Baynham Family of Virginia and Missouri

Joseph G.E. Baynham was probably the son of one Gregory Baynham who died about 1819 in Halifax County, Virginia, leaving widow Mary. When the commissioners sold the property, Joseph G.E. purchased 222 acres on the south side of the Hyco River.[1] No definite proof has yet been located, but in addition to Joseph G.E., other sons were probably William and John Baynham, at least one daughter Mary, and possibly another Joanna. Gregory's widow, Mary, died before 1 March 1824 when administrator Joseph G.E. Baynham presented an account for her estate. He paid $5.00 for the building of the coffin, $5.00 for the four gallons of brandy for appraisement and sale and $5 to Dr. Vaughn.[2] He also presented an account for John Baynham's estate, on 29 December 1824, that consisted primarily of outstanding notes dated between 1814-1816. In Johnís estate was also a sum due for the sale of the land and negroes belonging to estate of Gregory Baynham, deceased. The commissioners found a balance of $1945.70 and that Joseph G.E. possessed a deed of trust executed to John Baynham, deceased, by William Baynham, also now deceased, bearing the date 22 December 1812 conveying a negro girl Lucy to secure payment of £100 due the John Baynham estate.[3]

      From the information gleaned thus far, the family configuration is not completely clear, but a reasonable guess as to Gregory and possibly Mary Baynhamís children follows:

      i.    John Baynham b. ca. 1784 d. before 1824 in Halifax County m. 1 January 1805 in Halifax County Sally Blackwell, daughter of William Blackwell. The surety was Thomas Blackwell Wit: Jas Blackwell Jr. and Elizabeth Blackwell. After John's death, Sarah married John W. Blackwell who became guardian for John Baynham's minor children named here.[4]

            a. William G. Baynham b. 1807

            b. Grief Baynham

            c. Powell Baynham

            d. Charles M. Baynham b. ca. 1814

            e. Mary Baynham m. John Hart; lived in Callaway County.

            f. John Baynham

            g. Harriet B. Baynham m. James F. Overton. On 10 November 1852 James F. Overton and wife Harriett and John Hart and wife Mary of Callaway Co. Missouri sold to Charles M. Baynham of the same, all right, title and claim to land in St. Clair County willed by Joseph G.E. Baynham.

            h. child who died in 1822 for whom a coffin was purchased for $2.00

      ii.  Joanna G. Baynham b. ca. 1786 m. 30 October 1804 William W. Atkinson with her mother, Mary E. Baynham's permission.

      iii. Joseph G.E. Baynham b. ca. 1788; he did not marry.

      iv. Mary E. Baynham b. 15 September 1791 m. Thomas Hester [see his son's entry]

      v.  William Baynham b. ca. 1792 d. before 1824 probably in Halifax County m. 17 September 1803 in Halifax County Nancy Faulkner daughter of Johnson Falkner who gave his consent.[5]

      A History of Halifax County, Virginia by Wirt Johnson Carrington[6] reveals a fanciful story about this family. John Baynham, Sr. was the Duke of Baynham and married in Scotland Elizabeth Eggleston, sister of the Earl of Eggleston. He was condemned to death for his religious views, but escaped to America. Later, the story says that John Baynham died on the voyage. According to descendant, Dr. C.W. Baynam, of Fort Smith, Arkansas, he settled in Virginia about 1790 and had three sons Grief[7], John Jr. and William who came west and settled in Missouri. In 1890, Dr. Baynham's father was supposedly living in Fair Play and tried to make a claim. Elizabeth Eggleston Baynham, born in Kyle, Scotland, married George Boxley, Jr. 3 October 1816 in Halifax County

      Pioneer Families of Missouri, p. 308-309 states that Grief H. Baynham came from Virginia with his step-father, John W. Blackwell in 1831. Grief was one of seven children of John and Sarah (Blackwell) Baynham. After John Baynham's death in Virginia, Sarah married Mr. Blackwell and had 12 more children. Grief's full siblings were given as: Mary, William G., Harriet B., John, Joseph and Charles M. Baynham.[8]

Marriages in Halifax County, Virginia from Chiarito:

Elizabeth E.T.W. Baynham m. (lic 17) 23 October 1816 George Boxley. Wit: Margaret E. Wortham and Joseph G.E. Baynham. Surety: Joseph G.E. Baynham. (p. 13)


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