Laclede County, Mo.

Lewis Bohannon, Jr. c1822-c1862 m (2) Mary Hall 29 Jan 1860 Laclede County, MO.

Rebecca (Bohannon) McBride 1820-1900 m (2) Jesse Hickman 13 Jan 1859 in Laclede County, MO.

John B. Bohannon 1824-1907 m. (1) Elizabeth Easter 5 May 1842 in Roane County, TN. He m. (2) Lucy Wilson 19 Aug 1872 in Laclede County, MO.

John B. Bohannon evidently is not closely related to the other Bohannon families in Laclede County, Mo. John B. and Elizabeth were in Carroll County, Arkansas in 1855. Her father moved to Carroll County. Arkansas sometime between 1850 and 1855. There are several Bohannon families in Carroll and Madison Counties. Arkansas that moved there from White County, TN.

GOODSPEEDS HISTORY OF PHELPS CO., MO. page 650 mentions a George Bohannon. I think he is of this Carroll and Madison Counties. Arkansas group.

Rebecca and William McBride were in Arkansas in 1846.

Back to the Odle (O'Dell). Elizabeth Richardson (1840 Pulaski) 011000-001001 is said to be a daughter of Enoch Odle.

1850 Laclede County, Mo.: 279, Steen, Elizabeth 48 F TN; Richardson, Enoch 21 M TN; Richardson. John 15 M ILL; 280, Shields, Arnet 34 M TN; Nancy (Richardson) 23 F TN; Benjamin T. 10 M MO; Elizabeth 5 F MO; John Henry 4 M MO; Samuel 1 M MO While we are talking about the 1840 Pulaski Census, does anyone have any information:

p. 209 Washington Yates 21000 -102201; p. 209 Thomas Moore 1111001011001; p. 209 Robert Moore 212201 -000001; p. 207 William Bohannon 221001 - 001001; p. 207 Elijah Bohannon 100010-120001; p. 223 William Bohannon 001001- 00001

Who is this second William Bohannon? Could he be the one that was on the 1830 Overton County, TN Census? Or have I made a mistake when I copied this information.

(to be continued)

Richland Mirror March 21,  Page 4 No. 169

Do you know anything about the Moores in Wright County, MO.? 1have several connections with the Moores. I would like to know if they came from the White County, TN area with the Bohannons and the Odles.Or. did they come from the Lawrence‑Giles Counties TN area, with these, Montgomery, Ballew, Wisdom, Nelson etc. families. Or, are they related to the William Moseley and David H. Wade families that came from Hardin County, TN in the 1850's. 

You do realize that when you say the James Massey family (Wright-Laclede County, MO) you could be speaking of anyone of three families!

1850 Wright County, Mo.: 372 Massey, James 45 M TN; Rebecca 45 F NC; Henry 25 M TN; Marsha 23 F TN; Jacob 21 M TN; Sarah 13 F TN; Jefferson 7 M MO; Bamberton, James 37 M KY.


This James Massey's estate was settled in Laclede Co., MO. His land was in the north part of Wright Co. that was given to Laclede County. 1850 Lawrence County, Tn.: 656 Massey, James 28 M TN; Elizabeth 30 F TN; John R. 12 M TN; Sophia L. 9 F TN; David J. 6 M TN; Winny C. 4 F TN; Danl J. 3 M TN; Sarah J. 2 F TN. 1860 Wright County, MO.: 329 Massey, James 38 M TN; Elizabeth 41 F TN; Sophy L. 17 F TN; David J. 16 M TN; Winey C. 15 F TN; Daniel J. 13 M TN; Sarah J. 12 F TN; Polly A. 9 F TN? James W. 7 M TN? Amanda M. 5 F MO; Mau F. 2 F MO.


GOODSPEEDS HISTORY OF WRIGHT CO, MO. PAGE 399. "James Massey (dec), died in Andersonville."

MISSOURI PIONEERS Vol. XXV Hodges - Woodruff Wright Co., Mo Abstract of Wills, Bonds & Admrs., 1864-1874. Page 98. James Massey, D int. Admr. D.H. Crawford, 10 Sept 1866 (95). 1 think this is the 1850 Lawrence County,: TN. "James Massey."


MISSOURI MISCELLANY Vol. II Woodruff. Laclede County - Wills & Administrations Book "A," Wills 1849-1883 & Admrs 1849-1869. James Massey, Sr., int; Henry Massey, admr, 14 Feb 1860. (111). This is the James Massey that was listed in the 1850 Wright County, Mo. Census.


I found the following information in the Probate Records at the Wright County, Missouri Court House: November Term A.D. 1869 - It is ordered by the Court that D.H. Crawford, Admr. of the estate of James Massey, decd. pay to: Sophia Massey $1.59 1/7/100; Catherine Williams $1.59 1/7/100; Polly Ann Crisp $1.59 1/7/100; Sarah Moore $1.59 1/7/100; Elizabeth Massey $1.59 1/7/100; to the guardian of William Massey and Monroe Massey $1.59 1/7/100.

Elizabeth ( ) Massey married James Huckaby sometime after 1880. She is buried at the Moore Cemetery, Union Township, Wright Co., Mo.

Elizabeth wife of James Huckaby 10 Oct 1818 28 Oct 1889; Sophia Massey 12 Oct 1844 6 Oct 1889

Claxton Cemetery, Elk Creek Township, Wright Co.. Mo. Massey, Daniel s/o Jas & Elizabeth —1847 —1862; Massey,' Francis s/o Jas & Elizabeth 9 May 1858 —  1865

Text Box:  
1870 Laclede Co., Mo. Census 101-101 Massey, James 65 NC; Charlotte 63 TN; Elizabeth 30 TN; McBride, Ann 24 TN (dau. of WM &

Rebecca (Bohannon) McBride; Massey, Sarah 21 TN.

102-102 McBride, Wm., 22 Mo 'Son of WM and Rebecca (Bohannon) McBride; Louisa (Massey) 22 TN; Wm. J.T. 3 MO; Sarah M.A. 2 MO; James K.P. 5/12 MO

1880 Laclede Co., Mo. Census 278-291 Massey, James 70 NC - Charlotte 69 wife TN - -; John Oliver 9 gsn MO TN; McBride, Enoch E.' 4 gsn MO MO TN Probably the son of WM & Louisa (Massey) McBride. McBride Cemetery, Franklin Township, Laclede County, MO.


Massey, Charlotte, wife James 11 May 1897 age 90 years; Massey, James 15 Nov 1815 30 Sep 1885

Can anyone tell me the maiden name of Elizabeth ( ) Massey, wife of the James Massey that was on the 1850 Lawrence County, TN Census? Is she related to the Montgomery or Hillhouse families of that County?

1850 Wright County, Mo. 363 Hyatt, J. 33 M NC; Sally 29 F MO; William? 7 M MO; John 4 M M?; Harris, Candsia 10 F TN; Hyatt, William? 1 M MO; Montgomery, Jesse 17 M MO; Samantha 15 F MO; Francis 12 F MO; Robert 10 M MO; Thomas 7 M MO; Who were the parents of these Montgomery children. What happened to them. Their names are names used by the Montgomery's generation after generation, except Samantha.




Samuel Montgomery b. 1732, Lancaster Co. Pa., m. Elizabeth McElroy 1753, R.S. from Lancaster Co., Pa., thence to Mecklenburg Co. N.C., thence to Ga., thence to Giles Co., Tn. where died 1808. + Gilbert Oneal of Ala. b. Sep. 27; 1815, m. Feb. 9, 1837, Caroline or Carrie America Green b. Apr. 30, 1819, of Marengo Co. Ala.; 3 ' children in his will: Wm. Bridges Oneal, Mary Henton Oneal and Carrie Adelia Oneal; in Claiborne Par., La. 1850 Census. Her father was Wm. Green, b. c1783, Ky.; who was mother? + Abraham Womack b. bet. 1744-1750, Va., m. 1st Judith Minter bef. 1775, N.C., R.S. from Chatham Co. N.C., sold 1786 land, to S.C., in Wilkes Co., Ga. 1785, Greene Co. 1789, later to Hancock Co.; d. 1808. Jones Co., Ga.; had sons Charles and Wm. b. 1772, d. 1803, Hancock; who was his wife: Abraham Minter m. Elizabeth Combs Robinson Sep. 8, 1825, Crawford Co. Ga.; moved to Grimes Co. TX bet. 1830-35. Need additional data on all these, and will exchange. Mrs. I.E. Thiele, 5525 Concord Rd., Beaumont, Texas 77708

The last letter I had from Lazell Houck was dated May 25, 1982. Her address was 1717 West Lakeview, Stillwater, OK 74074.

Families I am interested in:

Nicholas Dudley Austin - 1860 Wright Co. from Graves Co., KY; William Moseley - 1860 Wright Co. from Hardin Co., TN; David H. Wade - 1860 Wright Co. from Hardin Co., TN; Robert W. Hardin - 186Q Wright Co. from Hardin Co., TN; Philip A. Austin - 1860 Wright Co. from Weakley Co., TN; Samuel M. Austin - 1860 Wright Co. from Dickson Co., TN?; Montgomery - 1830 Crawford Co. from Giles-Lawrence Cos. TN; Hillhouse - 1830 Crawford Co. from Giles- Lawrence Cos. TN; Bohannon - 1840 Pulaski Co. from White TN-Macoupin ILL; Odle - 1840 Pulaski Co. from White. TN-Macoupin ILL; Wm.. McBride - 1850 Laclede Co. from White TN-Macoupin ILL; Jesse Hick­man - 1860 Laclede Co. from Green Co., MO.; James Moore, Wright Co. ? ? ?; Robert Moore, Wright Co. ? ? ? Josiah Calton son of Wilson Calton #602 Wright Co. 1860. Josiah married Martha Elizabeth Austin. They moved to Arkansas. Where? Martha Elizabeth Austin was a daughter of Nicholas Dudley and Mary "Polly" (Perkins) Austin. Josiah and Martha are listed on the 1880 Wright County, Mo. Census, Montgomery Township 120-133.

I hope this will be of interest and help to you. Charlotte Austin

Rt. 3, Box 116, Strafford, MO 65757. Telephone: 1-417-736-2426.

REPLY: You'll want to check past columns for more info on the Montgomery, Hillhouse, Odle, Hickman, and Calton families.

Jonathan Yates, of 208 Pulaski '40 (111001-22001), reappears on 20 Texas '50, born S.C. c1802. Still in Texas Co Mo in 1860, house 642, p. 1063.

Washington Yates, of .209 Pulaski '40 (210001-102201), was listed in Laclede census in 1850 on p. 275. Born Tn c1798; there until 1834; Ill in '35. Goodspeed reports a Laclede land entry in 1857: Twp 32, Range 13, on p. 26. One Washington Yates m. Rachel Clarke in Ray Co Mo in 1836 (Ray Marriages). Washington was quite likely his middle name as we have previously discussed. One George Yates (002011-000101), listed on p. 368 of the 1830 Census of Warren Co Tn MIGHT be your man. On p. 354 of same census are William M. Robinson (10011-10001) and Roysdon Robinson (221001-100001). William is poss. same man who appears on 206 Pulaski '40 (spelled 'Roberson'). King's Hist of Maries p. 697 says William was a bro of Stephen Roberson and ROYSDEN Roberson, Sr.; prob. oldest of the three.

Thomas Moore of 209 Pulaski '40 is lost to my view after his listing, but I can report that Robert Moore, next door to Thomas in 1840, was listed in Wright Co in 1850 on p. 542, b. Va c1794. Birthplaces of ch. put him in Tenn from about 1825 to 1836; he was in Mo. by 1836. Wright's 1860 census carved six years off his age, making him b. c1800, still in Virginia Page 359 of Goodspeed Hist of Wright says he lived on the Gasconade River in 1840. Thomas' next door neighbor in 1840, Elijah Prock, was b. N.C. c1783 and was in Tenn c1832. I believe he was listed on p. 93 of 1830 census of Monroe Co, Tennessee. Robert Moore, of p. 98 same census, appears a doubtful match. Silas Prock of 209 Pulaski '40 was, in my opinion, listed on p. 96 of 1830 Monroe census. Can anyone confirm?


There are two William Bohanans listed in 1840 Pulaski census, as Charlotte indicates, and one of them quite probably came from 1830 Overton Co Tn census, p. 183. John Smelsor of 223 Pulaski '40 was listed on same Overton page.

Also from 183 Overton '30 was probably James Worthen of 223 Pulaski '40. Worthen's 1860 Pulaski-listing on p 328 states he was b. S.C. c1801 and had reached Missouri by about 1840.

Our sincere thanks to Charlotte Austin, Rt. 3, Box 116, Strafford, MO 65757.


The Richland Mirror March 28, 1985 No. 170

CORRECTION: In col #161, (Mirror Jan 10, '85): some words were omitted in fourth paragraph. We meant to say: "WISEMAN

On the Wiseman family: Brothers Albert G. Wiseman and James Wiseman (perhaps not your line. I imagine) were listed in the 1840..." etc. Please reference this correction on your clipping of #161. Haven't yet heard where in N.C. the family lived. Anyone have this, out there?


The Federal Gov't ordered that, for the census of 1850 and 1860, a list be made of all persons who had expired during the year previous to taking of the census. These "Mortality Schedules" have become scattered, over the years, and sometimes have been lost or destroyed. I didn't learn that my great-great grandfather was listed on the 1850 Pulaski Mortality Schedule until I finally wrote to the Mo. State Historical Society at Columbia and asked for a copy of the data. The Ozark Gene. Society published this schedule a few years ago, but I want to put it in this series too, for your convenience. Headings are: Name, Age, Sex, Marital Status, State of birth, Month in 1850 of death, and Disease or Cause of death.

ASARIAH DAVIS, 80, Male, Married, Va., Sept, unreadable.

( ) BRYANT, infant, Female, blank, Mo, Oct, unknown.

JOHN H. VINSON, 65, Male, Married, VA., March, unknown.

ROBERT WOOD, 40, Male, Married, N.C., April, Pneumonia

( ) FINDLEY, 1/12. Male, blank, MO, Aug, unreadable.

WILLIAM LONG, 39, Male, Married, Ky.. April, Pneumonia.

( ) DODGE, 1/12, Female, blank, MO, April. unknown.

ISABEL TEASLEY, 76, Female, Widowed, N.C., May, unknown. ( )

McCOURTNEY, infant, Female, blank, MO, March, unknown.

THOMAS CARSON, 17, Male, blank. Tenn. Sept, Diarhea.

PARILEE RICHARDSON, 22, Fe­male, Married, Tenn, March, Dropsy.

ELLIN ( ) KNAP, 5, Female, blank, Mo, Decr, unknown.

JOSHUA KNAP, 53, Male, Married, Ky., March, Consumption.

JACOB STUART, 50, Male, Married, Penn., July. Consumption.

(Pearly?) JORDAN, 25, Female, Married, Tenn., July, unknown.

MARTHA JORDAN, 3/12, Female, blank, Mo, Oct.. Unknown.

At top of schedule: "Schedule 3. Persons who Died during the Year ending 1st June, 1850, in District No. 73, being the County of Pulaski State of Missouri, enumerated by me, James P. Harrison, Ass't Marshall.

COMMENTS: Notice that the babies had not been named. Infant mortality rates were very high -- over 50 percent -- and the pain of loss was increased, seemingly, if the babe took with it one of the family names. Some children didn't win a name until the family judged that they would survive pioneer life.

Ellin Knap's middle initial resembles a 'J.' but can't be sure. 

Note that Pulaski territory in 1850 included part of what would later be considered Phelps and Maries Counties. Asariah Davis was listed on 218 Pulaski '40 (011000001-00000001), and so was Jacob Stuart/Stewart (1001001-010101). Jacob had previously appeared on p. 181 of 1830 Crawford Co Mo census. One Jacob Stuart married Elizabeth Bristo July 11, 1827 (Woodruff: Gasconade Marriages]. One Elizabeth Stewart is listed on 231 Pulaski '50 and 285 Pulaski '60, b. Ga c1803; her ch. were b. Mo by 1838. Eight Stewart/Stuart fams are present in 1840 Pulaski: James of p. 200 d. intestate; bond Pulaski 1844 (Woodruff). John Stewart of p. 205 MAY have been listed ten years later on 229 Laclede '50. George and David Stewart of p. 214: nothing further. Michael Stewart of p. 217: no trace. Masoner Stewart of 222 Pulaski '40 was b. Ky. c1816, says his listing on 531 Wright '50. Last in the clan was Samuel P. Stewart of 228 Pulaski '40 who d. int. in Pulaski also; bond was dated 1840. It is possible he was listed in the 1830 census of Rhea Co.. Tenn., p. 373.


There are several indications that at least a few of the Stewart family came from the Rhea/McMinn/Roane Co Tn area: one Hamilton Stewart is listed on p. 140 McMinn census, and a Hamilton C. Stewart is listed on 825 Osage '50, b. Tn c1813. One Vincent Stewart, b. Tenn c1828, is listed on 828 Osage '50. Everett King, p. 510, reports he m. Mary A. James. One George Stewart was listed on 2 Roane '30 and in John Vincent's 1821 Roane Militia Company. Both S. and V. fams are listed, for several years, in Rea Co Tax Lists. Nothing conclusive, but worth mentioning, I think.

ROBERT WOOD was probably from 222 Pulaski '40 (200001-01001). One Robert Woods furnished (with John Cook) security bond in the 1843 estate settlement of John Williams (Wood­ruff.)

WILLIAM LONG may have been listed on 219 Pulaski '40 (00001­20001). His apparent widow was Elizabeth, b. Ind. c1813, of 211 Pulaski 'SO. Next door to William in 1840 was James Long (00001-1001) who in the 1850 Pulaski listings, p. 273. stated he was b. Ky. c1815.

The Richland Mirror April 4, 1985 No. 171 


My great-great grandmother was Sarah/Sally Copeland Taff Blanton. She  m. Ezekiel Blanton. Desire death date and burial site for Sally and Ezekiel. She was alive in 1880, living with her daughter Caroline Blanton Brasier in Boone Twp, Maries County.

Ezekiel Blanton died in Miller Co about 1864.

What became of Sally's dau Eliza Blanton Crismon? She is said to have m. Isaac ("Ike") Crismon. She was still alive in 1864 when father Ezekiel's estate sale was held in Miller County.

We are preparing a "Book" on the connections Barnhart, Ge'Feller, Hoover, Seaton, Cowan and related families. Also, a Burd book.

See you on the inky trail.. we've got scads of other questions.

Ralph & Nina Barnhart, Rt. 1, Warrensburg, MO 64093. 


William Lanch/Lance Graves, b. Sept 9, 1949, was the son of Lance Graves; he resided in Camden Co about 1880. He m. 1870 Evelyn/ Eveline York. William lived mostly in Pulaski County. He m. my mother in 1889; I am a child of the second marriage.

Would appreciate any information. Gladys M. Graves, % Marvin C. Graves, 470 Nassau St., Morro Bay, CA 93442. 

STINNETT: answer to inquiry in Mirror May 3, 1984 (this col is unnumbered as printed but it is #128) Mrs. Dorothy (Riggs) Earls, of 1965 Lullaby Lane, Anaheim, CA 92804, writes:

"I too have connection to the Stinnett surname, and I agree with Peggy, this is a difficult name to research. My line arrived in Arkansas via Ky. Tenn, and Virginia. The m. rec. of my g-grandfather, Abner Stinnett. is found in Independence Co, Ark., in 1822. He m. Patsy McAdoo. Patsy is later found on the 1850 census of Fulton Co, Ark., as head of household. These children's names are similar to your Stinnett inquiry, so I wondered if there could be a connection there. Alice (Stinnett) Watson, 117 S. Ave D, Portales, New Mexico 88130, has published a book on her Stinnett family."


Desire info on Thomas Bilderback. listed in 1840 census Pulaski County. Esp. interested in his will or probate of his estate, and in names of issue. Any information appreciated.

Ruby Murphy, . 424 Maelln Drive. Webster Groves, MO 63119.

REPLY: Three Bilderback (sometimes 'Bidderback') fams. are found in 1840 Pulaski: your Thomas, plus Charles and Daniel.

THOMAS, p. 713: 0020001-010001. No trace after 1840. Nearby neighbor fams Keltner and Tippit came from Lawrence Co Tn; John Elam came from Warren Co Tenn; his father Lemuel was previously in Warren Co.

CHARLES, p. 235: 1022100 1- 1100001. Goodspeed, p. 25, reports he lived 1835-1840 in that part of Laclede taken from Wright County. Lived "at the head of Jones Creek. No other data.

DANIEL, p. 228: 1011001-021311. In Laclede census of 1850, p. 264: b. Va. c1793; in Ohio c1829-34, then Illinois. On 322 Laclede '60, same data. Goodspeed, p. 693, carries excellent family sketch, too long to quote here. Daniel had a son Thomas, b. Wash. Co. Pa. 1822 (not your man, obviously, but worth noting -- fams are prob connected.)

Another prob son of Daniel was Samuel, b. Pa c1822, on 267 Laclede '50; nearby was Thomas Bilderback, b. Pa. c1824...census, as usual, off a bit.


I shouldn't be too surprised if Jacob Bilderback of 1830 Blount Co Tn census. p. 251 (who m. Polly Probst in Knox Co Ten 1810?) turned out to be related to our Laclede Co Mo family...Daniel settled right in the midst of East Tenn fams Shields . Roane); Newport (prob Roane); Lowrance ("E. Tenn."); Whittenberg Monroe); Edington (wife of V. Garner) (Roane); Hargus (prob Marion) and Spragen (Sprague? see Bible recs of Mary Jane Moore) (poss Monroe).

Quickly scanned Virginia's incomplete 1790 "census" as Daniel's year of birth hit close to that time; no Bidderback/Bedderback, Belderback, Bilderback found...


Robert C. Blankenship, mentioned in Aug 4, '83 Mirror inquiry by Mrs. L. B. Starr, was my great-great-great grandfather. Searching for his pars. He was b. Va in 1798 -- don't know the county. His dau Mary E. Blankenship, b. Ten 1824(?) married John Cummins. John was b. Mo. 1807/ 1808; Mary was his 2nd wife. After her death, he m. her sister Virginia Catherine.

Who were pars of John Cummins? His bros and sisters? Family supposedly was from Festus, Mo. vicinity. I have found the fams through the 1840-1850-1860-1870 etc. censuses; also visited the area and was able to find some information in Webster County.

Can anyone tell me who Celia ("Sealy") Pegg was; according to Mrs. Starr she was Blankenship's first wife. Barbara Brummett, 902 Columbia, Ellensburg, WA 98926.

Text Box: T                T
You have a very large choice of Blankenship fams in early Virginia to select from; a great many of them ("a big nest" a friend used to say) settled early in what is now West Virginia. Hope we'll encounter a reader with something more about our Blankenship and Cummins families.

The Richland Mirror April 11, 1983 No. 172


Ron Floyd, 20916 42nd Ave. S. E.. Bothell, WA 98021. writes: "...Reviewing the material you sent immediately brought me to the conclusion that we may have been discussing two different F. M. Musgraves during our conversation the past week.

I have enclosed copies of census records from 1850 to 1900 tracing the Pulaski County F. M. Musgraves, almost from cradle to grave. I have no way yet of determining who his mother was—could have been either Anna Robertson/Robinson or Sarah Nelson Maxey Musgrave.

This Francis Marion Musgrave took his own life at age sixty-two by drowning himself in a well–I understand he was in great physical pain during the last years of his life, but do not know what the ailment was. He is reported to be buried in the Baptist cemetery at Antioch, Mo.

Persons giving eulogies at his funeral were Amos (?) Walters. Vic Burner, John Kennamer (?) and Andrew Ross. Two booklets...1892 & 1893...related to Musgrave and were/are supposedly located in the Baptist Church offices in Conway. Mo. This information was provided to me by Nola (Floyd) Huskey and Laverne (Cross) Bogle. Laverne has the Floyd family Bible... this information was probably written by Orlena Missouri Musgraves.

As you will note in the 1850 Pulaski census, F. M. (Marion) was living with John and Jane Killman. I have a hunch that Jane is a Musgrave (but that's all it is.)

(The 1840 census of Morgan Co lists one) 'Burrett Mukgrave.' His name is listed in one compiled index as 'Burrett Mukgraw' but there is little. doubt in my mind that the final two letters are 'ye.' ...I presume you have already reviewed this record... (No, this is the first time I've ever known where Bennet was in 1840, as I hadn't searched 1840 Morgan Co. dv.) "...I think if you analyze the handwriting in (the Davy Crockett Deed of Gift, in Lawrence Co Tn in 1820's) (you will notice that) the two sisters (of Bennett) are Nancy and AMY (not Anny). I finally based my conclusion on the word “my” found almost center page. Buchanan's m's look like run-away n's. What do you think?


REPLY: Thank you so much for the help. Cousin. Quoting from your - enclosure, Bennett's 1840 family stats are (211101-111101), on p. 430:- Would copy off his neighbors for reader reference, but the handwriting is really quite careless, concealing haste with curliques. A few recognizable names: Joseph H. Bates (112001­201001), Joseph Wilhite (01000001- 110001). and Wm. Moore (11001- 000111.

In your enclosure of the 1850 Calif. census, Bennett is listed on p. 133 of 'Nappa' Valley: age 47, born Tennessee, confirmation of the Goodspeed data. With him is Thomas Musgrave, b. Illinois indication that Bennett is, indeed, linked to Thomas Musgrave of Lawrence Co Tenn.

Francis M. Musgrave in 1880 census of Gasconade Twp. Wright Co Mo, reports his birthplace as Missouri, and his pars birthplace as KENTUCKY! His wife's stats match his. Could he have been gone, and this report given by the wife?

Would account for the discrepancy. I note that F. M. named a boy Lemuel; so did 'Fite' Musgrave, bro of my great-grandmother.

I can't agree yet that Bennett's sister's name was Amy rather than Anny because there isn't a single repeat use of it that I have yet discovered. We will print the deed and let the reader decide. Then, too, there may be a desc of Amy/Anny Musgrave out there, who can put us right...

You may be interested to know that I spent quite a lot of time on the telephone in the 1960's calling Ardmore. Oklahoma, to try to find aMusgrave family, because the late Mary Laughlin Cook said that's where many of our family moved, in the 1900's. This was confirmed from many others. Fite Musgrave is buried at Ardmore, which seemed a gathering point for the family. I did find a Musgrave in Ardmore. She was black.

Through Dewell Bennett Musgrave, Jr., a desc of Fite and Lemuel, I learned of Philip Musgrave in San Antonio. Texas, who told me that Bennett had a bro Calvin Musgrave listed in 1850 Caldwell Co, Texas. census. Mary L. Cook told me to contact Mrs. A. B. Bone of Ardmore. She was a dau. of Sylvester Musgrave, a cousin of Mary’s. Lafayette (Fite) was her grandfather. In a phone call of 1974, she said that she was b. in 1893. She had been told by Col. Philip Musgrave that Fite was a son of Bennett. and that Bennett was a son of Thomas. No proof. She visited Mo. in 1961 or 1962 with her husband. Ella said that buried at Ardmore are her mother and father, Fite and wife Mary Wood, and "many cousins."


A well-typed letter from Ella in 1974 contained this vital paragraph:

"My mother Belle (3rd in line) was married to Wm Sylvester Musgrave, BOTH DESCENDANTS of THOMAS MUSGRAVE born in 1775 in North Carolina. Thomas had three sons: Bennett, Burl and Calvin. My mother is from the Bennett line and father from the Burl line." (Belle was a daughter of Fite Musgrave; ergo, Fite .was Bennett's son. dv.)

Richland Mirror April 18, 1985 No. 173


In 1965, Mary Wood Nichols of Richland, Mo. reported that Fite Musgrave's wife Mary was a sister of George Wood, and that they were the ch. of Thomas A. Wood, b. 1800-1810/ d. prob before 1850, and Rebecca, dau of Reuben Morgan and Elizabeth Dowell; she was b. c1819 in Tenn. I tried to call Mary Jan 23rd but could not get a phone number; no one answered when I called her dau Pauline (Mrs. Claude) Laughlin. Wanted to ask Mary her source of information on the parentage of Rebecca Morgan Wood...Ella Bone sent me an old letter from Dewell B. Musgrave, also setting out this relationship. On the phone, Ella told me that Carroll Musgrave did not come to Ardmore, but died in Missouri and is buried at Palace Cemetery. No marker.

Col. Philip C. Musgrave of 408 Arcadia Place, San Antonio, wrote Ella that Thomas Musgrave was b. in N.C. 1775 (?) and that his sons were Bennett, b. 1803 Jackson Co., Tn.; Calvin, b. 1805 GILES COUNTY, TN; and Burrell Musgrave, b. 1800 Jackson Co Tn.

Col. Musgrave reported that Burrell married Olive Robertson, b. Tenn., and that their children were: Elihu, b. 1830 Illinois; Alexander, b. 1833 Illinois; Jasper N.. b. 1834 Illinois.

Remainder of ch. were born in Mo: Levi, Olive. Burrel, Jr., Calvin, Nancy M. and James Harvey Musgrave. Burrell and wife, Olive, traveled through Illinois to Pulaski Co., Mo. Burrell’s bros Bennet H. and Calvin also moved to Pulaski.

Burrell's sons, James Harvey, Burrel and Calvin joined their uncle Calvin in Texas. Several of the other boys went to Oklahoma; James H. Musgrave m. Callie Walker in 1872 in San Antonio.


From Ronald Wilson Floyd's bar chart (Ron was b. at Ardmore in .1938):

'James Robert Floyd and (can't make this out -- dv.) Wsely(?) Ann Hope were the pars of William Robert Floyd, b. 1862 Illinois. He m. 1883 Orlena Missouri Musgrave, dau of Francis Marion Musgrave and wife Mary Columbia ( ). Wm. R. Floyd d. Ardmore, Okla. 1930.

James Francis Floyd, son of Wm. R., was b. Seymour, Webster Co Mo 1884; he m. 1906, Lora James Irvin. She was b. 1890 in Pickens Co., Indian Territory and d. 1976 in Ardmore, the dau of William Anthony Irwin and Mary Caroline Roach. John B. Roach and Mary Ann McIntosh were Mrs. Irwin 's parents. James F. Floyd d. 1958 at Ardmore.

Wilson William Floyd was a son of James F., b. 1913 Ardmore; he m. 1936 Pauline Elizabeth Mock.


Francis Marion Musgrave, b. Pulaski 12 Dec 1842, d. July 4. 1905 in Wright County, Missouri. Desire maiden name of his wife, Mary Columbia ( ), b. Feb 25, 1843. Children were:

Lemuel, b. Jan 25, 1862; m. 1897 Dora B. Dedman.

Orlena Missouri, as above.

Charles F., b. Mar 6, 1869.

Lorena B., b. Mar 9, 1871.

Cyrus, b. 29 May 1872.

Micy/Nicy E., b. Oct 17, 1873.

George, b. Feb 6, 1875.

Louisa, b. Dec 10, 1876.

Mary, b. May 20, 1878.

Docia, b. Mar 23, 1880.

William, b. Sept 13, 1881.

Cora Alma. b. May 16, 1883.

Many thanks to Ron Floyd of Bothell. Wa. for these records.


The Richland Mirror May 2 1985 No. 174

Is it Anny or Amy? Here is a reproduction of the Deed of Gift given in Lawrence Co Tn in 1821 by David Crockett to the two Musgrave sisters, apparent daus of Thomas Musgrave. The Anny/Amy name appears twice: line 2 and line 11.

Without prejudicing your judgment, permit me to say that -- not only is "Amy" a name not found in later generations thus far, but I fail to see it in what I assume to be our ancestral family in North Carolina and Tennessee. “Ann” is a popular choice with the family.

Dr. Fred Nelson reports that Mr. Crockett married a Montgomery girl and was one of the first to settle in Middle Tennessee; a fine Nelson family outline is on the way toward print, by the way. The families Montgomery, Nelson, Welch, Maxey, Casey, Ross, Wisdom, Hillhouse, Tippitt, Keltner, Sullivant, and Robinson/ Robison/Roberson were in Lawrence Co in those years, and later came to Pulaski Co Mo by the time of the 1840 census. Other names of record in both places were probably Crisp, Moore, Gresham, Springer, Woolsey, Strickland, Kendrick/Kin­dreck, Poteet, and Tracy/Tracey. Families follow one another to greener pastures, then as now. Be glad to hear from modern-day descendants of these Lawrence Co in families, to confirm or contradict these suppositions.

Goodspeed's Hist. of Lawrence says (p 749ff) that first settlements were made on Big Buffalo River in 1815. "The settlers came chiefly from North Carolina."


The Richland Mirror May 9, 1985 No. 175


Your name and address were given to me by Avlyn Dodd Conley...My great-great grandparents were Hugh Dodd and Martha Vinsen/Vinson/ Vincent. Martha was supposed to be a Penn. Dutch girl, but the census says she was born in Tennessee. She died in Lebanon in 1866.

Ch. of Hugh and Martha Vinson Dodd:

James Dodd, who d. an infant; John Dodd, who d. at age 22; Thomas Jefferson Dodd, b. 1859, d. 1907, Coshocton, Ohio. My great grand­mother was the next child: Nancy Jane. She was b. Feb 25, 1863, and d. Mar 15, 1935 at Pratt, Kansas.

William Jasper Dodd was youngest, b. Feb 14, 1867 Lebanon. He d. Aug 14, 1937 in Fayetteville. Arkansas. Martha died when Will was 3 months old. Hugh gave the kids away and remarried.

Anything you can tell me about Martha or Hugh would be helpful. Joan Robey, 625 Juniper. Green River, WY 82935.

REPLY: Well, I'm sure glad Mrs. Conley referred you! Martha is clearly a dau of my great-great grandfather, John H. Vincent, whose Pulaski estate was probated as described in previous cols. Never knew what became of Martha. until hearing from you. Neither Mrs. Conley nor I have yet traced Hugh.

You surprise me, with the phrase `Martha was supposed to be a Penn. Dutch girl..."


The only tradition I ever heard about the Old World origins of the V. family was from my father, who -- when pressed -- told me the Vincent name was French. Through childhood and school, I considered myself French and usually identified myself as a poor French peasant in the motion pictures I saw and the books I read.

I was to learn many years later that Dad had independently reached his Gallic conclusion because he had learned French easily, while stationed in Paris near the close of the first World War.

The name COULD be French. Or anything else.

Dad thought the Wolfe family, his mother's, was English. THIS was based on the fact that a famous British Army general was named Wolfe.

One cannot depend on one's parents to tell more than they know. Dad may have told me what I WANTED to hear,


If the V. family WAS "Pennsylvania Dutch" (i.e. from the German Palatinate), they may have been part of the migration from Pa. to the Southern and Western States, along with the Musgrave families. No lack of Vincents in Quaker records...

However, this is purest speculation. Fun, but you may as well dance with your sister.

Fact is, a study by the Feds ("A Century of Population Growth," Gov't Printing Office, Washington, 1909) declares rather clearly that in 1790 the Old South States of Georgia, Kentucky and Tennessee were overwhelmingly English in composition (p. 121) if one can fairly judge by determination of surname origin. In all three States, proportions were 83% English, 11 % Scotch ('Scottish' is preferred), and a surprisingly-low 2/2 % Irish.

German, Dutch, and French were next highest. In Table 48 on p. 121, "Nationality as Indicated by Name," in all of post-revolutionary America the proportions were 82.1% English, 7% Scotch, 1.9% Irish, 2.5% Dutch, 0.6% French, and 5.6% German. "All Others" were counted at 0.3%.

The British Isles, then, gave America her major influx before 1790. The chances that one's forefathers came from Britain are better than nine out of ten (if the family arrived here before 1790) according to this study. It is no accident that most of the names atop our query items look as though they'd be right at home in Ireland, Wales, Scotland. or Olde Englande herself.

Only one Missouri family line of mine correctly remembered its European roots. Great-grandmother Musgrave was Irish. and knew it.

MANY American Colonial records still exist in the U.K.; several Stateside publishers are now making them available for the first time.


Working on these family names (to mention the most important ones.) M) late husband's mother was a Breeden the dau of Abraham Breeden and the g-dau of John Breeden. I am really interested in finding out more about him. Abraham was b. Roane Co Tn 1838 and d. Maries Co Mo 1919. We think the fam. came to Mo about 1841 and John m. Mary Forrester. But we do not know if she was the mother of Abraham or a stepmother.

Have lots on the Elrod fam from the time they came to America in 1709 but need more on Missouri branch of then family. My mother was Harriet S. Elrod, dau of Thomas Benton Elrod, b. N.C. but came to Mo through Indiana. Lillina A. Doyle, 2566 S. Lansing Way, Aurora, CO 80014.

REPLY: Our past cols have contained much data on the Breeden (E. Tn.) and Shockley (Va) families. There were TWO John Breedens, in the early of them was "Crooked-Mouth" John, reports desc. Gary Breeden of Phillips­burg. Mo. The Forrester clan also came from same Roane/Rhea/ McMinn Co Tn area. Welcome to our East Tenn group!

The Richland Mirror May 16 1985 No. 176


Have tried for a long time to find the pars of Thomas Lowry/Lowery, b. Jan 1800 prob N.C.; m. 1820 in Warren Co Ky to Cinderilla Breedlove. They removed to Mo around 1830. They both d. in 1858.

Also, Susan Lowry/Lowery, b. 1808/9, (one census listing says S.C.), m. Reuben Turner Bolles 1829 in Warren Co Ky; they got to Laclede Co Mo by 1856. Think they were in Tenn and Ill for a time. Susan d. 1863. Reuben 1889.

Pretty sure Susan's father was Wm Lowry who d. 1816 Warren Co Ky.; 1 imagine Thomas and Susan Lowry were cousins.

Ellen Byrne, 8566 Lancaster Dr.. Rohnert Park, CA 94928. 


Seeking early data on surname of Ballinger, Ballenger. Would like to correspond and exchange data with desc living in Waynesville area.

Mrs. A. Ballinger, 247 W. William, Corning, N. Y. 14830.



Thomas B(?) Daniels is listed in the 1850 Census of Pulaski in house #161 (163 Pulaski '50. dv.) at age 54, b. Va. with four children. No wife listed. Three of Thomas' children were m. in Roane Co Tn in 1840; Louisa, b. Va c1817 m. Thomas Forrester; Nicholas, b. Va c1819, m. Malinda Forrester, and Jabes, b. Va c1820, m. Christina Rigg. Next ch. was Ebenezer Johnson Daniels, b. Tn 1822, who m. 1851

e Crawford Co Mo Lucy Feeler. Others were Cansade, b. Osage Co Mo c1824. who m. John Knight; Julia Ann, b. Tn 1831, who m. 1850 Geo. Washington Snodgrass; Adaline, b. Tn 1834, who m. 1st Marion Duncan and 2nd Noel Hazard; and Mahala. born 1836, who m 1856 Archable Feeler.

Do you have anything on the Roane Co Tn Milita Company of 1821 you mention in one of your cols...perhaps I might find my Thomas Daniels there." Wanda Hodge, P.O. Box 389, Rolla, MO 65401.

REPLY: Tried to phone you Sunday, Feb. 3. Left a message for you with our mutual friend Lois Brown, there in Rolla, with whom I've been chatting the last few days.

Glad to tell you that I believe you will find your Thomas listed in the 1830 census of Roane Co Tn. p. 27. Also, one Thomas Daniel was a Roane Juror, called to serve in Oct 1816 term. ' Thornton: Pioneers of Roane Co Tn., 965, Rockwood, Tn., p. 57)

I can't print all of Roane's 1821 Militia names (Thornton, p 88f). Many the families never appear in 'Missouri, anyway. But most of these should "ring a bell" in our ten-county area:




Capt. Eblen's Co.: BENJAMIN SHIELDS. 

Another Roane reference, Marilyn McCluen's Roane Co Tn Estate Book "A," 1801-1824, p. 89, lists the following names, among others, who attended a sale of the worldly possessions of one William Willis. On Oct 27, 1823, purchasers included


As a matter of passing interest, Plummer Daniel, listed just after my Vincents in the 1830 Rhea Co Tn census, p. 364, also came to Mo; as I recall. he settled in Greene County. 

I can't recall supplier of data, but think she lived in Springfield. In chasing Vincents in Virginia, I found one county (1784 Gloucester Tax List) that showed both a John Vincent and a Judith Plummer...coincidence, probably.

One Meshack Daniels is bur at Palace Cem, Pulaski Co, 1824-1868.


The Richland Mirror  May 23, 1985. No. 177

ROWDEN FAMILY: Halifax/Henry Cos Va to Roane Co Tennessee Discussion by Joe E. Rowden, 3827 Linklea Dr., Houston, Texas 77025. Phone 713/668-5145.


We welcome a major contribution from Texas (where they haven't forgotten how to laugh, as you will see. Here's more on the Rowdens. dv.

Houston, Texas

June 20, 1984

Re: Rowden Genealogy. cols #133 & 134.

Dear Mr. Vincent:

I have only been checking out my family history for about 4 months and until recently about all I knew was the names of my father's parents and where they were buried.

This letter is prompted by two clippings which were sent to my sister, Mrs. LURA ROWDEN ELLIS, by Mr. Kirk Pearce of Lebanon, Missouri. The clippings were taken from the "Richland Mirror" and are "Sharing the Past", which you edit. I have articles numbered 133 and 134 and I think there was another one, 132 which I wish I had. You have quoted a Ms. Gray of Decatur, Georgia. and it may be that I can add to her comments.

She first writes that she is "certain" JOHN ROWDEN married SARAH ECHOLS in about 1750, and she names their children, one of whom was named ABRAM ROWDEN. I have a copy of the will of JOHN ROWDEN dated 23 MAR 1816 and it was probated in the January session of 1817. I am attaching herewith a copy of this will where he named his children as ABRAHAM; LABEN; JOHN and TALBITH (TABITHA) and he names SUSEY to be the widow of his deceased son JOSE ROWDEN. Witnesses to this will were ABM. E. ROUDEN, et all and ABM. E. ROWDEN was appointed Executor.

I contend there were two ABRAHAM ROWDENS a part of this will; one, the son of JOHN and SARAH and the other the brother of JOHN, Sr. The father of NATHANIEL, HARDIN BENTON and ASA ROWDEN was born in 1750 or as Mr. King wrote; 1752. This ABRAHAM married a MISS ECHOLS who came from a "noted family". After just the name "RACHEL", Mr. King places (Cheek) and then states she was born in 1762. I do not know if she was Cheek or when she was born, but I do know she was the first person buried in the "ROWDEN CEMETERY" in Maries County, in the year 1846. I have yet to find the cemetery but I am sure her grave is marked by ASA or some of the family.

Ms. Gray names JOHN'S wife SARAH ECHOLS and it would be coincidental that their son also married a person named ECHOLS. NATHANIEL ROWDEN and I think HARDIN BENTON was also born before ASA ROWDEN 11 AUG 1792. ELIJAH was born in Henry County, Virginia in 179S and MESHACK in 1792; ABENDIGO in 1792 which I hope is wrong for I believed MESHACK, SHADRACK AND ABENDIGO to brothers, and I thought they were sons of JOSE AND SUSAN.

JOHN ROWDEN AND ABRAM ROWDEN were in the Revolutionary War. If there were two ABRAMS, would it be a reasonable question to ask, which ABRAM and then, possibly, which JOHN? I have one reference showing ABRAM died in Roane County. Tennessee in 1822 and another reference showing ABRAM dying in DeKalb, Alabama in 1840. Both references refer to the father of ASA and I question that he lived to be 90 years old.

Both the 1782 and the 178S Halifax County, Virginia census reflect households for JOHN ROWDEN and ABRAM ROWDEN and JOHN's household did not fit the will he made in 1816…. Household would fit but ASA hadn't been born yet. Ms. Gray may be correct in thinking ABRAM had 4 sons.


My primary question still is; were there one or two ABRAHAM ROWDEN'S IN OR NEAR ROANE COUNTY. TENNESSEE IN OR ABOUT THE YEAR 1810?


ASA ROWDEN was born in Henry County. (formerly a part of Halifax County), and as a young man moved to Roane County, Tennessee where he married MARGARET HANNA whose mother had been previously married to a Mr. Smith; said MARGARET HANNA'S mother saw her first husband, Mr. Smith, killed and scalped in her presence, in his cabin in or near Blount or Roane County, Tennessee, by Creek or Seminole Indians. She was shot in the leg with an arrow when her husband was killed and her and her two young daughters named Smith were captured by said Indians and carried on horse back to what is now the State of Florida where they were held captives or slaves by the said Indians for many years. Their relations finally learned of their whereabouts and ransomed them through the Spanish Traders at what is now the City of Mobile, Alabama, and they 'returned to Blount County,Tennessee.

The Richland Mirror June 6, 1985  No. 178

No genealogical information  

Richland Mirror June 13 1985 No. 179

List of surnames which will be published in the future.  

Dear Mr. Vincent:

This is to acknowledge receipt of your letter of intent dated Jan. 16, 1985, in which you express your desire to leave your genealogical collection to the State Historical Society at the time of your death.

We will be glad to accept your items with the provision we be allowed to eliminate any materials we find of no importance to research.

Thank you for your generosity and thoughtfulness.

Most sincerely,

/s/ Richard S. Brownlee, Director.

REPLY: Happy to agree with your provision, sir. All items other than gene materials are to be disposed of by the Trust Department, Univ. of So. California, the only other beneficiary in my will. Proceeds from the estate thus realized are to be applied to USC's Student Loan Fund, without which I could not have completed my degree. I wish publicly to authorize the Gene. Society of the LDS Church to film whatever part of the collection they desire, though it is to remain the permanent property and responsibility of the Historical Society.


But please don't worry about my health -- other than a tendency toward overweight since quitting tobacco eight years ago, I enjoy my fishing, writing, gardening and 'sparking on the veranda' as Grandad Vincent put it. Look for perhaps another five years of "Sharing the Past."

The Richland Mirror June 20, 1985 No. 180  

ASA ROWDEN'S oldest brother NATHANIEL was a soldier in the War of 1812 and he was stationed with the Illinois troops who came west and were stationed at what is now the town of Edwardsville, Madison County, Illinois. NATHANIEL'S wife died and ASA ROWDEN came to said town and took the place of said NATHANIEL ROWDEN as soldier, at said town, then a fort at that time. (ASA ROWDEN visited St. Louis.)

NATHANIEL ROWDEN, the soldier for whom ASA ROWDEN served, returned to Tennessee to look after his two children, namely: JAMES E. ROWDEN AND SALLIE HAREL ROWDEN. I can at this time only assume HAREL may be the maiden name of the wife of NATHANIEL; which wife, I do not know. I do believe it didn't take NATHANIEL very long to find another mother for his children and this wife may well be as Ms. Gray wrote, NANCY CRAIN.

Meanwhile, back at the fort ASA was enjoying watching horse and foot races between the Indians and the soldiers for the Indians were about the village at this time, and ASA always enjoyed telling of his talks with the trappers and hunters, who then came on hunt to the Ozark regions for buffalo, furs and other wild game; who told him then of the fine clear streams and abundant wild grass in said region. (I think this prompted ASA and his son, ROBERT ROWDEN, et al, to go to Missouri some 30 years later.)


ROBERT ROWDEN was born in Roane County, Tennessee 18 OCT 1819 where he remained until 1838 when he went to Fort Payne, Alabama and clerked in a port store of his uncle, HARDIN ROWDEN. The Cherokees at that time were being gathered there for transportation West to the Indian Country, which is now the State of Oklahoma.

ASA ROWDEN soon moved to DeKalb County, Alabama and remained there until 1842, when the entire family then moved to Osage, now Maries County, Missouri. ROBERT ROWDEN married NANCY ANN TYREE, daughter of SAT and BELINDA TYREE--on 17 Sept 1846. SAT TYREE was a freighter on the Louisville & Nashville turnpike. His wife was a STANDIFORD before her marriage. A relative of hers by name was Congressman from Kentucky.

ROBERT ROWDEN named his first son SATTERWAITE (SATTER­WHITE) ROWDEN and in his will SAT wrote that he had always preferred to be called SAT. 

I should mention here that Rowdens always named their children after their parents or grand-parents or their brothers and sisters; sometimes a nephew would be older than his uncle. ROBERT ROWDEN named a SARAH ELLEN and ELLEY was named for ASA's grandmother and ASA had a SARAH. ASA also had a Rachel, named for his mother. ASA also had a WILLIAM A. and an ABRAM E. (AKE). I think ROBERT named his 9th child WILLIAM? This goes on and on. I have been writing mostly about a different ROWDEN line than mine, for if Old JOHN and Old ABRAM were brothers, then that was the separation point. If there was only one ABRAM, and he was the son of Old JOHN, then that was the separation point.

Ms. Gray was correct when she wrote that. H. B. ROWDEN was not HAMMADITHA ROWDEN, who appears on the deed records of Cedar County, Missouri as H. A. ROWDEN, which is understandable. H. A. ROWDEN died in Cedar County, leaving his wife, LUCINDA and son, JOHATHAN J. K. ROWDEN surviving him. I won't try to guess how many initials stand for ABRAM and some other initials.


HARDIN BENTON ROWDEN shows up on the 1840 Illinois census and I presume he left Alabama when the Indians did, in 1839. HARDIN also shows up on the 1850 Illinois census along with ABRHAM E. ROWDEN. ABRAM E. ROWDEN also shows up on the 1850 Maries County, Missouri census and I can only think the census takers took him two times. I know nothing more of HARDIN ROWDEN with respect to marriage or children. I am JOSEPH EDWARD ROWDEN, Jr., and my grandfather was JOSE ROWDEN and his father was ELIJAH ROWDEN and I have to assume ELIJAH was the son of JOSE and SUSAN and JOSE was the deceased son named on the will of JOHN Sr.


ELIJAH ROWDEN was born in Henry County, Virginia in 1795 and was taken to Roane County. Tennessee shortly thereafter. He married Cella and they had the following children:

JOSE, b. 18 FEB 1825 d. 10 FEB 1895, who married ELIZABETH ABEL, b. 6 May 1828 T.; m. 14 OCT 1846, wit: JOHN ROWDEN. 9 children; including ELIJAH ABRAM ROWDEN: JOHN FRANKLIN: JAMES MASHACK, etc.

JOHN, (18 MAY 1827, d. 13 FEB 1904), who married HARRIET McDANIEL, b. 1824; d. 1895; m. 15 APR 1847. 4 children? WILLIAM F.: BENJAMIN A.: CHARLES M. and GEORGE ROWDEN.

MESCHECK, b. 1830; d. 1867, married HANNAH WALDRON. m. 22 DEC 1850 (WALDON?). 7 children. SIDNEY, SARAH, JAMES M., RACHEL, JACKSON and NANCY ROWDEN. HANNAH married JAMES SWAIN.


EZECHAEL: b. 1832, married FRANCIS AHART 7 MAR 1855. (Note to Ms. Gray: You referred to EKALE ROWDEN and I believe that was short for EZECHAEL, but not this EZECHAEL.)


SARAH, b. 1835, d. 18 4; no issue, no marriage.

WILLIAM A., b. 1840, m. AGNES E. b. 1840.

CYNTHIA, b. 1851; d. 1854.

I have omitted many dates and data on the above ROWDENS for this is my first letter and it is getting too long. I will soon have all that I wish to know about the heirs of ELIJAH and their heirs.

ELIJAH had three more daughters shown on the 1830 Roane County, Tennessee census. I have not looked for them yet.

On 29 APR 1858 ELIJAH married JANE FORD and I believe he is buried with her at Aldridge, Polk County, Missouri. They had no children.

JOSE married MARGARET JANE PIERCE in Polk County, Missouri 3 JAN 1881. No Children. JOSE and ELIZABETH ABEL are buried in Pleasand Hope Cemetery in Polk County, Mo.

WILLIAM A. ROWDEN came to Texas' and possibly EZECHAEL. WILL ROWDEN and my Aunt MARY corresponded for several years. WILL

ROWDEN DEVELOPED THE "ROWDEN COTTON SEED" and brought 2 bolls of it into Wills Point, Van Zandt County, Texas, in the year 1905. Ref: U.S. Department YEAR Book for 1936.

NOTE: ABENDIGO ROWDEN m. CATSEY HANNAH in Rhea County, Tennessee and he is shown on the 1850 census in Dallas County, Missouri.

MESHECK ROWDEN: b. 23 MAR 1792; d. 31 MAR 1852 in Miller County, Missouri. Buried in Brays Cemetery. Married SARAH McNEBB 3 MAY 1816, Roane County, Tenn­essee. SARAH born 1790, South Carolina.

JOHN ROWDEN; 27 on the 1850 Miller County census. Son of MESHECK.

WILLIAM ROWDEN, b. 19 DEC 1824 T., d. 25 JAN 1871 Miller County, Missouri. m. ABIGAL RENTFROE, Roane County, Tenn 19

OCT 1843. She. was born  10 Dec 1828; d. 23 Jan. 187? bur. Bray's Cemetery.

There are other ROWDENS from my
line in Miller County, Missouri and married daughters in several counties whose names I have yet to identify.

To be continued


The Richland Mirror June 27 1985 No. 181


MASHECK connect thru namesakes as brothers. They both came to Missouri about the same time and probably in the same wagon train, in about 1848; MASHECK pulled out in Miller County, ABENDIGO in Dallas County and ELIJAH took his family on to Cedar County.

It was late but I found some Rowdens in the Stockton cemetery and I will go back to Ms. Gray and her comments with respect to "SOOKEY ROWDEN" being one and the same SUSEY ROWDEN, widow of JOSE ROWDEN and daughter-in-law of JOHN ROWDEN, SR. I do not disagree with Ms. Gray but that 1830 McMinn County, Tennessee census showed a male 5 to 10 years in her household and a female 10 to 15. On 13 MAR 1816, JOHN ROWDEN'S WILL SAID JOSE was dead and he was taken off the tax rolls in 1815; therefore; I assume JOSE died in 1814 or 1815. I presume Sookey was keeping some other Rowden's kids at the census time. They could not both be JOSE'S.

There was a small, broken, white tombstone near CELIA ROWDEN and the top half reads "SUSAN ROWDEN." The top half was stuck in front of the lower half and the lower half had dirt on it and could not be read. It was raining and getting dark, therefore, I have asked someone to clean and read the lower half for here is SUSAN ROWDEN; widow of JOSE and mother of ELIJAH. SUSAN would have been between 70 and 80 and the long trip probably proved too much for her. She was not on the cemetery list nor was she on the 1850 census, therefore. I conclude she died shortly after getting to Cedar County.

                                                          Sincerely, Joe E. Rowden


The Richland Mirror July, 4, 1985 No. 182



P. 93 January Session, 1817

Last Will and Testament of JOHN ROUDON

Dated 23 March 1816

Proved January Session, 1817

" my three sons and one daughter and one daughter-in-law Namely ABRAHAM, LABEN, JOHN and TALBITH (female Tabitha) and SUSEY formerly wife to my son JOSE deceased one dollar in cash each..." " my Servant Girl NEOMA I freely give and bestow her freedom for life forever herself with the offspring of her body forever with the ballance of my worldly Estate."

Names as Executors: ABRAHAM ROUDON of Roane County; JOHN HOLLAND of Rhea County




P. 108 January Session, 1818 "Memorandum of Sale of Property of JOHN ROWDEN Senior deceased on April the 26th 1817 to the amount of $58.80."

Signed ABM. E. ROWDEN 


Executors Jan. 26, 1818

NOTES by Mr. Rowden:

Abraham E.; son of John, above. Born Va. 1750. Abraham, father of Asa (1792) and Nathaniel Rowden. Virginia in Revolution: Abraham Rowdin. 1830 Census, Roane Co Tenn: Abraham Rodden; 1845 Osage Co Mo A.E. Rowden, Exec; 1851 Abraham E. Rowden, Admin. 1850 Illinois Census and 1850 Missouri Census, Abram E. Rowden.

Nathaniel Rowden: 1820 Census in Tenn; 1830 III Census.

Kentucky 1840 Census: Joseph Row-den; William Rowden.

COMMENTS: Joe and Mildred are having such a grand time between them that I think I'll just stand back and wait til the dust settles...Meshack Rowden was listed in the same 1821 Roane Militia Company as my John Vincent. I am happy to renew a Rowden-Vincent acquaintance, after a lapse of 154 years. I cannot find a Vincent near you folks in Virginia, however…we may have met in Georgia or Alabama

Thank you so much, Joe. Our recent acquisition of libraries in Knoxville and Nashville for S.t. P. column files may bring in a clue from Tennessee.

My late aunt Delia, Mrs. Alvin Vincent, descended from Robert Rowden. Said proudly that he was the ugliest man in the county...Sattywhite is sometimes seen as “Satterthwaite,” a very grand name indeed. 


[This Is part of my letter file of Mrs. Lavern Stodden, 405 So Autrey Ave., Lafayette, Colo. 80026. Mrs. Emma Hicks may have printed this in the Democrat.]

Seeking information on Satterwhite Tyree born c1805 Hardin Co, Ky. He died Bakersfield, Ozark Co Mo (?). He m. Melinda Stanaford/Sanford, b. c1805 Ky.; had eight children: Israel; Ellen Krone; Louisa Helton; Polly Moss; Cordelia Moss; James Tyree; Nancy Ann, wife of Robert Rowden of Roane Co Tn family; and "Pude" (Martha?) Moss.

Was this Satterwhite Tyree married before?

I found a listing of abstract of Probate Records in Pulaski Co from "Our Ancestors in Pulaski Co" by Tom Turpin for WESTLY HUTTON, who had children Caroline, Henry, Charles and Drusellia. The administrators were Polly Hutton, wife of Westly, and an Edward Moss. Giving assurance of security were William Robinson, Jr. and Lunceford Davidson.

Would the above Edward Moss have any connections with the husbands of the three Tyree daughters of Satterwhite Tyree? Who was the William Robinson, Jr., mentioned? His pars? Wife?

Skidmore is involved with the Tyree family; asking details on Reuben Skidmore, son of Nathaniel and Jane (Sullins) Skidmore, who m. Caroline Robinson, dau of Isaac W. Robinson and Elizabeth Bench. Any help appreciated. (1981)

REPLY: The Tyree section of this query is probably still good; I assume Mrs. S has by now seen our coverage of the Skidmore fam. in previous cols. Aunt Delia and Uncle Alvin (grandson of James L. Vincent, Sr. and Eliza Ann Musgrave) were said by Delia's sister to be distant cousins. The only possible family line they could have shared was Robinson. I think Bennett Musgrave's first wife was Anna Robinson, a daughter of James Robinson. Burrell Musgrave m. Olive, a dau of James; Isaac W. Robinson was their brother. This would be another indication that Eliza Ann Musgrave was a dau of the Bennett Musgrave-Anna Robinson union. Carroll Musgrave m. a Robinson, his first cousin, reported Mary L. Cook. I think Carroll was a brother of Eliza and Fite Musgrave, and all were children of Bennett's first marriage.

It's like patchwork quilt: over generations, we have woven a very complicated tapestry of relationships, made more intricate by second and third marriages now nearly obscured by the passage of time.

In these past weeks, we have seen a Rowden in Houston write about an old Virginia-to-Tennessee-to-Illinois-to-Missouri family while sharing family data with women in Georgia and Colorado and a man in Washington. Stay tuned. I hope you're having as much fun with this as I am. 

Sharing the Past July 25, 1985 No. 183

Photos of early Cookville residents: Lafayette B. Musgrave and nephew Hiram Vincent. Mary Wood Musgrave, Nancy Malinda Musgrave, Melvina Vincent Barnes, Mary Laughlin Cook, Lucy Largent Laughlin and L.L. “Lee” Vincent of Seattle. 


My Grandfather was James Scott Johnson. His mother married first Nelson Musgrove about 1838; had Arminda, Sarah Jane, Gracie, John P., and Henderson Musgrove. Seek parents and further info.

Mrs. Virgil McColgin, Rt. 1, Box 133, Raymondville, MO 65555.

REPLY: Happy to hear from you. Wish I knew more about Nelson Musgrove; where did the family reside? The Nelson and Musgrave fams were both present in the early years in Lawrence Co Tenn., and came to Pulaski Co at about the same time. Would it be possible to furnish a few more details?


June Nelson, Box 621, Ogden, Iowa 50212 shares these family notes with us, referring to R-Mirror issue of June 28, 1984, StP #136.

James M. Baker, b. 1800, and Lucinda McGuire (1803-1870) were the pars of: 1. Baalam, who m. Mary Baker, dau of Samuel Baker; 2. Wm. "Wall" m. ( ) in C-War; he was Confederate; 3. Margaret, who m. John T. Cook, son of Joel B. Cook; 4. Lucinda, who m. Robert A. Bell; and prob 5. Nancy Jane, living at home in 1850 Pulaski census, who by 1860 had m. Zephaniah Barnes.

Lucinda, wife of James M. Baker, has a grave stone in Routh section of Bloodland Cemetery.

Correction: Caroline Cook, dau of Joel B., m. Zedikiah (?) Barnes; she d. 28 Jan. 1861. Children were "Frankie," who m. Geo. Myers; 2. Matilda Angeline ("Line"), 1st wife of "Bud" Hicks; and Norman, who m. Melvina Vincent. All 3 ch. lived in the Joel B. Cook home until marriage.

James Franklin ("Frank") Barnes, son of Hezekiah/Zedikiah/Zephaniah? Barnes, was b. 1878 and d. 1971. He m. Rose Dawson; bur at Hanna Fairview Cem near Laquey, Pulaski Co. According to Barnes kin, his mother may have been Miriam/Maryann Bench, dau of Lawrence Bench (b. 1805) and Nancy Stuckey.

According to Dema Barnes Nickols of Rolla, Mo., "Frank Barnes was a double cousin to John L. Barnes and Jane Tatham; their fathers were brothers, and the bros married Bench sisters.

Perhaps this. Frank's father IS Hezekiah, son of Zephaniah Barnes b. 1830.

So Nancy Jane (Baker) Barnes Kufahl just may be another branch to my Baker line...John L. Barnes was said to be some kin (?) to us.

Correction: Margaret, dau of Zephaniah Barnes b. 1830, m. LILBURN Dobbs 1879. June Lee (Olney) Nelson, Box 621, Ogden, Iowa 50212.


Where does Louis H. Musgrave fit in? A yellowed clipping (on the reverse of which were News Briefs including an item that mentions Teddy Roosevelt's Republican Convention which took place in 1904) says: "Louis H. Musgrave, candidate for Secretary of State is a native Missourian and was raised in Pulaski County. He is a brother of Mrs. J. M. Mitchell near town and has many other relatives in the county. He is a true democrat, an able lawyer and a good man and should he receive the nomination will be elected and will fill the office with satisfaction to all. He has a strong following here and the delegates from Pulaski County will be instructed (to vote) for him."


Musgrave's oval picture shows a bald man with a fine moustache; I believe him to be a son of Capt. James Musgrave, ancestor of Irene Mitchell, the present Mrs. Claude Morgan of Waynesville. Can anyone confirm? Clipping source not noted on it, unfortunately. 


The obituary of my great-aunt was printed in the old Pulaski Co Democrat in 1959: 


Eliza Ann Vincent was born January 24, 1868 near Cookville in Pulaski Co, and passed away at Burge Hospital in Springfield July 14, 1959 at the age of 91 years, 5 months, and 20 days. She was married to J. W. Hicks Sept 13, 1891, who preceded her in death. To this union were born nine children. She reared a foster daughter, two stepchildren and two grandsons. She lived in Pulaski Co all her life with the exception of one year in Grand Rapids, Mich., and for the past eighteen years she made her home with a sister, Mrs. Arminda Hicks, in Springfield.

    She united with the Macedonia Christian Church at an early age and was at the time of her death a member of South Street Christian Church in Springfield.

    She is survived by four sons: Morris of Homer, Mich.; Clifford of Oakview, Calif.; Lester of Richland, and Chester of Modesto, Calif.; a step-daughter, Mrs. Nettie Ross of Lynwood, Calif.; a foster daughter, Mrs. Ann Maraman of Shepherdsville, Ky.; a brother, Lee Vincent of Tacoma, Wash.; a sister, Mrs. Arminda Hicks of Springfield; 18 grandchildren, two of whom she raised from infancy, Don and Dale Hicks; 36 great-grandchildren, and number of nieces and nephews, and a host of other relatives and friends. "Aunt Liza," as she was known by many of her friends, was always ready to lend a helping hand and give a cheerful word, and will be sadly missed by all who knew her.

    Funeral services were held Thursday, July 10 at 2:00 p.m. at the Richland Christian church with Rev. W. G. Reynolds officiating. Burial was in Bloodland cemetery under the direction of Hedges Funeral Home of Richland.

Pallbearers were Charley and Everett Woody, Henry Bailey, Bill Cook, Claude Morgan, and Merle Jackson." 


I have wondered if my Joseph J. A. Laquey could have been in Greene Co Mo in 1840 since he missed the 1840 Pulaski Co Mo census but yet was a Pulaski Justice of the Peace in 1842.

For an extensive sketch of the Miles Vernon family, see "The First Hundred Years - History of Lebanon, Mo., 1849.1949," by Frances Gleason. My Belden book is done and I have my Ramey and Foote families' histories written...I enjoy your column... just isn't long enough, but I realize space is limited.

A Native Pulaskian, Mrs. Beryl Ramey Belden, Rt 1, Box 2974, Anderson, CA 96007. 

Richland Mirror August 1, 1985  No. 183


Ref. col of May 10, 1984: I am descendant of Daniel Wrinkle. Not sure if he was one of the original bros who came to America from Germany, or one of the ch. of the three brothers. The Wrinkles came through Virginia to Tn Cos Knox, and Blount in Marysville area. My line lived there until 1838, when they moved to Cleveland, Bradley Co, Tn. Daniel is alleged to have had 22 ch., and one was William (same as your column?) Need all info: pars. issue, residencies. Mary M. Wrinkle Deason, 718 Talley Rd., Chattanooga, TN 37411.

REPLY: There are several Wrinkle families still living in our study area; perhaps they can help you.  


Several of my Davis ancestors are buried in Webster and Wright Counties, Mo.; I feel certain that some of their desc still live in that area. Shortly after the C-War, James M., Larkin, and Ellison Mitchell Davis settled near each other in eastern Webster and western Wright Counties. These were sons of Uriah Davis, b. prob S.C. c1780, who had it is believed a total of nine sons and two daughters. By 1826 the fam had moved from Indiana to Weakely Co Tn, where Ellison was born. 


Reference col #125, Richland Mirror Apr 5, 1984

Dear Mr. Miller (sic):

A copy of the above column has been sent to me because I am a desc of Joseph J. Thrailkill, and am compiling a family record. Miles Vernon, Sr. was his bro-in-law, so am studying both men. They were closely associated; when Col. Vernon organized a wagon train bound for Mo from Tenn, Joseph and his family joined it. So did the Elder and Mizer groups, and many more -- all related by blood or marriage.

Col. 125 had a few errors, and maybe you'd like to correct your records.

1.      Martin 0. Atchley d. in Bradley Co, Tenn.

2.      Meigs Co Tn was formed from part of Rhea Co Tn in 1836.

3.      Joseph J. Thrailkill never lived in Pulaski Co, Tennessee. I have extensive records and all of them have him in Rhea and Meigs Cos only.

4.      Joseph J. Thrailkill and Col. Vernon's "train" to Mo left Tenn late in 1839 -- are in Mo in 1840.

     5.    Joseph signed the petition for John Farmer in Rhea Co, not Roane. I have much Vernon material, as Col. Vernon is an important character in local history and the book I plan. Trudi Thrailkill Azzie, 377 Van Dyke, Haledon, N.J. 07508.

REPLY: Thank you for writing. See "Handy Book for Genealogists" (Everton Publ.) for formation of Tenn counties. My edition declares Meigs was formed from parts of Hamilton, McMinn and Rhea Counties.

for the correction on the John Farmer petition. I couldn't find it when I wrote the column (and still can't.) Interesting though, that the young Admire child was 'named John Farmer Admire, by its Vincent mother -- may be a connection somewhere.

Joseph Thrailkill was listed in Rhea's 1823 Tax List, in "Brown's Company, now Wilson's for 1823" as the 61st name. So was John Farmer, 19th name. Samuel and John Hillburn are 24th and 25th names, same company. In Rhea in 1824 one John Hillburn m. Nancy Vincen while one Allen Hillburn m. Patsey (Martha) Vincen. Both men are later listed on p. 386 of 1830 Rhea census, while a Sarah Hillborn is listed on same page as my Vincents, two names away, 364 Rhea '30. In 1824 one Hamlen Vincent married Susannah lasen in Rhea; all three V. marriages were performed by John Farmer, Minister of the Gospel. (What church, I wonder.)

Living on Suwee Creek in 1823 Rhea Tax List (still Brown/Wilson Militia Co.) were Martin, Joshua, Thomas and Joseph Atchley. Samuel Grigsby was 94th name; Miles Vernon was 203rd name, Smith's Co., in 1823 [Ansearchin' News, 1964).


My grandfather was William Walls, b. Mo. 1843. He d. Richland, Mo. 1882. My Dad was Dennis Dace Walls, born Richland 1874. He grew up there, later moving to Waynoka, Okla in a covered wagon. He homesteaded in 1901. His mother was Sarah Belle Lewis.

My husband's father's name was Wm Henry Farquer; we think his grandfather's name was Simelton or Simengton. or something similar.

Wish to exchange information with interested readers.

Florence Belle (Walls) Farquer, 316 S. High, Waynoka, OK 73860.

The Richland Mirror August 8, 1985 No. 184


Any Warren descendants in Pulaski County? James Warren with son Robert and their fams lived in Big Piney Twp 1870. Also interested in Hemphill, Shockley, and Brumley fams.

Mrs. R.E. Homan, Pacific Junction, Iowa 51561.


Sharon Gammon, 1707 Laurel, Odessa, TX 79761. Her 1900 Pulaski Co Census Index is offered for sale.

Ethel (Wood) Brewster, (Mrs. Walter M.) Brewster, now 330 Braehead Drive, Fredericksburg, VA 22401.

Mary Lee (Maxey) Cox: Mr. Cox has completed his 20 years and has retired from service. New address: 81 E. Mississippi St. Marianna, Arkansas '72360. (She defines Louis H. Musgrave as a son of Capt. James Musgrave and Mary Jane Maxey.)


Webster Co Mo: Seek pars of Mary Whittenburg, b. Tn, who m. John James Gardner. Their dau, Margaret Josephine Gardner, was b. 1869 in Niangua, Webster Co Mo and m. Marion Franklin Warden.

Sandra Delashaw Warden, 136 E. 58th St., Tulsa, OK 74105.

REPLY: Glad to hear from you; maybe we can figure out the Whittenburg story, by putting our data together. While trying to prove the movement of my John Vincent from Rhea Co Tn is 1830s, I scanned nearby county censuses to find other E. Tn fams who might have done the same thing and turn up as listees in my 1840 Pulaski Co Mo Census study group. Two Whittenburg fams, as you may know, are listed in the Wright Co area in 1840, on p. 228:

Abraham (010001-22001), was b. Tn c1810 & there 1830-'32, on 511 Wright '50; reports on 830 Webster '60 that he was b. Tn c1806. I believe that he was listed in the 1830 census of Monroe Co Tn, p. 89 (00001-10011). You agree? 

Isaac ("Whitterburg") (0100001­0000001) was b. Tn c1793 on 510 Wright '50; b. Tn c1797 on 827 or 829 Webster '60. He and Turner Climer/Climate appear next to each other on 88 Monroe '30 and are neighbors in 1850 Wright. Albert G. Wiseman, of 223 Pulaski '40 came, I believe, from 1830 Monroe census, too--three names away from Isaac.

The Valentine Garner family is on same 1840 page as the Whittenburgs, so I think we have the right area. One Mary is listed as ch. of Abraham Whittenburg in 1850 census, b. Tn c1820, at home. Several Garner fams are in the same neighborhood; get a full transcription of 1850 Wright census and locate your James. Valentine Garner was in Wilson Co Tn 1818 to 1834, per Goodspeed p. 843; b. Randolph Co N.C. James Garner was a son of John F., a Rev'y soldier b. in Prince Wm. Co, Va 1749; John removed to Chatham (later RANDOLPH Co) N.C.; removed to Sevier, then Blount Cos of Tam. (See 1801 Tax List & Notes, Blount Co Tn, in ETHS Publications.) 


Clarence Vincent writes, from Chattanooga: Found a John Vincent in N.C. 1667 who was sent to Surry Co by

the military; he stayed and started a generation which I think was where my family came front, just guessing. I also found a Joseph Vincent with four bros Frank, Will (or William), Henry and John, with Sister Lucy, who migrated to Mo. from Virginia. Records don't indicate if any had children. Joseph m. Rachel Lewis, a cousin, while traveling through Indiana. Joseph left Mo. sometime later and went to Oregon (I think) where he stayed. But she went on to California, never to return. Several ch. stayed with father; one went with mother.

I think they came to Rhea County as they travelled and some probably settled in Tennessee. They may have gone west via the Tennessee River. They had a number of slaves and all belongings, which made their trip quite an experience.

There was a fam. of Vincents living in Georgia which owned a large plantation and 26 slaves. Will look into this.

My great-grandfather was Jonathon Vincent, who lived in Decatur, Tenn. His wife was Cyntha ( ) and ch. were Malinda (who was retarded), Moses, John, and Elile. John was my grandfather. He m. Louisiana Sliger. I think they moved from White Co Tn as children, and ages match. They say they came from N.C. in one census and Tenn in another. I'm assuming N.C. is correct. Clarence Vincent, P.O. Box 249, Chattanooga, TN 37343.


My father's grandfather came over to this country in the late 1840's from Bavaria and settled in Osage Co Mo. John Neuner had twin sons, Jacob and John. John Neuner was my grand­father. My father, Gerard John Neuner, was born in Richfountain, Missouri. Welcome exchange of data. James G. Neuner, 645-12 No. Beau Chene Dr., Mandeville, LA 70448.


My father was born in Long Lane, Laclede Co, and his father is buried in Marshfield, Webster Co Mo; my grandfather married ( ) Todd, whose people were from the same area.

Family may have come from Ireland in middle 1800's -- where? When? Mrs. Don Fricker, 124 Princess Dr., Monroe, LA 71203.The

The Richland Mirror August 15, 1985  No. 185


Seek birthplace and date of John Williams, who d. 1831 Crawford Co Mo. and name of his wife. Two of his sons were Greenberry and Elias. who were on the tax roll in Gasconade Co Mo in 1828. Elias Williams, b. Ky. 1799, later lived and died (1865) in Dallas Co Mo.

Greenberry Williams m. Ruth Ballew 1828 Gasconade Co; she was b. 1809. He d. Pulaski Co Mo 1839. He had two daus: Polly Ann m. John Griffis 1843 and Jane m. Erasmus Roberts 1853 in Greene Co Mo. A son of Elias was named Greenberry Williams, b. 1820 Mo.; he d. 1876 Dallas Co Mo. He m. Cathren Hamilton, b. III 1829.

Jean Williams Seabourn, 70S S. Grand Grove, OK 74344.

REPLY: Glad to hear from you. Williams folks always seem to be near the Vincents in the Pulaski area, so I've always 'kept an eye peeled' for a possible connection of some kind with the Williams name.

I see Greenberry and Elias Williams, both on p. 176 of Crawford's 1830 census, but don't see John, their reported father. Just at the bottom of . p. 175, however, is one Roley/Rowley Williams, Sr., who is undoubtedly the father of Roley Williams, Jr., who appears on 176 Crawford '30 and 219 Pulaski '40. In Crawford Co 1850 census, Mr. Williams, Sr. reported on p 479 that he had been b. c1780 in New Jersey. Page 170 of 1830 Crawford Co Mo census became, in turn Pulaski, Maries, and finally Phelps. On this page are the families Bates, Harrison, Honssinger, Kitchens, Duncan, John­son, Newberry, Snodgrass, and Lenox. Each family was in 1840 & 1850 Pulaski census.

One other Williams family was in 1830 Crawford census, on p 180; she may, or may not, be connected to Rowley/Roley. Elizabeth Williams (11100-100001) and apparent son Benjamin (00001) are in an area that later became Camden Co Mo. Daniel Fullbright (200101-01002) of 233 Pulaski '40 lives on same page.

WILLIAMS FAMILIES IN 1840 Pulaski Census:

Stephen M., p. 198 (00001) b. Va c1819 on 6 Texas ‘5O; b. Va c1818 on #381, Texas ‘60. Next to him was William Williams (00001) of whom I have no further record. (Unless he's ON 528 Wright ‘ 50. Can someone confirm this?) 

John E. Williams, Sr., on page 198, (00001) was found on 211 Pulaski '50, b. Va c1805; was in Tn 1826 - '30 apprx (b-places of ch.). Ten years later, he was reported b. Va c1803 on 273 Pulaski '60. Made 1857 Pulaski land entries in S27, T35, R12 & R11 near the Vincents.

John A. Williams, on p. 201 (110001-11001) was in area later called Phelps. (One John Williams d. int. Pulaski. Bond: 1843. Admin: Isaac Riddle. Security: John Cook and Robert Woods ("Mo. Pioneers" - Woodruff -vol. 16, p. 12). Who can tell me this estate settlement relates to John A. Williams?)

Jesse Williams, p. 200 (21001-00001) was located on 228 Pulaski '50, b. Va c1813. 1840 next-door neighbor. Jefferson L. Mathews, in 1850 made Pulaski entries in T34, R11. This seems to tie Jesse to John E. Williams by virtue of propinquity.

Arthur Williams, p. 205 (11101-2001) is lost to view after 1840; is listed in a Wright/Greene Co Mo area. What tidings of Arthur? Anyone? Where did he go?

Johnson L. Williams, p. 207 (10001- 11101) was in later-Laclede-location; no further trace of him.

William Williams. next to Johnson L. on p. 207 (00000001-11101) was located on 279 Laclede '50, and reported he was b. N.C. c1782.

Bartley/Bartlet?/M. Williams. next door, (00001-10001) was found on 278 , Laclede '50, reporting he was b. Tn c1818. Made Laclede entry 1848 R15, T32.

Louisa Williams, on p. 213 (00013-00200001) Slaves (00-00101) may have been listed on 204 Pulaski '50, b. N.C. c1777, living with Isariel Willoby fam; she is found next door to Isaac Riddle, in whose home are Williams ch. Menurva and Malenda. In the next house is Roley Givins, a namesake of Roley Williams? Who was Louisa Williams' husband?

Abraham Williams, on p. 214 (110001-11001) was in a Texas Co Mo area; cannot find him in 1850.

Roley/Rowley Williams, on p. 219 (and see above) (123111-100001) made Pulaski entries in T34. R12 in 1835 & 1858; wife Elizabeth mentioned, in 1847.

Benjamin Williams, p. 231, (000001-00001) was listed in 1830 Crawford on p. 180, as above, but I have nothing further on him. In 1840, Daniel Fullbright is also on p. 231 (00001-20001) though in 1850 he was in Laclede census. (Page?)

We might try to do a little grouping of families. Greenberry and Elias seem linked to Rowley; if they were sons of John, as believed, Rowley may be an uncle.

John E. Williams, Sr. m. Eda Stewart. b. Grainger Co Tn c1810; they were pars of Tom Williams who married Mariah Musgrave. This Williams family was, as I recall, from Knox Co Tn (see past cols). The Williams-Cook-Baker-Wood-Bench‑

Robinson -Vincent-Musgrave-McElroy-Maxey-Nelson vicinity can be seen in 1850 Pulaski on pp 207 through 211; John Williams COULD have been listed in Capt. Oliver's Co of 1821 Roane Co Tn Militia...see col. 176. Names from 1821 that repeat near John Williams in 1850 Pulaski are Tippitt, Rinkle/ Wrinkle, Vincent, and Givens, among the most obvious. Sure would like some help, sorting out our Williams' relationships.

The Richland Mirror August 22, 1985 No. 186

THOSE PESKY MIDDLE NAMES My grandfather's name was Lafayette Lee Vincent. All his life, he was called "Lee." My great-grandmother's probable brother's name was John/James Carroll Musgrave. No one now alive seems to have known him by any name other than "Carroll."

It is common practice to select for ourselves whatever name we wish -please, just call me Don.-Family and friends. however, frequently dub us with a pet name, for life -- SO MUCH SO that sometimes the most-used name takes the place of the legal name on documents, letters, and census reports.

This is a reminder -- it's a good idea to include your kin's NICKNAME along with his legal handle, in your data work-ups. Like this;

Andrew Jackson McElroy ("Jack"). Keep in mind that this same name could be found in at least eight different forms, viz Andy, A.J., or Jackson. All this may remind you of a Second City comedy routine of the 1960's: "You doesn't nave to call me John. You doesn't have to call me J.J.; you doesn't even have to call me J.J. Johnson..."

EVERETT KING - Our Apologies

Regular readers will have seen here several times in past years the recognition of an error in Mr. King's book. the History of Maries Co, Mo.

It's certainly no pleasure to find fault in a colleague's work. When there is knowledge however, the facts must be told or we're in deep trouble! In an impartial and completely objective manner, we must weigh evidence and discard honest mistakes made by sincere people doing their best.

Thing is. nowadays we have more tools to work with than did the good Mr. King. We have microfilms, microfiche, computers and a newspaper column. Our methods are different, producing a different result. He could only record what he was told, planning to put all of it into a book. If there were mistakes, and it must have been immediately apparent -- well. this was the best information available -- that was that.

* * * *

Mr. King, if I were by some chance able to speak to you, I would express the gratitude of thousands of researchers for your labors, and say that we feel sure you'd wish us to update and revise your data, as new information came to light.


As for our work here, let me say again that I cordially invite all readers to write me in Tacoma with corrections. additions, and family records. Any data I have is ready for revision, contradiction, or change. "Show Me." - - - -

We're chasing grains of truth, here. "Sharing the Past" has developed into a roundtable discussion with help from several parts of the country. When cousins put their facts together, everyone can benefit. It is, honest to Pete, a great shock to me to hear of someone refusing to share information, thinking it valuable only if it is UNKNOWN. On the contrary, it becomes valuable when KNOWN, while it STILL EXISTS. Every generation, it is said, discards one-third of its history. What remains today is largely undiscovered. That's why we're here.


Benjamin Jacob Richey, b. 1837 in Ky m. about 1858 in Mo Sarah Woodall, b. Mo 1837; William T., their first ch., was b. 1859 in Camden Co Mo. Second -ch. was Rosie Belle ("Jane") Richey, my great-grandmother. Benjamin fought for the South in the Civil War; Rosie Richey remembered hiding under the house when the Northern soldiers came and took their food. Have not located his CSA records in Natl Archives; no luck in Jefferson City either.

I believe Sarah Woodall Richey d. in Mo before Benjamin and his family moved to Texas previous to 1880.


REPLY: Page 230 of the 1840 census of Pulaski Co Mo lists several families which were listed ten years later in Camden Co Mo census: Alexander Cunningham, JAMES RICHEY, JR., William Russell, Thomas Yadon/Yeaton. Willis Capps, Isaac Little, Darling Cummins. and Andrew Evans.

James Richey, Jr. was b. Ky. c1810 and birthplaces of ch. put him there as late as 1835. See 657 Camden '50; ch. included Henry & Voluntine. My census transcriptions do not always show every child; check if your Benjamin lives in James' household in 1850. Just above James, Jr. in 1840 is listed James Richey, Sr., b. 1770-1780. No trace of him thereafter.

Susan Woodall, b. Ky. c1797, listed with your Sarah on 629 Camden '50, died in 1859. reports the 1860 Camden Co Mo Mortality Schedule.

Early tax lists and census returns from Kentucky should be scanned for every Richey/Ritchie name; luckily, it is not a usual name so should be fairly easy to locate. Let me know, please, early origins of James & James, Jr. for the forthcoming 1840 Pulaski "Source Book.


George C. Fuller of Tn m. Hannah C. Cook of Tn May 19, 1850 at the home of James Selers/Sellers. Their dau was Margaret E. Fuller, b. Feb 19, 1851, who m. Sept 3, 1868 James N. Rowden, b. Nov 23, 1847. Mary C. Rowden, their dau, m. my grandfather Smith H. Blackburn in 1891. Margaret d. 1886; Hannah d. 1900; J. N. Rowden d. 1918; and Smith H. Blackburn in 1938. (Fuller Bible)

Grandpa Fuller kept an old tax receipt from Roane Co Tenn in an old blankets' billfold which he carried through the Mexican War: "Received of George C. Fuller ninety seven and 1/2 cents...9th District of Roan County for the year 1846. (signed) E. Crudgington, Dep. Sff."

I am working on the Rowden side of the family now, mainly, but would also be interested in anything from the Blackburn side...I've always thought "Smith" was rather unusual for a first name.

James Rowden m. Margaret Fuller in Roane Co Tn and they came to Camden or Pulaski Co Mo; he d. Stoutland, Mo. and is buried there. 

Query re: George Fuller. one George Fuller (11011­100001) listed in 1830 census Roane Co Tn, on p. 13. Emma Middleton Wells' "Hist of Roane" (Chattanooga, 1927) p. 182 states:

FULLER, George came from North Carolina.


Joshua, b. 1790 N.C. m. 1820 Mary, b. May 10, 1892 (sic 1792 prob. intended. dv.) (She was a) dau of James Clark, and widow of Rev. James Moore who d. 1816. Mary d. 1881. Joshua d. 1858.

James b. May 20, 1822 m. 1845 Lucinda, dau of William and Nancy Jolly, b. 1825." (Wells wrote an unpublished second vol, available on microfilm from LDS Branch Libraries. Nashville's Tenn St Library & Ar­chives also has films.)


According to Pulaski land records one George Fuller made entry 1859 in sec 25, T34, R12; undated entry in sec 36, T34, R12, somewhat later (Johnson Records.)

Note that George Fuller's 1830 census listing includes three other males, respectively b. 1825-30, 1820­25, and 1810-15. 1 cannot link up your George C. Fuller with George for you, with what I have on hand...let me know what you discover. Wells DOES make an occasional slip. (Don't we all.)


There is no George Fuller listed in the 1790 census of North Carolina, but there is a George FULLAR on p. 83, which is Hillsborough Dist of Caswell County. With George (no fam stats given) were Peter, John, James, William, and William Fullar, Sr. Good hunting. 

TRACKING THROUGH TENNESSEE A very interesting article was published in the 1916 vol of the Tennessee Historical Magazine: "Tennessee: a Discussion on the Sources of Its Population and the Lines of Immigration." (Pages 245-253) Author: Stephen B. Weeks. Gives highlights. Recommends article.  

* * * *

The Richland Mirror August 29, 1985 No. 187


Seeking info on Mary Francis who m. Alford H. Bills ca 1847 Miller Co Mo; had at least two ch.: Cynthia, b. c1848; and Nancy, b. c1849. Lived in Miller Co in 1850.

Antonia Cottrell Martin, 55 W. 68th St., New York, N.Y. 10023.

REPLY: Alford Bills was listed on 822 Miller ’50 b. Tn c1825 Montague’s Directory of 1850s occupation in Ill. and Mo. listed one A.M.H. Bills as a physician at Pleasant Mount, Miller Co.  

September 12 No. 188


By Fred L. Nelson


Nashville, Ga.

Dear Don,

I am enclosing Family Sheets on John and Sarah Moore Montgomery of Buncombe Co., N.C., and Lawrence Co., Tennessee. Many of their descendants were listed in the 1830 Crawford Co., Mo. census and/or 1840 and 1850 Pulaski and Laclede censuses.

Many dates, places and parents of spouses are missing from my information. Any help from you or the readers of your column would be greatly appreciated.

I am attempting to compile a comprehensive genealogy of all of the descendants of John and Talitha ("Jane") Montgomery Nelson, down to the current generations.

Do you have any information about the desc of Winfield Scott and Aggie M. L. Stevens Musgrave, son of Bennett and Sarah Nelson Maxey Musgrave. They are shown on the 1880 census of Pulaski Co., Cullen Twp, house 6-6, with ch. Francis M., b. c1869; Minnie M. b. c1871, and William B., b. c1874.

I am also enclosing a 'one line' genealogy of John Nelson, husband of Jane Montgomery, which goes back to 1591.

Sincerely, Fred L. Nelson, Box 308, Nashville, GA 31639. Phone: 1-912­686-3277. 

From Dr. Nelson's group sheets: John Montgomery, who d. after 1840 in Lawrence Co Tn, m. Sarah Moore, b. 1858; she c1. Lawrence in 1862. Issue:

1. Easter Anne, b. 1775-1780? and d. before 1850 in Mo. Spouse: George Washinton [sic] Jones, 1808.

2. Talitha Jane, b. 1788 N.C., d. 1865 Lawrence. Married 1804 John Nelson.

3. Robert. b. 11 Feb 1791 N.C., d. 4 Mar 1871 Texas; 1st wife unknown; 2nd wife was Malinda Duff, Crawford Co Mo 5 June 1832.

4. John, b. 1790 N.C., d. 1866 Parker Co Texas; 1st wife unknown; 2nd wife was Nancy Ellen Morris, 1849 Pulaski Co Mo.

5. William. b. 17 Aug 1797 N.C., d. 8 Oct 1853 Calousa Co Ca.; m. Nancy Ballew.

6. Jefferson, b. 25 Oct 1803 N.C., d. Wright Co Mo. Married Nancy Evoline Anderson 31 Oct 1831 Mo.

7. Nancy, b. 13 Jan 1806 N.C., d. 10 Mar 1845 Wright Co Mo; m. Wilson Hillhouse.

8. Jesse, b. 2 Oct 1807, d. 30 Jan 1887 Jacksboro, TX; m. Julia ( ).

9. Ellen, who m. William Hefley. 

Easter Anne and Geo. Washington Jones were the pars of Robert Jones, b. 5 Oct 1812 Lawrence Co Tn, who in. Pulaski Co 1838 Mary Ann McElroy. Robert d. 14 Sept. 1883 Pilot Point, Texas. Burial: Jones Cem. Mary, b. 11 Oct 1821 Mo, d. 1870 Pilot Point, was a dau of Samuel McElroy and Mary Ann Williams. Robert and Mary's ch. were:

1. Mary Frances, b. Pulaski 23 June 1849, d. 10 July 1913 Bloomfield, Texas. Married Alfred C. Robinson 31 Jan 1866 Cooke Co Texas.

2. Laura Jane, b. Gainesville, Tx 1863, d. 1938 Brinkman, Okla; m. Phillip Calvin Foster 1880. 

John Jones, also son of Easter and G.W. Jones, was b. 22 Jan 1816 Tenn; m. 1836/1837 Polk Co Mo Susan Ballew, b. Gasconade (now Pulaski) Co Mo 23 Aug 1824. Her pars were Jesse Ballew and Charity Montgomery. John Jones d. 1877 Pilot Point.  

John and Susan's ch. were:

1. Jesse Newton, b. 1838 Dallas Co Mo, d. Sanger, Tx 1917.

2. Geo. Washington, b. Mo 1841, d. Jacksboro, Tx 1909.

3. William Carroll, b. Mo 1842/1843.

4. Charity T., b. and d. 1845 Mo.

5. Missouri A., b. 1847 Mo, d. 1867; m. Columbus Glanville.

6. Synthia Elmina, b. 18 Dec 1849 Choctaw Nation, on way to Texas. She_ R d. 1932; m. 1869 Jacob Sampson Everly.

7. America Angeline, h. 1850's Kaufman Co Tx, d. 1910 Sanger, Tx.

8. Easter, b. Tx 1855; d. Sanger 1924; m. Flim McReynolds 1872.

9. John Franklin, b. Tx 1860, d Carnegie Ok 1941; m. Lucinda Strickland 1879.

10. David Lee, b. Tx 1864, m. Susan Cloud; d. 1934.

11. Thomas Jefferson, b. 1866 Denton Co Tx, m. Mary Ann Cosner; d. Tx 1932.

- - - -

Children of Geo Washington and Easter Anne Montgomery Jones were

1. James, b. 30 Oct 1810; d. 1860/ 1870 Kaufman Co, Texas. James m. 1st Sarah Wisdom, b. 6 Apr 1808, dau of Pollard and Elizabeth McCarty Wisdom. They were married 8 Nov. 1828 Lawrence Co Tenn.; 2nd wife was Sarah Adeline Montgomery, b. 25 Nov 1827. They m. 26 Mar 1853 in Kaufman Co, Texas. James' ch numbered 10 or 11, and were b. in Mo about 1831 to 1848.

2. Robert (as above).

3. John (as above).

4. Jackson Carroll Jones.

5. Newton Jones, who m. Frances Johnson.

6. Easter, who m. George Lindsey.

7. Thomas.

8. David.

9. Mary Ann, b. 1827; d. 1877. Married Wm. Richardson Dallas Co Mo 1846.

10. William, who m. 1st Charity Montgomery 1 Mar 1843 in Mo. and m. 2nd Martha Jane Travelstead Barker in Tx in 1869.

11. Cynthia, who m. Jim Lindsey; lived Hickory Co Mo.

12. Rachel.

13. Eliza. 

Jackson Carroll Jones, as above, was the fourth child. Born 25 Apr 1822, he d. Montague Co Tx 22 Apr 1903. He m. 24 Dec 1848 Dallas Co., Mo., Ruth Minerva Wisdom, b. 5 July 1833 Crawford Co Mo. She d. Montague 25 Feb 1897; was a dau of Thomas Wisdom and Charity Ballew.


1. Syntha Ann, b. 9 Dec 1849 in Creek Nation, on way to Texas. Married Arthur L. Brunson 1871; d. 1925.

The remaining ch. were all born and resided in Texas: Thomas Washington, Joseph Newton, Charity Elizabeth, Esther Minerva, William Carroll, Susan Elmina, John Franklin, Sarah Jane, and Mary Emeline Jones. 

(To Be Continued) 

Richland Mirror September 19, 1985 No. 189


Part Two, by Fred L. Nelson


John Nelson, b. 1750, d. 1827; m. Nancy Ann Carter, b. 1768, d. 1839. They were the pars of John Nelson, b. Mecklenberg Co., Virginia, 31 March 1784. He married in 1804 Talitha Jane Montgomery, b. 1788 (N.C.?) and d. 1865 Lawrence Co Tn. She was a dau of John Montgomery and his wife Sarah Moore (1748-1852). John d. after 1840. John Nelson d. Oct. 1844 in. Lawrence; burial at Nelson Cem.

John and "Jane" Montgomery Nelson had issue:

1. Mary ("Polly"), b. N.C. 1805 (all C births occurred Buncombe Co. for these children.) Polly d. 1881 Itawamba Co, Miss; husband was Edward Maxey, whom she m. in Lawrence Co Tn 14 Jan, 1821.

2. John, b. N.C. 30 May 1806, m. 1831 Marion Co, Ala Letha Maxey: He d. Pulaski Co Mo 23 Mar 1884.

3. Sarah, b. 24 Apr 1809 N.C., m. William M. Maxey in Lawrence Co Tn on 5 Feb 1826; she d. Pulaski Co Mo 4 Oct 1870.

4. Raney ("Anne"), b. 1810 N.C., m. 1 Dec 1829 William P. Wisdom in Lawrence Co Tn; death date needed.

5. William, b. 1815/1816 N.C.. d. before 1867 Laclede Co Mo; he m. in Pulaski Co Elizabeth M. McElroy.

6. Alice, b. 9 June 1816 Lawrence Co Tn, d. there 1887; she m. there 1833 William J. Smith.

7. Hugh A. H., b. Lawrence 8 Mar 1821, m. there 1842 Nancy Short; he d. Azle Texas, 1884

8. Robert, 0. 4 June 1823 Lawrence, m. there 1853 Isabelle White; he d. there 2 Dec 1898.

9. James, b. 28 Dec 1826 Lawrence. m. 22 Jan 1851 Susan Green there; d. 1905 Laclede Co Mo. His 2nd wife was Clarinda Lang, whom he m. in Laclede in 1869.

10. Jane. b. Lawrence 22 Sept 1828. m. there 1845 Booker Bailey; she d. there in 1913.


John Nelson. the 2nd ch. in above section, m. Letha Muria Maxey in, it is believed, Marion Co, Alabama in c1831. Born 14 Jan 1814 in Franklin Co Tn, she was a dau of Walter and Sarah Allen Maxey. She d. in Pulaski Co about 1875. In 1879, John m. secondly Mary Story White.

John and Letha were pars of:

1. William James, b. Pulaski c1834; d. before 1870. Married Elizabeth Miers/Myers in Laclede Co 5 Aug 1855. She was dau of Samuel and Sarah Meiers.

2. Robert Carroll, b. 31 July 1835 in Pulaski, d. Cooke Co, Tx 1914. Mary E. York Stevens was 1st wife, in Pulaski 1856. Second spouse was Matilda Wood 1889.

3. John Wilson, b. c1837 Pulaski; d. there 1873. Married Malinda Caroline Christison in Pulaski 1859. She was dau of Elisha and Agnes Drake Christison.

4. Sarah Jane,. b. 13 Dec 1841 Pulaski, d. there 1901. Married there Joseph Brackett, a son of Jesse M. and Rebecca Lane Brackett.

5. George W. b. c1841 Pulaski, m. Martha Story there. He d. Cooke Co, Tx.

6. Henry Harrison, b. 25 Feb 1842 Pulaski, m. there 1860 Malinda Ann Story, a dau of James and Tabitha Story.

7. Thomas B., b. c1844 Pulaski, pons d. in Texas. Wife was Mary Jane ( ) whom he wed in the 1860's.

8. Nancy Elizabeth, b. 26 Dec 1845 Pulaski, m. there 25 Dec 1862 William Henry Mitchell. She d. Cooke Co Tx 1936. See footnote.

9. Malissa A., b. 13 July 1848 Pulaski, m. there 1860's Samuel Joseph Mitchell. She d. Cooke Co Tx 1898. See footnote.

10. Louisa/ Levicy/ Levisa , b. c1851 Pulaski d. in Texas. First m. in Pulaski, Rev. John W. Inman; m. 2nd Andrew J. Vance.

11. Hugh Conrad (Uriah). b. 6 Mar 1852 in Pulaski; d. Enid. Ok 1921.Married  1st Udora  Moss Cooke Co. 1875 1875; m. 2nd Mrs. R. B. Johnson 1893.

12. Mary Ellen, b. c1853 Pulaski, m. L. E. Wagoner. Died 'after 1914.

13. Benjamin F., b. c1856 Pulaski, m. c1874 there Alice Q. Anderson, a dau of Andie and Celia Morgan Anderson. Requesting date of death.

 NOTES: William Henry and Samuel Joseph Mitchell were sons of Samuel and Elizabeth Nash Mitchell.

John W. Inman was a son of M.S and Elizabeth Inman.

To be Continued


Richland Mirror September 26, 1985 No. 190


Part Three, by Fred L. Nelson


Continuing the children of John and Jane Montgomery Nelson:

Sarah Nelson, b. 1809 in Buncombe Co., N.C., m. William M. Maxey 5 Feb 1826 in Lawrence Co Tn. A son of Walter Maxey and Sarah Allen, William was b. Wilson Co Tn 24 Sep 1805 and d. Pulaski Co Mo 16 Oct 1843. Sara d. there too, on 4 Oct 1870. She was interred on the old Maxey farm. Her second husband was Bennett H. Musgrave.

William and Sarah were the pars of:

1. James G., b. c1827 Lawrence Co Tn and d. Pulaski c1900. First wife was Margaret A. Lane; m. 2nd 1893 Mrs. Mary Scott.

2. Sarah Malissa, b. 5 Dec 1829 Lawrence, d. Laclede Co Mo 12 Nov 1884. Married Edward Patterson Cook I Mar 1859.

3. Mary Jane, b. 20 July 1832 Lawrence, d. 8 May 1915 Greene Co Mo. Her spouses were I. James Musgrave, who d. 1862; 2. John D. Morrison in Cedar Co Mo in 1870; and thirdly William Carroll Church in 1878.

4. Letha Caroline. b. c1836 Lawrence, m. John A. Williams.

5. William Henry, b. Aug 1339 Pulaski, d. 14 Mar 1900 Jack Co, Texas. Married first 3 Mar 1867 Pulaski Delilah Evans; m. 2nd Sarah Angeline Nelson. 1871, in Pulaski Co Mo. Sarah was a dau of William and Elizabeth James Nelson.

6. John Allen. b. 20 Mar 1844 Pulaski, d. 14 Mar 1885 Crawford Co Arkansas. He m. Louisa Ellen Cox in Pulaski 5 Sep 1867. 

The union of Sarah Nelson Maxey to Bennett H. Musgrave produced two sons:

1. George W. b. c1845 Pulaski. d. c1885 in California.

2. Winfield Scott. b. c1847, m. 30 Jan 1868 Aggie M. L. Stevens in Pulaski. She was a dau of Allen and Perlina Stevens. (Bennett d. 1864 at sea. returning to Missouri. James Musgrave, husband of Mary Jane Maxey, may have been a son resulting from Bennett's first marriage to Anna Robinson. It has been reported that Sarah Nelson Maxey Musgrave's gravesite has been destroyed, though Dale Hicks found and sent the tombstone inscription to me during the late 1960's. dv.) 

Raney Nelson (also Runey, Ana. Annie, Nannie, and Anne) was b. in Haywood (Buncombe) Co N.C. Her first husband was William P. Wisdom, b. c1807 in Ky or N.C., whom she m. in Lawrence Co Tn 1 Dec 1829. He d. Laclede Co Mo 3 Jan 1852. She m. 2nd James Darlin Bridges in Laclede 10 Mar 1853, and thirdly George W. Jeffries on 2 Mar 1891. No known children. 

Is William P. Widsom related to Pollard Wisdom? He named a son Pollard. 

Dr. Nelson writes, "The families Montgomery, Nelson, Wisdom. Jones and Ballew came to Lawrence Co Tn about 1816 from Buncombe Co. North .Carolina. Lawrence was formed in 1818. All were married to Montgomery's, and Davey Crockett" (also kin to them) "had gone to the Lawrence area earlier." 

William Nelson, b. 1816, m. in Pulaski Elizabeth Mahala McElroy; he d. approx. 1856-186- His 2nd wife was Elizabeth Jame, dau of George & Dicy

Elizabeth McElroy, b. 15 Mar 1818, d. Pulaski 4 Dec 1846, was a dau of Samuel M. McElroy and wife Mary Ann Williams.

William and his 1st wife had ch.:

1. Eliza J., b. 1837 Pulaski, m. John H. McGinnis 16 Jan 1857 Laclede Co Mo.

2. James M., b. c1839 Pulaski; may have moved to Texas.

3. Mary Ann, b. 10 Nov 1841 Pulaski, d. 19 Aug 1868 Nebo, Laclede Co Mo; bur. Casey Dougan Cem. Married in Laclede Shadrick Van Buren Casey, 12 Apr 1860.

4. William Henry, b. 2 Mar 1844 Pulaski, d. 6 May 1921; bur Casey Dougan Cem. Wife was Harriet Amanda Casey, in Laclede.

5. Mahala, b. 30 Nov. 1846 Pulaski, of whom nothing further.

Elizabeth E. James, second spouse of William Nelson, was b. Ill. 10 Mar 1826. (She later m. in 1867 Henry D. Maxey.) Three ch. were born of the union of William and Elizabeth James Nelson:

1. Sarah Angeline, b. Sept 1849 Pulaski. d. 22 Oct 1925 Jack Co Tx; m. 1871 in Pulaski. William Henry Maxey.

2. John Franklin. b. Pulaski 1852, m. Laclede Co Mo 1873 Emmaline Hall.

3. George T., b. 1856 Pulaski. He m. Laclede Mary Jones 1880.


NOTES: Shadrick and Harriet Casey were ch. of Samuel H. and Lucretia Burke (Cayce) Casey. Both ch. born in Pulaski, in 1837 and 1844.

Henry D. Maxey was the brother of Edward Maxey who m. Mary (Polly) Nelson, and William Maxey who m. Sarah Nelson. and Letha Maxey, wife of John Nelson.

William Henry Maxey was a son of William and Sarah Nelson Maxey.


Richland Mirror October 3, 1985 Page 4 No. 191


Part Four, by Fred L. Nelson



Hugh Augustus Hill Nelson, Sr., was the seventh ch.-born to John and Jane Montgomery Nelson. His first three ch. were born in Pulaski:

1. John Edward, in 1842; d. 1896 Azle, Texas.

2. Marietta Jane, 1 Sept 1844; m. in Tx Robert Clayburn Montgomery, son of John Montgomery and wife Sarah Moore.

3. Marium, b. and d. 16 Nov. 1846. All the following ch. were born in Parker Co, Texas, between 1848 and 1882: Mary Caroline, William Columbus, James Robert, George Fisher, Samantha Emiline, Jefferson Davis, b. 1861; Hugh A. H., Jr.; Charles Franklin, Navada Ellen, and Perly M.

Dr. Nelson's note, on reverse of this family’s group sheet should be read in the context of the cholera and typhoid prevalent in those times: "According to a copy of a letter Hugh Nelson wrote to his mother on May 9, 1847 he and five other families were moving to Texas in about 10 days. He and his wife had been very sick and his doctor bills for the year were $58. He thought Pulaski Co. was the most unhealthy place in the world with the possible exception of New Orleans."


James (Jim) Nelson was the ninth child. Susan Green, his 1st wife, was b. 1835 Tn, the dau of John and Winnie Green. She d. Laclede Co 1864 and is bur in Padgett-Bench Cemetery.

Their first two ch. were born in Lawrence; the latter two in Laclede:

1. John, 1852; d. Pulaski 1937. Married Sarah Jane Barlow 1879 Pulaski.

2. William J. B., d. 1859; m. Martha Ann Greenstreet Anderson 1889 Laclede.

3. George Washington, b. 1861; m. Rettie Adams 1892 Laclede Co Mo.

4. Sarah C., b. 1864, of whom nothing further.

NOTES: John, above, was the grandfather of Fred L. Nelson, compiler of this record. Sarah Jane Barlow Nelson was b. 1859 and d. 1940.

John and Sarah were the pars of son Fred Lincoln Nelson, 1880-1946, who m. Susan Elizabeth Flynn, b. 1885. Compiler's full name is Fred Leon Nelson, b. 1922; wife is Lois Lorraine Shepard.

“My mother, Susie Nelson, was 99 in November, lives by herself and is physically & mentally active...(she) has been a great help with my early genealogy search."

James 'Nelson was living with his sister Raney Wisdom in 1850 Laclede census. He returned to Tenn and m. Susan Green where my grandfather was born. About 1859-60 he returned to Laclede Co Mo."

Clarinda Long was James (Jim) Nelson's second wife. Born Laclede Co 1846, she was dau of James M. Long and wife Hannah Lanton. Her other marriage was to (——) Lamkin. She d. Laclede in Aug, 1927, is bur at Kuhn Chatham Cem.

James and Clarinda were the pars of these ch., all b. Laclede: Malissa Frances, 1870; Edward Franklin, 1871; Laura Lucinda, 1873; Louisa Ann (Eliza), 1876; Henry Lee (Cider), 1876; Robert Harrison, 1879; Lilburn Houston, 1879; Charley B., 1882; Joseph Green, 1886; and Ola A., 1888.


Robert Montgomery, third ch. of John and Sarah Moore Montgomery m. 1st (—) and secondly Malinda Duff, of whom nothing further. His 3rd wife was Druscilla Vardy Canafax. Two ch. were born in Mo to Robert and Malinda Duff Montgomery:

1. Joseph Newton, on 4 Apr 1833, who m. Sarah Lavina Jones 1853 in Kaufman Co, Texas. He d. Tx 1909.

2. Jefferson C., b. 14 Feb 1835; d. 1904 Bloomfield, Texas. Wife was Mary Angeline Jones, whom he wed in Cooke Co Tx in 1856.

NOTES: Sarah Lavina Jones was a dau of James and Sarah Wisdom Jones; Mary Angeline Jones was a dau of Reason and Ruth Almina Montgomery Jones.

- - - -

John Montgomery, 4th child of John and Sarah Moore Montgomery, b. 1790's in N.C., had six offspring by his first wife, name not yet known. They were:

1. Jesse Franklin, b. 25 Sept 1833 Pulaski, d. 1909 Parker Co., Texas. Married Lucy Ann Frances Shackle-ford.

2. Nancy Evaline, b. Pulaski ( ); m. William Lewis 16 July 1853.

3. Samantha, b. Pulaski ( ); lacking further data.

4. Lucinda, b. Pulaski ( ); m. (—) Sparks.

5. Robert Clayburn, b. 26 Sept 1840 Pulaski, d. 1925 Tahoka, Texas; m. (as above) Marietta Jane Nelson 1864 Parker Co Texas.

6. Thomas Jefferson, b. 11 Jan 1844 Pulaski, d. in 1922. Married three times in Texas.  

Nancy Ellen Morris, John Montgomery's second spouse, was b. Ind. 17 Aug 1829, and was a dau of Squire Morris and wife Mary (—) Morris Elam. The second marriage produced William James K. Polk Montgomery, b. Pulaski 1850. Remaining ch. were b. in Texas: Lewis W., James Newton, Jasper Reagan, Alice, b 1866, and Malinda (Linda), b. 1867, who m. in Parker Co Tx 1891 U.S. Sherman Barlow.

NOTES: James F. Elam, b. May, 1850, was a son of Lemuel and Mary Morris Elam. Went to Texas with John and Nancy Ellen Morris Montgomery - date unknown.

Sherman Barlow was the son of Wellington and Nancy Stamper Barlow of Pulaski Co Mo, and a brother of the grandmother of the compiler, Sarah Jane Barlow.

William Montgomery, 5th ch. of John and Sarah Moore Montgomery, m. Nancy Ballew in Pulaski Co Mo at date unknown. A dau of Jesse and Charity Montgomery Ballew, she was b. Buncombe Co, N.C. 30 Apr 1800, and d. Dallas Co Mo 23 Feb 1854. The ch. of William an Nancy Ballew Montgomery were:

1. Ruth Almira (Almina?), b. 6 Feb 1820 Crawford Co Mo, d. 7 Oct 1859 Pilot Point, Texas, m. Polk Co Mo 24 Dec 1835 Reason Jones.

2. John J., b. 1826 Crawford Co Mo, M. 1856 Julia W. Clark.

3-6. Margaret A., Charity C., Thomas J.B., and Nancy Emeline. (From Goodspeed Hist of Dallas Co Mo, pp, 954-955, which see for lengthy sketch of Montgomery-Ballew travels. dv.)

- - - -

Reason Jones, b. 10 Oct 1813, m. Ruth Almira/Almina Montgomery. A son of Polly Jones (who was a sister of Geo. Washington Jones), he d 4 Mar 1895. His 2nd marriage resulted in thirteen children.

Reason and Ruth were the pars of:

1. Frances Elizabeth, b. 12 Feb 1836 Mo, d. Indian Territory (Okla.) 8 Feb 1908; m. Dallas Co Mo Alexander Currie Davis 23 Sept 1852.

2. Mary Angeline, b. Mo 7 Jan 1838, d. 13 Dec 1904 Pilot Point; she m. Jefferson C. Montgomery 7 Feb 1856 in Cooke Co Texas. He was son of Robert and Malinda Duff Mont­gomery.

3. Nancy Emiline, b. 20 Jan 1840 Mo, d. 6 Apr 1916 Sanger, Texas. Married 23 Oct 1859 John R. Sullivan.

4. Margaret, b. 13 Apr 1843 Mo, d. 7 Feb 1879. Married John/George? Hundley 25 Jan 1861, in Cooke Co Tx.

5. William Jefferson, b. 4 Mar 1845 Mo, d. Duncan, Okla. 12 Jan 1900; m. Lucy Josephine Coyl 2 Apr 1864 Cooke Co Tx.

6. Carroll Mastin, b. 14 Apr 1851, d. 3 Feb. 1884. Married Sally McAdams Turney Cooke Co Tx 16 Oct 1871.

7. Charity M., b. 1853, m. 1874 Henry French.

8. Susan Ende, b. Tx 1856, m. 1st William Breedlove and 2nd Dock Fuqua.

9. Theodocia Alvira, b. 28 Jan 1858 Tx, d. 7 May 1891. Married in Cooke Co 1878 Frank Fuqua.- - - -



1. Hugh Nelson, b. 1591 Penrith, England, d. Penrith 1674. Married Marion Nelson 1619, dau of John Nelson. She was b. 1599 and d. 1657.

2. William Nelson was Hugh's son. b. 1621 Penrith; he d. there 1670. Wife was Bridgett Rumney.

3. Hugh Nelson, son of William, was b. Penrith 1647 and d. there in 1708.

4. Son of Hugh was Thomas ("Scotch Tom") Nelson, b. 20 Feb 1677 Penrith; he d. 7 Oct 1745 Yorktown, Virginia. His first wife was Margaret Reade, the rite performed in 1710 in Yorktown. Margaret was b. there in 1693, and d. about 1720 at her birthplace. Thomas m. secondly Frances Houston Tucker.

5. Fifth generation was also Thomas, b. 1-716 Yorktown, Va.; d. there 19 Nov 1786. Married 1745 Yorktown Lucy Armistead, b. 1725 Elizabeth City, Va. and d. Yorktown 1770.

6. Thomas Nelson's son was Major John Nelson, b. 1750 Yorktown, Va.; he d. 18 Feb 1827 Mecklenburg Co., Va. Nancy Ann Carter, whom he wed at Williamsburg, Va. 25 July 1781, was b. 28 May 1763 at Williamsburg and d. 1839 at Mecklenburg Co., Va.

7. John Nelson (as above) was Major John's son, b. 31 Mar 1784 Mecklen­burg Co Va and d. Lawrence Co Tn in October, 1844. As noted, his wife was Talitha ("Jane") Montgomery, b. 1788. She d. Lawrence in 1865. 

This concludes the excellent contribution of data sent by Fred L. Nelson, P.O. Box 308, Nashville, GA 31639. He invites exchange and correspondence, and welcomes further information on the families. 

Our acorn grows treelike, with this body of knowledge including these 1840 Pulaski Co Mo listees:

ROBERT MONTGOMERY (2121001­101101). 222 (505 Wright '50) WILSON HILLHOUSE (110002­010101) p. 222 (521 Wright '50)

ROBERT JONES (00001-1001) p. 219 (43 Texas '50: b. Tn c1818)

WILLIAM MAXEY (101001-111001) p. 219 (widow had by 1850 m. Bennett Musgrave; she is listed on 213 Pulaski '50. See Goodspeed Hist of Pulaski p. 798)

JOHN NELSON (210001-10001) p. 219 (213 Pulaski '50, 252 Pulaski '60) The 1880 Census of Pulaski (Roub. Twp, 46-46) says John was b c1807 there also.

SQUIRE/SQUIER MORRIS (1100001-110001) p. 229. One Squire Morris d. Pulaski intestate (without leaving a will.) Bond: 1848. Admx, Polly Sapp; Security: Samuel Baker and David Adams. (Note: 2 Sapp ch. reside with David Adams on 206 Pulaski '50). Heirs of the deceased: Mary Sapp, widow of Greenberry Sapp, deceased; and John W., Nancy, Wm. J., Polly Ann, Melicia A., and Welmina J. Morris...residents of Pulaski Co Mo (Woodruff). Wm. Morris, prob son of Squire was on 265 Pulaski '60, b. Ill c1835; also on same page was John Morris, b. Ky c1833. HENRY D. MAXEY ("Mascy") p. 229 (00001-00001). Born Ala c1817 says census on 207 Pulaski '50; b. Ala c1816 says 333 Laclede '60, Gasconade Twp. Pulaski will dtd 1869.

Several of these families also appear in previous columns, to which the reader's attention is invited.

Richland Mirror October 10, 1985 No. 192 & 193

Article about using computers for genealogy. Totally outdated now. 

The Richland Mirror October 24, 1985 No. 194


Oct. 12, 1985

No family information.


The Richland Mirror October 31, 1985 No. 195

EXENDINE/OXENDINE - WEST - Our ancestor was John Wesley Oxendine, born in Tn; his wife was Matilda West. His pars were Jonathan and Sally Oxendine from Tn. Jonathan's pars were Archibald and Patsy Oxendine from S. Carolina. John, Maltilda and Archibald came to Laclede Co Mo; what happened to Jonathan and Sally?

Would appreciate any information you or your readers might have. Marilyn Ramey, Rt 1, Box 158, Dewey, OK 74029.

REPLY: I see Archibald in my cardex on 336 Laclede '60, b. SC c1766, and others in household are Patsy, Arch'd. and Isabel; the latter two were b. Tn c1820. Another Oxendine fam resided in Texas Co Mo in 1860, house #775: John, b. Tn c1805; and Nancy, b. Tn c1825.

One Archibald Oxendine is listed in the 1830 Census of Overton Co Tn, p 187 but his family stats were not furnished. Other Oxendine fams in 1830 Overton were Charles and Levi, both on p. 203. There is an Edny Oxendyne listed on p. 290 of 1830 Bledsoe Co Tn, as well. In White Co Tn was Oney Oxendyne, on p. 49; suggest Overton Co Tn as likeliest place to investigate, though in 1830 Overton, White & Bledsoe bordered one another (see 1825 Rhea map.) It would be most fortunate if families still lived in the area!


We are trying to find information about my wife's family. Somewhere there must be record of Edward Pritchett, b. 1791 and d. 24 Apr 1880, who married Catherine Scroggins on 18 Aug 1825. We have information on this family from the time they lived near Stoutland, Camden Co Mo but have been unable to find out about their pars and where they may have come from.

Delaney Bowlin and Elizabeth McComb were pars of William Thomas Bowlin, b. 1867 Eldon, Miller Co Mo. Latter was a physician and later lived in Mountain Grove, Wright Co Mc. Seek additional data on the Bowfin fam of Miller Co.

Max D. Smith, 905 W. 6th St., Weslaco, TX 78596.

REPLY: You should get in touch with Mrs. Warren Pritchett, Box 10, Waynesville, MO 65583 Some of our Pritchett fams came from Roane Co Tn; I compiled quite a treatise on the fam for Mrs. Pritchett several years ago, and I'm sure she'd be happy to share it with you...Scroggins fams also lived in Roane, in 1830 for example. See census.


[An old and valued friend, Mrs. Merlyn Houck, presents her husband's lines next. Her health has been up and down lately, she reports. She has just finished revising a book she did in 1957, and hopes things are now back to normal. dv.]


John Thompson, b. 1760 (where?), d. prob Rhea Co Tn area. His wife, Sarah (), b. Feb 9, 1765 (where?), d.

Sept 16, 1810 aged 45 in Thompson cem on now-Cash farm, near Spring City, Tn. Their ch.:

1. Jesse Thompson, of Rhea Co Tn, b. c1780's, m. (where?) Jane Looney c1809.

2. Jane Thompson, b. July 9, 1789; d. June 14, 1849 (our line).

3. Sarah Thompson

4. Elizabeth Thompson

5. Margaret Thompson, who m. Levy H. Knight.


Isaac West was b. (where?) Jan 23, 1782. Died 1 Apr 1826; buried Concord Cem. Wife was Mary ( ), b. May 2, 1790 and d. Aug 28, 1876. Children:

1. Warren. 2. Jeffery. 3. Susan, our line, (need birth & death dates) married Absalom L. Thompson in Rhea Co Tn in 1831.

4. Alethy. 5. Polly Ann. 6. Eliza. 7. Maltilda, who m. John Barnet, and 8. Charlotte West, wife of James Barnet.

Jesse Thompson and Jane Looney were pars of:

1. Elizabeth, wife of James I. Cash.

2. Jesse P.

3. Sarah F., wife of ( ).

4. Jane E., wife of James Majors.

5. John L.

6. ABSALOM L. b. 1810, d. 1865 Barry Co., MO. (our line). Buried Washburn Prairie Cem.
7. Frances M.

8. Amanda M.

Mrs. Houck writes, "Still don't know anything new on our Jones and Montgomery lines in Dallas, Laclede, Pulaski, Wright and Benton Co Mo areas. I think Easter Ann may have been dau of a John Montgomery and a Sarah Moore of Lawrence Co Tenn; he was living in 1840 census, I believe, and n d she was listed in 1850 and 1860. I think she d. 1862, aged 104 years in household of her daughter. Lazell Houck (Mrs. Merlyn), 1717 W. Lakeview, Stillwater, OK 74075.

REPLY: Hope you'll hear from others interested in Thompsons of Rhea; thank you for helping us get acquainted with them 

Richland Mirror November 7, 1985 No. 196


My battle-worn copy of Gerard Schultz's Early History of the Northern Ozarks (Jeff City, Midland Printing, 1937) mentions a few pioneer families of our area, though I think the author quotes Goodspeed perhaps too much. See pp 42, 43, 44, 62-66, 69-73. On p. 112. last para. I believe Jeremiah "Parson" should have been J. Pearson of 227 Pulaski '40 and 469 Wright '50. And that Henry F. "Armsby" was instead H.F. Ormsby of 198 Pulaski ’40 and 8 Texas ’50.

Postoffices of 1836 are listed on p. 113, with postmasters (in Pulaski were A.C. Parks at Cave Spring, Robt. B. Harrison at Waynesville. and Moses Bean at Onyx); Andrew J. Shelton, Peter Bilyeu and J.P. Harrison are mentioned on p. 121. residents of Miller Co Mo in 1838. Other topics covered include early cholera, train wrecks, lawlessness, and so on. 


Lee David Gilbreth/Gilbreath apparently went to Pulaski Co Mo between 1880 and 1900. According to the 1900 census of Pulaski, Roub. Twp., he was born in Indiana in May 1853. He m. Mary Margaret Mathews in Phelps Co Mo on 24 Dec 1876. The census says she was b. Mo in Dec 1852. Their ch. were: Lilly, b. 1878; Samuel Henry, b. Jan 1880; Lula Jane, b. June 1882; Walter Cleveland, b. Dec 1884 or 1885; Maggie. b. 1886; Anna Mary, b. Mar 1888 or 1890; and Nellie, b. July 1890 or 1891.

Lee David Gilbreath d. 23 Dec 1935 in Pulaski County. His death cert lists place of burial as Macedonia Cemetery, and his adoptive pars were listed as John and Priscilla. Wish to contact other desc for exchange of information. Elizabeth Towne Schmitt, 1100 Joyce Ave., Rolla, MO 65401.

REPLY: Pulaski Cemetery Readings are available in two vols ("each $17.50) compiled by present and past members of the County Historical Society, Box 10, Waynesville, MO 65583. I am familiar with the Macedonia Cemetery, as several of my kin are buried there. Not all gravesites are marked. Maybe a reader will offer to help you.

The Richland Mirror November 14, 1985 No. 197


Believe Cinderilla Breedlove, who m. Thomas Lowery, was dau of Martin Breedlove and Elizabeth Carr. Martin was son of Thomas and Sarah Breedlove, while Elizabeth was dau of Thomas Carr and Anne Sanders. Would like Martin's death date, prob in Simpson Co Ky. Also, was the Martin Breedlove who d. c1846 in Boone Co Mo his son?

Mrs. Ellen Byrne, 8566 Lancaster Dr., Rohnert Park, CA 94929.


Three Fore households in my cardex, all 1860 Phelps census:

Wm, b. Ky c1835; there in '57 - p.3. Philip, b. Ky c1832; there 42-47, Ind. '52, p.3.

And Benjamin, b. Ky 1826; there til ’38 and then Indiana, on  p. 11.

Augustus Fore (000021-10001) is listed on 198 Pulaski '40; not found in later records -- what happened to him? One Augustus Fore m. Elizabeth Montgomery 1838 Crawford Co Mo Woodruff, Crawford Marriages, p. 16). This man does not fit the age bracket of a man listed on p. 189 of 1830 McMinn Co Tn Census, p 189, Augustin P. Fore. Page 198 later became mostly Texas Co Mo, with fams Ware, Sutton, Snider, Ormsby, Bates, Standerford, Stephen Williams, and Thornton listed on p. 198 and then in 1850 Texas Co Mo census. Born in Ky were Sutton, Ormsby, Bates, and Standerford. (What counties?) Nathan Skidmore of Ky., ancestor of my late Aunt Delia, was listed on 198 Pulaski '40 then 274 Laclede '50; see previous cols on Skidmore.


Researching the Dill family, but was wondering if you'd found anyone working on a Dell connection to them? I don't think so, as I have been able to follow them quite well from 1830. Last note I have is a John H. Dell, from Pulaski Land Sales. Could you use any of my notes on the Dell family, since they stayed right there in Pulaski Co? (You prob have most of what I have gathered.)

Mrs. Pat Kroeger, 1448 Criterion Ave, St. Louis, MO 63138.

REPLY: Good to hear from you again! Thanks for the kind words. Your Dell-or-is-it-Dill problem is similar to my Hull/Hall dilemma, and my Vincent/ Vinson/ Vansant/ Vanzandt choice...sometimes the best course is to follow surrounding families, seeking a similar move among them. Your best friends then will prove to be unusual names. In proving my John Vincent had come from Rhea Co Tn 1830 census to 1840 Pulaski census I was able to get the help of these quite unique (and now familiar) men: Joseph J. Thrailkill, Miles Vernon, and John Atchley. Others are less obvious, but taken together form a good proof.

George Dell was listed in 1830 Crawford Co Mo census, p 175; seems to have d. Pulaski int. 1834. His prob wife was Lucinda Dell (0012-0010001) listed on 199 Pulaski '40. Lucinda d. Pulaski about 1843 (Woodruff.) The fam seems to have come from around 1826 to 1830. Bits and pieces of the family should (but not necessarily) have remained in Tn, but not a single Dell fam is found in all of Tn's 1830 census. PLENTY of Dills, as you may know. Could this fam's name originally have been Odell? Lots of those "O's" drop off with the passage of time: just one more avenue for you to explore!

Do you agree that George was the husband of Lucinda, and that the ch were among others John and Allen, both b. Tn, listed in 1850 Pulaski Co Mo census?


I am the great-great grand-dau of Joshua Rippee and Sarah Hicks Rippee of Wright Co Mo and have been researching the name for some time.

Dixie Rippee Scott, 517 Larkin St.,' Tulare, CA 93274.

REPLY: We've covered quite a few Rippee families in last few years; see previous cols. Many of these fams were from Orange Co NC and Sumner Co Tn. I have three Joshuas in my cardex: b. Ind c1827; b NC c1798; b. NC c1817 & in Ind 1829-34. Which is your ancestor, please.


John Admire and Minerva King were the pars of John Henry and (Bill)?; John H. Admire m. Angeline Wheeler, b. Jan 22, 1843. She was dau of Morgan Wheeler, b. Mar 9, 1814, who m. Feb 6, 1840 Harriet Davis. his 1st wife, who d. Oct 15, 1852. Mr. Wheeler's 2nd spouse was Sarah Ann Paten. John H. and Angeline Admire were the pars of John Farmer Admire, 1866-1959. John F. Admire m. Mahala Mizer: I have this line back to 1600's. Jesse Lewis, b. 1803 NC and d. 1860-1870. m. Martha Scates; they were pars of Joseph Scates Lewis, b. Dec 4, 1833 & d. Oct 1904. Joseph m. Mary Jane Wair, b. June 11, 1831 and d. July 29. 1870. Joseph and Mary's son. Joseph. Jr. ("Jody") was b. Lebanon, Mo Oct 20, 1864 and d. 1942. Jody m. Sarah Jane Carter, b. Lebanon Nov 7, 1868; she d. Anthon, Iowa in1937. Sarah ("Sally") was dau of Alfred Carter, b. 1848 Tn and d. 1915, and his wife Mariah Kincheloe, b. 1849 and d. 1869. Mariah's pars were Thomas Ludwell- Kincheloe (have K. line way back), and Louisa Jane Rippy.

We know that Jesse Lewis and Meriwether Lewis the explorer are related but can't find the connections.

Brothers of Minerva King were Charlie and George; John Admire, husband of Minerva, had bros George . and Jacob ("Jake"); John H. Admire; Angeline had ch. John F. George (Washington, who m. Minerva Ann Mizer; Mary Ann, wife of Lorenzo Rector; and two girls who d. as infants. Eleanore Lewis, RR 1. Correctionville, Iowa 51016.

REPLY: Honey, I just don't know exactly why the name "Vincent" isn't in your records, somewhere...I believe your Minerva is a Vincent, not a King: Morgan Wheeler's Bible record is owned by Vincents in Texas; John H. Vincent's estate settlement in Pulaski in 1851 lists Manerva Admires, and in the 1850 census of Texas Co Mo on p. 51 John and Minerva Admire are listed NEXT DOOR to John Vincent II; the final proof is that in 1850 Pulaski _ census p. 209 John and Minerva are listed WITHIN the household of my great-great grandmother Anna "Vin­son."

TWO Minervas were wives of John? It's certainly possible. Is there a King family historian who can set us right on this question? Sure would love to hear from you...

John Admire would surely seem to be related to Frances, the wife of Daniel Bench, living only two households away; Isabel J. Vincent seems to have first m. a Bench, and then Hiram King.


Early Pulaski Wills and Admins are found in Mrs. Howard W. Woodruff's "Mo. Miscellany" (Independence, Mo., 1980), Vol. IX. See pp 89-90.

The Richland Mirror November 21, 1985 No. 198


John Breeden m. Mary Forrester in Roane Co Tn in 1822; were they pars of Abraham R. Breeden. b. five years later? Abraham m. Nancy Ann Shockley, whose 1st husband was ( ) Copeland. This was his second marriage; 1st wife was Nancy Helton, and ch. resulted from both marriages. Nancy Ann's father was William Shockley, husband of Rutha Parker. Seek William's pars. He was b. Va. 1805. One William Shockley m. Rebecca Copeland 1833 in Gasconade Co Mo; is this the same William Shockley? Is Rutha also Rebecca? Searching for origins of Mathew T.W. Benton and Nancy Skaggs. who were m. 1826 in Gasconade Co Mo; they were pars of Harriet Louisa who m. Patrick Doyle in 1863.

Seek info on the ancestors of Valentine Branson: have some data but wish to know where they lived before Tenn. pars and grandpars, etc. My line is Alfred Preston Branson.

In your col of 21 Feb 1982. I think there may have been two women named Alpha Sherrill. Alpha Sherrill, dau of Samuel R. Sherrill and Elizabeth ( ). was born 15 Dec 1819 and m. Valentine Branson on 22 Jan 1835 in Mo. They were my great great grandpars on my father's side. Samuel R. Sherrill's father was prob Adam Sherrill. There is a record of one Adam Sherrill who lived in Washington Co. N.C. in 1792 and moved to Bledsoe Co Tn in 1801, per "Pioneers of Missouri," vol 28. Adam Sherrill sold land in Tn to Samuel R. Sherrill and there are several refs to Samuel in Roane Co Tn records.

Valentine and Alpha's son. Alfred Preston Branson, m. Elizabeth Haines and their 1st ch. was Mahala N. Branson my grandmother. She was b. 28 Nov 1857 and m. Thomas Albert Bray. who was my father's father.

Was Meredith Shockley the father of the above William Shockley? Don't know where I got this, other than King's "Hist of Maries." There are some mistakes in the book (Abraham R. Breeden's death cert shows that he was b. 11 Feb 1827, not 18 Feb 1838 and there are some names listed wrong in my own family) but overall it is a great book and I remember Mr. King when he was gathering the information for it when I was in high school in Vienna. The notes laid around for some time before his daughter Louise and Dr. Shockley got it going for publication.

I sent in my subscription for the Richland paper last March. and I wish I had known sooner about it and your informative articles...keep up the good work as I plan to save every article and put them together into some sort of keeper. Sincerely, Lillian A. Doyle. 2566 S. Lansing Way. Aurora. CO 80014.

REPLY: One John Branson appears on I805 Grainger Co Tn's Tax List, then 18I5 Bledsoe. As you have seen in previous cols, your John Breeden and my John Vincent both attended a sale in Roane Co Tn in 1823. Rowdens were in the area. too, while the Sherrills and Bransons were somewhat westerly but not far -- living in Bledsoe Co Tn. In 1817 in Roane one Adam Sherrel was as a purchaser at the estate sale of Robert Kirkpatrick, deceased. (Roane estates "A," McCluen, 1965. p 2).

Don't recall that I have listed other Mo. fams ho came from Bledsoe. as I figure it -- I haven't completely cardexed Bledsoe in 1830, but these fams were familiar: Samuel R. Sherrell. p. 268: to 204 Pulaski '40 and 188 Pulaski '50. John Prater, p 269; poss to 231 Laclede '50. William Prater. same page, poss went to 262 Laclede '50 Thomas Brown, p. 272; poss Pulaskian #761. Andrew Branson, p. 273; went to 877 Osage '50 says Goodspeed "Rem. Hist. Ozarks." p 300. Pleasant Gibson. p. 277. may be Pulaskian 4676. John Riddle. p 281 000210001-001000001) is surely the progenitor of our large Riddle population. Two names below Riddle is Obadiah C. Vernon, but he seems not to be the same man who appears on 253 Laclede '50 and 239 Laclede '60. (William Presley is listed on p. 281; now THERE'S an old Tennessee family!)

Samuel Grigsby. p 281, is poss same man as 207 Pulaski '40 and 192 Pulaski '50. Enoch Foster, on p. 285 of Bledsoe's 1830 census, is prob Pulaskian 4459. Timothy Davis. same page. poss appears later on 573 Wright '50. Ephraim Skiles, also on p 285, is reputedly ancestor of our 1840 Skiles line...only scratching the surface.

Drop a line. family researchers, if you disagree with these speculations - course if I've guessed it right, let me know that too!



My ancestors were mainly from Wright Co Mo -- the Norwood, Hartville. Mt. Grove, and Competition area -- would welcome exchange of data with readers. Robert D. Caudle. Rt 2, Box 11, Mansfield. MO 65704.


Richland Mirror November 28, 1985 No. 199




Mastin Skaggs (1796-1863), son of Jacob and Mary (Gore) Skaggs. removed from Weakely Co Tn to Pulaski Co Mo c1831. His mother also came, with part of her earlier family, the Wornells (she had been m. twice previously.) Mastin's wife was Lucy Abbott, dau of Wm Abbott. Born 1800, we believe she may have d. in 1844. Need confirmation. Mastin m. 2nd 8 Nov 1844 Sibby Eliz. Pierce and 3rd Nancy Jane Lewis. His ch. were: Jacob C.. (1818-1901), m. 1840 Miller Co., Mo, Nancy Minerva Wiseman (1819-1909), dau of Benjamin Wise­man. They lived in Pulaski (1850), Miller (1860) and by 1900 were in Logan Co. Oklahoma (Ind. Territory). Known ch: (all b. in Mo.) Mastin, c1842; Benjamin. c1843: Elisha, c1846; James C., c1848; Sarah, b. 17 Mar. 1850 Pulaski Co Mo; William, b 1854. and Celia Skaggs, c1855.

William Abbott Skaggs. son of Mastin. was b. 1821; he m. Susan Dean then Margaret Hibbs.

Celia. b. c1822, of whom nothing further.

James. b. c1826; d. young.

Elizabeth J.. b. c1838, m. Baptiste McNubb, then Thomas Johnson.

Lusetta. b. c1836. of whom no further word.

Nancy Jane. b. c1840. m. ( ) Hibbs. George. b. c1845; Rebecca. c1847; John. c1848, d. young; James, c1850: John Lewis. b. c1854. who m. Sarah McCarter, then Mary (Polly) c1855 and Maggie (as well as Susan ( ).

Benjamin W. Wiseman (1800-1870). believed a son of Martin Wiseman and a grandson of immigrant to Western N. Carolina, William Wiseman. moved from Tn to Miller Co Mo by 1832, near the Camden Co line. He m. in Ky. Sarah Winfrey. and 2nd Cloe ( ). Their ch. were: Nancy Minerva, wife of Jacob C. Skaggs; Zachariah. b. 1821 who m. Nancy Wade then Mary Barnett: Winiford. b. 1822 who m. James Pemberton; Serilda, b. 1824 who m. Mathias Mereideth; Geo. Washington, b. 1826, husband of Elizabeth ( ) James Madison, b. 1828. who m. Elizabeth Combs; Wm. Martin. b. 1831. who m. Marinda Woolbanks then Mary Schouthfield; Sampson. b. 1833;d. young; Mary A., b. 1835. m Wm. A. Coffey and Thomas Davenport. h. 1837, husband of Matilda ( ).

Sarah, dau of Jacob and Nancy Wiseman Skaggs m. Wm. T. Shanpm (1850-I884) in 1873 (where?) They d. young leaving a fam which was cared for by Sarah's parents. The 1900 Census listing and my grandmother's Bible (records) don't quite match but on the whole they are the same people.

Their ch. were: Minnie, Elizabeth(my line), b. 1874, Lola Gertrude, b. 1879,  Walter Ezra b. 1882 and Robert Jacob Jake b. 1884? All born in Mo.


Where was Wm. Shannon from 1850 to 1880? Can't find him in the census His estate was probated in Pulaski Co. in 1884.

Robert A. VanDyne. 1849 Roberts Salina, Kans. 67401

REPLY: Goodspeed's Hist of Pulaski, pp 807-808, sketches the family well. In addition to your findings, Goody reports that Mastin's 1st son. William, was born in Wayne Co Tn; Mastin and his wife "Lucly" (that's what is printed, tho we can all agree that 'Lucy' was intended). To resume: that Mastin and his first wife were born, reared and wed in Virginia; that they removed to Wayne Co Tn about 1818, and moved again; to Weakley Co Tn, in approximately 1828. "A year later" (1829) they settled in Camden Co Mo, where they lived until 1841. They then moved to their final adobe near Waynesville, where the father d. in 1863 and the mother in 1844. Further, that the grandfather (viz, Mastin's father) was Jacob Skaggs. "a German, who died in Tennessee." Susanna Dean's father was Jesse Dean of Tn. where she was born. Jesse came to Pulaski Co about 1836. where he lived the rest of his life. Finally, Wm's second spouse was Margaret Hibbs, whom he m. in 1868. First wife d. 1866.

Mastin Skaggs is the 52nd name in the 1840 Pulaski census: I did not see him anywhere in our ten counties in 1850, but in 1860 his listing was 309 Pulaski '60, reporting that he was b. in Tn in about 1796. Hist of Maries Co Mo, p. 75 (King) states Mastin was a gunsmith; one Sibby Pierce m. Mastin Skaggs in Miller Co Mo Nov 8, 1844.

On the same page as Mastin is Richard Skaggs, Sr.; ten years later, on 195 Pulaski '50 his listing says he was b. Va in c1781. Winny, with him, (could be wife OR dau), was b. Va c1803. Abraham Skaggs, also on 195 Pulaski '50, was b. Ky c1828.

Third Skaggs fam listed in 1840 Pulaski census is Richard, on p. 210; his 1850 listing, on 50 Texas '50, reports his birthplace as Missouri (!) in c1815. In both reports. my V. and Musgrave family households were nearby, and I note with great interest that Mastin's youngest son was named John Lewis Skaggs as my great-grandfather's full name was James Lewis Vincent, b. Pulaski 1838. The Vincents also came out of Virginia. by way of Tenn to Missouri. James Skaggs, fourth family in 1840 Pulaski study group, was on p. 223; I am not certain, but believe I found him in Miller Co Mo in 1850 on p. 853; reported he was b. Tn c1800.

A Skaggs query in the Sept '69 Gene Helper (S181) asks for pars of Jacob Skaggs, b. 1760s in SC or Va. d. 1830, Tn. 1790s (her 3rd husband) Mary Gore (Fletcher) (Wornell). b I760s S.C.; d. 1852 Miller Co Mo. Querist: J.E. Skaggs, Drawer D, Plainview TX 79072.

Mary in 1850 was on 673 Camden '50 b. SC c1760, living with a Warnell family.


The Richland Mirror December 5, 1985 No. 200

The index of 1830 census of West Tenn. (Sistler) lists Skaggs fams (sp. Scaggs) JAMES, (00001-10011) and MASTING (311001001-02001) on p. 337 of Weakely County. Spencer ABBOTT is listed between them (120001-110001). Other Scaggs fams are LEWIS M. Scaggs in 1830 Hardeman Co Tn, p. 371 (20001­10001); and William Scaggs, 184 of Carroll Co Tn.



I note that two Musgrave fams are in 1830 Hardeman Co In that are most certainly kin to our Pulaski branch: on p. 34- are "Quemby Musgrove" (00002001-00100001) and just below him Thomas Musgrove (11001-00001). If the searcher will refer to the 1790 census of N.C.'s Wayne County, p. 149, he will see one "Jonas Quimby" listed on col 3, line 6, a few names above John and Joel Musgrove; it is my theory that Quemby Musgrove and Jonas Musgrave of 52 Texas '50 are somehow connected. Jonas in 1850 is in household 370; Richard Scaggs (sp. that way, too) is in household 357,

same census. I expect the above-mentioned Thomas Musgrove was a

son of Thomas Musgrave, Jr. who d. in Lawrence Co Tn.

Looking again at the 1830 census of Weakely Co Tn, we see David Crockett on p. 331 (0011101-0210001). (Unfor­tunately, the county's reports were half-alphabetized; this prevents us from seeing who actually lived near which family.) Perry and Abner Vincent are listed in same Weakely group: I don't know them. Two McNeely fams are present. but I can't link them with Ezekiel McNely of 210 Pulaski '40, pons present in Mo as early as 1831, as one Jackson McNeely in 1850 resides with Jonas Musgrave. McNeely was reported b. Mo c1831. (Jonas was an early pioneer of Henry Co Mo. listed in its 1840 census, p. 374.)


Part of your Wiseman family seems to have spent some time in East Tn, as I see that Albert G. and his bro James Wiseman came to Maries Co Mo from 1830 census of Monroe Co Tn, p. 89 (and see King: Hist of Maries, p 330). An additional bro was Oliver Davenport Wiseman ("Forty"), listed on p 147 of 1830 McMinn Co Tn census, who also came to Maries in about 1831-32. Pages 306, 307 and 308 of 1830 Blount Co Tn list Davenport, Martin, and Betsey Wiseman. I see your Benjamin on 895 Miller '50, reporting b. c1798 in South Carolina.


My great-grandfather, Daniel Cutbirth, was listed in the 1880 Laclede Co Mo census of head of household No. 167/167. At that time, he reported both he and his pars had been born in Mo, and that he had b. in c1845. I believe James Cutbirth, listed in 1840 Pulaski Mo census. is the father of my Daniel, but no proof. I also believe the father of James was David Cutbirth, listed in the 1840 Census of Taney Co Mo. David and James Cutbirth are listed in the 1850 Census of McDonald Co Mo; in house no. 89 are David Cutbirth, b. Ky c1793; Mary Cutbirth, b. Tn c1795; David D. Cutbirth, b. Ind c1831; and Andrew Jackson Cutbirth, b. Ind c1834. In house no. 88 are James Cutbirth, b. Ind c1818; Sarah Cutbirth, b. Tn c1824, David D. Cutbirth, b. Mo c1843.' I believe latter David D.'s full name was David Daniel, and that he is my great-grandfather. Fam. is allied with the Henchy line through Gasconade Co Mo marriages in the 1830's.

David and James apparently d. after or about 1853 and Sarah remarried to one Samuel Murray some time after 1856. They are listed in 1860 Laclede census, house 717, and Daniel was then reported as being b. in Mo in c1844.

Can't find Daniel in I870; he married Sarah/Sally Stith I would estimate about 1865-68.

Need pars, siblings. birth date of Daniel Cutbirth; also need death date and place of burial. Glad to share my research; working on lines since 1977.

Melvina Arnett, Rt. 1, Box 54, Houstonia, MO 65333.

REPLY: Glad to hear from you. Benjamin Cutbirth is part of my study group, listed on 229 Pulaski '40. 508 Wright '50, and 963 Wright '60, b. Ind. 1817-1820. According to Goodspeed, he made a land entry in Wood Township, Wright; (p. 362) Part of your Cutbirths seem tied to the Moles/Moulds family, as Mary Moles (0001-000001) is listed just ahead of Benjamin (00001) Thomas (01001-12000) and John Moles (1200001-100001). A few names above Mary is William Moles, who was found ten years later on 208 Pulaski '50, b. Va c1801; he was prob in Indiana in c1823. The Va. county may have been Patrick County; see Mo. Researcher of Jan. '72.

James Cutbirth (00001) was also on 229 Pulaski '40. and I am pleased to know that he had removed to McDonald Co Mo by the time of the 1850 census.

Check the earliest Kentucky tax lists and census records and Indiana census indexes for the Cutbirth name (could be a form of Cuthbert); the Springfield library is well stocked.

The Wisdom family (Wm. P. and Michael S. are also on 229 Pulaski '40) was in Ky. in about 1807 and stayed there until perhaps c1814; prob from Cumberland Co Ky. though they were later in Lawrence Co Tn. See past columns.   


The Richland Mirror December 12, 1985 No. 201



Peter Sanders and Michel Tarbutton Sanders came to Wright Co c1850. I have pretty well found all their family names and connections but still find lots of Sanders families in the vicinity that I can't place. Peter Sanders reportedly had a bro William Archie—wonder if these other Sanders fams are related to Wm.

Would like to correspond with anyone having these names

Mrs. Farris Calton, Rt. I. Box 435 Lebanon. MO 6553.


REPLY: It was a pleasure to meet Mrs. Farris in Springfield, a few years ago; happy to get a query from you. Did you see the Roper-Tarbutton article in StP about three years ago I believe the Roper. O'Dell and Shields fams were all from East Tenn. Bohannons seem to come out of White Co., Tenn.

My James Robinson of 219 Pulaski '40 (000010001- 000000001) was b. NC c1773; was prob in Lawrence Co., Tn in 1820's and then Schuyler & Morgan Cos Ill in 1830's. Sons were Isaac and John: daus m. Musgrave brothers. Olive     Burrell and Bennet m. Ann as his wife.


Was Linsey Lindsey Carlton of 220 Pulaski '40 a resident of Lincoln Co Tn. in 1830? Family stats match...

Be sure to check past columns, as we have written about several of your lines.

- - - -


My grandparents were “Wild Turkey” Henry Moody and his wife Teen Gray Moody, also James Russell and his wife Rosa Legg Russell. James Russell was a friend of Frank James of the "James Boys."

I've lived in the Robinett vicinity for over fifty years. Was raised in Wolf Creek vicinity, so I know most of the names you mentioned: Findleys, Robinetts, Hensleys, Newtons, Codays and Rippees.

Just want you to know I'm looking forward to reading your column. Thank you.

Dorothy V. Williams, Rt. I, Box 258, Hartville, MO 65667.

REPLY: Thanks for writing. Three Moody families were listed in my study group: Jonathan, Henry, and William.

Jonathan Moody (20001-00001) was b. Tn c1814; listed on 226 Pulaski '40. 89 Wright '50. and 945 Wright '60.

Lena Wills column 4 Oct 20, 1974. Henry Moody (00120001-3210101) was listed on 227 Pulaski '40; I have no further word of him; see Lena Wills column for Apr 13, 1975.

William Moody followed Henry on p. 227 (111001-210001). No trace of him. A listing on p. 308 of 1830 Lawrence Co Tn census seems to match with Henry's 1840 family information: (1222001-111001).

Four names below Henry Moody in 1830 is Moses Sanders (1001100001-0000100001); Wm. P. Wisdom, who came to Pulaski by 1840 is on p. 309; Josiah Tippett, ditto, is on p. 304. My Musgrave & Robinson fams also came out of Lawrence. by way of Illinois.

Davy Crockett lived in Lawrence Co in 1820's, by the way. One Peter Sanders is listed on p. 305, same census (13100001-1111001). Other fams from Lawrence who came to our part of Mo. include Hillhouse, Nelson, Welch, Maxey, Springer and Montgomery.


December 26, 1985 No. 201

Early Map of Missouri; no family information.