Bible from Prairie Pioneer 4 (June 1973) p. 63 Contributed by Dr. and Mrs. Charles G. Drake 312 Johnson Drive Warrensburg, Missouri. This Bible was in the possession of Pearl Drake Robinson when it was copied. I believe she is no longer living and I do not know who has the Bible now. George Washington Drake of Howard County, Missouri was the brother of Elemlick S. (1809-1873) of Benton County, Missouri.[1]

Mary Drake born in Maryland

Mary Drake, wife of Charles Drake Sr., died 9th December 1851

Charles Drake died October 15, 1843

Charles Drake, son of Jesse Drake, born in Pennsylvania May 27, 1780

George W. Drake born October 8 1823 in Bullitt Co Ky,, 1780.

George W. Drake married December 8, 1844 to Nancy Jane Jordan in Bullitt Co Kentucky.

Nancy Jane Jordan, daughter of John and Lavina Jordan, born September 24, 1823.

Jesse Hugh Drake, son, born August 13, 1845. died April 14 1855 Nancy Jane (Jordan, wife of George W. Drake died September 24 1854, age 31 years.

George W. Drake son of Susan F (Crews) Drake and George W. Drake was born April 10, 1864         d April 19, 1865

Susan F. Crews, wife of George W. Drake died April 29 1865.

George Drake and Susan Frances Crews were married July 5, 1855

Their children:

Charles Enoch b. April 9 1876. d. January 26, 1927

Elemlech Swearingen (Lem) b. March 4, 1858; d. January 20 (or 26) 1920.

Joseph Thomas Drake b. November 13, 1860 d. June 17 1937

Sarah Elizabeth Drake b. December 9, 1862 d. September 3 1942

George Washington Drake b. April 10 1864 d. April 19, 1865

George W. Drake and Martha C. Pearson were married February 5, 1867 their children [were also listed.]

George Washington Drake died October 24, 1905.

Martha C. Drake, his wife, died May 30 1923 at age 87, b. February 14, 1836

Jesse Drake left a will in Howard County, Missouri dated 14 September 1822 first emancipating his two negroes, Sarah and Bill. He bequeathed a quarter of land to David R. Drake except 28 acres including the house and barn which he loaned to Sarah and Bill. At the death of the first one, the land was to go to David R. Drake. Money arranged from sale of land in Kentucky to David R.  He also received the silver watch, all his books and 2/3 livestock.  The balance was to remain the possession of two negroes Sally and Bill during their lifetime.  He also named "little Ward Drake, Nicholas Drake, the bodily heirs of Nancy Stewart, deceased, Catharine, David, Eliza and Nancy Stewart $200.00 out of the money due from Kentucky.  His son, Charles was to receive the balance of the money from Kentucky. Exr: David R. Drake and John Hodson of Howard Co. and Charles Drake of Bullitt County, Kentucky Exrs. Wit: John Dade, John Dodson, Ninrod Section.  A codicil dated 14 September 1822 gave to his daughters Catharine Newkirk and Sally Seaton $10.00 out of the money left to son, Charles. Codicil named only David R. Drake as Executor and specifically excluded John Dodson and Charles Drake. {Will from Book I, p. 209 transcribed and published in Prairie Pioneer 5 (December 1973) 5-6. No Date Of Proving.


[1] This appears to an error on the part of the submitter. E.S. Drake was the son of Charles Drake Sr. while George W. was the son of Jesse Drake of Howard County.