A Genealogy Research column for Pulaski County, Missouri and her neighbors.

by the late Don Vincent of Tacoma, Washington

January 13, 1983

TRANSCRIPT of Taped interview with Mr. and Mrs. Earl Roberts of Dixon, Mo. Friday, Dec. 4th, 1981 (excerpts) DV.

HANCOCK FAMILY (compilation done by the Roberts' on the Hancock family

Edwin Hancock, born 1800 Virginia, died 1863 Missouri; made his will 21 October , 1858 Pulaski County. Missouri; Married 6 January 1827 Grainger County, Tennessee, (bondsman James Hancock) wife: Nancy A. Lipscomb (born 1811; died 1866 Mo.). They came to Missouri about 1837.

1.    Mary born 7 Dec 1830 in Tennessee; died 8 January 1909 Mo. Married Samuel Hamilton, born 22 November 1817; died 24 August 1874 Mo.

2.    James A. born 1832; died S March 1918 in California. Married Mahulda Decker (no birth, no death available)

3.    Wade M. Hancock -- born 1834 Alabama (nothing after 1850 census, Missouri)

4.    Newton Jasper Hancock born 4 May 1836 Alabama; (no county yet determined); died 9 July 1909 Missouri. Married: (1) Malissa Withers, born 28 May 1839; died 15 January 1895 Mo.; m. (2) Jemima Allen Turpin; m. (3) Rebecca Underwood Cain.

5.    Gilbert born 11 February 1837 Mo.; died 21 January 1904 Mo. Married (1) Elizabeth Withers, born September 15, 1842; died 30 March 1860 m. (2) Emoline Jennings, born 10 May 1839; died 26 February 1880; m. (3) Nancy: Greer Williams, born Oct 1850, died 4 April 1897.

6.      Missouri Ann - born 19 Aug 1841 Missouri; died 17 October 1917 in Mo. Married (1) John Kibel Brittain born 10 November 1835; died 16 October 1871 m. (2) James N. Routh (pronounced "Ruth") born 16 Feb 1831: died 5 October (the Roberts' interest).

7.      Isabelle - born 27 April 1844 Mo.; d 10 June 1878 Married (1) Wm. R. Lon born 21 June 1837; died 1876l m. (2) J Hill, born 1846; died after 1880. Ed Hancock was probably or possibly a son of John Hancock, birth and death unknown. Oldest child was Edwin. Next child was James, (m. 17 Jan 1827 Elizabeth Martin). Third possible child of Hancock was Benjamin, who married 24 Mar 1826 Mary Butler. Fourth, Singleton married 9 Oct 1831 Linsey Lamb. Fifth, John Hancock, Jr. - no record of a marriage found.


The Will of Edwin Hancock (Great-grandfather of Earl Roberts).

The second day of October, A.D. 1858 Being of sound mind and over 21, I give and devise unto my beloved wife Nancy Anderson Hancock of Pulaski Co. and State Mo. Lands and tenements lying and being on the Gasconade river and about one mile and half from (Wade) Lipscomb Mill and from the town of Waynesville about ten miles and in county of Pulaski State of Mo. and state aforesaid for the term of her widowhood to hold until the said Nancy Anderson Hancock for the term above mentioned and her marriage should such an event occur to thy heirs in equal parts to be divided share and share alike should any of my heirs die before me then their heirs collectively to be entitled to the share of their deceased parent forever. To also to give and bequeath to my daughter Isabelle Hancock one good Milch cow and one good bed, bedding and bedstead and lastly to all the rest and remainder of my personal property estate whatsoever after payment of my just debts I give and bequeath to my said beloved wife Nancy Anderson Hancock whom I hereby appoint my Executrix of this my last will and testament hereby revoking all former wills by me made in writing where of have here unto set my hand the 2nd day of October A D 1858. Edwin (his mark) Hancock. Witness: A. Hamer, James A. Burnett.


Notes: Feb. 1863: J. K. Brittain adm. of Edwin Hancock Feb. 1866: J. K. Brittain adm. of Edwin Hancock (Foregoing will and Notes typed from paper supplied by Mrs. Roberts)

missed first portion of material not recorded (Children of Nathaniel Brittain, cont.:) (wife, Margaret)

4.     Elizabeth, born 1842; died before Feb 3, 1875. Married Wm. K. Vance, who died before Feb., 1869. Children included

Martha Vance, who m. ( ) Clouse, probably in Lenora (?) Okla. Married 2nd Chesley Barnes.


5.     Susannah, born Mo. 1845; died after 1905. Married: 1. Jasper Bryant, born about 1837  2. Calvin Buckner   3. ( ) White 4. Levi Miles, a dentist.

6.     Wm. Clay Brittain, born Apr 17, 1850 Mo.; died Jan 8, 1946. Buried Dixon, Mo. Married at age 21 Sarah Leak, born Feb 28, 1855; died Feb 25, 1940. Buried Dixon.

Wade Lipscomb Family

Wade Lipscomb - born 1803 possibly Virginia; died Nov 18, 1860 (age 57) Buried Lipscomb Cem., Dixon, Mo. First wife's name unknown, but they did have a, daughter Lucy who m. Felix L. Weaver, and they had three children. Second wife was Mary E. Baker; she also buried at Lipscomb Cem. near Dixon. She was born 1817 (could hardly read age); died 1897: Tombstone "77 years, 11 months." Buried Lipscomb Cem. ("Aunt Polly")

Issue: (Wade and second wife:)

1.    Sarah - born 1843; married Henry Keaton

2.    Nancy - born Dec 22,1847, died Feb 7, 1869 buried Lipscomb Cemetery Married H. Layman.

3.    John G. -born 1849; died before 1860 

4.    Susannah born 1850; married John G. Burnett (accent on first syllable)

5.    Amanda born 1854; died Mar 26, 1893; married 1868 John Ward Layman (1843-1916)

6.    Julia Ann - born 1856: Married Bartley Hutzell

7.    Harriet - born Feb 22, 1858; died Sept 17, 1902

8.    John F. - (this is the 2nd 'John"  because the 1st one had died) born Feb 1, 1861; died Dec 4, 1910. Buried at Antioch Cemetery, in Wheeler Mill area.

Note: Wade's first wife was Elizabeth Permelia Nowlin, d/o Bryant Nowlin of Greene Co. She divorced Wade in 1838. Her divorce was the first filed in Greene County. [mhr] 

JONATHAN CAIN - born 17 Aug 1797; died 1831

Jonathan Cain married Narcissus Henson, (locally pronounced "Hinson")  born 1805; died 5 March 1882. She is buried at the Riddle Cemetery. She was the daughter of George Henson and Silence Whipple. Children (not sure of order of birth of first three, or names)

The fourth child was George Carroll Cain - born 21 May 1823, died 5 Dec 1895 Married 1st Elizabeth Jackson; born IS Oct 1821; died 11 July 1868

Ch. of George and Elizabeth (Jackson) Cain:.

1.  Mary Narcissus - born 1846; died 1931. Married Alexander Underwood, born 16 Nov 1844; d. 1901.

2.  Jonathan - born Oct 28, 1847; died 7. Sept 1869.

3.  John S. - born 9 March 1849; died 19 Dec 1870.

4.  George W. ("Pony"). - born 26 Oct 1861; died 4 July 1915. Married Hester Ann Catherine Lair

5.  Sarah Frances - born 24 Aug 1853; died 22 March 1938.

6.  Jesse Cain b. 1854; died 1932

7. Noah H. - born 15 March 1856; died Oct 1857

8. Malinda S.-born 11 Feb 1857; md. Commodore Perry Christeson, born 1853

9. Thomas J. born 4 Feb. 1859; died 1939. Married Martha Maria Hensely.

10. Louisiana Carroll - born 20 July 1861; died 7 Dec 1933. Married James R.N. Dak.


Narcissus married secondly Jesse Riddle; he was born 1815, and died 23 Dec 1861. George Carroll Cain m. secondly Rebecca Underwood born 23 Feb 1837; died 1, Aug. 1915. Their children were Martha E. born 13 Aug 1873: Isaac Hardin(g) Elizabeth Obedience, and Wm Alexander/Asbury? Cain.

George Carroll Cain had a sister, Sally Lawson, and a half-brother Elijah (Elisha/Elias?) Riddle.

Riddle Cemetery, says Mrs. Roberts, is presently overgrown with brush; would be difficult to find it.



Charles Withers, born March 4, 1775; died Nov 22, 1872. Married Nov 24, 1806rginia, Rhoda Wade, born Mar 31, 1778;1 died Feb 22, 1862, at Three Springs, Ky. Son was John Withers, born Jan. 29, 1808 Virginia; died Mar 6, 1852 in Mo. Married Jan 13; 1831, Mary Johns, who died in 1852.. Children 1. Eliza Jane  born Jan. 1834 Ky.; died Apr 22 1868. Married James Brittain born Feb. 4, 1831; died Aug. 23 1878. 2. Charley born 1836. Married Delila (Delia?) (  ); Second, Melissa ( ). 3. Malissa - born Dec 25, 1839, Ky.,-died Jan 15, 1895 Mo. Married Newton Jasper Hancock, born 1836 Alabama 4. Elizabeth born Sept 15, 1842; died March 30, 1860, Married Gilbert Hancock. 5. Nancy  born 1844 6. (Wm.) Harrison - born Jun 8, 1847; married Mattie House 7. James N. married Sarah Jane Hutsell 8: Jolin Thomas Logan born Oct 23, 1857; died June 30, 1921; married, Nancy Margaret Brittain, born Dec 28, 1857; died July 8. 1933



DAR lineage, not dated. submitted by Roberta Elizabeth Arnett Helwig, of 117 Film St.,

Woodland, Calif. 95695, descendent of Nathaniel Brittain. (Excerpts) -


Amy Sylvine Rucker was the child of Geo. Wash, Rucker, born 26 July 1855 Lawrence Co., Ohio; died at St. Louis, Mo. 1927., and his first wife, Mary Elizabeth Vance, born 27 Nov 1864 Dixon, Pulaski Co Mo.; died at Sepulpa. Okla. 12 Apr 1938; married 10 Dec 1885. The said Mary Elizabeth Vance was the child of Wm. K. Vance, born Tenn about 1835 and died Pulaski Co Mo.; his estate sale was held 2 Feb 1869, and his first wife Elizabeth Brittain, born 1842 at Pulaski Co Mo. Died at Pulaski about 1875; she married secondly James Washington Hill. Elizabeth and Vance were married about 1858. Elizabeth Brittain was the child of Nathaniel J. Brittain, born about 1804 at Knox Co., Ky. and died at Pulaski Co., Mo.; probate on estate began 25 July 1855, and his first wife, Margaret S., born about 1808 in Ky. She died Pulaski in 1858. She m. 2nd Daniel Allen.


The said Nathaniel J. Brittain was the child of Levi Brittain, born 1768 in Pennsylvania. Died probably Knox Co Ky. about 1837 (not sure), and his first wife Nancy Daniels, born about 1780 at South Carolina and died at Knox Co., Ky. Probate was August, 1860. They were married about 1790 or 1800. The said Levi Brittain was the child of Nathan or Nathaniel Brittain born 1736-1740 apprx. at Chesterfield Co. (not sure) Virginia, and died in Va., killed in Rev'y War service, on 10 17 1777, and his first wife Elizabeth Parks, born 1742 at Green Fair, N.C. They were married in 1760.


Jan. 20, 1983



The following outline was contributed by June Lee Nelson. It was sent to her by Dana Pruitt of Trenton, Ohio. It appears to be a page of "The Riddle Trail" published in mimeo form Jan-Mar '81. It was photocopied in Frankfort, Ky.

John (1) Riddle was the son of Thomas and ( ) Roberts Riddle. He was born about 1773 in Goochland (?) Co., Va., and died in 1833 in Pulaski Co., Mo. He resided in Goochland Co., Va., Hawkins and Bleadsoe Co's of Tenn (appeared in 1830 Bledsoe census on p. 281: 000210001-001000001. On the same page is Samuel Grigsby (132101-210001) who is quite probably our Pulaskian #283. And finally he lived in "according to Ridlon", Pulaski Co. Missouri.


John m. Sarah Johnson, a dau of Moses Johnson. She was b. c1775 and died in 1837 in Pulaski County.

 Issue of John & Sarah (Johnson) Riddle:

i. James, b. c1800 Tenn.; killed by a man named Holman in 1823.

ii. Johnson, b. c1803 Bledsoe Co.; m. Jane Shepherd about 1825 at Bledsoe; said by Ridfon to have moved to Walker Co., Ala. in 1830s.

iii. Thomas, b. c1805 Bledsoe Co.; m. Sarah Carmack 1830 in Bledsoe. He was accidentally killed in hunting accident (in Pulaski Co.?) in 1835.

iv. Emanuel, b. Jan 1, 1810 Bledsoe; m. Malinda West c1835. He died 1849 in Pulaski Co.


NOTES: June writes that Emanuel was the father of Andrew Jackson Riddle who m. Lucinda, dau of her Daniel Bench. Lucinda's 2nd husband was T.H. Bowlinger. Miriam, Emanuel's dau. was the first wife of James K. Polk Wood ("the twin"). Wood's second wife was Belle (Gist) Potts. June Writes. Andy and Cindy's children (were):


a. Mary - m. Wm. Hammock;

b. Laura - as 3rd wife of Creed Pruitt;

c. Jane, who m. Tone Robinson. son of James Robinson and Martha Caldwell.


(Several years ago, at the funeral here in Tacoma of my grandfather's second wife Lucy Burton Laughlin Vincent, I met Tone Robinson and he pronounced it without the middle 'n').


v. Isaac - b. c1812 Bledsoe: m. Margaret Williams in 1839 in Pulaski.

vi. Jessie - b. c1815 Bledsoe; m. Narcissa Cain in 1834 or 1840 in Pulaski Co.; he d. there in 1863.

vii. Atha Celia (?) - b. in Bledsoe Co., Tenn.; m. 1st Thomas Lewis who d. Pulaski in 1830. She m. 2nd Joseph Newbury.

viii. Lucinda - b. c1810-1819 Bledsoe, m. Strawder Johnson before 1827 in Bledsoe. Moved to Illinois, thence to Walker Co., Alabama.

ix. Abigail ("Abbie") b. 1817 Bledsoe, m. 1st Philip Henson in 1852 in Pulaski Co. Tenn (?) and then three subsequent husbands. She was reported living in Camden Co., Mo according to Ridlon. Mrs. Charlene Green is a descendant of “Abbie” Riddle.


Our 1840 Pulaski pioneer group lists five Riddle heads of family:

1. RICHARD, #499, p, 214 (0011100- 00100101) of whom nothing further. (Note: moved to Carroll Co., Arkansas; mhr)


2. ABNER, #500 p. 214 (this is Texas Co. area by 1850) (Abner: 00001-1001). No trace of him after this listing. (Note: moved to Fulton Co., Arkansas; mhr)


3. EMANUEL, #615. p. 218. Wife Malinda, dau of Jeptha West, was listed on 200 Pulaski '50 census, b. Tennessee c1819. Jeptha was #575. Emanuel in 1840 was only four names away from Philip. Henson, son of George (171 Crawford '30) and Silence Henson/Hinson. 


4. ISAAC, #792, p. 224 (00001-21001). He is listed on 204 Pulaski '50 and 318 Pulaski '60 censuses. Goodspeed says one Isaac Riddle m. Martha Rapp, on p. 777; Isaac was 1843 Administrator of estate of John Williams, Pulaski Co., however, lending strength to the idea he m. a Williams, not a Rapp. Can someone clarify for us?


5. JESSE, #750, p. 223 (10021-000101). He appears on 181 Pulaski '50 and 299 Pulaski '60. Was (see Woodruff) Adm. de bonis non in estate settlement of Jonathan Cane. Emanuel Riddle furnished security in same estate in 1837. (The Cane family, early in Pulaski, is not listed in the 1840 group but probably should be. (Cain and Kane.)


By the way, Richard and Abner above spelled their names "Riddles," but John Riddle's ch. did early attempt to differentiate between families?


MOUSER family

Cookville, the small south-Pulaski community on Roubidoux Creek near the Laclede County border, took its name from Joel Burton Cook. His wife was Margaret Mouser, and 1 note a book is newly available on her family. in the "Gene. Helper" of Mar-Apr ’82, p. 68. “A Genealogy of the MOUSER Ancestry including the BEST and other Families.” “Traces these fams from Penn 1781 to NC, Ky, Mo., Ark, Texas and Ok.



Interested in Dr. Harvey Van Buren Sooter, 8.18-1899, and Rev. Charles (Charley) Sooter, 1857-1938 of Miller County, Mo.: Rev. Sooter organized many churches of the Newlight Christian Church and info concerning him would be closely connected with such churches as Mt. Zion Christian Church, Humphries Creek; Bray's Union Advent, etc.

Sincerely, H. Gene Sower, Box 408, Crocker, MO 65452.


REPLY: Church records, when they can be located, furnish us fine family information. My great-grandfather was in 1891 a Deacon of the St. Anne's Christian Church, according to a piece of paper found in ant old Wheeler-McElroy-Vincent Bible...with J.J. Watts' records as an example, perhaps more information of this kind can be located and made available for searchers. 


The Richland Mirror Jan. 27, 1983 # 66 "Sharing the Past" Insert


Caroline Cordelia Skidmore Vincent, 1893-1983 The widow of Alvin H. Vincent, (son of James Vincent, Jr.), age 89, passed away here in Tacoma on Friday, Jan. 7th Services were held at Mt. View Cemetery Delia was born at Cookville; she was a Rowden descendant.

We will all miss Delia very much. Her two surviving daughters reside in this area. Jennie Skidmore Smith, Delia's sister lives in Springfield, Mo.

We noted another death last year: Mr. Howard (Mary Laughlin) Cook of Lebanon Mo., just before my last visit. Godspeed, and good rest, to both our dear friends.


Continued from last week.


Moses Goodheart Prewett, b. Mo. 1846 m. 1867 Margaret Jane Helton, b. 1848 Mo., a dau of Wm. Helton, b. Mo. and Julie A. ( ) b. Tenn 1830.


1. Moses G. ("Boy") b. 1872, m. Mary Sophia (  ? ) c1894; she b. 1875.

2. Nora D. ("Nory") b. 1876, m. Henry Shackleford.

3. Iva A. ("Ivy") b. 1879 m. George Newberry.

4. Richard Hall ("Dick") b. 1881, m.  Mattie Gaddy.

5. Minnie, b. 1883, m. Andy Newberry

6. Knox ("Polk") b. 1885, m. Amanda ("Mandy") Hamilton.

7. Clarence ("Bug") b. 1887, m. Carry Ray, b. 1894

Total number of children supposed to be eleven.


Moses G. Prewett, above appears in 1860 Census of Maries Co Mo. (p 565. dv) .(Clifty Dell - Dry Creek area) with apparent mother Martha Prewett, b. c1811 Tenn., and siblings (all born Mo.) Riley, b. 1839; John. b. 1842; Carter, b. 1844; and George Prewett, b. 1848. Betty Bundrick, Box 9162, Columbia, S.C. 29290.


Isaac Helton (see earlier column), buried at the Palace Cemetery, d. in 1930. He was a son of Isaac Helton, born in Tenn 1811, who m. 1828 Gasconade Co. Elizabeth Hughes, a dau of John Hughes and ( ) Bilyeu. The older Isaac was a son of James Helton, Sr. (son of Peter and Susannah Helton) and his wife Mary Margaret Crismon. James, b. 1790 Tennessee; d. Osage Co. Mo. 1844. Campbell and Wannah () Crismon were her parents.



The obituary below was contributed by Mrs. Veda Ousley (see Ousley-Lowery query earlier column) of Rt. Box 292A ,Crocker, MO. 65452. Veda says, (the orbit) "is of interest to me since the Laughlin and Ballard families are still in this area and I'm sure they would be descendants...Why my family kept it, 1 don't know...could have been a neighbor, maybe."


"Catherine Laughlin was born in Tenn. March 31, 1830, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Neppie Anderson, in St. Louis Monday Jan 12, 1914, aged 83 years, 9 month and 11 days. She was a daughter of Bland N. Ballard and wife and came with her parents to . Pulaski County when she was four years of age where she has since resided.

    In 1847 she was married to John T. Laughlin who died in 1875. She was the mother of 10 children two of whom survive, namely, Samuel H. Laughlin of Licking and Neppie Anderson of St. Louis. For 80 years she lived on Roubidoux a short distance south of Waynesville. where she was universally loved and respected by all. Her residence in Pulaski County since its organization is not surpassed by many. To know Aunt Catherine Laughlin was to love and respect her and the memory of her...(is) a priceless heritage. The remains were laid to rest on Thursday Jan 15, beside her husband and children who have gone before to await the resurrection morn, Rev. H.W. Bostwick conducting the funeral ceremony."


COMMENT: Bland N. Ballard, Sr., b. N.C./S.C. in 1799 or 1800 (census varies), is number 38 of the 1840 Pulaski Co. Mo. census; he traveled as a young man to Overton Co., Tenn where he m. Margaret Smelsor (she b. Overton 1801; d. 1873). He moved to Sangamon Co., Ill. in 1833 and to Pulaski in 1837 (Ref. Goodspeed, p. 767). He is not found in Overton's 1830 census.


The following query is found in the DAR Mag. of Feb. '54: (abridged for relevance) MAUPIN - BALLARD - BURCH - SMILEY


Gabriel Maupin, b. 1720 at Williamsburg, Va., d. 1794 in Albemarle Co., Va., m. Ann Ballard, dau. of Thomas Ballard...

Matthew, s. of Gabriel and Ann Maupin, m. Lucy Ballard, dau of Bland Ballard and (1) wife Frances Shifflet...Family tradition and records say Matthew was a Rev. Soldier. Did he serve in Va. or Ky. or with father-in-law Col. Bland Ballard...Mrs. E.D. Clark, 545 N. Madison Ave., Pasadena 4, Calif.

    And, the Fort Worth, Texas "Bulletin" of May '58 mentions that one Samuel Wells "established a station in Shelby Co., Ky., about three miles from that of Bland Ballard. Finally, Clift's' Second Census of Ky, 1800, p. 13 lists one Bland W. Ballard as a taxpayer in Shelby County.

Bland N. 'Ballard was Pulaski's sheriff in 1838. A man of this same name is recorded in' the 1830 census' of Randolph Co., Ill., p. 141 (001100001-211001)


Ballard descendants-- please tell us how or indeed if Bland Ballard of Pulaski Co. Mo., is related to the prominent Ballard; family of Shelby County, Kentucky. He was present in 1850 Pulaski on p. 179, and in 1860 Pulaski on p. 277.


The Richland Mirror Feb. 3, 1983 #67


A history of the descendants of Alfred Brownfield, Pulaskian #644 in the 1840 census, should be published by the time you read this. He was born c1805 in Ky. His wife was Elizabeth Mangrum McElroy, member of a family tracing service in the Revolutionary War at the Battle of King's Mountain. (see below)


McElroy: scanning the 1820 Census of South Carolina, Pendleton District, one finds some rather intriguing combinations of names that may indicate a kinship between the McElroy and Strickland families. Archibald and Samuel McElroy were listed, and so was one Burrell Strickland— this name shows up in the 1850 census of Texas Co., Mo. on p. 52, only two houses away from the younger John Vincent. Nearby are Sam McElroy Jr. and G.W. McElroy, both born Ky. Burrell Strickland in 1850 listing stated he was b. Tennessee c1822; was he perhaps a son of the man listed in 1820 Pendleton, S.C.? Jonas Musgrave, of record in Lawrence Co, Tenn. (see earlier cols) was just below this younger Burrell. And most obvious is the coincidence of given names between Burrell Strickland and Burrell Musgrave; the latter is almost certainly the brother of Jonas and Bennett Musgrave. Is it another coincidence that there are three Bennett families near Burrell of 1820 Pendleton? One wonders also about the presence of William Hillhouse, Jr. in 1820 Pendleton—the Hillhouse name (earlier cols) also is of record in Lawrence Co., Tennessee...intriguing possibilities, or only coincidence?



Robinson searchers -- on my recent visit, I learned at the Springfield Library (with much-appreciated help from Earl Stephenson) that James Robinson. born N.C. -c1773, (see column of Sept. 3, 1981) may have lived in Cooper Co., Mo. in the 1820's, and may have resided at least briefly with his bro-in-law Levin Green in Schuyler Co., Illinois about 1820 to 1830. Green was Schuyler's earliest preacher, in 1824.

    Interestingly,  Schuyler and Morgan Co's. Illinois, are neighbors -- the Musgraves were thus in the same vicinity, at the same time. The pieces seem to fit— Bennett Musgrave's first wife Anna seems even more likely to have been a dau of this same James Robinson. Dale Hicks of Richland plans to travel to Schuyler and Morgan counties one of these days; in a previous letter, I. armed him with references and suggestions on places to look for answers. Source of Green-Robinson info: "History of -Schuyler Co., Ill." loaned by Mr. E. Stephenson, a descendant of Levin Green.


The Richland Mirror Feb. 10, 1983 #68

Continued from last week....


The McGee Family compiled' by Mrs. Norman Shockley (Charline), 757 Escalona rive, Santa Cruz, Cal. 95060. Sources: "John McGee Family Bible, owner unknown, copied in 1954 by the late James Milton Shockley; History of Maries County, by Everett Marshall King, family papers and documents, and Maries Co Mo Wills and Admins. Mrs. Shockley writes, “ my husband was born and grew up in Waynesville...where his father was an attorney, Prosecuting Attorney for several terms, a member of the State Legislature, And was Probate Judge at the time of his death in husband is descended from William Winfield Shockley...through his son Thomas Richard Shockley, and grandson, Thos. Atkinson Shockley -- my husband's father.

"The only name of our line I. found in 1840 Pulaski census group) was John McGee...the sources are not very well documented, but...perhaps this will serve , to verify other data you receive, or fill in someone else's blanks. Other family lines. which I thought might be on your list, are: BOONE, COFFEY, COPELAND, EADS, and SHOCKLEY



John McGee, born 1817 in Tennessee, married 15 Feb. 1838 Sarah Johnson; he died 10 Jan. 1860 Maries Co. Missouri. He is buried at Snodgrass Cem., Maries County. According to E.M. King (p 43) he was a son of Henry McGee who died in 1823 and was buried in Maries at the Johnson Cemetery. His wife was Catherine.

Sarah Johnson, born 11 Dec 1822 in Mo., died in Maries Co. 14 Sept 1860, was a dau of Thomas Johnson, born E. Tenn c1782 and his wife Elizabeth ( ). She also is buried at Snodgrass Cemetery.


1. Lucinda - b. 31 Jan 1839

2. Wm. Riley - b. 27 Apr 1841; d. 5 Nov 1870. Married 1865 Elizabeth P. Kinkeade Clemens, a widow.

3. Henry b. 23 Aug 1843; d. 7 Jan 1851

4. Thomas b. 13 June 1846; d. 1877/8, Calif;. unmarried.

5. Elizabeth b. 17 Mar 1849; d. 8 Mar 1868; m. Milton Followill.

6. Leona - b. 13 Sept 1851; m. Alonzo James, William Haynes.

7. Sarah Jane b. 2 Mar 1854 Vienna,, Maries Co Mo.; d. 23 Aug 1923, Maries: Co. Married 29 Mar 1874 Maries Co.' Thomas Richard Shockley.

8. James B. b. 10 Feb 1857; d. 11 Dec 1859.

9. John Ellen (female) - b. 20 Mar 1860; m. Amos Shockley.


ADDENDA: John McGee, Pulaskian #256 in 1840 census, was listed on p. 206, an Osage-Maries-Crawford-Pulaski area. His 1850 listing was on p. 164 of Pulaski. King also mentions that Henry McGee, father of #256, had a brother Tom. Sisters of Henry were Elizabeth, who m. Wm. S. Johnson, son of James; and Nancy McGee.

One Katherine McGee appears on the Pulaski portion of the Gasconade 1828 Tax List, reprinted in Goodspeed, p. 102 ff.


RIPPY- MURRELL: Correction

Art W. Murrell, of 5647 So. Boston Ave.,, Tulsa. Okla. 74105 writes to "submit a correction on the life span of Eli Rippy who came to Pulaski Co. Mo. in about 1838 from Sumner Co. Tennessee. Samuel Rippy (b. c1807 N.C.) was a brother of Eli Rippy (b. c1810 N.C.). Samuel named his first son Eli Rippy (b. c1840 Mo.) and it was this Eli that died Feb. 28, 1907. His uncle Eli Rippy, who m. Maria Murrell on Nov 4, 1826 in Sumner Co., Tenn., d. sometime between 1870 and 1880 in Laclede County, Mo."



Desire info on Zebulon Loveall b (c1778 Md., wife Sarah. Children: Abraham, Stephen, Fanny (Walker), Jacob, Jonathan, Solomon, Silas Marion, and Sarah (Riley). Resided Md., Ky., and: Miller Co. Mo. Zebulon and Sarah died after 1840 Miller Co. Need dates and place of death and where buried. Descendants said to abound in Southwest Mo. Wish to correspond. Phillis Sipp Owen, 1224 N. Yost, Kennewick, WA 99336.



"...Adam and Augustus Todd are both on that 1840 Pulaski census (Todd is the name I'm interested in, but I find no connection as yet to these earlier settlers), and I'm enclosing a letter from Lewis Vaughn which cites limited identification


Bladensburg, Md. - Feb 5, 1981 (letter somewhat shortened - dv.)

"While the early Todds and Vaughans must have traveled similar paths, the earliest connections I know of were in Madison Co., Arkansas. Two sisters, Mary and Elizabeth Vaughan, married brothers George and Leroy Todd, shortly before the Civil War. All the Todds in my book are descendants of these couples. From the information I have; which is undocumented, the Todds' parents were Augustus and Margaret Todd. Augustus was one of twelve children born to John and Mary Todd. John d. in Putnam Co., Ga., about 1816. Augustus came first to Crawford Co., Ark., in 1830, migrated to Pulaski and Barry counties in Missouri, and thence to Madison Co., Ark.

"It is conceivable that the northwest Arkansas Todds originated in Russell Virginia: Southwest Virginia was a popular route to the west and south by way of the Cumberland Gap...Sincerely, Lewis E. Vaughan, 5446 Varnum St., Bladensburg, Md., 20710.



Searching for information on Iker/Ikerd line. Three daus of John Allen Iker, (b. 15 Nov 1844 Mo.; d. 24 July 1887 Texas or Oklahoma,) were born in Lebanon, Laclede Co.,Mo.: Mary Lecreaca (Lucrecis/Lucretia? dv.) Iker; LaDella lker, b. c1871, 1873, and 1873 respectively. After the death of the mother, John Allen Iker is next found in Texas, where he md. Ada Martin (Palmer), dau of George a Ada Martin. They had other children, Charlotte P. lker, 5310 Takilma Rd., CIay Junction, Ore. 97523


REPLY: This question was referred to B. lkerd of Emporia, KS; see his query earlier StP column.




The Richland Mirror Feb. 17, 1983 #69

continued from last week....

James Newberry was born in the 1770s and died in 1841 in Pulaski County. He probably had two wives, the last one being Lydia ( ), born 1787. He had at least 12  children, though I do not know all of their names. His children included Susan (Ammerman), Mary (Doyel), Henry, Lydia (Ammerman), Harman H., Jesse, Joseph, James, and William. Robert and Elgin who are listed in the 1840 census, may also be children.

Mary (Polly) Newberry, James's daughter, was married in 1826 to Farmer Doyel. He was born in 1806 in Tennessee and died during the 1850's. She was born in 1800, probably in Tennessee and died during the 1870's. They had 10 children:

1. Robert, (1828-186-), married 1840s, Elizabeth Payne.

2. Elizabeth. born 1830, married 1850s, Bert Dill.

3. Thomas (1832-1902), married 1854, Susan Dawson; Everett (1835-1922) daughter of Jane Everett, born 1802 (something in error here. mhr)

4. James C., born 1834

5. Nancy, born 1837, married 1850's J.C. Cowan

6. Rebecca (1840-1910), married David Martin

7. Samuel, born 1841, married 1860s, Anna Ezell

8. Mary (1843-1936), married 1850s, George Inganek Scott

9. Joseph L. (1847-1867)

10. John H., born 1849, married to Lucinda Martin.


Wade Lipscomb, born 1804-1807, married Mary (Polly) Baker, born 1810-1820 in Tennessee. He died during the 1860's. They had 8 children, all born in Pulaski County:

1. Sarah (Sally), born 1842-1843, married 1860's to — Keaton

2. Nancy, born 1846.

3. John, born 1849, died 1850's.

4. Susannah, born 1850, married 1860's — Lark

5. Amanda, born 1852-1854, married John W. Layman (184--1916)

 6. Julia A. born 1854-1856, married to — Hutsell

7. Harriet, born 1858, married 1875 to John W. Wheeler.

8. John F. (1861-1910)


Allen Whitehead Robertson married Nancy Jane Colvin on April 5, 1860 in Pulaski. He was born 1821-1824 in North Carolina and died in 1874 in Pulaski County. He is buried at Antioch Cemetery near Crocker. She was born 1834-1839 Co., Missouri. I have found Jane Colvin in the 1850 Pulaski County census with John Riddle, but I have no idea who her parents were. Allen and Nancy Jane had 8 children, all married and presumably born in Pulaski County:

1. Mary E. and 2. Martha S. twins born and died in 1862

3. James P. (1863-1936), married to Mary E. Wilson.

4. Marmaduke Allen, born 1864

5. Nancy Ellen, born 1866, married to Benjamin Williams

6. William Thadeus (1868-1872)

7. Thomas M. (1870-1946), married to if Nancy E. Layman, daughter of John W. and Amanda Layman

8. John Henry, born 1872, married to Dora A. Williams.


Another of my ancestors is Campbell Crismon, who married "Wannah", a half­blooded Cherokee. Two of their children were Gilbert, born 1793, married Frances ( ); and Mary, wife of James Helton. James and Mary (Crismon) Helton had 10 children. Their second child was Elizabeth, born 1812 and married David Miller in 1827. Isaac C. Helton, born 1836, is the fourth child of Isaac and Elizabeth Helton, Isaac is a son of James, Sr.

Elizabeth and David Miller had 14 children:

1. Malinda J., born 1828, married 1840's (1) Joseph Wilson & during the 1860's (2) Davis Copeland.

2. James, born 1830, married Mary Crismon (exact relation to Campbell Crismon unknown)

3. Lucinda, born 1831, married James Breeding.

4. Samuel P., born 1833, married Sophia Spoon.

5. David H., born 1835-1836, married 1850's Emily ( )

6. Isaac H., born 1837, married 1854 Mary Wolfe

7. Judy, born 1839

8. Mary, born 1841, married 1850's James Helton (first cousins; son of James, Jr.)

9 and 10 ???

11. Louisa, born 1847

12. George W., born 1849.1850

13. William, born 1852

14. John, born 1854


James Breeding, husband of Lucinda Miller, was born in 1826 in Missouri. They were married 1845-1850. He later married Louisa Scott, widow of Felix Null. James was a son of Elijah Breeding (1799-1874).

Above information from Jonathan Ramey, Rt. 4, B 4, Williamsburg, Ky. 40769.


The Richland Mirror Feb. 24, 1983 #70

DICKINSON - PHILLIPS - HORN - WELLER - DARROW - CARPENTER - DEAN - BINKLEY (Brinkley) – reprinted from "the Mo. Researcher" (Jan '73), Box 206, Chillicothe, Mo. Querist: Mrs. Wm. Wood (Melba Duchels),


Ancestors wanted - Binkley from York Co., Pa. to Stokes Co., N.C. to Davidson Co Tennessee. Dean family may be from Edgecombe, maybe, Wayne and Granville Counties, N.C. - also removed to Davidson Co. I find James Dean there in 1794 when he m. Polly Dickinson. The Phillips, Home, Dean, and Dickinson families were in Edgecombe Co., N.C. and all lived on White's Creek in Tenn., north of Nashville. Moses Dean m. Mary Hinkley in 1826 and lived on Dry Fork Marrowbone Creek, near Whites Creek. Aaron Dean, Sr. seems to be the father of Moses Dean. Early marriage records have Aaron Dean (Sr. or Jr.?) m.. Jane Binkley in 1825 and Aaron Dean Jr. m. 1829 Narcissa Hinkley. Moses and both Aarons, emigrated to Crawford Co., Mo. in 1839 and lived near each other. Mary Binkley Dean spoke only in German. Mary Moses named first son James, second son Henry, and fourth son, Aaron.


Adam Binkley and Macy Weller m. in 1764. Children: John, Jacob, Peter, Elizabeth (m. Benjamin Darrow), Fred, Joseph (m. Catherine Carpenter), Henry (m. Anney), Mary Bennett, Drusilla, Adam, Jr. and George. I wonder if another son, or a son of one of the above, could be William. This family were on Sycamore Creek in the 1780's.


NOTES: Answering my inquiry of 1981, Mrs. Wood adds that her MATLOCK, HAILE, ELLIS, and LANE families were in Washington Co., Tenn. before coming to Crawford Co., Mo. The Summer 1982, issue of "Ozar’kin" on pp 71-73 contains genealogical data excerpted from an old 1870's newspaper, Banner of Liberty, of Maries County. Its editor was John Myscal Johnson, says Everett M. King in "History of Maries Co Mo." p. 51. Myscal was a son of Thomas Johnson, and was born in Maries in 1827.


James Johnson, Myscal’s older-brother, had his death reported in the newspaper also. James Johnson was born in St. Louis Co., Mo. in 1812. MANY other Maries Co. names are listed. Same issue of mag mentions another 1840 Pulaskian, Robert Elder Clinkingbeard of 228 Pulaski '40. (Was he a Vigo Co, Indiana resident? dv.) See 253 Laclede '50 and 834 Webster '60 censuses. He d. at Forsyth, Mo.-c1895, says querist asking for place of burial, siblings. Mrs. Hazel Gearheart, 864 So. Taylor Rd., Othello, WA 99344. The querist should consult "Oregon Donation Land Claims" vol. '3, #1147..Available at Portland, Ore. Downtown Library: dv.


The Richland Mirror March 3, 1983 #71

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My husband's grandmother, Mary Armilda Stogstill, married (where?) in 1870 Edgar Diehl. Had ch. William in Dent Co. Mo. then moved to Phelps Co. and lived there until 1892 or 1893, having several more children. Searching for her birthplace, parentage, and place of marriage. Mayme A. Welker, 42254 Rd 128, Orosi, CA 93647.



Wesley L. Hamby was b. March 23, 1855 and died in the 1880s. It is thought he is buried in Waynesville. He married Martha Ann Bradley. They had twin boys Fred Lawrence and Joseph Edward, born May 29, 1887. Barbara Hamby Murphy, 1804 James, Hutchinson, KS 67501.



James M. Bryant in. Elizabeth Higgins in Hendricks Co., Indiana; they are listed in the 1850 census of Pulaski Co. (on p. 142 dv.) After the birth of three ch., James M. apparently died and Elizabeth returned to Indiana. Believe parents of James are John Bryant and Elizabeth DeMoss; he m. her in Ky. in 1810. Mrs. Rula D. Cash, 5667 W. Ramsey, Banning, CA 92220. REPLY: In the 1850 census of Pulaski, p. 142 encompasses an area that by 1860 was in Phelps County. James stated (or someone perhaps guessed) that he was born in Missouri in about 1829; and frankly, there are at least three Bryant men near him in 1850 who very much appear to be brothers: David, b. Mo c1825; John, b. Ky. 1823, and Charles Bryant, b. INDIANA. c1826. These are on pp. 149, 147, and 148 of 1850 Pulaski census. Hotelkeeper John W. Bryant, by the way, was in Waynesville on 207 Pulaski '50--not the same man.



John Alcorn resided in Wright Co. Mo. in 1850. John lt. Alcorn, b. c1827, resided Mo. and Ark.; m. Nancy Edmundson. Both d. after 1900 in Welty, Okla. Pleasant Davis resided 1860 in Webster Co., Mo. Ruth C. Floyd, 1938 N.E. Shannon Dr., Hillsboro, OR 97123.


REPLY: Two men named Alcorn are included in our 1840 Pulaski study group: both on p. 222, a Wright-later Webster vicinity. I did not find John Alcorn in 1850 Wright census; in 1860 Webster Co Mo. he was on p..864, entry stating he was b. Va. c1795. George W. Alcorn was on 502 Wright '50, b. Ind. 1822. See query in Ozar'kin, Fall 1980, p. 132: Wm. Alcorn (of 472 Wright ‘5O) was b. in Bartholmew Co., Indiana.



Baptist LaQuay was found in 1830 Census of Calhoun Co., Illinois.

Great grandfather Joseph John Alexander LaQuey -- where did he live in 1830 and 1840? In 1842 he was a Pulaski Co. Justice. His third wife, Nancy Mary Driskell (Driscoll), was my great grandmother. She and her first husband, Jacob Goodman Hensley, and two children, Mary Jane and James, were in Coles Co., Ill. in 1840. By September. 1847, she was m. to great grandfather LaQuey. According to his obit, he m. 1st in 1839 Ruth Williams. Secondly, he m. Mary Thomas and had two sons, though obit states there were three ch.

John and William Driscoll, who are in the 1850 census (of Pulaski, p. 197) were my great-uncles. Don’t know what happened to John, but William moved to Texas and is buried in the Grapevine (Parker) Cemetery near Dallas. Mrs. Beryle Ramey Belden, Anderson, CA.



Wesley Shockley, was a blacksmith in Phelps Co. Mo. in 1870. Mrs. Minnie Duncan, Box 275, Bouse, AZ 85325.


REPLY: One Westley Shockley m. Betsey Curtis in 1835, Gasconade Co Mo. Perhaps one of our numerous Shockley tracers will be able to help identify him. The family tarried in Davidson Co., Tenn, Owen Shockley of 164 Gasconade '30 having been born there in 1801, per Goodspeed. No less than seven Shockley fams are listed on the same 1830 pioneer census.


The Richland Mirror March 10, 1983 #72



Judge Samuel L. Gibson, Sr. -- who were: his parents? Judge Gibson had a son by the same name that was one of the directors of the Bank in Richland, and H. E. Warren was his son-in-law. His mother's maiden names was Jones. Aunt Belshe who now lives in Richland is in her 90s. She is my aunt. Elnora Puckitt, 219 R. W. Atchison,; Jefferson City, Mo. 65101.


Family of Judge Samuel L. Gibson (compiled by dv from his group sheet, sent, by Mrs. Puckitt)

Samuel L. Gibson was b. 11 March 1820 in St. Louis Co., Missouri. He was a Methodist, and helped organize the Wet Glaize Camp Ground Church. He was murdered 8 Feb. 1888 "by a Pruitt" and is buried in Richland Cemetery. His mother's maiden name was Mary or Pauline Jones. Judge Gibson married in Pulaski County 16 September 1839, Eliza J. Ballard (parentage not supplied) born 4 Dec. 1824 in Roane Co., Tennessee, also a Methodist. She died 25 Mar. 1898 in Camden Co., and is buried in the Richland Cemetery.

There were nine children:

1. James Bland b. 20 Aug. 1861; m Jennie Traw 7 Sept. 1882, by Squire Wright; d. 21 May 1909.

2. Margaret - m. Robert Harrison

3. Dr. Elbert O. - m. May Thompson

4. Charlotte - m. H. E. Warren

5. Samuel Luther - m. Virginia Wrinkle

6. Lillie Belle - m. Monroe Light

7. George Ballard - in. Paradine Davis

8. Mariah - m. Miller Ellis

9. Alice – m. Gohis (? can't read this - dv. Pritchett, Ed Clemmons, and J. W Brooks.


Mr. Charles W. Warren in an interview with Don Vincent in Richland stated:

Bland N. Ballard was an uncle of Warren's mother, Lottie Gibson. H. E. Warren was his father; d. 1933, age 89 years. 6 months. Charles Wesley Warren was his gr. father; d. 1888. Lottie Gibson was his mother, bur Camden Co., Mo.


Samuel L. Gibson was his mother's father; he was murdered in about 1882-84. ( ) Gibson was his mother's grandfather and had a farm on the Glaize.

Grandmother Warren was Mary (Gibson; not sure); she is buried in Colley H Graveyard.

    H. E. Warren, his father, came Knoxville, Tennessee to Missouri in 1869. He had been a Captain in the Union. A brother of H. E. was Jacob Warren m. 1st (  ) Bartlett, and secondly a Cowen. H. E. and Jacob had a sister, as well. (end of interview notes.)


There are five Gibson heads of household  in 1840 Pulaski group, the first three on p. 218: Pulaski '40: Atlas (011101-001100) of whom nothing further; and, next to one another, George W. (001111-00201) Wm. M. Gibson (00001-0). Both latter men are listed in 1850 Pulaski census as having been born in Missouri, in c1806 and C1820  King (Hist. of Maries, p. 134) says William was one of four brothers; others inc John (#700) and James, of 182 Pulaski.


Wm. m. a dau. of John T. Powers (was on 178 Williamson Co. Tenn '30 census; of 184 Pulaski '50. She was Martha A Tenn. c1826, according to 1850 census; a good guess that George W. was the brother of William -- fourteen years a considerable difference of years between brothers, however, and other evidence indicates he was not: his Pulaski will (per Woodruff) is dated and recorded and names wife Charlotte and "brothers and sisters:" Thomas. John, Samuel  Jefferson, Sarah, Morris and Mary Jane Gibson.


Our other two 1840 Gibsons are Pleasant of p. 220, and John of p. 221. Pleasant was (2014001-111001) “Gipson” was unaccounted for after his 1840 listing. Gibson (#700) was b. Ky. c1804, p. 183 Pulaski '50. King (ibid, p. 133, 134) says he married Mary Mattie Lane, and they named a son Charles L. John went to Texas in 1853, and died there in 1858.

    On the 1828 Tax List of Gasconade were "Gipsons:" Thomas, James, Abraham, James, and Samuel. John was on p 163 1830 Gasconade census; on the same page was James, his brother, who in on Pulaski '50 said he was born in Tenn c1805. On 160 Gasconade '30 was Gibson, b. between 1790 and 1800.

    Some of the early Gibsons were Methodists, on the Waynesville circuit. One Samuel Gibson, b. Mo. c1821 on 670 Camden '50, was a Justice of that county's court, in the 1850's (Montague Directory, published here earlier).

Known brothers were John, b. Ky. 1804, James, b. Tenn. 1805, and William, b. Mo. 1820, if my suppositions are correct.


Richland Mirror March 17, 1983 #73




Wish to contact descendants of Elmer Jacoy, who lived near Edgar Springs, Phelps Co., in 1900. Also from Phelps, these families: Mace (sometimes "Mayes", - dv.). James M. Harris, Francis M. Jackson. Fredrick Buffer and Henry. Carnes. Interested in Wright Co: families of Simeon Christian and Henry Tarbutton. My great-great grandfather Obed M. Christian m. Rachael Tarbutton c1849 according to family history but no proof.


RIDDLE - McINTYRE - BENCH - WOOD June Nelson of Box 621, Ogden, Iowa 50212 writes, "in column of  April, '81 Mrs. Edna Hildebrand asks for the parents of Caroline (Riddle) McIntyre. Dana Pruitt of Trenton, Ohio, in her family sheet of John Riddle and Sarah Johnson, says that Emanuel Riddle and Malinda West were her parents. Caroline's siblings (i.e. he brothers and sisters) were: Andrew Jackson Riddle, Miriam Riddle Wood, and Molly Riddle Combs Pinegar, per Jennie Wood Hamm."




Mrs. C. R. Sewell of 14028 No..38th Dr.,  Phoenix, AZ. 85023 sent a large packet of material in February last year, including much information on Richard Woolsey born 1779, Washington Co., Va.. m. 1800 Pulaski Co., Ky., and died Phelps Co., in 1852. His father, also Richard, was b. 1750 Bedford, Westchester Co., N.Y.; m. 1771 Ulster Co., N.Y. Nancy Ann, Plumbstead, a Quaker, b. 1752 Newton, Long Island, N.Y. She was a dau of Joseph Plumbstead.


The latter Richard served in the Rev'y War and was a son of the Rev. Thomas Woolsey, b. 1719 Bedford; he married in Bedford in 1740 Sarah ( ), and died in 1794. He is buried in Smyth Co., Va.


Thomas Williams, and his wife Mariah Musgrave (see earlier cols) are her interests, also; Tom's son Calvin m. 1st Mary Louise Woolsey and had ch. Ina, b. Rolla 1894, and Alvin Williams b. 1896, who d. at Mt. Shasta, California. Tom's second wife was Cora Ellen Lewis, (1881-1942) and their ch. were: Clella, b. 1901; d. 1976 in Waynesville, Mo.; Almeda, b. 1902, d. Lebanon, Mo. 1979; Floyd, b. 1903, Fay, b. 1906, and Howard Williams, b. 1907. Longtime readers of this series I will recall Fay's recounting of an historical event of 1913.


Mrs. Sewell reports that Isaac ("Ike") Williams, Cal's older brother, m. Mary Jane Yates Storey, a dau of James Arthur Yates and Anna Davis Yates. She was born in 1861; here first husband was Morris Storey and her third husband was Wm. Jackson Moore. Issue: Cora, who m. Lee Warren; Anna, who m. Frank Musgrave;  Ida, who m. Jim Skidmore, Eva, who m. Walter Pippin; Sadie, who m. Frank Skidmore; Dessie, who m. Jim Giddens, and ''Plez" (probably Pleasant - dv.), who m. ( ) Stoddard.


William, son of Thomas and Mariah Musgrave Williams, m. Reader Skidmore, states Mrs. Sewell...Their children were Albert, Sterling, Sam, Stella, Nettie, Joe, Letha, Martha, Ada, and Delmer. Louis Williams (1865-1906) another of Tom's sons, m. Anna May Lewis; ch. were; Carlos (1891-1924), m. Bessie Logan; Pearly (1901-1947), m. Chas. Dean (group sheet compiled with data supplied by Virginia Dean Ralston, dau of this union); Edna (1893-1908) died at age 15; Sylvia (1899- 1902), d. at age 3 and Fairy, born 1905, who m. Homer Gravatt.


Andrew Williams, another son of Tom, m. Celia Woffard (see earlier col) and their Ch. were May (m. Rufus McLaughlin), Fred & Jasper (d. young), Grace m. Delpha Duncan; Guy m. Martha Duncan, and Gladys, whose husband was Willard Knight.

Lastly, Harvey Williams m. Oakley Largent and they were the parents of Minnie, who m. Robert Lee; Edith, who m Lawrence Swetnam; Florence, who m. Ewell Groves; Ransome, who m. Lilly Stevenson, and William Williams, who m. Ethel Henson.


Tom's daughter Jane m. Sherman Summers; their dau Elsie m. Mark McLaughlin.


Mrs. Roy Ralston (Virginia Dean), 1059 Lynn, Clarksdale, Miss. 38614, assembled much of this Williams record; she has the Robert J. Wood/Rebecca Morgan line also, descending through George M. Dallas Wood and his wife Blanche Temple Montgomery. Chester Melvin Dean, her father, d. 1945 in Lebanon, Mo. Her mother. Pearl Belle Williams, dau of Louis, d. Lebanon in 1947. Chester M. Dean was a son of James Ellis Dean (1867-1923) and Virginia Alice Wood (1870-1965). and a grandson of William Crocker Dean (1836-1912) and Mary Priscilla Porter (1842-1894). Anna May Lewis, wife of Louis Williams, was b. Richland 1873 and d. in Laquay. Mo. in 1937. She was the dau of Win. Henry Lewis (d. 1922) and Easter Yates (1852-1924), a dau of James A. Yates and Sarah Anna David (at variance with "Davis," above - dv.) This paragraph was assembled from her Bar Chart, which lists as a reference Mr. Lester Williams of 612 Adrian, Rolla, MO. 65401.


The Richland Mirror March 24, 1983 #74




Michael S. Cole, M.D., of 923 S. 68th Lane, Fort Smith, AR 72903, writes: "I have considerable records on Sullins/Sullens and would like to share some information with you that I hope will be helpful..."

    John Sullins (p. 202) was very possibly the son of Reuben and Jane Sullins, listed in 1810 Wayne Co., Ky. John is found in 1850 Wright Co., Mo.

    Aaron Sullins (p. 210) was the son of Reuben Sullens and Jane Turpin (dau of Aaron Turpin) who married 11 Feb. 1810, in Wayne Co., Ky. Reuben was the son of Peter Sullens (son of John and Jane Sullens who settled near St. Louis, Mo., about 1799) and Mary Carson, dau of Roger Carson. Aaron M. Sullens m. Nancy ( ) and died in Feb 1855, in Laclede Co., Mo.

    John K. Sullins (p. 210) was probably the son of Richard and Susan of 1830 St. Louis County. Richard was the son of John and Jane Sullens...(residing in St. George W. Sullins (p. 215) has not had his parents determined yet. ...gladly correspond further if I can be of any help."


On Aaron Sullins, of 210 Pulaski '40 same page as my gggf. John H. Vincent): Born Ky. c1817; in Mo '40, Ark '42-'45 says entry on 274 Laclede '50. Next to Aaron and Ruben Sullins in 1850 (preceding household) is Nathan Skidmore, born Ky. c1812. Their son Reuben (b. Cole Co Mo 1842) was the grandfather of my father's cousin's wife (or putting it more clearly): Alvin Hillary Vincent, born Big Piney, Pulaski Co., Mo. 1890 was the son of, James, Lewis Vincent Jr. and Malinda Olive McElroy. Alvin, my father's cousin, married in 1912 Caroline Cordelia Skidmore. She lived in Tacoma, Wa.; Alvin died in 1966.

James Lewis Vincent Jr., born 1863 Pulaski Co Mo, was a son of James Lewis, Vincent, Sr. and Eliza Ann Musgrave. ''Old Jim Vincent," as he was titled by the community was born near the Pulaski-Texas Co. border Mar 31, 1838. He, married Elizey in 1859. He died on Feb. 24, 1918. He is buried at Etna Cemetery, near Rickreal, Polk Co., Oregon.

Malinda Olive McElroy, born in Pulaski Co Mo in 1871, died in Tacoma in 1924. She was a Baptist. Her second husband was John Laughlin, brother of "Bub" Laughlin; they were later divorced. John Laughlin was the father of the late, beloved Mary Laughlin Cook of Lebanon. (During the writing of this column, Oct 9, 1982, I was informed by postcard from June Nelson that "Mary Laughlin Cook died on Sunday morning, 3 October 1982 at Springfield, Mo...Mary spent Thursday morning on river fishing... (became ill) at home Thursday afternoon (and was in) Springfield Med. Center (by) Friday afternoon. She knew everyone up to the end -- her dau-in-law Lavern (Woody) Cook and Laven ch. with Mary. Mary's only living son on his way from California.")

Despite heavy adversities, Mary's strength and sense of humor were an inspiration. Her interest in family history never flagged. And her death saddens us all...God Bless, Mary.

The parents of Malinda Olive McElroy were Fowler Thompson McElroy ("Eff") (1844-1892) and Melissa Musgrave, a dau of Burrell Musgrave, Sr. Born c1840 in Mo., Melissa d. in 1923 in Montrose, Colorado.

Issue of James Lewis Vincent, Jr. and Malinda Olive McElroy were:

1. William Lee - b. July 4, 1888 Pulaski Co Mo; d. Tacoma, Wa. July 14, 1971. Married Monde Robison, dau of Thomas, near Choteau, Okla. June 22, 1911.

2. Alvin Hillary, as above.

3. Althea Charity - b. June 5, 1892 in Piney Twp., Pulaski Co, Mo.; resides in Tacoma, also. Althy m. Asa Cowles.

4. Bessie Allie- b. Jan 7, 1895 Piney Twp., m. 1st George Breeden and secondly ( ) Burris, who d. 1972.

5. Osten (Austin? dv.) - born in 1900s; d. age 6 weeks. Buried Montrose at a cemetery location on a hill shaped like a hog's back, apparently: "Hogback Cemetery." Eliza Ann Musgrave is also buried there; her wooden picket fence, built by Ira Hicks, was turned to stone by the alkaline chemistry of the soil, and has disappeared. Cemetery attendants told visitors several obvious graves were unmarked; this child, and Eliza Musgrave Gresham Vincent, are among them.

Much of this material came, from Mary Laughlin Cook; also helping were Alvin's widow, "Delia" and Althea. Vincent Cowles, in a 1973 interview. Rev. Watts recorded the family, in Ellsworth District, page 7.

Cordelia Caroline Skidmore, widow of Alvin, was born Apr 5, 1893 at Cookville, Pulaski Co Mo. She was the dau of Isaac Washington Skidmore, a son of Reuben. Ike Skidmore was b. in Cole Co. Mo in 1863 and d. in Springfield, Mo. in 1949. He is buried in Lebanon, Laclede Co Mo; he was a Baptist and a Democrat.

Isaac W. Skidmore m. 1891, Roberta Breeden, born 1870 Maries Co. Mo. She d. in Kansas City, Mo. in 1956 but is also buried in Lebanon.

Alvin Hillary Vincent, William Lee Vincent, Lafayette Lee Vincent, Larry Ray Vincent and many of our other kin are, buried at Mountain View Cemetery, Tacoma.

 The Richland Mirror March 31, 1983 #75

Continued from last week

Getting back to Sullins, after that side-trip:

The wife of Nathan Skidmore was Elizabeth Sullens, born in Ky c1812. According to Warren Skidmore, author of a recent Skidmore book, Nathan Skidmore (#8 of the 1840 Pulaski group) was b. c1811 in (Greenup Co?) Ky. and died probably 1850 to 1855 in Laclede Co Mo. Nathan's father was Joseph Skidmore, son of Joseph & Elizabeth. Nathan's father was b. c1781 in Pendleton Co., (West) Virginia. Joseph d. before 31 July, 1848 in Cole Co, Mo. Elizabeth Jane Sullens, born c1812 Wayne Co, Ky., died 1855 Laclede Co Mo; she was a daughter of Reuben Sullins, who in 1810 resided in Wayne Co., Kentucky. Reuben is buried at Palace Ch. Cem.

Pulaski Co Mo.

Issue of Nathan and Elizabeth Jane (Sullens) Skidmore:

1. Elizabeth, b. c1838 Mo.

2. Joseph, b. c1840 Mo.

3. Reuben, b. 14 Feb 1842 Cole Co Mo.; d. 23 May 1937 Roubidoux Twp, Texas Co Mo.; he m. Caroline Robinson.

4. John, b. c1844 Mo.

5. Hannah, b. c1847 Mo.  

Caroline Robinson, wife of Reuben Skidmore, was b. about 1847 or 1848 in Mo.; she was a dau of Isaac Robinson, and wife Elizabeth Bench, dau of Daniel and Frances Admire Bench. Isaac was probably a son of James and Sally Robinson.

Roberta Breeden was a dau of John Williams Breedin (169 Maries '80), born c1846 near Joplin, Mo. He m. 1869 Bloomgarten, Mo. Cordelia Rowden; he d. 1931 Lebanon, Mo. He was a son of Joseph Frost Breeden, b. Tn c1819, and Margaret Williams, b. Ky. c1817. The former was a son of John Breedin, born in Northwestern N.C., who came to Mo. from Roane Co, Tn in 1842. For J. F. Breedin, see 849 Osage '50. 

Cordelia Rowden was b. Dec 28. 1852 Vienna, Maries Co Mo, and died Aug 8. 1933. She was a dau of Robert Rowden (518 Maries '60), b. Roane Co., Tn Oct 18, 1819 and Nancy Tyre. Robert d. in 1888; he wan a son of Asa Rowden, born Henry Co., Va. in 1793, and Margaret Hanner, b. Tn c1797. 

Nancy Tyre, b. c1829 (prob Hardin Co. Ky., d. "shortly after her husband." She was a dau of Satterthwaite ("Satty" "Sattywhite") Tyre, who came to Mo. from Hardin Co., Ky. in the 1840s. Satty's was Elizabeth Stanford.

Elizabeth Bench, wife of Isaac Robinson. was b. Bartholomew Co., Ind. in c1828, and d. before 1878. Daniel Bench, her father, was b. N.C. c1805. Frances Admire, her mother, was b. Ind. c1817 Was Frances a dau of William b. N.C. c1790?

John T. Sullins of 202 Pulaski '40, said he was b. Ky. c1809 on 507 Wright '50 Apparent wife Susannah was b. Mo c1816.  A 10-yr-old boy, Ruben, was with them. Also in the entry: Mary Kichersid (Ketcherside?), b. Tn c1794, and J??? Sullens, b. Mo. c1841. Can anyone add this?


George W. Sullins of 215 Pulaski '40 b.-La. c1818 states on p. 8 of Texas Mo 1850 census. His apparent wife Nancy Ann was b. Mo c1828. Also in the household were William Gott, b. Tn c18 ?? G. (V.G.? dv.) Moss, b. Ky. c1834, Elizabeth Hamilton, b. Mo c1842.


John K. Sullins of 210 Pulaski '40 was b. Mo. about 1806, he states on 50 Texas at which time he lived next door to my J Vincent, Jr. and his wife Malinda Musgrave. John K.'s wife was 'Rae' King, b. c1809 N.Y. Apparent children all born in Missouri: Richard, 18; Polly Susannah. 12; Jane, 7; John, 4. Also lists nine-year-old Wm. Walls, b. Mo.


Hiram King of 200 Pulaski '40 was b. c1815, on 33 Texas '50 and 1082 Texas


He apparently m. Isabella J. Vincent ("Ebba"), dau of John H. Vincent of 210 Pulaski '40. See my abstract of Johnson Records, p. 35. She appears to have before that married a Bench, however, by 1850 (see 209 Pulaski '50 Vinson fam.).

Other Sullins folks in the cardex: 

Nancy (widow) b. Ala. (was she a Welch or Maxey?) c 1824, on 1076 Texas '60 census house # 727. In the house before hers was a John H. Sullens, b. Mo. c1845. One Reuben Sullins, b. Mo. 1850's, was on 1074 Texas '60. An older Reuben Sullens, b. N.C. c1787, was listed on 274 Laclede '50. Another John Sullins was found on 830 Miller Co Mo, b. Ky c1806. Edward, b. Mo. c1825, was on 53 Texas '50. Jefferson Sullins, b. Mo. c1806 was on 13 Texas '5O. Nathan was on 49 Texas '5O, b. Mo. c1818. Jefferson's apparent widow Margaret, b. Mo. c1810, was in house #15 in 1860 Texas Co census. J.T. Sullins (male), b. Ky. c1810 with Susanna, b. Mo. about 1820, were in house #715 in 1860 Texas Co. census; Joseph Skidmore was with them. Carter's "Missouri Territorial Papers" vol. 13, pp 335 & 484 list Nathan, Richard and Edward Sullins in the first petition and John, Edward, Rheuben and Richard in the second list. These are dated 1805 and 1806. Other early pioneer names from 1840 Pulaski mentioned in these ,papers include the families Ramsey, McCartney/McCourtney, McDonald, Benton, Walls, Cantley, Gibson, Burckhart and Hurt, among others.

Interesting that Jane Turpin, wife of Reuben Sullins, does not seem related to our other early Turpin families who came through Ohio Co., Kentucky (see earlier col.) which is quite a distance from Wayne. Co.; Ky. 



 Mrs. Leah Rae Coop, of Tomball, Texas, has sent some old Bible records that we are very, very happy to receive. Mrs. Coop descends from the union of John Riley Vincent and Alice Josephine Musgrave; as we have seen previously, Alice was a dau of Sanford Musgrave. John and Alice were her grandparents. She says, "In 'notes I ad made from what relatives told me... my grandfather's name (was) John Riley Vincent and his father's name (was) Hiram. This branch of the Vincent family descends from my great-grandfather's brother, John Vincent, Jr., who was killed in the Civil War. Until now, we have had only this family's census listings to learn from; they  appear in either Texas Pulaski Co. censuses from 1850 to 1880.

Here Is a list of birthdates from the Alice Musgrave Bible, printed beautifully all at one time -- thus, they were compiled, or copied on a single occasion rather than as events progressed. These are certainly the ,children of John Vincent, Jr.:



James A. Vincent April 11 1846

Margaret Vincent (his wife) Dec 25 1862

Sarah Ann Vincent Jan -29 1848

Hiram Vincent Aug 20 1852

Nancy A. Vincent Mara 1855

Amanda Vincent Apr 6 1857

Eliza.M. Vincent May 16 1860 (This girl was later to be called 'Melvina' dv.)

Mahala A. Vincent Aug 27 1862


(In a different handwriting, added to above list:      

Lafiat McElroy June 15)865

Andrew J. McElroy Nov :10 1864

Bekay M., Vintson March 16 (1840?)

Nancy Malinda McElroy Nov 15 1828

NOTES::James-A: Vincent was called "Art" and he died young so did wife. Hiram Vincent is seen in an Ardmore; Okla photograph with-his mother, Nancy, Malinda Musgrave and Lindy's brother Lafayette Brownfield Musgrave ("Fite"). The Bible notes that above-listed Amanda died Sept 24, 1881.


Andrew J. McElroy was called "Jack" -- he was a great 'pal of my grandfather's, both of whom died in Tacoma. At last we have obtained a full birth date for “Old Lindy” Vincent, widow of the Civil War soldier...she died in 1918 in Missouri, while visiting Melvina Barnes, her daughter. Lindy was a Sister of Eliza Ann Musgrave, my great-grandmother. Lindy, reported her grandson Lee Gresham was an' 'entertaining old soul’ -- she knew 'and sang all the old songs, storied constantly, and charmed everyone she met. Her second husband was Samuel McElroy, Jr. Jack McElroy, who died in 1946, married Lilly Power; Lacy McElroy’s oldest son and stayed in Missouri. Most of the others came to Washington State. Lacy is now dead. Martin d. in his fifties in Tacoma. Eva lived in Tacoma in 1980; Clellie in Olympia. Simon, the youngest, died 1980

in Tacoma; buried at Mt. View Cemetery. Lena, called "Hazel," also lives in Tacoma. Jack moved to El Centro, Calif. in 1917.


Lucy Largent, second wife of my grandfather, was the aunt of Frank Henson, who was the husband of Eva! Frank Henson died c1975: William Root, husband of Hazel, died Mar 2, 1980. 


Richland Mirror April 14, 1983 #77

Also in the Bible was a single sheet of I paper, copied here:


Organized At St. Annie Pulaski Co. Mo. August 2nd 1891

1. J.L. Vincent - Deacon

2. G.W. Myers - Elder

3. B.L. Grisham - Elder

4. R.H. Woody - Withdrawn from

5. E.A. Vincent

6. E.M. Barnes

7. M.F. Myers

8. R.M. Grisham  

SUPPOSITIONS: Numbers 1 and 5 are James Lewis Vincent and Eliza Ann Musgrave Gresham Vincent, my great-grandparents; no. 3 is Bennett Lacy Gresham, issue of Eliza's first marriage to Eliot Gresham and no. 6 is Eliza Melvina Vincent Barnes, wife of Norman Barnes.  

Also in the Bible, a short note from James Vincent to Bennett Lacy Gresham: Montrose, Colo June 10/1898

Mr. B L. Grisham

Dear Son I will write a few lines we got a 'letter from Ben Woods which brought to us the sad news that Martha was dead she'died the second of June this laves (leaves, prob. - dv.) us all well write soon.

Your Father James Vincent


COMMENT: More information coming on The Ben Wood(s) - Martha Vincent family; descendants now located in Denver, Colo. M

 If it is true that James A. Vincent indeed "died young" as family sources allege, the writer of this letter was probably Old Jim Vincent, stepfather of Lacy Gresham. I should mention that the date on the letter is questionable, but that Martha's year of death has been previously established through Watts.

Alice Musgrave Bible's title page reads: "H. & E. Phinney's Stereotype Edition. Published 1828 Cooperstown, N.Y." At the top of this page is handwritten: D.B. MURRELL Born January 7 - AD 1814

October 25 - 1878

Neither Mrs. Coop nor I know why the following information is included in the Bible—it is her guess that one of the Wheeler girls married into the family. Much of the record is quite legible, but some is badly faded.


Elias Wheeler was Born Jan 30th A 1780 In the Town Of Plainfield Connecticut.

Hannah his wife was Born July 23rd 1786 -­In the Town of Clinton (?) Dutchess County.

State of New York

(Second column, same page:) and mariad in the Town of Milan Dutchess County State of New York February the 17 1802,

Amanda Wheeler was marriad ( ) the 11th 1836 to Matthew Hubbell (last three-letters doubtful) Being 24 years 3 mos and 17 days. And died at Alton Indiana Deerbourn Co. Jackson Township

Amanda was 26 years (?) old: 9 monthes, and 12 days May 6 1888



Middle ( ) own - Delell (?) are Co. - State of New York - 1888 By E. Wheeler


Sylva (or Lylva?) Wood was born March 27th 1808

Amanda Wheeler was born Sept 24th 1811 at 1 o'clock in the morning on Tuesday ‑

Morgan Lewis Wheeler was born on Wednesday about 3 o'clock the 9th of March 1814 In the morn

Jarusha Wheeler was Born May the 11th 1818- on Monday about 2 o'clock and 40 minutes in the morning (sic)

Olive Wheeler Was Born March the 12th 1821 on Monday about half past 12 -- Frances Amanda Davis was born August 27th on Sunday 1837 morning

Olive Wheeler was marriad Nov 21est AD 1839 to Darius Jenkens Being 18 years 8 months and 9 days old

Jerusha Wheeler was marriad Jan. the 23rd 1840 to Henry Davis being 21 yrs 8 months and 12 days old

Morgan L. Wheeler was marriad to Harriet Davis on Thursday February 6th 1840 being 25 years 10 months 27 days old


Births (cont.)

Sarah Ann Paten was Born July the 10th 1827

Morgan L. Wheeler was married to Sarah Ann Paten Nov the 14th 1852

Lucy Cordelia Paten was born August the 24th 1850

Benjamin Wheeler. was Born April the 11th 1853

John H Wheeler Born Feb the 3 1861 Anjeline Wheeler Born Jan the 22nd 1843 Jason Wheeler Born Nov the 7th 1845 George Born March the 29th 1847

Adison Wheeler Born March the 18th 1850

Josephas Wheeler Born Aug the 26 1855 Charles P. (7) Wheeler Born Oct the 30( 1858


Amanda Hubbell Died May 6th AD 1838 being 26 years old and 7 months 12 in Alton (7) Indiana Deerbourn Co. Jackson Township. Text Say ye to the Righteous...Isaih the 3rd 10 & 11 & ( )

Hannah Wheeler Died the 18th day of Febry AD 1849 Being 63 years 11 months and 24 days - Funeral Text Psalms 34th & 19 many are the afflictions

Jerusha Davis Died June the 28th 1852 Aged 34 years one month and 17 days Hariet Wheeler Died Oct the 15 1852

Jason Wheeler Died June the 2nd 1856

Josephas Wheeler Died Dec the 24 1856

Sarah Ann Wheeler Died Oct the 20th 1859 Aged 32 years 4 months and 15 days

Morgan Wheeler departed this life March the 10 1863

Adison Wheeler departed this Life June the 9 1863

Enclosed with Mrs. Coop's letter was the following cemetery reading, sent without other explanation:


Wrinkle - Miller - McMillan - Campbell - Johnson - Evans Cemetery

This cemetery is on the old "Clark" farm now owned by Reba Johnson, Route 2, Richland, Missouri, Pulaski County.

Andrew J. Campbell. Born Jan 11, 1818, died Mar 10, 1862. Near him is a stone just like his, same design, etc. The inscription is entirely gone except for the last letter -L. Surely this must be his wife. Next to them the following:

Elizabeth H. Miller Born and died Jan 30, 1845.

William McMillan Son of C.C. & J.E. McMillan. Born Sept. 23, 1846, died Mar. 29, 1857.

"An angel from thy sc----gone"..

Wm. Evans Co. K 15th Mo. Inf. Civil War Wilder T. son of C.A. & M.I. Johnson. Born Dec. 17, 1883. Died July 9, 1885. Aged 2 yrs. 7 ms 22 ds.

Louisa S. Wife of John H. Wrinkle. Born

June 19, 1851. Died June 23, 1886. Martha J. Wife of John H. Wrinkle. Born Nov 22, 1845. Died Nov. 9, 1876.

Albert A. Son of J.H. & M.J. Born Nov 7, 1876. Died Oct 17, 1881.

Amanda M. Daughter of John & Martha Wrinkle. Born Feb. 28, 1875. Died Dec 27, 1875.

Victoria E. Daughter of John. & Martha

Wrinkle. Born Feb. 18, 1871, Died Mar 25, 1872.

William N. Son of John & Martha Wrinkle. Born Oct. 11, 1867. Died Nov 6?, 1868. Sarah J. Daughter of J.N. & E.C. Wrinkle. Born Mar 14, 186- 8? Died Mar 28,---Alice. Daughter of J.N. & E.C. Wrinkle

Born Mar 22. 1860_ Died Dec 12. 1861  

The Richland Mirror April 24, 1983  #77

You should by now have received your "History of Pulaski County" from the Co. Historical Society, and can join me in sending congratulations to all who did such a good job. On p. 12, the old "California House" is pictured, though the genealogy of the Musgrave-Maxey-Nelson folks is I believe incorrect: Bennett Musgrave first married in 1821 in Lawrence Co. Tenn. ( ) Robertson or Robison or Robinson. In land transactions in Illinois, we learn her first name was "Anna." She died between 1840 and 1850; Bennett is listed in the 1850 census of Napa County, California. He returned to Missouri and built the "California House" with money panned in that state, and married as his second wife the widow of William Maxey, nee Sarah Nelson.


IN PRODUCTION (family list given)

The Richland Mirror April 28, 1983 #78

Discussion of Mo. State Genealogical Conference.


THE PRUITT FAMILY (compiled from family group sheets sent by Art Murrell, 5647 So. Boston Ave. Tulsa, Okla. 74105)

Andrew Jackson Pruitt, who d. in Ky. in 1865, and Edna Virginia Hopper, born in Ky. in 1830 and died in 1912 in Taney Co., Mo. (burial: Mincy Cemetery) were the parents of Creed Taylor Pruitt (1851-1923) who m. 1871 Malicia E. Hammack; Nancy M. Pruitt, b. 1853; Albert William Pruett (1855-1928) m. Mary ( ); Sarah J. Pruitt, b. 1856, m. Lee Hazelwood; Harrison G. Pruitt, b. 1858 m. Malinda Thomasson; and Clayton T. Pruitt, b. 1864, who m. Stella Chestnut. Creed was born in Monroe Co., Ky., while Sarah was born in Cumberland Co., Ky. All other ch. born Ky„ location not supplied. Edna V. Hopper's other husband was Joshua Thomas Watson, born Tenn 1831.

Creed Taylor Pruitt above m. July 2, 1871 in Pulaski Co. Mo Malicia Emiline Hammack, b. Feb 20, 1856 in Miller Co., Mo. She d. Sept 20, 1899 at Texas Co Mo. and is buried in Pulaski Co at the Hammack Cemetery. Her parents were William H. Hammack and Samantha Jane Kanatzer. Creed d. May 16, 1923 in Pulaski and is interred in the Hammack Cemetery. 

Issue of first marriage:

1. William Andrew (1872-1955) m. Rose Lavinia Davis.

2. Elijah Albert (1873-1946) m. Sarah Eldora Howell

3. Samantha Edna (1875-1960) m. Ebner . N. Olney

4. Thomas Washington (1877.1966) m. Bertha May Dean

5. Merton Creed (1879-1949) m. Mary Magdaline Clark

6. Demaral Mordelia (1882-1945) m. 1905 Charles Wallace Murrell.
7. Marion Everett (188471950) m. 1) Nettie Mae Myers, 2) Fronia Esther Watson.
8. Mary Eva (1884-1955) m. (1) Barney 0. McClelland, 2) Felix Dunman.
9. Joseph Arthur (1886-1888).

10. Nora Ethel (1889-1940) - m. Cromwell G. Hamilton.

11. Orvil Russell (1891-1966) m. 1910 Ethel Adams.
12. Glena Viola (1894-1899).
13. Jesse Harrison (1896- ) m. 1917 Cora Elizabeth Sisk.


(ADDENDA: Nancy Elwiza Jane ("Wizey") Vincent, oldest ch.. of James Lewis Vincent, Sr., was Creed Pruitt's second wife (see earlier col.) She d. giving birth to twins in 1902; the twins also died. Her first husband was James Williams. She was the Great Aunt of the columnist. She is buried at Pisgah Cemetery, TexasCo Mo, according to Opal Williams Cook, her granddaughter, not Joplin as earlier reported.)

Laura Elizabeth Riddle, b. Laclede Co Mo 1879, dau of Andrew Jackson Riddle and Lucinda Bench, was Creed's third wife. He m. her in Pulaski Co. in 1903. She d. in Pulaski Co in 1953, and is buried in Fairview Cem., same county.

Issue of third marriage:

1. Lucinda Jane (1904-1958) m. 1936 Curtis Aulback.

2. Mary Etta (1905-1964) m. 1933 Cecil Powers.
3. Pearlie May (1906-1924).

4. Martha Ellen (1907- ) m.  1927 Wade Hammack

5. Creed. T. (1909-1976) m. 1936 Mildred Frances Rhodes.

6. Cordelia (1910-  ) m. 1931 Teddy Jackson Sheeley.

7. Robert Bruce (1911- - ) m. 1937 Goldie Trower.

8. Maude (1915-   ) m. 1936 Harry Yeager.

9. George Talbert (1921-  ) m. Daisey Bell Potts.

Ahi Monuel was my husband's maternal grandfather. Interested in Deberry/Debery family also. Ruby Deberry, 5800 Vista Ave., Sacramento, CA 95824. 


William Franklin Lacy, b. 27 Aug 1837, lived in St. James, Mo. vicinity; m. Emily Patterson, b. 12 Jan 1837 from Dillon. He was a stonemason and a Squire for 30 years. Believe he came from Athens, Tenn. (Rhea Co. - dv.) to Rolla, Phelps Co Mo. when he was 18. May have served in the Mo. Volunteers in Civil War, then moved to Vichy Springs.

Alexander Shepherd m. Katherine Foley and had son Louis James Shepherd, b. St. James, Phelps Co., 14 March 1871. Welcome correspondence with other descendants. Mrs. Virginia E. Goff, 5316 N. 26th St., Arlington, VA 22207.


Mrs. Lavern Stodden (Frank J., Jr.) of 405 So. Autrey Ave., Lafayette. Colo. writes about her acquaintance with Margaret ("Maggie") Musgrave Tyre of Lebanon (see earlier cols) and Roy Tyre, her late husband: "Roy Tyree/Tyre was the son of William Madison Tyre, my great grand­father's brother!! Also, Charlie McGinnis who m. Linda Belle Musgrave, was the brother of Uncle Bruce, the husband of my great aunt, Dollie (Egan) McGinnis... enclosing a sheet which (outlines) Roy's family tree..."


William Madison Tyre, b. 27 Mar 1854, died 29 Nov 1917 Laclede Co Mo, is buried in the Brownfield Cem., Brownfield, Mo. His parents were William Tyre and Mary Atwood. Wm. Madison Tyre m. 21 Mar 1882 Lebanon, Laclede Co Mo. Sarah Caroline Kincheloe, born 23 Jan 1862; d. 30 Dec 1948. Her parents were Robert P Kincheloe and Mary Elizabeth Dyer.

1. Issue of Wm. and Sarah:

2. Elbert Alvary (?) (1883-1946) - m. Lillie May Corsey.

3. Jessie Perkins (1886-1967) - m. Fannie Fay York.

4. LeRoy (Roy) (1890-1968) - m. 192 Margaret Musgrave/Snyder (adopted). H d. in Lebanon; is buried at Lebanon City Cemetery.

5. Mary Ethel (1888-         ) - m. Riley Ogle; bur. New Home Cem., Lebanon.


Notes by Mrs. Stodden:

"Richard Bruce McGinnis was a brother of Charlie McGinnis. Bruce had married my great aunt Dollie. Belle (Egan) McGinnis!! Aunt Dollie was the sister my grandmother Mora Adeline (Egan) Norris. Bruce and Charlie's parents we James McGinnis and Nancy Barnes. 

The. Richland Mirror May 5, 1983



John Skiles in your 1840 Pulaski Census was a son of William and Elizabeth Miller Skiles of Hamilton Co., Tenn.; Wm. may have d. there. John was listed in the 1830 census of Greene Co., Tenn. on p. 197. (And note several Light fams., same page: John Light, eight names below John Skiles, next appears I believe on 203 Pulaski '40 - dv.) William, father of John, was in the 1850 Bledsoe Co Tenn. census, and was b. in prob Va. or Md. in about 1770. Elizabeth (Artilitha?) Miller was prob dau of Wm Miller and Elizabeth Clearwater and had bros Washington and George Wesley Miller.


The Skiles family was originally from., Maryland. perhaps Somerset Co. and some were later in Cecil Co., Md., and then near Hagerstown, and then into Tennessee, the immigrant there being Ephraim Skiles, b. Mar 2, 1714; died about 1780-90 Green Co. Tenn. Wife Rachel (Crockett?)  Fams. intermarried in Maryland; Richard Crockett m. Alice Skiles of second generation.)

David, Hamilton of the 1840 Pulaski census is also my ancestor; he lived in Lawrence Co, Ala. He m. a Havens.; her mother, was a Miller. The Skiles fam. arrived in Mo about 1833; the Hamiltons came later, also from Greene Co. Tenn. Erma Lee Skiles Brown, 145 24th St., Salem, OR 97301 (503-364-4161)



Herewith, the compiler's abstract of this small book by Woodard, published. in 1893.  

Material from the book will be supplemented by my comments and census tabulations in brackets. This was planned as part of the 1840 "Source Book" but I want to share it with you sooner than that... 

The writer was ROSS, Rev. J.H.: was a son of .ROSS (must be "Mitchell" -- right next to Josiah Hillhouse on 176 Crawford Co. Mo. 1830 census..) who married HILLHOUSE, who was a dau of HILLHOUSE, JOHN & BETHIA HILLHOUSE, JOSIAH MINTER (176 CR '30, 233 Pulaski '40, 667 Camden '50) was a bro of John Hillhouse. 

These families moved from LAWRENCE COUNTY, TENNESSEE in fall of 1828 to the Osage Fork of the Gasconade River, about 15 miles east of where Lebanon now stands, just above where FARRIS, (Robert Fairies mhr) built a mill. Hilihouses & others moved again in 1832.

WATTS, PEGGY was wife of Josiah Hillhouse, whom he m. in Tn. 1826-1827.

Just across river "within calling distance" lived:


ANDERSON, JACOB (176 CR '30) who lived only 7-8 years after 1830's; was poss from "Mine La Motte" country, says Ross. Jacob's wife was DUFF, PEGGY. (Jacob & Peggy's apparent issue:)

ANDERSON, JESSE J. (b. 1810-1815, on 221 Pulaski '40);


Just up the river a mile or two lived CAMPBELL, JAMES (172 CR '30), a blacksmith and sheriff, and his wife.

ANDERSON RUTH (211 Pulaski '40, 506 Wright '30).

CAMPBELL, MOSES (211 Pulaski '40,7 671 Camden '50) was James' brother.


A Tennessee preacher the Hillhouscs and Rosses liked very much was HEARN, JACOB (176 CR '30). First preaching in neighborhood was done prob by

ALVICE, JACOB. THOMPSON, JOHN (not sure of location) came as an itinerant preacher in 1831.


HILLHOUSE, ,PATSY & NANCY were, with the others named above, all members of this Methodist group, which was added to with BRASHEARS, DR.,  an old local preacher, and

DUFF, MRS. (Elizabeth, of 211 P '40?), Mrs. Anderson's mother. These all came from southeast Missouri.


ROBERSON, EDWIN b. Tn. Dec 17, 1810; killed Nov :26, 1864. The family, consisting of a widow (prob. Drucilla; see King Hist of Maries Co) with seven sons and seven daughters (and several sons and daus-in-laws), came to Mo. in 1831. They settled 10 miles north of Springfield, in what has ever since been known as Robberson's Prairie.

p. 175. "Waynesville circuit" in 1853 mentions COPPEDGE, (  ); his mill on Spring, Creek. (family came from Bedford Co., Tenn. mhr)


Other local preachers were

CHASE, J. (James - see Montague Dir.);


SMITH, T.O.; and


Prominent Methodist members were HOPKINS (Sarah? Wm? Richard?) DODD, YORK, TILLY, (Wilson - 194 Pulaski '50); GIBSON, MITCHELL, and (John) SKYLE (Skiles of 210 Pul. '40, 22 Texas '5O).


In 1854, on the West Glaize River DODSON, WM. (666 Camden '50; poss. W.W.? also a miller?) was Methodist elder and preacher.

ROBERTSON, JOHN - local preacher in this same area.


p. 177. Church "must have been organized in Versailles (Morgan Co) as early as 1836." In 1838, of record were BLACKWELL, and WILLIAMSON, from Nashville, Tennessee.


Watch Those Middle Initials!

In the early records, the surnames Fitzgerald, Pettipool, Lockmiller and Munholland were sometimes shortened to F. Gerald, P. Pool, L. Miller and M. Holland; the latter formation is seen in the Springfield Land Office Abstracts compilation, which has just arrived on my desk. (Land records of 1835-1846, published by Ozarks Gene. Society, Springfield, Mo.; mimeo; 100 p., softbound, printed 1982). A great many of our 1840 Pulaski families arc listed, of course, and -- useful as clues -­several others of the same surname are seen; some of these folks obviously stayed in the area only a few years before moving on.


Getting back to the middle initial formation -- watch for this possibility when you see several households with a similar unique name formation; in Wright County 1850 and 1860 censuses, for example, are Robert Pool, A.P. Pool (Abram, b. Ga. c1817) and Isom/Isham P. Pool. .Mrs. Ira McCullen of Amory, Miss., a descendant, says that this name is actually "Pettipool." Remember, too, that middle names were i seldom given to children until about 1800.


Although of course practices varied. Examine objectively the surnames you are

:tracing. If you have a name that could be shortened in this manner, begin to check the indexes for the alternate formations, as well, and keep notes on them. Looking for McDonalds? Might be a good idea to note 'Donald' families, too -- with or without mention of the middle M.!


"Casebolt" in the early days is sometimes rendered 'C. Bolt,' while "Deberry" becomes 'D. Berry' and "Waterhouse" whittled to 'W. House.'


The Richland Mirror May 12, 1983



Henry Massey and Rebecca Blake were the parents of John Massey, b. c1793-1794 N.C.; John m. 1817 Winney Bennett, b. c1800-1801 also N.C. John and Winney were the parents of James Massey, b. about 1821-1822 in Tennessee, who d. in 1869. His wife was Elizabeth ( ), b. c1820-1821 in Tennessee. James and Elizabeth Massey were the parents of John Ryley (Riley) Massey, b. 1838 Mo.; d. 1888 Wright Co Mo. John R. Massey m. 1868 Sara(h) Ellen Lowry, b. 1840 in Indiana; she d. in Wright Co Mo in 1920. This union produced Amos Andrew Massey, b. 1872 Wright Co; He d. there in 1928. Amos m. 1895 Dellia (hard to read - dv.) Evelyn Long, b. 1878 Wright Co; she d. there 1927. They were the parents of John Thomas Massey, b. Wright Co. 1912. John T. Massey father of querist.

The mother of Sarah Ellen Lowry was Malacy Crittington, b. c1807 S.C.; she d. 1870. Malacy's mother was Martha Caroline ( )George Washington Long, b about 1820 in Ohio, m. Priscillia Smittle, b. c1824 Highland Co Ohio. She was a dau of , Jacob Smittle, b. 1799; he d. in Va. 1886. Jacob m. Esther, a dau of Samuel Williamson and Priscilla Howard. A son of G.W. and Priscillia Long was Thomas Nelson Long, b. Wright Co Mo Christmas Day, 1854; he d. there in 1937. Thomas' dau was Amos A. Massey's wife, above.

Julia E. White, b. Webster Co Mo 1857, d. Wright Co 1948, was the spouse of Thomas Nelson Long; her father was Maston E. White, b. Tenn (querist's date not legible, but census of him on 517 Wright '50 says he was b. c1818 - dv.) Maston. 1838 Jefferson Co., Tenn. Matilda Finley, b. Tenn 1822. She was a dau of Alfred Finley. Sandra Sue Holden, Rt 1, Hallsville, MO 65255.

REPLY: Our 1840 Pulaskian, James Massey (111101-110001) was on p. 209; 1  found him in Wright Co Mo census an p. 519; entry says he was b. Tennessee about 1805, and birthplaces of his ch. indicate he was there until about 1837. Can a reader tell us, for the 1840 book, where in Tenn. he was born, and lived? Who was “Rebecca,” apparent wife listed in 1850 Wright census, b. N.C. about 1805? Children listed were Henry, b. c1825. [stops here; mhr] 

Continued from May 19, 1983  

My Vincents may be related' to thisMassey line, as they were also in East Tennessee in those years: the book “1812  Soldiers Buried in Tennessee” by McCown-Burns, p. 131, says that one James Massey was a Private, Capt. James Lillard's Company, Col. Wm Lillard's 2nd Regt of EAST TENNESSEE Volunteers. Served 10-12-1813 to 2-8-1814. Refs.: War-Dept and Tenn State Archives. He was born in 1779, and died in 1863; he is buried four miles east of Springfield, Mo., says source.

One John Vincent married one Anna Massee in Roane Co, Tenn. in 1819, perhaps the same man appearing in Roane's 1821 Tax List, Capt. Oliver's Company, with one Henry Massey, as well as John J. Breeden, John Burnett, James Edington, Samuel Grigsby, Nehemiah Odell, Meshack Rowden, and Henry Wrinkle. Erastus and James Tippitt (see earlier column) are in the same group. Three Forrester men are there—descendents later came to Maries Co Mo.; and John Thomas ( a man of this name was bondsman for John Vincent's 1819 marriage) is there, also. 

By the way, in 1810 in Roane, one John Massey m. Susanna Lee; bond dated June 9, 1810. Security: James Morrow and Jacob Work. (Ref: photostat sent dv in 1965 by Mrs. Marilyn McCluen, Roane author and historian. This marriage does not appear in either of Wells' volumes of Roane History. Manuscript of Wells' unpublished second volume is available on FHL rental film.)

In the 1830 census of East Tenn counties in my cardex are these Massey families: (in census excerpts here, for “7 Roane '30” kindly read “page 7, 1830 census of Roane Co Tenn,” please, as an example)

JAMES - 7 Roane '30: 21001001-0000101 (listed in column 8, he was born between 1770 and 1780.) This could be Treva's Capt. James Massey; the location and age. are correct.

John - (just under James, same page) 210001-11001. On the same page as these two Masseys are John Breadon, b. 1760-1770, and John Breeden, b. 1790- 1800.

James - 360 Rhea Co Tenn '30: 00000001- 321001. Again, this man qualifies in age, and location, to be Captain James. In this instance, the family is only four pages away from my John Vincent and John's probable relative Woodson Vincent. Just below the Vincents on this same p. 364 of Rhea is Plummer Daniel, who emigrated to Green Co., Mo. —I learned this when I answered an Ansearchin' query.

Farther down p. 364 is Thomas Atchley, who probably went to 281 Laclede Co Mo '50. Josiah Carnes, same page, settled in Osage Co., Mo.; see Goodspeed, p. 1108. James Edington of 205 Pulaski '40 was on 359 Rhea '30; by 1850 he was listed on 534 Wright '50. Thomas Parker of 361 Rhea '30 may have gone to 155 Pulaski '50; John Case, same page, may next have appeared on 231 Pulaski '40. James Moore of 363A. Rhea '30 may next appear on 202 Pulaski '40; all numbers match.

Col. Miles Vernon was on, successively, 375 Rhea '30, 212 Pulaski '40, 263 Laclede '50, and 241 Laclede '60. Joseph Casteel of 379 Rhea '30 may have next gone to 669 Camden '50. Don't doubt it— this is an area which fed many Missouri communities, our own included.

There is yet another James Massey on 255 Blount Co Tn '30, but he was born between 1780 and 1790 and thus seems to be neither No Massey name appears in the 1840 census of Rhea Co., Tennessee.

Nathaniel Massey, born Tenn about 1822 according to Goodspeed's “Ozark Reminiscences,” (1894), pp. 113, 114 married in Greene Co. Mo. Nancy Ellison;. he d. in 1869. He was a son of James Massey, born “probably” Ireland. James d. in the 1860's says the reference, near Springfield, Mo.

Nathaniel's wife was a dau of Rev'y soldier Thomas Ellison, also b. probably Ireland. Ellison d. in Greene Co., Mo. before the Civil War, and his wife “ a few years” after. Nathaniel and wife came to Greene Co Mo as children. His father James came to U-S “at an early day” and settled in Tennessee; later he moved to Greene Co Mo, settling a few miles east of Springfield, where he died during the Civil War. James married twice; had 22 children. 

Nathaniel and Nancy Ellison Massey were the parents of:

Thomas V., John H. Lititia, Josephine, Hervey A., b. Greene Co Mo 1846, and James N. Massey, who resided in Springfield. Pulaski land records show that in 1859 one Nathaniel I. Massey made a land entry in Twp 34, R12, sec 27. The Vincents were then in same township and range. 

The Richland Mirror May 26, 1983 #83


Paternal great-great grandfather Achor Harrison Boor (1807-1895) and wife Mary Bhymer Boor (1824-1911) resided Richland, Mo. from 1868 until their deaths there. Maternal great-grandfather David C. Rinehart (1843-1922) and g-grandmother Eliza Latisha Blue also lived in Richland area, from 1888 until their deaths there.Glad to exchange info. Richard E. Russell, 3635 N. Kercheval Dr., Indianapolis, Ind. 46226. 

PERKINS - YADON - CAPPS - Correction (May 6, '82 StP)- QUICK

Birth date for Elizabeth Jane Yadon should read 1782. Also please note corrected address below. “Another of my ancestors was in 1840 Pulaski: Levi Perkins, b. N.C. c1790, served in Mo. Territorial Militia in 1814, was in Osage Co Mo by 1850, and d. there 1870. Known ch.: Mahala, Nathaniel, George, Sarah (my g-grandmother), Caroline, John, Levi, and Franklin P. Perkins.” “Jacob Quick of 1840 Pulaski was my great-great grandfather; I have this line traced back to the Rev. War soldier. Would like to hear from anyone with these line.” Rosemary Capps Lee. 2011 So. Engineer, Sedalia, Mo. 65301.  


Wm. Lafayette Gillis (1858-1923. Texas) and Mary Elizabeth Stump were pars. of Christopher C. Gillis, b. Waynesville, Mo. 1884. Family moved to Texas Panhandle when Christopher was teenager. Mary was dau of Solomon Stump (1826-1910).  

WOOLSEY - Addition

(Wish to report that one) Zephaniah Woolsey is included in the minutes of the Clear Fork Baptist Church of Albany, Ky., Clinton Co. He is mentioned from 1829-1839. Anna Woolsey is mentioned from 4820 until 1839. Elizabeth Woolsey appears in 1828 minutes and was granted a letter to move in Oct., 1828. Mrs. Ruth Bock, Rt. 3, Box 522-H, Midland, TX 79701.


Starling Shelton, b. early 1800's Campbell Co Tn was gggfather of querist. He m. Charlotte Ann Gregory in McMinn Co Tn 1841. Died 1856.  They are buried at  Madden Rural Cemetery, Their son, James Knox (George M. Dallas?) Shelton; b. Tn, 1 m. Susan Elizabeth Tanner at Odin, Ill. 1875. He d. 1926; he and wife buried at Hawkeye Church Cem. Anne E. McElroy, 1450 E. Easter Ave.; Littleton, Colo. 80122. 


Ben and Mary West settled in Sleeper, Laclede Co c1870. Son Frank m. c1887 Mary O'Connell, dau of Tim and Elizabeth Bruce O'Connell. Frank and Mary West moved to Okla. Territory in 1902. Seek info on fams while in Mo. or in former ,residence. Ms. Katherine M. Mathews, 712 N.W. 16th St., Moore, Okla 73160. 

TRIPLETT - HATHAWAY - McKNIGHT Charles E. Triplett, b. N.C. m. Susan McKnight, b. Tn.; all ch. b. Marshfield, Mo., including Emma Triplett, who m. Edgar Hathaway in 1898. He was a telegrapher fro Frisco Railroad in Richland for years. Georgia M. Bryant, 43 Trail Ridge Dr., St. Clair, Mo. 63077 


Notes: I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Farris Calton during the Book Fair at the Springfield Workshop last October; it reminded me that I had asked Mrs. Calton, while I ordered my Laclede Co. History several years ago, about her husband's Calton line, explaining my interest in Pulaski 1840 families. Here are gene. excerpts from Dorothy's letter, sent along with the book: 

“...Yes, my husband is a descendant of the Lindsay Calton (who is listed on 220 Pulaski '40 and 278 Laclede '50). We cannot determine if he is brother to his great great grandfather or a son. He could be either but we think he is a brother to Noah Calton, and Noah is my husband's great grandfather. Joel Calton is the great great grandfather but he didn't come to Pulaski County until after the 1840 census, and evidently died before the 1850 census. “My husband is also the g-g-grandson of the Samuel O'Dell (207 Pulaski '40 and 277 Laclede '50, of White Co' Tn - dv.) and Morgan Davis...” (of 220 Pulaski '40, and 1850 Laclede Mort Sched; d. Aug., 1849 - dv.) “...Best wishes on your book venture.” Mrs. Farris Calton, Rt. 1, Lebanon, Mo. 65536. 

COMMENTS: Noah Calton (first syllable pronounced as in 'California') was found in 537 Wright '50. One Robert Calton entered land in Pulaski in 1859 near my Vincents, in Twp 34, R11. See p. 211 Lincoln Co Tn 1830 census for one Linsey Culton. 

The Richland Mirror, June 2, 1983


Reuben Bolles/Bowles b. c1808 Va. according to census records. Married 1829 Warren Co. Ky. Susannah Lowry. Bondsman Pleasant Bowles. Reuben went to Tenn. by 1850 Montgomery Co. Illinois, by 1860 Laclede Co. Lebanon, Mo. Susanna d. 1863, bur. Old Bolles Cem. Lebanon. Reuben re-married widow Mrs. Eliz. Rogers 1868. Died Dee. 1887, bur. Old Bolles Cem. Ch. of Reuben and Susannah:

1. Jane Minerva, 2. Albert Ewing, 3. James, 4. Robert, 5. Susan, 6. William who d. young

Mrs. Daniel Byrne, 175 Janes St., Mill Valley, Calif. 94941. 

KELTNER - addition

Notes: in a 1975 letter, Mrs. Connie S. Collins, 1358 S. Newton, Springfield, Mo. 65807, kindly and graciously replied to my Keltner query in Mrs. Lena Wills' column in that city's Sunday newspaper...we've covered considerable Keltner ground in past columns, and Connie tells us more in these excerpts:

“Absolem Keltner was my great-great great grandfather. Evidently, he was born in Va. and eventually migrated to Greene Co., Mo. He did live for a while in Tenn. because some of his children were born there...(Lawrence Co. Tn - dv.)

Absolem had a son James (L?) according to 1850 census of Greene County, born Tenn. 1836...I can send you all of the names of the ch. of Absolem and 'his wife Margarette...also information on Absolem's father and grandfather, but it needs documentation...There are an awful lot of Keltners around here, and I understand they're all related in some way or another. By the way, the Keltners came over from Germany in 1743. There were two brothers, Michael and George Kelehner.” 

REPLY: Absolem is one of our 1840 Pulaskians; his bro Emanuel m. Nellie Pernina Musgrave, who may have been related to my Lawrence, Co Tn Musgrave line. ,Latter couple stayed in Tenn and d. ' Giles County. Keltner fams in early Mo census are found in 1840 'Pulaski, 1840 Griene,''1850 Greene (Polk Twp), and in 'Christian. Co. Mo. from 1860 to 1880.. In

Pennsylvania by place of birth is listed as Pennsylvania by both J.E. and George M. Keltner. both men then being in their 60's.  


Additions: The late Mrs. Alvin H. Vincent (nee Cordelia Caroline Skidmore -see earlier cols) furnished these notes last year on her lines, which may help some of you:

John Breeden has half-bros Abraham and William; John's wife Margaret Williams had a bro named George. John Williams Breeden, born Feb. 6, 1846, d. Mar 21, 1930. He had siblings Lewis Rowland. Hannah, and Sarah. Had half-bro Humboldt and half-sisters Molly Roberts and Millie Jane Harmon. Roberta Breeden. Mrs. Vincent's mother wash Oct 22, 1807 and d. Jan. 9, 1956. Roberta was eldest. Margaret was then b. Nov 5, 1871; Robert McEnire b. May 6, 1873; Dolie Bruce Haynes b. Nov 14, 1874, d. Feb 28, 1948; Nina Ann Cook b. Feb 12, 1876; Eusebia, b. Jan 10, 1878; Caretta Liveia Singleton, h. Mar 3. 1879; and Eva Therissa Sullins, b. Sept 13, 1880. Four males came next: Lewis Clinton, b. May 1, 1882; Joseph Frost, b. May 31, 1883; Charlie Rowden, b. June 30, 1885, and George Williams Skidmore, b. Sept 8, 1888.

Asa Rowden and Margaret (“Peggy”) Hannah were the pars of Robert, Rufus, William. Acholas (sic), James, Sarah Ellen. and Rachel Elyze (sic) Rowden. Robert Rowden and Nancy (“Ann”) Tyree were pars of Sarah Ellen Helton. Satywhite, Cordelia Lewis, Clinton, Roseta, Josephine, William, Robert Lincoln, and Nina Ann Rowden Harris. Cordelia Rowden m. John Williams Breeden. 

Satywhite Tyree m. Pelinda (sic) Stanaford; issue was (prob not this sequence) Nancy “Ann” Tyree, Israel, James, Ellen Krone, Louisa Helton, Cordelia Moss, Mary Moss, and “Pude” (not sure - dv.) Tyree Moss. 

Nathan Skidmore had bros Rufus and Alfred; Nathan m. Jane Sullins, whose brother was Dick Musgrave. (Can anyone explain this? Had Jane been a Musgrave, m. a Sullins and then m. Nathan? dv.) The ch. of Nathan and Jane were Ruben Skidmore, b. Feb 14, 1842 and d. May 21, 1938. Ruben's bros and sisters were Elizabeth Buckner, Joseph, Hannah, and William Lowe Skidmore. There was an older half. sister:. Margaret Lowe. (This further confuses things -- can anyone help us clear up this Skidmore/Sullins/ Musgrave/ Lowe business? dv.) 

Isaac Robison (Robinson, generally within this fam. pronounced without the middle 'n') had a bro William and a sister Olive, reported Mrs. Vincent. Isaac m. Elizabeth Bench, who has Ta bro Henry and half-sisters Lucinda and Lottie.

Ch. of Isaac and Elizabeth were Caroline, (an un-recalled brother), Nancy, Rachel. Sterling, and James Robinson/Robison. Caroline m. Ruben Skidmore, and their ch. were

1. Isaac Washington. b. May 31, 1863 and d. Sept 21, 1949. Isaac was the oldest child

2. Hannah Elizabeth Crunk

3. Rachel Reader Williams

4. Nancy Jane McDaniel

5. William Sterling

6. James Hyram

7. George Henry

8. Albert

9. Frank Skidmore. 

Isaac Washington Skidmore was b. in Cookville and d. Springfield, Mo. He m. Roberta Breeden Apr. 5, 1891. She was b. in Vienna (say “Vie ENN uh”), Maries County, and d. in Kansas City, Mo. All ch. b. Cookville:

1. Martha Launa, b. Feb 22. 1892. Married Murphy Cook; d. Cookville Feb. 7, 1920.

2. Cordelia Caroline, b. Apr. 5, 1893; married Alvin Vincent. (This was contributor of the record; she passed away in Tacoma last year d.v.)

3. Margaret Livella b. November 16, 1894; married Oct. 22, 1895 Elmer Smith. Died May 15, 1933 Lebanon, Mo.

4. Charles Robert b. June 17, 1896. Married Clare Barnett. Died Dec. 4, 1954, Tacoma, Wa.

5. Valara Therissa, b. Mar, 11, 1898. Married Mar 11, 1914 George Davenport; d. May 9, 1921 Lebanon.

6. Louella Jane, b. Feb 6, 1900. Married July 25, 1932 Irving Smith; (she operated Springfield, Mo. beauty salon in 1965; called “Jenny” by the family, she told me in 1965 that Delia and Alvin were perhaps fifth or sixth cousins as they shared the Robinson .line. dv.)

7. John Breeden, b. Dec. 17, 1901, m. September 1932 Mary Bell.

8. Opal Charlotte, b. Dec 4, 1903, m. May 29, 1933 Nolan Rutledge and d. Kansas City, Mo. Sept 17, 1958.

9. Ruby Lusetta, b. Dec 16, 1905; d. July 28, 1927 Lebanon.

10. Caretta Roberta, b. Nov 8, 1910, m. June 10, 1944 Edwin P. Smith. Died Kansas City July 10, 1969.

11. Emmett Gerald, b. Nov 12, 1912, m. Alberta Carney Aug 1933 in Hartville, Mo.; she d. in 1940's in Springfield, Mo.; he m. 2nd Nellie Burgess in Kansas City. 

The Richland Mirror June 9, 1983 #85 


Mrs. Jewel Vincent Hawkins of Phoenix, Arizona, in June, 1982 sent a long narrative about her family, from a 1981 interview conducted by Sherri Barnes, her granddaughter. It was through Mrs. Hawkins that the Wheeler Bible records were brought to light, in the Alice Musgrave Holy Book in possession of Mrs. E.R. Coop of Tomball, Texas. We've seen many of these names before, and are delighted to learn more about them...and what a joy to get acquainted on the telephone with this week's contributor! THANK YOU, Jewel. 

Condensed for publication - dv.

Alice Josephine Musgrave (dau of Sanford - see earlier cols) was born March 11, 1879 and d. Feb 19, 1963. Her mother d. in childbirth; father remarried. Alice’s half sisters were Lindy who m. Mr. McGinnis; Mabel who m. Mr. Stpehens and Maggie who m. R oy Tyre (see earlier cols -- it was through Maggie that I found Jewel); and ( ), another half-sister not recalled, who d. after marriage. John Riley Vincent was b. May 26, 1876 and d. in Phoenix Jan 13, 1929. His mother d. in childbirth; father remarried, He had a half bro Alex, and half-sisters Melvina who m. Norman Barnes, and Lindy Vincent who m. Lacey Gresham.

Alice Musgrave and John R. Vincent were m. Christmas Day, 1898 at Cookville,

Pulaski County. Bible record: (“From the Bible Jewel & S.F. Gave to Alice Vincent”)

Charlie Frank - at ranch owned in Mo -Nov 20, 1899-Sept 19, 1900.

Jewel Malinda - Ardmore. Okla - May 3, 1902 (m. Stephen Fred Hawkins on Dec 20, 1929.)

Minnie Marie - Ardmore, Okla - Dec 13, 1903-Sept 16, 1972 (m. Norman E. Martin on Apr 11, 1922) (m. Warren Kale on ?)

Gladys (NMI) - Winnipeg, Mo - Feb 14, 1906 (m. Harry M. Byers on Nov 1, 1924.) Eugene Paul - Winnipeg, Mo - Aug 1, 1909-May 2, 1910.

Irene Lucille - Mo - Apr 13, 1911 (m. Fred Hale on Nov. 16, 1935.)

Eula Mae - Winnipeg, Mo - Oct 8, 1912 (m. Willis A. Richards June 9, 1930.)

Linden Lacey - Dedman, NM - May 27, 1915 (m. Ruth Linville on Apr 9, 1939.)

Farrell Norman - Raton, NM - Sept 2, 4917 (m. Grace M. Jones Dec 31, 1941.)

Claud -Dean - Trinidad, Colo - May 29, 1921-Apr 26, 1922 


Norman Martin, Warren Kale, Stephen Fred Hawkins - September, 1974, Harry Byers, W.A. Richards, Jr., Claudia Richards Stallings, - Mar 20, 1973

Excerpts from Mrs. Hawkins' 1981 interview:

“Alice Musgrave lived with Melvina (Viney) Barnes, John Vincent's half-sister. She worked at a diner in Cookville, Missouri. There she met John Riley Vincent, a cowboy who would eat there. He would flirt with her and she would get mad and go hide in the kitchen. However, eventually they began to date. John went to dances a lot, and he wanted to take Alice with him, but she was a member of the

Disciples of Christ Church and did not dance...Going to dances seems to have been a bone of contention between them. Once she did go with him, on horseback, but after- they were married, he started going alone again and Alice).. almost left him several times over the issue of going to I dances... 

The Bradfords, another young couple about the same age as the Vincents, lived nearby, and the two families were great friends. Mrs. Bradford acted as midwife for Alice's births. The Vincents met the Bradfords while they were all in school together. The Bradfords moved every where the Vincents moved. They had five children: Rolland, Sam, Frank, Nealy, and Glen. Rolland was Maria’s age, Sam was Jewel’s age and Frank was Gladys’ age. The children always played together.

The  Vincent children never really had grandparents around, and Jewel (often remarked that since she never had a grandma, when she got married she would be the best grandma ever.

Alice went to school up to the third grade, living with Viney Barnes. Norman Barnes was a farmer, and Viney -took in a lot of people in her home. Alice's father (Sanford Musgrave - dv.) had four wives, each of whom died in childbirth, so the girls were half-sisters. John's father had three wives, all of whom died in childbirth, so he and his brother and two sisters were also half-related.” 

Addenda by dv: Alex, half-bro of John R. Vincent, seems to be listed with my: great grandfather's household in. Pulaski 1860 census, house 148. This would answer the question of his origin, since I had been told by Lee Gresham that Eliot Gresham fathered two sons only, Bennett Lacy and Robert Taylor Gresham - see earlier cols. Three boys are listed this entry.  

Meanwhile, on the same census page 263, in household 143 is John Vincent, son of the 1840 Pulaskian, b. Tenn 1826-27, soon to be killed in the war. Ch. listed are James, A. (“Art”), Sarah, HIRAM, Nancy E., Amanda, and Eliza. James' listing gives his age as thirteen, so he was b. c1847. By the time of active hostilities, he would have been about fifteen years old, just as Lee Gresham reported. Hiram Vincent, apparent son of John II, was b. Mo. c1852, and is of an appropriate -age to be the father of John Riley Vincent, b. in 1876. Hiram later lived in Ardmore, Okla. as I understand it, and may have d. there. Whom did he marry -- anyone have this?

Melvina Vincent Barnes -- contrary to earlier theories -- would seem to be a ch. of Hiram, also…I think that, given another 200-300 years on this we can figure it out.  

(Alice and John some time after their marriage moved to Kansas to work on a farm, thence to Ardmore, Okla., then back to Missouri to work on a Winnipeg farm. Then they moved to a Lebanon, Mo. farm which they may have owned.) “John broke horses and worked round-up also.” (After a time working in El Centro, Calif., they came back to Lebanon.) “Lindy and Lacey Gresham...bought a hotel...That didn't work out...” (Later, while the family lived in Trinidad, Colo., John contracted tuberculosis. They moved to Phoenix, Az. for his health, and he recuperated.) “Jewel says (my, emphasis - dv) that she [Allce] told her once that she and Jewel's father (John Riley Vincent) were cousins.”...”The first trip from Missouri to California was in a wagon.” “Alice and John were both members of the Christian Church. They were strict disciplinarians… Once when the Vincent and Bradford children were all playing together, they decided to marry Frank and Gladys. They made them jump over a broomstick, but Sam grabbed the broom and hit Frank with it, and accidentally broke Frank's arm.”

From Mrs. Hawkins' family group sheet come these additional comments: John Riley Vincent d. and is buried at Phoenix as is his wife. Alice m. only once. 

Interesting to see that this branch of the family continued to use the “Lacy” name in a later generation. My great-grandmother named her first boy Bennett Lacy Gresham; she was prob a dau of Bennett Musgrave and Anna Robinson. Lacy families are scattered throughout the South, of course, including the 1830 census of Morgan Co., Alabama...there could be a Musgrave-Lacy marriage yet to discover, as the years go by. 

Note that Alice Musgrave told her dau that Alice and John R. Vincent were cousins. We know that Sanford was a son of J. “Carroll” Musgrave, and that CSA soldier John V. m. “Old Lindy” Musgrave. This would establish a blood relationship,  probably bro and sister for Carroll and Lindy. We can thereby theorize that Carroll was prob also a ch. of Bennett Musgrave's first marriage, as were perhaps. Eliza Ann and Lafayette Brownfield (“Fite”) Musgrave. CSA Captain James Musgrave, 1st husband of Mary Jane Maxey, Is yet another appropriate but unproved relation. 

Bennett Musgrave has not been located in the 1840 census; the entry would list his ch. and furnish the first stage of proof for the above parentage. In his 1830 listing, p. 217 of Macoupin Co. Maple Creek Precinct, numbers were 11001-210001. He had one boy and two girls b. 1825-1830, and a boy and a little girl b. 1820-1825. Capt. James was b. Tenn c1823; Carroll b. Tenn c1825 Nancy Malinda (“Old Lindy”) was b. Ill. in 1828. All these births match the 1830 listing. In 1850, with Bennett in California was Thomas Musgrave, b. c1836 (and this lends even more weight to the belief that Bennett was a son of Thomas Musgrave early of N.C. and Lawrence Co. Tenn.) 

One Marion Musgrave, b. Mo c1842, may have been Bennett's last ch. by his first marriage. He was fisted with John C. Killman & fam. as “servant” on 213 Pulaski '5O, next door to Sarah Nelson Maxey Musgrave, Bennett's second wife. Marion (Prob. Francis Marion; or “Frank”) cannot be issue of Bennett and Sarah, as her Maxey spouse d. in 1843. Marion lived with Bennett and Sarah in 1860 census, when' Bennett had returned. No further trace of Marion.  

Missouri Agricultural Schedules: Next time you are in the State Historical Society of Missouri at Columbia, look at the 1850, 1860, 1870 and/or 1880 records made at the same as the census name. You might find a better spelling of your folk name and quite likely can learn how the family was getting along in those years. Missouri State Archivist Gary Beahan told me about them last October. They are little-known (until now!) and probably are worth a trip...would like an appraisal of them from a searcher, for the column. 


Responding to questions, my Richland cousin Dale Hicks told me last year that Margaret Jane Moore, whose Bible record we published here last year, was a dau of William H. Moore; same man was donor of land for the Waynesville courthouse.

The Richland Mirror June 16, 1983 #84 


During the early 1830's my great-great grandfather, Meshack Hyatt, his son Robert B. Hyatt, my great aunt, Frances Hyatt Wood and her husband Robert Wood—together with others — moved from Haywood Co., N.C. to Pulaski Co. Mo., where Meshack d. 1833 without will. Believe Robert B. Hyatt m. dau of Jesse Ballew and three ch. were b. Mo.

Need record of this marriage. He owned land in Laclede Co. during the late 1830's and returned to N.C. about 1840. Did any other of Meshack Hyatt's ch. marry and stay in Missouri? Elizabeth Hyatt? (m. Joshua Sweeney in 3rd m. of Pulaski Co.) or Jason Hyatt, husband of Mary Ann (Sally) Montgomery? Where are their descendants? Would be so grateful for any help -- glad to swap information. Willadean Hyatt Boyd, Route 6, Box 808, Morristown, Tn. 37814.


“My husband is descended from three early Pulaski Co Mo families:

SMELSER FAMILY (or Smelcer/ Smelser/etc.)

“The earliest info I have on the Smelsor fam is about John and Catherine Smelsor who were both b. c1780 in Tennessee. They are in 1830 Overton Co Tn census (p. 183 - dv.) and came to Mo. before the 1840 census. Two known ch.: 1. Philimon Smelser, b. c1800-1810 in Tenn., who in 1840 Pulaski had 3 sons and 4 daus listed. No further record. Secondly, Rebecca Jane Smelsor, b. Tenn 1811. She m. Thomas Brown c1833-34, prob in Overton; she d. 1850-60 in Pulaski. 


Thomas Brown and his bro Richard were both early Pulaski residents. Thomas, b. either N.C. or Tenn. c1804 (tho 1850 & 1860 censuses say b. Georgia - dv.), was a son of William and Sarah ( ) Brown. Thomas m. Rebecca ( ) and had two daus: Sarah Ann b. c1835 prob Ov. Co. Tn. was the 2nd wife of Henry DeckerText Box:    
of Pulaski Co. and secondly Nancy J., b. c1839 prob Ov. Co., Tn. Never married; no d. date. Thomas d. 1860-70 in Pulaski. Richard Brown, b. c1819 in (prob Ov. Co.) Tn. m. Nancy ( ), also b. 1819 Tn; believe they came to Pulaski somewhat later than bro Thomas. Issue of Richard and Nancy: Richard, b. c1839 Tenn.; 2. Priscilla L., or Paralee F., b. 1842 Pulaski Co Mo. Believe she m. ( ) Goodman. 3. Matilda or Melissa Rebecca, b. 1845-46 Pulaski; Believe she m. Jabez Goodman. She d. c1890 in Pulaski. 4. John Brown, b. Pulaski 1850. 5. William T., b. 1852 Pulaski, and 6. Perry Brown, b. Pulaski 1855. Richard, the father, d. Pulaski 1894; Nancy d. when?

The Brown Schoolhouse, near Hancock, Mo., was named after him (he donated land) and he may have taught there.  


David Decker and wife Mary Townsend were m. in Edmonson Co., Ky. in 1826. He was son of Henry Decker and Patsey Talley who lived in Mercer and Grayson Cos., Ky., and were originally from Mecklenburg Co., Virginia. David Decker was b. in 1804 in Mercer Co., Ky.; his wife b. c1809 Ky., the dau of George Townsend.  Issue of David and Mary:

1. Henry, b. 1828/1829 Grayson Co., Ky.; d. 1922 Catoosa, Rogers Co., Okla.; bur. Pulaski Co. His first wife was his 3rd cousin, Martha Decker, who d. shortly after their marriage. Had son Henry David, b. c1851.

2. Carolina, b. 1833 Grayson; d. 1916 McLean, Grayson Co., Texas; m. in Pulaski Co. c1853 John William Back.

3. Mahala, b. 1836 Grayson; m. ( ) Hancock; supposedly removed to California.

4. Tabitha, b. 1837 Grayson; m. Talton Anderson Bailey. Resided McLean, Texas; she d. 1920 Somerton, Yuma Co., Arizona.

5. Basheba, b. 1838 Grayson; m. ( ) Tucker and removed to Arkansas.

6. Welcome, b. 1839 Grayson; m. Mary Ellen Love in 1864 in Osage Co., Mo. May have lived in Belle, Maries (pron. “Marys” - dv.) Co. for a time; listed in 1880 Osage census. Welcome d. c1905.

7. Francis Marion, b. 1840 Grayson; went to Cal. c1880 and had horse ranch near Malibu; returned to Mo. c1894. Wife not known to querist; had crippled dau Marie, and sons George and Charles.

8. Martha, b. 1841 Grayson; m. Jesse Carmack in 1868, poss. in Pulaski. She d. 1904 and is bur is Crocker Cem., Pulaski Co.

9. Sarah, b. 1843 Grayson; m. ( ) Bechtold; resided for a while St. Louis, Mo.

then also supposedly went to California.

10. Merritt, b. 1844 Grayson; d. 1935. May have gone to Tx after 1880 although family appears on the 1880 Pulaski census, in Tavern Township. Wife Sarah ( ) was b. c1846.

11. Anderson, b. 1848 Grayson. Wife may have been Margaret Jarvis. May have gone to Okla., thence to Calif. by 1906. Listed on 1880 Pulaski, also in Tavern Twp.; Wife Margaret may have had a ch. by previous marriage: Anna, b. 1874.

12. Nancy, b. 1850 Grayson Co., Ky.; m. Joseph Klute and resided Cuba, Crawford , Co., Mo.

Mary Townsend Decker was left a widow soon after the fam. came to Pulaski, c1853. Unable to find her on Pulaski censuses after 1860 but was told she d. 1896 and was buried in Decker Cem. in Pulaski County.

More on Henry, son of David: his second wife was Sarah Ann Brown, m. in Pulaski 1854. He was a gunsmith. Issue of 2nd union:

1. Mary J. (“Polly”), b. 1856 Pulaski Co. near Hancock and Crocker. She d. 1928; m. Thomas Denton.

2. William Thomas, b. 1858 same location; m. Mary Angeline Hale 1881 Pulaski. They had ten ch., oldest of whom was querist's husband's grandmother, Cora Belle Decker, b. 1881 near Hancock/Crocker.

3. Francis Marion, 1859-1931. Never married.

4. Richard David, 1861-1930; m. Sarah Powell.

5. Nancy Catherine (“Katie”), 1863-1897 Pulaski. She m. Oscar H. Porter.

6. Jemima E. (“Mima”), b. 1866 (poss. Coles Co.) Illinois, the only ch. NOT b. on family farm near. Hancock/Crocker. She m. W. Thomas Dickson; d. 1938.

7. Andrew Jackson (“Jack”), b. 1870; m. 1894 Pulaski Co Flora Lee Tibbs. He d. Pulaski 1939. 8. Ambrose Alvin Decker, 1873-1953. Married 1st Hattie Loague; m. 2nd Mimi Ellen Scott McNeal. 

The Richland Mirror .June 23, 1983 #87 

Continued from last week....

Two other Decker families, believed to be cousins in some degree to David Decker b. 1804, were listed on 1840 & 1850 Pulaski censuses, but are lost to view after that:

William Decker (199 Pulaski '40, 214 Pulaski '50 - dv.) was b. c1810; his wife was Sarah (“Sally”) Skaggs, b. c1811 Kentucky. They were m. in 1832 Edmonson Co., Ky. Issue: Rebecca, 1833 Ky-1880 Mo; in. George Shaw in Richland, Mo. in 1853. Ezekiel Decker, the next ch., was b c 1835 Ky.; Henry, b. 1837 Ky. in. in 1859 in Pulaski Jane ( ); Hetha (female). b. 1837 Mo.; Mary (“Polly”), b. 1840 Mo.; Sarah (“Sally”), h. 1841 Mo., William, b. 1843 Mo., Margaret, h. 1845 Mo., and Lucretia Decker, b. 1849 in Mo.

Caleb/Calip' Decker (221 Pulaski '40, 203 Pulaski '50, 441 Texas '70 - dv.) was b. Ky. 1815-16. Wife Martha ( ) b. c 1818 Tenn. Ch.: Asariah, b. 1837/38 Ky., m. Samantha ( ); he d. 1870-1880, poss. in Pulaski. Jacob Decker, b. Ky. c1840, of whom nothing further; Eli, b. Pulaski 1842; John, b. Pulaski 1847; Ezekiel, b. 1845 Pulaski, and Caleb Decker, b. Pulaski 1850. 

“I am still looking for descendants of all families and would be willing to correspond with any interested husband also has Crews/ Cruise, Bumgarner and Willis fams who lived in Webster Co. at the time it was still called Greene Co.” Mrs. Wayne E. Cook, 35 E. Congress St., Villa Park, IL 60181.


Notes by dv. The 1830 census of Overton Co. Tenn., a county just to the northwest of Roane Co., contains on p. 183 not only the name of John Smelser as above, but that of William Bohannon (10001-0001) and James Worthen (30001-0001). I believe that, ten years later, all three of these men appeared on 223 Pulaski '40. Henry Stephens of 633 Camden 5O may have come from 182 Overton '30, while Thomas Brown above may have been in adjacent Bledsoe Co. Tn 1830 census on p. 272. Even more likely from Bledsoe were:

Samuel R. Sherrell: 268 Bledsoe '30, 204 Pulaski '40, and 188 Pulaski '50.

John Prater - poss from 269 Bledsoe '30 to 231 Laclede '50. Same page: Wm. Prater, who likely went to 262 Laclede '50. Andrew Branson - definitely. See “Ozark Reminiscences” (Goodspeed Publ., p. 300); See 273 Bledsoe '30; he appears in Mo on 877 Osage '50.

Pleasant Gibson - may have come from 277 Bledsoe '30 to 220 Pulaski '40.

John Riddle (see Jan 20, 1983 StP) on p. 281. On same page:

Samuel Grigsby, poss. same man who appears on 207 Pulaski '40 and 192 Pulaski '50.

Enoch Foster of 285 Bledsoe '30 may hay, next been listed on 213 Pulaski-'40; a pos 'son on p. 716 of 1850 Taney Co Mo census b. Tn c1820: E. Foster.

Timothy Davis, also on 285 Bledsoe, ma have gone to 573 Wright '50. 


Jonathan Hickman of 225 Pulaski '40, 487 Wright '50 and 879 Wright '60 is an interest of Mrs. Sibyl McClanahan Baker of 716 King Drive. Bedford, TX 76021, and she has sent a group sheet for the family. (Though Jonathan said in 1850 & 1860 censuses he'd been b. Tn, in 1880 and 1900 he said Virginia.) Born in March, 1820, he d. May 15, 1906 in Wright Co. Mo. and is buried at old Pleasant Hill Cem., now private property. His wife was Mary Young, b. 1826 Floyd Co., Ky., who d. in Wright Co in 1852. Buried same cem., which is sometimes called Benton Cem.; she was dau of Alfred Young and Ruth Rippee. Issue:

1. Jasper, 1842-1902; m. 1863 Mary Jane Bolden.

2. Elezabeth, 1843‑1886, m. 1864 James McClanahan.

3. Eliza, 1846-1867; m. ( ) Huffman, without issue.

4. Alfred, b. 1849, d. Civil War.

5. Catherine, 1851-before 1885; m. ( ) Iker. Left minor ch.

6. Ruth Hickman, b. & d. 1852. All births and deaths occurred in Wright Co. Mo.

Elizabeth Lee was Jonathan Hickman's second wife, whom he wed in 1853 in Wright Co.; b. Ind 1828, she d. 1917 near Rembert, Wright Co. She is buried beside Jonathan and his 1st wife. Issue:

1. Noah, 1854-1855

2. John R. 1858-1917; m. Lucy Matlock

3. Armelda, 1860-1949; never married,

4. Mary, 1862-1940; m. William 0. Summers.

5. Edward C.F., 1864-1959; m. 1st Sarah Ward.

6. Seward L.G., 1866-1931; m. Hila Young.

7. Arminda Hickman, b. 1870, m. 1st Thomas Young.

8. Laura Hickman, 1872-before 1908. All births in Wright Co. Burials listed at Pleasant Hill Cem. 

Mary Young, first wife of Jonathan, was dau of Alfred Young, b. Va. 1806; d. 1884 Wright Co Mo; Alfred m. 1825 Perry Co., Ky. Ruth A. Rippee. She was b. 1806 N.C. and d. Wright Co 1883; bur at Claxton Cem., Manes, Wright Co Missouri. Issue:

1. Mary, as above.

2. Hiram, 1828-1895. Born Floyd Co., Ky.; d. Wright Co.; 1852 Sarah Eliz. Hillhouse.

3. Jesse, b. 1833 Ind., m. Sarah J. ( ).

 4. Eliza, b. Ind. 1835, m. Nepthulum Goss and d. Cedar Gap, Wright Co.

5. Andrew Jackson, b. Ind. 1837, m. Malissa. Nichoalds. He d. on way home from Civil War, in 1865.

6. Nancy, b. Wright Co. 1839, Tn. James Cannon Claxton. She d. there 1878.

7. Charlotte, b. Wright 1840, m. 1858 Newton Hillhouse and d: in Wright 1910.

8. Alfred, 1842-1865, of whom nothing further.

9. Josiah Young, b. 1849 Wright Co Mo. 

Newton Hillhouse (1838-1917) was a son of Wilson Hillhouse and Nancy (or Mary?) Montgomery. Issue:

1. Martha, 1859-1948; m. 1887 James McClanahan

2. Edward B., 1861-1928, m. Delia Webb.

3. Eliza Jane, b. 1862, was 2nd wife of James Cannon Claxton and is bur. Durbin Cent.

4. Sarah F., 1864-1953; m. Wm. H. Claxton.

5. Ruth, b. 1868, m. Ray Noble; she is buried at Carney Cem.

6. Alfred Wilson, 1873-1951, m. Mary Ellen Royster.

7. Tobe Hillhouse, 1877-1884. 

Addenda: Mrs. Baker also notes another 1840 Pulaskian, William Kitchen Benton, on 227 Pulaski '40, saying his wife was Eliza Young, dau of Wm. F. Young. She d. 1849 and he re-married, appearing on 1850 census with wife Sytha. “The son John is Eliza's child...the Hyde family is from Roane Co., Tenn, according to obit for Mary Hyde Young, wife of Absalum H. Young.”...according to fam. tradition, Jonathan Hickman was orphaned before 1840 Micajah Hickman, living next door to Jonathan in 1850, is assumed brother. 

The Richland Mirror, June 30, 1983 #88 


“My mother, the former Mary McClary, is a first cousin to Don and Dale Hicks (as) their mother and her father were brother and sister...(genealogy) is fascinating hobby and very addictive. Fortunately, my mother is an encyclopedia of knowledge and most of her 'recollections' have proved to be true. 

The, names mentioned in the “Crockett Dockett” p. 85 can be thus. explained: Walter Maxey, father of Wm. and Henry D. of Pulaski Co. (my gr. gr. gr. grandfather) m. Sarah Allen, The Henry  Allen mentioned was most probably her brother. Walter and his brother William m. sisters, Sarah and-Mary Emily Allen, daus of Rhoda (Rhody) and Mary Allen. Edward Maxey was a son of Walter (b. 1797 Tn); he d. Itawamba Co., Miss. 'in 1860. Allen Maxey, also a son of Walter, was born 1796 in Tn and d. 1861-66 in Weakley Co. Tenn. Wm. Maxey was Walter Maxey's eldest bro, b. Sept. 1770, New River, Va. He grew up in Sumner. Co Tn with his pars Jesse and Mary ( ). He was a Rev'y War veteran and signer of the Cumberland Compact! In 1818, Wm and Mary Emily moved with fam, and Rhoda and Mary Allen to what is now Jefferson Co, Illinois, near Mt. Vernon. They lived out their lives there; desc still reside in area.

Walter Maxey, b. 1775 in prob Sumner Co., Tn, m. there 1795. He was forever on the move, living in Tenn., Ala., Mo., and Mississippi. 

Who were pars of Margaret A. Lane b 1829-30 Tn, d. 1897 Pulaski Co Mo? She m. James G. Maxey c1854; he was a son of Win. M. Maxey (1805-1843) and Sarah Nelson, later 2nd wife of Bennett Musgrave. James and Margaret were great grandparents of querist, who was born in Richland, Mo.

Mrs. Mary Lee Maxey Cox, Quarters 208B, Lowry AFB, COLO. 80230. 

On 1880 census of Maries Co., Jacob Monroe Hawkins- fam listed Perry Davis. an adopted son, pars b. Mo.; .he was b. 1875 near Vienna, Mo. Tradition says his mother d. when he was infant. John Perry Davis Hawkins (“Perry” or “J.P.”) was full name; need pars.

Russell Jones, Sr. d. 1885 at home of his dau Fannie, who m. Joseph Marion Hawkins, bro. of Jacob M. Hawkins.. Russell was father of Sarah, Jones, who m. latter Hawkins, Fannie Jones above, and ( ) Jones, wife of ( ) Davis. Last named union produced adopted son under discussion. Need names of siblings parents, dates. Mrs. Ashton (“Gene”) Hawkins Melancon, 527 Pint St., Thibodaux, LA 70301.

Who were pars of my great grandfather, Louis Luttrell (William Louis Luttrell?). b Tenn 1812/1817, and d. 1860-70 Pulaski Co. he m. Mahala Luttrell 1835; fam. listed on 1840/50 census -Schuyler Co. Illinois. She was dau of Shelton and Sarah Luttrell. Mrs. Alma Wiles, 51 New St., Sullivan, MO 63080. 

Fams of William and Bryant Teague were listed on 226 Pulaski '40 census (as were these Teague heads of household: John W., on p. 219, John W. on p 227, and David Teague on p. 227. - dv.) By 1850, Elizabeth, wife of William and her ch. were in Greene Co, Mo. What happened to William? Bryant Teague moved on to Arkansas.

Anxious to hear from anyone having knowledge of these fams, as well as the Esslinger and Bales fams of that area. Mrs. Modene R. Dove, 2003 Chalice Rd., Arlington, TX 76014. 

REPLY: Belinda Teague, prob widow of men on p 205 or 227, was listed on 509 Wright '50 by reason of likeliest neighbors; b. Ky. c1813 and was in Mo. before 1837. The two John W. Teagues are not the same man, if their “numbers” can be believed. Hannah Teague, b. Tn c1826, resided with the merchant Lewis Keedy on 245 'Laclede '50. William Teague, b. Tn c1801 (querist's man, of 226 Pulaski '40? age right.) appeared on 302 Webster '70 census. By the way a Bryant and William Teague both appear on the 1830 Madison Co Ill. census. One Joab Teague, h. N.C. c1813 is listed on 851 Osage '50. Wife Delilah b. N.C. c1814; ch. b. Mo. 1837 & 1839. Sarah F. Teague, b. 1825 in Tennessee on same page while on p. 852 appear John Teague, b. N.C. c1824 and Sarah Teague, b. N.C. c1795. David Teague, our 1840 Pulaskian on p. 227, is our oldest member of this name present. His numbers are 0011100001-000000001; thus, the senior man in this house was b. 1760-1770 and his apparent wife b. 1770-1780.

The 1790 census of North Carolina lists Teague fams in Counties Moore, Stokes, Rowan, and Burke, but no David Teague is present. Where in Ark. did Bryant Teague reside? 

The Richland Mirror July 7, 1983 #89 


From the querist's chart, compiled by dv: Samuel Love, Sr. d. Spring, 1826, Knox Co.. Tenn; he was f. of Isaac Love, b. 1782 Va. and d. 1866 Maries or Phelps Co Mo. Isaac m. Phoeba Connelly, b. 1793 Tenn. She d. Maries or Phelps Co. in 1866. Their son, Harvey Connelly Love, was b. 1814 Tenn; he m. Crawford Co Mo 1835 Martha Ellen Sands (1817-c1899) and d. 1895 at High Gate, Mo. Lee Davis Love, an asst. Judge of Maries Co, b. 1862 at High Gate m. 1883 Grove Dale, Mo. Anna Eliza (o) Eliza Ann) Imboden, b. Maries 1860 and d. Belle, Mo. 1933. They were pars of William Ernold Love (1894-1964) whose wife was Claire Alice (“Clara”) Bacon (1893-1959). James Lee Love, their son, (1913 Dixon-d. 1938) m. Pansy Cook.

John Sweigert (Swiegert? can't read it -dv.) Imboden was b. 1733 Berne, Switz­erland and died in 1819. He m. Elinor Diller (1743-1813). Their son John, b. Pa. 1765, m. Catherine Williams. John and Catherine's son, also John (1785 Pa - 1862 Iron Co Mo) m. 1819 Staunton, Va. Sarah Golloday, b. 1799 Va and d. 1877 Iron Co, Mo: They were pars of George Imboden, b. 1820 Augusta Co., Va., who m. 1845 Washington Co Mo Eliza A. Hughes. He d. Maries Co. 1902. Eliza, b. 1825 Washington Co,. Mo, d. 1903 in Maries Co., and their dau was Anna Eliza/Eliza Ann, wife of Mr. Love.

John Hughes m. Susannah Hays; they had son William b. 1792 or 1802 in Ky. or Tenn.; he m. 1822 Mary Kirkpatrick; he d. Rockwall. Texas in 1875. William m. 2nd Elizabeth Keller, b. c1814 Montgomery Co, Ky.; she d. 1870 at age 56 Washington Co Mo. They m. in 1834. Mary Kirkpatrick d. 1831. William and Mary's dau. Elizabeth (“Eliza”) Ann Hughes. was aforesaid George Imboden's spouse.

Lydall Bacon and Mary Allen were pars of Richard Bacon, b. 1760 in New Kent Co. Va. who in 1784 m. Nancy (“Ann”) Barnes, b. 1764-65 Lunenburg Co, Va. and d. Madison Co., Ala. 1828. Their son Washington Bacon, b. 1799 Lunenberg Co. Va., d. Ala. 1887. He m. Eliza Maria Miller (1809 Tn - 1866 Dade Co. Ga). Washington and Eliza were pars of Lydall Park Bacon, b. 1840 in Tenn or Alabama. Lydall P. d. 1902 Catoosa, Okla. His wife was Talitha C. Crismon, b. 1847 Mo. and d. 1911 Chouteau, Okla. Their son, James Hinton Bacon, was b. 1871 Dixon, Mo. and m. 1892 at Dixon 'Lydia Angeline Simpson, b. 1873 Dixon and d. 1930 Granite City, Illinois. James and Lydia begat “Clara” Bacon, wife of Wm. E. Love. She was born Dixon 1893 and d. 1959 at Granite City, Ill. John Barnes and Mary Porter were pars of Nancy “Ann” Barnes, wife of Richard Bacon.

Henry Miller and Martha ( ) were parents of ( probably) James H. Miller, the father of the wife of Washington Bacon.


Isaac Crismon and Judah ( ) were pars of Gilbert Crismon, whose wife was Frances Warren. Gilbert b. Va. c1793, was listed on 860 Osage '50, though Everett King says he d. in the 1840's -- see King, pp. 467-480, as well as previous entries here. Arch. Crismon, son of Gilbert and bro of Stephen of 204 Pulaski '40, was b. Warren Co Tn 1823. He m. Eliza T. Miller 1842 in Pulaski Co Mo and arrived in Oregon Mar 20, 1853, according to Oregon Donation Land Claim Records at Portland...dv.) William Crismon, son of Gilbert and Frances, was b. Tenn 1821 and d. 1886. He m. Martha Miller, b. 1825 Tenn.; she d. Catoosa, Okla., the dau of

John Miller of Va and wife Martha ( ), also of Virginia. William Simpson and ( ) Hughes were pars of William Simpson, b. c1808 Ky.; he d. in Maries having m. Elizabeth Serena Archer. Their son Samuel, b. Dixon, Mo. 1832, m. 1856 Lydia Angeline Powers. He d. Pulaski Co. 1905. Samuel and Lydia's dau m. James H. Bacon.

Alexander (not sure) Powers and Dolly Wheeler (ditto) were pars of John Thompson Powers, b. Mass. (now Maine) in 1806. John m. Osage Co. Elizabeth Ferrier, b. Tenn. 1804 and d. 1864 Maries Co. John d. Maries 1894.

Mrs. Judith L. Germann, 4013-E Parrish, Wahiawa, Hawaii 96786.

REPLY: John T. Powers, a very active minister, was on 184 Pulaski '50 census, showing dau Martha b. Tenn.. c1826. A man of this name appears on the 1823 Tax List of Rhea Co Tenn and the 1830 census as well, on p. 370: 001001-0000001. Same man? Also see 178 Williamson Co Tn '30 -- same name. One John I. Powers is on 226 Meigs (say “Meggs”) Co Tn '40 census; one Moses Powers is listed on 901 Osage ’50 b. Mass 1815 and one Alex Power appears on 902 Osage '50, h. Mass 1808. Suggest desc of Powers line try queries in New England gene periodicals; it is just about the only area of the USA where “Sharing the Past” has no least, no queries come from there. Martha Power(s), dau of John T., was wife of Wm. Gibson, Pulaskian 11619, says King on p. 134. John T.'s 1860 census listing has him b. c1807, on 538 Maries '60. Many thanks to Judy Germann, from all of us.


Alfred A. Pickering, b. c1813 England, m. Ann Greenstreet in 1840, in Gasconade Co Mo.; by 1850 he was in Tavern Twp., listed in census as schoolteacher. Still there 1860 with no wife listed and nine ch. though by 1870 he had apparently m. Elizabeth ( ) and had four more children. He d. Pulaski Oct. 1882. Ch. were:

1. Irwin G., b. 1840.

2. Henry J., b. 1841.

3. Rebecca H., b. 1843; m. ( ) Taggart.

4. Alfred A., b. 1845.

5. Lewis G., b. 1846, d. 1894.

6. William R., b. 1849 (has lumber business in Kans. City).

7. Virginia, b. 1852.

8. Charles D., b. 1854.

9. Allen T., b. 1855, listed as farmer in 1900 Miller Co. census.

10. Edward C., b. 1858.

11. Frances, b. 1864, m. ( ) Madden.

12. Martha, b. 1865. in. ( ) Gray.

13. Mary E., b. 1867.

14. Almeda, b. 1869, m. ( ) Herron.

15. Fred Pickering, b. 1876.

Seeking any information; desc, dates of death, spouses. burial sites. Harry L. Gary, HCR-I, Box 426 Highlandville, MO 65669. Tel 417-587-3845. 

Calvin D. Hicks settled on Roubidoux River c1859, Pulaski Co, before moving t Ozark County. Born 1823 Dickson Co, Tr and d. c1875 in Arkansas. His bro Winfield Hicks (ancestor of the Hicks twins Richland - dv.) moved to Pulaski c1855. their pars were James Hicks and Mai Marlow.

J.T. Holt, 6200 Charnwood Dr Rockville, MD 20852.

REPLY: Question referred to Dale Hicks but since neither party has let me know progress has been made am printing query...Tom Turpin wrote that the twins were planning some research at Columbia and we may have more on the Hicks later. 

Charles Dean m. Melinda Jane Pry poss a second wife. Lived late 180 Phelps Co.; their dau Nancy Ellen was grandmother. Jean Deines, Rt. 1, Box 3 Bixby, OK 74008. 

The Richland Mirror, July 14, 1983 #90 

Our McCager Keeth (Texas Co census 1850, 1860, 1880) was also known as Micajah Keeth/Keith; am sure he is the Micajah Reath listed in 1840 Pulaski, (p- 224: 00001-0 - dv..) John the one-year-old boy shown in 18.50 Texas census (p. 44) was later to be my husband's great grandfather, John Melvin Keith. Can reader identify Micajah/McCager Keeth further?

Querist is confident he is the grandson of a Micager Keith b. Montgomery Co., Va., son of Joshua Keith b. 1768 who was the son of James Keith, Jr.; the only known sons of Micager were John and William. She writes, “I just KNOW our McCager descends from this family” -- any proof, out there? Lurene Rose Bivin, Box 672, Drumright, OK 74030.


REPLY: I agree that the men listed on 224 Pulaski '40 and 44 Texas '50 are the same. Mr. Keith's 1880 Texas Co census listing states both he and pars were b. Ky., on p. 361. 

Grant Warren m. Margot Hemphill. Ch. were Barney, b. 1904, Tom, Carl, John, Farence, m. (   ) Myers; Dorothy, who m. ( ) Brown, and Dora, who m. ( ) Morehouse. Fam. lived near Falcon, Laclede Co, Mo. Jesse C. Warren, Box 223 E, Liberty Center, Ohio 43532. 

Two of my ancestors were 1840 Pulaskians: John H. Elam (221 Pulaski '40, 206 Pulaski '50 - b. Tenn. 1815 - dv.) and David Jarrell (of 229 Pulaski '40 - dv.) Would very much like to have the fams included in your book...please advise. Mrs. Hazle A. Tyler, 2258 So. Virginia Ave., Springfield, MO 65807. 

Nathan Jarrell of 229 Pulaski '40 (name precedes David) went to Nevada (pron. “Nuh VAY duh”), Vernon Co Mo. His dau m. Dr. ( ). David Jarrell's wife Sally (I had suspected she was his widow and Hazle confirms it) was b. N.C. c1777, on 206 Pulaski '50. Also, as I recall, we agreed that the fam. had come from Warren Co, Tenn. (see earlier cols) as both Nathan and David are listed on 325 Warren '30 census and ' nearby is Lemuel Elam. 

My maternal great-grandparents came west from Mo; my grandmother was b. Walla Wall, Wa. in 1869. Came from Rolla and Vichy, Mo. where fam. members resided in the 1920's. Simeon Feeler m. ( ) King and secondly ( ) McKinley; is bur in a Lakeview Ore. (Lake Co.) Cemetery. Mary Elizabeth Feeler, my grandmother.  Frank Duke (1860-1940). Duke fam. is also from Missouri.

Mrs. Ruth White,, 2214 Fifth St., #3, Tillamook, OR 97141. 

REPLY: One Simion Feeler appears on 164, Pulaski '50, an area that by 1860 was part of Maries County; this man was b. Va. c1808, and birthplaces of ch. place him in Ind.  c1832-1849. Everett King's “Hist. of Maries” says (p. 417) that bras Thomas and Simon Feeler came to the Maries area from Indiana very early. Thomas' wife was ( ) Hartley. A full outline of Simon, father of the man who went west to Washington State as a single young man is found on pp. 420-421, ibid. Simon, Sr. m. Deborah E. Daley; he was a collier at the famous Meramec lron Works.

The Duke family is also briefly discussed by King, though Frank is not mentioned, according to index. Some of the fam. lived in Granite City as late as the 1930's. 

HELLER -EISNER - VINSON/VINCENT William Heller, Sr. and William Heller, Jr. were born in Austria; 1847 and 1848, respectively; Father of Wm. Sr. may have 'been Samuel Heller, and we know his mother was Ann Eisner Heller. The pars of William Jr- were Moses Heller and Lena ( ).

William Sr. and Jr. were business partners in a Rolla, Mo. clothing store about 1867 to 1877 era. William Heller Sr. continued with the Heller Store for Men, and William Heller Jr. moved to Dixon, Mo. where he was a successful businessman. What was the relationship of the two men? Will share information. 

Daniel Vinson/Vincent, of Giles Co Tn, Callaway Co MO and later Adams Co, Ill. an ancestor of mine yours, too? (Not that I know of. Families often repeated the early names and my V's are usually John, James or Henry. dv.) Mrs, Coralee Paull, 8001 Rosiline Dr., St. Louis, MO 63105. 

Here's another Vincent question, from our friend in Midland, TX, Ruth Bock: VINCENT -NICKS  - BENCH - BATEMAN - HANEY - HOWARD - GARNER - BECKETT - PRESSLEY - LONDON – HAYDEN

My  grandmother, Jane Vincent, m. Marion Lawrence Bench, who was b. in Pulaski Co. in 1868. He was son of Chris. and Elvira Howard Bench. Effie Nicks m. Rob Vincent. She was short -- 5 feet or less -- and Uncle Rob said all the Vincents were too tall so he aimed to Effie and “even up the race.” It didn't work -- all his boys were over six feel like the Vincents! I need help on this Nicks-Vincent relationship.

REPLY: Ruth has recently been able to trace Elvira Howard; more later. She and I several years ago decided that we were running different lines of Vincents; fresh proof: my grandfather and his brothers, and Old Jim Vincent, were rather short. (There is belief in the family that our height increased only when we m. into the Wolfe line of Texas County; Andy Wolfe's 'wife was a Hampleman, and the wife of the author of the recent Hampleman book observed that one could always spot a Hampleman: “They're tall. and intelligent, with big ears.”) 

Vincent Family Record;

Contributed by Ruth Bock, Rt 3, Box 522-H, Midland TX 79701

James Albert Vincent, Jr., b. 1845 Clinton Co., Ky. and d. 1886 Howell Co Mc, married 1865 Edmonson Co. Ky. Barbara Garner, dau of John Killingsworth Garner and Nancy Beckett. Ch. of James Albert and Barbara: Robert Marion Vincent (“Rob”), b. Ky. 1866, m. Effie Nicks, b. Mo.; d. Southeast Mo. 1950. 2. John Samuel Vincent (“John”), b. Ky. 1868; m. Ellen Pressley; d. Howell Co Mo 1958. 3. Albert Volentine Vincent (“Vol”), b. Ill. 1870, m. Eliza London; d. Okla 1957. 4. Thomas Henry Vincent (“Tom”), b. Ky 1871 m. Martha Bateman; d. 1947 Wash State. 5. Sarah Jane Vincent (“Jane”), b. Ky 1873, Marion Lawrence Bench; she d. 1953 Howell Co. Mo. 6. Eliza Dove Vincent (“Dove”), b. Ky 1876, m. Marshall Hayden; d. Mo. 1958. 7. Martha Ellen Vincent (“Ell”), b. Ky 1858. m. Crawford Pressley; d. Mo 1970. 8. Walker Minnafee Vincent (“Walker”), b. Mo. 1882, m. Vasti Haney; d. Mo. 1965. 9. Emma Curtie Vincent, b. 1885; d., 1964. (Ref. Vincent Family Bible; Edmonson Co Ky. Marriage Records) 

Elisha Bowman, my great great grand- father, lived in early Texas and Wright Co's. John E.N. Williams, -b. Va c1814, merchant, resided with Elisha. (On 8 Texas 'SO, Town of Ellsworth - dv.) “I had long wondered if John E.N. Williams was related -to my Elisha or his wife Lucinda and...your column provided the answer...1 (had) received a letter from Mrs. Shirley Wenger of the Texas Co. Gene. Society mentioning ... “Sharing the Past” ...the Bowman ch. were Joseph, Emely, and Amelda , Adella Bowman, who was my great grandmother...Always happy to share.” Shandra Bateman, 140 Alhambra Hills Dr., Martinez, CA 94553. 

July 21, 1983 #91

No family information in this column

July 28, 1983 #92

Capt. John Hughes Sr. was b. 1774 in Virginia; m. Susannah Hays, b. 1774 Virginia. They were early Mo. settlers, near Irondale. Two of their grandchildren settled in Marks County. George Hughes, son of Wm. Hughes and Elizabeth Keller, has 2nd wife, was the Probate Judge of Maries in 1880. His ch. were Thos. A., Wm. N., Armilda E., (among_ others, whose names are not known to me.) Eliza Ann Hughes, dau of Wm. Hughes and his 1st ' wife Mary Kirkpatrick, m. George Imboden and they removed to Belle, Mo., Maries County. Ch.: James, John H., Thos. V., George W., Joseph S., Benj. F.; Columbus C., Eliza Anne, and Albertson Imboden. Eliza Anne, only dau, m. Lee Davis Love. Some desc migrated to Dixon, Mo. 

Thomas Lee, b. 1779 (or 1777), d. 1874, m. Sarah McGregory or Gregor. Their son, John A.J. Lee, was a doctor during the Civil War. John A.J. Lee in. Rachel Hendrickson; his grave is about three miles west of Crocker, Mo., on the old Paton Caldwell farm, now known as, the old Clyde I. Jennings farm. Their dau, Rebecca Jane Lee, m. James Paton Caldwell Jr., she having been born in 1849. There were 12 ch., including my mother, Dora Beulah Caldwell (1891-1966), who m. Everett Hancock.

An old picture showed CSA Gen. Robert E. Lee and John A.J. Lee standing together; the southern hero had his right hand on great grandfather's shoulder. Was there a kinship? Picture was as large as a horse collar. Mrs. Marie Boren, Star Hawkeye) Route 3, Crocker, MO 65452. 

REPLY: Thank you for writing. We had a 1981 Caldwell query from Judith A. Richardson, Rt. 2, Box 85-18, Ozark, MO 65721 with perhaps the same line; she is a great-granddaughter of Mary Caldwell, the latter a dau of a James (b. 1833 Ala) and Mary Ann ( ) Caldwell, b. Missouri., Both their pars were b. Kentucky. Ch. of James And Mary Ann were Mary Elizabeth b. 1860; JAMES, JR., b. 1862 William b. 1863; George W., b 1865; b 4867; Hester Ann, b. 1869; Elbert, b. 1872 Barth Serena, b. 1874; Francis M. b.11876; John P., b. 1877; and Delia Jane, .b. Sept 1879.  

ZUMWALT - BALLEW - HARRISON - LEWIS - WOOD MONTGOMERY CARVER - ARCHER (condensed - dv.) Art Murrell, 5647 So. Boston, Tulsa, OK 74105 writes (in part): " June of 1975 I (attended) the Hammack-Pruitt reunion... One of my Murrell relatives had heard that a Mrs. Vernie William Zumwalt of Richland had the old Jesse Ballew family Bible (and) I sat, with Bill and Minnie (in church). It was coincidence that Bill's brother, retired Lt. Col. Ralph H. Zumwalt...was the guest preacher. (However, Mrs. Zumwalt) did not have the Bible...She did follow through with information about her immediate family, and her parents.

Thomas J. Zumwalt, Sr. was a pioneer preacher in Missouri;. he was b. 1840 in Franklin Co Mo and d. in 1927. He m. Sarah Jane Manes of Richland; their son, Thomas Zumwalt, Jr., was the father of both former chaplain Ralph H., and V. William Zumwalt. Harrison Zumwalt, a bro of T.J., Jr., was b. 1885, m. Clarcie Henson in 1906, and d. in 1946.

Compiler of this record: Mrs. V. William Zumwalt, nee Minnie Alice Ballew, to whom we send our gratitude. 

Desc. of Pioneer of Missouri Jesse Ballew

Jesse Ballew, b. 1770-1774 North Carolina, d. 1838 in Missouri. His wife, Charity Montgomery, was b. 1780 (?) N.C., and also d. Missouri. Their son, David Montgomery Ballew. was b. Apr 27, 1815 in. N.C. and d. Missouri. Mary Frances, spouse of David, was similarly b. N.C. and d. Missouri. Their issue included Jesse Newton Ballew, b. 1836 and d. 1870 in Mo.; Margaret Adeline, b. 1838 Mo.., and 'Mary Laura, b. 1841 Missouri. Of these, Jesse N. m. Maria Wood, b. 1842 Md.; their son, David Martin Bailey/ (1860-1940) m. Martha Ellen Harrison (1866-1931), a dau. of pioneer John B. Harrison and wife Lucinda Lewis. Niar Ballew, dau of Jesse & Maria Ballew, (1862-1935 Kansas), m. William Archer. A son of David M. Baillew was John Martin Ballew, (1894-1954), whose wife was Molly Carver, h. and d. Missouri. Compiler of this family record was the daughter of David M. and Martha Ellen Harrison; the latter couple m. Mar. 8, 1888. Minnie became Mrs. Zumwalt in 1930.

REPLY: So happy to hear more about David Ballew (sp. "Billoo"in 1840: 10001-101-01). He was listed on '221 Pulaski '40, 199 Pulaski '50, and 269 Pulaski '60, wherein he states he was b. 1816/1815 in N.C. (Remember that the time, of year the census was taken can change age listings; don't worry about a small discrepancy.) In 1840, David Billoo was only two names away from Mr. J. Murrell's ancestor, Thomas Stark. 

In an early issue of Ellsberry's "Mo. Researcher" (date not recorded -- sorry) Mrs. Forrest B. Doshier, 1501 So. Rusk, Amarillo, TX 79102 on p. 14 contributed a lengthy article on this family, some of which is a copy of data in "Early Hist. of the Northern Ozarks", by Gerard Schultz, 1937. She wrote,

"Through family tradition - Jesse Ballew is supposed to be the father of my great grandmother, Susan Ballew Jones...have certification ... from Polk Co Mo of the m. of Susan Ballew to John Jones of the County of Benton in 1837. Susan, b. 1824, d. 1889 Pilot Point, Texas...John Jones, b. 1816 N.C. or Tenn., d. 1877 and is buried in Jones Cem. near Pilot Point...

"From Jones-Montgomery Genealogy  compiled by Hazel Houck of Stillwater,

p. 24 (comes) the following Bible record, furnished by Lester Caves, 2228 Oxford St., Houston, Texas: 


Margaret, b. May 12, 1798; Nancy, b. April 30, 1800; Polly, b. Nov 18, 1802; Twins Amy and Elizabeth, b. Jan 12, 1805: Frances, b. Oct 7, 1807; Ruth, b. Dec. 8, 1809; Charity, b. Dec 1, 1812; David M., b. April 27, 1815; Rachel, b. Feb 27, 1818; and Robert Ballew, b. Aug 31, 1828 or 1838.

"..There was a Belew's Creek in Forsyth Co., North Carolina. Jesse could be listed as a head of household in 1800 N.C. Census..."

The Richland Mirror August 4, 1983 No. 93


Elizabeth Quick, b. 1833 Mo. m. William Harrison Sanders, b. 1831 Mo., in Osage 152. Believe Elizabeth's pars were William and Rachel, b. 1803 and 1810 Ky. Need Rachel's maiden name. Was William H. Sanders' mother Isabella Slaven, a dau of William Stuard Slaven and Anna Hawkins? Sue B. Harris, 4524 Alta Vista Lane. Dallas, TX 75229.


Great grandparents were Jasper Newton Strawhun and Mary Ellen Wade; they m. in Rolla, Mo. 1874. She was b. Lebanon, Laclede Co, in 1854. Need pars of Mary Ellen; there are several M.E. Wades listed in census, but can't determine which one is mine. Mrs. Beverly A. Trask, 1609 Colorado Blvd., Eagle Rock, CA 90041.

I am desc of Hiram N. Dodd (1806-1865) and his father James Dodd (1782 Va -.1843 Pulaski Co Mo). Need James' middle name, pars names and residence in Virginia. Hiram was on 1850 and 1860 census of Cannon Co.. Tenn.; James m. Cynthia ( ). CDR Edwin C. Dodd. ret., 48303 N. 20th St. W., Sp. 59, Lancaster, CA 93534.


Robert Jefferson Wood was my great great grandfather; his son George M. had nine ch., one of which was my grandmother, Mary Jane W. Hudgens. Seek info on Thomas J. Wood, and twins Jesse M. and Mary E. Wood. In "Sharing the Past" col. #4 it was stated that Ben Wood m. one of the Vincent girls -- who was Ben Wood's father? Mrs. Joan Quesenberry, R.3, Box 120, Plato, MO 65552.

REPLY: Ben Wood and wife Martha Vincent, my great aunt, went west to . Colorado; she d. young, and he re-married.

Desc now living in Denver -- Mrs. Melba Woods Rugg, 1368 So. Fairfax, Denver, CO 80222 -- says that Benjamin Byron Woods (the son of Michael Marion Woods, grandson of William) was b. in Washington Co., Mo in 1872; he d. 1956 in Montrose, Colorado. Matter of fact, Melba and a Woods cousin in 1982 completed a Woods Family book, and she is active in the Michael Marion Woods Family Organization, serving as Treasurer.



Dr. James Dodson, who lived in Camden Co., d. 1832 leaving a widow and ten ch: three sons and seven daughters. One son, Dr. William M. Dodson, lived in Camden in about 1836. My husband's grandfather's name was Joseph R. Dodson, who m. Hattie West; issue: James, Benjamin ("Ben"), Thomas, William ("Will"), Mary Blanche, and Lucy Dodson. Mary Blanche m. A.T. Gay; she was b. 1888 and d. 1981. Thomas Joseph Dodson m. La Verne Lewis, and they are my husband's parents. Mrs. Gerald L. Dodson, 121 E. Hunt St., #308, Warrensburg, MO 64093.

REPLY: As I wrote this querist, Lucy Dodson of 232 Pulaski '40 appears to have been the wife of John Dodson, and perhaps d. before 1850. Three sons were James N., b. Tenn c1814 on 659 Camden '5O; William, b. Tennessee c1811 on 666 Camden '50, and Benjamin (confirmed by Goodspeed) on 672 Camden '50. Lucy was administratrix of James Dodson, who d. intestate. Bond dated 1839, a seeming contradiction between county records and Goodspeed.


In reply to my 1982 letter to the Stiles Family Organization, 1798 Stiles Rd., R.F.D. #1, Penn Yan, N.Y. 14527, Mr. Leon Stiles kindly replied (in part):

William and Ceyborn (Seaborn & Francis Ceyborn & vars.) (of 205 Pulaski '40-dv.) were sons of a John Stiles and wife Margaret Lynch Stiles who moved from, N.C. to Tennessee, where John d. 1832 Lincoln Co., Tenn. Besides William and Ceyborn, he had sons: Aaron, James, John, Jr., and Samuel. These last three moved to Texas, and then William and Ceyborn moved there, after a period of time in Missouri. Ceyborn was m. twice, and had five ch. by each wife. He d. 1874 at Thorndale. Texas.

William Stiles m. Piety ( ) and had eleven ch. (one of them another Seaborn), and he d. 1885 at San Saba, Texas. There are several hundred desc of each brother. William was listed in Campbell Twp, Greene Co Mo in the 1850 Census. He moved to Travis Co, Texas, before the 1860 Census.

Alan D. Stiles, 12105 Chicamauga Trail S.E., Huntsville, Ala. 35803, is from a branch of this fam. and is publishing a research paper on it...would appreciate'. hearing from desc as he wants to publish a book.

We have no proof, but it seems to fit together that at least twenty large family groups in our files were all descendants of a Stiles immigrant into Virginia about 1642. The. names John and William are repeated in almost every generation, and it makes it very hard to trace, but they seemed to have moved southward into the Carolinas before the Rev. War and some of the veterans were discharged in northern Georgia. (Do not confuse with the Atlanta, Ga., Stiles family). The Virginia line all had large families, and I think that there were four Johns (i.e., four men named John Stiles) in N.C. in 1790 Census.

Queries for the Stiles/Styles fam. should go to Mrs. Cynthia Stiles McQueston, P.O. Box 131, Haydenville, Mass., 01039.


My great great grandfather, Robert C. Blankenship, is in the 1840 Pulaski census, on p. 205. Later the fam. appears in Webster and Wright Counties. Robert C. Blankenship was b. June 18, 1798 in Virginia, and d. Mar. 25, 1869. He is bur. 5 miles north of Seymour, Webster Co. His wife was Celah Pegg, b. Jan 1, 1798 Va.; she d. Nov 8, 1857, and is also bur. at site north of Seymour. Second wife was poss Martha Good, 1860 in Webster Co. Issue of

Robert C. and Celah: William; Mary, b. 1829 Tenn; Angeline; Catherine, b. 1826 Tenn; Robert D., b. 1828 (near Nashville?) Tenn, and d. 1904. Married 1st Mary Mallory; other ch. were Nancy, b. 1836 Tenn; Poleman A. (Peter?), b. 1837 Tenn; and Malvina (Jane?), b. 1841 Mo. and m. 1864 Wm. George. (?)

Robert D. Blankenship. 1828-1904, had first wife Mary Mallory, who d. April, 1881. They had perhaps two children. Robert D.'s second wife was Eliza Jane Patterson, b. 1851 Clayton Co., Iowa, and d. 1932 at Manes, Wright Co. She is bur. near Manes; her first husband was Wiley Dowden, who d. 1879, leaving issue. She was dau of Alfred G. Patterson and Sarah J. Byerly. Ch. of Robert and Eliza: James R., b. 1887; Lawrence Eugene (querist is his oldest grandchild), b. 1889 at Manes, Wright Co; he m. 1912 Ida Leola Bohannon, and d. 1961. Their third ch. was

Pete E. (Renard?), b. 1892 Mo.; Mina T., a dau, was b. 1895.

Was Robert D. Blankenship mayor of Marshfield, Mo.? We know he was a Mason (his tombstone has the Masonic symbol on it) and he attained Masonry's highest rank. Mrs. Lee Blankenship Starr, Rt. 1, Box 87K,  Athol, Idaho 83801.

REPLY: Robert C. Blankenship is listed successively on 205 Pulaski; 40, 470 Wright '50, and 851 Webster '60. THANK YOU.

Mrs. Starr! By the way there are Starr fams in 1840 Pulaski: on p. 232. John & David (a Camden Co. area) and on p. another John (though it's very hard to read -- could be something else -- Abigail? whose fam. numbers are 1-10001. This also Camden area; only fam. of this name found, in That neighborhood was one Abigail Star, b. Ohio c1817 on 675 Camden. Can anyone help with some information on these Star/Starr folks?


Michael S. Cole; M.D., contributor of the large Sullens/Sullins article seen here in early 1983, add that Rueben Skidmore was listed among the heirs of Reuben Sullens, who d. in Laclede Co Mo in Feb not know the exac probate record where this is located Nearly every Sullins and Sullens America today descend from the family living in colonial Halifax Co., Virginia.

Richard, who d. there in 1770, seems to be the father of Josiah, John, and Nathan. Josiah d. there in 1 1773. John removed to Rutherford Co. NC., about 1783 and then St. Louis, Mo. of Sullens family in Missouri, Nathan went to Roane Co., Tn.

MASSEY - more

"The James Massey you are looking for (1840 Pulaskian, on p. 209 - dv.) died .in 1 Laclede Co Mo in 1860. He was my great grandfather's great uncle, and the reason my g-g-grandfather moved to Missouri. Known ch. of James and Rebecca were Henry (#462 in the recent Laclede Co. History, p. 391.), Martha, Jacob, Sarah, Jefferson, Mark, Richard, and Sallie Ann.

James was the son of Henry Massey and Rebecca Blake Massey who were m. in 1781 in Wake Co., N.C. James' bro John was my ancestor and his nephew, also John, m. Winnie Bennett 1817. James' great nephew, also James, moved 1850 to 1860 from Lawrence Co Tenn to Wright Co Mo was my g-g-grandfather.

By the way, Judge Frank Massey has my ancestors in the wrong line—mine do descend through Henry!

Sandra Sue Holden, Rt. 1, Hallsville, MO 65255. Tel.: 314-696-3590.


Marine Sgt. Ralph J. Butteris Jr., son of Julia A. and Ralph J. Butteris Sr. of Stoutland, Missouri, has been awarded an Meritorious Mast while serving with Second Force Service Support Group Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. A Meritorious Mast is official recognition from a Marine's commanding officer for superior individual performance. It is issued in the form of a bulletin published throughout the command, and a copy is records the Marine's permanent service record. 


Great-grandmother Martha Emily Butcher m. Timothy Jenkins Guthrie 1849 Dallas Co Missouri; she was b. Tenn 1830 and d. 1922 Polk Co., Mo. Mr. Guthrie, b. 1825 Tenn., d. 1889 Laclede Co. Mo, and is buried at Davis Cem., town of Dove, Laclede County.  Also tracing fams Lee/Lea, Hudgens, Bishop, Taylor, Tucker, Tennison, Crump, Bryant, and Davis. Much Guthrie data happy to share. Mrs. Darrell Atchley (Donna), Box 847, Morro Bay, CA 93442.

REPLY: Our 1840 Pulaski census includes David Butcher, b. Tn. 1804, of 225 Pulaski, '40 and 505 Wright '50. He may have come from p. 181 of 1830 census of Anderson Co., Tenn., as did perhaps Ezekiel Butcher of 525 Wright '50. One David Butcher m. Rebecca Clifton 1851 Greene Co. Mo. Jesse and William Lee are on pp. 201 & 223 in 1840 Pulaski. William, Robert, Dabney and James Hudgens are in same group, as are two John 'Tuckers, two Tennisons, four Bryants, and one dozen Davis families. John Atchley of Meigs Co. Tenn. area came to Goodwin Hollow of Laclede Co c1838. He d. Laclede 1881. He is listed on p. 353 of Rhea Co Tn. 1830 census, in my opinion. Atchley kin came out of Penn., father Martin A. having been born, reared, and married there. (Goodspeed). Joseph J. Thrailkill, next door to John Atchley in 1840, prob came  from 352 Rhea '30.


"Josiah L. Winfrey had a farm near Montreal, Camden County: (One James Winfrey. b. Tn c1815 is on 674 Camden '50 - dv.) His dau Vallonia ("Lona") m. John Robinson Oursbourn; Josiah was Montreal postmaster about 1915-20. Lona, my mother, had six sisters; one bro died as infant. My grandmother d. giving birth to the bro; she was ( ) Amos. Grandfather m. 2nd, poss a Carnes. The sisters were Etta Parrish, Sue Wilson, Bea Stone, Rebecca Peters, Mary Sweatt, and Joan Sellars.

Edward ("Edd") Oursbourn was my grandfather; he m. (Sarah?) Dodson or Dotson. Ch. were Will, John, Lum (Absolem? dv.) and Jimmy. Girls were Lou Looney, and Margaret ("Meg") Gibson. Will m. Margaret Shaha. Lum m. ( ) Deberry. Jimmy d. young, ambushed while driving stock to water at Gibson or Sellars Creek. My father lost his sight at about age thirty-five, and lived blind for about 35-37 years. My grandfather Oursbourn rode with Ouantrell the outlaw during the Civil War." I  have always spelled my name Osborne, though to be correct it is Oursbourn...Cecil W. Osborne (christened William Cecil), -Box 322, Richland, MO 65556.

REPLY: Several readers share your lines and hope all can pool knowledge. Camden Osbourn/Osburn, etc.- fams in 1850 included Mary on p. 642, a widow with ch. b. Ky. 1831-1837, then Mo. 1842-1847; Ambrose Osborn was b. Va c1824, on 652 Camden '50. One John Osborn, b. N.J. c1792, resided with the Abraham Rowden fam. in 1850 Osage Co Mo census, `p. 852. One Stephen Osborn, b. Va c1802. is on 282 Laclede '50.


My great grandfather, John Wesley Wilson, was b. 1861 at Iberia, Miller Co Mo; he m. Lena Kohensky 1879 at Tuscumbia. She was b. 1865 Cedar Mo. Need pars, dates. Mrs. Darlene Floyd Rt. I, Box 976C, Licking. MO 65542.


Andrew Jackson Hensley, b. Mo 1823, m. Hester E. Nix in Franklin Co., Mo in 1844. Listed in 1880 Pulaski census. Seek information & appreciate any help. Evelyn Looney, 1703 Roanoke, Springfield, MO.

REPLY: Nice to talk to you last fall. Sorry this took so long to reach print, but hope you'll find some Hensley kin as a result.


Are any desc of John and Catherine Stuhlfelder) Grotha still residing in Dillon Twp. Phelps Co Mo area? Trying to contact Rosa L., b. 1884; Wm., b. 1886: Albert, b. 1889; John, b. 1891; Francis, b. 1893; Joseph, b. 1895 or Mary, b. 1897. My great grandmother Mari (Brake) Stuhlfelder was Catherine's guardian at time of marriage, in Franklin Co., Mo. My info is from Phelps 1900 census and Franklin Co's marriage records; I suspect Catherine was dau of Joseph and Elizabeth Stuhlfelder and step-dau of Mari. Appreciate greatly any help given. Barbara Klingelsmith-Geisert, 290 Birchfield Dr., Marietta, GA 30067.


Seek info on ancestors of my great-grandparents. Ross Crow, b. 1816 Franklin Co. Mo., m. 1847 Crawford Co Mo. Elizabeth C. Sullivan, his 2nd wife. He d. 1891 and both he and wife are buried in Crow Cem., Sullivan, Mo. She was b. 1832 in Crawford Co Mo and d. 1879. R.E. Deffenbach 30952 Ariana Laguna Niguel, CA 92677.

The Richland Mirror Aug. 18, 1983 #95


"...Since I wrote you (with material previously published) I have heard from another Crismon researcher, Nathiel Kraemer of Beavercreek, Oregon. She corrected some of King's data on this family. Campbell Crismon is NOT the founder of this Missouri family. In fact, no Campbell Crismon has been found before the 1850's.

The first Crismon (or Chrisman) in Mo. was Isaac Chrisman (c1763-1838). He m. Judy Wallen (?), who was probably half-Cherokee. From probate records, ch. were: 1. Jane - m. Samuel Scissel & resided Ky.: 2. Polly - m. ( ) Lewis; res. Indiana; 3. Margaret - m. James Helton; 4. Gilbert –m. Frances ( ); 5. Isaac  lived in East Tenn.; 6. Nelly - in. James Brumley; 7. Aggy – m. ( ) Williams; 8. William W. m. Margaret Whrattles (King listed him as Gilbert's son). And 9th, Stephen Crismon,

who m. 1st ( ) Breeding, and 2nd Sarah ( ). King listed some of his ch. as Gilbert's grandch.)

James Helton prob. m. 1st Margaret Chrisman, and secondly in 1831 Mary Hill.

Isaac Perkins, b. N.C., m. in 1801 Rebecca ( ), 1783-1848. He d. Mo. 1829. Among their children were Isaac, who m. Elizabeth F. Lewis; Hiram, who m. Tabitha ( ); Charlotte, who m. John Lewis, and John?, who m. Sarah ( ).

Isaac Perkins Jr 1822-1896 m. 1843 Osage Col., Elizabeth F. Lewis had issue: 1. Napoleon Bonaparte (1844-1927), 2. Isabella C. (1848-1942); 3. William .J., (1851-1870); 4. Mary Delinie, 1853-1928; 5. Sweet Babe, 1856-1857; 6. Tabitha F., 1858-1935, an independent woman before her time; 7. Hiram Wesley, 1861-1939; 8. Thomas S., 1862-1865, and 9. Martha Victoria Perkins, 1865-1885.

Isaac, Elizabeth, and all of their adult ch. are bur. in either Maries or Pulaski Counties.

John Lewis, who m. Priscilla ( ), d. in 1844 in Pulaski County. No known relationship between him and Isaac Perkins' wife. Nine ch. are named in his probate: Mary Ann, m. ( ) Kelly; 2. John Guarner m. Margaret E. ( ); 3. Eliza Elizabeth m. William? Kelly; 4. Levina Emily; 5. Sary Jane; 6. William Perry; 7. Melissa Catherine; 8. Hiram Shannon; and 9th. James Jasper, who m. Sarah E. ( ).

John Guarner Lewis, born in the 1830's, m. in the 1850's presumably in Pulaski Co., to Margaret E, ( ), b. late 1830's. Ch.: Wm. Lovell, b. 1855, m. Narcissus E. Sandifer; 2. Felix, b. 1857; 3. John H., b. 1857; 4 Franklin S., b. 1864; 5. James, b. 1866, m. Mary C. ( ); 6. Mary A., b.1873; and 7th Martha Lewis, b. 1878.

James T. Sandifer, b. c1835 Ky. m. 1854 Mary Elizabeth Elms, b. about 1836 Ky. Issue: Wm. H., b. Pulaski Co Mo 1859, m. Sopraine Fitzgerald; 2. Narcissus Elizabeth, b. Pulaski 1861, m. Wm. Lovell Lewis. There was a 3rd ch., who d. pre-1900.

Have not had contact with any Lewis or Sandifer researchers; welcome exchange. Jonathan E. Ramey, Rt. 4, Box 728, Williamsburg, KY 40769.

Richland Mirror Aug. 25, 1983 No. 96


My great grandfather Pleasant B. Price is lost, somewhere in your area of Missouri, I believe. My grandfather, Samuel Wilson Price, was b. "on the Gasconade River" (which traverses our Osage, Maries, Pulaski, Laclede and Wright Counties in a picturesque winding course - dv.) in 1879; they came to Kansas about 1884. P.B. was Catholic and my great grandmother was Protestant. They argued about raising their two sons and P.B. returned to the Gasconade River area, alone, c1888. Seek info, d. date and grave location of Pleasant B. Price, b. 1822 Va.; m. 2nd Sarah Shockley Pryor in Mo. 1876. Jayne Price Clark, 410 S. Cherry, Ottawa, KS 66067. 

REPLY: Several Price fams are present in our study area before 1860; among them, 1840 Pulaskian ( )allis H. Price on 214 (given name Wallis?) whose number were 000011-00001. No glimpse of him whatever after 1840. Page 214 is a Texas Co. Mo. area by the time of the 1850 census; only Richard Price, b. unk ("unknown") c1811 on p. 7 was present in that county then, and I don't know his kinship, if any, with ( )allis H. Price.

James Price, b. Va c1780, wife Elizabeth b. Mo. c1809, and apparent son John Price, b. Mo. c1837, are on 579 Maries '60. Another James Price, over in Camden Co., was b. Ky c1820, on 637 Camden '50. In Osage Co., West Price, b. Tn c1817, in Mo '45; and Rial (Vrial, poss.) Price, b. Ga. c1810 with ch. b. Tn 1834-1849 were both listed on 915 Osage '50.

Sterling Price, Major-General during the Civil War, was b. Va. in 1809 and came to Mo. with his father in 1831, settling in Fayette and later Keytesville in Chariton Co Mo. " May, 1862, (he) joined the Confederacy and fought for it till it was vanquished. The brilliant qualities which he exhibited in so many endeared him to the people of the South. that with the exception of Lee and Jackson, no man among all their cherished heroes is remembered with more ardent and sincere affection. After the war he returned to St. Louis and...d. there in 1867." (Rader" "Hist. of Mo." pp 261-263). 

LOVE - CONNELLY additions; SIMPSON "...The Isaac Love in Sevier Co. Tn 183 census (see earlier cols - dv.) is NOT our Isaac. That family of Loves went to McDonald Co 1830 I suspect our Isaac (Isaac Love Sr. b. Virginia c1785 in Pulaski '40 and 833 Osage '50 - dv.) was in Vermillion Co. III. though I have absolute no idea why he was there... King's Hist Maries says that Isaac's youngest son was b. in Floyd Co., Ind., c1832. (searched) but did not find him..." (in 1830 census "In your reply to Marjorie Baxter letter you mentioned Pleasant Love. He was nephew to our Isaac, the son of Isaac brother John Love. He is apparently was the only one of John's ch. to come to Mo.; the others stayed in Tennessee."


Simpson: "King says William Simpson father was William, but in 1850 Osage census (p. 859 dv) in Wm's household Benjamin Simpson, b. S.C. c1777, Mary, b. S.C. c1786...just about right 2 for pars & ch." Any proof available? "

Contrary to one's expectations, early years many Tennesseans settled Illinois or traveled through the area dropping off sons and daughters to suitors. My Wolfe family went from Nashville vicinity -to Du Quoin, Perry Co., Ill. about 1855; they were in Texas Co Mo by 1880. The Musgraves came out of N.C. early to Tn and were in Lawrence Co Tn by 1820, whereupon they headed north before; 1830 and were in Illinois, Morgan Co 1834, and in 1830 censuses of Macoupin and he was an 1840 Pulaskian. The point is, many a Missouri family record is waiting to be found in Illinois. Or Indiana. Both areas were opening up for settlement; if all available good land was taken up in the area of one's birth, moving west was mandatory for those younger sons for example, who did not inherit the family property. The quest for greener pastures—or a new start in life—thus led many to, take themselves elsewhere to seek their fortunes. My ancestors were so enamored of travel that we had arrived on the Pacific Coast by about 1910, unable to go further, after sojourns in Oklahoma, Texas, and Colorado.

I once heard Missouri termed the Popcorn State" in a workshop, because the populace after 1860 seemed to explode from it In all directions.

The Richland Mirror Sept. 1, 1983


My great grandfather, Thompson Wall(s) was b. c1802 in Mo or Tenn; he is found in the 1830 Federal census for Franklin Co., Mo. (with John, Mary, and Robert Wall also listed, in Boles & Calvey Twps, while Thompson was in St. John's - dv.), 1840 Pulaski, p. 200, and 1850 Gasconade Co. Wife may have been Sally ( ). His youngest son was James Henry Walls, 1845-1911. Minor ch. (of Thompson or James? dv) were reared by Judge King, possibly of Texas Co., Mo. Tyre M. Lingo, b. c1822 Jefferson Co Mo, resided in Jackson Co. Ill. in 1850 and then was listed in 1860, 1870 and 1880 Texas Co Mo. census. Wife Martha C. Anderson was b. c1830 Illinois. Need pars and more info  or: this couple. Ms. Desmond Walls Allen, Box 303, Conway, AR 72032.


REPLY: Large Wall(s) queries and replies have appeared here previously, especially that of Mrs. Michael Mounce, 4333 Falcon Ave., Long Beach, CA 90807. I'm certainly glad to know where another 1840 Pulaskian can be later located! Thank you.


Mrs, Pansy Willburn of Modesto, Calif. (gave me) info on my Elvira Howard, sis to George S. Howard who m. Lucy, dau. of Pollard Wisdom and Charity Washburn of N. Carolina. Elvira m. my great grand‑father, Christopher Bench of Pulaski Text Box: 7        T
County. She was dau of William Howard and Urana (Rosemary) Roberts, m. Cole -Co. Mo. 1827. Other ch.: Charlotte Hasty and Elizabeth Stark.

 "Also, I have corrected an error I had in my earlier notes to you. I learned from Civil War records that Lewis Bench and Jane COMER, m. in Bartholomew. Co., Ind., were pars of Lawrence Bench, who was a double cousin of my Chris Bench...if this story is true then Chris Bench's mother was Elizabeth Comer, not Elizabeth Clark. Chris' father was Daniel Bench of N.C., who settled in Pulaski Co Mo by 1842 and married 2nd Frances Ann Admires." Mrs. Ruth Bock, Rt. 3, Box 522-H, Midland, TX 79701. 


REPLY:  Just heard from another Admires searcher: Mrs. Robert Lewis (Eleanore), R.R. 1, Correctionville, Iowa 51016. She has John Admire and Minerva King as the pars of John Henry Admire, who m. Angeline Wheeler. See Wheeler Bible record for Angeline. Latter couple begat, John Farmer Admire; dates were not supplied on her bar chart, but I believe John and “Menurva” were listed in the household of my Anna “Vinson” on 209 Pulaski '50. ( I had thought Minerva was a Vincent. What a tangle) In 1850 listing following the V's in house #472 were John Admires, b. ca 1826,  Menurva, b. Tn. c1825; Rebecca Vinson, b. Mo c1845; John H. Admires, b. Mo. 1848, and Jacob Admires, b. Aug., 1850. Frances Admires .Bench" then wife of Daniel Bench, lived nearby in house 474. It's fair to assume kinship between John and Frances, so Eleanore has been pointed toward Bartholomew Co., Indiana, where we know the Benches and Admires were, before coming to Missouri.

In marriage records of Rhea Co Tn, all in 1824, minister John Farmer m. Nancey Vincen to John Hillburn, Patsey Vincent to Allen Hillburn, and Hamlin Vincen to Susanah Iasen. Ref. LDS microfilm roll 5737, pp. 358-362. (The Hillburn bros are listed in 1840 census of Paulding Co., Ga..) Hamlin Vincen does not appear to be 1840 Pulaskian John H. Vinsant (1020001- 020201) as his older girls, according to these numbers, were born 1810-15. Second marriage? Quite possible and 'Anna' is a ' shortening of Susanah, you notice...we'll keep looking. 

PREWITT FAMILY, compiled by regular contributor Jonathan Ramey, Rt. 4, Box 728, Williamsburg. Ky. 40769.


Henry Prewitt, b. 1654, is believed to be a son of Thomas. Henry's older bro was prob William Prewitt, b. 1651. Henry appears on tax rolls of 1679; his Henrico Co, Va, marriage to Rebecca Dobbs took place in 1691, and was poss a second marriage. His first wife may have been a sis of John Fields. James Dobbs, the father of Rebecca Prewett and Joseph Dobbs, was transported to Henrico Co in 1652. Issue of Henry and Rebecca: Thomas, Sr.; m. Mary Chastain Ducray, a widow; 2. Andrew - m. Agnes ( ); 3. Hugh; 4. Richard, Sr.; m. prob Frances Murrell. 5. Uriah m. Elizabeth ( ). 6. Rebecca Prewitt m. James Magohey in 1721. The father d. Henrico 1722; mother d. 1748.

Richard Prewitt, Sr., b. c1695 in Virginia. m. Frances, whose maiden name was probably Murrell, (as) many transactions took place between Richard, his bro Andrew Prewitt, and Frances' bro, Timothy Murrell. Issue of Richard and Frances: Tunstall, who removed to Jefferson Co., Ks.; 2. Richard Jr. who moved to Pulaski Co Mo; 3. Walker, who moved to Jefferson Co Ky. also; and Susanna, who m. ( ) Smith.

 Richard Prewett, Jr., b. 1766, lived in Va until the 1820's in both King & Queen Co. and Goochland County. First wife prob d. in Va., leaving two boys and three girls. Richard m. Martha ( ), prob while going through Tennessee. They had at least eight sons: Richard H. (1833-1869) m. Nancy Pryor; 2. James T. (1835-1905) m. 1st Sarah m. (2nd) Matilda J. ( ). 3. Clark (1837- 1899) m. Sarah J. Farmer. 4. Riley F. b. 1838; 5. John :R., b. 1841; 6. Carter T., b. 1843. 7. Moses G. ("Doc") (1845-1915) m. Margaret J. Helton, and 8th George W., b. 1848, m. Elizabeth ( ). Richard and Martha were in Pulaski Co Mo by 1840. All of their ch. were prob. born there. Richard d. 1852; his widow survived him for over thirty years.

 Clark S. Prewett, b. 1837, m. in late 1850's Sarah J. Farmer, b. 1840. Lived in Pulaski and Phelps Co's; had at least 12 ch: Martha R. (1859-1949) m. J.L. Foster; 2. Elijah J., b. 1861; 3. John H., b. 1863; 4. William H. (1865-1944), m. Anna J. ( ); 5. George Grant (1868-1956) m. Sarah E. ( ). 6. Boutwell H. (1871-1947) m. 1st Sarah E. ( )  Lucy b. ( ). 7. Ora Ann, b. m. ( ) Ostrander; 8. Barbery E. (1872-1935) in. Wm. E. West; 9. Mary Eliza, b. 1874, m. ( ) Smith; 10. Edward C. (1876-1960) Mary Lou Tishey Lewis; 11. Charles S. (.1880-1965) m. Rosa Belle ( ). 12. Isabell, b. 1880's, m. 1st ( ) Jones. Clark and Sarah Prewett are buried at Pisgah (say 'pizz-guh' - dv.) Cemetery. He d. 1899; she d. 1900.

The Richland Mirror Sept 8, 1983 No. 98

William Owens is the only person of that name on the 1840 Pulaski Co Mo census (sorry, but this is unclear -- see 233 Pulaski '40 for Williamson, George, and James W. Owens - dv). We know that our fam. lived in Pulaski in 1840 and later in Camden Co., but William was dead by 1850. Sons were Jacob, James Erwin, Jonathan (poss. called John), and George William Owens. They were in part reared by foster pars; see 1850 Camden Co. Census. Tho Jacob and Jonathan were not present then, we believe the Elizabeth Owens with son George could be John's wife. (sic - dv.) In 1860 Camden are my great grandfather George W. Owens, Jacob and fam., and James Erwin Owens.

Family legend says William Owens and wife d. from eating wild mushrooms, but believe it may have been only her and he d. later of unknown causes, after the 1840 census. Mrs. Larry Wallace (Mildred), Box 55, Alton, MO 65606.

REPLY: Wm. Owens 1840 census listing shows, indeed, four sons: 0220001-0, on p. 230. Same name appears in old 1828 Pulaski Tax List printed in Goodspeed. One Wm: Owens m. Rachael Goodridge in Camden Co 1841 (Goodspeed, p. 293). One "Cainry?" Goodridge is the name preceding Mr. Owens in 1840 on p. 230, a Camden Co. area in 1850. Goodridge in 1840 had five daus; fam. was from Indiana. Where did they go?


Isabelle L. McCulloch. I seem to have reached a road block trying to trace her. She m. Isaac Handley in Pulaski Co Mo and had only one child, the querist's grandfather, John Thomas Handley, b. Pulaski Aug 19, 1839. Soon after, prob late 1839, they removed to Henderson Co. Ky. Isaac's older bro Mark A. Handley had preceded him to Henderson some seven years prior. Isabelle seems to have d. 1839-1840; in about 1855, Isaac m. Mary A. ( ). Need burial site of Isabelle, d. date. I understand that there are McCullochs still living in Laclede County...would appreciate any help in establishing who Isabelle's pars were, and where they originally came from."

Handley Family of Eastern Virginia and North Carolina, compiled by Robert R. Handley; edited by dv.

My fourth great grandfather was Mark, Handley, b. c1715 prob in E. Virginia. d. about 1778 or 1779 in (the former) Dobbs Co., North Carolina. He received a land grant in Craven Co., N.C. where he and his wife, Dicey ( ), settled. He had at least two children, John -- my line -- and James Handley. John appears to have been James' older bro., and was prob b. in the early 1740's. He saw considerable military service in the Am. Rev. and was active politically, as well. He was a local magistrate in 1780, Wayne Co., N.C., and prob d. there c1799. He had at least two sons, the eldest being my 2nd great grandfather, John Handley, Jr., of whom little has been learned. He m. Martha, the dau of John and Elizabeth Applewhite, formerly of the Isle of Wight Co., Virginia.

John Handley Jr. d. intestate in 1821 in Wayne Co., N.C., leaving four children: an adult son, Mark A., and three minors: Isaac, my great grandfather, Penelope ("Penny"), who m. James McLarney of Caswell Co., N.C.; and Nancy Robeney. Apparently the Handley’s had relatives in Caswell Co. because shortly after John’s 1821 death Isaac, Penelope and Nancy moved there. Isaac went to Pulaski Co Mo -- don't know why -- and met Isabelle I. McCulloch.

My father, Damon Carl Handley. was b. Henderson Co., Ky. in 1875; he was about twenty-five years older than my mother, and I am the youngest of their three children. Therefore, the dates I cite arc correct, though it appears I forgot one generation..." Robert R. Handley, 874 Lemon Dr., Camarillo, CA 93010.

REPLY: Mr. Handley, did you know that one James Handley (210001-11001) is listed on p. 212 of Pulaski's 1840 census? I cannot account for him after 1840, and express great delight in learning anything more about the name. As you see, he was b. 1800-1810. On each side of him is a Todd (see earlier cols). Preceding James is Adam Todd, b. Ga. c1793; he went to Barry Co, Mo. Listed after him is Augustus Todd, b. Ga. c1806, also found in 1850 Barry census. According to Mrs. Mary Kathryn Harris of Fort Worth, Texas, Augustus was in McNairy Co Tn in 1825. See 1830 McNairy census...wonder if there was a Todd-Handley marriage in Pulaski? Did James Handley also go back to Kentucky, or did he join the Todds? I have cardexed most of 1850 census of our ten-county area (plus much of 1860), and skimmed surrounding counties. Not a single Handley found. 

*SURVEY* 1840 Laclede Co area


Page 212 of the 1840 Pulaski census represents an area that was, by 1850, made into mostly Laclede County. Here is a resume of what we know about p. 212's occupants so far:

(Line) 1. BENJAMIN HAYES - b. S.C. c1799; in Ga. 1835-37— 840 Webster '60.

2. WILLIAM MEARS - b. N.C. c1817; in Tn 1838 - 146 Pulaski '50

(I want to call attention to:) 3. SAMUEL MULHOLLAND? MUNHOLLAND? McCOLLAND? (Defies dependable reading -- numbers were 101001-112001. Could this be Samuel McCulloch? a relation of Isabelle's? No trace of him after 1840.)

4. JOHN E. WALLIS, b. 1790-1800; no further record.

5. ROBERT C. BARNETT (010001. 110001). Nothing more.

6. THOMAS WRIGHT (110001-00201). No trace after 1840.

7. MOSES THOMPSON - b. S.C. c1799; in III 1837; in Tn 1828. 247 Laclede '50, and 706 Webster '60. Was he on 72 Marion Co.? Tn 1830 census?

8. NATHAN TYRE - Va. c1793 - 246 Laclede '5O. Poss from Sangamon Co Ill 1830 census, p. 136.

9. ANDREW ROBINSON (100000001- 011001). No data.

10. ZEPHEMIAH B. ROBINSON (10001- 20001) b. Tn 1815-1817; 244 Laclede '50, 300 Laclede '60.

11. WILLIAM G. BURTON (20001-00001) Not a scrap. (sometimes originally "Halliburton"),

12. LAUGHLIN MURPHY b. N.C. c1798; in Ky. 1836. 252 Laclede '50, 343 Laclede '60.

13. ALLEN M. APLING b. Ky. c1818. 233 Laclede '50, 227 Laclede '60.

14. MILES VERNON, SR. - Discussed at length here in previous columns; b. Va. c1787.

15. WILLIAM AGEE (00001-0) - b. Tn 1816? 901 Osage '50? seems wrong area, tho age is in agreement.

16. Another mystery man: ELISHA HARBER? HARBERT? (100001-21001) ELI G. HALBERT, of 36 Texas '50? E. Halbert, b. S.C. c1810, of 497 Crawford Co NCO '50? The Texas Co entry looks most Probable. All ages match, except eldest son John S. was apparently omitted.

17. ROBERT ELLIS (2101001-022001) No further record.

18. ALEXANDER HUFFMAN (20001- (00001) Settled in Laclede with Jared Huffman; no other data.

19. CHARLES K. PHIPPS - b. Tn c1805; d. 1863. Mother b. N.C. c1785. 241 Laclede.

20. THOMAS HAWKINS - b. N.C. c17.98; c1837. 254 Laclede '50.

21. JAMES PP ATER (both he and wife b. 1810-20; no .ch.) No further record. Prob. not 775 Taney Co Mo (50 census)

22. MILLER TATMAN (11001-10001). Gone with the wind.

23. JOHN PRATER (00110001-00210001). No trace.

24. RUBEN RATLIFF/RADCLIFF (020001­00001). Not a jot.

25. JESSE TOWEL - b. Va c1794, on 676 Camden '50, .tho Goodspeed says he settled on Laclede's Bear Creek in the  1830's on p. 22.

26. Adam Todd, as above.

27. JAMES HANDLEY, above.

28. Augustus Todd, above.

29. ZADOCK JAMES (00001-01001) No record after 1840.

Anyone able to shed light on these fams is of course cordially invited to write.

McCULLOCH ((Reprinted from K.C. Genealogist, Apr :66, p. 23:)

Interested in my relationship to Gen. Ben McCulloch, who fought and was killed at (the Battle of) Pea Ridge. Arkansas. My father's father was Geo. Washington McCulloch who was also supposedly killed in the same battle. They came from Nashville, Tenn. about, 1840 to Lebanon, Laclede Co. Mo. Maude McCulloch Merrick, 204 E. 14, Ottawa, Kansas.

COMMENT: At the Springfield Workshop, it was mentioned in one of the. lectures that desc of Gen McCulloch, had much to do with the design and manufacture of the popular chain saw of that name, by the way. 1 have not cardexed a McCulloch name in 1850 or 1860 Laclede census, nor do I see one in 1830 Davidson Co To. census.

The Richland, Mirror Sept. 15, 1983 #99


The Richland Mirror Sept. 22, 1983 #100 


My great grandfather, Tincher Trusty, was a Pulaski resident who later appeared in Texas Co Mo (214 Pulaski '40, 6 Texas, '50; one Thomas Trusty is listed on 1013 Texas '70, 387 Texas '80 - dv). Fam. lore says he and his wife Joyce Musick are buried in woodland near where the old Kinserlow post office was located. Trying to confirm this. Was Tincher Trusty the son of John Trusty and Keziah Carter, who were m. in N.C. 1789? Tincher was b. N.C. in 1791. Need pars, dates, siblings. Joyce Musick was a dau of Thomas Ray Musick and Mary ("Mollie") Neville. Tincher and Joyce had issue: Thomas Jefferson (my grandfather), Jackson, Lucasta, Agnes, Wm. Alvin, Virginia, Lewis, James Marion. Glad to exchange. Mrs. Floyd. V. Bequette (Helen Trusty), 118 S. Oak Crest, Houston, MO 65483.

REPLY: T.C. Trusty is listed in 1850 Texas census as a member of son Lewis W. Trusty's household; Lewis was b. Mo c1825. One John Trustey is listed in the 1790 census of North Carolina, on p. 100: Hillsborough Dist., Randolph County. Fam. should be listed in Mo's 1830 census.


Mary Ella Brownfield m. Francis M. Pa(d)gett as her 1st husband, then (? ) Hess. He apparently died, but a son  was born in 1867 in Pulaski Co.: William Marion Francis Hess. By the time of the 1870 census, Mary Ella had remarried to James Killman and had a 3-month-old dau, Sarah Elizabeth Killman.


WEBB: Have traced my Pulaski Co Mo Webb fam. back to c1710 to Virginia. The earliest firm date I have is 1723. It appears that like most of their neighbors, they moved from Virginia to South Carolina to Tennessee to Missouri over a period of about 100 years. Sharon Gammon 904 S. Andrew's Ave., Sherman. TX 75090. ADDENDA: In an earlier letter, Sharon identified her Webb line (20 Mar '82): "searching Warren Co Tn records for Austin Webb (b. c1825); Jesse R. or H. Webb, Sr. (b. 1760-70; d. 1834); Townsend Webb (d. c1825-1834); Chesley Webb (b. 1770-1780, d. after 1840); and Didama Webb, widow of Jesse Webb, Sr. (b. 1765, d. after 1844)." All d. prob Warren Co, Tenn; seek desc and info.


I am a desc of John Hardin Rowden and Sarah Rowden Lawson Rowden. Who were John's pars? Was he son of Hardin Benton Rowden? If so, he and wife were first cousins. Sarah Rowden was the dau of H.B.'s bro Nathaniel. (See 'A letter from Maries County, 1858' in earlier col - d.v.) Sarah m. 1st Andrew Lawson. Andrew d. and she m. John Hardin Rowden who was twelve years younger than she. They lived on the land that Andrew had homesteaded in Miller Co Mo near the Maries Co. border. It is now called the Will Duncan farm and Duncan cemetery. Harriet, dau of John and Sarah Rowden, m. Hiram Messersmith and they were my grandparents. Their son Charles was my father and we lived in Iberia and Tuscumbia, Miller County. My father was county tax assessor for many years and he d. in 1939.

The Messersmiths came to Mo from Va. in c1825. There were seven bros, one of whom was my great grandfather, Rufus—not the same man who was murdered by bushwhackers—and is buried in Dobbs cemetery. That Rufus was the older Rufus' nephew. Another of the seven sons was Urial ("Rial"); he lived in Richwoods Twp, Miller County. He had a son, also Rial...who m. Sarah Biggerstaff. Urial, Sr.  in. 1st ( ) Colbern, and secondly Mahala Musick. A third Rial Messersmith was my grandfather's brother, and he lived in Pulaski County. His grandson is William Jones of Dixon, Mo.

Wish to contact desc of Thomas M. Smith and his wife Cena Messersmith – they lived in Crocker, Mo. from 1865 until their deaths. Was Cena's father the older Urial? Also, need to know which Rial is buried on a bluff overlooking the Gasconade River, prob between Dixon and Waynesville. If there is a tombstone, dates would identify  him. Mrs. B.B. Gray (Mildred Messersmith), 2282 Hunting Valley Dr., Decatur, GA 30033.


The Richland Mirror Sept. 29, 1983 Page 8

MUSGRAVE - MAXEY - NELSON (dv) The 1982 "History of Pulaski County" published by the County Historical Society contains on page 12 some inadvertent errors of fact about my great-great grandfather. As the careful student of Goodspeed will observe, Bennett Musgrave was born in 1803, not 1804. He did not come to Missouri from Tennessee in 1850. but was in Illinois and Missouri until the late 1840's; he departed for California before the taking of the 1850 census. For proof, see 1850 California census, p. 133, wherein are listed Calvin, b. Tn. c1819; Catherine, b. N.Y. c1802; James C., b. Mo c1841, BENNETT. b. Tenn. 1803, and Thomas b. c1836. (Location Napa Valley).

And, Bennett first returned from the West in 1853, not 1856.

These mistakes first appeared in an article by Mrs. Lucylle Rice for "The Pioneer Times" in 1971, and this summer were repeated for the third time in the "Old Settler's Gazette" of July 21, 1983, on page 23.

Third, Sarah Nelson came to Mo. with her. Maxey husband before 1840, not with Bennett Musgrave from Tennessee in 1850. 


Text Box:  
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Andrew Jackson Riddle and my grandmother, Sarah Elizabeth Riddle Harrison, were cousins I remember when I was a small boy he would stop 'by and visit her...we knew him as Andy Riddle. I used to visit the Hammock boys quite often. Their mother was Mary Riddle. I also knew Laura, her sister, who m. Crede Pruitt. One of their sons, Bob, probably in his late 60's or early 70's, lives north or Richland on Route 1.

Isaac Riddle listed #792 (224 Pulaski '40, 204 Pulaski '50, 318 Pulaski '60 - dv) was my grandmother's father. John Riddle m. Sarah Johnson, dau. of Mose Johnson. My dad died when I was less than five years old, so all I know about my Johnson side is what I got from my mother. She said he came from Tennessee to St. Louis, Mo, to his uncle Columbus Johnson, one of the founders of Robert, Johnson & Rand Shoe Co. (and) later came to his uncle David-M. Ballew near Hazle Green according to the 1860 Pulaski Co census. That is correct as the record shows D.M. Ballew 45 years old (and) listed under him is Chas L. Johnson 16 yrs old and his bro James H. Johnson, 14.


My dad was borned Oct, 1844. He was a Civil War vet; enlisted in Army at Lebanon 1861. Wonder if my Johnson fam.. is related to the Moses Johnson written of in the paper? Any information greatly appreciated. I'm pioneer stock as my great grand dad James W. Harrison on my mother's side, came from Bowling Green, Ky. to Hazle Green, Mo., in the very northeast corner of Laclede Co where it joins Pulaski. Hazle Green was an old stage coach stop on the. Wire Road, now Interstate 44. Lee Johnson, Box 434. Richland, MO 65556.


My question: John and Mary Sympson Clendenin migrated from Green Co. Ky. to Randolph Co. Ill. in 1808. My Grandmother related in her history on the Clendenins that Williams. John's bro., moved on to Missouri. Want info on William Clendenin, his dau Abigail m. Wm. McDonald.

The Richland Mirror Oct.6, 1983 No. 102


The J. W Armstrong Hillhouse Cem. speech was a contribution of this querist, Mrs. Hazel L. Ray, 403 E. 46th St., Long Beach, CA 90807, who writes:


Here are some more charts on the Rays. As you can see, this is where the family ties into the Dodd family. I can pretty well vouch for John Ray’s charts although don’t yet have d. date; not sure whether he d. in Waynesville or Crocker. He had tuberculosis. and I have been told he d. at the "poor farm." His son Moses d. 1915 in Crocker also of TB, according to death the time he died, John was a widower with no one to care for him so it probably was the "poor farm," wherever that was. Have tried five times for d. cert. for John without result -- can’t understand it.

John Ray’s oldest son, Ben, was my husband’s father. He m. Clara Viola Bond in Aurora, Lawrence Co. in 1906. He was killed in a lead mine in Aurora in March, 1909. My husband, Howard Milton Ray, was b. Oct 7, 1909. He wasn’t raised in Missouri (but) his mother remained fairly close to the Rays through letters. " story my husband told often about his grandfather John: Some time after John’s father was killed by bushwhackers (or was a bushwhacker as told by others) on 30 April 1964. John hitched a horse and a cow as a team to a farm wagon. loaded it with what household goods they could manage, (with) all of the younger children and his mother, and drove them to Osage County. On the way Confederate soldiers forced him to shoe their horses. He was sixteen years old at the time. His youngest sister was born in Osage County; after the war they returned to Crocker.

"Ella, John’s daughter, is still alive in Waynesville as far as I know. The main part of the information about her came from her husband’s obituary.




William Ray was the father of Thomas Benjamin Ray, b. Feb 11, 1800 in Hardin Co., Kentucky. He d. near Crocker, Pulaski Co Mo, Apr 30, 1864. He m. 1st. ( ) and had issue: Joshua Ray, b. Sangamon Co. Ill. 1827, m. 1851 Elizabeth Coffe; 2. William Lee, b. Sangamon 1830, m. Harriett Trent. 3. Jesse, b. Sangamon 1833, m. Sarah A. Davis. 4. Dicy Ann, b. 1836 Herman, Gasc. Co, Mo. 5. Thomas Benjamin, Jr. b. 1862; m. Sarah Robertson. 6. Mary, b. 1842, m. Kalip (Caleb? dv) Rose. 7. Polly, b. 1842. 8. Harriet, b. 1844 Rich Fountain, Osage Co Mo, d. Crocker 1891; m. Peter Peterson. (Note that ch. 6 and 7 may have been twins, or may be the same dau., as ‘Polly’ is a nickname for Mary, cautions Mrs. Ray.) Thomas B. Ray m. secondly Eunice (Mc)Laughlin, b. 1829 Ky., who d. at Crocker in 1901. Buried at Crocker Mem. Cemetery. Issue of 2nd union: John, b. Crocker 1848; d. Waynesville 1919. Married 1st Millie E. Dodd in 1878. 2. Fanny (1851–1916) m. James W. Robertson. 3. Lucinda, b. 1853, m. Lawrence Mullins and d. in Leasburg, Crawford Co Mo. 4. Susan (1855-1927 Pulaski Co) m. Willie Lee. 5. Elizabeth, m. John Stuart 6. Moses (1862-1935), unmarried. 7. Margaret Ellen, b. Osage Co Mo 1865, d. Crocker 1914; m. Silas Davis.


John Ray, b. March 17, 1848 at Crocker m. 1st c1878 Millie Eliza Dodd (1854-1891), dau of Milton Carter Dodd (1818 in Tn; d. 1881 Mo) and Nancy Carter, b. Tn, who d. near Crocker in 1869. (Our friend Edna Cowan Hildebrand helped with Dodd info) Millie m. 1st James Cowan, b. 1847 and d. 1877. She is bur at Dodd Cem. and was a Baptist. (Sylvia Burnside, dau of John Tice Ray, is also listed by contributor as a reference on this material.) Issue: 1. Milton Benjamin, late husband of Mrs. Hazel Ray. 2. Eliza Eunice (1881-1920). m. Charles Edward Denny. 3. John Tice (1885-1932) m. 1908 Maud Prembly Hensley at Waynesville, and 4. Mertin Lawrence, b. Crocker 1890 and d. Waynesville 1973, m. 0llie Robinett at Waynesville in 1915. His 2nd m. took place in 1965, to Mary Bales Craft.


John Ray’s second spouse was Lucinda Catherine Henderson ("Katy") b. 1871 Crocker and d. there 1909; buried at Crocker Mem. Cemetery. Issue: Moses W. (1896-1915). 2. Mary Jane (1898-1975 ;Waynesville), m. 1st John Gaddis and 2nd Bryan Lane. 3. Everett William (1900-1969) m.  Viola Lea Carver in 1925 in Pulaski Co. 4. Ella L., b. at Crocker in 1904, m. James Ellis Dodds in 1928. 5. . Melvin (1906-1934), m. Lois Crawford.

“ I have been told there were supposed to be nineteen ch. between the two marriages (of Thomas Benjamin Ray) but have never been able to collect more than fifteen names. (By the way) Twins run in both sides of the family. I’ve had two sets; one, pair is now 25 years old."


The Richland Mirror Oct. 13, 1983 No. 103


My great great grandfather was Thomas Jefferson Strain, b. Cocke Co Tn c1809. He m. 1831 Sangamon Co Ill. Lydia Bilyeu Issue: Mary, b. 1832, Rhoda, b. 1833, John, b. 1841. William, b. 1840. Ellen, b. ca. 1843, Samuel, b. 1845, and Thomas Jefferson Strain. Jr., b. 1844. All ch. b. Overton Co. Tenn.; believe there were more ch. but have no info on them. Rhoda m. Henry Roam in Overton Co 1853, and Strain and Roam fams migrated to Pulaski Co Mo in 1857. They appear on the 1860 census (312 Pulaski ‘60 - dv) living at DeBrain (DeBruin - d.v). T.J., Sr. d. in Union Army of smallpox at Camp Douglas, Ill. in 1865. Widow Lydia is listed on 1870 census with Crockett Strain, age 20 and is still there in Pulaski in 1880 and 1900. 

Henry Roam, husband of Rhoda Strain, was a minister of the Christian Church at Swedeborg and Pleasant Grove. Henry & Rhoda were pars of 11 ch.; after Rhoda d. he m. Pearly ( ) and had another family. He d. prob 1916.

T.J. Strain, Jr. m. Sarah Vaughn (where and when?) during the Civil War and their 1st son, James Samuel, was my grand father b. May 1865 in Ash Flat; Arkansas. They appear on Pulaski land records in 1867-68; after that they removed. to Oregon Co. Mo. Will exchange more detailed info with interested searchers. Ruby Earls King, 1965 Lullaby Lane, Anaheim, CA 92804


REPLY: More on the Roam fam. appears in 1889 Goodspeed Hist. of Pulaski, p. 803: pars of Henry were Rev. Isaac and Elizabeth (Ward) Roam (who) were b., reared, and m. in North Carolina. They moved c1832 to Overton, where Isaac d. in 1862 at age 71. Issue: nine ch. Isaac, also Christian Church minister, was a soldier in the War of 1812. His father, "a wealthy German, ...came to the U.S. and settled in North Carolina." He d. when Isaac was about eight years old. The mother lived "until Isaac was a man."

See 1790 N.C. census, p. 112, for Jacob Roam; no "Rome" listed. It is Lincoln Co., North Carolina. Good hunting! Hope he is your man. Have you tried for 1812 records?


Robert Jefferson Wood and Rebecca Morgan. his wife, were the pars of George M. Dallas Wood, b. Pulaski Co Mo 1845 he d. 1911. He m. 1867 at Waynesville Blanche Temple Montgomery, a dau ( ) Montgomery and his wife Virginia Alice Temple. Blanche, b. 1848 Galesburg Ill., d. Centralia, Ill. in 1931. Issue of

George & Blanche Wood: 1. James E., b. 1868 Phelps Co. 2. Virginia Alice, b. 1870, m. 1891 James Ellis Dean; d. Waynesville 1965. 3. Anna Josephine, b. 1876 Pulaski Co. Mo. m. William Oscar Dean. She d. 1964 Webster Groves, Mo. 4. Mary Jane, b. 1878 Waynesville, m. Ben Hudgens; d. 1952. 5. Myrtle, b. 1881 hard Co., Ark., m. Torn Brown. 6. Ellen, m. Holly Thompson. 7. William Ashley, b. Waynesville in1874, m. 1901 Annie Melissa Dean and d. Waynesville 1963. 8. E. T., b. 1872 Pulaski Co. 9. Sarah Ellen, b. 1883 Izard Co., Arkansas. Virginia Dean Ralston (Mrs. Roy), Clarksdale, Miss. 38614.



Henry Reed, b. 1802 Tenn? m. Rachel Robinson 1806 Ky. Need pars and date of marriage. Ch. were Daniel, David, Rhoda, Moses, Margaret and others. Robert Read, b. 1810 N.C. (where?) got land 1834 Marion Co Tn, where he had m. Eveline Hulvey sometime before. Her father Conrad Hulvey m. Elizabeth Jameson in Greene Co., Tenn. in 1809. Ch. were Robert C.; Caroline who m. Daniel Reed 1855 Gasconade Co Mo.; and Henry, who staved in Gasconade. Reed line in Gasconade, Laclede, and Texas Counties, Mo. 1840 thru 1900. Would like to hear from desc. Thank you. Theda Reed Powell, 209 Lind Ave. S.W., Renton, Wa 98055.

The Richland Mirror Oct. 20, 1983 No. 104


Levi Henshaw, b. Tn c1821, had daus Susannah b. Tn c1844 and Elizabeth b. Tn c1846. First wife died and be brought the two girls to Missouri c1850. He then m. Permelia Christeson, dau of Elisha and Agnes Ballard Christeson. Issue: 1. Andrew Jackson Hinshaw, b. 1854. 2. Cynthia Caroline, b. 1852, m. John Fleming York. 3. William Parse Purcell, b. 1857; m. Angaline Tatham. Later div. Mary moved to Okla. 4. Arlen Bower, b. 1860. Levi went off to the Civil War and was never heard from again. What happened to Susannah and Elizabeth Hinshaw? Levi lived around Cookville. One of them might have m. a Bybee or Bible. From what my husband can remember, Levi’s 1st wife might have been a Gibson. 

"I read your column... but have never seen any Hinshaws mentioned... have quite a bit of info on Levi’s other children. Andrew Jackson Hinshaw was my husband’s grandad." Mrs. James Starr Hinshaw, Rt. I. Box 148, Stoutland, MO 65567. 


REPLY: Yes, I see in 1850 census that Levi lived "down the road a piece" from my Musgrave kin: Sarah, Bennett’s wife, was in house 497 while your Levi lived with the Charles Pippin fam. in house 503. Since nearby Musgrave, Welch; Sullivant, Maxey and Nelson fams had come from the Lawrence Co Tn area, I checked its 1830 census for Hinshaw/Henshaw. None, and none in West Tn 1830 counties.

In Middle Tenn counties, there was a Meredith Henshaw in 1830 Lincoln Co Tn, p. 276. and one Eli Henshaw in 1830 census, of Franklin Co Tn, on, p. 117. No Hinshaws.

In East Tenn section (Ref. Sistler’s transcriptions) one Washington Henshaw lived in Green Co. on p. 198. In 1830 census of Grainger Co. -- this looks promising -- are Anne (102-111001), and John (100001-120001) Hinshaw on p. 381, same area from which came our 1840 Pulaskian McGilvery Sparkman of 203 Pulaski ‘40 and 156 Pulaski ‘50. It is also poss. the same John Yates on p. 381 Grainger who later came to be in Mo., on 203 Pulaski ‘50 with Callaway Manes, also of E. Tenn. Edwin Hancocke (see earlier cols) is on p. 374, same census. Additionally, Jacob Arnet of p. 384 prob. went to 155 Pulaski ‘50, while Noah Miller and William Sparkman, same page, were prob. later both on 203 Pulaski ‘40 and 156 Pulaski ‘50.

Other Grainger Co Tn fams were James Southerland (see below) on p. 395, Jesse Ray of 203 Pulaski ‘40 and 170 Pulaski ‘50, plus -- as we have seen earlier here -- the families Capps, Yadon, and Moulder.

One John A. Hinshaw is listed on 179 Pulaski ‘50, b. Tn. c1826. With him is an older woman, poss his mother, Susan, b. N.C. c1797. They lived in house 265. In house 261 was JAMES SOUTHERLAND, b. Tn c1811, of 221 Pulaski ‘40.

I sometimes wonder if many people were still left in East Tennessee after our Missouri area was populated.


My maternal grandfather was Harley 0. Gibson, bro of Sam Gibson who was one of the directors of the Old Bank of Richland... I was orphaned at age nine and raised by my Gibson grandparents and heard the (family) stories many times (but) ...I may not have it all correct (and so) I am enclosing the address of the dau of another of Grandad’s brother’s daus; she is doing research and has been here twice to talk to me..(she is) Helen Crawford, Box 220, 1008 S. Cherokee St., Grove, OK 74344. Come to see us, next time you’re here...Mrs. L.G. Myers (Mary V.), Richland, MO 65556.


REPLY: Mary wrote me March 11, and Helen the next day. Here’s Helen:


"The fam. of Bland Nixon Ballard, Sr., my great great grandfather, has been traced from York Co., to Albemarle Co., Va., and to a Bland Ballard and older bro Thomas, b. 1751, who went to S.C. before the Rev. War. I have not yet proved that this Bland Ballard of S.C. is the father of my great grandfather,"

Gibson: (see ‘Sharing the Past’  col. of March 10, ‘83)

Judge Samuel L. Gibson was my paternal great grandfather, and was also Elnora Puckett’s great grandfather. Her grandfather was James Bland Gibson, while my grandfather was George Nixon Ballard Gibson, who m. Lucy Paradine Davis, dau of George W. Davis of Laclede Co.

Judge Gibson m. Eliza ,T. Ballard, oldest dau of Bland N. Ballard. Sr. of Pulaski County. He was the youngest son of Thomas Gibson of Virginia, and Mary (Polly/Pauline) Jones, b. in Ky. They were m. 1801 in St. Boromeo Church (St. Charles Borromeo? dv) in St. Charles, Missouri,

In the article contributed by Elnora Puckett, there was a dau Sarah, in addition to those of Judge Gibson named. She m. John Calvin Davis, a son of George W. Davis of Laclede County.

Other siblings of Judge Gibson, b. 1820, were as named in the column:

1. George Washington Gibson, b. 1805 - d. 1860 (?) of 218 Pulaski ‘40, 233 Pulaski ‘50, and 251 Pulaski ‘60.

2. Thomas, b. 1813, 1860 Laclede census, m. widow Cobb; 2 step-ch.: Daniel & Frances.

3. John (?) (221 Pulaski ‘40, 183 Pulaski ‘50, b. Ky c1804 dv.) A John Gibson was named in G.W.’s will of 1849.

4. Johnathan Carl - G.W. appointed him administrator of his estate in 1848.

5. Jefferson (L.J.) - poss lived in Gasconade Co.
6. Ann - m ( ) Robertson.
7. Agnes - m. ( ) King

8. Helen - m. ( ) Keithey Keathly

9. Mary - m. ( ) Bateman
10. Sarah - m. ( ) Morris
11. Mariah J. - m. James C. Lewis c1854.

12. (?) William J. or G. on 1840 Pulaski census, p. 218, line 23.

"The James, John, Samuel, and William Gibson in King’s Hist of Maries were born in Kentucky and were brothers? James and John were appointed administrators of a Samuel Gibson estate in 1828, when Samuel was killed by a man named Tackett, who was convicted of manslaughter.

Thomas and Mary ("Polly") Gibson lived in Crawford Co Mo in 1830 census. and d. shortly thereafter. In 1840 census all the ch. who were not married lived with George W. Gibson and his wife Charlotte, nee Robertson. They were m. 1830 in St. Charles County. Helen Gibson Crawford, Box 220, Grove, OK 74344.

COMMENT & ADDITIONS: See Boddie’s "Southside Va. Families" for the Ballard line; Bland N. Ballard enlisted in Springfield to serve in the Sac and Fox Wars. She added that Catherine Ballard Laughlin, whose obit was last year sent by Mrs. Veda Ousley, was a sister of her great grandmother; both were daus of Bland Nixon Ballard.

By the way, Mr. Ballard was Pulaski’s Co.’s Public Administrator at one time, as well as sheriff, and had charge of the estate settlement of my great great grandfather, John H. Vincent, in 1851. (Woodruff: "Mo. Miscellany" v. IX contains Pulaski’s Administrative Bonds, Book A, 1848-1852.

The Richland Mirror Oct. 27, 1983 No. 105

Rachael Jarrett, dau of John Jarrett and
his 2nd wife Rachael Palmer, m. 1st Henry Preas Dec 3, 1791 in Virginia; Rachael m. 2nd Nicholas Trent 3 Dec. 1803 in Bedford Co., Va. Alfred Trent. g-grandfather of querist, was b. 1804. Mae Johnson. 125 Hull Drive, Waynesville, MO 65583.

REPLY: Thank you, Mrs. Johnson. Always glad to hear about another 1840 Pulaskian. Alfred M. Trent was listed on 222 Pulaski ‘40 and 896 Miller ‘50. Birthplaces of ch. in 1850 reveal he was in Ill. in 1830s and in Mo. by 1838. Wife was Delila Watson, reported Mrs. Johnson earlier. Was Delila a dau of John Watson of 210 Pulaski ‘40 and 5O Texas ‘5O? One John Watson Eliza Moore in Gasc Co Mo in 1840 (Woodruff ref.) but Pulaskian John’s 1850 Texas Co listing reports apparent wife "Polly Ann." Can anyone define where in Ky. John Watson was b. in c1823? Goodspeed claims a James Watson was in the area early, also.


As part of her Laquey material, our longtime friend Mrs. Beryl Ramey Belden shares with us a photostat of p. 15 of vol. 1 of the Civil Register of Missouri. We learn from it that Pulaski Justices of the Peace elected for 4-year terms in August, 1842, were: Jefferson L. Mathews (Pulaskian #81 - dv.); George P. Kitchens (#554); William Matthews (#732): Avery K. Baucurn/ Bancum? (#410); J.J.A. Lequay; Levi Hamilton (#78); Jere. Rowland (Jeremiah -#457 - dv.); Alexander McCartney (prob. McCourtney, #75); Callaway Morris (prob. Manes #1129); John H. Fugate (#460); Robert Farris (#474); Jacob Wasson (or Wassom, #757); William Carmack (#737); and Jacob Teaples (Teeple. 4800). Appointed J.P. in June, 1833 were Median F. Smith (Pulaskian #37); Andrew Bilyer (prob. Ballew or Bilyeu, b. Md. c1792 of 896 Miller ‘50); Joshua Sweeney (gone by 1840?); Labon Ivy (#1035); Robt. B. Harrison (d. Pulaski before 1834); Edward (initial questionable) Moore; Aaron Span(n) (181 Crawford, ‘30); Wilson Lenox (174 Crawford ‘30, 868 Miller ‘50); Stephen A. Blevins (to Polk Co Mo by 1880„‘b. Ky c1820’?); Isaac Clark (#160); Wm. Bradford (of Snowhill, Md. fam., on 177 Crawford ‘30 with James, Isaac Neely. and Adam Bradford. Fam. founded Bradfordsville, Ky.); Henry F. Ormsby (Pulaskian #9); Jacob Newman (#749 - not found in 1850.  From Greene Co., Tn?); Robert Montgomery (#734); John W. King, and John M. Jones (see below).

With this evidence from State of Mo. Archives, early residence for the latter group of men has been established, and a better spelling obtained for several names. I am very grateful to Mrs. Belden, one of our first and most consistent backers.


"I think this is going to turn out to be the sad tale of why my great great grandfather did not get into the 1840 census of Pulaski County,” writes this querist.

There was a John M. Jones (House no. 179) in the 1830 census of Crawford Co Mo and when Pulaski Co was formed in 1833 from Crawford Co John M. was appointed a Justice of the Peace for Tavern located.

In 1830 John M. was 30-40 years old with a wife .30-40 (I suspect she had just turned 30), two daus and two sons. Near Jones, in house 181, was Thomas Stark (30-40 yrs) with a 70–80 yr. old man (his father?), no wife, and two sons.

Did Jones d. c1833 to 1837, Ind did Thomas Stark marry Jones’ widow before 1840? Are either Robert or Zadack Jones sons of John M. Jones?

My great grandfather was John Stilton Jones, b. May 19, 1828 Pike Co., Ill.; in 1880 he gave birth. place as Kentucky. He named eldest son Wm. Stark and his 3rd son John Thomas Jones. Hazel L. Ray, 403 E. 46th St.. Long Beach, CA 90807.


Thanks to Vienna Bishop. Box 556, Dixon, MO b5459 for sending a copy of this fifty-year-old obituary, "found in Lottie Copeland’s scrapbook" -- it supplements our earlier reportage of these lines. Undated From the old Pulaski County; Democrat:


Was 81 Year of Age and Leaves

Sixty-One Living Descendants. Cordelia Rowden, daughter of Robert M. and Nancy Anne Rowden was born at Tavern, Maries County, Dec 28, 1851, and died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. J.B. Sullens at Crocker, with whom she had been visiting for several weeks, on Thursday August 17, 1933, at 9 p.m., at the age of 81 years, seven months and 19 days.,

At the age of 12 she moved with her parents to Vienna, Mo., where she grew into womanhood. She was united to John W. Breeden Nov 14, 1869, and to this union children were born, two daughters, Margaret and Eusebia dying in infancy, and a son Robert M. passed away Sept 29, 1907. She is survived by nine children, four sons and five daughters: Clint and Chas. R., of Waynesville, Joe of Emporia, Kans. George of Cookville, Mrs. Roberta Skidmore, Mrs. Dolly Haynes, Mrs. Nina Cook, and Mrs. Livella Singleton all of Lebanon, and Mrs. Eva Sullins of Crocker.

In March, 1891, she with her family
moved from Maries County to a farm near Cookville where they resided for mad years. She united with the Methodist Church early in life. After moving to Pulaski co. she became a charter member of the St. Anne Baptist Church near Kirksville (sic! Cookville prob intended dv.), and remained a faithful member that church until the end.

Mrs. Breeden’s husband passed away March 22. 1931, at Lebanon, and since that time  (she) had made (her) home with her grandchildren, 24 great-grandchildren, and one great-great grandchild. She is also survived by one brother, Sat (Satterthwaite - dv.) Rowden, of Springfield, and other relatives and a host of friends, who are made sad by her death, Mrs. Breeden was a kind and loving, wife and mother, a good neighbor and was held in highest esteem by her many friends, and her kindly influence for good will live on and on. She leaves 67 living descendants.

The Richland Mirror. Nov. 3, 1983 #106


...I am very interested in reading the diary of Edward Patterson Cook that you copied from Agnes Underwood’s original. E.P. Cook’s wife was Sarah Malissa Maxey. a sister to my great-grandfather, James Maxey. I have known of the existence of the diary since my high school days in Richland. Unfortunately, my interest in genealogy had not arisen (then) so I passed up my golden opportunity.

In your 1840 study, do you have anything on Jordan Lane? He was my gr. gr. grandfather. I believe he came to Pulaski Co. from Roane Co Tn in the 1830’s..." Mary. Lee (Maxey) Cox, Quarters 208B, Lowry, AFB, Colo. 80230. 

REPLY Yes, Agnes in 1965 loaned me the diary (notes made by Cook during his trip to the California Gold Rush.) I hand-carried it home and transcribed it by typewriter. It is both genealogical and historical. Now if I could just LOCATE the copy among my papers, we could all enjoy it as last fall Agnes gave permission to print it. Stand by -- it’ll turn up. As I recall ‘­it’s about 20-30 pages, though, and publication here should probably wait until the query load relents.

Lane: I agree Jourdan Lain prob. came from the Roane Co Tn area, but haven’t confirmed the relocation. If he did so, he’d be yet another of an estimated 300 families removing to Pulaski Co Mo in the 1830’s from the McMinn-Rhea-Roane-Monroe-Blount-Knox-Grainger-Claiborne-Hawkins County corridor of East Tennessee. He is listed on 233 Pulaski ‘40 (10120001- 010100010), a page which comprised present-day Laclede/Camden territory. Goodspeed p. 22 says he settled in Laclede’s Bear Creek Valley 1830-35. It is poss he came from 24 Roane Co Tn ‘30 (0112201-0120001); note that near him in 1840 is Joseph Lane (one family, headed by Jesse M. Bracket of N.C., is between them). Joseph, b. 1810-1820, perhaps could previously have been listed on 48 Roane ‘30 (00001-0001). I have not found Joseph in 1850 census; he also settled early in Bear Creek Valley. One Joseph I. Lain m. Mahala Newberry in Crawford Co Mo in 1831 (Woodruff: Crawford Marriages, p. 7).

Jordan Lane makes his final appearance known to me on 237 Laclede ‘50 (Jesse Bracket’s wife Rebecca, b. Tn c1817, is on same page) wherein he says he was b. Va. c1790, and had a ch. b. Tn. c1823. One Thomas R. Lane, of 655 Camden ‘50, made Camden land entry in Twp 37, Range 15, says p. 294 of Goodspeed.

Incidentally, Jordan’s 1840 census entry was preceded by that of George W. Davis, who was born (quoth Goodspeed, p. 734) in MADISON Co., Va., in 1810. Mr. Davis migrated by way of Warren Co., Ky., thence to Tennessee and then Missouri.

Years ago, tracing my family, I sought to prove circumstantially that my great-great grandfather Vincent had removed from Rhea Co Tenn. to Pulaski Co Mo. in the 1830’s. The problem: two John Vincents of the right age were found in the 1830 Tennessee. census -- one in Rhea. the other in Smith County.

Which was mine, and how to prove it? Lacking any other resource, I tackled the job of comparing neighbors.

Memory alone failed to build the case, so I began transcribing censuses and records from Missouri and Tennessee, then cardexing the family names. Six large shoe-boxes of 3 by 5 cards later, Rhea County had won, hands down. (Matter of fact, no one that I have yet contacted in all this time has told me that their fam. came from Smith Co. Tenn. to our study area. That’s certainly further proof.)

In the process of gathering evidence, I acquired a good research tool for comparing surnames of record in 1830, 1840, 1850, and 1860 census returns, tax lists, land entries, Marriages, Estates, Goodspeed, King, and so on...As I’ve told many of you through the years, it would seem improvident to jettison all that work. NOBODY should ever have to do all that labor again.

That’s how the 1840 project started. Imagine a gggg-child of your, years from now, searching these records long after you and I have departed for other climes...what a thrill when that query of yours is found!

John Wayman (8580; 217 Pulaski ‘40.) Living with son John, b. Va. c1781, on 150 Pulaski ‘50. Son b. Va. c1805, Goodspeed reports he lived southwest of Richland in 1829. Note the Throckmorton marriage of  Thomas Wayman: one James Throckmorton fam. appears on 217 Pulaski same page as old John

It is probably a clue that the Bradford fams. of Kentucky were on 217 Pulaski ‘40 as well; they also were early Phelps Co. Baptists and appear in Crawford Co’s 1830 census. James Bradford, son of Adam, was b. in Washington (now Marion) Co. Ky. in 1807, presumably at Bradfordsville.



Thomas L. Kincheloe m. Louisa Jane Rippy; their dau. Mariah Kincheloe-m. Alfred Carter (b. NC c1818. of Texas Co Mo ‘50? div.), -whose dau was Sarah Jane Carter. Sarah Jane m. Joseph Scates...Lewis II. Other lines: John Admire and Minerva King were pars of (John) Henry Admire, who m. Angeline Wheeler. John Farmer Admire was their son. Father. of Angeline was Morgan Wheeler and Harriet ( ). Mrs. Robert Lewis (Eleanore), R.R. 1, Correctionville, Iowa 51016.

REPLY: Locations were not given in this query, but as it happens the Vincent and Admire families intermarried and are listed together in 1850 Pulaski and Texas Co Mo census records. I believe Minerva, spouse of John Admire, was perhaps instead Minerva Vincent, a dau of my great-great grandfather, John Vincent of Virginia. See Vincent’s 1851 estate settlement.

Morgan Lewis Wheeler born March 9, 1814, was married to Harriet Davis Feb. 6, 1840, and to Sarah Ann Paten Nov. 14, 1852. Harriet Wheeler d. Oct 15, 1852. Angeline was b. Jan 22,1843. See Wheeler Bible Records, in StP col no. 77. Also see earlier Admire material in this series; fam. came through Bartholomew Co., Ind.

The Richland Mirror, Nov. 17, 1983 NO. 108


My fam. moved to Calif. when displaced by the building of Fort Leonard Wood; I was born in Pulaski County in 1927. John Wesley Wayman. Sr., migrated to Pulaski, (in that part which was later made into Phelps Co.) in 1831. Samuel York came in 1838. Also interested in Page, Lane, and Laughlin fams who prob came shortly after 1840. My present info is limited mostly to the Wayman family; however, it does go back to c1600. I will be most happy to share what hat I have 'collected. Interested in exchanging with other desc of these lines. Loyd W. Wayman, 9501 Pershing Ave., Orangevale, CA 95662.

REPLY: So glad to hear from you. Three Wayman fams are listed in the 1840 Pulaski group: Pleasant, Thomas, and John. We do not know where in Va. or Ky. the Wayman line located, nor possess a list-of their ch. other than census. Whom did they m.?

Pleasant Wayman (#88; 171 Crawford Co Mo '30, 200 Pulaski '40 and 153 Pulaski '50) was b. Va. c1803 says census; ch. b. Ky. c1826. Goodspeed says he was living southwest of Richland in 1829 and that the fam. in 1831 or 1832 attended Baptist worship. Montague's Directory of Mo. and Ill. says he had a sawmill at Relfe in the 1850's.

Thomas Wayman (#89; 177 Crawford '30, 200 Pulaski '40, 231 Pulaski '50. and 285 Pulaski '60) was b. Va. c1806, was in Ky. in c1835 and Mo. in c1838 according to 18.50 census. Same Goodspeed refs as Pleasant. One Thomas Wayman m. Rachel Throck­morton Jan 20. 1833 in Crawford County (Woodruff: Crawford Marriages, p. 11). Same?

The Richland Mirror Nov. 24, 1983 #109


Martha Jane Lane m. John Carrol ("Carl") Vincent and moved to Texas, according to your references. I'm interested in a Martha Jane Lane whom the census shows was b. c1862 in Mo. She was dau of Jacob C. Lane and Nancy Neoma Flannikin (now Flannigan). Older Lane relations have told me that a Mattie Lane m. John Vincent. Mattie was prob a nickname. My Lanes were partial to nicknames.

Do you know the town and county in Texas to which John Vincent moved?

Glad to be of any help on the Lane fam. if I can. Opal Lea Morrow, Rt. 1, Box 124A, Sarcoxie, MO 64862.

REPLY: Thank you for writing. Yes, Carl's wife was Mattie Lane, reported her dau Mrs. Arlene Mabry of Calif. some years ago. Before WWI, my father related, Lee Vincent took the family down to the San Antonio area, and I seem to remember they joined Carol. The boys cut and sold firewood. Carl d. in California; he was oldest ch. of James Lewis Vincent, Sr. Several other Lane searchers have written me; I invite your attention to past columns.  


Napoleon Bonapart Perkins was my grandfather, of Camden County. His ch. were, Snode, Earl, Isaac (my father), Clarence, Louis, and Robert. Ivan L. Perkins 515 No. Weber, Colorado Springs, COLO 80903.

REPLY: Querist was referred in May '83 to our Kentucky friend Jonathan Ramey, same line.


Wish to prove if poss. the pars of great-great grandfather, Bland Nixon Ballard, b. 1800 (South Car.?), d. 1861 Pulaski Co Mo. If Bland Ballard who in 1790 lived in Lancaster Co., Camden Dist. S.C. was his father, and Elizabeth Nixson was his mother, I need some proof of it.

The 1790 census shows two males over 16 and two males less than sixteen years old, as well as the mother. He was not listed in the. 1800 census; there was an elder Bland Ballard in the 1830 census of Randolph Co. Illinois. Bland N. Ballard enlisted in the Black Hawk War from Springfield, in 1831, at which time it is supposed he lived in Sangamon Co., Ill., but he was not in 1830 census there. He was also thought to have resided prob. near Greencastle, Indiana, as his wife, Margaret Smelser Ballard, head two sisters living there, Have not searched Ind. census: At  least two of his ch. were born there. He removed to Pulaski Co o about 1837, and, according to family sources, he came through poss Overton Co ., Tennessee. Family legend says that Margaret Smelser Ballard's mother, Catherine (Mrs. John) Smelser was a cousin of one Marquis De Lafayette Ballard. She was of French descent. De Lafayette's mother was a cousin of Louise De Saix, who m. one of Davy Crockett's French ancestors...


If anyone can help me with my Bland -Nixon Ballard, Sr., I would appreciate it. There are many "Bland" and "Bland W." Ballards, but the only Bland NIXON Ballards are B.N., Sr., B.N., Jr., and young Bland Nixon Ballard III who lives in Waynesville now. Would like pars or any info on Bland. Ballard, (1700-1791) of Spotsylvania Co., Va.; the Bland fam. dates back to the 1600's in Virginia, I think, so there could have been an early marriage of a Ballard and Bland there before my John and Eliz. Bland Ballard.

Eliza J. Ballard, dau of B.N. Ballard, Sr., m. Judge Samuel Luther Gibson, my great-grandfather. Mrs. Helen Gibson Crawford, Box 220, Grove, OK 74344.



Nancy Ann Killman, b. 1852 Tenn.; d. 1884, m. Leander Vandamon Purdy (1847-1900). No info on Nancy, except her father was Jim Killman and that there was once a "Killman Holler” where kin lived in Pulaski County, There were eight ch.: Nancy Ann is bur at McCann Cem., Fort Wood. Alfred Lawrence Killman, b. c1876, was perhaps son of James, also; he m. 1895 Lucinda Rose Bench, dau of John Bench (b. 1826) and Mary C. Mills. Issue: John and Sylvia. (It is poss that Alf and Nancy Ann’s parents may have been instead bro and sister.

Victor Kilman, 5926 Effingham, Houston, TX 77035. only contact on fam so far located, wrote in 1982 that one James and Jinsey Kilman were "living in Cumberland Co., Ky., in the 1840's...James d. before 1848...Deed transactions through 1858 disposing of the heirs' interest in his estate indicate his land lay in the counties of Monroe and Cumberland in Ky., and in rOverton Co., Tenn. (This part of Overton late became Clay County.)" Mr. Kilman, concludes "I still believe your James is also son of James and Jinsey. Your James was born in Tenn in 1818 and he also named a son Robert..." (letter condensed dv.)

In 1850 Pulaski Co Mo census on p. 213 next to Sarah Musgrave, wife of Bennett, lived John C. Killman, b. Ky. c1812. June Lee (Olney) Nelson, Box 621. Ogden, Iowa 50212. 


When I visited Missouri in 1965, the Hicks twins sent me to see attorney Claud Wood. He'd had a communication from Dewell Bennett Musgrave, Jr., a great grandson of Fite Musgrave (Lafayette 'Brownfield Musgrave), asking for family information.

When he wrote Mr. Wood, Musgrave was sergeant in the Air Force. stationed in Biloxi, Mississippi; this was in 1960's Does anyone have his present address?

From his bar chart, here are perhaps helpful relationships:

Bennett H. Musgrave was prob the father of L.B. Musgrave, b. 1835-37 Illinois. Fite m. 1867 Mary E. Wood, dau of ( ) Wood and Rebecca Morgan. Fite d. Ardmore. Okla. in 1917. His wife, b. 1848 Pulaski Co Mo, d. Ardmore in 1923. Rebecca Morgan Wood was b. Tenn. 1819 and prob d. Pulaski. Fite and Mary's son, Thomas Simpson Musgrave, was b. Pulaski Co 1878 and d. Seminole, Okla. in 1937. Thomas m. prob c1900 Maggie May Williams. They were pars of D.B. Musgrave, Sr., b. 1905 Ardmore & d. 1949. 

A Civil War skirmish occurred at the residence of Hiram W. King in 1863; the only historical ref. so far located says that King's farm was fifteen miles, southwest of Waynesville. Don & Buford Clark of Waynesville now own the land that in 1863 was a farm owned by Thomas King. Any stories in your family? 

REPLY: This question is more historical than genealogical of course, and may need: the help of qualified Civil War students to answer. My great-grandfather and his two bros were impressed into Confederate forces "by bushwhackers," but old Jim Vincent never talked about his experiences within earshot of my father. Bro John was killed; bro Henry seems to have departed the area after the 1870 census.

Hiram King is Pulaskian #65, is on 200, Pulaski '40, 33 Texas Co Mo '50, and 1082 Texas '60. Born N.Y. c1815, he m. 2nd "Ebba" Vincent (poss Isabella Jane, dau. of John Vincent who d. 1850) reported Mrs. Thelma Mader of Springfield, Mo. several. years ago. 

The Richland Mirror Nov. 10, 1983 No. 107 


The late Mrs. Garnet P. Schofield of Lebanon and I swapped several letters in the mid-70's; she died about five years ago. I understand.

Let me mention first that she reported her John C. Roper line was not in the 1840 Pulaski census, but 1840 Polk Co Mo.— in that part which later became Dallas County, Mo. She found record of the fam. in Cumberland Co., Ky., and they are supposedly related to our 1840 Pulaskian Ropers to some degree (though 1 believe 1 found the latter folks sojourning in East Tennessee in 1830.) As I wrote Mrs. Ira McCullen of Amory, Miss., also a Roper desc., they were poss on p. 97 Monroe 1830.

"What makes this more than coincidence" -I wrote in 1973, "is that, moving from p. 93 and 96 of Monroe 1830 census at the same time as the Ropers were Elijah Prock Text Box:  
209 Pulaski '40, then 4'7 Wright '50 and on p. 96 Silas Prock (209 Pulaski '40, then 476 Wright '50)

As you know, John Roper was on 469 Wright '50...

"Others who came from Monroe Co Tenn 1830 census to 1840 Pulaski:

p. 88 TURNER CLIMATE, CLIMER (205 Pulaski '40, 509 Wright '50)

p. 89 ABRAHAM WHITTENBURG (228 Pulaski '40. 511 Wright 50) Isaac Whittenburgh later came to 510 Wright '50. p. 89

ALBERT WISEMAN (223 Pulaski '40, 180 Pulaski '50)

p. 98 RUBEN EVANS (202 Pulaski '40, 541 Wright '50)-

Pardon the digression: Mrs. Schofield also sent Ellis. Stephenson. Corban and Hart data: all is on file, Now to Steen notes' (1969) from Mrs. Schofield:

I am interested in the Steens -- great-grandfather's sister married John Richard Steen and they went to Bosque Co.. Texas. so one of their descendants said.

"I have read the chapter on Steen in King's "History of Maries County" but doubt if they connect to William, who is oh the same page as Jeremiah Russell in Pulaski 1840. The 1850 Wright County census gives William born in Georgia and the Maries County ones (are) said to have all descended from Frederick Steen. b. Lancaster, Pa, They did have similar names to Wm. Steen family in '1850.

"I think Wm. Steen was the father of the George Steen who married Thursie Russell (dau of Jeremiah & Celia - dv.) He may have been father of the John who married Permelia, but there is no John with William in 1850. Permelia is in the 1850 census with her Roper parents -- Her daughter Mary Susan Steen born 8 Dec 1853 (Bible record).

ADDENDA: (dv.) Three Steen families are in our 1840 Pulaski group: James, Christopher, and William.

James Steen (#230, 205 Pulaski '40, 269 Laclede '50). Born S.C. c1769. Settled on . Steen's Creek. Also see 513 Wright '50. I was unable to find this man in Steen Family- By Moses D.A. Steen (Cincinnati, 1917) though author does outline other Steen fams. in Union Dist., So. Carolina.

Christopher Steen (#290. 207 Pulaski '40). Steen's Ck. Settler too, says Goodspeed, but no further record. Numbers in 1840: 000001-0001.

No. 289 Pulaskian, William Atwood, was alleged first settler on Webster Co's Steen Creek so Christopher was in same area as James though on a separate page of census.

William Steen (#660, 220 Pulaski '40. 513 Wright '50) Also settled Steen's Ck.; was in Pulaski Court 1833 (Goodspeed, pp. 25. 123). He was not, apparently, on p. 38 of 1830 Roane Co Tn census, nor on 189 Lincoln Co Tn '30. He was born in Georgia. 

For your information in the 1805 Georgia Land Lottery (Wood & Wood, Cambridge, Mass. 1964 p. 328). one Jamas Steen applied for land, but drew two blanks, while residing in Clarke Co., Ga.; records of this county, formed in 1801 are apparently complete. My Vincents were in same lottery.

COMMENT: "History of Maries Co., Mo." by Everett Marshall King - Ramfre Press. 1963, Cape. Girardeau, Mo.

Perhaps a few words of explanation are called for, on this extraordinary book. It is referred to frequently here, and I wish I could tell you it was still in print.

Though King compiled his information in the 1930s. it was not published until well after his 1944 death. The late John Milton Shockley. with whom I corresponded several years ago. was the moving force behind its publication, we've heard, which was limited to seven hundred lithographed copies. My copy of King is dog-eared, cross-hatched, underlined, and margin noted; I felt fortunate to buy it.

And yet. we hear of mistakes in the book. From time to time, these are called to our attention by our modern-day searchers who, unlike Mr. King, have access to computers, microfilm, columns, quarterlies and published records.

Speaking of corrections -- I have a few make note if you will. The Waynesville Courthouse was "struck by lightning on a cloudless night" in June. 1902; I have few times in error told you 1903, but the year the present courthouse was built. 

Thomas Williams. b. 1826 Tenn but reared Hart Co., Ky. m. (1848?) widow Mariah Musgrave Moore. She was b. 22 May 1828 in Illinois, a dau of Burrell Sr. and Olive Robinson Musgrave. Thomas and Mariah were pars of Pleasant ("Ples," 'Plezz') W. Williams, b. 1850 in Pulaski or Texas Co's, Mo.; he d. San Antonio, Texas, in 1938. Mary Jane ("Molly") Vaughn was Ples' wife, b. Mo.; 1558; she d. Kingston, Okla. in 1931. They were pars of Maggie May Williams, b, 1880 Pulaski; she d. San Antonio in 1954. Mr. Musgrave credited Kentucky-born Lucindy. Williams as Molly Vaughan's mother on the chart but had not determined the father (Bramlett White Vaughn, perhaps?)

The Air Force "Locator Service" was; used last year, attempting to find Musgrave, but nothing resulted. He may have left the service. Notice that the San Antonio area in the early 1900's attracted Vincent, Musgrave, and Williams fam members from near Cookville...any others?  

The Richland Mirror Dec. 1983 No. 110


Elsha/Elijah Hoggatt, b Indiana 1824, was son of Elisha Hoggatt and Elenor Duffield. Subject and wife Naomi Ann Owens, b. 1834 Tenn, are listed on 1900 Webster Co Mo census. Naomi was his 2nd wife; they m. 1854 Johnson Co Mo. Eiisha/Elijah m. 1st Jane ( ), in Knox Co Ill 1844; Jane d. c1852-1854. Issue: Isaac D. b. 1847 111; and Vianis Hoggatt, b. Ill. 1352. my great-grandmother.

Elisha and Naomi Ann were pars of Francis M.; Maris L.; Susan L., Elisha F.; Elizabeth; James, and William. Need pars d. date.

What happened to Isaac D. Hoggatt, 13 yrs of age on 1860 Johnson Co Mo census? Vianis m. John P. Clements sometime between 1870 and 1871, but where? Mrs. Donald T. Brooks, RR1, Box 210, Gravois Mills. MO 65037. 


Need pars of Paralee Margaret Stephens, b 1821 Tenn and d. 1875 Texas; she m. 1838 Miller Co Mo James Z. W. Witten, b. 1817 Ky and d. 1879 Texas. Both Paralee's pars were b. in Tenn; trying to connect her with William and Jane Mullen Stephens. Could have had a sister Cordelia.

My great-grandmother, 2nd ch of James and Paralee Witten, was Susannah, b. 1845 Cole Co Mo and d. 1896 Texas. She m. Richard McCelvey Wade, b. 1841 Mo (puss Cole Co.); he d. 1870 Texas. His pars were both d. before 1848; he was raised by an uncle, John Mulholland John's wife was Sarah Jane Davidson. They removed to Hopkins Co Texas in 1849. but had relocated in Wise Co by 1860.

Who wore pars of Richard M. Wade? Who were pars of Mary Abbagale Brock. b. 1841 Iowa and d. 1909 Texas; her mother was Minerva ( ), stepfather was Elisha Bloomfield. Had half-bros Leander and Galen.

William Daniel was son of Daniel Fulbright and Nancy Woolsey. his 1st wife, who d. Mo 1835. Daniel m. 2nd Phoebe McCloud.

Also tracing Greenup fam. of Miller Co Mo; the Fulbright, Woolsey, Brock, Bloomfield fams settled in Laclede County. . Algura Beggs Hedgpeth 5717 Brent Dr., Fort Worth, TX 76148. 


Samuel O'Dell of 207 Pulaski '40 and 277 Laclede '50, of White Co., Tenn. Do you know about the family newsletter, O'Dell Diggin's, published by Kay O'Dell. 2526 E. Edgewood, Mesa, Arizona 85204? Perhaps Kay or one of her readers knows more about (him)."

REPLY: Thanks for the suggestion. I wrote Kay, who replied: "There is a special article on the Shenandoah Co., Virginia Odells who went to Cocke Co, Tenn in Vol 1. #2 of the newsletter, published in April, 1982. I have looked through my 1982 index and I find the following: Abraham: vol. 2, pp 2, 4, 9; vol. 3, p. 8. Enoch: vol. 3, p 6. Samuel: vol. 2, pp 2, 4, 7, 8; vol 3, pp 3, 6, and 8. There is one reference to White Co, Tenn in vol. 3, p. 6.''

“The O'Dell Diggin's" is a quarterly; yearly subscription is $7, increasing in 1984 to $8. Back issues for 1982 are $2 each. Index for 1982 and back issues for 1983 are $2.50i Queries free to subscribers. I hope readers with the Odell line are hereby encouraged to subscribe. 

The Richland Mirror  Dec. 8, 1983 No. 111

ADKINS,- Update

Owen Adkins, an 1840 Pulaskian, was a son of Jesse Adkins who first appears in Tenn records about 1826 in White County. Later he lived in Morgan and Fentress Col. Tennessee. Owen Adkins d. Newton Co. Mo. after the 1880 census. He was in Hopkins Co, Texas, and 1860 in Washington Arkansas. Jesse, son of Owen, was b. Ill 1832, poss Gallatin Co. Mrs. Barbara Pemberton, 2557 Fairlane Dr., Cape Girardeau, MO 63701.

REPLY: Thank you for your entertaining and complimentary letter. Did you notice that the Wade fam. above described also went to Hopkins Co Texas at about the same time? Wonder if there were others? Were they related?


William Alexander Marshall Petty was b. Va c1870. He lived in the Tuscumbia, Miller Co Mo area in 1893. He m. Anna Musetta c1890, prob.) in Maries Co Mo, but where? Issue: son Lee Travis Petty, b. Tuscumbia 1893. Need d. date, burial site for William, who may have been some sort of doctor. Dorothy Dodd, R. 4, Box 672, Carthage. MO 64836.


John and William Driskill of 1850 Pulaski Co Mo census went to Texas in the late 1850s. They were in the Kansas Territory in 1855, and in the 1880 and 1900 Tarrant Co, Texas census. Wm is bur at Parker Mem Cemetery near Grapevine, Texas. Others from Mo bur there are James Hensley; William Harrison Hensley of Pulaski Co Mo; James' wife, Aggendecca Kirtley of Ray Co Mo; and Christena Driskill, listed in the 1850 Pulaski household of William Driskill.

Hensley: all evidence seems to point to James Hensley being the oldest ch. of Jacob G. Hensley and Nancy Driskill. Oma Hensley Willits said that this James went to England and d. in 1914. James did not get along with his stepfather, J. J. A. Laquey, and left home when he was 14. He is listed in 1850 Pulaski census in house of Nancy Laguy (Laquey); J. J. A. Laquey was in California then. John and William Driskill were James Hensley's uncles; James went with them to Kansas. 

The Richland Mirror Dec. 15, 1983 No. 112

Merry Christmas to you and yours. 

KILLMAN correction (see col #109 also MORGAN - WOOD - TIPPITT - Before mischief is caused for future searchers, let's rectify a boo-boo on the Killman line. June Nelson writes, "..., Alfred Law. Killman is the son of James Killman, b. 1851, and (her 3rd hus) Mary Ella Brownfield. June further theorizes, "My great-grandmother's reported father "Jim" is no doubt (an older) James Killman. b. 1818-1820, (who is listed) on 1870 Pulaski Co Mo census..." "I believe it's poss Nancy Ann, b. 1852, and James, b. 1851, may be bro and sister, and both ch. of (the older) James...(therefore) "Alf's father and Nancy Ann may be bro and sister."

Mrs. Nelson also helpfully mentions that "Rebecca (Morgan) Wood Tippitt is buried at the John Morgan Home Cemetery in Pulaski County." (also see col 109 - dv.) Thanks to June Nelson for the prompt clarification. 1 misconstrued her query. 

The Richland Mirror Dec. 29, 1983 No. 113

HILLHOUSE ROSS - MITCHELL –SHARP -FULBRIGHT - IVY - EVANS - WOODS CUNNINGHAM - SHAHA - BOHANNON -MONTGOMERY - O'NEAL - WILCOX -CHAMBERS - MUSGRAVE - STROOP Hazel L. Ray, 403 L. 46th St.. Long Beach, CA 90807, writes: "After reading the May 5th column I thought 1 would send (the enclosed) chart to show you the relationship between Mitchell Ross and Minter Hillhouse. my great-great-great grandfather. They were second cousins. as well as bros-in-law."

William Hillhouse was the father of James Hillhouse, b. 1746 and d. 1835  Livingstone Co. Ky. His wife was Mary Dickey. h. 1753 and d. 1835 Ky. She was a dau. of John Dickey, b. Ireland 1703 and d. S.C. 1789 and wife Martha McNeely. Robert Dickey, a son of John, was b. 1745 and d. 1817 Ohio; his wife, Margaret Hillhouse, m. him in 1772 and died in S.C. in 1778. Martha Dickey. dau of Robert and Margaret, was h. 1776 and m. in 1800 in Logan Co Ky. Henry Ross, who was a son of. James and Martha Mitchell Ross. Mitchell Ross was a son of Henry, and was b. 1801 in Logan Co Ky. He m. in 1822 Mary ("Polly") 'Hillhouse, b. 1800 Ky. and d. 1845 Urbana, Dallas Co Mo.

James Hillhouse above, who d. in 1835 was the father of John Hillhouse. John Hillhouse and Bethiah Sharp were the pars of Josiah Minter Hillhouse, who m. Margaret Watt in Giles Co Tn in 1824.

Josiah Minter Hillhouse, b. 1805 in Livingstone Co., Ky, d. 1871 at Stoutland, Camden Co Mo, and is buried at the Hillhouse Cemetery. Margaret Watt. b. 1807 Va (later W. Va.), d. 1895 Stoutland and is also bur at Hillhouse Cemetery. Their children were:

1. Nancy Emily - b. 1825 Giles Co.,Tn: d. 1903 Stoutland Mo.; m. 1845 Levi Coulter Fulbright.

2. Sara B. ("Sallie") b. Giles 1827. Married 1st Henderson Ivy and 2nd John Evans, in 1856.

3. Sophia Adaline b. 1828 Giles; d. 1915 Stoutland. Married Henry J. Evans.

4. John Franklin b. 1833, d. Laquey, Pulaski Co Mo. He m. 1856 Catherine Hensley.

5. (a twin of no. 6) Elizabeth ("Bettie" b. 1838 Mo; m. Oliver Evans.

6. Amanda M. ("Mandy–) b. 1838 Mo; John Woods.

7. William Washington  b. 1840; d. Stoutland 1915. Married 1868, Martha Jane Evans.

8. Jane b. 1843, m. Martin Evans.

9. Thomas Wallace - b. 1844, d. 1917. He m. 1867 Sarah Jane Cunningham.

10. Monroe Dotson b. 1845 Stoutland. d. there 1925. He m. 1871 Amanda Shaha.

11. James - b. 1849 Stoutland; d. there c1866,

12. Mary Ellen b. 1852 Stoutland d. Wister, Leflore Co. Okla. She m. 1869

Thomas G. Bohannon.

John Hillhouse, b. c1780, and Bethiah (Sharp) were the parents of:

1.  Mary ("Polly") – b. Ky 1800; 0. 1845 Dallas Co Mo; m. 1822 Mitchell Ross.

2. Wilson b. 1803, d. Wright Co Mo 1855. Married Nancy Montgomery.

3. Josiah Minter - as above.

4. Martha ("Patsey") - b. 1809 Ky: d. 1897 Republic, Greene Co Mo. Married Charles U. O'Neal.

5. Nancy - m. ( ) Wilcox.

6. Starkey Sharp

7. John D.

8. Sinah.

William Hillhouse, earliest known member of the family, was born in Ireland n d. in South Carolina. According to Rev. War Records and desc. Ruth Dodd, issue were:

1. John - Capt. in Rev. War; b. 1744; d. S.C. 1832. Married Margaret Chambers.

2. James - as above. Died in Ohio; m. Mary Dickey in S.C.

3. William - Capt., Rev. War; b. 1760, d. Miss. 1847. Married Sara (          ).

4. Eli.

5. Margaret ("Peggy") , d. S.C. 1778; m. Robert Dickey in S.C. 1772.

REPLY: Thank you so much, Hazel, for helping us to learn more about your families. Wilson and Josiah M. Hillhouse are 1840 Pulaskians, so I am doubly grateful.

McNeely: I will confess a longstanding curiosity about the McNeely clan. In 1840, listed just above my V. great-great grandfather on p. 210 was one Ezekiel McNely. His numbers were 0100001‑1011001; location is the Pulaski-Texas Co border area. The only McNeely I can discover in the neighborhood by the time of the 1850 census is young Jackson McNeely-, b. Mo. c1831, a poss son of Ezekiel. On 52 Texas '50, this youngster lived in household of Jonas Musgrove Musgrave). b. N.C. c1795; who, same as the Hillhouses, was previously a Lawrence Co Tn resident. Jonas in 1850 had a South Carolina-born wife, (prob his 2nd), Susannah (Stroop?), b. c1797. She was still in Texas Co in 1860 census.



My great-great-great grandfather was Peter Salsman, Sr.; his wife was Catherine ( ), and a son was Peter, Jr. Peter, Sr. was listed on 1840 Pulaski census as being between 70 and 80 years of age. Grateful for any information. Mary Ann Huber, R1, Box 361, Linn Creek, Mo. 65052. 

REPLY: Peter Saltsman appears on 221 Pulaski '40. Only one man and one woman were present, both h. 1760-1770. 1 have no further trace. One John Saltsman (110001­.2100010) was on 199 Pulaski '40, then on 670 Camden '50, reporting his birthplace in c1806, as I suggest you check Kentucky and Va. early census and tax lists for the family. Peter, Sr. or others should be present. Goodspeed (p. 106) says one George Saltsman settled the Waynesville area before 1840.

It might be helpful for you to know that William Decker, two names below John Saltsman in 1840, hailed from Edmonson Co., Ky.; the Christesons, five names below were from Adair Co., Ky.