Rose Family of Southwest Missouri


In 1860, Hiram Rose was in Wright County, p. 981 in Hartville. He was 57 years old, born North Carolina as was everyone in the household: Rachel, age 57, John age 15 and Hiram age 18. Bartley Rose has not been found in 1860. Hiram moved into the immediate neighborhood of Samuel’s land purchase. Hiram purchased 120 acres in 7-31-12, 160 acres in 8-31-12. Although 38 years later, it was ¾ of a mile from Samuel’s entry. No connection has been found, however, between the two men.

Hiram must have died between 1860-1870 as in 1870 Rachel is head of her own household, living next door to Hiram Jr., age 28, born North Carolina. In 1880 Hiram Rose Jr. said both of his parents were born in North Carolina.  

In 1870, Bartley Rose was living in Pulaski County in Liberty Township, p. 663, age 24, born in Missouri. He entered 240 acres in Wright County in 35-12-13.  

In 1880, Bartley had moved to Wright County and was listed as 24 years old (should be 34). Also in his household were Emaline, age 19, his wife and his young son William. His father was born in North Carolina and his mother in Tennessee. He was living next door to Elizabeth Rose, age 48, born in Tennessee with her father born in North Carolina, her mother in Virginia. She was a widow. They were in Montgomery Township. Was this the same Bartley living with Samuel Rose in 1850? He should be, but there is no evidence connecting them.  


Buncombe  County, NC 1830 census p. 284

Hiram Rose 1 male under 5, 1 male 20-30, 1 female under 5, 1 female 5-10, 1 female 20-30, 1 female 70-80. (only one of the name in North Carolina) 

p. 237 Cherokee Co. 1840 census; Hiram Rose

1 male 5-10, 1 male 10-15, 1 male 30-40; 1 male 80-90; 3 females under 5, 1 female 5-10, 1 female 10-15, 1 female 20-30, 1 female 70-80. 

Family of Hiram Rose Jr. b.1833 in North Carolina m. Terrey A. or Tennecia A.  [–?–] b. 12 may 1843 d. 26 April 1884; bur. Montgomery Cemetery, Wright Co. Missouri 


          i.        W.M. Rose b. 14 January 1861; d. 22 November 1861; bur. Montgomery.

          i.        Hiram J. Rose b. 1864 in Missouri

          ii.       Charles Rose b. 1866 in Missouri

          iii.       Sarah C. Rose b. ca. 1868 in Missouri

          iv.      Milley A. Rose b. ca. 1870 in Missouri

          v.       Mary S. Rose b. ca. 1872

          vi.      Noah I. Rose b. 1874 in Missouri

          vii.      Vienna E. Rose b. 1877

          viii.     Queen V. Rose 10 months b. 15 Sept. 1879; d. 18 October 1880; bur Montgomery Cemetery.  


Samuel Rose  was possibly the man born 1773 in England; living 1850; no further information. Unfortunately, the IGI shows a number of men named Samuel Rose born in England in 1773 and 1774.  

Land: NE¼ of SE¼ section 24 township 31 range 13 containing 40 acres [Wright County]. He entered this parcel 2 December 1837 and received certificate (patent) #242. The case file gives his 1837 residence as Pulaski County, Missouri. 

Origin: Unknown


Between the years 1837 and 1841, the land patented here was in southern Pulaski County in the area that became Wright County. The region had not yet been formally organized and there was probably considerable confusion as to which county people actually lived in. In addition, the area was sparsely settled. Besides Samuel, only Jesse Adams, Robert Montgomery and James W. Kendrick entered land in the area this early. 

No one named Samuel Rose was in Pulaski County as head of household in 1840, the county where he was said to be a resident in 1837 when he entered his land. Those who bought land in the same area were listed. There was a Matthew Rose in Pulaski County listed p. 215. His household consisted of 1 male 20–30; 1 female 15–20. Most of his neighbors in 1840 were enumerated in Texas County in 1850.  

The only man by the name of Samuel Rose in the 1840 Missouri census index was in living Ripley County, listed p. 338. His household consisted of 1 male 5–10, 1 male 60–70, 1 female under 5, 1 female 20–30. The northwestern part of Shannon County was pulled from Ripley County in 1841 and in 1845 that part of Shannon became Texas County. A man named Samuel Rose was listed in 1850 in Texas County, Missouri. His household compares well with the household enumerated in Ripley in 1840. In dwelling #214, Samuel Rose was age 77, born England, a farmer. With him were Margaret, age 33, born Tennessee, William, age 18, born Illinois, Caroline, age 19, Peter, age 7, Christina, age 8, Bartin age 3, and Samuel, age 4 months, all born in Missouri.[1]


                [1] One Samuel Rose entered the NW¼ of S2-T2-6W in McMinn County on 25 February 1824. [McMinn Land Entries, Hiwassee District, Vol. 3 p. 5 No. 196.] On 21 February 1824, he entered the NW½ of 2-6-1W consisting of 160 acres in McMinn County. In 1826 he assigned this to Spencer Beaver. He was listed in McMinn County in 1830, p. 159, with 2 males under 5, 1 male 30-40; 2 females under 5, 2 females 5-10, 1 female 30-40. Researcher Christine Rose feels he may be the son of Francis Rose of Buncombe County, North Carolina, and nephew of the Reverend Zachariah Rose of McMinn. Samuel Rose was not on the 1840 census of McMinn County and apparently was in Cherokee County, North Carolina.