A Genealogy Research column for Pulaski County, Missouri and her neighbors.

by the late Don Vincent of Tacoma, Washington

The Richland Mirror Jan 5, 1984 No. 114


William Harris Rayl, b. 1795 and d. 1882, m. in Boonville, Mo. in 1835 Sarah E. McCulloch, b. 1816 and d. 1890. An earlier wife is indicated, if some of the following are William's children: Robert J. Rayl, b. Jan 16, 1819; James L. Rayl, b. July 7, 1820; Penelope A. Rayl, b. Mar 8, 1823; William W. Rayl, b. Mar 29, 1825; Margaret Rayl, b. Dec 6, 1827; Edmund M. Rayl, b. Mar 25, 1830; G.B. Rayl, b. July 27, 1832; Mary J. Rayl, b. July 27, 1834 and d. 1937; Sophia Anastasia Rayl, b. July 11, 1842; and Lucy Caroline Rayl, b. Feb 13, 1845. These are family Bible records —can anyone furnish relationships or further info? My great-grandmother was a Rayl, supposedly related to the Rayl family of Pulaski County. Kenneth H. Smith. 204 E. 7th, Rolla, MO 65401. 

REPLY: One William Rayl m. Nancy Cox in Meigs Co, Tenn in 1838. This man prob is listed on 314 Pulaski '60. He was b. Tennessee c1820; wife Nancy b. Tenn c1819. Births of ch. commence in 1840. 

Jesse A. Rayl, b. Tenn c1813 is the patriarch of the Pulaski Co family. Listed on 199 Pulaski '40 and 175 Pulaski '50. Goodspeed says J. A. Rayl was a bro-in-law of James M. Mays of Hawkins Co. Tenn. and an East Tenn origin for this line is further suggested in that three "Rail" families are listed in 1830 Grainger Co. Tenn: George, Preston F., and William. 


Jacob Barnett was born in Ohio Co., KY between 1780 and 1790. the son of Joseph and Abigail Mills Barnett. He m. Martha Lewellen 27 Aug 1812 in Ohio Co., Ky. Martha was the dau of Jacob and Jane Lewellen. Prior to 1830, he moved his family to Lincoln Co Mo, where he received a grant of land . He sold this land in 1836 apparently, moved from Lincoln Co in Pulaski Co MO. where was shown with his fam in 1830 census for Lincoln Co and in the 1840 census for Pulaski.

On p. 222 of 1840 Pulaski his entry is 02012001-0021101, indicating a large family. Both Jacob and wife Martha Fob d. before 1850 as they are not present in that census. I have been able to identify only five of their ch.: Nancy Jane, who m. Thomas Turpin; John, who m. Harriet ( ); Abigail. who m. Silas Jennings; Hannah, who m. William Case; and Jesse Barnett. I would appreciate any information concerning when and where Jacob and Martha may have died as well as the names of all their children. Tom Turpin, 612 Capitol Ave., Jefferson -City, MO 65101. 

Page 222 of the 1840 census of Pulaski is a "mixed-territory" page. Ten of the fams listed on it were by 1850 in Wright County census. At least six others were in Pulaski, two in Laclede. And two in Camden County. The others are unaccounted for.

Silas Jennings on 168 Pulaski '50 has wife Abigail in listing, b. Ky c1821; she and Silas are still together on 297 Pulaski '60. Nancy Jane Barnett Turpin. on 195 Pulaski, '50, was b. Ky. c1814. John Barnett. on 143 Pulaski '50, was b. Ky. c1824; wife Harriet was b. Ill. c1833 William Case and Hanah (sic) Barnett Case were next door to John; Hanah was b. Ky. c1826. One Jesse Barnett, b. Ky c1834, is listed on 211 Pulaski '50.  

Readers might wish to note that Kentuckians on p. 222 were Thomas Turpin- and Jacob Mills Barnett, both b. Ohio Co., Ky; Nathaniel J. Britton, b. Ky 1804 -- though he may have been present in 1830 McMinn Co Tn census on p. 135; William Mathews, Va-born but residing in Ky in 1827; and, as we have recently reported, Wilson Hillhouse, b. Ky. c1803, perhaps in Livingstone County.


As we mentioned a few weeks ago, Margaret Jane Moore's Bible records were postponed for publication with another group of material which ultimately fell through...I have not been able to fill in very much additional detail on these folks. Reader help would be welcome.



Copied from Bible in possession of my cousin, Dale Hicks of Richland, in the spring of 1965. Eliza Ann Hicks was a Vincent, dau of my great-grandfather James L. Vincent, Sr. More on the Hart fam. is found in Goodspeed, p. 1176. John R. Sprague with then-wife Elizabeth are listed in 1850 Wright Co. Mo. census, p. 506.

These are my suppositions about the following records:

Elizabeth Ann ( ) m. 1st William Moore in 1836. Moore d. 1846, but they had issue Margaret, George. Maria, and William  Moore. Elizabeth Ann ( ) then m. 2nd John R. Sprague in 1848. He d. 1852.
Elizabeth Ann ( ) m. 3rd Lenard Hart in 1859.

Title Page:

The Holy Bible, containing the old and new testaments New York, publ. by Thomas Mason and George Lane 1837 


William Moore and Elizabeth Ann Moore was Married Feby 11th 1836

John. R. Sprague and Elizabeth Ann Sprague was maried Nov 5th 1848

Lenard Hart and Elizabeth A. Sprague was maried September the 19th 1859

Winfield S. Hicks and Margaret J. Moore was Married Oct 29, 1854

Washington A.P. Pool and Maria M. Moore was married Aug 11 (or 24?) 1856

W.H.H. Moore and Ruthie Hobbs. was married April 9th A.D. 1867 


Margare Jane Moore was born January 4th 1837

George Jackson Moore was born November 6th 1838

Maria M. Moore born Feb 9th 1841

William Henry Moore born 19th Feby 1843

William (Thomas? can't read it - dv.) was June the 24th 1850 (sic) 

Arthur M. Hicks was born May 16 1892

Earnest Clyde Hicks was born Sept 22 1893

Morris Hicks was born Jan 24 1896 (sic)

James W. Hicks was born January 8th 1856

Clifford E. Hicks was horn July 21, 1898

Albert Lester Hicks was born March 12, 1905

Chester Lee Hicks was born Dec 21, 1906

William A Hicks was born Oct 2 1909

Eliza Ann Hicks was born Jan 24 1868

Florence Hicks was born Aug 30 1900  

William Moore was born Feby 28th 1801

Elizabeth Ann Moore was born June 24th 1821

John R Sprague was born Feb the 22nd 1821 (sic)

Text Box: 1
Winfield S. Hicks was born August 12th 1828 (sic)

Washington A.P. Pool was born June 4th AD 1831

Joseph W.P. Pool was horn Oct 18th 1857 Thomas M.P. Pool was born Nov the 5th 186(/( pencil correction reads "59")

M.E.J. Moore was born Feb 28th A D 1868 (in later writing, faded purple.)

Frederic Lee Moore was born March 25, 1877



William Moore died January 15, 1846

George J More died Sep the 16th 1850

William Thomas Sprague died July the 4 1850

John R. Sprague died Jan the 22 1852

Leonard Hart died March 29, 1877 (unsure of final digit - dv.)

Elizabeth A. Hart, Died March 19th (several changes of mind mark marking through; year finally decided on 1879.

Washington A P Pool died Jan the 10th 1861.

Thomas M.P. Pool died March the 19th 1863

Maria M. Harrison Died Aug 13th 1875

Andy Anderson Died Mary 15th 1885

The Richland Mirror Jan.12, 1984 No. 115

On back title page of New Testament:

Lenard Hart was born June 25th A D 1801 (unsure of last digit)

Catherine Hart was born April 23rd A D 1808 (sic)

Susana Margaret Hart was born April 1st A D 1827

Isaac Louis Heart was horn November 21st A D 1828

George Michael Hart was born November 1st A D 1830

William Mitchel Hart was born April 11 A D 1832

Peter Benson Hart was born February 28th A D 1835 (unsure of last digit)

(Deleenis?) Caroline Hart was born Feb (8th?) 1836
Lenard Franklon Hart w as born April 11th A D 1838
John Henry Hart was born February 17th A D 1841
Mary Elizabeth Hart was born May the 1 A D 1843
Amandy Catharin Hart was born the 10 A D 1845 (sic)
Martha Eliza Hart was born April 18th A D 1850 

On inside back cover; tablet paper, pasted on:

Fielding Young was born Aug the 23rd 1828

Margaret Evoline Young was born Dec the 16th 1832

William Jefferson Young was born Nov the 18th 1852

Edward Benton Young was born Feb the 23rd 1854

Nancy Mary Young was born Jan the 28th 1857

Thomas Camillus Hawkins was born Aug the 29th, 1861

Wilburn Ivy Hawkins was born Jan the 11th 1865

Robert Jackson Hawkins was born June the 20th 1867

(line drawn across page)

Jefferson Montgomery was born Oct the 25th 1803

Nancy Evolin Montgomery was born Apr the 23rd 1814

Margaret E. Montgomery was born Dec the 16th 1832

Sarah Ann Montgomery was born Nov the 17th 1834

Frances Jan Montgomery was born Apr the 7th 1837

John Riley Montgomery was born June the 9th 1839

Thomas Jefferson Montgomery was born Aug the 19th 1840

Robert James Montgomery was born Oct the 10th 1843

Jesse William Henry Montgomery was born Sep the 20th .1845

Martha Elizabeth Montgomery was born Apr the 30th 1848



Jefferson Montgomery was prob b. in North Carolina; he is listed on 209 Pulaski '40. His wife, nee Anderson, was on 520 Wright 50, born N.C. c1814. The following lengthy query, from D.A.R. Magazine of June '57, mentions Jefferson and others: "Can anyone tell me about the Montgomerys of Mo., who lived in Wright, Webster, Dallas, Carroll, Polk, and nearby counties? Among them was a Robert, b. Feb. 22, 1791 N.C. (who was) mar. three times. First wife unknown. Second m. to Malinda Duff; 3rd to Drucilla Vardy (Canafax). He had 14 ch. by all wives. Robert was a Doctor, also a U.S. 'Marshall and was killed in Parker Co Texas about 1870. His ch.: William Carroll b. c1822; Adeline, m. James Jones; Caroline; Josephus Newton, b. 1832 Mo., m. Sarah Lavina Jones (dau of James Jones and-wife Sarah Wisdom); James; Duff; Sarah (prob. Charity? -- prob Ruth Almira);. Jeff C. m. Angeline Jones (dau of Reason Jones and Ruth Alrmira Montgomery); Elizabeth m. Ben Jones; (unknown ch.); Lee Davis Montgomery, b. 1867 Parker Co Texas; Galena. m. John B. Snow, and Cynthia Rebecca (who) mar. P. P. Smith.;

"Robert was supposed ,to have had brothers: John, who also went to Texas; William; Jesse and Jefferson. They were perhaps bros of Easter (Esther?) Ann Montgomery, who m. c1809 in Tenn or N.C. George Washington Jones and had ch.: James, who m. 1st Sarah Wisdom and 2nd Adeline Montgomery; Robert, m. Mary Alma/Ann ("Polly”) McElroy, dau of Samuel McElroy and Marion Williams (res. 1850 Laclede Co Mo); John, m. Susan Ballew; Newton, m. Francis Johnson; David; Thomas; Easter, George Lindsey; Mary Ann, m. William Richardson of Okla.; William, m. 1st Charity Montgomery. 2nd Martha Jane Travelstead-Barker; Cynthia, Jim Lindsey; Rachel (unmarried?); Eliza -- did she m. Henry Moody?

“G.W. Jones and Easter/Esther also had) Susan Margaret. who m. Jasper Barker; and Jackson Carroll Jones, who m. 1st Amanda and 2nd Ruth Minerva Wisdom. The desc. of Robert and Easter Ann intermar. down through, the years. Who can tell me who 'the desc of John Montgomery listed in Lawrence Co Tn 1820 census and also in Maury Co, Tenn., are? A John Montgomery who married a Miss Moore is supposed to be the father of Robert, William. John. Jesse, Jefferson. and Easter Ann."

COMMENT: Robert Montgomery was on 222 Pulaski '40, then near the Moore-Sprague fam. on 505 Wright '50. He m.  Malinda Duff in Crawford Co Mo in 1832. Another Lawrence Co Tenn family notice? So were the Wisdoms. Lindseys.


The Richland Mirror Jan. 19 No. 116 


Isaac Garrison and Elizabeth ( ) were pars of Rev. Isaac Garrison, b. 1732; Isaac d. Greene Co Mo in .1836, having n Martha ( ). Isaac and Martha were parents of Joseph Garrison, b. c1786 Surry Co N.C.; he m. 1820 Elizabeth King 1799-1888, b. Va. and d. Camden Co. M Elizabeth was dau of Andrew King, b P and d. Hawkins Co Tenn 1831. His wife was  Barbara ( ), b. Va.; she d. Hawkins in 1842. Joseph Garrison was listed on 231 Pulaski 40; he d. in Camden Co. in 1847. Joseph and Elizabeth had son Alfred, b. 18?? Hawkins Co Tn. and d. 1921 Camden Co. He m. 1843 Elizabeth Thompson, b. 1829, who d. Camden 1866. Alfred Elizabeth were pars of Julinae Garrison (1861-1898), b. and d. Camden. She m.  Charles Anderson.

Daniel Shipman, b. c1715 in Wales, m. 1783-1785 to Pheobe Staton. He d. Warren Co., Ky. 1798. Daniel and Pheobe were pars of David Shipman of 234 Pulaski '40, b. c1785 in Rutherford Co., Carolina. He d. Camden Co Mo. in — (not copied) having m. 1810 Frances Hale, b. 1791 and d. Camden 1869. David and Frances  were pars of John C. Shipman, b. 1830 d. 1900 in Jackson Twp, Camden Co. m. 1856 Mary P. George. Their son James D. Shipman, b. 1867. He d. (not copied) in Camden, having m. 1890 Catharine W Catharine Webb Shipman, b. 1872 Camden 1939. and was a dau to John Nancy E. Thompson Webb. John, b. d. Camden 1907 and. was a son of Webb, b. c1801 Va and d. Camden 1849. Isaac's wife was Sarah ( ), b. Va. c1803. Isaac also was listed on 231 Pulaski '40 Sarah in 1850 appears on 662 Camden '50.

Also interested in Moses Thompson of 1110 Pulaski, p. 212; Samuel Thompson of p. 222; Robert Thompson of p. 223 and Gorden Thompson p. 235. Were Moses or Samuel the father of Elizabeth, the wife of Alfred Garrison? Philip R. Coe, 7207 Trapper's Place, Springfield, VA 22153.


REPLY: Certainly glad to learn the origins of these 1840 families I had matched up the Joseph Garrison of 1830 Hawkins Co Tn census, p. 81, with our 1840 Pulaskian of the same name, and am delighted, sir, to have your confirmation. 

Calloway Manes and Archibald Evans (see earlier col) were near Mr. Garrison, prob in same Hawkins area, on p. 82 of 1830 census. I could not discover Isaac Garrison in Surry Co N.C. 1790 census though I found an Isaac Garison, with two males under 16 years of age in entry; in Wilkes Co. and another, same spelling in Stokes Co. with three males under -sixteen males.

RAYL/ RALE - with HOWELL -(See recent col query)

There is a a glimmer of information on this fam in Roane Co. Tenn Estates 1801-1824 by Marilyn N. McCluen, p. 93:

In a report of a sale of personal property in 1824; Wm Howel is the executor, filing with Howell was one William Rayl. Among purchasers were Kisene (Kissy? Kesiah ? dv.) Rale, JESSE RALE, Delaley Rale and Malachia Howel (one Malona? J.? Howell appears in 198 Pulaski '40.) Most interesting, however, is that the Rayl/Rale/Rail name is seen in Grainger Co., Tn as early as the 1810 census; a William Rayl (20110-001) and one Samuel Rayl (01201-00001) are listed.  See Creekmore Grainger Co. Tn 1810 Federal Census and County Tax lists for 1810, Knoxville, Tn. 1956.

Samuel Rail was listed in Grainger's 1799 Tax List, in Capt. David Shelton's Company. A William "Royal" received a Grainger land grant 1826 (Ansearchin' Mag, 1963, p. 114). 

Richland Mirror Jan. 26, 1984 No. 117 


Part One. Excerpts of correspondence and info exchanged between Dr. J.M. Shockley For clarity, I have arranged and edited. 


Shockley to Vincent:

"I am a native of Maries County. I retired in 1958...last November we moved to Joplin, Mo. While living (in Maries Co.) I served several years as president of the Historical Society of (the county.)

"I think our best work was getting Everett Marshall King's "History of Maries County" published. Mr. King died In 1944. His work lay locked up until 1963 when we got it printed. lt was published by the Ramfre Press, Dr. Felix E. Snyder, of Cape Cirardeau, Mo. ...a great many libraries in large centers have copies." 

Vincent to Shockley:

l find the Shockley name in the earliest census of Missouri, 1830. In Gasconade. County on p. 158 are Isaiah, Thomas, and Booker; on p. 163 is Thomas; on p. 164 is Owen (b. Davidson Co Tn accord to Goodspeed) and T. Shockley. And, on p. 160 is Uriah. Next to William and Solomon Copeland in the 1850 census of Osage Co Mo are: William Shockley, 45, Va; Rutha Shockley, 31, Tennessee, Elizabeth Parker, 13, Tenn; Sarah S. Shockley, 13. Mo; and Louisa Shockley, 11 , Mo.

Shockley to Vincent:

Maries County was a part of Osage until 1855.–Ruthy Parker was, my grandmother. We do not  know her maiden name. She had married a Parker, perhaps in Tenn. Then they came to Mo They had a daughter before he died...this daughter married a Frye.

“You wonder why the families you mention came to Missouri. I think it was the same reason they (left) Virginia or N.C. and came into Tennessee, and went on to Missouri. It was free land. The Boones, Coffeys, and others who came in 1834... bought little land...the land they settled on was inreed (granted, prob. - dv.) from the Government.

In the good old days, if a depression came or you failed in business, you just closed out and moved on West and started anew, or because you had heard of the good new land out there and decided to sell out at a good profit and move on to the new fields...The main plank in the platform on which Abraham Lincoln ran and was elected President in 1860 was not free slaves, but free land..." 

-To Be Continued‑


HICKMAN: addition (see col. 87) Another Jonathan Hickman searcher is Bettie Hickman, Rt. 2, Box 206, Rogersville, MO 65742. 1 asked Bill Wood to introduce us at the 1982 Springfield Workshop, and we sat together at the same table during part of the program. Bettie has, she notes, "miscellaneous and not very complete info on Johnathan/Jonathan Hickman, his supposed bro Micajah, and a third Hickman. James, is said to be his brother." All were in Wright Co., Bettie reports, in 1850, 60, 70, and 1880. James remained single.


Andrew Hickman (218 Pulaski '40) (000020001-0010101) is unaccounted for after 1840. His survivors should have been two sons b. between 1810 and 1820, listed in the 1850 Pulaski Co census area if they continued in their same location. 

Neighbors of Andrew of 218 Pulaski '40 who are listed on the 1850 Pulaski census are Elizabeth, Mrs. Samuel Hardester, on p. 231; she was prob. a Helms, Lovell Deer was on p. 230; (Hickman); Sarah Hopkins, widow of poss "Sandy" Hopkins, on p. 150; Sina, wife of Benjamin Murphy, on p. Merideth Followell/Followay on p. 224; John Duncan on p. 169; Willis O. Bryant on p. 146 (in now-Phelps page of 1850 Pulaski census); and Lovisa or Louisa, widow of James Harrison, on p. 141. 

James Kendrick/Kindrick was an exception, seeming to have moved to 506 Wright '50. Archibald Evans, next fam. in our summary of p. 218, was on 203 Pulaski '5O very likely from Hawkins Co., Tennessee; in 1830 resided next to Callaway Maries); Malinda (West), wife of Emanuel Riddle, was on p. 200; Martin Mitchell, on p. 177; George W. Gibson, on p. 233; Wm. M. Gibson, on p. 183; Phillip Hinson, on p. 182; Wm. Gillespie, on p. 176; William Malone, p. 192; John Withers/Weathers. on p. 143; and Alexander Nelson, on p. 230. No apparent survivor of Andrew Hickman anywhere in sight. 

Frederick Hickman of 184 McMinn Co Tn 1830 census apparently came to Missouri. See Goodspeed Hist. of Miller Co., p. 793. Thomas Hickman of 115 Sevier Co Tn '30: see Goodspeed Hist. of Laclede Co.. p. 718. Jessie (male) and Maston Hickman were in 1860 Laclede census, both b. Tenn.  

The Richland Mirror Feb.2, 1984 No. 118


Vincent to Shockley:

(In 1965) at the Waynesville courthouse, I met a Judge Shockley (and the name was familiar to me, even then.) We forlornly looked at the few early records there were in the probate file—at least, my Vincent grandfather's name was mentioned in a proceeding wherein he assumed custody of three of my father's 1906... In Fothergill's early Virginia Tax Lists, I find these Shockleys in 1782. Montgomery County: Levy, Richard, and THOMAS.

In the Federal grouping of early tax lists: David and James Shockley—1782, Pittsylavania, Co. (These two are listed side by side; there is a William Vincient, also in the neighborhood.)

(By 1785 in Pitts Co. Va. Tax List): James,. and Thomas Shockley. Wm. Vincent still there, now joined nearby by Moses Vincent. I muse about King's mention of the man Vincent Shockley' b. Mo. 1844 -- and that there may have been a Shockley-Vincent alliance (somewhere). Shockley to Vincent:

"Tom Shockley at Waynesville is my older brother. He was Probate Judge and is now Magistrate Judge. Of our family there were ere ten. Two died in infancy. Our brother, just older than Tom, John was his name,  died Feb. 4, 1968. So just two of the family  are left...Yes, there was a Vincent Shockley in Maries or Osage Co and the name shows up in other families (which) married into the Shockleys... 


"There were four Copeland brothers who came to Maries in an early day from Grayson Co., Virginia: William, Sr.; Joseph, Solomon, and John. John Copeland settled in the east part of the county, but William, Sr., Joseph and Solomon, settled in the west central part along the Maries River. While the Copeland family came from Virginia originally, they came to Missouri by way of Tennessee. Sarah Taff was their widowed sister who came with them. First wife of my grandfather, William Shockley, was Rebecca Copeland. dau of Wm., Sr., who had married Martha, dau of Peter Taff.-- Vincent to Shockley:

"...Grayson Co, Va. origin for the Copelands was a surprise...had no previous Va. mention for them...the Copeland-Taff-Wiseman group is listed on p. 147 of the 1830 census of McMinn Co Tenn (when they were near the Vincents, Atchelys, Thrailkilis, etc.)

"...Solomon Copeland is found on p. 104 of 1830 census of Monroe Co., Tenn

Albert G. Wiseman was found on 1830 Monroe census. p. 89. The evidence seems conclusive that this must be the same group which later came to Missouri. Rev. Jehu listed on p. 145 of 1830 McMinn...Marvel Coffey, p. 156 of McMinn (dv note: Tommy Coffey of Vienna, Mo., a direct desc of Marvel Coffey, told MC Dec 16, 1983 on the phone that the Coffey fam. came through' Amherst Co. Va.) Good old McMinn Co proves fruitful in Boone names: Israel, Jonathan. and Sarah on p. 156; Betsey on p. 157, and Joseph on p. 169. A John Cansler is listed next to Israel Boone, with '

John and Alex Copeland only about ten names away..."

 -To Be Continued‑ 

The Richland Mirror Feb. 16, 1984 No. 119

Tacoma, Jan 24, 1983

Delighted to tell you that readership of "Sharing the Past" will, soon be doubled!  Another newspaper in our ten-county area will be publishing the column.

The Maries Gazette & Advisor of Vienna will be repeating our early Maries Co. queries and material, at first, then will proceed with same copy as the Richland Mirror.


Gallant Nobleman: Count Casimir Pulaski of Poland was a great hero in America's struggle for independence—not surprisingly, his name was given to counties in many states. Mortally wounded in a "gallant but foolhardy cavalry charge at Savannah," Pulaski's heroic death "served to ennoble even his mistakes in the eyes of posterity:"  (Boatner: Ency. of Am. Revolution, pp 900, 901.) 'Thus there is a Pulaski County in Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Virginia and Georgia, as well as Missouri. Here in Sharing the Past if we say "Pulaski Co." without further definition, we are indicating Pulaski Co., Missouri. 

The Richland Mirror March 1, 1984 No. 120

History lesson about the Revolution.  

The Richland Mirror March 8, 1984 No. 121


Shockley to Vincent:

"Israel Boone, older brother of the famous Daniel Boone and son of Squire Boone went from Pa. to North Carolina. He had a son, Jesse Boone, who finally settled in McMinn Co, East Tennessee. His son Johnathan Boone and his youngest daughter, Rachel, who married Marvel Coffey, came to Maries Co. about 1834. Mr. King [Hist. of Maries] says Rachel was the daughter of Johnathan, but later information from Dr. J.E. Hodges of Maiden, N.C. in his life of Jesse Boone essay shows Rachel was his youngest sister.

King supposed Rachel Boone, wife of Marvel Coffey, to be Johnathan's daughter and says the Rachel Boone who married a Cansler or a Moss was Johnathan's sister. Jesse Boone's will clears that up. I am sure the will is right. (In the Roy Moss family) there is a large platter, handed down in the family, which tradition says was used for the turkey at the wedding dinner of a 'Rachel Boone and a Moss. one of his ancestors. This was in the early 1800's in Tennessee. This Rachel Boone was a granddaughter of either Jesse or his brother Jonathan..."


Our Shockley series (letters exchanged between Dr. J.M. Shockley and me in 1968) concludes with gene. excerpts of an address prepared for the funeral of Dr. Shockley's first cousin, Thomas Sterling McGee, who d. 1963. Dr. Shockley noted, "This (sketch) gives you some history of my mother's family, the McGees, and how by chance they settled in Maries County." 


Vienna, Mo. "Methodist Church, Nov. 8, 1963 (edited - dv.)

"More than 140 years ago, a young man by the name of Henry McGee, whose forebears had come from Scotland to North Carolina in the early Colonial days started out through Tennessee with his wife and four children to seek his fortunes in the far West or Southwest. They came by way of the Old Illinois Trace, a trail used by the Red Man, years unknown, in his journeys from the Northeastern part of the country to the Far Southwest. Over this same trail came many of the early pioneers going Westward. In Missouri, later, it became known as the Old Springfield Road.

By the summer of 1823, Henry McGee and his family had come on this old trail as far as the James Johnson farm on Lane's Prairie: They were then forced to camp for some time near Johnson, as Henry was seriously ill.

Only months before, James Johnson had moved back from the Gasconade River bottoms to higher ground. He laid out an area for a burying place, on his new land.

JohnText Box:  

 [should be Henry? mhr] McGee's illness proved fatal, and he was the first person buried in the Johnson Cemetery. The mother followed her husband to the grave far too early. (Note by dv: Mrs. McGee's name was not given in Jessay, but James and Thomas Johnson are on the 1828 Gasconade Co. Tax List. So is one Katharine McGee.)

Mrs. McGee and her four children, now unable to continue traveling, accepted the ready hospitality of the time and lived with James Johnson who cared for them until the children were Older.

Henry McGee's' four children were Thomas, who later went West and died there single; Elizabeth married William S. Johnson, a son of their benefactor James Johnson; Nancy McGee married Arch Snodgrass, a nephew of James Johnson, and John McGee married in 1838 Sara Jane Johnson, daughter of Thomas Johnson, the older brother of James.

Nine children were born to the union of John McGee (206 Pulaski '40, 164 Pulaski '50. born Tenn. c1818 dv.) and Sara J. ,Johnson McGee -(b. Mo. c1823). They were:

1. Lucinda; b. 1839, married Milton Followill and died early in life;

2. William Riley, b. 1841

3. Henry, b. 1843 and d. 1851.

4. Thomas, b. 1846, d. single in Calif. c1878.

5. Elizabeth, b. 1849, d. single 1868.

6. Leona, b. 1851, m. John Burton ("Bert"); sometime after, his death became the wife of William Haynes.

7. Sara Jane, b. 1854; m. Thomas Shockley.

8. James B., b. 1857, d. in 1859.

9. The last child, a daughter, was born in 1860, soon after her father's death. So determined was our grandmother McGee to name one child for her husband that she named this last daughter John Ellen. John Ellen married Amos, youngest brother of Thomas R. Shockley. Grandmother followed her husband to the grave in that same year and the surviving children were reared by their uncles...

Because of the fortuity of circumstances in this family, Cousin Tommy McGee was the last to bear the family name, though, Henry McGee left many other descendants..."

-Conclusion, Shockley Letters, 1968 


My grandmother, Alice Bolles, was born 1871 in Lebanon, Mo. Her father was the son of Rubin Turner Bolles and Susan Lowry. Her mother was the daughter of Thomas Lowry and Cinderilla Breedlove. Rubin Bolles was m. in Warren Co Ky in 1829. Thomas Lowry was m. in Warren Co Ky in 1820, and by 1830 was in the Lebanon area. Rubin Bolles came several years later. Relationship between Thomas and Susan Lowry unclear. There were several Lowry fams in Warren Co Ky in the early years. Any info on these fams greatly appreciated.

Mrs. Ellen Byrne. 8566 Lancaster Dr. Rohnert Park, CA 94928. 

The Richland Mirror Mar. 15, 1984 No. 122


Ferrell Vincent reported during our January '84 telephone conversation that one Tennessee genealogical authority, who seemed familiar with the Vincent line, suggested Jamestown, Va. origins.

This appears possible, as the 1784 Gloucester (pron. "GLOSS-ter") Co., Va, Tax List does show a John Vincent, perhaps the father of our ancestor John H. Vincent who came to Missouri. Four names above John, in Abingdon Parish, is one James Lewis; great grandfather's full name was James Lewis Vincent. John Oliver is a few names above Lewis; our John Vincent's Roane Co Tenn 1821 Militia Company was commanded by William or Eli Oliver. Another 1784 Gloucester name that reappears in this same Roane company is Joel Foster.

Sad to say, most of Gloucester's old records are gone. So, best hope is probably an in-depth search, in the National Archives and in Virginia-Georgia-Tennessee records and genealogical literature. The very large- Mormon (LDS Church) records collection provides a feast of information for any genealogy project. My Vincent queries in Virginia periodicals, about five years ago, brought no answer. 



Mrs. Helen Crawford, P.O. Box 220, Grove, Okla 74344, writes to remind me that Carter's 1949 printing of Louisiana-  Missouri Territory Papers, 1806-1814, vol. 14, is a valuable reference. I found a set of these at the U. of W. Susallo Library, Seattle, and photo-copied. 

Section 26 of a petition to Congress, dated 1810, notes Helen, lists her ancestor Thos. Gibson. "According to Robert Parkin and my own findings (this) is my ancestor who came from Virginia to the St. Louis area about 1800, moved to Crawford Co. and died about 1831."

Other familiar 1840 Pulaski names in Sec. 26 include Sullins, Eastes/Estes, and Pointer; Sec. 14 lists Cummins; Sec. 15, ! Walls and Thurman/Thurmond; Sec. 21 McCortney and Ramsey; and Sec. 22 Sullins.

In vol. 15, ibid, p. 558, is an 1819 Howard Co Mo petition. Familiar names there, too, with oldtimers Burckhart and Ramsey present. And also, a quite unique name Achrey B. Hurt, which reappears in 1840 Pulaski census, p, 209.

Sees Clarence Edwin Carter: Territorial Papers (Gov. Printing Office). 


In the 1870 Pulaski census, Matilda Farris. b. Mo. c1837, was listed with apparent children Bland L., Margeret, James, and Pryor Farris. They were in household 49-50. Cullen Township. In house 51-52, were 51-yr-old John Laughlin and wife Catherine (Ballard), 40 years, old. 

Who was Matilda Farris' husband? Was she a sis of Catherine? Note she named oldest ch. Bland. Catherine was a dau of Bland Nixon Ballard, Sr. who d. 1861. Mrs. Helen Crawford, Box 220, Grove, OK 74344.

REPLY: There are a great many Farris entries in the cardex; one 1840 Pulaskian, Robert, was b. N.C. c1798 and lived in Lebanon; Elijah Farris (also Ferris, Phairis), b. Tn c1810, lived in Texas County. In 1840 they were on pages 213 & 215 respectively. I did not completely transcribe nor cardex all of 1860 Pulaski census, but did card John J. Laughlin on 244 Pulaski '60 and 233 Pulaski '50, b. Mo c1820. I do not list a Farris of an age comparable to Matilda, but you may find them in 1860 Pulaski, even so, next time you scan it. 


In house 42-43 in 1870 Pulaski census, Cullen Twp was Albert Smith, b. Va c1821; Charlotte (Robertson, Gibson, Smith) b. Mo. c1816. Also in house are Mary Laughlin, b. c1844, and an apparent 9-yr-old daughter, Mary. Charlotte was the former wife of George Washington Gibson, who d. in Pulaski Co. in 1860. G.W. Gibson "squatted" in 1831 on the site that is now Waynesville, by the big spring. Mrs. Helen Crawford, Box 220, Grove, OK 74344. 

The Richland Mirror Mar. 22, 1984 No. 123


by 'Ken Wilhite, 402 Ben Ave., Lilburn, GA 30247.

"Dear Don,

I regret that it has taken me almost two years to respond to your letter. I have become so deeply involved in genealogical correspondence that I probably will never be able to catch up with its demands."

Thanks to the kind help received from Carrie Howard of Coleman, Texas; Walter E. Howard, a professor at the Univ., of Calif., Davis; and Christine Holloway Balthazar of Paducah, Kentucky, I am in a position to supply more information about the Howards of early Pulaski County...

Elizabeth Howard Colley, the wife of Cyrus Colley; Silas Cook Howard, and Lilburn Howard were the ch. of William and Sarah Cook Howard of Caldwell Co., Kentucky. Their birthdates respectively were 10 Feb 1805, 17 June 1813, and 5 Aug 1815. Other siblings were Allen Howard, Francis Howard, Sarah How and Garber, William B. Howard. and Patsey Howard Brown.

William Howard was the son of Francis and Ann Allen Howard of Caswell Co., North Carolina. He was born on 13 Mar 1775 and married Sarah Cook ca 1800. Their gravestone, on what is described as the "Boss Denham farm" near Princeton, Ky.. shows that he died in 1846 and she died in 1822.

Francis Howard was a soldier in the N.C. Militia during the Revolutionary War. He was horn in Maryland, 30 Sept. 1739, married Anne Allen 18 Apr 1762, and died. in Caswell, Co.. N.C.. 10 Jan 1785. Anne died on 26 Aug 1777, and in the next year Francis married Sarah F. Johnston. William Heyward, horn 13 June 1702, was evidently the first to spell the name Howard. His second wife was Sarah Hawkins, a widow, and their only ch. was. the above Francis.

William Heyward's father was another William, born 2 Feb. 1658, who married Mary Groves in 1687. He died in York Co., Virginia. 16 Dec 1719.

John Heyward. the father of the William born in 1702. was probably born at Newark, Nottinghamshire, England, around 1625. He married Margaret Clarke, ca•1650. He died in 1657. Their home was located a few miles south of Yorktown, Va. He owned a great amount of land, and was elected to the Virginia House of Burgesses three times. Tennessee Cousins, by Worth Rav gives the second wife of John Heyward as Mary, as the mother of William. Her maiden name is unknown.

Some other correspondents have given me the father of John Howard as the Rev. John Howard, who was killed during the great massacre by the Indians in 1622. Others question this conclusion. The Powhatan Indians massacred the colonists sent over by the London Company.

The Heyward name appears on various records as Hayward, Haward, Howard, etc.


Cyrus Colley was listed on 224 Pulaski '40, 197 Pulaski '50, and 253 Pulaski '60. Goodspeed, p. 777, says he was b. York Co., S.C. and moved early with pars to Caldwell Co., Ky. He m. Elizabeth Howard in 1825. Colley lived in Caldwell Co. Ky until 1831, then Southern Illinois. In 1832 he located six miles west of Waynesville.

Silas C. Howard appears on 224 Pulaski '40 (00001-1001) but I have not found a subsequent census record; was apparently in Hickory Co Mo by 1869. Furnished security in the estate settlement of Robert A. Hardin in Pulaski in 1847.

Lilburn Howard, b. Ky. c1816, is listed on 233 Pulaski '40 and 197 Pulaski '50. Wife was Susan, a dau of Jeptha West according to West's estate settlement, Pulaski Co 1844. 


There are two Howard families in 1840 Pulaski not included in this survey: John Howard. of 210 Pulaski '40 (00001-00001), of whom not nothing further, and Leven Howard of 214 Pulaski '40 (00212101-00001001).

The Richland Mirror  Mar. 29, 1984 No. 124


Kansas City, Kansas June 18. 1983

Dear Don,

A lady by the name of Ruth Bock, in Midland, Texas, phoned me the other day, to tell me you were working on Vernon Family genealogy. She had seen an ad I had run in the Heart of America Gen. Society paper inquiring for Col. Miles Vernon or his wife Ann's obituary.

I have the complete lines of all children of Thomas Vernon, Sr., of Cub Creek, Virginia, having obtained them through the Vernon Family of American Association. I am now collecting personal stories about the Vernons -and their kin...are you familiar with the Vernon Family Association and their publication? If you are... researching Vernons I will put you in touch with the complete compilation and research records of all the Vernons...

I descend from Thomas Vernon, Sr. at Cub Creek, Va., via two routes: through Cola Miles and Lt.- Isaac Vernon. Three things I have never found are the marriage license, will, or obituary of Col. Miles and Ann Atchley. I do have photographs of their graves though...Sincerely, Helen Andrews (Mrs. Robert L.), 7915 Armstrong Ave., Kansas City, KS 66112.


Tacoma, Washington  July 28. 1983

Dear Helen,

I suspect the Vernons and Vincents were friends or acquaintances in the Rhea-Meigs Co. area of East Tennessee before both families moved to Missouri in the 1830's. My great-great grandfather is listed in Rhea's 1830 census on p. 364,  prob the Suwee Creek area, where also were the fams Atchley, Thrailkill, etc. who came to Laclede Co Mo, not far from the Vincents in Pulaski County... 

I don't know Obediah/Obadiah Vernon's kinship, if any, with Miles Vernon, Sr.; desc of Obadiah are still in the Laclede area. Nor do I know of any relationship between Vernons and Vincents, but my V's came out of Virginia, too and I think went early to Northern Georgia, thence to Roane/ Rhea/McMinn area.

Sincerely, Don Vincent


Kansas City, Kansas

Aug. 17, 1983

Dear Don,

I'm returning the family group sheet on Miles Vernon. Your information on Col. Miles Vernon is correct. One point I will expand on is the second marriage of Col Miles Vernon to Martha Wyatt on 30 Sept. 1857 in Laclede Co., Mo. Martha Wyatt was widow of Moses Wyatt, a half sister to Col. Miles' first wife, Ann. Both Martha and Ann were daus of Martin Atchley. Martha Wyatt Vernon was known as "Grandma Patsy.", No children were born to Col. Miles and Martha Vernon.

Martha Wyatt Vernon had five children by her first marriage to Moses Wyatt. One of these children, Sarah Sally Wyatt, married Obediah Vernon. Sarah Sally was known as "Grandma Sally" and after the death of Obediah did not remarry. I have read several accounts which incorrectly state that Col. Miles married Obediah's widow.

Miles Vernon and Obediah Vernon both descended from Thomas Vernon of Caldwell Settlement, Cub Creek, Va., and were 4th cousins.

This information is correct. My father descends from Obediah and Sally. M,  mother descends from Miles and Ann.
Sincerely Helen Andrews. 

The Richland Mirror Apr. 5, 1984  No. 125

The Family of Col. Miles Vernon, Sr. of Virginia. Tennessee, and Missouri -  compiled by dv from family group sheet -Colonel Miles Vernon, Sr., was born 26 March 1786 in Charlotte Co., Va.; he died 10 August 1866 at Rolla, Mo., and is buried at the Vernon Cemetery in Lebanon, Mo. His first wife was Ann Atchley, whom he m. 1803 in Virginia or Tennessee. His second wife was Martha Patsy Atchley, a half-sister of the first wife.

Colonel Vernon was a son of Thomas Vernon III, born 23 May 1752 in Virginia, who married in Surry (later Stokes) Co N.C. 18 Nov 1784, Nancy Harrison Hicks. Thomas d. in Tenn 1841 and is buried at Decatur. Tenn. He w as a Presbyterian. Nancy, b. 1768 Va., d. 1824 Tennessee and is buried there.

Ann Atchley w as born 30 April 1786 in Virginia, and died 29 July 1856 in Lebanon. Mo.; she was a Presbyterian, and is also buried in Vernon Cemetery. Her father w as Martin Atchley, born 6 March 1760 in Middlesex, New Jersey. He died in Meigs (originally Monroe) Co. Tn. 30 October 1840. Martin married 1785 Zephery Tyler in Boteturt, Co., Virginia. She died in Tennessee.

Miles Vernon, Sr. and Ann Atchley Vernon were the parents of:

1. Mary Ann (Polly) - b. 5 May, 1807 Tenn; d. 1886 Lebanon, Mo.; bur. Vernon Cem.; she. m. Jack Elder.

2. James H. - b. 8 July 1809 in Tenn.; d. Civil War. Married Julia ( ). Ch. included Tavern, Arch, Susan.

3. Jackson - b. 13 April 1812 Tenn; d. 12 'Mar 1849 Lebanon; bur Vernon Cem; name of wife, if there was one, is unknown.

4. Miles Vernon, Jr. - b. 11 Nov 1814 Tenn; d. 28 Nov. 1851 Lebanon; bur Vernon Cem; m. 1st cousin Letitia Vernon at Lebanon. Ch. Miles III, Lillard.
5. Robert - b. 5 March 1818; d. Mexican
War, of whom nothing further.
6. Thomas - b. 25 June 1820; no further

7. Anderson Pleasant - b. 6 Jan 1823 Tenn; d. Dec. 1900; m. 1st Martha Leathers, m. 2nd Dolly C. Leathers.

8. William Rhodeman - b. 5 July 1825 Tenn; d. 21 Jan 1871 Webster Co Mo; bur Vernon Cem; 1st 18 Jan 1850 Mo. Louisa Tindle. Married 2nd, 3 Jan 1866. Harriet Ann Tindle.

9. Lillard Marrion - b. 26 Mar 1828 Term; d. 7 May 1912 Lebanon; bur Vernon Cem;  Salinda Duvall, date unknown.

10. Sarah Ann Elizabeth (Lisa Ann) - b. 30 Aug 1830 Tenn; d. 29 Nov 1869. Married 1st James Mathews and 2nd ( ) Lindsay.


T.J. Campbell. in his Records of Rhea (Dayton, Tenn.), p. 52, says Miles Vernon. a Captain, was in service against Indians in Florida; in 1835, organized company. Also was Pres. of Academy at Washington, Tennessee. Lived near Decatur, Meigs County.

One Thomas Vernon, a Revolutionary pensioner, is found in the 1830 census of Monroe Co., Tenn. p. 85 (001011001-120001). The oldest man in this entry was born between 1760 and 1770. This is an eight-year discrepancy, but this Thomas might be the Colonel's father. In the 1790 Census of Stokes Co., N.C. are listed two Jonathan Vernons and a James Vernon, on p. 79.

The 1782 Tax List of Charlotte Co., Va. (pp. 13, 14) shows two persons living at the house of one Richard Vernon; THOMAS VERNON, with five white souls in residence, and one black; and Ebenezer Vernon, five whites.

Martin Atchley appears on an 1820 Roane Co Tenn petition for the benefit of John Farmer, an iron bar manufacturer who wishes the State Assembly of Tenn. to "grant him a fair price" on land purchased from the Cherokees on Suwee Creek. An 1840 Pulaskian listed on this same petition was Joseph J. Thrailkill, a Laclede settler. On the Rhea Tax List for 1823 (Brown's Company), which became Meigs Co. area) are Martin, Joshua, Thomas and Joseph Atchley; John Farmer; Samuel and John Hillburn; Joseph Thrailkill; and Moses Wiat. In Capt. Smith's Company are listed Joshua Atchley, Robert Elder, John Taff, and Miles Vernon. Vernon's location was Goodfield. Joseph Garrison was a name in Capt. Howerton's Company; Jeremiah Riddle, same company, lived on White's Creek. In Capt. Lewis' Company was one Solomon Vernon.

Jack Elder may have been the John Elder who is listed on p, 141 of 1830 census of McMinn Co Tenn (10001-00001) who later appears in 1840 Pulaski Co Mo on p. 235 and on 263 Laclede '50. This last entry states he was b. Tenn c1807; wife Mary was b. same year and place. Seeming to tie the knot of evidence is Elder living next door to Miles Vernon, Senior and Junior, in 1850. Elder's oldest son was named Miles Elder. 

The Richland Mirror Apr. 12; 1984  No. 126 

Ken Wilhite. contributor of the superb Howard Family article seen here recently, telephoned. Here are some additional notes: Silas Cook Howard left Pulaski County and went to Hickory Co Mo; he was killed at the Battle of Pea Ridge. His brother, Lilburn Howard, also removed to Hickory Co Mo, then Cole Co Mo.; during the Civil War, he left the area as he was a Southern sympathizer. He died in Maries County but is buried in Pleasant Hill Cem. in Jefferson City. Ken and I speculate that we are related through a Vincent-Wilhite alliance in East Tennessee, some years back...Ken reports the Wilhite family settled in Madison Co., Va, early and by about the 1780's had come into Anderson and Campbell Co's Tennessee. Ken's Wilhite ancestor went to Cole Co. Mo. 

The Richland Mirror April 19, 1984 No. 127


I have traced out all the male descendants of my great-grandfather, James Lewis Vincent, Sr.; his boys were Carl (went to Texas), young Jim (buried at Palace), Lee, and Andy (died in California). His girls were Elwizey (Mrs. James Williams) Eliza (Mrs. "Bud" Hicks); Martha (Mrs. Ben Wood), and Mindy (Mrs. lra Hicks, of Springfield).

Of these, Carl had girls; young Jim had Alvin and William "Lee" Vincent, both of whom lived and died here in Tacoma. Alvin was a grocer; Lee a butcher. Lee had a daughter Ruby (annual July 4th Reunions in Tacoma). Alvin had sons, but they sired no grandsons. The late Tacoma attorney, Donald Paul Vincent, died a few years ago in Yugoslavia while on his second honeymoon. In his first matrimonial outing he provided the family with six daughters. Mel, also, had daughters.

Andy Vincent had two sons—Horace and Walter. Horace, always called "Al," lives at Leisure World, Laguna Hills, California. But no grandsons arrived. My grandfather Lee had five sons and two daughters. The boys were Clyde, Russie, Otto (my father), Mal and Elmore; all but Otto and Mat had girls. Two boys were born to Otto (called "Vince"), and his first wife Anne: my older brother and me. My father married four more times, but there was no issue. Mal produced one son, Alan, unlikely ever to marry. Mal, a painter at Columbia Pictures, died in a trailer fire about fifteen years ago.

As for my brother and I -- only Jerry has produced children: Connie (Mrs. Tom  Walsh of Seattle); Larry Ray, who died at age seventeen; Gail, Glenn, and Bart Glenn Vincent, you see -- the other son was in our branch at this time the only Vincent male capable (in a position, so to speak) to give the eager world a son that would carry the Vincent name. One man remaining, from ALL the descendants of Old Jim! And worse, only a few years ago Glenn told us frankly at a Christmas gathering that perhaps our hopes for a Vincent boy should be put away; as family

historian, I was of course greatly disappointed. (His first marriage had however brought us Cherish, a daughter.)

But time passed -- Glenn reclaimed himself and found Lisa. Last Christmas, Glenn and Lisa gave us only one gift: Stephen Adam Vincent. Welcome, young sir, to a turbulent world.


John Vincent, James' brother, made entries in Pulaski T34, R12 in 1854 and 1857, according to Johnson Records. Pulaski 1860 census, p. 263, lists ch. James (called "Art"); Sarah; Hiram, who left issue; Nancy E.; Amanda, who d. young; and Eliza ("Melvina"), who became Mrs. Norman Barnes.

Hiram Vincent married three times and lived for a while in Oklahoma; Art died young, but produced Rebecca, who married Bennett "Lacy" Gresham. Lee Gresham, Lacy's son, was a double cousin of my father: brothers John and Jim Vincent married Musgrave sisters Nancy Malinda ("Lindy") and Eliza Ann ("Lizey"); Lacy Gresham was Lizey's son by her first marriage to Eliot Gresham, while Rebecca was a grand-daughter of John Vincent who died at the Battle of Pea Ridge.

Recent contributor of the Wheeler/Alice Musgrave Bible records, Mrs. Leah Vincent Coop, lives in Tomball, Texas; her father, Farrell Vincent of Byhalia, Mississippi, told me on the phone recently that he is a grandson of Art Vincent and that he recalls Lee Gresham coming to visit the family in Phoenix in the 1920s. Lee toured the country as a vaudeville trouper during the last days of that vanished art.

Lacy Gresham operated, at various times, a hotel in Lebanon and a restaurant in Springfield. Lee Gresham, died about ten years ago in Sepulveda, California; his brother Leonard, who died young of appendicitis, is buried at Macedonia Cemetery in Pulaski County. Lee married without issue (though they adopted a boy and a girl) his song-and-dance partner, Gladys Love. She was born in Maryland—not a member of our Missouri Love family group.

The Richland Mirror May 3, 1984 No. 128



My great-great grandparents were John Wesley Smith and Nancy Stinnett, both b. c1821 in Kentucky. In the 1850 Camden census they are listed with ch.: William (my g-grandfather), b. 1841; James, b. 1843; Daniel C., b. 1845; John, b. 1847; Minerva, b. 1849. Also in their household were Mary Caldwell, age 20 and Samuel Caldwell, age 18 (their neighbors were also named Caldwell).

By the time of the 1860 census, John Wesley and Nancy Smith appear in Pulaski County; they lived in Hawkeye area, right on the boundary line between Camden and Pulaski Counties.

In the 1840 Pulaski census, I found a John W. Smith on p. 213; household consists of only a young couple between 15 and 20 years old (he was prob 19, born in 1821.) I thought sure these were my line, but in the same census on p. 215 I found a Nancy Stinnette aged 15-20 evidently living alone and enumerated as head of household! Is this John W. Smith the same one found in 1850 Camden? My g-grandfather, William Harrison Smith, was born in Dec. 1841 to John and Nancy (Stinnett).

Were the pars of John W. Smith also present in 1840 Pulaski? On John's page is listed one Peter Smith (No wait a minute—Peter is on p. 232, with listing 1011001-01001. Just below him is a second John W. Smith with the same census data as on p. 213 above: 0001-0001. Isn't that right? dv.)

Was Peter Smith the father of John, or was it a THIRD John Smith, listed on p. 216? Third seems less likely, judging from ch. ages.

An early map shows the fams Smith, Caldwell, Keith, Luttrell, and Shelton all living in the same general area in the northwest corner of Pulaski. In my researches I have determined these families all intermarried.

Wm. H. Smith and his bro, John Wesley Smith, Jr. removed to Miller Co Mo about 1860-61 and were stonemasons. Both m. Miller Co girls: John, Jr. m. Sarah A. Bond, and my g-grandfather m. Lucy Ann (Louisiana) Gardner. They remained. in Miller Co and have many descendants in our county today.

The Stinnett name appears in records of early Crawford Co Mo, from which Pulaski was drawn. There were Smiths there, too, and I am hoping to tie in my 1840 lines with them.

Can someone join me, solving the Smith-Stinnett puzzle? Peggy Smith Hake, Rt. 1, Box 52, St. Elizabeth, MO 65075.

REPLY: A few observations: p. 213 was primarily a Laclede Co area by 1850, with Ky. origin or visitation mentioned for fams of James Mayfield and Merritt B. Woody (I don't know what county).

Page 215 was Pulaski-Texas Co area; Richard Bryant was b. Va c1791 but came through Ky. c1823 and was in Mo by c1831. The Latimer fam also was from Ky., but had come as far west as Cape Girardeau Co Mo by 1820 (Goodspeed, p. 1123). (Four women are listed as heads of household on this page...the men folks could have been absent on business or any rate, the married women of the community saw to it that singles were not left to their own devices, perhaps to -rattle around the neighborhood in harmful fashion. Likely pairs -- including widows and widowers --were firmly encouraged in the ways of domesticity.

Peter Smith and the, second John W. Smith are listed on p. 232, which by 1850 had been made into Camden Co. territory. Kentucky association mentioned for fams of. George Shoemate, b. Ky. c1811; Reubin Berry, b. Ky c1795, and there until 1822; William Young, b. Ky. c1800; and James Collier, evidently in Ky. in 1832. John and Rhoda Wade seem to have been in Ky. c1829-31 also, judging from birthplaces of issue.

In seeking to trace your Stinnett line, you might check early Ky. censuses and tax lists to see if any of the 1840 Pulaski names appear near a Stinnett family. I have done this in East Tennessee tracing the Vincent line, but have not worked Kentucky similarly.

For what it's worth -- I found a Rheuben Stennett married in Crawford Co Mo in 1841 one Kizziah Gregory. In the 1850 census of Shannon Co Mo, p. 392, one Reuben Stinnette was b. Va c1769; this rather unique name perches also in the 1830 census of Marion Co Tenn, p. 45 (00200001-01111), same page as John Branson (00001-0001) who came to Maries Co Mo (see Goodspeed, p. 1107). Marion Co Tn's early bordering neighbors were Bledsoe, Rhea and Hamilton Counties. Hiram Stinnett (100001-20001) was listed on Marion's p. 47; Mary Caldwell (00021-00111001) on p. 49; John Caldwell (00001-30002) on p. 50; Wm. H. K. Shelton (111001.210001) p. 50; Hugh Allison, meanwhile, of p. 59 Marion (00001-00001) seems later listed on 235 Pulaski '40 and 650 Camden '50.

Text Box:  
One Richard Stinett was transported to Virginia before 1641 by. William Storey (Nugent: Va. Cavaliers and Pioneers, vol 1, p. 129; Gene Publ Baltimore, 1963.) Same man transported Sanders Smith and Ellis Smith. Two Benjamin Stinnetts and and Isom Stinnett are listed in Grainger Co Tn’s 1799 Tax List; a John and a William Stinnett are listed on Amherst Co Va. 1 783 Tax List...hope this helps.

Wm. H. Smith of 205 Pulaski '40 was from Wilson Co, Tennessee; see upcoming query.

The Richland Mirror May 10, 1984 No. 129


Russell Jones, Sr. in. 26 April 1829 St Louis, Mo. to Rebecca Jane Shivers - Book p. 115. She was b. c1808 Tenn.

Nancy Luvinnie Stevens b. 1877 close t Dixon, Mo. was dau of Charle (Humphrey?) Stevens b. Ohio and Mar Ellen Cox, b. Mo. One other ch. was Mose Stevens, older than Nancy Luvinnie. Ralph Humphrey Cox, Sr. was b. 1822 Mo and 1907; bur. Fairview Cem. His pars wet Jesse Cox and Elizabeth E. Clark. Jesse second wife as Nancy McDonald. Elizabeth E. Clark's pars were Christopher Clark m. Elizabeth Adams.  Mrs. Ashton Melancon, 527 Pine St. Thibodaux, LA 70301.


My grandmother, Mary E. (Adams) Ross b. 1885, says her father's folks married Gan from Pulaski County. Grandma knows only that she was born in East Texas would like to hear from anyone that n know anything to help me.

Grandmother m. James Oney Ross 1904. Her pars were William Henry Adams, b. 1844, and Arlena Wrinkles. 1850. Their ch. were Wm. David (b. 1868; d. 1912); R. Lizzie, b. 1871; Jane, b. 1875; John Wesley, b. 1878; Thomas, b. 1880; Mary Ellen, b. 1885; Bell (1888-1977); James Martin, b. 1891, and Edward Adams, b. 1893. Adams uncles were Jake and Rorh/ Roar? Adams. Wrinkles aunts were Nan and Margaret. Grandma says Mother was part German and Dutch; Father was Irish.

Levonne Hammock Bryant, Rt. 1. 108, Cushing. OK 74023.

REPLY: My g-grandfather's sister was Nancy married William Wrinkle; couple is on 268 Pulaski '60. Only three houses distant were Marion Adams, b. Tn c1831 and his apparent wife Margaret b c1840. An evident son in this listing, Wm. G. Adams was b. Mo. c1858.

We are fortunate that the Wrinkle fam is well described on pp 821-822 of Goodspeed, Hist of Pulaski; they are, just Grandmother Ross says, of Germanic derivation. John Wrinkle came; with German-born pars to hence they removed early to Knox CO, Tennessee. (Matter of fact, one Henry Wrinkle marched in the same Roane Co Tn Militia Company as my Vincent in 1821. He's prob listed on p. 393 of 1830 Knox Co Tn census.) Jacob Wrinkles, b. Knox Co. Tn 1836, says Goodspeed sketch, removed to Pulaski Co Mo in 1860. In 1850 Pulaski Census are listed David Wrinkle. b. Tn c1818, p. 205; George, b. Tn c1811 also on 268 Pulaski '60); b. Tn c1826 on p. 205 and 266 Pulaski '60, Silas, b. Tn c1816 (same page as Elias): Pamela, b. Tn c1830, on 215 Pulaski '50: Charles. b. Ill c1838, and James Wrinkles, b. Ill c1835, were on p. 266 of 1860 Pulaski census, also. By the way "Arlena," to my ear, sounds like a rather modern name to be in use as early as 1850 -- was this an alternate for the christened name,. I wonder?

Research Question

How can a man be Francis on his birth certificate, Frank in boyhood records, Marion in the census, and "F.M." in his letters? Easy, if he was named after Francis Marlon, a wildly popular Southern partisan leader of South Carolina (c1732- 1795). The grandson of French Huguenots (HEW-goe-nots) who came to S.C. in 1690, he inspired the naming of countless babies, some 29 towns, and 17 counties.

After the British disaster at 'KingMountain, Marion's guerilla harassments were such a concern to Cornwallis that he ordered Tarlton to take a large force against him. After trailing Marion for seven hours through 26 miles of swamp, his reputed comment was, "But as for this damned old fox, the devil himself could not catch him!" (Boatner: Ency of Am. Rev., p 675ff; also see Bass: "The Swamp Fox," 1959.)

Genealogically, Frank equals Francis we know that. But, if you seek a "Marion" without success, start looking for a Francis or Frank. Same rule applies to other formations -- Winfield Scott Musgrave, for example, was always called "Scott," but this choice of name is not an indication he had Scott family ancestry.

Other popular formations come from historical and religious figures: John Wesley, John Calvin, Lorenzo Dow, William Pitt, Alexander Campbell, and so on.

No law governs the naming of a child, but custom in many cultures follows a definite pattern: often, the eldest son is named after the mother's father but not always. Keep alert. Maintain a healthy suspicion that you may have a man's middle name in your possession; "Harvey," might be -James Harvey," ''Carroll" might be "John Carroll," "Jeff" might be "Thomas Jefferson"     you get the idea.


The Richland Mirror May 17, 1984 No. 130


In answer to your question in a previous column, Thompson Walls appears on p. 180, Canaan Gasconade Co Mo 1850 census. He is 48 years old and his birth place is listed as 'Missouri' which would be BEFORE the Louisiana Purchase. It is possible, of course, but his birthplace is stated as Tenn. in 1880 and 1900 censuses by  his youngest son. James Henry Walls. Also in the 1850 household are Anderson Walls, male. b. Mo. c1825: a male b. c1822 whose name appears to be Dow (prob is Dow -- from Lorenzo Dow , a prominent religious figure. Thompson Walls' kinship with Lorenzo D. Wall of 210 Pulaski '40 thus seems assured. I have not yet located Lorenzo in a later census. Did he d. before 1850? dv.) Other members of the household sere two males. both b. c1845, designated only as "H." nd "J" Walls, b. Mo. I have never heard of twins in the family and I suspect a census taker's error. There is no female in this house, suggesting the mother d. 1845-50.

Cannot locate James Henry Walls in any 1860 census: he says in his Union pension file that he as raised by Judge King of Texas County, Mo.'' until he was 21.” He was not listed in Hiram King's household in 1860, An interesting note, however: a Hiram King (age 20-30) was living three houses away from Thompson Wall in Franklin Co. Mo in 1830. A friend of the family perhaps, named as executor of a will that I cannot find?

REPLY: Ten years ago. a tracer interested in the Hiram King fam., who told me Hiram m. as his 2nd wife "Ebba" (Isabella) Vincent was Thelma Marler of 2318 E. Kirkwood. in Springfield. (Her maiden name was Nicks: her father's half-brother. Earl Nicks. was the father of Neva Nicks who married Don Hicks of Richland. a grandson of Eliza Ann Vincent Hicks!). She told me that Hiram King customarily would take into his home the orphans of the neighborhood and raise them until they could shift for themselves. Thelma lost her husband in the mid-seventies, and has not (except for occasional spurts of curiosity) been too active in tracing. Her other lines art McLaughlin. Sullins, Dodd(s), and Buckner. John K. Sullins m. Rachel King, sister of Hiram: in this household (51 Texas '50) is listed one Wm. C. Walls. b. Mc c1841 as we've mentioned before. Certainly seems to be a definite tie between King and Wall families.

Hiram's first wife was Clarandia McLaughlin. a sister, of Jane and Cage Micajah McLaughlin. She died at age 36; two sons b to this union were John W. and Silas King.

Second marriage they lived at Plato. Texas Co. in 1864(?) brought Elizabeth ("Betty''). b. 1857 Texas Co.: Solomon. b. 1859. who m. Mallissa McLaughlin in 1880 (she b. 185-:d. 1949). James was third ch.. b. at Plato in 18o4. He d. Springfield. Mo. 1949. He m. Almeda Buckner. Frank King was next. b. 180(?); m. Emer Porter and d. 1930. Laura Bell (1870-1953) nt. 1st George Buckner and 2nd Selmon ("Sell") Williams. Three daus following. Rebecca Elmira. and Martha. died young.

Thelma's great-grandfather was Richard Hiram McLaughlin; his father was John, who came to Texas Co Mo from Tennessee in 1830. Elizabeth Upton. was Richard's wife.

''Hiram King (pars unknown) was a bro of Wesley and Rachel King. writes Thelma. "He was born Jan 12. 1815 in New York and d. near Plato, Mo. at age 74 in 1889. He was an old time Herb Doctor, traveling all about the community doctoring and delivering babies. He. delivered all of his grandch.. including Rachel King (dau of his son Jim) and Ola King (dau of his son Solomon). both born in 1889: He was also a post-master. having the post office in his log cabin home on Mill Creek south of Plato near the Roubidoux River.'' (pron. "Roo Bee Doo.")


The Richland Mirror May 24, 1984 No. 131

Franklin Co Mo Land Entries

Years ago, when I first began collecting records by photo-copying I did not always note the book from which the material had been excerpted. Such is the case with the following -- the title, I'm sure, is something like "History of Franklin Co, Missouri" or some such. I do remember that I found the book at the Seattle Downtown Library. I'd be grateful if someone dropped me a postcard on this, so that searchers may 2 note the actual title.

More information from Franklin Co.

John Breeding, Berger, 1818 (the entire South, at times, seems filled with men named John Breeding/Breeden); James and Samuel Cantley; Thomas G. Childers (prob of 215 Pulaski '40), 1824; John Sullins, Newport, 1818; John Sullins, Jr., Newport, 1818; Joseph Sullins, Campbellton, 1820; Zachariah Sullins, Newport, 1818; Francis Wall, Mounthope, 1820; Simon Wall, Mounthope, 1820; George Zumwalt, Boles, 1820; John Zumwalt, Labaddie, 1820.

Franklin's 1830 census lists Thomas G. Childers, Boeuf ("Beef;" if memory serves); Jacob Quick, Boles, (same as 230 Pulaski '40?); Michael Shookman (father of Michael Shookman of 217 Pulaski '40?);

William Steen, Meramec (written up in King's Maries History?]; Jefferson, Richard, and Zachariah Sullins, plus John Sullins Sr. and Jr.; and of course the Wall contingent; John, Mary, Robert and Thompson. Oliver L. Wheeler of Meramec must surely be the same man listed on 215 Pulaski '40.

From this same book came the "Combined Tax and Property List" I mentioned once before. But sorry, boys and girls, I have been unable to find it recently. Will check for the book, next time I'm in Seattle.


See col no. 79. Art Murrell, 5647 So. Boston Ave., Tulsa, Ok 74105, wishes to pass on the following additions to the Pruitt Family article in the Mirror Apr. 28, 1983.

Albert William Pruett (1855-1928) married Mary Inman.

Clayton T. Pruitt, b. 1864, m. 1st Stella Chestnut and 2nd Sue Dixon.

Edna V. Hopper's second husband was Joshua Thomas Watson.

Among Creed Pruitt's ch. were twins, born in 1884.

One further note: Andrew Jackson Riddle, father of Creed's third wife Lucinda, was a son of Emanuel Riddle (my marginal notation, made later.) Got that?

Two Places At Once

Mrs. Cecil R. Ketchum, of 2901 Highway 99, Biggs, CA 95917, writes:

"...One time in one of your columns you were talking about one of your Vincents as being on some census, and mentioned that he couldn't be the one on some other census because he couldn't be in two places at the same time.

It is not impossible, if you check the time the census was taken. One of my ancestor's  brothers was on the 1850 census of Jackson Co. Tenn and the 1850 census of Decatur Co., Iowa. One was taken in the summer, and one was later, like October. So it can happen, but it was hard for me to convince a cousin of that line.

Just thought I might bring this to your attention. You might want to recheck your census records.

REPLY: Where was my brain, the day I wrote that? Of course you're right, and you've done us a service by pointing it out. Thanks for buying the index, too.”


Interested in these families of Texas County; also DEVAULT- BROWN -CURRY

Would like to contact any desc of the following three siblings who migrated from Wilson Co., Tn to Texas Co Mo, ch. of James Drennan and Frances W. Devault who were married in Nilson Co Tn 22 June 1809. This couple had eleven ch, and I have been able to establish where each of them migrated: Missouri, Texas, and California These three were the only ones to move to Texas County: John Drennan; b: 1810 Wilson Co Tn; d. before Jan 1867, prob in Texas Co; m. 1830 Wilson Co Tn Rebecca A. Brown. Lived in St. Francois Co Mo in 1850, then to Texas Co by 1860.

Sarah W. Drennan, b. 1814 Wilson Co; d. after 1908; m. 1831 Wilson Co to John C. Wood, son of Reuben Wood and Jane Currey. Lived in Wilson Co in 1850; removed to Texas Co before 1853.

And, Rebecca Drennan; b. 1822 Wilson Co; d 1898 Texas Co; m. 1842 James Bradford. Lived in Rutherford Co Tn 1850, then to Texas Co by 1855.


The Richland Mirror May 31, 1984 No. 133


REPLY: Yes, I see the Drennan/ Drinnon/Drinon group on p. 120 of Wilson's 1830 census; on p. 122 is Baswell Persey/Piercy who turned up later on 236 Laclede 'SO, and just below him Wm. H. Smith of 205 Pulaski '40. Benjamin Hooker of Bertie Co, N.C., father of Mathew Hooker of 231 Pulaski '40 and 259 Laclede 'SO, is on p. 114, same census. A younger Benjamin Hooker, on p. 115, appears on 254 Laclede '50.

William Leek of 201 Pulaski '40 is on Wilson's p. 155; his bro James seems to be listed with him. William m. a Dodd girl (see earlier col) and, sure enough, one Josiah Dodd, who later is listed on 224 Pulaski '40, appears just below Mr. Leek. John Garner, of p. 157 Wilson 1830 census, had a son Voluntine/Valentine Garner who went to 228 Pulaski '40, says Goodspeed p. 843.


Seeking info on John Johnson, 1780-1790, prob in Tennessee. Second w Lovie Pullam was b. 1802 and d. Douglas Co Mo 1882; bur Fairview Cem., Grove, Douglas County. Ch. include Canida, b. 1813; William, b. 1823 or 18?? Harvey, b. 1827 and d. 1861 in Battle at Salem, Mo.; Betsy m. Solom Haws; Elizabeth Ann, b. 1825, m. Needham Harris and d. 1894 Montauk, Dent Co. Matilda Jane, b. 1830, m. James Silver Nelson and d. 1911 Adair Co. Thomas Marion, b. 1834, m. 1st Virgina Craddock and 2nd Julia Ann (Clark) Trusty 1868 in Texas Co., Mo; and Aaron Francis Johnson, b. 1839, m. Alabeth Woods and d. 1905; bur Mt Arrat Church, Douglas Co Mo.

Judy Johnson Erickson, Rt. 2, Box 152, Boyd, TX 76023.


ROWDEN Family - Notes, Comments On "A Letter from Maries County, 1858" from Mildred M. Gray, 2282 Hunting Valley Dr., Decatur, GA 30033. (Edited, dv.)


"I have some comments to make about the letter. Whether or not the letter came from Maries County depends on whether Nathaniel Rowden was at his daughter's house or at his own. Sarah, and her second husband John Hardin Rowden, lived in Miller County near the Maries County line. She is the one who actually wrote the letter for her father. The letter was written to Martha, Nathaniel's daughter. Her nickname was Patsey. The "James" referred to is Nathaniel's oldest son, James E. Rowden. John Harden is of course Nathaniel's son-in-law—last name Rowden.

I have puzzled over "Barton Parks." In the original land entries for Pulaski County a Barton Sparks is listed. I wonder if this name wasn't transcribed wrong. I doubt that there were two men of such similar names...if my theory is correct, the Park's family lived in Pulaski County.

You notice that the letter refers to Betsy the stepmother...I believe that this is Elizabeth Hickman, the widow of Frederick Hickman, whom Nathaniel married in 1848. I know that the marriage record is plainly written Elizabeth "Hawkins" but: the clerk may have made a mistake just below that record is another marriage and one of the parties' names is Hawkins. The clerk might have written several at once and wrote Hawkins instead of Hickman. Then the census taker compounded the error by writing her name Hickman instead of Rowden in 1850. I feel certain this is the widow of Frederick Hickman. They came to Missouri from Tennessee and they had a son named Pleasant, in addition to the ch. named in Nathaniel's household. Pleasant was at the home of James E. Rowden at the 1850 census.

Elizabeth Hickman Rowden did not give her age correctly to any census taker but Nathaniel did. In 1860 she cut off a few years but gave her birthplace as South Carolina, as she did in 1850. Nathaniel and Elizabeth were still living in 1870, and this time she gave her birthplace as Tennessee. In the letter, Nathaniel was certain he had only a few years to live. He lived until 1875, twenty years or more after the letter. He fathered several more children, too.

I think you might have misplaced a punctuation in the letter. Where it says, "Jane is, gone." I believe the next line should read, "Susan, I can't enjoy." We don't know why this would be but I think it is what Sarah meant. As to Jane, we did not know there was a Jane until we read this. A Jane Rowden did marry a David Wilson. Perhaps the same -- some of these people went to Kansas and Oklahoma.

Other notes: James in house #247 was James E. Rowden, son of Nathaniel, known as James "Wenny" because he had a large growth on his neck. His wife was Margaret Lawson. Dolores Miller of Dixon has a photograph of this couple. Abraham E. Rowden, called "Ake," was as you said, the son of Asa. His wife was Catherine Hill and he later married Emma Hutchinson. Wenny. Jim aslo had a son named Abram E. Row den. He married Delila Lawson, and later Matilda Whitaker. Asa also had a son named James Hardin. And John Hardin Rowden and Sarah named a son James Hardin. It gets more confused but I won't give you the whole family.

You mention a marriage between James Green and Susan Rowden, bond given by Ekale Rowden. I think I can show you where the name Ekale comes from. I can go back further than Mr. King does."


The Richland Mirror June 7, 1984 No. 134





Part 2 of 2 parts, by Mildred M. Gray "The first Rowden in our line that we are certain about is John, who married Sarah Echols in Virginia about 1750. John and Sarah had these children: Abraham E.; Laban; Joshua (or Joseph. Called "Jose," I think); John, Jr. and Tabitha Rowden. Abraham Rowden seems to have married a girl named Cheek. She may have been the dau or sister of Hardin Cheek, and this would account for the Hardin name being handed down. One story says her name was Rachel and that she was part Indian; we have not been able to prove this. Their ch. seem to have been Nathaniel, Asa, H. Benton (I believe this was Hardin Benton Rowden), Abraham, and perhaps William. H.B. was not Hamadather. When H.B. Rowden left Alabama he made his way up the Mississippi River to Jersey County, Illinois, where he had relatives. There he married a young woman named Mary Hunter. This undoubtedly was a second marriage for him, but we have no information about his first. I just think that John Hardin Rowden, my great grandfather, was H.B.'s son by a first marriage. He was called "Hardin" in Ill, and in Keokuk, Iowa, where he settled.

The reason I think Abraham might have had a son named William is that in the Ill. Text Box:  
Text Box: T
1820 census a William and a Nathaniel Rowden appear in Jersey County. Jersey was carved from Madison and Greene Counties. The history of Jersey Co. does not say whether they were bros but William named a son Hardin and they were  no doubt closely related. Cousins perhaps, if not brothers. Nathaniel married a girl in Jersey Co., too. There are many Rowdens in that area now.

Next child of John and Sarah was Laban Rowden, who m. Millie Adams. Jose Rowden m. Susanna Adams and she is the "Sooke" you noticed on the 1830, McMinn Co Tn census, p. 136, (01-00111001).

John Rowden, Jr. m. a widow named Mary Brewer. She was born a Reeves, daughter and sister of preachers, and I have a theory that those Rowdens with names from the Bible may have resulted from her influence: Shadrach, Meshack. and Abednego.

Tabitha Rowden married John Glover Crane.

In his old days, Nathaniel Rowden applied for a pension, in which he mentioned his wife Nancy Crain. He said he married her in Tenn. in 1812. James E. was b. about 1811 so it is confusing. Marriage records in the county he named do not go back that far; destroyed, I suppose.

Abraham Rowden was in the Revolutionary War and several of us have joined the Daughters of the American Revolution ("D.A.R.") on his records. Any female in his line is eligible.

I hope this has been helpful.

Mildred M. Gray, 2282 Hunting Valley Dr., Decatur, GA 30033.


REPLY: Your extensive coverage of the Rowdens is sure to be appreciated by many, many readers. For all of us -- thank you!


Got another Rowden for you: ALLEN. on p. 211 of 1840 Pulaski census (0310001- 100101). Goodspeed sez one "A.J." Rowden made land entry in Laclede in 1848 in T34, R14. The 1850 Laclede census (247 Laclede '50) states he was b. S.C. about 1790 and births of evident ch. took place in Indiana in c1828 to 1835. Frederick Hail (0010001-1101001), also on p. 211, may have previously appeared on 171 McMinn '30. Samuel H. Barnett, following Hail, may have been listed on 156 McMinn '30. He made entry in Laclede in 1842 in T33. R14. Barnett numbers were 21000102.

Robert Manley, line 3 of p. 211, made the same apparent moves: Mr. Manley is not listed in household on 44 Texas '50, but evident wife Cintha was b. S.C. c1806 and her ch. were b. Indiana c1832 to 1837.

Moses Campbell, line 16, was b. S.C. c1794; he was bro of James Campbell, who m. Ruth Anderson and was listed on 172 Crawford Co Mo '30'; Ruth was on 211 Pulaski '40. James was Maury ("MORE ee") Co Tenn blacksmith.


Also see "Rowden Family," p. 103 of "Pioneer Times," a publication of Mid-Mo Gene. Society, Apr., 1982. Peggy Smith Warman is a desc of Abram Rowden, b. Va. before Am. Revolution. His sons were Asa, Nathaniel and H. Benton Rowden; the first two settled early in Maries County.


The Richland Mirror June 14, 1984  No. 135


(repeat of the column above mhr)



The Richland Mirror June 28, 1983 No. 136


Seeking information on fam. and ancestors of Zephaniah Barnes, b. Tn c1830. Zephaniah lived in Pulaski Co about 1850 to 1860. Name of first wife unknown; had two known children: Hezekah E b. c1851-53 and Margaret Louise Barnes b. 1853-55. She m. George W. Dobbs in Laclede Co. in 1874 and was living in Pulaski Co in 1880 with three ch.: Ida/Ada, b. c1875; Henry W., b. c1877; and Tilbur Dobbs, b. c1879. Zephaniah's first wife d. 1855-57 and he then married Nancy Jane Baker, b. c1830 Indiana. Nancy is believed to be the daughter of James M. and Lucinda ( ) Baker. Zephaniah and Nancy Jane lived in Pulaski Co in 1860. They moved to the Rockwall (Collins Co) Texas area before 1865, but were back in Mo. by 1870. Zephaniah again purchased land in Pulaski Co in Jan. 1872, and d. there about 1872 to 1877. Where is he buried?

Issue of second union: Baalam, b. c1858 Pulaski; Thomas, b. 1860 to 1863 in Mo. or Texas, d. after 1881 --where? Wiley T., b. 1865 (Rockwall?) Texas, d. after 1936 Bakersfield, California; Floria Ann, b. 1866 Collins Co Texas, d. 1924 Greely, Colo, married 1866 Laclede Co Mo James Payton Simpson; A. Jackson Barnes, b. c1870 Mo, m. ( ) and died in California. Need death dates, burial locations.

After the death of Zephaniah Barnes, Nancy Jane married George C. Kufahl (various spellings) in Laclede Co in 1877. They lived in Pulaski in 1880 with a dau Sylvia J., b. c1879 Mo., who may have d. before 1881. The will of Nancy Jane Kufahl

indicates she d. before 1881 in Pulaski; where is she buried? George C. Kufahl was b. Prussia c1827; no mention of him in Nancy's will. Where died and where buried?

Mrs. Jean Simpson, P.O. Box 1021, Lebanon, Mo 65536.


REPLY: Thank you for writing. Zephaniah Barnes was a neighbor of my Vincents in 1850 Pulaski census, on p. 211: when he was living with the Charles N. Finly family. Norman Barnes m. Melvina Vincent, a dau of John Vincent, Jr. Apparently the Cook fam. knew the Barnes folks, too. Edward P. Cook's "Gold Rush" journal lists the death of Caroline Barnes as Jan 28, 1860, and shows Norman Barnes' birth date as Sept 15, 1860.

Samuel W. Barnes, of 226 Pulaski '40, was b. Ky c1817 says entry for him on 232 Laclede '50. In Mo in 1831, but back to Ky. til 1838. An 1850 Laclede Justice; listed again on 285 Laclede '60. Where in Ky. did' he reside?

Zedikiah Barnes, b. N.C. c1822, was on 241 Laclede '50 but made entry in Pulaski in T34, R12.

Sarah Barnes, b. S.C. c1798, a widow with ch. b. Tn. c1832-1836, was on 248 Laclede '50; she was two years younger by the time of the 1860 census of Laclede, and born in North Carolina.

My Davidson Co Tn lines include Barnes, incidentally; my Philip Wolf M. Elizabeth Barnes (b. 1776 N.C.) in Davidson in 1801. He d. c1836; son George to Perry Co., Illinois; then, grandson Andrew to Plato area of Texas Co Mo by 1880.



Pvt. Hugh Munholland, b. c1836 Pulaski Co, d. 1862 while serving in Civil War, evidently in a hospital near Houston, Texas Co Mo. He was in 24th Mo. Regt. Infantry, Company G. Where is he buried?

First m. c1851 Elizabeth Owen. Second wife was Mary Ann Blue, b. c1845 Springfield, Ill., the dau of Barnabas and Susannah (Donner) Blue, whom he m. 1860 in Laclede County. Mrs. Jean Simpson, P.O. Box 1021, Lebanon, Mo 65536.

REPLY: I wonder if Barnabas Blue was listed on p. 211 of Pulaski 1840 study group? The surname is very tough to read. Numbers are 10001-00001. I have tried to read this name for years, making it "Bue," and "Rice." I spotted, on 287 Laclede '60, one Barnabas Blue, b. Ohio c1812, with wife Susan b. Ind. c1818. George, and other younger ch., are listed with III. as birthplace. MUST be the same folks, don't you think? "Blue" may be a variation of Bilyeu/Ballow/Bellew.

Can the querist or a reader identify Samuel Mulholland (Munholland?) of 212 Pulaski '40 (101001-112001)? Seems to be Lebanon area -- Miles Vernon, Sr. was on same page. Was this, surname McCulloch? Another Samuel -- is it McHolland, Munholland, or Mulholland -- is listed on p. 213, same census. Numbers: 21101001-111001. This, also, seems to be mostly Laclede-area page. [This family comes from Whitley Co., Kentucky. mhr]


William Fore (b. Ky. c1835; in Ky '57 - dv.), was son of John Fore and wife Lucretia. John had estate settlement in Pulaski Co in 1845; need pars. William m. in Ky. Nancy Baker. Three other sons were Benjamin, Philip, and J.W. Fore; two of them married Stogsdill women in Kentucky. I am trying to discover the pars of a  man who may be their cousin: William Manson Fore, b. in Ga. in 1828. He m. Eliz. Allen and moved .1856 from Pulaski Co Kentucky to Clay Co, Mo. Also his brother, Jesse Fore, who m. Sarah M. Pennington. Jesse was in 1880 Clay census but is lost to sight after that.  Mrs. Ellen Byrne, 8566 Lancaster Dr., Rohnert Park, Ca 94928.

REPLY: William, and Philip Fore (b. Ky c1832; in Ky c1842 to c1847; in Ind. '52) are listed in 1860 Phelps census, p. 3. Benjamin Fore, b. Ky c1826, was on 11 Phelps '60.

In the study group, Augustus Fore (000021-10001) appears on 198 Pulaski '40 but I cannot find him in later records; one Augustin P. Fore is listed in 1830 McMinn Co Tn census but the, numbers don't match. A man of this 1840 name m. in Crawford Co Mo in 1838 one Elizabeth Montgomery (Woodruff: Crawford Marriages.



My grandmother was b. 1871, Lebanon, Laclede Co.; her mother was a dau of Thomas Lowry, b. 1800, who m. 1820 in Warren Co Ky Cinderella Breedlove, a dau of Martin Breedlove and Eliz. Carr. My grandmother's father was the son of Reuben Turner Bolles and Susan Lowry, who were m. in Warren Co Ky. in 1829. Susan was a dau of William Lowry who d. in Warren in 1816. Susan's bro. Robert Lowry, I think went to Ill.; her sister Winnie m. ( ) Woods, desc of whom came to Lebanon; Sallie, another, sis, m. (

Wilson; Elizabeth m. ( ) Patterson,- and there was also a brother, William Lowry. Wish to learn identity of Thomas Lowry pars; believe the fam. was part Indian.

Martin Breedlove and his bro Wm., Rev War soldier, lived in Warren and Simpson Co's Ky. and were sons of Thomas and Sarah Breedlove of Virginia. Martin m. in Albemarle Co Va in 1791. Gladly exchange.

Mrs. Ellen Byrne, 8566 Lancaster Dr., Rohnert Park, Ca 94928.

REPLY: William Breedlove (01001001-00000001) and Henry Breedlove (010001-200000) were listed on 205 Pulaski '40, next to each other. It is probable William previously had appeared on p. 12 of 1830 Roane Co Tn census. He was found in 1850 Greene Co Mo census on p. 727, b. N.C. c1788. One Wm. Breedlove, Sr. d. intestate (that is, without leaving a will) in Webster Co Mo in 1858; administrator was Wm Breedlove, Jr. See Ellsberry: Webster Wills, p. 24.

James Ellison (110001-120001), a few names distant from the Breedloves on Pulaski p. 205, may have been, in 1830 on p. 2 of Roane Co Tn census. Comments, please?


The Richland Mirror July 5, 1984 No. 137
No family information


The Richland Mirror  July 12, 1984 No. 138


With the aid of cousin Farrel Vincent in Mississippi and possible cousin Robert Handley of California, who sent extremely helpful source material, I am now able to say that I'm sure I can make a good circumstantial proof for the connection of the Musgrave family who settled in early Pulaski Co. with the Wayne Co., No. Carolina family of the same name. A lengthy article is in preparation, but will require some digging in early Wayne records.

Another Bennett Musgrave descendant has come forward: Ron Floyd, of Bothell, Wash., says that the young Marion Musgrave living with the Killman family in the Pulaski 1850 census is a son of Bennett, left behind while his father was panning for gold in California. Ron is a purchaser at the U. of Washington.

As we shall show, Bennett, Burrell, and Calvin Musgrave (plus probably Nellie Pernina, and Jonas) were sons of Thomas Musgrave, Jr., who died in Lawrence Co, Tennessee. Thomas Musgrave Sr. is listed in the midst of the Quaker Musgraves in 1790 N.C. Census. It's the biggest step I've been able to take for a long time, this Musgrave transition from N.C. to Tennessee. I'm very pleased. And very grateful for the assistance.


Have you done any research on the Feelers of Maries Co. and the Carney family of Phelps County?

Mabel Feeler Carney, Rt. 3, Rolla, Mo 65401.

REPLY: I'm sure you've seen the coverage of the Feelers in King's Maries History; I can't add much. One Richard Carney, b. 1800-1810, is listed on p. 198 of 1840 Pulaski Census but I have no further news of him. One William Carney is the 567th name in the 1823 Tax List of Rhea Co., Tenn.


Roper families listed in the 1840-Pulaski study group are Francis Yewell Roper of p. 225, b. Tenn 1813, who m. Mary Poole, b. 1822 Georgia; he d. 1895.

John Roper, of 227 Pulaski '40, an early Methodist preacher of Wright Co., was b. N.C. c1788. He was in Tenn 1810 to 1828 at least, and in Ill. c1831. He was on 469 Wright '50; he was prob found in 1830 census of Monroe Co, Tenn, p. 97: (0021001-130111). In what N.C. county was he born?

Elizabeth Roper, b. 1760-1770, was listed just below John. See previous cols.

Lacy is a family name used by my great-grandmother Musgrave, and I think the connection goes back to Alabama in some fashion. There was a man named Lacy McElroy living in 1965 in the area, a son of Jack McElroy -- couldn't tell you how it happened to be used by the McElroys, either...perhaps a reader knows. 

The Richland Mirror July 19, 1984 No. 139

GRIGSBY Family Organization

Membership in the Grigsby Family Society is available not only to those with a Grigsby ancestor. Most of whom in America are desc of John Grigsby (1623-1730), an English immigrant to Colonial Virginia before 1600, but to friends of the family, as well. The first general reunion for all family lines was held at Natural Bridge, Va., in 1979, which led to the formation of the National Society.

There are no less- than FIVE Grigsby families in among our 1840 Pulaskians. All but the last family were on p. 207. Heads of 1840 households were. Terrill L.; Samuel H. (from Giles C. Tn -- see Lena Wills' column in Springfield, Mo. newspaper May 19, 1974); also John and Robert Grigsby. George Grigsby was on p. 211. Samuel was b. Va c1796; Terrill L. was b. Tn c1819; nothing further on John, though he matches with a man in 1830 Monroe Co Tn census; nothing. at all on young Robert, b. 1820-1825. George Grigsby, of whom after 1840 no more info, was born between 1770 and 1780. He is a scant two names away from my John H. Vincent (also a Virginian) in 1840, so I've always kept a sharp lookout for the Grigsbys. One Samuel Grigsby is listed in the same 1821 Roane Co Tn Militia Company as Vincent; other Missouri names there include Wrinkle, Tippitt, Rowden, Edington, Forrester, Breeden, Odell, Ellis, Williams, Stewart, Foster, and Massey.



Doing research on James Dodd family, listed in the 1840 Pulaski Co Mo census. Mr. Tom Turpin gave me your name and stated that he knew that you would be most interested in any information I may have on the family. Accordingly, I am enclosing a copy of a letter of administration from Pulaski Co Court to Milly Walker Dodd, second wife of James Dodd, in which she lists the names of nineteen children. James Dodd d. intestate, and this letter is the only court record I have been able to find to date.

I am descended from James Dodd and his first wife Cynthia ( ), both of whom came from Virginia (Amherst Co. is suspected -- not sure). He bought land in Jefferson Co Tenn in 1815 and sold it in 1821; the family moved from Tenn to Pulaski Co M. about 1837.

Who were James' pars? What Va. county for James' and Cynthia's birthplace & residence. What was James' middle name? Where is he buried? He d. in Pulaski.

If you have anything on this family, or if you can put me in touch with someone who does, I will be much obliged.

Edwin C. Dodd, 48303 N. 20th St. W., Sp 59, Lancaster, CA 93534


R.A. Hardin, "Clerk of the County Court of Pulaski County and Exofficio Recorder," wrote in 1843 (in part):

"...personally came Milla Dodd before me... saith that James Dodd deceased had left a wife Milla Dodd and nineteen children' named as follows...

Joseph; Milton; Sintha Ann Swan (late Sintha Ann Dodd); Mahala Hudgeons (late Mahala Dodd); Manerva Salley (late Manerva Dodd); Luiza S. Dodd (late Louiza Living); Newton; Jackson; Hanserd; Melinda; Parliu; Emile and Milta Dodd -- all of Pulaski Co Mo.

Also Hiram; James; Nancy; Elizabeth Dodd (late Elizabeth Pew); Sarah; Jane (late Jane Pew); all of the County of decalb (DeKalb - dv.) Co Tennessee." 

Children of James and Cythina ( ):

1. Hiram N. 1804/06; d. 1865; m. Gincy/Ginsy/Nancy Barrett. Listed in 1850 & 60 of Cannon Co. Tennessee.

2. Mary - 1805-1828; m. Hugh Richmond.

3. William - prob d. by 1843 (?); Nancy, b. 1808; Elizabeth, b. 1810; James W., b. 1812 (Prob on DeKalb 1850 census).

4. Sarah E., b. 1813 (in 1850 Knox Co Tn?);

5. Jane, b. 1815, m. ( ) Pew.

6. Joseph C., b. 1817, d. before 1847 Pulaski.

7. Milton Carter, b. 20 Jan/June 1818 or Nov. 1818; d. 1882 Pulaski. Baptist Minister and farmer. Buried fam. plot on farm. Married 1) Nancy Carter, 2) Hannah Tracewell, and 3rd Eliza Ann Merrill.


James Dodd's second wife was Milla/Millie/Mildred Walker, whom he m. in DeKalb or Jefferson Co Tn in 1819. Born 1801 in Va/NC/Tn, she m. for 2nd time in Benton Co Mo Minister Isaac England, and d. 1882. Buried Bethel Campground Cem., Benton Co Mo. She is listed in Benton's 1860 & 1880 censuses.

The ch. of James arid Milla were:

8. Cynthia/Sintha Ann, b. 1820 Jefferson Co n; m. 1st 1842 Daniel Swan, 2nd, Wm. T. Smith, and thirdly Rev. Moses Darby. Burial in same site as mother.

9. Mahala, b. 1822 McMinn Co Tn, m. 1839 Robert Hudgeons; he was giver of security in James Dodd's estate settlement; listed in 1850 Pulaski census, p. 142. She d. 1883/and is buried near Elizabeth, Arkansas. (Mr. Hudgeons/Hudgins is an 1840 Pulaskian, listed on p. 216; b. cl816 Ky.; listed again on 304 Pulaski '60. dv.)

10. Manerva - b c1823, m. 1839/40 Dandridge Solley/Salley; she d. post-1901. Listed in 1870 Benton Co Mo census.

11. Isaac Newton - b c1829 in Tn, m. 1st Elizabeth Sally in Bento Co in 1849 and m. 2nd 1870 Benton Co Nancy H. Parks. A C-War pensioner, he d. 1890.

12. Jackson (Andrew Jackson?) - b. Tenn. 1833, m. 1853 Hannah Parker Benton Co; he is listed in Benton 1860 census.

13. Malinda A. - b.'1834 Tenn; m. 1852 Evandrew W. Smith in Benton Co; she d. 1902. Listed in 1860 & 1900 Benton census.

14. Hanserd H. (Hunter?) .- b. 1835 Tenn; m. 1st Roda A. England 1858 Benton Co; m. 2nd 1890 Benton Co Rebecca J. Little. He d. 1899, a C-War pensioner.

15. Parilee. b. 1836/1840 Mo, d. in Mo. in 1904, never having married. Lorinda Emaline ("Emily") b. 1840/1842 Mo, m. 1st Isaac Minnes in Benton in 1857 and secondly 16. Seth Edwards in 1867.

17. Milla Caroline - b. 1842-43 Pulaski Co Mo, m. in Benton 1860 James Sterling Drennon (Bronon?); she d. 1925.


Our gratitude for these records to Mr. Dodd, a retired Naval officer. Thus, one more Pulaski 1840 family, James Dodd of 208 Pulaski '40, enters the ledgers. Also credited with 1982 material is our Dodd friend in Maryland: Mrs. Avlyn Dodd Conley, 7543 Balto- Annap Blvd., Glen Burnie, MD 21061, who surmises that her Josiah Dodd and James Dodd could have been , cousins. See earlier StP cols for Milton C. Dodd, another 1840 man.


The Richland Mirror July 26, 1984 No, 140




Compiled from material as­sembled and published by Nettie Lee Benson, 2834 Shoal Crest, Austin, Texas 78705. She wrote, last September, in re­sponse to a note from me:

"...I shall be happy to ex­change material relative to the Riddle families in the area of Pulaski Co., Mo., as I have time to making it available in ex­change for xerox copies of your work in the Pulaski County Democrat and the Richland Mirror. Possibly the exchange ill be useful to each of us.

I am enclosing two issues of my little publication (The Riddell, Riddle, Ruddel Trail) which deals to some extent with these families. Vol II, No. 1, introduces these families on pages 14-22 (I now know that some of this data is not reliable for some of the families that moved from Bledsoe County; however, I have not yet encount­ered many errors relating to those who went to Missouri.)

In Vol III, No. 4, I return to those Missouri families and follow them on to other states. Since publishing this last issue I have received considerably more information on marriages of some members of this family which occurred in Missouri prior to the families reaching Pulaski County. That information will be given in a future issue..."

Sincerely. Nettie Lee Benson REPLY: Credit for the following material goes also to my Favorite Probable Cousin: June Lee Nelson. She suggested I write Nettie; THE American authority on the family.

First reference: The Riddell, Reddell, Riddle, Ruddle Trail, Vol II, No. 1; Jan - March, 1981. Page 14f. Edited - dv.

("Ridlon" is History of the Ancient Rhydales, it turns out.)

Thomas Riddle served in the American Revolution under General Francis Marion and was hanged for treason by the British. He was born in Scotland in c1740? and died c1785. His place of burial is not known. The Goochland Co., Va. Tax List of 1782 shows one Matthew Riddle and one Thomas Riddle; Thomas owned nine slaves at the time. Thomas Riddle married about 1770 in Va. Miss ( ) Roberts. After the death of Thomas she m. 2nd in Va. a Bill Ingram/Ingraham, according' to Ridlon, and removed to Hawkins Co., Tenn., with family. She d. in Hawkins at an unknown date.

The children of Thomas and ( ) Roberts Riddle were:

1. John - b. c1773 at (Goochland Co?) Va.; married Sarah Johnson. Resided in 1830 in Bledsoe Co Tn (p. 281: 000210001-001000001. dv.) Ridlon says he went to Pulaski Co Mo however 1840 census does not show him in that county.

2. Joseph - b. c1775 at (Goochland Co?) Va.; m.( and resided in Cumberland Co Ky in 1820, 1830 & 1840 (age 60-70); many of his desc living  in that county. and in Clinton Co., thereafter.

3. Isaac - b. c1775 (twin of Joseph) at (Goochland Co?) Va.; m. Anna Griswold, a dau of William Griswold. Lived at Hawkins Co Tn until 1805 when he moved to Boone Co; Ky, where he was living in 1820 and 1830; died there. He was a hatter and a Baptist. Said to have had eight sons and two

4, Harriett ("Happy"?) b. c1780 (Goochland Co?) Va.; prob lived in Hawkins Co Tn.

5. Thomas - b. c1782 (Goochland Co?) Va.; m. 1st Mary Igo at Bledsoe Co Tn. Married 2nd in Tn Delilah Burks about 1840. He d. Bradley Co Tn in 1859.

6. William - b. c1784 (Goochland Co?) Va.; he m. Rachel Holt. Possibly he is the William Riddle living in Giles Co Tn in 1830; supposed to have had eight ch., including a son named William and five daughters. Resided with his mother-in-law in Bradley Co, Tn in 1850.

6. James - b. c1785 Va.; married ( ). Said to have left many desc in Cumberland and Clinton Cos, Ky. 

John, the son of Thomas and ( ) Roberts Riddle, married Sarah Johnson, the dau of Moses Johnson. Born c1775, she d. 1837 in Pulaski Co Mo. Ch. of John and Sarah Johnson Riddle: 

1. James - b. c1800 Tn.; killed by a man named Holman in 1823.

2. Johnson - b. c1803 Bledsoe Co Tn; m. Jane Shepherd c1825 in Bledsoe. Said by Ridlon to have moved to Walker Co Ala in 1830's (See 1830 census Bled­soe, p. 281 - dv.)

3. Thomas - b. c1805 Bledsoe; m. Sarah Carmack in 1.830 in Bledsoe; accidentally killed in hunting accident (in Pulaski Co Mo.?), in 1835.

4. Emanuel - b. Jan 1, 1810 Bledsoe; m. Malinda West c1835; he d. Pulaski Co 1849.

5. Isaac - b. c1812 Bledsoe; m. Margaret Williams 1839 in Pulaski Co.

6. Jessie/Jesse - b; c1815 Bledsoe; m. Narcissa Cain 1834 in Pulaski; resided Pulaski in 1840; died there in 1863.

7. Atha Celia? - b. ( ) Bledsoe; m. 1st Thomas Lewis in 1830's; he d. Pulaski Co in 1830. She, m. 2nd Joseph Newbury.

8. Lucinda - b. 1810-1819 Bledsoe; m. Strawder Johnson in Bledsoe prior to 1827; moved to Illinois, then to Walker Co, Alabama.

9. Abigail ("Abbie") - b. March, 1817 at Bledsoe; m. 1st Philip Henson in 1852 in Pulaskii Co. Names of three subsequent spouses not known. Living in Camden Co Mo in 1873, accord­ing to Ridlon. Mrs. M. Charlene Green is a desc of "Abbie" Riddle.

Another desc of Rev'y soldier Thomas Riddle of Va. came to our ten-county study area: Isaac M. Riddle, b. c1844 Bradley Co Tn, who m. 1865 Sarah C. Haymes. Lived Pulaski and Webster Cos, Mo; d. 1911 Morton Co, Kansas. Wilda M. Remington is desc. Isaac M. Riddle was a son of Thomas Riddle, Jr. and Mary Igo Riddle. William Riddle, son of old Thomas, b. Va c1784 is said by Ridlon to have perhaps died in 'Texas Co Mo. He is listed in 1850 Bradley Co Tn census however with Mary Holt, 100 years old, and Mary M. Candly (age 66), both born in North Carolina. 

Second reference: ibid, Vol III, No. 4, Oct-Dec 1982. (This article in the family magazine updates previous reports; I have edited somewhat for our pur­poses. dv.)

Some Missouri, Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma Riddle Families

The 1840 Census for Pulaski County, Missouri shows five Riddle(s) families: Richard Riddles, Abner Riddles, Emanuel Riddle, Jesse Riddle, and Isaac Riddle. Emanuel, Jesse, and Isaac Riddle were the sons of John Riddle, who in turn was a son of Wm-Thomas Riddle and wife Harriet Rogers Roberts.

John Riddle and his wife Sarah Johnson are shown in the 1830 census of Bledsoe Co, Tennes­see. Book F, p. 143 of Bledsoe Deeds show s that he sold at least fifty acres of land for $350 in 1830. It is assumed that this is about the time that he made his move with most members of his family to Pulaski County, where he and his wife died before 1840.

John Riddle was born about 1774 in Montgomery Co., Virginia. After the death of his father in April, 1782, John was indentured at the age of seven years in May, 1782 to one James Newell (Montgomery Co. Va. Order Book 2, #330). His brother, William, age six, on the same date was bound similarly to one James McCorkle.

Isaac Marion Riddle, desc of the Wm.-Thomas Riddle line through his son Thomas, moved to Webster Co Mo from Tenn about 1870 and left various desc in Mo and other nearby States.

Abner Riddles, born in Gallatin Co. Illinois, was the son of Richard Riddles, born in North Carolina. whose parentage has not yet been discovered. Both Abner and Richard Riddles moved to Pulaski Co Mo about the mid-1830s and lived there perhaps ten years before moving on to Arkansas and other States.

Elizabeth Riddle was the eldest daughter of John and Sarah Johnson Riddle. Born c1800 in Bledsoe Co Tn, she m. James Weaver in 1820's in Bledsoe. Source: Ridlon: History of the Ancient Rhydales, p. 355. His information on this' family appears to have been supplied to him by Isaac Riddle of Richland, Pulaski Co Mo, in 1874, of whom Ridlon wrote: "A man of remarkable memory."

Atha Riddle was the second daughter of John, and Sarah Johnson Riddle. Born 1800-1809 Bledsoe, she d. in Pulaski in 1856. She m. (in 1820's?) in Bledsoe Co Thomas Lewis. He d. in Pulaski in 1830. She m. 2nd Joseph Newberry in Pulaski; he was b. Va 1810. She and Thomas Lewis prob had at least two sons: the first, b. in 1820's, married Celia ( ) c1844 and had ch. Mary E., b. c1845; John, b. c1846; and Lucinda, b. c1849. All were living in Pulaski Co Mo in 1850. Father's name unknown.

Second son of Thomas and Atha Riddle Lewis was James Lewis, b. c1830, living with mother in 1850.

A daughter, ( ) Lewis, was b. in 1820's in Tenn; she m. ( ) Martin. and had a son Stephen F. Martin, b. in Ark. in 1844, who was living with Joseph Newberry and wife Atha in Pulaski. Needs proof. Names of the two husbands were supplied by Isaac Riddle to Ridlon, p. 355.

Thomas Riddle, the son of John and Sarah Johnson Riddle, was born in Va. or Tennessee; he d. c1835 in Pulaski Co, having resided in Bledsoe Co Tn until c1830 then Cape Girardeau and Pulaski Cos, Missouri. He married Sarah Carmack in Bledsoe in 1828, born in Tn c1805. After the death of Mr. Riddle,

she m. 2nd James Sutherland and had by him four sons; Daniel C., Thomas D., William C. and James P. Sutherland, and one daughter, Sarah E. Sutherland. All were listed with mother and second husband in 1850 Pulaski census. 

The ch. of Thomas and Sarah Carmack Riddle were:

1. John C. b. c1829 Bledsoe Co Tn; m. Rebecca ( ) about 1855 in Pulaski; living there in 1860 with two daus, Mary and Amanda Riddle.

2. Lucy Caroline - b. 1830 at Cape G. Co., Mo.; m. Champlin Marvin Charles McIntyre about 1850 in Pulaski Co., though living with her mother in Pulaski in 1850. One of their desc is Mrs. Edna Hildebrand of Rt. 1, Box 243, Crocker, Mo 65452.

3. Jessie - b. c1832 in Mo., in 1850 was living with his uncle Isaac in Pulaski. 

Emanuel Riddle, son of John and Sarah, resided in Bledsoe Co Tn from about 1810 til 1830, and Pulaski Co from early 1830's until his death in 1849. He m. Malinda West, a dau of Jeptha and Mary ( ) West. Born in Tn c1819, she d. in 1871. (Where?) Did Malinda marry after 1850? Two of her youngest ch. were living with their uncle Isaac Riddle in 1860 Pulaski Co.; they were Jeptha and James Benjamin Riddle.

The ch. of Emanuel and Malinda West Riddle were:

1. Miriam Narcissa - b. 1830's; m. 1st Walter Hilton c1860; m. 2nd James Woods in Pulaski. In 1860 was living with husband Walter Hilton and living with them was her sister, Sarah.

2. A daughter, b. in 1830's, of whom nothing further; listed in 1840 as "under 5."

3. Andrew Jackson - b. Pulaski 1843, m. Lucinda Bench c1867 in Laclede Co Mo; living in Waynesville in 1860.

4. Sarah Riddle, b. Mo c1845, m. Bird Rowland.5

5. Mary P. - b. c1846 Pulaski, married James Combs. Living in Laclede in 1860?

6. John Jeptha - b. c1847 Pulaski, of whom no more.

 7. James Benjamin - b. c1849 Pulaski; no further data.

Among sources cited: Dana Pruitt, 403 E. Arlington Dr., Trenton, Ohio 45067.

Richland Mirror August 9 1984  No. 142

Isaac Riddle, son of John and Sarah Johnson Riddle, d. perhaps in 1870's in Richland, Mo.; he was living in Pulaski Co in 1870. He lived in Bledsoe Co Tn from about 1812 til 1830 then Richland from 1830's until his death.

He married Mrs. Margaret Williams in about 1839 in Pulaski; was she the widow of John Williams, who d. about 1 Dec. 1836. Margaret was b. c1813 in Tenn; she was living in Richland in 1870. Death date and place of burial needed.

Ch of Isaac and Margaret ( ) Williams Riddle as shown in 160 Pulaski Co. censuses.

1. Sarah E. - b. c1840 Richland; m. James E. Harrison, a historian, in 1860's.

2. Miriam J. - b. c1842 Richland; m. John Honsinger poss 1860's in Mo.

3. Mary Ann ("Polly") - b. c1845 Richland; prob d. young.

4. William J. - b. c1845 Richland; was listed in 1860 census but not in 1850; may have been a nephew, not a son.

5. Matilda Lovica - b. c1847 Richland, m. John J. Clark in 1860's.

6. Nancy A. - b. 1850 Richland; m. William a Clark in 1860's.

7. Harriett - b. c1853; prob d. young.

8. Paradigm Ellen - b. c1856 Richland; may have m. after mid-1870's. 

Note: Living with Isaac and wife in 1840 were three females with ages under ten years; living with him in 1850 were Minerva J. Williams, b. c1835, and Malinda Caroline, b. c1837. Malinda m. Jesse Gillespie prior to 1860 and both were living with Isaac Riddle in 1860. Were the Williams girls daus of Margaret?

Jessie Riddle, son of John and Sarah, resided in Union Twp, Pulaski Co from 1830's until his death in 1863. He was a farmer and blacksmith. He is prob buried in Riddle Cemetery, Pulaski County. He married' Mrs. Narcissa Henson Cain about 1837. She was a dau of Silence and ( ) Henson, and was born in Ky. in 1805. She d. in Pulaski in 1882, and is buried in Riddle Cemetery.

Jessie and Narcissa Riddle were The parents of:

1. John H. - b. c1838 Pulaski; d. unmarried 1850/1860.

2. Isaac Silence - b. c1842 Pulaski; living unmarried with pars in 1860. Killed in U.S. Army in 1865.

3. Elias M. - b. 1845 Pulaski, married Nancy J. (Hamilton?) about 1867 in Pulaski.

"Note: the editor believes that Narcissa Henson married first Jonathan Cain before her marriage to Jessie Riddle, because in the 1840 Census living in the family of Jessie Riddle were three males between 15 and 20, and one, female of same age. Living with this Riddle family in 1850 was 16-year-old James Noble. Living with the Riddle family in 1860 were Sarah McGee, age 13; Lucretia/Lovica McGee, age 7; and Robert McGee, age 9. In 1870 Sarah McGee and Lovica McGee were still with the family and in 1880 as well. I believe they were Narcissa's granddaughters. It should be noted that all census records indicate that Narcissa was born in 1805 and that she vas ten years older than her husband. 

Abigail Riddle, daughter of John and Sarah, married Philip Henson in Tn in 1832. He was the son of Silence and ( ) Henson, and was b. Tn c1810. He resided in Pulaski from about 1839 until at least 1851. Abigail's 2nd husband was ( ) Bryant; she m. thirdly ( ) Williams.

The children of Philip and Abigail Riddle Henson were:

1. George C. - b. c1836 Bledsoe Co Tenn.
2. John R. - b. c1838 Bledsoe;
m. c1856 ( ); living in 1870 next door to Isaac Riddle in Liberty Twp near Waynesville.
3. Malinda S. - b. c1840
4. Mary E. - b. c1842 Pulaski.

5. William W. - b. c1845 Pulaski.

6. Mary Jane
b. c1848 Pulaski.
7. Philip - b. c1850 Pulaski.

8. Missouri Bryant? - b. c1854 Pulaski.

Pulaski Administrative Bonds, Book A, pp 321-322 indicate Philip Henson d. intestate prior to 1851. George Henson (pp. 355-356), bro of Philip, d. intestate prior to 1853 and left heirs Narcissa Riddle, Sarah Jones, Philip Henson, all of Pulaski County; John Henson of Bates Co Mo, and William Henson of Arkansas.


"The compiler has been informed that most of the land transactions for Pulaski County are preserved. Those records should also prove extremely important to working out these Riddle families in that area who could help the compiler secure copies of the land transactions of Pulaski? Any cooperation or collaboration on the story of these people will be greatly appreciated. Only by working together will this complex account be solved." Write: Nettie Lee Benson, 2834 Shoal Crest, .Austin, Texas 78705.


Richland Mirror August 16, 1984 No 143


The Family of RICHARD RIDDLES by Nettie Lee Benson, 2834 Shoal Crest, Austin, Texas 78705.

"The surname of this family is variously spelled in different census reports on it. However some of the descendants with whom I have contact presently use the spelling Riddles.

This compiler believes that this Riddle line descends from a William Riddle (born prob about 1720 or earlier) who was living in the Juniata Valley of Pennsylvania in 1763 when attacked by Indians. His son John was captured and lived with the Indians for several years before his father was able to recover him....the Richard Riddles line was probably related to that of the later Mifflin Co Pa family, which Ridlon traces to Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois and Missouri on pp 127-134.

Richard Riddles reported to the 1850 Carroll Co Ark census taker that he was born c1785 in North Carolina. In 1818, he was living in Gallatin, Illinois, and reported himself as head of a household with eight other white persons. In Gallatin Co. in 1820 he reported himself as over age 21 and with a household of ten other whites and ten slaves.

The names of all his children have not yet been ascertained, however, from census records, it appears that be had ten or more children -- seven sons and three daughters -- among whom were:

1. John - b. 1800-1810; married, with one dau under five years old and wife b. 1800-1810, according to 1830 Gallatin Co Ill census.

2. Abner - b. c1813 in Gallatin Co III.; m. 1st Lucinda ( ) c1827 in Gallatin. Married 2nd Jane Malinda Hinkle in 1870 at Cocke Co., Texas

3. Joab - b. c1813 (a twin) in Gallatin. Married 1st Loucy T. ( ) in 1854 at Carroll Co., Ark.; m. 2nd Susan L. ( ). Living in 1880 in Caldwell Co., Texas.

4. Harve/Harry - b. c1829 Gallatin. Married Polly ( ) c1854 Carroll Co., Arkansas.

James A. - b. c1826 Gallatin. Married Lucinda J. ( ), who lived in 1880 at Caldwell Co., Texas.

5. Celia Ann - b. c1829 Gallatin; named for her mother. Living with pars in 1850 Carroll Co., Arkansas.

Note: Goodspeed's Hist of Hickory, Cedar, Dade, and Barton Cos Mo, p. 294, says that a Richard Riddles was constable of Washington Twp of Polk Co Mo on 10 Feb 1835...This may have been the Richard Riddles from Gallatin Co., Ill. who is found in 1840 in Pulaski Co., Missouri.

The 1830 census of Gallatin Co Illinois lists Benjamin Riddle in Equality Twp (11002-10001). In Monroe Twp were Richard Riddle (0212101 -1011001) and John Riddle (00001­10001).

In 1840, Richard Riddles and his son Abner were listed on p. 214 of the census of Pulaski Co, Missouri. Richard: 00111001-00100101. Abner: 0001-1001.

In 1850 census, Richard was 65, b. N.C.; wife Celia was 66, b. South Carolina. Listing in Prairie Twp, Carroll Co, Ark. Abner Riddles was listed in Benton Twp, Fulton Co, Ark; he was 37, born in Ill; Lucinda, apparent wife, was 30, also born in Illinois. Abner was still present in Arkansas, in Benton County, in 1860. Abner Riddles died in February, 1893, in Indian Territory, Oklahoma. He is buried in Oklahoma. He resided in Gallatin Co, Ill. from 1813 until the 1830's, in Pulaski Co Mo from 1835 to 1840; in Benton Twp, Fulton Co Ark.; in Osage Mills, Anderson Twp, Benton Co Ark 1841-1860's; Cooke Co., Texas in 1870's; Montague Co Texas 1880-1890's; west of Chickasaw Co., Okla., in 1890's. His widow and ch. were living there in 1900.

Jane Malinda Hinkle, Abner Riddles' second wife, was the dau of Ealin and Jane Hanke Hinkle; she was b. in 1844; her father was b. in Ohio; her mother in Illinois. She d. at Temple, Oklahoma, in 1926, and is buried at cemetery there.

Children of Abner Riddles and his two wives were:

1.  Rachel - b. 1836 (Pulaski Co?) Mo; m. James Dickerson.
 Willis - b. c1842 Fulton Co, Ark. with pars in 1860. May have been killed in Civil  War.
3.  Chester Ashley - b. 1845 Fulton Co Ark; m. Elizabeth Catherine Trayler in 1870 at Cooke Co, Texas.

4.   David Walker - b. 1849 Fulton Co Ark; m. Maggie E. ( ) e1884 in Texas.

5.   William Byers - b. 1852 Fulton; m. Martha Elizabeth Hinkle in 1872, Cooke Co, Texas.

6.   John H. - b. c1858 Benton Co, Ark; said to have died in Texas at age 20.

7.  Smith Drew - b. 1873 at Forestburg, Montague Co. Texas; m. Preble Gee in 1897.

8.    Priscilla Jane -b. 1876 Forestburg; m. Wade Hampton Farmer in 1892.

9.    Wade Galtin - b. 1877 Forestburg; m. Sarah Alberta Parmalee.

10. Charles Burton - b. 1880 Forestburg; m. Emily Etta Bright in 1914.

11.  Sandford R. - b. 1881 Forestburg; m. Emily Poeater.

12. Clay Abner - b. 1887 Forestburg; m. Minnie Dell Honeycutt in 1933. Sources cited include desc Mrs. Cleda Pitts and her son Melvin of 906 Patterson, Comanche, Oklahoma 73529. 



By far, "The Riddle Family" is the most extensive series yet seen in "Sharing the Past." ALL FIVE of our 1840 Pulaski families are delineated thanks to the generous help of Nettie Lee Benson. Be sure to write her with your additions and corrections.

A few census readings: Malinda West Riddle, was listed on 200 Pulaski '50; Jesse Riddle was on 223 Pulaski '40, 181 Pulaski '50, and 299 Pulaski '60. lsaac Riddle was on 224 Pulaski '40, 204 Pulaski '50, and 318 Pulaski '60.

The 1860 Pulaski Mortality Schedule reports that John Riddle, "of Jesse," b. Mo. 1838, d. 1860.

On my 1965 trip to Missouri, Claude Morgan of Waynesville let me examine and take notes from the "Johnson Records" in his land abstract office. Unfortunately, these land records do not lend themselves to publication. I am convinced that, if it were possible, I would have been given permission long before now. Mrs. Irene Morgan is related to me through the Musgrave line; Claude was a pallbearer at my great-aunt's funeral...these old records are tied inextricably with business concerns of the present day; litigation could result.

My notes, done in longhand during two hurried and delighted days seldom go beyond 1860; my primary research was to locate the original settlers' entries and to try to fasten of a reliable location for my Vincents. I was reminded of all this as I see in the cardex that Emanuel Riddle and wife Malinda with Andy Anderson made an early entry in Pulaski Twp 37, Range 12. Perhaps one day my notes, abstracted from the Johnson Records, might appear here. I should submit them to Mr. Morgan for permission first, I expect...well, we'll see what can be done. Stay tuned. 

The Richland Mirror, August 1984 No 44


Need info on. George Washington Carter, b. 20 Oct 1854 Crawford Co Mo; m. Sarah Carroll. Ch. were Ozzie, Cicero, Millie M. (in. Tobiah Everett Anderson in 19161, and Minnie Carter, who m. George Newberry, City Marshall of Richland, Mo.

I have the Carter fam. traced back to 1747 in Virginia. George W. Carter was my grandmother's brother. My grandmother was Clara A. Carter, who m. Jefferson Davis Brown in 1886. Carters and Browns lived around Richland, Hazelgreen, Plato, Summersville.

Ralph Brown, 9313 E. 85th St., Raytown, MO 64138. 


My great-great grandfather was Harley Carter Atkisson, born Athens Co., Ohio, 1839. Need father's info; mother was ) Carter, b. Va., dau of Harley Carter b. 1798 in Conn. Harley C. Atkisson was a Confederate soldier; served in Co. F, 48th Missouri Infantry Volunteers.

Sarah Smith Atkisson d. 1872 Camden Co Mo; Harley C. m. Cynthia Jane Elizabeth Jones 1873. They moved to a farm near Bagnel, Miller Co Mo; Harley C. d. 1918 and Cynthia d.1922. Both are buried in fam cem, Glaise Twp, Miller County.

Mrs. J.B. 3413 N. Markwell, Bethany, OK 73008. 


R Art W. Murrell 

(dv note: Mr. Murrell has been with us since the beginning of this column, some four years ago. We chatted briefly in Springfield though I hope one day we can really get acquainted. Art's paperwork is meticulous; group sheets are rendered in a smooth calligraphy, easily photocopied and shared. What a treasure of family information he holds! I consider him a valuable colleague, and owe him praise of all pf us for his loyalty generosity.

This week, Mr. Murrell presents a narrative concerning two legendary pioneers of our study area; Jesse Ballew was the father of David M. Ballew/Bilyeu, listed on 221 Pulaski '40. Thomas Stark was on the same page, next door to John H. Elam.

Jesse Ballew was born in Burke County, North Carolina, sometime between 1770 and 1774. He married Charity Montgomery in about 1707 in North Carolina. According to family tradition, from several different sources, Charity was the daughter of a Cherokee princess in North Carolina and consequently a full blood Indian. The firstborn child of Jesse Ballew and Charity was Margaret Ballew, born May 12, 1798 in Buncombe County, Mirth Carolina.

Margaret Ballew and Henry Cook Anderson were married presumably in 1813 in N.C. when Margaret was but fifteen years old. Nancy Evolin Anderson was born to this union on April 23, 1814 in North Carolina. In the spring of 1817, with their families, Jesse Ballew, Henry C. Anderson and William Gillespy settled on the Gasconade River twelve miles southwest of Waynesville, near the Laclede County line. Jesse Ballew built his cabin on the east side of the Gasconade and Henry C. Anderson settled on the opposite side.

In 1820, Andrew ("Andy") Anderson was born to Henry and Margaret in Pulaski County. Goodspeed's History of the County tells us of an exciting experience of Mrs. Henry Anderson upon returning home from milking, one evening, she found a large wildcat pulling, the cover from her sleeping child. She seized it by the throat and choked it to death. The baby obviously was Andrew. Henry C. Anderson died while Andrew was still quite young.

Margaret Ballew Anderson married secondly Thomas William Stark, in about 1824. He was born May 3, 1796 in Robertson. County, Tennessee. He was the son of James W. Stark, Sr., a Revolutionary War veteran who was born about 1760 in North Carolina. James settled on Beaver Dam Creek. James had three other sons: James William, Walter William, and John William Stark,. It is significant that all four of the boys had the middle name William.

Thomas William Stark was a corporal in the War of 1812. He entered the service at Springfield, Robertson Co. Tenn., and was in Capt. Crunk's Tennessee Military 1814-15. His son, Thomas Jefferson Stark, served with the Confederate Army and was killed in the Civil War. Another son, William More Stark, served with the Union Army at the same time, in Co. "L" - 16th Regiment, Mo. Cavalry Volunteers.

According to an obituary in the St. Louis Christian Advocate of the Methodist Church, South, Thomas W. Stark died of pneumonia, in his sixty-first year, in Pulaski County in January 6, 1857. Mr. Jesse Elam is the present owner -- or at least was -- of the original Thomas W. Stark farm near Hazel-green. The Stark Family Cemetery has been bulldozed away and hay stacked there. A Murrell relative reports that the Thomas W. Stark grave marker was found in the yard of a Mr. Tim Jones, several years ago. The hand-carved name, and birth and death dates were still legible." Tulsa, Oklahoma, Oct. 27, 1983. 

From group sheets supplied by Mr. Murrell, both revised in 1983:


Margaret Ballew Anderson Stark died about 1836-1837; she was born in Burke Co., N.C., May 12, 1798. Thomas W. Stark married secondly Elizabeth Horn Aug. 17, 1838 in Pulaski County; she had been b. c1800 in N.C.

Children of first union:

1.       Miriam - b. 1825,  Gasconade Co Mo; m. Apr. 12, 1842 Robert Wooding Rodgers.

2.       Margaret - b. 1827 Gasconade Co Mo; d. 1878. Married 1844 John A. Murrell.

3.       Thomas Jefferson - b. 1835 Pulaski Co; d. C-War. Married 1857 Lucy Shepherd.

Issue of second marriage was one son, William More Stark, b. 1840 in Pulaski Co; he d. in 1874, never having been married.

Source credited: Oma Murrell Deckard, 352 Ojai Road, Santa Paula. CA 93060. 

** *

BALLEW (Revised Oct 27, 1983) Jesse Ballew died before Oct. 18, 1838 in Pulaski; the identity of his father is not yet known. Charity Montgomery, his wife, died before 1830 in Gasconade County. Her father Jesse and Charity's first ten children were born in Buncombe Co., N.C.; the next three born in Gasconade Co, Missouri.

1.   Margaret, b. 12-5-1798, m. Henry C. Anderson and Thomas W. Stark, as above.

2.    Nancy, b. 30-4-1800, d. 23-2-1854; m .William Montgomery.

3.    Mary ("Polly"), b. 18-11-1802, m. Charles Hays.

4.    Amy, b. 12-1-1805.

5.    Elizabeth, b. 12-1-1805.

6.    Frances, b. 7-10-1807.

7.    Ruth, b. 8-12-1809, m. July 10, 1828 :Green Williams.

8.   Charity E., b. 7-12-1812, d. 22-10-1855. Married July 15, 1832 Thomas Wisdom.

9.    David Montgomery, b. 27-4-1815, m. Mary Frances ( ).

10.  Rachel, b. 27-2-1818, m. Sept 13, 1832 Charles Finley.

11.  Sally, b. 1821, m. c1839 Dreader  B. Murrell.

12.   Susan, b. 23-8-1824, d. 1-12-1889. Married Dec. 24, 1837 John Jones. 13. Robert, b. 31-8-1828.


The Richland Mirror September 6, 1984 No. 145


James M. Farran resided in Richland, Mo., and presumably is buried there. He d. 1889. His wife, Euphemia Morrow (referred to as "Phena" of, Springfield, Mo.) is a direct ancestor. She was b. c1859. They had three ch., Ruby, Ethel, and Jimmy (James, Jr.) Barran, an attorney. Euphemia suffered a mental collapse as a result of husband's death; went to hospital in St. Louis. Wish to learn burial site of James M. Farran, Sr.; by the way, Ethel Farran attended Vassar College women and the book, "Daddy Legs" was written for or about her.

Bruce J. Morrow. 610 Lincoln Drive, Macomb, Ill. 61455.


Text Box: 7        T
Issac Neely Brown, b. 1800-1801 in Washington Co., Ky., d. 1 Feb 1864 in Pulaski. He m. 27 Oct 1818 Green Co  Ky Elizabeth ("Betsy") Staton, b. 1799 Washington Co., Ky. Their son, Thomas Staton Brown, b. 1822 Ky., d. 4 March 1887 in Comanche Co., Texas. He m. 1841 Pulaski Co Mo Malinda McCloud, b. 1825 Roane Co, Tenn. She d. ( ) in McCaulley. Fisher Co Texas. She was dau of James McCloud, b. 1798 Knox Co Tenn, who was a son of Andrew and Malinda Galloway McCloud.

Mrs. Bettye W. Brown, 404 Duck Lake Dr., Austin, TX 78734.

Tacoma, Wash. Dec. 10, '83.

SO GLAD to bear from you! I had long suspected that both your James McCloud and one Jesse McCloud came from East Tenn, and believe James is listed on 1830 census of Roane County, p. 14, while Jesse is in same county, p. 55. Both next appear on 1840 Pulaski census, p. 216. Have scanned my Roane records but find very few McCloud mentions several .on Galloway, though...I see one Jessee Galloway appears just two names below James McCloud in 1830 Roane.

Would appreciate getting a group sheet on the three men: James & Jesse McCloud, and Isaac Neely Brown. Mr. Brown was listed on old Gasconade Co Mo's Tax List of 1828, in the section that later became Pulaski, and was listed on p. 171 of 1830 Census of Crawford Co Mo. I'm certainly glad to learn his birthplace. In James McCloud's 1840 listing, there is an older man present. Could this be James, Sr., of 1830 Knox Co Tn census, p. 352? Where in Indiana were the ch. born, in the 1830's?

Both Robert and James McCloud are listed in Knox's 1806 Tax List, Capt. Bishop's Company (Creekmore: East Tennessee Historical Society)

Sincerely, Don Vincent

Austin, Jan 9 & 24, 1984.

...most welcome letter (from you)... Isaac Neely Brown was a son of John Brown and Nancy Nee!y, b. 1800 in Livingston Co., Kentucky. He m. 27 Oct 1818 in Green Co. Ky. Betsy Staton, dau of Thomas R. Staton, Jr. and Hannah Staton. She was b. 1800 Washington Co Ky, though 1850 census said Virginia. Their children included:

1.  Thomas Staton Brown - b. 1822 Ky.; 1840-41 Pulaski Co Mo to Malinda McCloud. He d. 4 Mar 1887 in Soda Springs. Comanche Co., Texas.

2.   John Brown - b. 1831 Mo.; m. 10 June 1855 Rachel Osborn.

3.   Moses Brown - h. 1833 Mo.; m. Mary Jane ( ). He d. 3 Nov. 1866.

4.   William Brown - b. 1837; no more data.

5.   Isaac Neely Brown - b. 1840 Pulaski; m. 9 June 1861 Sarah Ann Hudgeons. Served in Confederate forces; querist has copy of record.

6.    Margaret J. Brown - b. 1842 Pulaski.

7.     Rebecca Brown - b. 1846 Pulaski. (There were more children, not known yet.)

Thomas S.; oldest ch. of Isaac N. and Elizabeth Brown, m. 1840-41 in Pulaski Malinda McCloud, a dau of James and Margaret McCloud. Issue:

1.    John - b. 1841 Pulaski; no more data.

2.     Margaret F. - b. 1843 Pulaski; m. Andrew Jackson Moore 1865 Washington Co., Ark.; died 1930 Comanche Co, Texas.

3.    Elizabeth - b. 1845 Pulaski; m. Griffin E. Armstrong 1867 Wash. Co., Ark.; d. Texas.

4.    Isaac Neely - b. 1847 Pulaski; m. Aurora Revena Bishop 1875 Coman­che Co., Texas; d. 1905 Comanche.

5.     James McCloud - b. 1849 Pulaski Co Mo; m. 1876 Ruth Ann Dye, Comanche Co, Texas. He died 1901 in Texas.

6.    George W. - b. 1851 Pulaski; in. 1876 Mary Ellen Riggsby Comanche Co Texas; d. 1885 Texas.

7.    Marion - b. 1853. No more data.

8.    Susanna A. - b. 1855 Pulaski; m. John A. Hale Comanche Co Texas; she d. Texas 1940.

9.    Mary Ma!inda - b. 1858 Phelps or Pulaski Cos, Mo.; m. 1876 John Burton Britt Texas.

10.    Lucy - b. 1868 Wash. Co., Ark.; d. before 1880. Family removed to Comanche Co., Texas, in 1871.


Mrs. Brown writes, "...I have been in touch with the corresponding secretary of the Mississippi Co Mo Genealogical Society. She sent me the text of the probates of the estates of James and William McCloud. They must have been single men, as the heirs are the brothers and sisters.

1.  James McCloud. Number 1115, Box 35. Thomas Brown, Jr., administrator. Bond dated 26 Sept 1860; bondsmen were Thomas Patrick and  Thomas Griffith, $1500. Heirs listed on bond: Ellen Kirk, wife of Henry Kirk; Sam Caruthers McCloud; Betty' McCloud; Crittenden McCloud; Susanna McCloud.

2.  William McCloud. Number 1144, Box 35. Thomas Brown, Jr., administrator. Bond dated 30 June 1859; bondsmen were George W. Hutson and Jonathan Mills, $12,000. Second administrator, E.W. Conder on 22 Aug 1862 Heirs: James McCloud, Sarah Ellen McCloud (m. Henry Kirk); Samuel McCloud; Betty McCloud; John J. Crittenden McCloud, and Susan McCloud.

I have not yet located either the Browns or McClouds in the 1860 census. (The Thomas S. Brown family was in Washington Co., Ark. when Thomas joined the Trans-Miss Army, in the fall of 1861. Isaac Neely, James McCloud, George W. and Marion all went with their father to war. Marion drove the chuck wagon.)

I have no information on Jesse McCloud family, but will see what I can find...

You mentioned Galloway in is quite likely that the Jessie Galloway is the father of Malinda, who m. Andrew McCloud, and that James and Jessie are both their sons. One of Malinda McCloud Brown's grandsons was named Gallo­way.

Don't have any info on the older man  with James McCloud in 1840. Could,' be father of Margaret...Happy Hunting, Bettye W. Brown.

P.S. My husband carries the name Neely as a first name. It has come down from Isaac Neely, who died in 1792 -- killed by Indians while on a trip with John Brown and Squire Boone."

From Mrs. Brown's group sheet for the James McCloud family:

James McCloud was born in Knox Co. Tennessee in 1798, the son of Andrew McCloud. James served in, he War of 1812 from Knox County. He married in Knox 26 Sept., 1817, Margaret ("Polly") McCloud, the daughter of Robert McCloud. She was born in Virginia in 1797. Andrew McCloud was a son of Thomas McCloud; Andrew married 23. Aug. 1797 in Knox Co Tennessee, Malinda Galloway.

James and Margaret McCloud were the pars of:

1. Andrew - married Mary Snelson 27 Sept 1840 Crawford Co Mo.

2. & 3. (other children)

3. Malinda, as above; b. Roane Co Tenn 1825.

4 & 6. (other children)

7. Mary:- b. 1835 Mo,

8.John - b. 1836 Mo.

9. James b. Pulaski Co Mo 1838.

10. Margaret - b. Pulaski 1841. 

Richland Mirror, Sept. 13, 1984 No. 146

Homemade Family Group Sheets

Richland Mirror Sept. 20, 1984 No. 147


Robert R. Handley, 874 Lemon Drive, Camarillo,, CA 93010, writes:

..want to thank you for fine article on My Handley/McCulloch lines in the; Richland Mirror. The write-up was great, and your assumptions have a lot of merit to them. I am presently digging into North Carolina records on my Handley line. The James Handley that shows up in the 1840 Pulaski Co Mo. census I believe is the son of James Handley, Senior, of Wayne Co., North Carolina. Since his nephew, Isaac Handley (my great grandfather), preceded him out of Missouri, it is assumed that James followed him to Henderson Co., Kentucky. In an 1880 Atlas of Henderson/Union Counties, Ky., mention is made that Isaac's son, John Thomas Handley (my grandfather), came from Pulaski County, Missouri. I know from Grandfather's Death Certificate that he was born in Mo., but exactly WHERE I am not sure. It would appear that it was Pulaski County. It is very possible that Samuel McCullough was related to Isabelle I. McCulloch, but I am not acquainted with the names of any of her relatives. I just keep hoping somebody will come forth with the right information...I am a member of two McCulloch family newsletters, but so far nothing there either. 

One of the frustrating things about working with the 1840 group is that it is jumbled in sequence. While there are several 1840 pages that later turn out to be obviously all one area, there are other pages or parts of them that appear to be leftovers, or late arrivals. Can't examine this too fully right now, but p. 212 (on which were listed both Samuel McColland/Mulholland/ McCulloch? and James Handley) seems to be -a "pick-up" page. Its twenty-nine fams were later found in Webster, Pulaski, Laclede, Texas, and Camden Counties. The Laclede finis were, I believe, Moses Thompson; Nathan Tyre; Zephemiah Blackfoot Robinson; Laughlin Murphy; Allen M. Apling; Miles Vernon, Sr.; Charles K. Phipps and Thomas Hawkins. Jesse Towel settled on Bear Ck. of Laclede in 1830's says Goodspeed, but he is located on 676 Camden '50. The Todd fams came to same creek in 1830's from McNairy Co Tn and were in Barry Co Mo in 1850, per Mrs. Mary Kathryn Harris of Fort Worth, Texas. Anyone have conflicting evidence, or additional details? Let's swap data.


Musgrave descendants, see "The Heritage of Wayne Co., N.C." (1982), p. 354. The Handley and Musgrave fams both seem to have been Wayne Co. Quaker lines, living in same general area.


The Richland Mirror- Sept. 27, 1984 # 148



The following material was contributed by Tom Turpin of Jefferson City, Mo., a direct descendant of our earliest pioneer families, who explains how the list was made:

"...While compiling a list of (members of) the Cole Co Mo Home Guard at the Adjutant General's Office, I found that they had a record of all (men) who were in the 48th Regiment of Mo. Volunteer Infantry. According to Goodspeed, those (enlistees) from Pulaski County were in Company "A" and were a part of Company "C"...I compiled a list of those (in the two above companies.)"

Our sincere thanks to Tom Turpin. Many of the names below regularly appear in queries.

Permit me to mention that "desertion" during the Civil War was not always considered to be a dishonorable act, as it is today. The men were informally allowed to go home to help with the harvest, for instance. Many returned to duty when the call sounded, and others readily skedaddled for the hills. But, as always, generalizations are worthless—suffice to say that Civil War times were filled with suffering and loss on a scale so large as to cause everyday acts of desperation. Few persons alive today are qualified to judge the morality of a bygone era, wouldn't you say?

The enlistee's name is followed by his age, 1864 date, rank, and (when supplied) additional notes. Unless otherwise specified, all these men signed up at Waynesville. This week A Company; next week, C Company. dv.

ADAMS, FRANCIS M., 30, 30 Jul, Pvt, Sick Rolla 8 May 1864; ADAMS, JESSE, 27, 21 Sep, Pvt; ADMIRES, THOMAS; 36, 30 Jul, Pvt, died Camp Douglas, Ill. 29 May 1865; ANDERSON, BENJ., 40, 30 Jul, Corp; ANDERSON, ELISHA, 26, 30 Jul,  Corp. BAKER. WILLIAM S., 30 Jul, Pvt, d. Nashville Tn 8 Jan 1865; BALLARD, BLAND N., 30, 30 Jul, Pvt; BARNARD, JESSE, 27, Pvt; BARTLETT, JOSEPH P., 25, Pvt; BARTLETT, SOLOMON

enlisted Rolla, Pvt, 1st Lt. 4 May 1865; BATES, JAMES L., 27, 30 Jul. Corp; BATES, LARKIN A., 25, Corp; BATES, WILLIAM A., 22, 11 Aug. Pvt; BENCH, Lawrence, 19, 30 Jul, Pvt. d. Rolla 29 Aug 1864; BENCH, LAWRENCE JR., 18, 30 Jul, Pvt, d. Rolla 9 Nov 1864; BOWMAN, JAMES' A., 33, 30 Jul, Pvt, d. Cairo, Ill. 14 Mar 1865; BRITTAIN, GEORGE W., 39, 30 July, Pvt; BRYAN, ALEXANDER, 41, 30 Jul, Mus; BRYAN, BETHEL, 18, 30 Jul, Pvt, deserted 26 Sep 1864; BRYANT, AMBROSE, 28, 30 Jul, Pvt, d. Louisville Feb 1865; BRYANT, DANIEL THOMAS, 18, 27 Oct, Pvt; BURGESS, WILLIAM H., 22, 30 Jul, Pvt, made Corp 15 Jun 1865; BURKS, WILLIS A., 22, 30 Jul, Corp; BURNETT, DANIEL W., 23, 3 Aug, Pvt, d. Louisville 20 Jan 1865. More Civil War names:

CARMACK, JESSE, 22, 30 Jul, Sgt; CARR, WILLIAM, 34, 30 Jul, Pvt; CHRISTESON, WALKER W., 24, 30 Jul, Pvt; COLLEY, GEORGE W., 36, 30 Jul, Sgt; COLLEY, LILBURN H., 20, 30 Jul, Prin Mus; COOK, GEORGE W., 28, 30 Jul, Mus; CROSS. ELIJAH, 20, 30 Jul, Pvt, deserted Waynesville 6 Nov 1864; CROSS, JOHN J., 25, 30 Jul, Pvt, deserted Rolla 20 Oct 1864; DAKE, GEORGE W., 24, 30 Jul, Pvt; DAVIS, WILLIAM L., 18, 30 Jul, Pvt; DAVIS, DANIEL E., 30, 15 Aug, enlisted Rolla; Pvt. DEER, JOHN, W., 18, 29 Nov. enlisted Rolla, Pvt; DICKSON, AUGUSTUS M., (age not given), 3 Sep, enlisted St. Louis, 1st Adjt. More men of Company A:

DODD, JAMES W., 21, 30 Jul, Pvt. d. 24 Dec 1864 in Pulaski Co.; FINLEY, HENSON G., 27, 30 Jul, Pvt; FOSTER, ANDREW J., 26, 30 Jul, Pvt, deserted Rolla 20 Oct 1864; GAN, GEORGE, 40, 30 Jul, Pvt; HENRY, 22, 30 Jul, Pvt; GILLIS MARKIS, 39, 3 Aug, Pvt, died Rolla 3 Dec 1864; GOODMAN, ALFRED, 26, 20 Aug, Pvt; GOODMAN, ISAAC, 28, 30 Jul, Pvt; GOODMAN, JABES, 32, 30 Jul, Pvt; GUDKINS, JOHN G., 18, 29 Sep, enlisted Rolla, Pvt; HAMMACK, JAMES G., 24, 30 Jul, Pvt; HANCOCK, GILBERT, 24, 4 Dec, enlisted Rolla, Pvt; HANCOCK,  JASPER, 29, 30 Jul, Pvt; HARPER, DANIEL, 38, 30 Jul, Pvt; HARRIS, LEMUEL R., 23, 30 Jul, Pvt; HARRIS, WILLIAM J., 20, 30 Jul, Pvt; HELEMS, JOSEPH, 21, 30 Jul, Pvt; HIGGINS, CHRISTOPHER, 27, 30 Jul, Pvt, d. Nashville 4 Mar 1865;

HIGGINS, DAVID M., 23, 30 Jul, d. Text Box:  
Text Box: 7        9             T              T
Text Box:  
Nashville 12 Jan 1865; HUBERRY, JACOB, 38, 30 Jul, Pvt; HUDGENS, JAMES V.. 24, 30 Jul, Sgt; JOHN­SON, JOHN H., 20, 30 Jul, Pvt; FRANCIS, 18, 14  Dec. enlisted St. Louis, Pvt. d. Nashville 27 Jan 1865; KNOX, GEORGE W., 18, 24 Aug, Pvt, d. Rolla 14 Dec 1864; LAWSON, PHIL H., 18, 30 Jul, Pvt; LAWRENCE, ALLEN J., 23, 30 Jul, Pvt, made 2nd Lt 4 May 1865; LEEK, RICHARD D., 24, 1 Aug, Pvt; LEEK, WILLIAM J., 27, 30 Jul, Pvt; LEWIS, JOHN C., 34, 30 Jul, Pvt, deserted Waynesville 6 Nov 1864; McDONALD, WM. W., 45, 30 Jul, First Sgt; McKINNON, AUGUSTUS, 33, 30 Jul, Pvt; McKINNON, ELIJAH, 18, 30 Jul, Pvt; McKINNON, JOHN, 29, 30 Jul, Pvt; McKINNON, NINGING, 19, 30, Jul, Pvt; McKINNON, PHILIP, 21, 30 Jul, Pvt; MARTIN, JOHN, 18, 28 Nov, enlisted Rolla, Pvt; MATHEWS, GEORGE D., 19, 30 Jul, Pvt, deserted' Big Piney 26 Sep 1864; MAXEY, WM. H., 24, 30 Jul, Pvt; MITCHELL, JAMES M., 18, 30 Jul, Pvt, made Corp 15 Jun 1865.

Continuing enlistees in 1864 at Waynesville and Rolla:

MORGAN, JOHN B., 29, 30 Jul. Pvt, d. Nashville 6 Feb 1865; NEWLIN, JACOB, 18, 30 Jul, Pvt; NEWLIN NATHANIEL, 19, 30 Jul; Pvt; NULL, THOMAS, 18, 30 Jul. Pvt;. PHARRIS, LEWIS C., 21, 30 Jul, Pvt; RAMSEY, JAMES H., 26, 24 Aug, Pvt; RAYL, JAMES E., 27, 30 Jul, Pvt, made Sgt 11 May 1865; RAYL, JESSE A., 18, 30 Jul, Pvt RAYL, SAMUEL 0. (no further info); REED, JOHN D., 18, 30 Pvt; REED, ZACHARIAH, 18, 30 Jul, Pvt, discharged for disability Mar 1865; RHEA, JOHNSON, 31, 28 Aug, Pvt, deserted Big Piney 26 Sep 1864; RIDDLE, JOHN J., 18, 11 Aug, Pvt; ROAM, HENRY, 27, 30 Jul, Pvt, in hospital at Louisville; ROBERTSON, GEORGE G., 18, 30 Jul, Pvt; ROBINSON, JOSIAH W., 32, 30 Jul, Pvt, made Sgt 3 Aug 1864. ROWLAND, BURREL P., 19, 30 Jul, Pvt, deserted Big Piney 26 Sep 1864; ROWLAND, JOHN D., 24, 30 Jul. Pvt, deserted Big Piney 26 Sept 1864; SALLEY, IRVIN, 29, 30 Aug, Pvt; SKIDMORE, REUBIN, 22, 30 Jul, Pvt; SOUTHERLAND, THOMAS, 18, 30 Jul, Pvt; STORY, JOSEPH F., 18, 11 Aug, Pvt; STRAIN, THOS. J., 55, 30 Jul, Pvt, d. Camp Douglas, ILL. 20 Apr 1865; SULLIVAN, JAMES H., 18,1 30 Jul, Pvt; TURPIN, JOHN W., 25,, 30 Jul, Pvt, d. Rolla 12 Jan 1865; TURPIN, JOSEPH H., 18, 30 Jul, Pvt, and WILLIAMS, GEORGE G., 19, 30, Jul, Private. 

See you next week with more infantrymen from Mo. 48th Regiment. 

Richland Mirror October 4, 1984 No. 149 


Part Two compiled by Tom Turpin, 612 Capitol Ave., Jefferson City, MO. Company , C, 48th Regt. Missouri Volunteer Infantry. Data furnished are age, enlistment date, rank, and (when supplied) additional remarks.

ABBOT, SHEDWICK, 45, 20 Aug, Pvt; ADAMS, GEORGE, 27, 21 Sep,' Pvt, deserted Rolla 24 Oct 1864; ANDERSON, WILSON, 18, 23 Aug, Pvt, died Rolla 6 Oct 1864; ATWELL, RICHARD J., 31, 23 Aug, Pvt; BARLOW, JESSE, 18, 23 Aug, Pvt; BILDERBACK, JACOB, 19, 27 Aug, Pvt; BRAKE, ROBERT, 30, 23 Aug, Pvt; BROOKS, THOMAS, 24, 11 Aug, ,'Pvt, made Corp. 5 Sep 1864; BURCHARD, SAMUEL J., 18, 11 Sep, Pvt; CARNEY, JOHN, 18, 23 Aug, Pvt; CLARK, JOHN J., 21, 27 Aug, Sgt. made 1st Sgt 27 Aug 1864; CLARK, RANSOM, 37, 20 Aug, Pvt, d. Nashville 5 Jan 1865; CLARK, LEVI, 27, 20 Aug, Pvt, deserted Rolla 21 Nov 1864; CLARK, REUBEN, 39, 20 Aug. Pvt; CLEVENGER, FRANCIS M., 18, 23 Aug, Pvt; CLEVENGER, JOSHUA, 45, 23 Aug, Pvt; COTTON, ,ADDISON R., 21, 27 Aug, Pvt, died Jeffersonville, Ill. 10 Apr 1865.

Civil War enlistees, continued: DAVIS, REUBEN, 30, 5 Sep, Pvt; DAVIS, ROBERT A.. 26, 5 Aug, Pvt, made Corp. 5 Sep 1864; DAVIS, THOMAS, 44, 23 Aug. Pvt; DAVIS, ,THOMAS W., 26, 23 Aug, Pvt; DOOLY, WILLIAM, 18, 31 Aug, Pvt; DUASEN, JAMES M. 18, 27 Aug, Pvt; DYER, WILLIAM H., 27, 27 Aug, Pvt, d. Rolla 6 Jan 1865; EVANS, JOHN C., 38, 27 Aug, Pvt, made Corporal 5 Sep 1864; GIPSON, BARTLEY A., 28, 23 Aug, Pvt; GIPSON. SAMUEL N. P., 36, 16 Sep, Sgt; HALL, GEORGE R., 39, 20 Aug, Pvt; HALSTEAD, JOHN F., 19, 16 Aug, Pvt; HAMER, JOSEPH H., 18, 11 Aug, Pvt; HANK, HENRY C., 18, 23 Aug, Pvt; HANKS, SILAS B., 19, 26 Aug, Pvt; HARRIS, THOMAS, 18, 27 Aug, Sgt; HARRISON, JOHN H., 27 Aug, Pvt; HART, CALLAHAN, 20 Aug, Pvt; HAYS, WM. H., 22, 27 Aug, Pvt; HENDERSON, JAMES W„ 24, 18 Aug, Pvt; HILLHOUSE, DOTSON, 26, 27 Aug, Pvt; HILL-HOUSE, J.F., 33, 21Sep, Pvt; HILLHOUSE, THOMAS. 18, 27 Aug, Pvt; JEWELL. MARION, 21, 11 Aug, Pvt, rec'd Medical Discharge St Louis, '2S Feb 1865; JOHNSON, HIRAM, 42, 18 Aug, Pvt; JOHNSON, JOHN A., 45, 27 Aug, Pvt, made Corp. S Sep 1864; JOHNSON, MARION, 22, 18 Au* Pvt. JOHNSON THOMAS L.21,27 Aug, Pvt; JONES, JOHN H., 36, 25 Aug, Pvt; JORDAN, MARTIN, 20, 5 Sep, Pvt; KISSINGER, JAMES, 19, 27 Aug, Pvt; LIGHT, JASPER N., 25, 27 Aug, Pvt; LIGHT, McHENRY, 32, 18 Aug, Pvt; McKEE, JAMES, 26, 24 Aug, Pvt, d. Rolla 22 Nov 1864; MANES, FRANCIS M., 22, 27 Aug, Pvt, made Corp. 5 Sept 1864.

Men of Company C, continued: MAXEY, JOHN A., 20, 5 Aug, Pvt; MAYS, LEANDER, 27, 27 Aug, 3rd Sgt; MESSERSMITH, RIAL, 18, 26 Aug, Pvt; MILLER, GEORGE C., 18, 11 Aug, Pvt, deserted Rolla 21 Oct 1864; OLIVER, SHADERICK, 37, 27 Aug, Pvt, made Corporal 5 Sep 1864; PAGE, ROBERT, 18, 23 Aug, Pvt; PARSLEY, WM., 18, 27 Aug, Pvt; PITMAN, ALEXANDER, 30, 23 Aug, Pvt, attained Sgt 27 Aug 1864; PITMAN, HENRY, 25, 11 Aug, Pvt, made Corp 5 Sep 1864; PITMAN, BENJ. F., 23, 23 Aug, Pvt; PUGH, GEORGE, 21, 20 Aug, Pvt; died St. Louis 24 Jun 1865; RADIFER, SILAS, 44, 20 Aug, Pvt; REED, ABRAHAM, 18, 18 Aug, Pvt, died Brks, Mo. 3 January 1865; REED, SAMUEL, 18, 23 Aug., Pvt; REED, THOMAS, 19, 22 Aug. Pvt; RHEA, ARCHIBALD, 43, 23 Aug, Pvt; RHEA, ROBERT, 18, 23 Aug, Pvt, made Corp 5 Sep 1864; RIDDLE, ISAAC, 21, 11 Aug, Pvt, died Brks, St Louis, 22 Jun 1865.

ROBERTSON, ALLEN W., 43, 18 Aug, Pvt; ROBERTSON, MARMADUKE, 40, 18 Aug, Pvt; RODGERS, HENRY J., 57, 27 Aug, Pvt; SIMPSON, HARDIN, 28, 27 Aug, Pvt; SIMPSON, HENRY O., 19, 23 Aug, Pvt, d. Columbia, Tn. 15 Feb 1865; SMITH, JOHN J., 22, 20 Aug, Pvt; THURMAN, BENJAMIN F., 18, 5 Aug, FM, d. Rolla 1 Dec 1864; TIPPETT, JOSEPH: 18, 13 Sep, Pvt; WALLEN, CHARLES A., 20, 23 Aug, FM, d. Rolla 30 Sep 1864; WILCOX, HARLAND, 18, 11 Aug, Mus; WILLIAMS, GARLAND, 30, 24 Aug, Private.

(Conclusion, Turpin compilation of 1864 enlistees.) 

Richland Mirror October 11, 1984  No. 150


by Mrs. Hazel Ray, 403 E. 46th St., Long Beach, Cal. 90807.


It is a great pleasure to welcome Hazel Ray once again to these annals. Her group sheets have been put into narrative form. She mentions several of our 1840 Pulaskians: Levi Fulbright, Peter Goodwin, Rev. Josiah M. Hillhouse, and George Smithers.

1840 Fulbright Heads of Household in Pulaski were: David; Daniel, Jr.; William. Jr.; Henry S.; Levi; Daniel; John; Elizabeth; and Martin Fulbright, Sr. 

Authorities and sources cited: Hope Fulbright Crow, dau of Ephraim Fulbright; Census 1840, 1850, 1860. 1880; Laclede Co Mo Marriage Records; Goodspeed Hist of Laclede, et al (1889), p. 710. Also, Cleo Queen Barnett, grand-dau of Roxanna Fulbright; tombstones; First One Hundred Years of Lebanon, Gleason; Death Certs; Probates of Greene Co Mo; Greene Co Marriages; Hist of Greene Co Mo, (1883) Western Historical Co.; Goodspeed's Reminiscent Hist Ozark Region, 1894. 

Levi Coulter Fulbright was born 8 Feb. 1811 in Haywood Co., North Carolina, and died 17 April 1897 at Sleeper, Laclede Co., Missouri. He is buried at Hooper Cemetery and was a member of the First Christian Church. Levi was a son of William Fulbright, born 8 Jan 1785 at Waynesville, Buncombe Co., N.C. and died 22 Sept 1843 in Springfield, Greene Co, Missouri. He is buried at the Hazelwood Cemetery and was a Christian Church member.

William was a son of John Fulbright, born in Pennsylvania in 1757. He died in Washington Co Mo in 1820. John was a son of John William Fulbright (Johann Wilhelm Volbrecht) who was a native of Germany. The immigrant died in Lincoln Co, N.C. in 1808, having married Christina Halstead in Pennsylvania. He belonged to the German Reformed Church.

Mary Kuykendall was Levi C. Fulbright's first wife. Born 8 Feb 1806 in Tennessee, she d. 18 March 1845 in Laclede Co and is buried at Hooper Cemetery. Attended church with husband. Her parentage not known.

Levi and Mary Fulbright were the pars of:

1. Susan Jane - b. 12 Dec 1830 in Mo; d 19 July 1906. Married Joseph Huffman 8 March 1855 in Laclede Co.

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2. John Lafayette - b. 17 Jan 1834 Mo.; d. 6 Feb 1915 St. James, Pulaski Co Mo; married Rebecca Hooker 6 Feb 1859.

3. Matilda Ruth - b. 27 July 1836 Mo; d. 16 Feb 1904. Married William Story 22 Feb 1863 Laclede Co Mo.

4. William Hayden - b. 4 Nov 1839; d. 22 May 1845 Sleeper, Laclede Co Mo.

5. Anna Elizabeth - b. 16 Aug 1841 Mo; d. 28 Feb 1913 Crocker, Pulaski Co Mo. Married Pleasant Joiner in 1871.

6. Robert Bruce - b. 1 Dec 1843; d. 10 July 1911 Stoutland, Camden Co Mo. Married Elizabeth Barnhart 1 June 1862 in Laclede Co Mo.

Richland Mirror Oct. 18, 1984 No. 151

Nancy Emily Hillhouse was Levi Fulbright's second wife. Born in Giles Co Tenn on 27 April 1825; she died at Stoutland, Camden Co, 27 Jan 1903. Christian Church member; she is buried at Sleeper. Josiah Minter Hillhouse (see previous cols - dv) was her father; born 22 July 1805 in Livingstone Co., Ky., he d. Stoutland 4 May 1871.

Levi and Nancy Hillhouse Fulbright were the pars of:

1. Roxanna Matella (Aunt Dutch) Ancestor of contributor, was born 5 Nov 1846 at Steeper, Laclede Co Mo; she married George Kelly Thompson 7 June 1863 at Sleeper. She d. 30 Jan 1937 at Stoutland, Camden Co Mo.

2. Mary Lavinia Elizabeth (Aunt Dood or Vine), was born 18 Mar 1848 at Sleeper and d. at Stoutland 11 Mar 1913. She m. 29 Nov 1868 at Sleeper Zadoc Wright Jones.

3. Ephraim Ruth Van was b. 11 Jan 1850 at Sleeper, where he d. 28 Sept. 1939. He m. in Mo. 24 Jan 1875 Parthenia Frances Oliver.

4. Priscilla Caroline (Tim), was b. Sleeper 27 May 1851. She d. Texas 7 Apr 1901. She wed Daniel W. Pritchett at Sleeper 24 July 1870.

5. Henrietta Ellen was b. Sleeper 24 Apr 1853. She m. Richard Polk Jones at Sleeper 8 Feb 1874. She d. Slick Creek Co. Okla. 2 Apr 1928.

6. Josiah Henry David was b. 10 Dec 1854 at Sleeper and d. Port Arthur Jefferson Co., Texas. He m. in Mo. Sarah Carroll on 4 Apr 1874.

7. Daniel Washington May b. Sleeper 19 Apr 1857;d. 17 Apr 1938 Port Arthur, Tx.; m. 11 Mar 1877 in Mo. Rhoda Hawkins.

8. Samuel, eighth ch. of Levi and Nancy, was b. Aug. 1858 at Sleeper and d. in May, 1950, at Phoenix, Arizona. He m. Malinda Bailey in Mo 2.5 Sept 1881; his 2nd wife was Maybelle Martin .

William Wilson Fulbright, Levi's father, died in Springfield, Mo. 22 Sept 1843. William married in N.C. in 1808 Ruth Hollingsworth; she was b. 28 Sept 1791 in Haywood Co., N.C. , and also d. Springfield, 30 May 1874. She was First Christian Church member and is interred at Hazelwood Cemetery. Samuel Hollingsworth, born in Pa., was her father; he d. 1810 in Haywood Co. His wife was Elizabeth ( ).

The ch. of William and Ruth Hollingsworth Fulbright were:

1. Ephraim Roberson- b. 13 Jan 1809 Haywood Co, N.C.; d. 26 Aug 1898 Valley Springs, Boone Co, Arkansas. Spouse was Elizabeth Yount.

2. Levi Coulter - as above.

3. Rhoda - b. 12 Feb 1813 Haywood, d. 20 Apr 1830 Springfield, Mo.; she  m. 1829 in Tenn. Samuel Weaver.

4. Henry F. - b. 25 Mar 1814 Haywood, d. Texas 30 Apr 1907. Married 1838 Isabel Sanders.

5. John Lawson - b. 11 Oct 1816 Washington Co Mo; d. Springfield 31 Oct 1882. Elizabeth O. Roper was his wife, whom he wed in Springfield 22 Feb 1835.

6. Alexander Campbell (the researcher will note that the fam. named a son in honor of the founder of the Campbellite sect, later to be, called the Christian, or First Christian, Church. dv.) Alexander C. Fulbright, we were saying, was b. 12 Feb 1818 in Washington Co Mo and d. there on 12 May 1819.

7. Eli - b. Washington Co Mo 20 May 1820, d. in Springfield, Mo. 2 Nov. 1833.

8. David Leander - Washington Co Mo 30 Oct 1821, d. Springfield 25 June, 1876. He m. Martha Caroline Hooker. in Laclede Co Mo 25 Apr 1849.

9. Wilson - b. 24 Aug 1823 in Washington Co Mo, d..19 Aug 1852 in Springfield. His wife was Louisa J. Hooker, whom he m. 18 July 1843 in perhaps Laclede County.

10. Samuel - b. 18 July 1825 Henry, Co, Tenn, d. Springfield, Mo. 19 Mar 1877. He m. 21 Dec 1854 Mary Ann Cannefax in Greene Co Mo.

11. William D. - b. Madison Co Tn 1 Dec 1827, d. 25 Aug. 1884 at Mt Vernon, Lawrence Co Mo.; Virginia "Jennie" West was his wife. He m. her at Mt. Vernon June 10, 1852.

12. Daniel N. - b. 14 Mar 1830 Pulaski Co Mo; d. 1915 Valley Springs, Boone Co, Arkansas. Married in Springfield, Mo. Emmalet Weaver on 8 Jan 1851.

13. Elcana, the last child, died young. Born Springfield 2 Nov 1833, he d. there, 10 July 1835.

The Richland Mirror October 25, 1984, No. 152  


Pak Two, by Mrs. Hazel L. Ray, 403 St., Long Beach, CA 90807. 

John Fulbright was Levi Coulter's grandfather. Born in Pen-In 1757, he died in Washing-Mo in -1820. He was a

His wife was Elizabeth born about 1763. She d. at Laclede Co Mo, on 9 June and is buried at Hooper Cem; was a Methodist. (These church affiliations are mentioned whenever on the chance that religious may still exist somewhere which might prove helpful. dv.) Mrs. Fulbright's father was Martin Coulter, while her mother is reported as Catherine Roseanne Boone. 

John and Elizabeth C. Fulbright were the parents of these children, all b. at Waynesville, Buncombe County, North Carolina:

1. William Wilson - as above, in previous column.

2. Martin - b. 1786, d. 1856 in Red  River Co, Texas. Wife was Elizabeth Davis.

3. Christina - b. c1792 N.C., per census; Fulbright listings are found on pp 256-260 in 1850 Laclede. dv.) She d. in Laclede County. Married Peter Goodwin.

4. Susanna - (b. c1805 N.C. per 258 Laclede '50 census. Listed without husband on 231 Pulaski '40, with one dau b. 1825-1830. dv.) Her husband was William Daniels.

5. Sarah - b. in N.„ d. in Texas. Fr Married George Smithers. (Smithers is listed on 233 Pulaski '40: 1100001-1011. Children were living with Wm. H. Scott fam on 257 Laclede '50. Eldest ch., "Polly," was Scott's wife. George Smithers was in Mo. as early as 1822. More below. dv.)

6. Elizabeth - b. N.C.; m. 1st ( ) Williams; m. 2nd ( ) Cooper.

7. Daniel - b. 16 Oct 1793; d. Laclede 22 Dec 1855. Married firstly Nancy Woolsey, and secondly Phoebe McCloud. (Listed on 233 Pulaski '40. dv.)

8. Catherine (Kittie) - b. N.C.; m. ( ) Evans.

9. John - b. 10 Oct 1795; d. Laclede 16 Mar 1862; m. Mary Jane Kuykendall.

(Listed on 172 Crawford '30, 233 Pulaski '40, 259 Laclede '50 and 252 Laclede '60. See Lebanon Daily Record of Mar 6, 1961 for picture of homestead. 10. David - b. 7 Nov 1796; d. Red River Co., Texas, 3 Sept 1867; m. Amelia Smithers. (Listed on 224 Pulaski '40: 1121101-2201001. Slaves: 100000-211000. Wife (?) Pheby, b. Ky c1812 is listed on 249 Laclede '60. David is said to have reared 19 children. dv.) 

COMMENTS AND ADDENDA (dv.) Elizabeth Coulter Fulbright, at age 87, resided with son John on 259 Laclede '50. In 1840, she was next to him on p. 233: Mary Jane, John's wife, was b. c1800 in Ky.; one William Kuykendall appears on 234 Pulaski '40: 10001-12001. He was b. Tn c1807, says entry on 895 Miller '50, and resided Tn until c1833, then Mo c1836. Martin Fulbright/Fullbright. Sr. is one of Co's first judges (Canard: Ency. of Hist of Mo., 1911). Listed again on 259 Laclede '50 with wife Elizabeth, b. N.C. c1790.

Interestingly, Christina Halstead is reported as the wife of old John Fulbright, b. in Germany and—get this— in 1850 Laclede census in the Fulbright/Scott /Smithers/Turner neighborhood on p. 257 who shows up? One Marcus L. Halstead, b. N.Y. c1820!

Other North Carolina names in this 1850 neighborhood: Benjamin Hooker; Josiah B. Lambeth; George Holeman (Guilford Co.); Ruth, wife of Wm. Moore; Henry Cotton; Thomas Turner, who came from N.C. with Benj. Hooper, b. Caswell Co.; Andrew J. Cox; Aulsey Ivey, Thomas Lowry, and Adam Crump.

Thank you, Mrs. Ray, for sharing your efforts with our readers. Perhaps you've helped someone who will be able to return the favor with further information. The  Richland Mirror Nov 15, 1984 No. 154

"GRESHAM -- Any -Way Yon Spell It" is a newsletter and information exchange for researchers of this name in its various spellings. Examples: Grisham, Grissom, Grissom. Grishem. Grissan, plus others. Publication started Jan, 1984. Long-time Gresham searchers from around the country will be assisting the editor: Deanna Grissom Davis, 527 Salem, Richardson. Texas 75080. Tel: 214-231-5833.

Simeon Gresham of 203 Pulaski '40 (1202001-0040001) was b. Tn. c1794 and res. Tn. c1831-1837, says entry on 157 Pulaski '50 and 624 Maries '60. He was prob listed in 1830 census of McMinn Co Tn, p. 150. Eliot(t) Gresham, 1st husband of my Mus­grave great-grandmother, was b. Illinois c1833 and is on 214 Pulaski 'SO. Pars unknown.

Thomas Gresham of 206 Pulaski '40 (20001-10001) was b. Tn c1814 and could be Simeon's kin, since they are both listed rather near each other on 157 Pulaski '50. Thomas had a Spring Creek store; his wife Mary ( ) was b. Ala. c1815. Thomas' Pulaski will was dated 1852. Both a Simeon and Thomas Gresham appear in McMinn records: Simion witnesses McMinn will, 1835; Thomas in court 1827.


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by Marilyn Kimberling, 3629 N.E. Hill Haven, Rd., Kansas City, MO 64117


Authorities and sources cited: Rem. Hist. Ozarks, 1894, pp 157-162; 1840 Pulaski Co Mo Federal Census; 1850 Laclede Co Mo census; personal knowledge of desc of Elizabeth C. Smithers; courthouse records. 

George Smithers was born between 1790 and 1800; he seems to have died between the taking of the census in 1840 and 1850. He may have d. in Pulaski Co Mo. His wife was Sarah "Sally" Fulbright, dau of John Fulbright and Elizabeth Coulter. [George Smithers d. in Red River Co., Texas, mhr]

Issue of George and Sarah Smithers:

1. Mary C. "Polly" - b. Mo. 21 Aug 1822; d. 21 Aug 1885 Maries Co MO (?). Married perhaps in Pulaski Co Mo 1841 William H. Scott. Anc of contributor.

2. Harriett - b. c1828 Mo.

3. David N. - b. c1831 Mo.
4. Martin Decalb - b. 8 Feb 1837 Mo.

5. Elizabeth C. - b. 1835-40 Mo.; d. perhaps Mo. 27 Jul 1877; m. Laclede Co Mo 27 Jul 1860 M.J. Smith. 


ADDENDA: One heavily-used book in my library is the 1790 census of North Carolina (Baltimore, 1966). Curious to see ill might find a Smithers family in 1790 near the Fulbrights, and thus gain more about George Smithers, I checked the index. No George Smithers listed, and no Smithers fam near the Fulbrights, found on p. 112: shown are John, William and Jacob Fulbright. Thirty-some names above John and William is one MARTIN COULTER. The area is at that time "Morgan District, Lincoln County." Isaac Goodwin (kin of Peter?) is in the same company; so is John Null. dv.

The Richland Mirror Nov. 41984 No. 155


by Marilyn Kimberling

William Henry ("Billy") Scott was born in Boone Co., Ky. 14 Nov 1817 and died 26 Sept 1915 at Dixon, Pulaski Co Mo.; a Christian Ch. member, buried at Dixon. His father may have been John Henry Scott of Eighty-Four, Pa., who may have d. after 1820 in Boone Co., Indiana. Mother may have been Sarah C. Burgass.

William married in 1841, perhaps in Pulaski Co, Mary C. "Polly" Smithers, as above. Born in Mo. 21 Aug 1822, she d. 21 Aug 1885 in Maries County, Mo.; she is interred at Scott Cemetery.

William H. and Polly Scott were the pars of:

1. John Henry - Anc of contributor - b. 14 Sept 1843 in Pulaski Co Mo; d. 11 Jan 1890 in Maries Co.; m. 1st Sarah Jones in May, 1861 poss in Mariess.

2. George Smithers - b. Pulaski 9 Sep 1844; m. Mary J. Burnett; d. 25 Aug 1931.

3. Sarah E. - b. Pulaski 10 Sept 1846; m. Russell Duncan 1866 poss in Maries; d. 20 Dec 1943.

4. Louisa J. - b. 30 Mar 1848 Pulaski; m. Felix Null perhaps in Maries. No death date yet.

5. Mary J. - b. 27 Aug 1849; d. 22 Apr 1862 Maries Co Mo.

6. Juliet H. - b. Laclede Co Mo 24 Jun 1851; d. 16 Jul 1854.

7. Margaret A. b. 2 Sep 1853 Laclede; d. 16 Jul 1854.

8. James Hampton - b. 7 Sep 1855 Laclede; m. Betty Hale 22 Feb 1877; d.

15 Oct 1943.

9. Oral J. - b. May 1857; d. 2 Aug 1872 poss in Maries.

10. Martin D. - W. 14 Nov 1858 Maries; poss d. there 3 Nov 1862.

11. William Henderson - b. 22 Mar 1861 Maries; m. poss in Miller Co Mo Jan 1880 Sally E. Atwell; d. perhaps in Miller 5 Mar 1939.

12: Infant son - b. 13 Nov. 1862; d. 2 Sep 1864 Maries.

13. Molly G. - b. 12 Jan 1867 Maries; d. there 2 Feb 1867.

Mr. Scott m. 2nd Elizabeth Walker, and thirdly poss Mrs. John Willice.


ADDENDA: Billy Scott was an 1840 Pulaskian, listed on p. 231 alone. His 1850 Laclede census reading claims he was b. Indiana c1820, on p. 257. I'm so glad to have a descendant's accurate reportage, as the census definitely would have led many astray.

There are eight Scott families in 1840 Pulaski: Jeremiah and Jesse on p. 220; James; Isaac Sr. and William on p. 223; Joab on p. 228; Billy on p. 231, and Julius Scott on p. 235. In 1850, Jeremiah was on 264 Laclede, b. Tn c1815; Jesse was listed on 272 Laclede, b. S.C. c1790 and in Tn c1836 to c1838. See Goodspeed p. 751. I believe Jesse was listed in Bedford Co Tn in 1830 on p. 74. He m. Jennie Dial, says Goody, and listed on 74 Bedford '30 is one John Dial. She was dau of Rev'y soldier Jeremiah Dial.

Jesse Scott's  son Joab was b. Bedford Co. Tn 1818.  

James Scott (202001.220201) and Isaac Scott, Sr. (b. 1760-1770) vanish from my sight after 1840. William Scott of p. 223 (320001-010101) was listed on 183 Pulaski '50, in an area which later became Maries County. Born Pa. c1802, he was in Indiana c1832 then Mo. by c1840. See Goodspeed sketch on p. 717. William went to Texas in 1853.

Julius Scott's 1840 numbers were 011001-22001, on p. 235. He was found on 169 Pulaski '50, b. Ky. c1804 and reporting residency in Ill, Ark and Missouri. Page 235 is a "pick-up" page, with its fams later found in Camden, Wright, Laclede (Elder, Thrailkill, Atchley), Pulaski and Maries Counties. Julius in 1840 was fisted next to Henry Parker of 188 Pulaski '50 and 553 Maries '60. The Scott clan seems rather magnetized by Maries County, I should say. 

The Richland Mirror Nov. 29, 1984 No. 156


Clarence Vincent, P.O. Box 249, Hixson, Tenn. 37343 (suburb of Chattanooga) wrote last month to venture the guess that we could be related. He connects to John and Jonathan Vincent, the twin bros listed in 1830 McMinn Co Tn census, who were born in N.C. (where?) Jan 1, 1800. J. & J.'s father, figures Clarence. was probably another John Vincent. Clarence confirms the theory that "my" John Vincent -- the Virginian who came to Mo. in the 1830's -- could probably have been the one listed on p. 364 of 1830 Rhea Co Tn census, as he seems to have disappeared from Tennessee in the 1830's. 

"COKE?" "COOK?" "COCK?" "COOKIE!" (Cocke Co. Tn.)

Third choice is correct; I have heard all versions from searchers.


The Richland Mirror Dec 6, 1984


As we have related, the father of 1840 Pulaskian Burrell Musgrave, Sr. was probably Thomas Musgrave, Jr., of Lawrence Co., Tennessee. Perhaps those of you with Musgrave ancestry have wondered, as I have, where Thomas might have got the names he gave his offspring. As far as we know, issue was Bennett; Burrell; Nellie Pernina (m. Emanuel Keltner and lived in Giles Co Tn.); Nancy; Anny; and Calvin Musgrave who had settled in Caldwell Co Tx by 1850.

In the N.C. 1790 Census (Baltimore. 1963), p. 149, Newbern Dist., Wayne Co.. the Musgraves are in columns two and three: THOMAS, Moses. John, and James "Musgrove."

Well sir, Sarah BENNETT is listed just three names above Thomas; likewise, in the 1850 census of Philadelphia, Pa.. living with Wm Musgrave family is an 18-year-old Text Box:  
Text Box:  
Bennett girl from Ireland, a domestic servant. William and Bennett Musgrave are somehow connected because Wm. came to Illinois in 1840's to assist Bennett in land transactions.

To find "Burrell" in the 1790 listings, you need only go to the bottom of column two on p. 149 for BURRELL Westbrooke. Near the top of column three is JONAS QUIMBY. One Jonas Musgrave is listed in 1820's Lawrence Co Tn records, and appears later in 1850 Census of Texas Co Mo, b. N.C. c1795 -- only five households distant from the John Vincent II - Malinda Musgrave family. Jonas was probably in Henry Co Mo in 1840, p. 374.

In the 1830 Census of Hardeman Co Tn is one Quimby Musgrave (00002001-00100001) and next door is a Thomas Musgrave, b. 1800 to 1810. They must link with the Wayne Co. N.C. group, surely.

Three Handley/Hanley fams reside in this same Wayne Co area, pp. 149-150.

I have always wondered whether here might be a Musgrave-Strickland connection. because one John Strickland is also present in 1790 between Musgrave families, a few names above Burrell Westbrooke. Many years later. BURRELL STRICKLAND listed in 1850 Texas Co Mo census next to Jonas Musgrave...quite a similarity. (There are Vincents nearby, too, on p. 151. One Sarah Vincent is listed only eleven names away from James "Musgrove" in 1st column. Still in Wayne Co., p. 151, in column two is one Benjamin Vincent. Families follow one another, as you know.)

All the pieces seem to fit. But we'll keep an open mind, looking for more evidence.


"In the Richland Mirror, 8 Sept 1983, you asked if anyone knew anything about Elisha Harber, on p. 212 of 1840 Pulaski Co Mo census. There is a Harbour/Harbor/Harber and Witt/Whitt/Whit Family Association Bulletin, published by Mrs. Bettye Atkins Cartwright, 7904 Joliet Ave., Lubbock, TX 79423, at $12 per year...Elisha is a favorite given name in the line...chances are (good) Mrs. Cartwright can help you. The association joke says that the Harbours are all half-Witts, because of the marriage of Thomas Harbour to Sarah Witt in Charles City Co., Va., about 1720 or so."

"In the Mirror for 23 June 1983 there is an item on the William Decker who in. Sarah Skaggs 1832 Edmonson Co., Kentucky. Sarah was b. 1811 Ky. A book by Juanita Luttrell...Ky. Skaggs Records...I went thru what I have here and the most logical parents for this particular Sarah Skaggs are "Squire" James Skaggs. b. 1784 Ky and Elizabeth Wells, b. 1784 Ky.; they are listed in 1830, 1840 and 1850 census, and (show) a dau of about the correct age (in) 1830 (0201001-210101). ...A new Skaggs quarterly has just started..."

Sincerely, Barbara (Mrs. Don) Pemberton, 2557 Fairlane Dr., Cape Girardeau, MO 6370I.

SHELTON - McDOWELL (dated 30 Jan 1984)

"I am presently putting together a book about the Shelton and McDowell Families in Pulaski, Miller, Henry and Camden Counties in Missouri. I would like to include as many allied lines as I possibly can...My grandparents were William Benjamin and Fanny Louella Shelton McDowell.

I also want to make the book available to as many people as possible if they are interested in it. So many have already helped in its creation that the information far exceeds what I had originally planned ...Thank you."

Anne E. McElroy, 1450 E. Easter Ave., Littleton, COLO 80122. 

The Richland Mirror Dec. 13, 1984 No. 158

MUSGROVE/MUSGRAVE - SUTTON "...A second cousin of mine, who lives in Lebanon, Mo., and does a lot of genealogy work (he is about 30 and I am 67) by the name of Kirk Pierce, has been helping me with some genealogy.

On my mother's side. My mother was a  Musgrove...

My maternal grandmother was Margaret Isabel Sutton. She married Joseph S. Musgrove in Lebanon. Mo. on May 25, 1879. They had twins on Sept 2, 1888 at Lebanon, and they were my mother, Monta Maxine Musgrove, and a boy whose name we think was Eugene Musgrove. Grandmother died around 1900, and Joseph some time previously. The boy twin d. young. My mother was an orphan when about 18 years old.

I am trying to trace Joseph S. Musgrove. I have nothing but the marriage record on him. In your Musgrave research, did you ever come across any Musgroves in Missouri? My grandmother was about age I7 when she. m. him. Any help or information greatly appreciated."

Marjorie L. Nielsen, 4849 Sheboygan Ave., 4I13, Madison, WI 53705.

REPLY: A tip of the hat and Hello to fellow columnist Kirk Pearce of the Lebanon Daily Record. By the way, Kirk, I just found a note by Ruth Schofield written on a clipping about the old Lebanon Marble and Granite Company that's probably clipped from the Daily Record. It's worth passing on:

Ruth wrote: "The reason your family graves are not marked" (I'd written to tell her that my V. graves at Palace, Mo. Cem were marked with only pieces of sandstone. dv.) is because there was no place to buy them and roads such as the cemeteries toe hard to go to. Most all graves of ones who died in 1850 and 1860 (era were) marked with rocks. Most markers you find of an early settler have been put there years later by the family. I know this to be true at the Roper Cemetery."

Now the question of Musgrave vs. Musgrove. The 1850 census of Pulaski -- I KNOW the family name is Musgrave -- spelled it Musgrove and Mustgroves. The 1790 N.C. Census of Wayne Co. also makes is Musgrove..

Joseph Musgrove should be listed in the 1880 Laclede census. Some years ago I read part of 1880 Laclede (Mayfield, Smith, Osage and Gasconade Twps only) but I see the only Musgrave/Musgrove fam. I recorded was Sanford Musgrave in the village - of Newberg, p. 48. He was son of (John/James) Carrol Musgrave, grandson of prob Bennett Musgrave. I've checked every Missouri Musgrave group sheet I have, but no luck.

The Richland Mirror Dec. 20, 1984 No: 159 


"...The Strain family moved to Pulaski Co Mo from Overton Co Tn sometime in 1857. Lydia (Bilyeu) Strain lived there in Pulaski Co for the rest of her life. She d. after 1900. 1 don't have a place or date, but she lived with a grandson, J. Roam, on 1900 Census. Her husband, Thomas Jeff Strain Sr., my great-great grand­father, was in the Union Army and died in Camp Douglas Ill. while in the service. T.J. Strain, Jr., also a Confederate, married Sarah Vaughn during the war...I need time and place. They apparently moved back to Pulaski Co. after the C-War and appear there on the land records 1867-68.

Asking for information on pars of Thomas J. Strain, Sr. and pars of Lydia Bilyeu Strain. Also any information on other ch. Mary, John, William, Ellen, and Samuel."

Ruby King, 4647 Pico St., #102, San Diego, CA 92109. 


Thomas J. Strain, Sr. was b. 1809 in Cocke Co Tenn; he m. 1831 in Sangamon Co Ill. Lydia Bilyeu. He d. 20 Apr 1865. T.J. Strain, Jr. was b. 1845 Overton Co Tn, and m. Sarah, dau of Samuel Vaughn. He d. 1916 Nevada, Vernon Co Mo. Samuel Vaughn, b. Tn 1810, d. Ore. 1883. Sarah A. Vaughn, b. 1844 Ita Co, Miss., d. Alton Mo.

James Samuel Strain, son of T.J. and Sarah, was b. 1865 Ash Flat, Arkansas.

WOODS FAMILY ORG. NEWSLETTER, 1368 So. Fairfax, Denver, CO 80222 is a publication edited by our cousin Melba Woods Rugg. (Benjamin Byron Woods m. Martha Vincent, my great-aunt.) Sept 1984 number includes obits and pictures of Pearl Robinson Aulnbaugh, who was b. in Pulaski Co Mo in 1891, the dau of Justina Woods and John Franklin Robinson. She was residing in Kirkwood, Mo. at the time of her death in 1984. Her sister. Edith Mae Robinson Bell, was b. in Pulaski in 1893 and d. in Lebanon in June, 1984. Mae worked for many years as a Practical Nurse in a hospital near Waynesville, Mo. Married Kirby Bell....Art Murrell's Anderson-Ballew-Montgomery sketch was quoted, too.- with name credit and address, for An and the column. Thankee, Cousin.

The Richland Mirror Dec. 27, 1984 No. 160


(Letter not dated; rec'd. in Tacoma 2-24-84. dv.)

"Mr. Vincent,

I noticed your letter in this wk's copy of the Maries Co. Gazette and am interested that you are trying to find some of the families who first settled here. There is a good factual book written by Everett King in 1939 that gives you a very good description of the settlers from 1800. He was a Grandson of two of the very first settlers, grew up in Vienna and knew all the descendants of those people.

There's one or two old families who came here in the late 1790's and early 1800. Most of them were from Tenn. and Ken. But only because they had STOPPED there for a few years on their way West from Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and The Carolinas, all looking for land.

My own father’s father, Thos. Anderson, came from Miss. tho' he was born in Tennessee. Of Scot extraction. My mother's grandfather was Welch, named Hughes. Born in Maryland, but HIS FATHER was part of one of William Penn's colonists who came to this country in the late 1600's. Lived in Maryland and fought in the Rev. and died in Maryland. But all his sons came to Maries Co. and two of them went on to California during the Gold Rush.

I have gone thru King's book Chapter by Chapter, and marked for my children all the families to whom they have "kin" thru those old old Settlers by the names of Hughes, Anderson, Wiseman, Beaulieu (as it would be spelled in France - here and in No. Carolina it was BALLOU. (Also) Belew, Birlew, Belou. And some of those who moved on to Ark. during the Civil War called themselves BLUE.)

The Wisemans were (I think) Polish, for Grandmother said they were from the "Old" Country and their names were "Federeski" or something near that. Probably the neighbors here couldn't pronounce it properly and called it "Feathersky."

One of the first known positively as a first was Snodgrass, (here) before and one else settled here late 1870 (1770 prob. intended. dv.) or very early 1800. However, there HAD been earlier people who planted an orchard and then moved on.

Sorry I have to write in such a manner. But writing at all is difficult because of near Blindness and old age (92)!

Lois Anderson Malone, Vienna, MO, REPLY: Thank you very, very much for writing. Yes I have King's History of Maries Co. Mo. and have been able to relate some of my research on the 1840 Pulaski families with his work.

Your letter furnishes us again with the reminder that Tenn. and Kentucky were stopping-off places for many families.

Four members of the Hughes family of Maryland, N.C., Kentucky, Tennessee and Missouri were included in the 1840 Pulaski Census. As I have them:

WILLIAM - Listed on 164 Gasconade '30 and 209 Pulaski '40 (11110001-100101). King reports he d. before 1850 in either Wright or Dade Co. Mo., and that he was a friend of Thos. Johnson, whom he lived near (p. 42 515ff). William was father of eleven ch., two of whom were also heads of 1840 families.

McKAMY WILSON (209 Pulaski ’40 188 Pulaski ’50) b. Tennessee c1810 says census. Married Gasconade Co. Mo 1835 Eliz. Elvira Davison (?). He was eldest son. Need list of ch. for 1840 source book.

HIRAM – another son of William, was prob. listed on 235 Pulaski ’40 (04001-11001). King says Hiram left for Cal. in 1840 & died there 1891. He m. a dau of Thomas Johnson; was chosen Captain of a California party numbering seventy-two persons including Bowen step-ch. and his two brothers Elisha and David T. Hughes, as well as John Hughes, his uncle. (King pp. 517, 518).

William’s other ch. were Stephen, John, Rebecca, Elizabeth, Elvira, Melvina and Priscilla Hughes.