Jefferson Co. Tennessee Deeds

Q:196 18 May 1821 Benjamin McFarland of Jefferson for $82 sold to Alexander Edgar a certain tract sinking on Long Creek containing 92 acres. Wit: James McFarland and Benjamin McFarland.

Q:376 23 Feb. 1823 Benjamin McFarland, Sr. of Jefferson to son Andrew B. McFarland 300 acres for love and affection for better maintenance and support and livelihood on the sinking fork of Long Creek on the waters of the Nolachucky River where said Benjamin now lives. Wit: Joseph Roper and John McFarland.

Q:378 Benjamin McFarland, Sr. and James McFarland of Jefferson for $2,781 sold to Andrew B. McFarland a certain family of negro slaves: Solomon, age 46, Abigail 43, Jerry, 23, Henry 16, Eliza 17, Nancy 3, George 1 and Rebecca 19 and her child Elizabeth 1 year old. Wit: John McFarland. Andrew then sold Solomon and his family to Samuel Carson 14 April 1824 (Q:465)

Preston B. Jarnigan was a contemporary and associate of Andrew B. McFarland and Benjamin McFarland.

Q:466 20 Nov. 1824 Andrew B. McFarland of Jefferson sold to George Crosby of Greene for $2400 300 acres on sinking for of Long Creek waters of Nolachuchy where Andrew B. now lives and was given to him by his father. Wit: John McFarland, John D. Snoddy and James McFarland.

R:134 25 Sept. 1827 John McFarland of Jefferson to beloved nephew William McFarland and two nieces Hannah Barton McFarland and Lavinia McFarland, the son and two daughters of my beloved brother Robert McFarland, personal property including household goods and livestock. They were then minors.

R:221 13 March 1826 Andrew B. McFarland of Jefferson sold to John Crow for $800 146 acres adjoining lands of Isaac Barton Sen and Benjamin McFarland, Jr.

R:434 8 Feb. 1830 Benjamin McFarland of Jefferson to Stephen Johnson of same for $1100 north of Bay's Mountain adjoining lands of John Crow, John McFarland and others being the part where Stephen Johnson now lives, containing 262 acres.

Thomas B. Jarnagan in Jefferson Co. is Thomas Barton Jarnagan. 1831 S:108.

S:186 September 1831 Benjamin McFarland of Jefferson to George Jones of Green Co. Tennessee and Edward M. and John Greenways of Washington Co. VA for $244 sold the land Benjamin had bought at a sale as highest bidders and sold to creditors Jones and Greenways. 

Morgan County, Missouri, Deeds

9:409 5 October 1854 Benjamin F. McFarland and his wife Sally of Benton Co. sold to John Sims of  Morgan Co. for $50 N of NW  and W of NE of 35-43-17 and NW of SE of 4-42-17.

Deed Book 10:4 17 June 1854 Benjamin McFarland and wife Sarah of Cass Co. to Charles F. Sharp of Morgan for #$160 SW of NE 9-44-19 .

10:186 17 January 1856 Sarah McFarland and her husband Benjamin McFarland and Catharine McFarland of Cass County sold to David Meyer of Morgan Co. for $25 sold undivided 2/8 part to NW of SW and SW of NW 9-44-19 containing 80 acres.

10:416 18 December 1856, Elizabeth McFarland, Jacob Self, Elizabeth Self, his wife; William Ervin and wife Nancy of Jackson Co. Missouri sold to Henry Albers of Morgan for $500 NW of 24-43-19 containing 160 acres.

10:427 6 Dec. 1855 William M. McFarland and wife Amada J. McFarland, Samuel H. McFarland and Martha W. McFarland sold to Elizabeth McFarland for $100 all right, title and interest in NW of 24-43-19. The grantors were in Jasper Co. Missouri.  

p. 733, Sugar Creek , Cass County, Missouri, 1860.

dwelling #198 James McFarland, age 38, b. MO, Luticia J., age 32, b. MO, Thomas J., age 11 b. MO, Sarah E.Y. age 9 b. MO, Virginia J. age 6 and James A., age 2.  

#260 Sarah McFarland, age 58, farmer born KY, Nancy K., age 26, Robert S., age 19, Martha E., age 16 and Alex J.T.B., age 12, all born Missouri.  

dwelling #275. Catharine McFarlane, age 44, born Tennessee, with four children: Thomas, James W., Mary L and Nancy M. all born in Missouri. They are living with the Milton Parker family.