Nicholas McMinn was the administrator of the estate of Bedford Ryland in Polk County, Missouri in October of 1845.[1] Hoping there might be a connection between the two men, Ryland's estate was investigated. Bedford Ryland was alive on 16 April 1844 when he promised to pay A.C. Denney $40.00. The bill for attending the deceased during his illness was submitted by Andrew P. Holmes on 26 September 1845. Benjamin Jewett submitted a medical bill dated 12 October 1845. Nicholas McMinn was principal with Elijah Williams and Samuel D. Dysart as securities in amount of $1000. They were appointed 17 October 1845. Nicholas was appointed Executor, but there was no will in file. An abstract from the will book follows: To sister, Ann Ryland; to the Theological Seminary in Marysville, Blount County Tennessee; to Rebecca McGee of Blount County Tennessee wearing apparel of his deceased wife. His own apparel was to go to relations in Tennessee. Executor to was to be his “friend” Nicholas McMinn.[2] In 1844 and 1845 Charity Denny was paid for weaving jeans and plain cloth for the estate of Bedford Ryland, deceased. On 14 January 1847, Ann Ryland of Washington County, Tennessee, constituted and appointed Henry King of Polk County lawful agent to receive from Nicholas McMinn, Executor of her brother Bedford Ryland. Wit: John Ryland.[3]


[1] The probate court ordered Nicholas McMinn as Executor of the estate of Bedford Ryland to “cause a suitable wall and tombstone” to be placed over the grave of the deceased and his wife. (Polk Co. Probate Book A, p. 287.)  Unfortunately, neither stone has survived.

[2] Missouri Pioneers Vol. XI, p. 47.

[3] Polk County Probate Box 58.