1831 Tax List — Maury County, Tennessee

Andrew Rountree

Joseph Rountree

John Rountree, Sr.

John Rountree, Jr.

David Rountree

Joseph Rountree, Jr.


Maury County, Tennessee Will Book Z p. 229 Andrew Rountree left a detailed will in Maury Co. TN dated 23 June 1841 calling himself afflicted in body and detailing the disposal of his estate. Wife Mary during her natural life or widowhood was to have the mansion house, the orchards, fields, the barn and part of land in Maury or Williamson Co. She was also to have negroes: Jude, Ned and his wife Rebecca and boy Albert and Rebecca's child Richard; also three work horses. To son, Cicero two cows, a good bed and bedstead; to daughter Emily a young sorrel horse, a bed, $30.00 and negro girl Harriet to make her equal with sisters Jane, Elizabeth and Mary. To son Andrew Marion, a bay mare, cows and bed; to George Washington a gray marlin colt and the blind mare, two cows, and bed; to faithful servant Toby who is to select among his children with whom he wanted to live. Andrew stated that his land was are to be divided among John, Cicero, George W., Andrew Marion and Sarah McKee and the heirs of her body. To the rest of the children viz; Thomas, David, William, Joseph, Charles, Elizabeth, Jane, Mary and Emily the negroes Dick, Eliza, Fill, Jane, Lydia, Sampson, Mackor, Madison and Will who are to be valued by disinterested persons and then equally divided by the nine last children named.  Son, John was to have the place where he now lives to cultivate. John shall rent out the two fields that Charles cultivated and the proceeds applied to my daughter Sarah McKee and her children. In no case shall the control be at the disposal of her husband. Son John and John Jamison were to be Executors. Wit: John Saterfield and William Trimble. Recorded October Term 1841. 

Charles Rountree b. 28 December 1811 d. in January 1851 in Polk County, Missouri. He purchased 80 acres in Section 22-33-24 in 1838. (Volume 5, p. 671) Charles Rountree was the administrator of the estate of Andrew Hayes and guardian of his minor children. On 3 May 1850, Charles appointed Thomas Rountree his attorney in his individual name, as administrator of Andrew Hayes and as guardian of Andrew George and John Riley Rountree, heirs of Joseph Rountree. (Polk Co. Deed Book C, p. 404) Thomas Rountree was the administrator of Charles' estate.  

NE¼ and E½ of NW¼ of Section 22 Twp. 33, Range 24 except about 40 acres off east half of NW¼ of Section 22; also N½ of NE¼ and SE¼ of SE¼ of Section 22, Twp. 33, Range 24.  

Maury County, Tennessee Deed Book A-2 323 1 December 1841 Charles Rountree, David R., William R. and Joseph  R. of Polk Co. appointed Thomas Rountree of Polk County, Missouri, our attorney to perform business matters and receive probably from estate of Andrew Rountree, deceased.  

J-2 376 19 Sept. 1855 William Rountree of Polk Co. Missouri granted to John J. Rountree of Williamson Co., Tennessee, all right, title and interest to lands belonging to estate of Andrew M. Rountree, deceased, late of Maury Co. Tennessee in consideration of $170 having an undivided interest in the 1121 acres held by John J. Rountree, Andrew M. George W. and Cicero Rountree and Sarah McKee and her heirs under will of Andrew Rountree, deceased.  

Sheriff's Partition of Real Estate - Bolivar Free Press Oct 1 1874

John F. Rountree, C.B. Rountree, William Jamison, Thomas Jamison, Cicero Jamison, Amanda Jamison, Ellen Jamison, Tabitha Jamison, Martha Jamison, Thomas Shaw, James Shaw, Francis Shaw, Ophelia Shaw, Emily Shaw, Ellen Shaw, Miller W. McKee, John McKee, George McKee, Rankin McKee, Thomas McKee, Charles McKee, Emily McKee, Polk McKee, Charles McKee, John McKee, Louisa McKee, Angley McKee, Ellen Rountree, Mary Rountree, Mary McCracken, and Samuel McCracken her husband; John J. Rountree, Emily McKee, Sarah Rountree, Robert Rountree, Joseph Rountree, Sarah Reed and John Reed, her husband; Susan Moore and Henry Moore, her husband; Richard A. Rountree, George W. Rountree, Palina Hagan and Jackson Hagan, her husband, plaintiffs. vs. Sarah A. King and Frame King, her husband, Emily J. Mitchell and A.H. Mitchell, her husband, Rhoda M. Montgomery and John Montgomery her husband; James Gustavus Rountree, Elizabeth Christian,[1] Alice Rountree, William Rountree, Charles Rountree, Jas G. Rountree, Emily Lindly, Mary Neil and S.B. Neil, her husband; Elizabeth Ferguson, Rufus Rountree, David Rountree, Thomas B. Rountree, John Rountree, Charles Rountree, Martha Chandler and H.H. Chandler, her husband; Tabitha Franklin and John Franklin, her husband, W.W. Rountree, Charles Rountree, Polk Rountree, Joseph Rountree, Columbia Rountree, Susan Rountree, Emily Rountree, Mary R. Rountree, defendants.

                                                                                                                                   Total: 75 names 

Joseph Rountree, Jr. b. 3 Aug. 1809 d. ca. October 1844. Thomas Rountree was appointed administrator November 1844. He purchased 80 acres in 15-33-24 Vol. 6, p. 67. In August of 1845, the Polk Co. Probate Court ordered Thomas Rountree to place a head and footstone on the grave of the deceased. Unfortunately, these stones have not survived.


Polk County Deed Book E:429 24 March 1855 Thomas Rountree petitioned the Circuit Court of Greene Co. against Mary Rountree and others for partition of real estate. Notified non-residents defendants Mary Rountree, John Jamison and Elizabeth his wife, David Rountree, George W. Rountree, John J. Rountree, William L.A. Shaw and Jane his wife, Andrew G. Rountree, John R. Rountree, Nelson McKee and Emily his wife; George W. McKee, Robert McKee and Mary his wife and the infant heirs of Cicero Rountree, deceased whose names are unknown. Said Defendant William Rountree, Thomas S. Gilliland [Gillihan] and James K.P. Rountree have been notified. May sell land beginning 22-33-24 west (gives metes and bounds) to Section 15 line containing 40 acres. Also NW¼ of 10-35-24 and SW¼ of 15-33-24 and N½ of SE¼ 15-33-24 and E½ of NW¼ of 4-35-23. Each of those listed was to received 1/13 part of proceeds.


B*1. Elizabeth Rountree b. 5 Jan. 1800 and John Jamison her husband

B*2. Thomas Rountree b. 28 May 1801

B*3. David Rountree b. 10 October 1802

B*4. William Rountree b. 18 Sept. 1804

B*5. Sarah McKee b. 21 Feb. 1806; she had died by 1854. Her husband was a McKee but his first name remains unknown.

B*6. Jane Rountree b. 1 March 1808 m. William F.A. Shaw

B*7. Joseph Rountree b. 3 Aug. 1809 (Andrew G. Rountree, John R. and James K.P. ch/o Joseph, deceased)


B*  Charles Rountree b. 28 Dec. 1811 He was the deceased party.


B*8. John Jackson Rountree b. 18 Aug. 1815

B*9. Mary Rountree b. 23 April 1817 m. Robert McKee

B*10.Cicero Rountree b. 31 Dec. 1818 deceased. unk children and heirs of

B*11. Emily Rountree b. 27 October 1821 m. Nelson McKee

B*12. George Washington Rountree b. 29 December 1825; George was living in Maury County, Tennessee in 1850, p. 233 #1021. He was 25 years old. He was caring for William McKee age 16, Robert R. McKee age 15, Mary J. McKee, age 13 Emily E. McKee age 10, Andrew G. Rountree age 10, John R. Rountree age 10.


13. Mary Rountree - mother who died 1864. bur. McKee Cemetery.

14. Andrew Marion Rountree - son named in father's will, but not in distributions.


            John and Elizabeth Jamison; Robert and Mary McKee, Nelson and Emily McKee, George W. McKee, Thomas Rountree, David Rountree, William Rountree, Jane, the wife of W.F.A. Shaw, John J. Rountree, [John F., William A. Thomas V., Mary J., Emily E., Robert R., George W., Charles R. McKee [children of Sarah McKee deceased] [Andrew G., John R. and James K.P. Rountree minor children of Joseph Rountree, deceased] [Ellen P. and Mary M. Rountree, minor heirs of Cicero Rountree, deceased, for whom W.F.A. Shaw is guardian.] 


Polk Co. Circuit Court petition of Thomas Rountree vs. lists Mary Rountree John and Elizabeth Jamieson, David Rountree, George W. Rountree, William Rountre, John J. Rountree, William F.A. Shaw and Jane his wife; Andrew G. Rountree, John R. Rountree, James K. Rountree, Nelson McKee and Emily his wife; George W. McKee, Robert W. McKee and his wife Mary McKee; Infant heirs of Cicero Rountree, deceased. infant heirs of Sarah McKee, deceased. (April 1854)


Polk Marriages

M.J. Rountree m. 7 March 1844 Mary L. Winton

FAMILIES WHO RECEIVED 1/13 part of the estate in 1857




(2) ELIZABETH m. John Jamison - received 1/13 part

            by 1875 their children were

            William Jamison

            Thomas Jamison

            Cicero Jamison

            Amanda Jamison

            Ellen Jamison

            Tabitha Jamison

            Martha Jamison



b. 28 May 1801

d. 1 June 1870 bur. Walnut Grove 

            Children of Thomas Rountree:[3]

            i.          Cooper B. Rountree b. ca. 1826 m. Martha [-?-] d. in Lawrence Co. Missouri in 1859. He was “on the plains” in 1857. He was a witness to the deed of Thomas S. Gillihan guardian of minor heirs of Joseph Rountree, deceased, in 1853 when Gillihan was living in Cedar Co.

            ii.         Sarah Amanda Rountree b. ca. 1828 m. 8 Dec. 1843 Frame King s/o Thomas King of Washington County, Tennessee

            iii.        Emily Jane Mitchell b. ca. 1835 m. 27 November 1851 Abraham H. Mitchell.

            iv.        Rhoda Malvina Rountree b. ca. 1841 m. John Montgomery.

            v.         John Ferron Rountree b. ca. 1837 m. 27 January 1859 Susan King. By 1878 John and his wife were living in Atascosa, Texas when they sold land in Polk Co.

            vi.        Joseph Gustavus Rountree

by (3) wife Elizabeth Christian[4]

            vii.       Mary Elizabeth Rountree b. 12 December 1859 d. 21 Sept. 1862 bur. Walnut Grove. (She, of course, did not participate in the court case.

            viii.      Martha Alice Rountree b. ca. 1862 Greene County, Missouri

            ix.        William T. Rountree b. ca. 1863

            x.         Charles Rountree b. 1 May 1869 d. 12 May 1906 bur. Ash Grove Cemetery.

            xi.        James G. Rountree b. ca. 1866 d. 1919 bur. Ash Grove Cemetery

            xii.       Tabitha E. Rountree b. 20 May 1867 d. 8 September 1869 bur. Walnut Grove Cemetery.  


(4) DAVID ROUNTREE b. 10 October 1802  d. 15 September 1867 (1863 according to partition petition) bur. Turkey Creek Cemetery, Polk County, Missouri m. ca. 1826 (Goodspeed) Victory W. McKee b. 5 December. 1810 in Maury County, Tennessee, the daughter of William McKee.[5] d. 27 January 1880. bur. Turkey Creek Cemetery.  

            David came to Polk County ca. 1840, but returned to Tennessee for a number of years. He was living in Marshall County, Tennessee in 1852 when he sold land in Polk Co.[6] He returned to Missouri about 1855.  

            Children of David and Tennessee Rountree:[7]

            i.          Mary Jane Rountree b. ca. 1829 m. 28 November 1844 in Polk County Jacob Lindley. She was dead by 1879 leaving heirs Robert Lindley, Martha Lindley, Bettie Lindley and Sarah Lindley. According to the HX of Cedar County (1889), p. 751, she left three children Bettie w/o D.M. Cotton, Alice w/o Jackson Hacker and Sarah.

            ii.         Margaret Melissa (or Mary) Rountree b. 7 May 1831 d. 5 November 1880 m. October 1851 in Marshall County, Tennessee Dr. S.B. Neil. 

            iii.        Rufus Rountree b. 1833; living household #1624 in 1860 in Polk County. m. 6 January 1858 Lucretia Hopkins. She was a daughter of Solomon Hopkins and was part of a distribution of his estate in 1860.

            iv.        Elizabeth A. Rountree b. ca. 1835 m. James Ferguson.

            v.         David J. Rountree b. ca. 1837 m. 16 Sept. 1869 in Cedar Co. Sarah C. Dunnigan.

            vi.        Emily L. Rountree b. ca. 1839 m. Riley Lindley.

            vii.       Thomas B.[enton] Rountree b. 20 February 1841 d. 25 Jan. 1926 bur. Greene Lawn Cemetery, Walnut Grove, Greene County, Missouri.

            viii.      Martha Rountree b. ca. 1843 m. Houston H. Chandler. Hugh Chandler probably married (1) Sarah Harper. Sarah died 1868 and was buried in the Chandler Cemetery. By 1879 he was married to Martha.

            ix.        Sarah A. Rountree b. ca. 1844 m. Mark L. Thomas.

            x.         W. Robert Rountree b. ca. 1846

            xi.        John W. Rountree b. 10 May 1847 m. 17 June 1869 in Cedar Co. Mary Dale.

            xii.       Tabitha Rountree b. 10 December 1848 d. 12 November 1912 bur. Greenwood Cemetery, Bolivar, Polk County, Missouri m. 10 April 1870, Polk County, John W. Franklin.

            xiii.      Joseph C. Rountree b. ca. 1850

            xiv.      Charles W. Rountree b. ca. 1853 m. 1881 Ann Danforth in Greene Co.




            Sarah (E) b. 1837 d. 1920 bur. Alder Cemetery, Cedar County. m. John Reed

            Susan Moore and Henry Moore, her husband

            Richard A. Rountree b. ca. 1832

            Palina Rountree b. ca. 1833 m. Jackson Hagan

            W.W. Rountree b. ca. 1835

            Charles Rountree b. ca. 1842

            Polk Rountree b. ca. 1845

            Joseph Rountree b. ca. 1849



            George W. Rountree b. ca. 1852

            Columbia (Christopher) Rountree with Richard 1860 b. 31 October 1854 d. 19 March 1935. bur. Polk-Mt. Vernon. The Bolivar Herald, March 22 1935: Christopher Columbus Rountree died March 19 at his home six miles north of Halfway. He was born in Hickory County October 31, 1854 and was 80y, 4m, 19d. at the time of his death. Burial was at Polk Cemetery. Mr. R. was a member of the Baptist Church at Goodson.

                        He was united in marriage to Mrs. Anne Skidmore Lee. Seven children were born to this union of whom two proceded him in death. His companion died in 1897. He was again married to Mrs. Amanda Shaw Carson. Two children were born to this union, one of whom proceded him in death. He leaves to mourn his wife, and six sons: Walter R. of Whittier, Calif. John R. of Louisburg, Mo., George R. of Las Animas Colo. Frank R. of Stockton, Calif, Linville R of Flemington Mo. and James Rountree of Ventura Calif. A step-son H.D. Carson also survives as well as 17 grandchildren. 

            Emily Rountree (She was single in 1874 if called Emily Rountree and grouped with siblings. b. 5 May 1839 d. 30 May 1915. bur. Polk Mt. V.

            Mary R. Rountree b. ca. 1856




b. 21 Feb. 1806

d. by 1854


She was on 1850 census in Maury County in household #1021:  


            i.          George W. McKee b. ca. 1825; living 1854

            ii.         William A. McKee b. ca. 1834; living 1854

            iii.        Robert Rankin McKee b. ca. 1835

            iv.        Emily E. McKee b. ca. 1840

            v.         Andrew G. McKee b. ca. 1840 (not named as heir in 1854)

            vi.        John R. (or F.) McKee b. ca. 1842 age 8.

            vii.       Thomas V. McKee; named as Sarah’s child in August of 1854

            viii.      Mary J. McKee named as Sarah’s child in August of 1854

            ix.        Charles R. McKee named as Sarah’s child in August of 1854.



b. 1 March 1808  m. William F.A. Shaw

            Thomas Shaw

            James Shaw

            Francis Shaw

            Ophelia Shaw

            Emily Shaw

            Ellen Shaw


(8) JOSEPH ROUNTREE b. 3 August 1809 m. 3 Aug. 1843 Jane Akins d. before 5 November 1844 when Thomas Rountree was assigned Letters of Adminisration. In February of 1845 Charles Rountree was made guardian of the estate of George A. Rountree and John R. Rountree, heirs of Joseph Rountree who were under the age of 14.[8] The widow m. (2) 18 Sept. 1845 Thomas S. Gillihan he was a defendant, but was not heir. 

            In 1840 Joseph was head of household in Polk Co. p. 153 in Jackson twp. His household consisted of 1 male under 5, 2 males 20-30; 1 female 20-30.  

His children were to receive 1/13 part. Children of Joseph by unknown first wife and   Jane (Akins) Rountree:

            i.          James K. Polk Rountree - Jane Gillihan was appointed guardian of the estate of James K. Polk Rountree, a minor heir of Joseph Rountree in August of 1845.  He was alive in 1848 when named in a partition. He was not named when Charles Rountree gave power of attorney to Thomas Rountree to act in the interest of Joseph's heirs. But this may have been because he was a child by the second wife?

            ii.         Andrew George Rountree b. between 1835-1840 - alive in 1850; living in Maury Co.

            iii.        John Riley Rountree b. ca. 1841 alive in 1850; living in Maury Co.



b. 18 Aug. 1815 

Maury County, Tennessee Deed Book B-2 194 On 10 February 1846 John J. Rountree of Williamson Co. Tennessee for natural love and affection for two nieces Mary J. McKee and Emily A. McKee do give them two feather beds, bedsteads, four sheets and blankets, two coverlets, four pillows, one bureau, one tea kettle etc.  



b. 23 April 1817 m. Robert McKee 



b. 31 Dec. 1818

deceased by 1854 leaving Ellen P. and Mary M. Rountree who became heirs of Andrew Rountree.  



b. 27 October 1821 m. Nelson McKee 



b. 29 December 1825




     [1] This may be Elizabeth Chrisman; Thomas Rountree's third wife and her second husband A.W. Chrisman.

     [2] p. 591 in Maury County Settlements of Guardians (August 1854).

     [3] Polk County, Missouri Deed Book S:279 dated 10 June 1874.

     [4] This may be Elizabeth Chrisman; Thomas Rountree's third wife and her second husband A.W. Chrisman.

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