Warren County, Tennessee

One David Payne witnessed with Martin Johnson a sale of land in Warren County, Tennessee, on Collins River in 1818 (Claiborn Gunter in the area). In 1819 Joseph Paine sold 30 acres in Warren County to Daniel Dosher. Daniel Pain, John Finly and Richard Pritchet Dosher were witnesses. The land had been entered by Hollis and purchased by Pain. (Deed Bppl D:18) In 1819 land was sold to Daniel Pain on dry fork of east fork of Stone’s River. [Daniel is said to be Larkin Payne’s father. Larkin settled in Stone County, Missouri) One Daniel Payne moved from Warren County Tennessee to Illinois.

A Daniel is in Lawrence County, Tennessee in 1830 where he purchased federal land. However, he was just 30-40 years old.]


Tennessee Cousins by Worth S. Ray, GPC, 1971

p. 525 Among the Virginia families who came to Warren Co. TN were the Randolphs and Paynes. Sally Payne was the wife of Isham Randolph. They came from Goochland Co. VA.

Rodham Kenner, who came first to Hawkins from deep East Virginia m. Malinda Payne in Hawkins Co. (no record there). Kenner was related to Morrow family from Virginia. Rodham and Malinda had two daughters and one son:

     Malinda m. Alex Shields

     Elizabeth m. George Savage (Gen George Savage b. Woodstock, VA in 1786 d. McMinnville, TN 1873.


1813 Daniel Payne witness will of John Rae in Warren Co.


Winder Kenner fl. 1818-1833 in Hawkins Tennessee

Payne: William Sr. and Jr., Charles, John and Poindexter; no Daniel


Hawkins Co. TN Marriages

James Kenner m. Susan Mitchell 23 Jan. 1828

John L. Kenner m. Jane Steerman 1853

Wm. P. m. Elizabeth White 3 June 1819 in Knox Co.

Elizabeth Kenner m. David Berry 26 Dec. 1821

Rebecca m. Christopher C. Carden 25 Nov. 1841


When Larkin Payne purchased his land in Warren County, Tennessee he bought it jointly with Thomas Payne. When Larkin sold the land in Warren County, Tennessee in 1817, a John Payne remained in Warren County.


Crawford County, Arkansas: John Pain 1830. [1 male 5-10 [Samuel], 1 male 10-15 [Hiram], 1 male 15-20 Ammon], 1 male 20-30 [Clayburn], 1 male 30-40 [John]; 2 females under 5, 2 females 5-10, 1 female 15-20, 1 female 30-40.] 

John Paine first appeared on the Crawford County tax roll in 1834 when he was taxed for a dwelling house, one cow, but no poll (scratched out). In 1835 John Paine is taxed for a dwelling house, 2 horses, 2 cows, but no poll. Claiborn is next to him paying for one horse and a poll. In 1840, two additional men appear: Hiram and Ammon. Samuel appears in 1842. They were all living in Twp. 12-33 in sections 2 & 35. Clayborn was gone in 1843, but the others remained.

Owen Sumner was living in Lees Creek Twp. of Crawford County Arkansas in 1840, p. 95. His household consisted of 1 male 5-10, 1 male 15-20, 1 male 50-60; 1 female 10-15, 1 female 40-50. His immediate neighbors were Thomas J. Shadden and Claburn Payne. Claburn had 1 male under 5, 1 male 20-30, 1 female under 5, 1 female 20-30. Three households away was Hiram Payne with 1 male 20-30, 1 female under 5, 1 female 20-30 then John Payne with 1 male 15-20, 1 male 20-30, 1 male 60-70; 1 female 15-20, 1 female 50-60. None were slave owners.

1850 Census, Crawford County Arkansas, Lees Creek twp. (Allen index)

(no Clayburn, but he must have been born ca. 1813) 

Joseph Pain was on the tax roll of 1844 in Crawford 

#65 Ammon Payne, age 36 (b. 1814) Farmer $500, b. Tenn, Margaret J. age 23 b. Ar, Mary J., Jemima E. and Thomas all b. AR. 

#66 Hiram Payne, age 33 (b. 1817) farmer $500, Amanda M. age 23 b. KY, Amanda M. age 11, David W, John F., Margaret L, Josephine E and Hiram, all b. AR


#67 Samuel Payne, age 30 b. TN (b. 1820) Sarah age 28 b. Tenn, William H. age 10 b. AR, Nancy W. age 8, Elizabeth, age 6, Barbara age 4 and Clayborn age 1.  

#68 John Payne, age 78 b, MD, Lucy, age 70 b. VA 

Thomas J. Shadden, a native of Pulaski, Giles County, Tennessee, was born 26 February 1809. He moved to Arkansas and with Owen Sumner in March of 1842, he joined Dr. White's train in Independence, Missouri. The Sumner farm was located 25 miles north of Van Buren, Arkansas. For seven years he lived in California and then returned to McMinnville, Oregon where he was still living in 1889. (p. 552-553). [m. Martha Sumner a native of Arkansas]


Thomas J. Shadden died in 1893. Abstracted will leaves to children and grandchildren. m. 1832 Martha Sumner in 1832. (this probably puts him in Crawford County Their first child was b. Arkansas 1834)  

Joel J. Hembree was b. 1804 in South Carolina m. 20 October 1825, Warren County Tennessee, Sally Paine b. 1809 in Warren County; d. 15 March 1854. They settled Yamhill. Could she have been Rodham’s sister?  

Chronology of R.K. Payne-Oregon and California Territory

Before 9 December 1846 R.K. Payne took out a license of some kind and paid the territorial Treasurer $110.00 which he reported.

15 April 1848, one George Rice abandoned his claim in Polk County on both sides of the Rickreall River in favor of Miriam Payne.

1855-Yamhill County 15, 22-5-5 A claim of Fielding Hibler adjoined Miriam Payne.


Yamhill Co., Oregon

Caleb Payne m. 19 Sept. 1850 Yamhill OR Malinda Toney.

Dillard Martin m. 28 May 1857 Miriane Payne

Martin Payne m. 12 Aug. 1858 Helen Drewry


Early Marriages of Clackamas County, Oregon

William H. Payne to Miss Anne Smith 24 Feb. 1853 by Lewis Love, J.P.  

Owen Sumner, 1842, seems to have started to California. Tax Roll of 1844

T.J. Shadden 1842, Pet. 1843 To Cal. after 2 May; returned to Oregon.


One Rodham Kenner lived in Logan County, Kentucky in 1820’s. Logan County Deeds indicate he was of Henry County Kentucky in 1819 and had just moved into the state bringing slaves. He was a witness to several wills in Logan county in the late 1820s. He may have had a wife Hannah who was named in the will of Hannah Stubblefield in Logan County in 1833.

Western Argus of America reported proceedings of KY legislature. Nov. 18 1820. Mr. Cassidy presented the petition of Rodham Kenner praying for divorce, which was referred.

Hawkins County Tennessee Wills 

Rodham Kenner was grandson of Judith Kenner named in her will of 13 Feb. 1829. Probably same as son named by Malinda Kenner in her will of 8 Sept. 1835. Rodham was to take care of James Kenner. Rodham Kenner was an early settler of Hawkins county and his name can be found in Amis Account Book of 1783. There were men named Payne in the account book, but no Daniel.  

Warren County Tennessee 1836 Tax List-District #2

David Keener 96 acres; Charles Paine, William L. Paine, John Paine (1000 acres), Joseph Paine. District #9 Alfred Pain, and Bird Pain.  


Daniel Payne d. bef. 16 March 1833 in Hancock County, Illinois; m. (1) ??;  m. ca. 1798 (2) Sylvia Combs b. 20 Aug 1778; d. 25 November 1857, Ft. Madison, Lee County, Iowa.


(1) Thomas Paine b. 10 January 1789 m. Sarah Stewart.

          Unknown source in Allen Papers of McClung Collection in Knoxville give Thomas’s children as:

          a. Marshall Paine moved to Shelby Co, Texas

          b. Alta Paine married and had issue.

          c. Leah Paine d. unm

          d. Roswell d. unm.

          e. Armisted Paine d. unm

          f. Murrell Paine d. unm.

          g. Randolph Paine m. and left issue.


(2) Larkin Paine b. 23 December 1792 in Georgia; m. Rebecca Huddleston. 

(3) Sarah Paine (called Nancy in family papers) b. 1 January 1799; m. Joshua Owen. 

(4) Mason Paine possibly born in Alabama; lived in DeWitt County, Illinois, where he constructed the first mill there in 1833.  

(5) William Paine b. 14 October 1804; m. Mary Stewart. 

(6) Malinda “Milley” Paine b. 24 February 1806; m. Kenneth Poole.  

(7) Fleming G. Paine b. 14 October 1808 (or 26 March 1807) in Warren County, Tennessee; d. 1886 in Montague county, Texas; m. 28 March 1833, De Witt County, Illinois (1) Polly Ann Hall; m. before 1860 (2) Nancy Mills; moved to Lee County, Iowa. There in 1850. In Montague County, Texas by 1860.

(8) (Herbert) Murrill Paine b. 10 (or 20) April 1810; d. 14 September 1891 San Bernarndino, California;  m. about 1828, probably Walker County, Alabama; (1) Sarah Derrick; m.  (2) 13 June 1850, Lee County, Iowa, Elizabeth Taylor

(9) Elizabeth b. 19 October 1812; unmarried after 1860 in Texas? 

(10) Sally Paine b. 14 January 1814 m. John J. Wilson. 

(11) Alta Paine b. 19 September 1816  m. Jonathan Evans (2) Shaw


(12) (William) Carroll Paine b. 18 November 1818; moved to Lee County, Iowa. He d. 1912 in Ft. Madison, Iowa. m. Mary Ellen Mush. 

Rodham, in fact, married John’s daughter-in-law, widow of his son, Clayburn. Yet, Rodham does not appear in John Payne’s household when Rodham would have been a child.[1]  

Warren County, Tennessee Deed Book B:

Wilie Blount to Daniel Payne 184; 11 July 1814 Gov. granted Daniel Payne Land Grant No. 5807 that was entered by Stephen Copeland in 1809 and assigned to Daniel Payne. 100 acres on Rocky River.  

Elisha Jobe to Daniel Payne 374, 375, 376 On 25 August 1817, Elisha Jobe sold Daniel Payne 15 acres in the third district on east side of Rocky River about a half mile above Laurel Creek near where Jobe used to live and bounded by Chester Carpenter. Wit: Martin Johnson and John G. Williams.  

Larkin Payne from Johnson 394 & 395

13 October 1817 William Johnson sold Larkin Paine 25 acres in Warren Co. on west side of Laurel Creek granted by Tennessee to James Thomas, including the plantation where Larkin Payne now lives called “Little Sequatchee” Wit: William Loque and John Paine.


Book E: 212-213 On 15 January 1825, Reuben Ross of White Co. Tennessee sold Thomas Bright of Warren Co. Tennessee 100 acres by grant issued to Dan Paine bearing date of 11 July 1814 which is described as…no bounders. Wit: Elijah Drake and Isaac Countis.


Deed Book C:98 James Paine to Henry Young  1 October 1817 land on the east fork of Stones River bounded by Elijah Harbour north boundary; 40 acres more or less. No wit.


100: Wm. Pain to Shadrack Phillips 1814 (no other day) recorded July 1815. Warren Co. land on waters of Holmes Creek bounding Shadrach Phillips. Wit John Connally, James Connaly. 

Wm, King to Thomas Paine C:108 15 June 1814 William King of Montgomery Co. Tenn sold Thomas Paine and Larkin Paine on waters of Collins River. Wit: Wm. Louge and Dan Pane.  

302 26 January 1819 Elijah Hasbour of Warren to Daniel Paine of same for $72 sold 24 acres lying on the dry fork of the East fork of Stony River bounded by Hasbour. Wit: John Fleuly, John Hales and Daniel Foster.  

D:43 26 Jan. 1819 Elijah Harbour of Warren to Daniel Pain of same for $125 on the waters of dry fork of East fork of Stones river containing 45 acres.  Wilt: John Finley, John Holley, Daniel Dosher.  

F:26 Murry Swinney to Thomas Paine. 26 January 1826, Both Warren for $100 54 acres more or less bounding James Hammock, Murry Swinny’s improvement, Thos Keirsey, Jane Hammock. Wit: William McMahan and Thomas Kersey.

No record of sales by Daniel or Thomas. 

Malinda Payne (Daniel’s sister married Rodham Kenner) 

Daniel Payne m. (1) ?? Huddleston??; m. ca. 1797 (2) Sylvia Combs b. 20 Aug 1778.  

(1) Thomas Paine b. 10 January 1789 m. Sarah Stewart.

(2) Larkin Paine b. 23 December 1792 in Georgia; m. Rebecca Huddleston.

((3) Sarah Paine (called Nancy in family papers) b. 1 January 1799; m. Joshua Owen

(4) Mason Paine

(5) William Paine b. 14 October 1804; m. Mary Stewart.

(6) Malinda “Milley” Paine b. 24 February 1806; m. Kenneth Poole.

(7) Fleming G. Paine b. 14 October 1808 m. (1) Sarah Hull/ m. (2) Nancy Mills.

(8) Murrill Paine b. 10 April 1810

(9) Elizabeth

(10) Sally Paine

(11) Alta Paine m. Jonathan Evans

(12) Carroll Paine