Huff Families of Missouri

 Partition of the slaves of Jonathan Huff, September term 1854: Phebe was widow, one-third for life. The others were entitled to 1/7: Henry and wife Susan Jones, Oliver P.H. Brisco and wife Ursula, to James M., Phebe, Elizabeth, Isaiah, Ursula and William Huff, children of William E. Huff 1/7, to William H. and Jonathan T., in the right of their mother, Nancy Huff, now deceased 1/7; Richard J. Huff 1/7; Jonathan Huff 1/7 and Sandy J. Huff 1/7. (Morgan Co. Probate B:211.)

They were in Richland Twp. , Morgan County, Mo. in 1840, p. 181.

Jonathan Huff b. ca. 1783 in Virginia; he was living in Morgan Co. in 1850 with a son Jonathan and wife Phebe, age 62, b. Kentucky.

Jonathan Huff m. 10 December 1806, Co. KY, Pheby Jones.

Children of Jonathan and Phebe Huff:

     i.        Richard J. Huff b. ca. 1818 in Kentucky; m. 14 April 1842, Morgan County, Missouri, Emily Taylor; living in Morgan County in 1850. He became adm. of estate of Jonathan Huff June term 1854.

     ii.        William E. Huff  m. Patsey [-?-] b. ca 1816 in Kentucky. He had died before 1852 leaving children James M., Phebe, Elizabeth, Isaiah, Emily and William E. In June 1854, the minors of William E. Huff (named) chose Sandy L. Huff their guardian. He was appointed for those under 14. (B:198) At the same time Calvin H. Huff was appointed curator for the estates of William H., age 13 and Jonathan Huff, age 12 years and was bonded for $2000.[1] At the same term, Calvin H. was appointed clerk of the Morgan County court.

    iii.        Ursula Huff m. 1820 in Kentucky; m. 7 April 1836, Morgan County, Missouri, Oliver H.P. Briscoe; they were living in Morgan County in 1850.

    iv.        Sandy J. Huff b. ca. 1825 in Kentucky

    v.        Jonathan Huff b. ca. 1828 in Kentucky

    vi.        Nancy J. Huff m. 18 November 1841, Morgan County, Missouri, Calvin H. Huff; she died before 1850, leaving two children William H. and Jonathan. In 1850, Calvin was head of household in Morgan County, dwelling #755, age 26, b. Kentucky. The only other person is the household was his son William, age 9, b. Missouri. His other son, Jonathan, was living with his maternal grandparents in Morgan County, dwelling #304.

   vii.        Susan Huff m. Henry Jones (She may have married 24 December 1835 Martin Phillips in Morgan Co.)


Book 3:190 7 William Huff of Morgan Co., to Calvin H. Huff and Nancy, his wife, of the same for $1.00 80+ acres in Morgan Co. July 1840

2:570 9 May 1839 Nancy Huff of Morgan sold to James B. Farris for $225 37.49 acres SE o f NW 7-41-17. Wit: Josiah S. Walton and John Shelly

William S. Huff, orphan son of Thomas Huff, deceased, over 14 chose Montraville E. Huff as his guardian; Calvin H. Huff provided security. Montraville sold lots in Versailles to support minor. (Morgan Co. Probate Book A:147, 148. Montraville was living in Johnson County, Missouri in 1850, in Washington Twp., p. 22, #273 as 36, $1800, b. Kentucky; Amanda age 34 b. Kentucky, Mary C., age 11 b. MO, Lucy A., age 2 b. MO, Julius Woodford age 35 b. Conn., Martha,  age 27 b. Tenn.

 Children of Absalom and Catharine (-?-) Huff: (there were ten shares to Absalomís estate)

     i.        Absalom Huff b. ca. 1796 in Virginia; m. 20 January 1820, Cooper County, Missouri, Newrary Mullin.

     ii.        Noah Huff b. ca. 1804 in Virginia; m. 9 July 1835, Cole County, Missouri, Hetta Cooper. He was living between his two brothers in Moniteau County, Missouri, in 1850, listed on p. 44, dwelling #552. He was 41 years old, born in Tennessee. With him were Hetta, age 37, born Tennessee, Jane age 12, b. Tennessee, Adaline, age 9 b. Tennessee.

    iii.        Peter Huff (see below)

    iv.        Mary Huff b. ca. 1802 in Virginia (unmarried in 1836);

    v.        Rebecca Huff b. ca. 1806 in Virginia; may have m. 6 April 1845, Cooper County, Missouri, John Snodgrass.

    vi.        Elizabeth Huff; living in Benton County, unmarried in 1855.

   vii.        Solomon Huff b. ca. 1813 in Tennessee ; no marriage found. He was living in Moniteau County, Missouri, in 1850, page 44, dwelling #553, next to Noah. He was 37 years old, born in Tennessee, a farmer. He was married to Jane, age 39, born in Tennessee. With him were Pernecay, age 17 (female) born in Tennessee, Francis, age 15 b. Tennessee, John age 14 born in Tennessee and Marilda, age 3 b. Missouri.

  viii.        Darcus Huff m. 29 December 1836, Cooper County, Missouri, William Snodgrass.

    ix.        Calvin Huff b. ca. 1812 in Virginia.

     x.        Alfred Huff b. ca. 1814 in Virginia.; may have been the man who m. 15 May 1845, Cooper County, Missouri, Sarah Carpenter. One Alfred Huff was living in Moniteau County, Missouri in 1850, p. 44, dwelling 3551. He was 32 years old, born in Missouri. With him were Sarah, age 35, born in Missouri and children Robert, age 4 and Elizabeth age 2.


[1] Morgan County, Missouri, Probate Book B:199.


Peterís uncle, Peter Huff, was living in Jefferson Township, Saline County in 1830, p. 237. His household consisted of 3 males under 5, 2 males 5-10, 2 males 10-15, 1 male 15-20, 1 male 20-30, 1 male 40-50; 2 females 15-20, 1 female 30-40. Query in Ridge Runners said Peter (b. 1781 VA) and Isiah Huff (b. 1793 TN) were brothers. Peter married Elizabeth Gwinn b. 1785 in VA. Had son Bartlett b. 1827 in TN. This Peter left a will recorded 9 Dec 1856 in Saline County. He divided his estate into eleven parts. (Prairie Gleaner 15 (December 1983):23. This Peter is believed to be the brother of Absalom of Cooper County. No proof seen. Just in Ancestral File.

Peter Hoff on Botetourt County tax roll of 1782 with 211 acres. Neither he nor Absalom were on the 1800 tax roll there.

Bot. Deeds

The only sales are by a Powell H. Huff after 1827. He was also land commissioner.

Franklin County is the only county pulled from Botetourt early enough to affect this family.

Botetourt County 1783-1785 no Peter Huff.