Early Spanish Land Grants

Searching for the origins of the McLaughlin brothers of St. Louis and St. Charles Co., Missouri.


Henry McLaughlin of St. Charles County, Missouri. His survey was near the Boones, Callaways and Vanbibbers. Henry McLaughlin received grant #44 for 510 acres in Femme Osage with the other Boone grantees. 

Houck: p. 77 Henry McLaughlin “says” that Edward Perry in 1797 lived in L’Aigle Prairie on the Cuivre Creek.  

p. 96 The first settlement on the Perruque in what is now St. Charles was made in 1796 by French Canadians. in 1799, the Zumwalts established at mill and brought other family members with him. Among the earliest grantees and settlers in this locality was Henry McClaughlin on the Missouri and Cuivre. 

William McLaughlin was on the 1819 tax list in Femme Osage with one male 16-45 and one female over 14. No marriages found for McLaughlins at county level.  

St. Charles  Deed Book A:34 Henry McLaughlin and his wife, Anna, of Cuiver, District of Louisiana sold all right, title and claim to Ira Cottle to 600 acres of land 31 Jan. 1805.  

Deed Book E:215 25 September 1817, William McLaughlin of St. Charles sold to William Dunnica land in village of Cote sans Desein bounded by Joseph “Tebo, Joseph Revore, being the land which William McLaughlin purchased from Battes Bello by deed. No release of dower.  

Henry McLaughlin to Samuel Watkins E:401  Mortgage in French. dated 28 November 1818.  

Henry McLaughlin by order of court to William Hays, Jr. H:317. Says Henry either died or left the state in 1807 before the patent came from the United States and left a number of children, one named Henry, but others unknown, before the deed was completed Case in chancery trying to clear title.  

Henry McLaughlin by sheriff to Thomas L. Anderson I & J 134.

1832. Land of Henry McLaughlin sold to highest bidder.  

Index to Spanish Land Grants

Henry Laughon Book D:341. 17 June 1808, Henry Laughlin Senr, claims one mile square of land situated on the Mississippi in District of St. Charles by virtue of an actual improvement and cultivation on said land down to the whole year of 1803 and permitted to do so by the acting commandant to him, his wife and children.

Henry McLaughlin C:271, Henry McLaughlin claims 600 arpens granted to him by Don Treadeau 14 December 1798. in Village of St. Andre in St. Charles District, bounded on north by S,. Watkins and Philip Miller on the southwest by Joshua Dodson and south by Dono Beal, by the east of Missouri and northeast Philip Miller.


C: 274 District of St. Andre. Henry McLaughlin an inhabitant of the district says he disposed and sold right and title to half of plantation with 5 acres in front on the Missouri and 31 acres situated between his half of said plantation and lands of Mrs. Johanna Henry to Aaron Colvin. He obligated himself to give full and lawful deed when he got patent from the government. The date was 27 Oct. 1799 and was recorded 8 February 1806.  

Boone County, Kentucky Court Minutes.

Henry first appears in Boone County court minutes in 1799 when he is appointed constable in the lower district of the county. He was given instructions to survey a road and then keep it in repair. In fact, the order was given three times between 1800-1803. The last mention of Henry was on 11 April 1803 when Richard McKinsey was appointed constable in the room of Henry McLaughlin who was discharged.  

Boone County 1799 Henry McLaughlin no land 1 poll.3 horses; same in 1800.

IN 1800, there is also John McLaughlin with 1 poll and 3 horses.  


Alexander McDonald 230 acres on Sand Run

John McLaughlin paying a poll. 4 names away

Henry McLaughlin 2 polls and 3 horses.



John McLaughlin 1 poll

Henry McLaughlin 1 poll 4 horses (they are not listed together)


1803 & 1804

John McLaughlin 1 poll 1 horse

Henry McLaughlin 1 poll 6 horses

Both gone 1805 and 1806.


Checking Boone Co. Kentucky tax rolls

Neither John nor Henry owned property in Kentucky in 1800.


Same in 1801.

1802 John had only one poll; Henry had 4 horses.

1803 John had a horse; Henry had 6 horses.

1804 there John lost his horse.

 Gone by 1805.


Fayette County Kentucky. John McGlothlin there in 1790-1796; personal property tax only.

In 1796, he has two males 16-21.

Not found 1797; none for 1798; not found 1799 or 1800.


Harrison 1801; John McLaughlin 3 horses; 1 poll.

No males over 16.

Same 1802.

1803 John McLocklin has 20 acres in Mill Creek ent. By Davis. 1 poll.

Same in 1805.

1806     Still there with 20 acres and 1 poll.


Breakenridge County

1800 John McLaughlin no land; poll

1801 same

1802 Charles and Charles Jr. no John

1803 Charles McGlothlin and Daniel McGlothlin.

1804 Charles

also checked for Rock; none.  

Can’t be the man in Boone County, Kentucky. He’s still there December 1805.