Notes: Cooper County Court Minutes 2:203 March 1824 William Corn & Samuel Beatty defendants in case where State of Missouri plaintiff. In covenant. State entitled to recover $102 for unspecified reason.

Cooper County Feb. 1830 John Corn served on grand jury, but that man was not head of household there in 1830.

p. 19, Montgomery County John Corn 2 males 5-10, 1 male 10-15, 1 male 20-30; 1 female 5-10, 1 female 10-15, 1 female 20-30.

D:217 5 August 1819, William Corn of Cooper County sold Robert Wallace 160 acres north of Missouri River, being a New Madrid Certificate called the Sugar Tree Bottom. Located under the name of Andrew Godair. Corn doesn’t say how he got it. 


Merrit Corn (1800-1810) was head of household in Cooper County in 1830 and listed on the same page as John Clarkson and Thomas Strain, p. 208. He had 1 male under 5, 1 male 20–30; 0 females in 20–30 category 1 female 30–40. No other Corns are in that county.

William Corn (1800-1810) was head of household in Saline Co, Blackwater Twp, 1830 p. 243. His household consisted of 1 male under 5, 2 males 5–10, 1 male 10–15, 1 male 20–30; 1 female under, 5 2 females 5–10, 1 female 30–40.

Saline County: Jane Corn m. 10 June 1839, James Everhart. (The notorious James Everhart?  Appears to be the same man killed 1865 in Greene county. )

William Corn was listed in 1850 in Lamar County, Texas #457, age 52, farmer, $2000, born TN, Eliza, age 40 TN, [probably Clarkson] b. William, age 17 b. MO, Merrick, age 15 b. MO, John, age 15 b. MO, Houston, age 5 b. TX and Adaline, age 14 b. MO.

1850: Absalom Corn was living in Saline County p. 19. He was 32 b. KY, farmer. With him was Pheobe age 40 b. KY, Samuel age 11 b. MO, Mary F(?) age 9, Absalom age 8 Nancy age 4 and Elijah Martin, laborer, age 23 b. KY.

Lamar County, Texas Marriages:

W. Corn m. Mrs. E. Corn 4 Sept. 1851

George W. Corn m. 9 Aug. 1855 Catherine Wagoner

Adaline Corn m. 28 Feb. 1856 N.H. Burnett

William Corn m. 19 April 1860 Nancy Corn

Sam H. Corn m. 11 Jan. 1866 Caroline Dewitt

Merit Corn m. 21 March 1861 Mary Clarkston

Jane Corn m., Red River Co. Texas, J.M. Clarkston on 11 Dec. 1875 

Genealogy of Corn Family p. 66 George Corn and five sons from Pennsylvania to Mercer County KY  There they maintained Corn’s Station. George d. there ca. 1801.

i. George Corn b. 1756 served in Revolution lost part of his teeth in battle Blue Licks. Received a pension and named sons Tom and Jefferson; daughters Sally and Malinda.

ii. Abraham may be the black sheep of the family who was sent to the penitentiary for burning a negro to death.

iii. Ebenezer b. 1760 d. Clark County, Kentucky 1841 at age 81 years. (see Draper Papers) Claimed a pre-emption on 1000 acres in Mercer County Will dated 1828 Samuel, George, John, Ebenezer, Joseph (or Jas) Lotta, Silas, Dorcas, Absolem, Elizabeth, Daniel. Wife was Anna. (He went to Clark County where he on the tax list there in the late 1790s. The will is supposed to be in Mercer County, but was recorded in 1828 instead of 1841.

His son Absalom married Nancy Raglin. Absalom is said to have died in 1820 and his brother, Samuel, was the administrator of his estate.)

A son of Samuel, James Chorn of Madison Wisconsin said his father and Capt. John Corn served in the War of 1812. He said John died at an advanced age in Indiana. Op. 98) Pension shows that John L. Corn enlisted at Chillicothe Ohio and was discharged at Franklinton. His age coincides with a birth date of 5 December 1784. In 1855, he was age 70 years.

iv. Timothy m. Elizabeth ? Pension from Mercer County Ky. Children named in 1850 deed in Mercer County, Ky: Basil S. and wife Hannah, Rebecca, Samuel, Joseph and wife Nancy of Mercer,  Solomon and wife Elizabeth, of Washington Co. Kentucky, Daniel Ketinger and Priscilla of Alton, Illinois, James M. Corn and wife Nancy J. his wife of Howard County Missouri; Gabl Jones and Sally his wife the last two children of George Corn deceased; James M. Corn and Sally Jones, heirs of Timothy, deceased, and widow Elizabeth.  He also received a Rev. War pension. Wife Elizabeth died about 1866 in Fayette County

v. Solomon Corn; he left a will in Mercer County in which he bequeathed $50 to his son Samuel Corn and will the rest of his estate to daughter. Rachel Corn. Son Ellis was named Executor. Reported to have 8 children. Ellis had plans to go to Missouri in 1830.

p. 92 John L. Chorn b. 5 December 1784 at Boone Station, Kentucky m. Nancy Davis b. March 1803 in Harrison Co. Kentucky. They were married Fayette Co. Ohio 16 Sept. 1819. Cannot find anything about Ebenezer’s son, John L. except that he married Nancy and the reason we find so little about John and Nancy is that they left at an early date.

Another family named Corn lived in Washington County Ky, headed by Edward E. Corn. He died about 1795 and was married to Phebe who survived him. By 1820s the Corns of Washington Co. had disappeared. At least one of those, Andrew, is thought to have gone to Indiana. No familiar names emerge from this family.  

Marriages in Patrick Co. VA:

John Corn m. Elizabeth Adams 13 July 1809

Jesse Corn m. Elizabeth Burnett 13 March 1810

John Adam Corn m. Mary Moore 27 Nov. 1806

Joseph Corn m. Hannah Hail 20 Sept. 1796

Richard Corn m. Jane Hightower 18 Oct. 1827

Sam Corn m.  Susanna Slaughter 7 May 1819

Wm. Corn m. Phebe Adams 1 Jan. 1812

Wm. Corn m. Nancy Sharp 27 Nov. 1806


Ebenezer Corn left will in Clark County, Kentucky in 1828. Had son

Absalom m. Nancy Raglin; 13 December 1804 Clark Co.


Absalom Jr. m. Phebe Martin Boone County, Kentucky 1 April 1838.  

Nancy Corn m. 19 December 1843 Pierce Wade. He d. 1844. She is in Henry County, Missouri, in 1850, p. 6.  Is supposed to have left a will in Boone County, Missouri...have not seen it.